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  • Well. Fuck the 4 RCMP Officers Who Tried to Steal a Phone Charger

    The story:

    I was at the McDonald’s for a quick bite to eat with my friend after a 2 and a half hour long study session for our final on Wednesday. 3 tables down, huddled against the window is an Indigenous woman about my age ranting loudly on her phone. I get it. It’s a rough time. She is obviously not okay mentally, and my friend and I are eavesdropping (hard not to) and saying “I feel that” and “ugh mood” because we’re both neurodivergent and get how shitty our gov’t is being to the disabled rn. Neirher of us approach her though since she mentioned being really pissed off and we didn’t want to bug her. An RCMP Officer comes into the restaurant and tries to get her attention. She doesn’t notice him until he raises his voice. Turns out she called for an ambulance, because she was feeling suicidal. That’s something I get triggered by very easily but I feel strongly about and what kept me listening. She says she doesn’t want the cops, she asked for an ambulance, she needs a hospital. Cop calls for backup. Now 3 officers are suddenly in this building. We’re watching, I have a clear line of sight. She says it again. Officer 1 says, “well you have a wagon”.

    Like fuck me. All she was doing was just cursing and crying on the phone. She is suicidal. She needs a hospital. Just to sum up a very tense stand off, they take her things and handcuff her. I can’t watch, I’m too scared to. My friend and I decide fuck it, we’re leaving. We do, we head outside. RCMP has a van, and a car parked.

    As we pass, I hear one of them as clear as day go, “hey can I take that charger? I need to recharge my phone.”

    Excuse me. What the fuck

    I stopped and pretended like I was looking for something, but watched them with her stuff and saw them take out the cord. One of the officers noticed me, and stopped. We said nothing. He just saw my phone in my hand and put the cord back. Lady started banging on the van doors. We left immediately. I was crying and shaking.

    They were dead serious about taking something that belonged to her. She was kicked out of her house. She wanted an ambulance. This is how she was treated?!? I should have made a report. I don’t remember the stupid liscence plates now. Fuck.

    Americans think Canada is somehow better regarding racism? Fuck no. We just hide ours better. Ours is directed at the Indigenous Nation.

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  • So this happened on Facebook….


    Here’s the reply this person (a woman) is talking about:


    I’ve edited her name and photo out bc I’m tired of seeing her be attacked. Bc y'know, bigots always go rabid when confronted.

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  • I get so upset thinking about how white people have characterized fist fighting as barbaric and animalistic way to defend oneself because black and brown people are stereotyped to get into a lot of streetfights but…to white people guns are so moral and pure and putting a bullet in someone’s skull because they threatened you is way more rational than bruising their cheek. Like…

    Murder? Ruining lives? Leaving children without parents? Leaving parents without children? That is perfectly reasonable and acceptable response whenever you feel unsafe no matter the treat!

    Bruising one’s cheek? Leaving a lil scratch on their arm? Maybe drawing a few drops of blood or breaking their nose or whatever? Everyone gets to go home (or the original aggressor gets dealt with another way) and you’ve also successfully secured your safety? YOU’RE A WILD ANIMAL WITH NO MORALS.

    #racism#stereotypes #uhh... #gun control#gun owners #uhhhh i hate tagging seriously #there are situations were i think you can kill someone harrassing you #mostly the police and abusers tho
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    #handfasted #this is the Catholic freak from the last post #racism
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  • #m#rc#ask#racism#asian stereotype #asian male desexualization #asian male sexualisation #asian male#asian men
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  • First of all if you are a western white male and you say “there is evil in this country” talking about the Asian country you live in

    You need to leave. 

    This country does not need you

    They don’t need you to educate them or enlighten them about how bad they are (which isn’t true by the way)

    This is just colonialism and racism. It’s wrong. 

    Second of all if you say about a place or a person they’re evil 

    it’s denying the fact that nothing’s black and white. We are all good and bad. And saying someone’s evil it’s forgetting that you can be evil too. You’re not perfect. Nobody is. 

    And it’s easy to be good when you have money, food and shelter. When you have a good support system. You had access to education and was able to have a job you like and a life you could choose. 

    When all the doors are closed but poverty knocks at your door it’s much more difficult. 

    And saying a country is evil it proves you don’t know anything about it. You don’t know its history its culture its religion its people. It’s pure ignorance. 

    And my last point will be : I’ve been living in this country for almost 5 years and I’ve never met kinder and more generous people than the people of this country. I’ll add that we attract what we give. Give respect and love and you will receive respect and love. If you give condescendance and arrogance so no wonder they won’t respect you. 

    “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? (Matthew 7:3)

    #i'm angry at this man for saying it #it's been bothering me for two days now #i need time to process it #frankly i wanted to punch him #racism #cambodia is my home and i will defend it #colonialism#cambodia#asia #i hate this
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  • Empty Truths

    When the math denies the truth
    that value lays in the obtuse
    then return is measured far too short
    a fraction of the true worth

    denial is the easy path
    one traveled by all involved
    when the map only shows
    dogma’s taint turned to roads

    only asking staid results
    the vanilla of cheers extolled
    equations will only lie
    supply answers the wise deny

    even while the most precious gifts
    are eschewed through ignorance
    when calculations run by fools
    are the basis of empty truths.

    © 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20191208.

    The poem “Empty Truths” was inspired by thoughts about how the value of the self is defined.

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  • Anyway animal cruelty is wrong and horrible but the constant framing of clubbing seals as the worst thing you could do is because of racism against the Inuit people

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  • Hey, I’m dumb but I think I’m right.

    Some people like to argue that people in the South aren’t close-minded/ignorant/bigoted like the stereotype, and to a point they’re right. There are parts of the South that are incredibly diverse and open-minded. But that doesn’t mean that the stereotype is wrong. I grew up around a lot of terribly ignorant, awful people. People who were racist, transphobic, homophobic, sexist, islamophobic, antisemetic, and that’s not even getting into the fact that to a point, a certain amount of physical abuse is considered ok to a lot of people here(another post for another day.) You can’t definitively say that Southerners aren’t bigoted or ignorant without mentioning that there are a lot of Southerners who are. And vice versa. It is good though, that whenever people mention that there are very open minded areas in the South, that they mention that there’s horribly close minded places in other parts of the country. Because although there is a lot of ignorance in the South, we’re the only region with that stereotype, despite the fact that other regions of the US aren’t innocent either.

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  • The devastation imposed upon Latin America was as horrendous as the devastation imposed upon black America. The revolution which overthrew Somoza was brutal.

    “Up to 50,000 Nicaraguans died in the last five years of struggle leading to Somoza’s overthrow, most in the closing two years of insurrection,” said Holly Sklar. (Page 35)

    Nicaragua was destroyed. It was mired in poverty before the revolution. Because of the destruction wrought by the revolution, Nicaragua became even poorer. Even under the best of circumstances, it would take Nicaragua a decade to recover.

    “Per capita income levels of 1977 will not be attained, in the best of circumstances, until the late 1980s,” said the World Bank. (Page 36)

    The circumstances were not the best, however. The holocaust continued after the revolution. Once Reagan became President, the CIA brought forth more death and destruction in Nicaragua. Meanwhile, as the situation in Nicaragua deteriorated, the Sandinistas began killing people in El Salvador, all in the name of Communism. Yet another bloody war was fought in that country. The number of casualties in El Salvador was almost as high as the number of casualties in Nicaragua.

    “At least 40,000 civilians were killed between October 1979 and January 1984,” said Sklar. (Page 50)


    The page numbers come from the book “Washington’s War on Nicaragua” by Holly Sklar.

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  • god i’m just thinking about how so many poc have been taught to believe they’re one way or another because of racism, so much so that it becomes a subconscious thought?? and just…that’s so awful I can’t stand it

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  • #one day at a time #racism#sexism#climate change#homophobia#women rights #black lives matter #black lives movement #lgbt rights#netflix shows
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  • When you have a melt down over a black actor not liking the crap role he was given you make sure to hide behind an Asian woman

    #racism #racism in fandom
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  • image

    Two shirts popular among IDF soilders.

    The IDF is a terrorist army. Free Palestine from these monsters.

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  • I am literally so sour about what they DID to Daenerys and Missandei in season 8 that I cant even see gifs of them without feeling anger and disgust.

    I am literally thinking of adopting the “death of the author” theory, even tho im Francophobic and opposed it for years. GRRM failed them when he decided to let those two flaming misogynist racists adapt their story and will probably fail them again by doing the same thing in his books…


    #game of thrones #tv show#misogyny#racism#anti got#daenerys targaryen #missandei of naath #text
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  • A white liberal literally just said to me “Have you given any deep thought to the idea that racism doesn’t exist?”

    I legit want to punch a wall.

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  • image

    This happened to my brother. Spread the word about SOMI Vietnamese Bistro in Salt Lake City, Utah. Don’t give your money to racists.

    #somi vietnamese bistro #salt lake city #racism#racial profiling#boycott#reblog
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  • Went across the street to get bread for PB&Js.

    I’m in line behind this lady wasting $100 on lottery tickets.

    Karen comes in, looking very much like someone who doesn’t go into mini marts. Even has an American Flag Purse! She says she wants a foot-long, Turkey & Cheese Hoagie.

    As always, being in this business for so long and seeing people of all kinds of interests, the owner asks, “You want lettuce, tomato, onion, sweet pepper, hot pepper, Red Wine Vinegar, Italian Dressing, Mayo?” He does this whenever I’ve ordered Steak & Cheese or Italian Hoagies. Does it with Clubs. Does it with Hot Wing Hoagies cuz some people are weird and want sweet peppers and mayo on them. Yes, I saw a dude order that once.

    “No, just American cheese and mayonnaise,” Karen says all snooty-like.

    Cold sandwiches aren’t hard to make. Quick and easy. I’m at the register finally after that lady wasted her money and got nothing in return. The cashier is ringing me up when the owner announces, “Here you are!” He’s an upbeat dude.

    Note: He is full Indian and his English is perfectly fine. He’s owned this place for like 20 years. He’s perfected the craft.

    Anyway, she does the Karen thing which is proceed to disassemble the hoagie(that she watched him make btw) right on the counter(this shop has 2, one for liquor purchases[state law] and one for normal, and the deli is by the liquor side). She goes, “I wanted lettuce and tomato! I’m not paying for this!”

    The owner takes a deep breath and says, “You said you just wanted American and Mayo, ma’am.”

    Karen gets this look on her face. I’m sure you can all imagine if you’ve had experiences with a Karen. And she goes, “Maybe you need to actually learn some English! This is America, not some hippie hindu backwater hood. I’m not at fault because you can’t speak properly.” And then she looks at me, the only other White-looking person around, as if I’m gonna back her up.

    And I, being fed up with this because I’ve see it happen to the owner many times since moving here, say, “You got what you asked for. He gave you a list of shit in clear English and you said ‘no’ to all of it. You wanted American cheese to match your disrespectful ass purse. You just want an excuse to be racist, Karen, and it don’t fly here.” We may live in the boondocks but I won’t accept it.

    She ends up stomping out without paying but the owner sends me a smile.

    Customer Service workers, even owners, can’t really talk back to their customers, but other customers putting assholes in their place is acceptable. I’ve had to do something similar before in this place.

    I’ve noted the dude is very light on me. Sometimes I don’t have enough money and he’ll let me take what I need and pay him back later. And I’ll make note of the amount I didn’t have and even if it takes a month to pay him back I always do and he’s never angry.

    He’s a nice guy and soft spoken. The racism in general is fucking terrible and shouldn’t happen ever, but to just be an asshole for no reason, to such a pleasant person who greets everyone when they walks in the door and asks about their day, is so fucking annoying.

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