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  • lovebotbrian
    26.07.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    no bc im gonna say my bit now. if you hate mcyt and mcyt fans, why aren’t you talking to the fans who are actually racist or antisemitic or ableist or homophobic? and believe me, they exist. there are people in this fandom who will do and say gross things involving ccs who are minors. why aren’t you saying your piece to them?

    you people always go after the fans who are poc, who are queer, who are neurodivergent, who are good people who actively push for things like removing ableist language from fandom discussions.

    and i’d especially like to talk on the way you harp on poc about specifically racism. how fucking stupid do you think we are? if we feel uncomfortable or experience racism in a fandom space we are completely capable of either starting the conversation on it or just fucking leaving!

    i am a nonbinary south asian person in the mcyt fandom. not even a month ago i received an anonymous ask from someone calling me a “crab-infested kebab”, as well as another calling me the r slur, all for the crime of not stooping to their level and instead calmly explaining what the average dream smp fan actually does here. (the answer is just character analysis, fanart, and the occasional meme.)

    every single racist aggression i have experienced in nine years of being online has been while i was in this fandom, from people who hate mcyt.

    consider practicing what you preach.

    #syl says stupid statements #mcyt#discourse#mcyt discourse #mcyt anti critical #<- is that a thing? #tw racism#tw ableism #PLEASE reblog this mutuals if you see it. i want to see more exposure of the way these people treat poc like utter shit. #please don’t let our experiences go unheard.
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  • faithisilliterate
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Fandom is not a form of activism, but it shouldn’t be a hostile place that isolates people who most need it as an escape from what they have to experience in the real world. With all the posts and opinions that came out today on the Elain think piece, I feel like the biggest discrepancy is that people don’t understand that we’re talking about specifically the way this fandom operates in isolating specific groups with their rhetoric, and that we are not actually having a “how racist is this character” debate. This fandom has POC and we support different ships and characters, we’re here for different reason, and I’ve met some wonderful people here because of it. However (and I mean this as a BIG however) this fandom is fucked up. Every time POC try to talk about discussions that make them uncomfortable, it’s always the “this is faerie porn,” “I feel offended that you’re offended,” etc. Maybe you’re a POC and right now you’re think “no, I’m not offended,” okay good for you, I’m happy you’ve managed to create a bubble for yourself, but the vast majority of us aren’t comfortable right now, and have not been comfortable for a while, with how this fandom works and we don’t want to be shoved out of it by people who don’t accept our tone or opinions when we try to relate to the material in a way that they aren’t used to. And ACOTAR is a huge fandom, and the books are some of the most popular on the market right now. What we say and how we treat these community-centered discussion has ripple effects in the larger book community that has been generally unwelcoming or reluctant to embrace POC, non-ablesist, LGBT+ voices, whether it’s the fans, reviewers, or the authors themselves. That is why this is being discussed. Separate yourself from the character and ships for one fucking second because yeah, there are POC in every fan base in this fandom and yeah you might know what the definition of “feminism” is, but that isn’t some kind of “gotchya” to ignore what a lot of POC have been saying for months, years actually. The majority of us don’t feel okay here, and don’t feel comfortable in bookish platforms in general. Maybe some of you aren’t bothered because to you they’re just books, but it’s gonna affect the rest of us and how people are gonna view characters meant to represent people like us, and how we’re gonna be treated when we try to get a book published or write a review or write fanfic and draw art.

    #fandom fuckery#tw: racism #anti acotar fandom
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  • timstuetzle
    26.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • politicsofcanada
    26.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    white people get sooo mad when I say that I don't trust white people...maybe if you acted right I'd make an exception but clearly you care more about trying to prove reverse racism is real than you do about supporting people of colour

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  • puritycultureistoxic
    26.07.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #nazi mention tw #racism mention tw #antisemitism mention tw
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  • randomclustermissile
    26.07.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • the-worlds-between-pages
    25.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Guarding Temptation by: Talia Hibbert

    Guarding Temptation by: Talia Hibbert

    This book is described as a dirty British novella and that it is. Set against a Brexit background, our characters are old friends. James Foster is the best friend of Nina Chapman’s older brother. And they’ve both been harboring a flame for each other. After a one night stand of sorts, their friendship is over. Until Nina starts getting death threats after a blog post. The Brexit situation is…

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    #adult fiction#guarding temptation#novella#romance#talia hibbert #tw corrupt cops #tw death threats #tw for racism
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  • blowdriedcheese
    25.07.2021 - 6 hours ago


    I know I just posted WarVerse shit, but you know what? I wanna talk about Sombra because I love him

    Also FIENDship is magic is not a typo, it's the name of the villain comics lol


    Or stay if you dont mind spoilers lol

    Either way you've been warned

    So King Sombra's story mostly follows the comics, but with some alterations and my own interpretations. I'll first talk about some alterations:

    - Sombra didnt gain a friend. He stayed alone throughout his life. No Radiant Hope, no anypony. He had to go through the torture of the Crystal Fair alone for years. Ponies found out and were suspicious, but their worries mostly faded once he "got his cutie mark."

    - With Radiant Hope not being there, Sombra's body actually fell apart. He was able to pull himself back together with his own magic, but he still has cracks and scars in some places.

    - Sombra painted on a cutie mark to avoid danger when he found out he was an Umbrum. ( will be explained in the headcanon section )

    - Because he was an outcast, Sombra spent almost 24 hours a day in the Empire's libraries. That's where he learned about more advanced magic, and also about dangerous dark magic. Yes, dangerous and dark even for an Umbrum.

    - Speaking of Umbrum, they're actively discriminated against in the Crystal Empire. Because of his origins not being known, the crystal ponies didnt know about Sombra's identity. Ponies were just mean because he was weird.

    - Equestria also struggled with this problem but it was way less extreme than in the Empire. In Equestria it was just ponies giving Umbrum hateful looks and the occasional mean word; the Crystal Empire would find excuses to kill and torture them.

    - His mother isn't a crystal, but is actually dead. He knew about the Umbrum's location like every other pony in the Crystal Empire.

    So those are some alterations I've made, but I've also got an interpretation about Sombra's backstory that is canon, but of course I've twisted it to fit the WarVerse and added my own headcanons. I'll give a quick recap first.

    The Crystal princess before Candace, Princess Amore, knew Sombra's identity from the beginning, but didn't tell him. If I remember correctly, it was because she knew he wasnt just the fact he was an Umbrum? But alas, gotta shatter the nice view of Amore.

    The way I interpret it is that she knew from the beginning, but didn't do anything because of the view towards Umbrum. Amore, just like many other crystal ponies, hated them, and was also the one that locked them all underground. Once she caught wind of Sombra's illness during the Crystal Fair, she immediately knew.

    Amore never did anything because she loved the idea of the Umbrum in pain. She had every chance to kill them, but again, her sadism is what kept them alive. Sometimes she would let some out and use their torture as entertainment for the Crystal Empire, only to throw them back underground.

    The reason they were trapped underground in the first place is because they were planning a revolution against Princess Amore. A crystal pony spy managed to get this information after posing as an anti-Amore pony, and they reported it to her. The Crystal Military quickly interfered, and trapped them all underground. They did hurt the Umbrum and even killed some.

    The only ones who were able to escape were a mother and her son, Sombra. Unfortunately, she succumbed to her wounds. He was eventually found by a crystal pony who genuinely didnt know he was an Umbrum, and they took him to orphanage, who in turn didnt get the information about Sombra's identity. He was too young to remember Amore's purge.

    Now, I think to fill in some information I want to give my headcanons for the Umbrum, as there's limited canon information about them. The only canon is that they're shadow ponies and were buried underground, so let me give me some headcanons

    - Umbrum are incapable of getting cutie marks. This is actually canon but it's a tactic used to identify possible adult Umbrum in the WarVerse. Its not the only way but it's usually an indicator. Not entirely fool proof too because there are a ton of normal ponies that are late bloomers.

    - They originate from the Artic, and also live there. The Crystal Empire however is within walking distance of the Artic, and it wasn't uncommon for Umbrum to visit to get necessities that their natural habitat couldn't provide before Amore's purge.

    - Adding onto the Artic, they thrive in the cold and darkness. Amore's underground prison was constantly on fire and there were lights everywhere. It's also the reason the Crystal Heart and Fair cause them great pain, as it radiates warmth and light.

    - Umbrum have been discriminated against from the moment other ponies found out about their existence, and have evolved a disguise mechanism to protect them. It makes them look like any other pony. This mechanism doesn't protect them from the Crystal Heart/Fair, which is how they're identified.

    - When not disguised, they have attributes that resemble a dark crystal. Unicorns have a crystal horn, pegasi have crystal wings, and earth ponies' hooves are coated in crystals.

    - The other ponies hate them because of how much more powerful Umbrum magic is, and also fear their ability to control basic dark magic. Dominating them is how the Crystal Empire made sure they wouldn't use it.

    Okay so that was it for this WarVerse post! I was gonna talk about current King Sombra and his rise to power as well, but it wouldve become too much of a ramble and this is already me pouring my 3 AM thoughts out with no sense of organization lol

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  • fandomcs
    25.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    everyone's startin' a buisness

    some lyrics i wrote

    Little Timmy's startin' his lemonade stand

    So he can pay to stay alive.

    Granny Robin can't pay the monthly rent

    So off to the street she goes.

    We all gotta play a part in society,

    Sacrifice our life for the greater good

    But what on earth could we ever do

    If we fucking die at work as if on cue?

    Everyone's startin' a business,

    Even my 3-year-old kid.

    Everyone gives up their freedom

    To get shot on the way to work.

    Mommy can't pay for insulin

    So I just hope that I'm in the will.

    Daddy invalidates me daily

    Cause I'm "too young to love a girl".

    We all gotta play a part in society

    Tell them I'm fully girl.

    But what happens when my gender doesn't feel just right?

    Will Jesus still save my soul?

    Everyone's startin' a business,

    I'm the only one who has not.

    Guess some of us are just lazy,

    Maybe I deserve to get shot.

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  • nikkoliferous
    25.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    In Defense of Loki (TV Series edition)

    Last updated: July 25th, 2021

    Marvel’s really going to make me do this again, aren’t they? *sigh*

    Loki (2021) sucks. It sucks in every imaginable way that a thing can suck. It sucks as a Loki series. It sucks as a standalone television show. It sucks from a characterization standpoint. It sucks from a messaging standpoint. It sucks from a storytelling standpoint. It sucks from a technical standpoint. It sucks. And it sucks way worse than Thor: Ragnarok did.

    Now, this post is not about telling fans of the series that the thing they love is terrible, nor that they’re wrong for finding enjoyment in it. To each their own, live and let live, etc etc. But much like with Thor: Ragnarok, people who disliked the TV series have taken a lot of abuse for daring to express their honest opinions online. What this post is about is tearing down the strawmen about why people disliked the series (no, it’s not about ship wars or Loki not aligning with our “headcanons”) and compiling the abundance of evidence against it into one easily-accessible and referenceable location—both for people who are genuinely curious why some of us couldn’t be less impressed and also for the sake of those who didn’t like it, that they might feel a little less crazy and/or alone.

    With that being said, buckle in; I have a feeling we’re going to be here for a while.

    Yes, Loki’s Loki Is Ridiculously Out Of Character (And Irrelevant To Boot)

    Loki’s “Redemption” Arc Wasn’t

    Loki Never Cared About Having A Throne

    Loki Made Its Title Character Irrelevant While Ignoring Everything That Motivated Him In Past Films

    Friendly Reminder That Odin Betrayed Loki, Not The Other Way Around

    It’s Not Just About What Loki Is Doing But How He’s Doing It

    The Absurdity Of Claiming An Entire Fandom “Headcanoned” Loki’s Previous Characterization

    Arguing About Whether Thanos Tortured™ Loki Misses The Point

    Is Loki A Narcissist?

    The Shameless Erasure Of Loki’s Familial Trauma

    Marvel’s Ongoing Failure To Remember Their Own Lore

    Loki’s Entire Arc In Loki Is Based On A False Premise

    Loki May Be The Title Character, But He’s Certainly Not The Main Character

    The Loki Series Is Not A Series About Loki

    Responding To Fandom Policing And Claims That Loki Fans Invented His Prior Characterization From Nothing

    TV!Loki Couldn’t Manipulate His Way Out Of A Paper Bag

    Even Many Supporters Of The Show Know Something Is Wrong With Loki

    Debunking The Lie That Loki Was A Lazy, Pampered Prince (Unlike Sylvie Who Just Had It Sooo Super Hard!)

    Contrasting TV!Loki With Movie!Loki

    Addressing The Laughable Notion That Loki Has Never Been Out Of Control Until Now

    TV!Loki Isn’t Even In-Character Based To The Show’s Own Logic

    The Incoherency Of Claiming Loki Is A Narcissist Who Needs To Learn Self-Love

    Loki’s “Redemption” Arc Only Works If You Ignore His Original Characterization

    The Loki Series Would Have Worked Fine Without Loki

    Sylvie, Not Loki, Is The Protagonist Of The Loki Series

    TV!Loki Isn’t Out Of His Comfort Zone; He’s Out-Of-Character

    Loki Caring About Other People Is Nothing New

    What Happened To Loki’s Rage?

    Loki Has Died Many Times, But His Own Series May Be His Most Brutal Character Assassination Yet

    Everyone In This Show Is A Terrible Person

    Loki’s “Therapy Sessions” With Mobius Were Literally Torture

    The Loki Finale Was A Hot Mess

    The TVA, Mobius And The Banality Of Evil

    Debunking Loki’s Whitewashing Of Frigga’s B+ Parenting

    Reminder: Mobius Is Loki’s Enslaver, Not His Friend

    Sylvie and Mobius Are Both Terrible “Friends” To Loki

    Even Ignoring The Incest/Self-cest, Sylki Is A Terrible Pairing

    How The Audience Was Primed To Love Mobius At Loki’s Expense

    The Moral Bankruptcy Of Framing Mobius As Loki’s “Friend”

    Loki Deserves Better Than His Toxic, One-Sided Romance With Sylvie

    Racism, Ableism, Transphobia, Oh My!

    Torture Is A Valid Form Of Therapy, Yes?

    The Many Times We Were Lied To About Canonizing Loki’s Genderfluidity

    How Loki Minimizes Emotional Abuse/Neglect And Treats Trauma As A Competition

    Visibility Does Not Equal Representation

    More On The Problems With Loki’s Black “Representation”

    Episode 1′s Mongolia Scene Was Also Pretty Racist

    Sexism, Fluidphobia and Transphobia In Episode 5

    Framing The Irredeemably Evil TVA As Good And/Or Necessary

    Toxic Messages In The Loki Show: A Summary

    Loki Is A Show Made By And For Bullies

    The Horrifying Totalitarianism Of The TVA

    The Obvious Bad Guys Who Weren’t

    How Marvel’s Chronic Glorification Of Abusers Retraumatizes Victims

    “I Thought You Didn’t Like To Talk”

    The Hidden Harm In How Marvel Has Treated Loki’s “Adoption”

    Making Our Previously-White, Fascistic Villain From The Comics Inexplicably Black Is Totes Progressive, Right??

    The Real-Life Effects Of Framing Mobius’s Torture Of Loki As “Therapy”

    Forcing Loki To “Admit” His Inferiority Is Not Character Growth

    Everyone Who Worked On This Show Is The Worst

    Kate Herron Really Does Not Understand Loki

    Loki’s Costume Designer Thinks Attractive Clothing “Distracts” From The Character’s Personality. No, Really.

    The ‘Loki Lectures’ Were (Probably) A Lie

    Loki’s Cynical Use Of Comic Book Easter Eggs To Shortcut Sylvie’s Character ‘Development’

    The Only Consistent Thing About Loki Is Everyone Shitting On Him, In-Universe And Out

    Mike Waldron Quit Openly Insulting The Character Your Show Is Ostensibly About Challenge 2k21

    That Time When Mike Waldron Thought Odin Killed Laufey, And Other Hilariously Stupid Commentary

    That Time Kate Herron Decided To Christianize Norse Mythology

    Why I’m Not Impressed With Mike Waldron’s Weaponization Use Of The Word ‘Trauma’

    Addressing The Tom Hiddleston-Shaped Elephant In The Room

    Happy Pride Month! Have Some Queerbaiting :)

    Dollar Store Taika AKA Mike Waldron

    Mike Waldron Doesn’t Understand Loki, Or Trauma In General

    Mike Waldron: An Endless Stream of Bullshit

    Kate Herron Is Also Terrible

    (Once again, shoutout to everyone who has contributed to this masterpost, either by writing brilliant meta about the show or having such odious hot takes that it would be a criminal offense not to respond lmao)

    #don't even pretend you all didn't see this coming lol #the big damn loki (2021) sucks compendium #loki series negativity #loki tv series #anti sylki#anti lokius #mobius m mobius shut tf up challenge 2k21 #sylvie critical #frigga's b+ parenting #dollar store taika #bad messaging in the loki series #loki series meta #loki meta#tw: abuse#tw: suicide#tw: queerphobia#tw: racism#tw: ableism #all the trigger warnings basically
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  • xthosecemeteryeyesx
    25.07.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #tw racism #ask to tag #gerard hate #kinda? #lynz hate #gerards racist wife #anonymouse #racism in the punk comunity #racism in the alt community
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    25.07.2021 - 7 hours ago
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  • angelhummel
    25.07.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #degrassi #degrassi next class #not glee#asks#answered#my thoughts#anonymous #anti frankie hollingsworth #anti esme song #anti hunter hollingsworth #i think those are the worst #also omg i really forgot until i started typing #im like esme was mentally ill who cares lol #then was like .... hunter was in a mental health facility also #and zoe was self harming #being mentally ill doesnt make you a good character lol everyone had something wrong with them smh #guns tw #school shooting tw #racism tw#coma tw #self harm tw #suicide tw #lmk if i need to tag anything else
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  • captn-andor
    25.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    hello my loves, sorry for disturbing your afternoons (or mornings, or nights, depending on where you are) but something happened today and idk if i’m angry or upset (probably both) so i’m gonna talk about it

    i’m gonna tag these but in case the trigger warnings you block are in a different format than mine, here are the TW’s for this ramble: tw racism, xenophobia, shouting, verbal assault

    so today i went shopping to pick up groceries for my mom. this is something i do normally when she’s busy or like today, when she was feeling under the weather. i’m in the supermarket, on the phone with her as she guides me through what exactly to buy (while most of us at home are capable cooks, she does not trust any of us with shopping because we will most likely accidentally get the wrong thing)

    sometimes when we talk i slip into hindi, especially when we’re cooking because we use the hindi names for a lot of the ingredients which we use (i literally grew up not knowing the english name for coriander). so today on the phone, i was picking out spices for her and just ended up talking to her in hindi.

    someone taps me on the shoulder and i look around and it’s a white man. much older than me, with a cart of his own, and i don’t think much of it (i assumed he just needed help) so i put my mom on hold and ask him what he needs. turns out the only thing he needed was to start shouting at me for speaking a foreign language, and get in my face to tell me that i needed to “talk in english or go back to my own country” (note: i was born in america, i’ve lived here my entire life)

    i don’t do well with yelling. i fucking hate it and my immediate reaction is to yell back, even though i was scared out of my fucking mind. i’m a 5’4” 19 year old and this guy was 3 times my age and looked like he could throw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

    eventually store security came to take him out but i ended up just standing there completely in shock thinking “did that actually just happen?”, trying to keep my voice straight when i put my mom back on the line- even though at this point, i’m crying.

    this isn’t the first time it’s happened to me and it sucks to say i don’t think it will be the last but the thing that got to me about the whole thing was that we were in the aisle of this supermarket that sells indian food. this guy had indian food in his hand, which is why i thought he might need help with something.

    and the situation’s just so ironic and i don’t fucking get how this guy is gonna yell at a girl he doesn’t know for speaking a different language and then go home and heat up his frozen biryani like nothing happened.

    it’s such a mindfuck. i’m a first-gen kid. my parents immigrated here and had me, and i’ve spent my entire life trying to fit in- which is hard when you live in a predominately white town. a kid in high school once told me stuff along the lines of what this guy said today. i wasn’t “american” enough then, and i’m not enough now. which kind of begs the question if i ever will be.

    idk what the point of this rant was (also sorry for any grammar problems, my hands are still shaking a bit) i just needed to get shit off of my chest cuz i have no clue what just happened.

    #mar rambles #feel free to scroll past this i kinda just felt like if i didn't get shit off my chest i was gonna implode #this happened at my local grocery store so uhhh new fear unlocked #tw racism#tw xenophobia#tw shouting #tw verbal assault #started crying again typing this lol life's good
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  • cloudingvision
    25.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I went out in the sun and now my skin is like two shades darker- My grandma’s going to see me and go “you look so dirty!” 

    Like grandma we’re both brown- 

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  • gordonramsei
    25.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    even if cameltoe cabello wasn’t racist af like . . . . her appeal is nonexistent she literally sounds like my cat when he’s in the car 

    #tw racism #tw camila cabello #she deserves her own trigger warning lbr
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  • catboy-joyfriend
    25.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    saying "no racists" on ur dsmp blog sure is a choice 🤔

    #like bestie do you know who ur watching??? #racism tw #anti dream smp
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  • thezalbum
    25.07.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #asks#anonymous #but no apparently zstans always 'exaggerate' the racism he faced #islamophobia tw
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  • salty-ironstrange-shipper
    25.07.2021 - 18 hours ago

    it's a joke .......... but also it points to a serious problem with how poc and particularly black people (was gonna say BIPOC, but there are no indigenous people in the mcu, who we are kidding) (don't come in the notes and say there are indigenous characters in the shows, I don't have the emotional energy to commit myself to an actual tv show rn) are treated in the mcu. why does everyone brush off that Wanda and Pietro were in an organization founded in nazism??? (waaahh, hydra aren't actually nazis - literally shut up.) (also the white washing of these romani jewish characters ... quicksilver baby, I'm so sorry) why does no one give a fuck for more than two minutes that Wanda unleashed the Hulk on Johannesburg??? at least destroy ohio or something. no one gaf about ohio, not even the people that live there. even when Wanda is supposed to feel remorseful in age of ultron and civil war, Johannesburg is NEVER brought up - at most they bring up Bruce's violation, which is definitely valid and upsetting, but how about the people he may have actually killed and the homes of (African) people that were definitely destroyed? (literally do not look at that scene in age of ultron and tell me no one died. i will not believe you.)

    it's not even that this is portrayed as a character flaw that the movies are aware of, but seems much more like the writers themselves don't notice the racist decisions they're making

    #submission #it would be nice if white writers and directors #stopped using black people as punching bags #and tools to give white characters angst #just like #as a suggestion #mcu#marvel#marvel criticism#mcu criticism#wandavision critical#wandavision criticism#wandavision#tw racism #racism in media #antiblackness in media #literally wanda is so goddamn unlikeable until wandavision #and even then these problems keep coming up #get your shit together marvel
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  • gothitrish
    25.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    I can’t tell if tumblr has merged Stop Asian Hate and BLM into one category, which completely ignores the reason why there’s two separate movements, or if people care more about Minecraft youtubers than they do about POC

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