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  • Ok so here’s the thing

    I don’t like being alive. I think is a waste of time, and having absolutely nothing figured out sucks.


    Everytime I look at some politician I hate

    Everytime I look at a racist, sexist or homophobic piece of shit, I remember:

    They haven’t won

    Not yet.

    As long as I’m alive, there will always be someone who disagrees, someone against them.

    For as long as I’m alive, there will always be resistance, and I think that’s pretty cool.

    If you can’t exist for yourself, exist to spite the capitalist agenda

    Yep that’s the post goodbye now

    #Homophobia#racisim#Racism#sexism #fuck donald trump #fuck the system #capitalism#resist #don't kill yourself #seriously though#agenda
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  • @my followers of colour

    When you see people say “white” in their bio, do you think ally or white supremacist? I’ve heard it both ways and I know some people prefer not to follow white people, so it’s good to have that info readily available, but I also don’t want to come across as a Nazi so like??

    #personal#racism #sorry to ask you guys to educate me but I’ve genuinely tried to search for an answer #and I figure people whose opinions are most relevant are people who follow me on here so? #maybe I just circumvent the issue by changing my icon to my weird pasty face 😂
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  • 23.10.19: The Mail Online carried this quote from Boris Johnson when he spoke about human trafficking.

    “All…traders in human beings should be hunted down and brought to justice.

    22.10.20: The Guardia

               “No 10 criticised for ‘immoral’ plan to deport foreign rough sleepers.”

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  • “Black lives Matter” of course they do! They always did!! It’s just that it took y'all really long to realise that. And now that finally people are understanding that color of the skin doesn’t matter, people are promoting hatred for white people instead of discouraging old stereotypes. You gotta fight for your rights and show the dickheads that the 21st century will not be dominated by their racism!! And NOT oppose those who never hurt your dignity. Or else you’ll be nothing but crabs in a crate, who neither let others succeed nor try getting out themselves.

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  • “I don’t speak your language but I know your name is grammatically incorrect so I will call you something else” is some galaxy brain god tier stuff.

    #japanese#wtf #my name is #racism#expat#smh #i mean how much entitlement does it take #to tell someone #'you're pronouncing your own name wrong' #:P
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  • An actual take ive seen from a terf today: “cis is the new white, a hollow term used to call someone out if you dislike them”

    Like… they actually said this.

    Terf mentality is so deeply racist its astonishing.

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  • some of you need to shake out the brain rot from your skulls and look up what a slur is. I don’t wanna read another fuckin headline or tweet or whatever else where one of you absolute idiots calls some tease a slur. you have not had the police called on you by some horrid person who spat the word “e-girl” at you while telling the cops that you’re intimidating them. you have not been afraid for your life or physically assaulted while someone screams “kpop stan” at you. for the love of all that is holy fucking educate yourself and stop trying to equate you being goofed on for actual violence.

    #im sick of it #e girl#kpop#slur#slurs#racism #i dont wanna see your bad takes on this btw #i will block you if you clown
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  • You know what sucks about that orange bastard using the word, ‘coyote’ in reference to the parents who bring their children to the United States in order to give them a better life?

    Is that I’m probably going to have to hear that term for a long, long time now. 

    I’ll have to hear it in stores when I’m speaking Spanish on the phone with my mother and someone decides they’re not okay with that. I’ll have to hear people on FOX News call immigrants who cross the border since they do not have the time to wait to be potentially denied a workers visa as such. I’ll have to hear it from those who do not agree with my parent’s status as immigrants. I’ll have to reprimand my future students who will say it to other Latinx children, whether they truly believe the substance of the term or are simply following what their parents said. I’ll have to teach my own kids what it means.

    It’ll be another term to flinch to.

    Because whether or not Trump wins the election, he can’t be president forever. But his rhetoric of hatred and vilify will live on for decades. His words have a weight to them, whether we wish they did or not, and those who share his ideology have repeated his bile and have deemed it an indisputable fact.

    After all, it’s presidential.  

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  • “I am the least racist person in this room. I can’t even see the audience cause it’s so dark but I am the least racist person in this room”

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  • It will never cease to anger me how Trump claims he is the “least racist” person in that room and how he “helped BIPOC” when he literally was being racist before that and had caused more harm to BIPOC.

    Also, not only did he say wind is “dangerous” and windmills are “dirty”, he also attacked the Green New Deal and disrespected AOC and the other people behind the plan.

    #we will live in a dystopia with Trump #politics tw#us politics#politics #2020 presidential election #joe biden#donald trump#biden 2020 #second presidential debate #environmental justice #racism in america #racism#racism tw #i cannot with this and Trump #my friend in my major #hes not wrong though we will end up in that dystopia because of trump #934 posts
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  • stop fetishising and infantalising asians especially asian women challenge 🔪

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  • My stance on the Chris Pratt situation:

    I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in the Marvel cast, mainly Robert Downey Jr. And Mark Ruffalo. To see that these two men defend Chris Pratt for something so trivial and meaningless is… Well horrible. Especially considering that the man has a history of a pro-conversion and anti-LGBTQ+ stance. I understand if he’s their friend or “family”, but that doesn’t make it any less wrong…

    Not to mention how they were so quick to defend Chris Pratt, when their fellow cast mates such as Brie Larson, Don Cheadle, Zendaya, Anthony Mackie, and so many others have received death threats, backlash, and unfair criticism. Where were they? Where were their voices? Where was the defense for them? The matter of racism, sexism, and homophobia is a serious discussion, but it is a discussion that needs to be had nonetheless.(especially if they are your close friends and co-workers). And yet, they have all the time in the world to defend someone over a poll… A poll…

    I don’t care about how close you and this person is, I don’t care how much of a family man he is, if he has an intolerance for anyone, I don’t have to respect him and neither does anyone else. And everyone certainly has the right to call him out on his intolerance.

    And for anyone who is defending him, saying that he’s done nothing wrong or that it’s “his beliefs” or freedom to do so, fine. But it is my freedom of speech to call him and the others out on their hypocrisy and delusion.

    (Special thanks goes out to @sarabibliomania and @falling-in-winter for informing me)

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  • image

    NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced a much needed program to foster diversity and inclusion in the NBA. At a virtual press conference today, Silver noted the racial make up of the NBA compared to the Unites States as a whole:

    • 81% of NBA players are black but blacks are only 13% of the U.S. population

    • 18% of NBA players are white but whites are 73% of the U.S. population

    • 1% of NBA players are something other than black or white but something other than blacks or whites are 14% of the U.S. population

    Silver noted that systemic racism in the NBA against non-black players has existed for decades and is getting worse. The commissioner noted that there is something unethical and immoral with an organization that effectively excludes non-black players from participating in their sport.

    Silver said, “Due to recent incidents in the United States our NBA family of team owners now has a deeper understanding of what more we can do to root out systemic racism and discrimination on the basketball court. Something is wrong and something needs to be done immediately. We have identified a number of areas that, with enhanced, scaled or new programming or processes, will serve to improve our glorious NBA culture in important ways.”

    Highlights of the NBA’s diversity program…
    • Each team has 13 active players. Each Team’s racial make up must represent that of the United States. By the 2024 - 2025 season each team must have at least 9 white players, 2 black players and 2 other than white/black players.  

    • An NBA game lasts 48 minutes (excluding overtime). The total number of white players playing must average 36 minutes of play. The total number of black players playing must average 6 minutes of play. The total number of other than white/black players playing must average 6 minutes of play.

    • Games ending in a tie after the end of regulation time will be officially recorded as a tie. There will be no overtime games as the losing team members may have injuring feelings and unquantifiable emotional pain due to losing after working so long and hard throughout the game.

    • The 2020 NBA Draft is scheduled for November 18. Any team that does not have the 2024 -2025 racial makeup must choose a white player in the first round.

    • Subsequent drafts will be adjusted to meet the 2024 - 2025 racial goals.

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  • kids in my school turned up with confederate flag merch on “America Day” at her high school’s spirit week

    I know ive been saying for a while that this is getting scary but i think it’s finally time to change the alarm level to this is actually right not really scary.

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  • #this seems accurate #mcu#marvel #marvel cinematic universe #racism#sexism#homophobia #because chris pratt
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