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    Same, same but different

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    Hi. I’m still learning…. Tag list are kinda like the equivalent to TikToks “Rmp”???? How to I make one/ add people. Do I just do the @ sign at the end of the story????

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    brooke, logan and drew singing 😩💃

    cr: brooke starkey (brooke_starkey) on IG

    🎵: you make my dreams - hall and oates

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    Shattered JJ Maybank Chapter Ten

    master list | series master list

    warning: mentions of trial

    word count: 1003


    "Hey, Ace!" She heard JJ's voice through the phone. Warmth filled her body at the sound of his joy.

    "Hey, JJ." The boy has called almost every night and morning since she got to Huntington, giving updates on how everyone was doing and getting updates on the trial. He's been watching the live stream of it, but the calls were more to see how she was doing.

    Today was the final day of court, so they all hoped. Either way she was to head back to the Outer Banks despite if the verdict was given or not.

    "I didn't get a picture this morning. Tell me the fit." She giggled at his eagerness.

    "Well, all baby blue. Dress pants with a flowing long sleeve." She knew he only wanted to distract her until the last minute possible. Ava didn't mind. "My white tennis shoes and my hair is down in case you were wondering."

    "Perfect." She could here the grin.

    "So tell me about the date. I'm dying to hear all about it."

    JJ on the other side of the line. "Talked a lot. She loved the sound of her voice, let's just say I didn't." And she wasn't you. His heart pounded.

    Over the four days of being separated, he realized how deep the fondness for the girl was. He stayed up wondering what she was doing, if she had nightmares, and mostly if she was thinking about him. JJ was going crazy, talking to John B about the blonde every chance he got.

    "I'm sorry that it didn't work out for you, JJ. I promise one day you'll find someone who will listen." You already do.

    He's never been head over heels for someone before and that very thought scared him. He was scared to willingly let someone close to him in a way more than a friend. Sure he's had sex before, a few tourons here and there, but he's never truly cared about thier feelings and he never gave thought to how his actions would affect them.

    "So when does the trial start?" JJ steadied his mind on what was before them. The hardest day they've experienced so far. Ava and him ran through the questions, but her answers were not as explicitly detailed as they were going to be today on the stand. He knew that.

    "About fifty-ish minutes. Uncle Matt is grabbing coffee, but he tells me to say hi."

    After a few more minutes, Ava was swept away by her lawyer to go over thier strategy and they hung up.

    In Outer Banks , it was currently noon. JJ was cooking lunch for himself when he heard John B burst through the door.

    "Did you know?" John B looked cautiously into the boy's eyes as he slapped down the newspaper.

    "What?" JJ eyed the paper as the shock sets in.

    'Avalon Abbott Speaks To Press During ongoing Trial Against Her Father'

    JJ tried to hold back his anger. They posted it front page and everything. Ava told him that the case was pretty big back on the west coast but she wasn't sure it would make headlines here. But small towns talk.

    "Who knew her name was Avalon?" JJ tried to avoid John B's stare.

    John B's eyes began to water as his voice shook. "JJ. Please tell me this isn't real. She would have told us right?"

    JJ just hung his head low, staring at the half made sandwhich. "She didn't want you guys to know."

    "When did you know? How long?" John B's anger was evident. He was protective of Ava as well, she was like a little sister to everyone else in the group.

    "I didn't know about the trial until a week ago. I promise." JJ's mind kept racing. How was he going to tell her.

    "Have you been following it?" JJ nodded.

    "Well now we can watch it together. I know how much she means to you and I want to make sure you're okay." JJ pulled John B into a hug.

    "Thanks, man. I really appreciate it." They stay there in a hug for a few more moments, then finished making lunch.

    The others came over as well with the same news. All of them felt hurt that she didn't talk to them about it or that they didn't recognize the pain she went through. Nothing was a bigger surprise than the fact that JJ knew first, but to them it all made sense the way he was kinder to her and more attentive. They also all heard first hand about his crush on Ava before settling down to watch the live stream on JJ's phone.

    Ava was the first person called up to the stands, her eyes were focused straight ahead, her body still as a rock.

    "I, Avalon Abbott, swear that the evidence that I shall give shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God." She continued with her oath and then right as the questions began, JJ turned it off. The group began to whine.

    "I don't think you guys should watch it. It just doesn't feel right." He felt terrible, but this wasn't his place to tell. "She did everything so you guys wouldn't know, hell I don't even know the full story." Truth is, he wasn't sure how he would react to the rest of the questions. He could barely control himself when it first started.

    "We are here for you, JJ. If you don't want to watch it right now, we don't have to." Kie spoke out.

    A few tears fell from his eyes as the group wrapped thier arms around him. In that moment, JJ felt the most purest form of love in a friendship. He only wished Ava was thier to experience the same thing. Everyone loved her and wanted to be there for her. That's what friends do and that's exactly what she was. A friend. No, she was a pogue, JJ thought.

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    Shattered  JJ Maybank Chapter Eight

    master list | series master list

    warning: abuse, incest, rape

    word count: 1876


    JJ let himself in through Ava's side doors. It was past midnight and he needed somewhere to go. Big John and John B were on a trip with Sarah's family and something felt weird about staying in thier house without them.

    This wasn't the first time he came over in the middle of the night. After rough nights with his dad or John B and Sarah being too loud, he would slip in while Ava slept and crash on the couch.

    As the door creeped open, Jj saw the light over the kitchen table still on, the blonde girl huntched over a stack of papers. She looked worn out and exhausted.

    "Hey there, Ace." JJ gave her a warm smile.

    "Are you okay, JJ?" Worry filled her eyes as she examined his face for signs.

    He reassured her that it wasn't anything he hasn't dealt with before and grabbed an ice pack to place on his bruising ribs.

    She returned her gaze the paper and packets in front of her. "Ibuprofen is in the bathroom behind the mirror."

    JJ made his way to the bathroom and opened the cabinets and searched. There were several other bottles, all prescriptions. "She is one of the toughest people I know," JJ whispered to himself. If anyone took a look at Ava, they would believe she had everything under control, but if they saw the medicine cabinet they would see how much it really took to overcome what she has.

    Once he found the ibuprofen, he headed back out and took his seat next to her. JJ angled his body so he would be facing towards her. "What are you working on? School is out, remember?" JJ chuckled.

    "Just making sure everything is in order to head back to Huntington." The stress was evident in her voice.

    "It's going to be okay, you're going back to grab the rest of your things and in a blink of an eye you'll be back to paradise on earth." Her body began to shake. JJ desperately wanted to reach out and still her, but he knew her boundaries. She made them very clear earlier in thier friendship. Instead he grabbed her hand, hoping it would pull her back to reality, back to the two of them sitting in the kitchen.

    "It's more than that, JJ. It's-" she shifted her eyes to the ground.

    "Talk to me, Ace." She smiles at the nickname he gave her.

    "I lied, JJ." Guilt ripped through her body. "Saying I was picking up the last of my things was easier than explaining that I-" JJ brought her hand to his check, pressing it closer. It was something he noticed that calmed her down. The only touch she truly allowed and he so desperately seeked. "That I have court." JJ's eyes widened.

    Most of thier conversations have been about everything other than her time in Huntington. "Court?" He wanted to confirm the words he just heard.

    "I'm testifying against my dad." Pain coursed through JJ's veins. It was her dad who must've raped her at four and from what he gathered, it probably didn't stop until she moved to Outer Banks. He wanted to cry for her, but he chose to remain strong.

    "Why didn't you tell anyone, or at least me?" JJ had been at her apartment a few times when she had nightmares. Ava never talked about them, but every time it brought them closer. And Ava had been there when he had nightmares.

    "I wanted to leave that life back there. Outer Banks was suppose to be a new start."

    JJ placed he hand on her cheek this time. "And it is. But this is apart of who you are, just as much as my dad is apart of me." Shame flashed in her eyes as she pulled back.

    'Apart of who you are.' The words flooded her mind. There was no escaping it. Once someone knew, it would be branded to her name forever. Ava, the girl who was raped and sold. Just like his was JJ, the boy beaten and abandoned. Ava wanted to weep for the two but her heart was a stone cold rock in her chest.

    "That is exactly why I don't want anyone to know. I didn't want anyone to find out."

    JJ's features softened as he began to understand what he said. "What I mean is , you don't have to hide it. I spent years trying to hide what my dad did from the pogues. It caused more pain than I could ever imagine. Just like I took it out on you, I took my anger out on them."

    Animosity rung out as the words slipped from her lips. "That's where we are different. I don't take it out on others."

    "Then what do you do with it?"

    She shrugged. "I keep it to myself. A box sunken in the middle of the ocean."

    "I don't believe you. It's sitting just below the surface and you drown yourself trying to keep it down." She was taken back by his words, but he was right. Ava would hurt herself 100 times over before stepping on someone else's toes.

    "You know, JJ." She forced a well practice smile. "You're one of the smartest people I know. Maybe not when it comes to school, but your people skills and  the way you comprehend all of this bullshit amazes me."

    JJ could see she was changing the. Subject. But she thought he was smart. That made his heart flutter. "No one has told me that before."

    "Someone should JJ. I mean every word."

    "I never really talk like this or about this with anyone. Before you came along, I never had the chance to use what I've learned. You've taught me so much about myself and life just from hanging out. I didn't even know people had metephorical fences. Like who the fuck knew?" He smile became more genuine. "Ava, I was an ass to you in the beginning and now I'm honored that you call us friends."

    "I never thought I'd call JJ Maybank, king of the cut, my friend. My closest friend." His eyes shined at the blonde's praise. "Plus you're not the only one learning."

    "What do you mean?"

    "I'm learning what it means to open up. I hate every second of it, but you are there encouraging me, every second of the day. I'm learning how to be a good friend."

    "You already are an amazing friend. Everyone loves you."

    "No, like a real friend. I've never had a group to call friends. I don't think you understand how nervous I was the first day Sarah brought me over." He smiled at the memory. She was practically shaking that first day.

    There was a small silence between the two before JJ spoke up. "Oh, back to what I was saying about 'it's apart of you,' I'm not saying it defines you, only you can choose that, but it does make you who you are. It happens and it sucks, but life moves on, you move away, I'll move out. Things change."

    Ava's eyes glisened. He wanted to pull her into a hug the way Kie and John B do. "Could I give you hug?"

    Ava pondered at his words, she wondered what it would be like to be held, but the very thought scared her. There was something so intimate about a hug. Maybe it's the fact she never received them growing up, only on occasion from Macy or some man trying to hold on to her so she wouldn't run.

    She knew JJ wouldn't ask for anything more than a hug and it came from the bottom of his heart. Physical touch is how he shows love. Every time he placed a hand on her cheek or grabbed her hand after a nightmare just to remind him he was there on her side. She could feel it. It hurt her more to deny it, but she wasn't ready.

    "I'm sorry."

    "Don't be." He grabbed her hand with a big squeeze. When ever you are ready." He was gentle with her. His feelings not sure what to make of the situation. He cared for her very much and wanted to respect her the way he would like to be treated. He's never felt this way before. He's never been this protective of anyone.

    "Thank you for this talk, JJ, but I really need to get back to looking the paper work over." She released his hand.

    "Can I help?

    She stuttered. "I- I'm just reviewing what they, um, they might ask me in court."

    JJ grabbed on of the list and glanced over it. "How about I ask a few questions and you can try to answer them? We don't have to go through them all, maybe a few each day. We can talk through them, tell me what you're thinking and feeling. That kind of thing?"

    "JJ, they are really personal questions." She paused. Ava knew she needed the practice.

    JJ grabbed her hand once again. "Im not gonna leave you and I will not judge you. You can always trust me." It was as if he spoke directly to her heart.

    She nodded shyly. Her heart filled with warmth everytime he grabbed her hand. "Okay, i am ready."

    "Ok, Miss Abbott." JJ let out a sympathetic boyish grin, desperately trying to ease up the tension in her heart. "In your own words, describe for the jury, what happened?" JJ tried to brace himself for the words that followed next, but he could barely grasp what his ears heard.

    As if she flipped a switc and turn off all emotion, completely disconnected from the moment. "He raped me. My father raped me. Sold me off to his friends, neighbors, strangers on the street. Didn't matter how old or young, sweet or tough, he let them use me however they pleased."

    A tear slipped down his cheek. In that moment he felt blessed, everything that happened never compared to the battles she faced from the young age of four. JJ was also extremely thankful that she trusted him enough to share it out loud.

    "I don't know how much they want me to share. I have a meeting with my lawyer tomorrow to go over the answers and what is good."

    "You're doing great, Ace." He looked into her eyes. "Why don't we head to bed?" She looked like she would collapse any second.

    "Okay." With that, she walked up the ladder stairs, tossed JJ some pillows and a blanket, then laid down.

    "Hey JJ?" Her voice carried throughout the apartment.

    "Yea, Ace?"

    "Could you be here tomorrow? Like when I have my meeting?" She sighed. "I mean if you're not busy or anything?" Now Ava began to ramble. "Actually never mid. That was stupid. I hear the waves are gonna be great tomorrow."

    "Ace?" He heard her hum a response. "I'll be here. I'm not going anywhere."

    JJ began to drift of to a deep sleep, trying to sort out his feelings for her and dreaming what it would feel like to hold her in his arms. That's a day he will just have to wait on.

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    His so adorable 😍

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    Drews latest story ♥

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    Shattered JJ Maybank Chapter Seven

    master list | series master list

    warning: mention of the night before briefly

    word count: 1104


    "Morning JJ." John B smiled at him over a plate of scrambled eggs.

    He grinned back. "Morning bird."

    John B continued to scoop his breakfast in his mouth. "How was last night for you?"

    "Interesting, none the less." JJ thought to his conversation with Ava. "Where is Ava?"

    "She left before I was up. Made enough eggs and cut up fruit for the whole cut." JJ wanted to check  in on her. She poured her heart out and opened up about some very difficult things. He understood the difficulty in being vulnerable. This morning she would be walking through a war zone.

    "Oh okay."

    "What even happened last night between you guys. I've never seen you be so civil with her." They both chuckled.

    "We had a good chat. It'll be civil from here on out. I promise." JJ scoped some eggs onto his plate. It was in moment he decided he would go to figure 8 and check in with her. After all the pain he caused, she deserved it. Hell, he thought, she deserved the world and someone on her side for once. JJ would make the effort to show someone other than his friends that he was there for them and he would show her the same respect and care that he gave everyone else. He felt terrible for the way he treated her. Never again.

    "I'm glad. Everyone really thought things would never change. You said some terrible things that we thought we would never see her again after."

    JJ dropped his head. "I have no excuse for taking everything out on her. I thought she was too perfect to be one of us."

    "She is one of the lucky ones." If only John B truly knew.

    Once John B was done he pushed back from the table. "Well I have work today and then I am taking Sarah out. Pope and Kie already left last night so it's just you right now."

    "Okay cool." He nodded and John B went out the door.

    JJ went to his self claimed room to change, deciding on his navy blue cut off shirt and some black swimming trunks. To finish off he grabbed his read hat and headed out the door.

    JJ rode his bike through the banks all the way to figure 8, parking it in front of her house. Matt Abott was a well known and respected doctor throughout Kildercare County, of course his house would reflect that.

    JJ was nervous as he knocked on the door.

    "Can I help you?" Matt opened the door. JJ felt his stare.

    "Yes sir. I'm JJ Maybank. Friends of Ava. I was wondering if she got home alright this morning and if it would be okay if check in on her."

    "I appreciate that, son. If you head around the to the side, there's the door."

    "Thank you, sir." JJ turned around to head to down the stone path.

    "Wait. JJ." He spun around. "Just knock lightly, she seemed a little shaken. Did something happen?" Concern was etched in the older man's face.

    JJ stepped closer. "I messed up sir and said some things that were uncalled for. We talked and worked through it, but she was super vulnerable after." JJ could see the subtle anger in his eye, but it didnt over power the respect Matt had for JJ for being honest.

    "Go on now, kid." JJ ran around to the side doors and softly knocked.

    The blonde girl opened the door. She wore a tan cropped tank top with matching sweat pants. Her cheeks looked tear stains. "Uncle Matt, I said I- oh hi JJ." She straightened her posture.

    "I, uh, just wanted to make sure you got back safe and see how you were doing."

    She put on a smile. "Please come in." JJ followed her into the apartment. His eyes roamed.

    "It's pretty sweet right. Uncle Matt had it fixed up when they have guest over. Perfect timing." She tried to force a chuckle.

    "You're uncle said you seemed pretty shaken this morning."

    "Last night," she took a shaken breath. "It opened Pandora's box, JJ."

    "I'm gonna be honest, I don't understand what that means exactly, but I think I know what you mean." She stared at him puzzled. "Talking about it made it feel real. It made you think about it for what it was."

    "That was just the tip of the iceberg."

    "I'm sorry for opening Panera's blob or whatever." They both laughed. "But I want you to know, I'm here. I know how hard it is to open up. You need someone you can trust."

    "JJ, it's really just a lot right now. You barely even talked to me before last night." Ava's features were soft, but JJ noticed the fear. He was pressing and needed to back off.

    "I'm sorry. I want to make it up to you and I really want you to know I am here for you. I shouldn't have taken my anger and issues out on you."

    Ava didn't know what to do. Her feelings were conflicted between breaking down crying and going stone cold, just block all of this out. She never had someone be there for her like this. JJ seemed to understand what it felt like to be broken. "I forgave you JJ."

    "And I appreciate it more than you know."

    She smiled. "I'm kind of done talking about it JJ. It's very exhausting."

    "Whenever you want to talk about it, I'm here."

    "Thank you." She shuffled around to the couch and took a seat on the other end. "Promise me you won't talk to the others about it. This is kind of a sensitive subject."

    "I would never betray your trust." She hummed another thanks and flipped on the television.

    "This couch is way comfier than John B's and you have way more channels." She giggled. "Not to mention the air conditioning." They both shared a knowing glance. It seemed like they were the only people who had an issue with the 'no AC' at the chateau.

    "You're always welcomed. I know how hard it can be with Luke." She felt akward calling him his father. No man like that deserved that title.

    "Thanks." He tightened his lips in thought. "Everyone else is being boring today and has work. How does some surfing sound?"

    "Like a dream come true after living a nightmare." They both laughed a little too hard. "I have a board you can test out for me."


    "Wouldn't surf any other way." They shared a smile and headed out to thier surf spot.

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    Shattered JJ Maybank Chapter Six

    master list | series master list

    warning: partying, drinking, sexual assult, unwanted advances, slight victim blaming, mention of rape

    word count: 1361


    Ava kept her distance from JJ and only hung out with the group every so often. Today they invited her to the boneyard for a party and she was pretty nervous, but also excited.

    Tonight she was gonna let loose and live like a normal teenage. For the first time in forever, Ava felt like she could. She even felt like she deserved this.

    Ava decided on a white lace bralet and some frayed jean shorts. To spice it up she added some gold jewelry and a few rings. She added some light make up and then headed out to the chateau.

    As Ava walked into the house, she was greeted by everyone. "You look hot." Sarah walked over to her. "Give us a twirl."

    Ava grinned and did as she was told. "Thank you." She could see everyone's faces and thier approval except JJ. He rolled his eyes.

    She did not care for the boys approval, but Ava wanted some acceptance. She thought it might be different after that night, but there was no understanding in his demeanor.

    "Ok, let's get going, party has already started and someone was taking forever." John B looked over at Ava and laughed.

    Teens were scattered around the beach and everyone was engaged in dancing and conversation, so Ava did what she did best and downed a few beers.

    "Hey little lady." A deep voice from behind her called out. She quickly turned around to see a tall, brunette. His deep brown eyes grazed her features. "I'm Jaxson."

    The girl returned a smile. "Ava."

    "Beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Care to dance, Ava?" She wanted to say yes, but being that close freaked her out.

    "Dancing isn't my thing. Sorry."

    "Let's separate from here, we can go talk. I'd love to get to know you." Ava nodded and followed him to a log down the beach.

    "So what is a girl like you, doing all by herself?"

    "Came with friends, but we got separated. They know way more people than I do."

    "Here on vacation?"

    "No. Just not as social." Jaxson grabbed he hand and began playing with her fingers, tracing the lines on her palm. It was a simple touch, but he was soft and gentle.

    "We'll I'm here for a few weeks, got a condo with some friends, you're more than welcome to be social with us." She felt dizzy at his words due to the intoxication, barely noticing his hand on her knee.

    "Maybe." In the matter of a few seconds, Jaxson's grip tightened, sliding up. Warning bells danced in the girl's mind. He was going to kiss her and she wasn't okay with that.

    Ava shoved his hands off her and sat up. "No."

    His eyes darkened. "Come on baby, it's just a kiss."

    "I said no." Jaxson reached for her waist but she ran. As fast as Ava could, she headed back to her friends.

    The first person she recognized was JJ. "What's up with you, miss track star?" His speech was slurred, matching her own.

    "He touched me and tried to kiss me." Ava felt the fear seize her body.

    "Stop being dramatic, princess. Enjoy yourself." Ava, it the most uncharacteristic manner, sent a right hook into his jaw and stormed off. No longer would she put up with his or anyone else's bullshit. She would no longer stand defenseless.

    JJ was stunned. It didn't hurt that bad, but Ava never layed on anyone. Guilt flooded his body. He must have crossed a line.

    JJ decided to follow her and apologize but she kept running until she got to the chateau. He saw her pause and take a seat on the door step. Her body slumped over with her face in her hands.

    "Ava." JJ cautiously approached the girl.

    She stood up quickly. "JJ, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have hit you. Did I rip the stitches? I feel so bad." Ava was nervous and filled with remorse.

    "It's fine. I'm fine."

    "It's not fine, JJ. I should never have hit you." She got louder. "It was wrong to let my emotions control me." JJ's heart was physically pained by her outburst. "I was angry."

    "You had every right. I've been a jerk to you."

    "I forgive you, JJ."

    Maybe it was the alcohol, but JJ saw deep down Ava would do no harm, intentionally. "Why would you forgive me?"

    "Because everyone deserves forgiveness." JJ looked into her eyes.

    "Thank you, Ava." He sighed. "I just wanted to apologize for what I said and to invite you back to the party."

    She turned away from his stare. "I'm not really in a party mood, but go enjoy yourself."

    "I'm sorry for what that touron did, but dressed like that someone is bound to try and make a move." His words sunk deep into her mind. It's my fault. Mea culpa... she thought to herself.

    JJ noticed the change in her posture. Her breathing became unsteady, Ava's eyes glossed over. She was probably nervous and freaked out. "It's okay to be scared, first time is always nerve wracking."

    Ava stepped back, gaining more distance. "It's not my first time, JJ." JJ could feel the anger radiating off her body.

    "You're first time didn't go so well?" He tried to talk to her just to calm her down.

    Her eyes widened and then squeezed shut. "Fuck you, JJ. My first time was when I was four. So sorry if I'm not always wanting it." Her breathing was still pretty heavy, but other than that no other sounds or movements filled the air. JJ was frozen by her words, instant regret flowed through him once again. He spoke without thinking. How many things has he said that poked fun at her life. His comments were anything but nice and now he felt like a piece of shit.

    The pain that coursed through his body numbed the feeling of tears that began to run down his face. It wasn't until he felt Ava's small hands on both cheeks, brushing away the water droplets away with her thumbs.

    "Please don't cry, JJ. Please. I'm sorry." The girls voice broke as she begged. "I should never have said anything."

    The perfect girl JJ saw in his mind disappeared, replaced by a humble and kind blonde, who knew pain and darkness but still choice light. "No. I'm sorry. I miss judged you and I hurt you with my words."

    "Well I hurt you with my fist." She let a small chuckle, tears running down her face. Now they both sat on the porch, hands pressed to each other's cheeks, wiping the tears away. Anyone who looked at them would see two broken teens, trying to make things okay.

    "Come on, we both know words do more damage than fist." Ava could sense JJ was talking about his dad.

    "JJ..." she trailed off.

    He continued to look into her eyes and hummed a simple yea.

    "Did something else happen with your dad?" He nodded.

    "You don't deserve it. You're extremely special and are surrounded by friends who love you more than family. Don't ever question that. Okay?"

    "They love you too, you know that.  When you weren't around, everyone could sense a void. Even me." She continued to press her cheek into the boys hand. "Okay enough with the circle jerk, let's grab some water and call it a night."

    JJ pulled her up and lead her into the chateau. "Thank you, Ava. I promise to be better. I'm here if you ever need to talk."

    "Same goes to you. If you need anything, I got you, bud." They smiled and then began watching some planet earth documentary on the tv.

    It wasn't long before John B, Sarah, Pope, and Kie wandered in to see them asleep. Both on separate ends of the couch with a blanket over Ava.

    John B quickly grabbed one for JJ and headed to his room with Sarah. "You think they're cool now?" John B whispered.

    "I think JJ finally realized how special she was."

    "She is something else." With that, he kissed Sarah's temple and drifted into a deep slumber.

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    This Drew with Blonde Hair and Ice Cold Blue Eyes (Chefs Kiss) 💕💞😍

    #drew starkey #drew starkey smut #platinum blonde#blue eyes #blue eyed boy #rafe cameron #rafe outer banks #rafe imagine #rafe cameron smut #outerbanks rafe#rafe smut#rafe obx #the outer banks #outer banks #outer banks netflix #400 followers#followforfollowback #he owns my whole heart #he owns me #netflix #he owns my ass #thirsty thoughts #he looks so good #he looks so fucking good ughhh😍😍🤤🤤🤤🥵💞💕💞💘💘💘 #thirsty #i stg this man #this lives in my head rent free #hes so fine #hes so tall #so fucking hot
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    Oh, that's why I love you.

    by iris_personalspace

    JJ just got his first real job, and he's anxious.

    Words: 3585, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Outer Banks (TV)

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: JJ Maybank, Pope Heyward

    Relationships: JJ/Pope (Outer Banks)

    Additional Tags: Yes the kids have two moms, hope that makes you smile @ jpate, im also apologizing for how shit my writing is this took me forever to write, my adhd is on yikes and i cant focus to save my life, but i hope this is enjoyable nonetheless

    from AO3 works tagged 'Outer Banks (TV)' https://ift.tt/2Zc1DD3 via IFTTT

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    Crash Into My Life

    by ghostiewriter101

    On the lookout for a job in fear of having to move back home, Kiara finds herself being hired to be a nanny by a cold-hearted CEO who she’s convinced has no emotions. Except this also happens to be the cold-hearted CEO she has a very…unpleasant first meeting with.

    Words: 12666, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Outer Banks (TV)

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: F/M

    Characters: JJ Maybank, Kiara "Kie" Carrera, James Maybank, Sarah Cameron, John B. Routledge

    Relationships: JJ/Kiara (Outer Banks)

    Additional Tags: Fluff, Angst, Meet-Ugly, CEO!JJ, Nanny!Kie, Single Dad!JJ, this isnt edited, we just go down with whatever this is, I cannot promise my other fics will be edited either

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    ꜱɪᴅᴇ ᴘʀᴏꜰɪʟᴇ: ✔

    #outer banks #outer banks s2 #outer banks 2 #outer banks season 2 #outer banks gifs #obx#obx2#obx s2 #obx season 2 #drew starkey #drew starkey gifs #rafe cameron #rafe cameron gifs #gif#gifs
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    True story

    #drew starkey#rafe cameron#outer banks#obx #rafe cameron outer banks #drew starkey x reader #rafe cameron smut #outerbanks rafe#rafe #drew starkey smut
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    ambivalence part nine: keep it up - rafe cameron

    a/n: hi im so sorry this is late pls forgive me i hope you love it tho!!

    Summary: Rafe makes up for lost time, but doesn't like when you do the same.

    Warnings: swearing, underage drinking, slight smut nothing graphic!

    Word Count: 4.9k+

    series masterlist

    my writing

    "I'm not getting in the truck."

    Rafe swallows roughly and closes the passenger door, instead leaning up against it and facing you. You stand with your arms crossed, trying to look tough when really, all you want to do is cry. You want to know why, if it's true, and if it really had been your fault. You remember how Rafe had asked you if he could tell you the truth one night, and you wish he had. It would've avoided all of this.

    "Okay," he says slowly, "Can you tell me what you're thinking right now?"

    "Can I tell you what I'm thinking right now?" you repeat, laughing slightly, "No, Rafe. I don't think that's a good idea."

    "Okay," he says again, shoving his hands into his pockets, kicking the ground with his dress shoe, "I should've told you."

    "Told me what?" you raise your voice, "I don't even understand what happened back there! One minute I'm making plans to leave with you, and the next your sister tells me it's my fault you had a... cocaine addiction? What the fuck does that even mean?"

    "No, okay - fuck, babe-"

    "Don't," you raise a finger at him, "Don't do all that shit with the nicknames and the stories from when we were little. I want the truth, Rafe. No bullshit."

    "I'm trying," he insists, but he won't keep his eyes on you, "I just hadn't planned on having this conversation tonight-"

    "You make too many fucking plans," you snap at him, "Tell me."

    "All right, all right," he sighs, "It really isn't that big of a deal. I had a little at a party one night last year, and, I don't know, I kinda got hooked on it a few months later. My dad caught me, fired me, demanded that I get clean, which I did, and I haven't had anything since. I'm fine, now. It's hard, yeah, but I'd never touch that shit again."

    You sigh when he finishes, closing your eyes for a moment as you process his words, "So, you were doing drugs at work?"

    "Yes," he confirms, looking at the ground again.


    "I was... dealing with something."

    "What does that mean?"

    "It doesn't matter. It was a long time ago and I'm fine now," he promises, peeling himself off the truck to step over to you. You don't react when he comes closer.

    "When did it start?"



    He sighs, pausing briefly before he tells you, "February."

    You nod your head, counting the months. You'd never noticed a change in behavior, a difference in him. Then, you remember that you and Rafe rarely spoke at the dinners back then.

    "Did you ever come to dinner, high?"

    He swallows visibly, "Once."

    You bring one hand up to your forehead, pressing your cool hand up to your burning skin. You try to recall when that might have been, but you never noticed. You'd been too busy with-

    "Rafe," you say suddenly, feeling as if the entire puzzle had just come together.

    His eyes shoot up to look at you, and when he does, he knows you know.

    "February. That's when I started dating John B."

    "I know."

    His voice is sheepish, quiet, scared. You exhale loudly, dropping down so you're squatting in your heels. You need to sit, but you don't want to get in the truck and there's nowhere else to go but back inside. He steps forward instinctually, but backs off when you hold your hand out.

    "You-" you start, but then stop. The words will never be the right ones. You set your head in your hands, trying desperately to push the guilt down.

    "I was an idiot, okay?" he speaks up, staring down at you with regret written all over his sweet face, "I made a big, fat, fucking mistake and I wish I could take it back. It was just really hard to see you with him. But it's not your fault, okay, baby? You didn't do anything wrong. Sarah's a bitch for that. Please, stand up. Or let me sit with you."

    When you glance up at him, it's all the permission he needs. He rushes over and sits down on the pavement beside you, wanting desperately to reach for you but knowing better. You'll come to him when you want to.

    "Rafe, I-" you stop yourself again when you realize you still don't know what to say.

    He scoots closer, so close that you could shift only a bit and then collapse into his lap. You think about it for a moment, then pause when he starts speaking.

    "You don't have to say anything. I just didn't want you to spend the entire night not knowing. Now that you do, you can make up your mind."

    You look up at him, eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "Make up my mind?"

    "Yes," he nods, as if it's obvious, "If you still want to be with me or not. I understand if-"

    "Hold on," you stop him, "You think that I'd - what? Duck and run?"

    He just nods, swallowing visibly. His Adam's apple bobs in his throat, and for some reason, it makes your stomach tighten. You sigh and let your instincts take over, falling into his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck. He's surprised for a moment, but recovers well. He makes sure no part of your dress is touching the ground, yet wastes no time pulling you as close as you can get.

    "I'm not going anywhere," you whisper, leaving a gentle kiss on his jaw.

    "I wouldn't blame you if you did," he mumbles.

    "Hey," you whisper, running a hand through his hair when he looks at you, "I'm really sorry. I can't believe that fucked up your life so bad. I really had no idea, otherwise I wouldn't have-"

    "I know," he stops you, "It's not your fault. You were happy then, and who could blame you? He was your first love, your first boyfriend. You deserved to be happy. I was just selfish."

    "Rafe," your voice sounds crushed, and you can feel your eyes starting to mist when you imagine how he must have been feeling, listening to you ramble on about John B for hours on end every dinner, "You're not selfish. I'm so sorry."

    He shakes his head, and when you feel your eyes well up even more, you throw yourself around him so he doesn't see a tear fall. He grips onto you, hugging you as if his life depends on it. Maybe it does.

    You sniffle accidentally, feeling him tense up immediately. He grabs the sides of your torso and pulls you off of him, bringing both hands up to your cheeks.

    "Oh, my God, baby, no," he whines, "Please, don't cry."

    "I should've known. About all of it."

    He shakes his head again, bringing the base of his thumb up to your eye and wiping away any remnants of water there. Your little hands travel up and down his back, scratching slightly.

    "None of this is your fault, all right? Do you understand me? It's all me. I didn't tell you about how I feel. I didn't tell you about the drugs. I didn't even tell you that I fucking pushed Scott out of that tree house-"

    "Stop," you sigh, trying to get him to focus on the stuff that actually matters.

    "I'm sorry," he grumbles, "I just keep screwing up, I feel like."

    You let out a low laugh, which makes him smile, "Look where I'm sitting right now, then tell me you screwed up."

    He smiles for a second, then makes a face, "Sweetheart, you're sitting on the dirty pavement of a church parking lot in a beautiful dress because I just told you I had a drug addiction. I'd say we can put that in the 'screwed up' category."

    You shake your head, rolling your eyes playfully at him, "I'm sitting in your lap, Rafe. Do you really think I'd be here if all you were doing is screwing up?"

    "I guess not," he mumbles, dropping his eyes to your lap.

    You reach down and wrap your fingers around his chin, "Hey."

    "What?" he asks, his voice quiet.

    "You don't have to be that guy with me. You can tell me the truth. No matter how messy or screwed up it is."

    "I know," he whispers.

    "Good," you reply, leaning your head down and angling it just so, "Can you kiss me, now?"

    Rafe smiles, nodding his head slightly, "I think I can handle that."

    He sets his lips on yours, kissing you so gentle that you swear your knees would go weak if you weren't already down. His hand makes its way to your cheek, holding you to him for another moment.

    "I don't want to be alone tonight, Rafe," you whisper when he pulls back.

    "Me neither."

    There's a silent understanding between the two of you, and when you move to stand, he offers you his hand to help. He stands quickly once you're upright, immediately pulling you in for a hug. You bury your head in his neck, leaving little kisses on his skin as he squeezes you. You can't help but feel like you have a lot to make up to him; over the years you'd been a complete bitch and he'd been suffering in silence.

    All he ever wanted was for you to love him.

    And as you sit there, tasting his skin and feeling the way he strokes his hand across the bare skin of your back, you're sure you do. You'd never been loved like this before, but you also have never loved anyone like this before. The sudden realization overwhelms you, only fueling your kisses. You move up his neck and underneath his ear, then along his jaw.

    "Baby," he warns, voice low. Like you need to know what you're getting yourself into before you continue.

    "Hmm?" you hum innocently, continuing your pursuit down his jaw and toward his chin.

    "Now, hold on a minute," he practically moans, "What's gotten into you?"

    "Just trying to make it up to you," you mumble, dragging your lips up to his.

    "Wait," he stops you, grabbing the side of your face and pulling you back, "What did you say?"

    "I'm trying to make it up to you, Rafe."

    His jaw drops slightly, but he recovers and clenches it quickly, "That's what I thought you said."

    He drops his hands from around you, stepping away and turning his back, walking back up toward the doors to the reception hall.

    "Where are you going?" you ask, starting to follow him.

    You can tell he's frustrated by the way his back is tense and his fists are balled at his sides. He doesn't respond to your words, so you hurry as fast as you can in your heels and reach out for his arm when you're close enough.

    "Rafe," you say, stopping him with a tight grip.

    "Since you won't listen to me," he starts, spinning around quickly, "I'm going to drag Sarah out here by her hair to apologize to you."

    You stutter back, watching how the anger sets in his face. His eyes are dark and his jaw is clenched, shifting every so often as he thinks about how angry he is with Sarah for even implying that it was your fault.

    "No, you're not," you sigh.

    "Then what the fuck is it going to take for you to understand that you don't owe me anything? I'm responsible for my decisions, Y/N. Not you."

    You nod your head, feeling more like a reprimanded child than Rafe's girlfriend. He softens at your expression, wrapping his fingers through yours as his way of apologizing for his tone.

    "I'm sorry," you say quietly, "I just feel guilty. And-"

    "And, nothing."

    "I can't just stop feeling guilty, Rafe. Can you give me some time to work through all this?"

    He sighs, running a hand through his hair as he nods slowly. You glance down at your shoes, realizing how much they're actually hurting your feet.

    "Yeah, I guess that's fair."

    You smile slightly, stepping toward him and pressing a kiss to his cheek. You're so sure he would've dragged Sarah out here, too. He wasn't bluffing.

    "Can we go home now?"

    Rafe looks up at you, goofy grin breaking out onto his face for the first time in over an hour.

    "I really like that question," he admits, "Yes. Of course. Let's go."

    He wraps his fingers up in yours and leads you back to the truck, holding the door open for you and giving you one of his hands to help you climb up. The drive home remains quiet - mostly because all of the words had already been spoken. Rafe keeps his hand in yours as you both silently process the night.

    When you two arrive back at Rafe's, the house is silent. It's nice, knowing everyone else is not home and out of your way. If things hadn't gone downhill, Rafe would be in heaven coming back to an empty house, where the two of you could be as loud as you want, do whatever you want, with no lingering eyes or ears.

    "Are you hungry?" he asks you quietly, leading you into the kitchen and pulling out two water bottles.

    "No," you tell him, "I'd really just like to change and lay down."

    Rafe nods, taking your hand in his once more and taking you upstairs to his room. Although you remember where it is in the house, you remember that you haven't actually been in it for many years.

    You look around his room the second you enter it, observing the bunch of dress shirts on his dresser that had been discarded after work every night this week, and the stack of books about a mile high on his desk.

    Rafe sets a pair of fresh boxers and a shirt of his on his bed, "There you go, babe."

    You nod a thank you to him, still taking in his room. Everything about it seems perfectly normal. Just as you're about to give up, ready to wrap yourself up in Rafe's sheets, you spy the picture frames that line his wall above his desk. Four of them, to be exact. You step over to observe them more carefully.

    One is a picture of he and Topper and Kelce on the golf course. It looked to be pretty recent. The stupid grin on Topper's face makes you laugh. The second is a picture of his whole family at Midsommers a few years ago. You remember the grey suit he had worn that night, and you hadn't thought twice about it. Funnily enough, you were crushing on JJ Maybank at the time. The third is a picture of he and Wheezie, both making goofy faces at the camera.

    The fourth makes your heart stop.

    It's a picture of you and Rafe, taken on that cruise you had taken when you were thirteen and he was fifteen. Your mom had forced you into a photo on the beach, clear blue water behind you. Rafe had awkwardly wrapped his arm around your shoulder, telling you it was so the picture would look nice. You had just shrugged, not bothering to wrap your arm around him, too. He had pretended not to notice.

    Your eyes well up, staring at the photo of a boy who so desperately just wanted to be noticed by some girl who spent the entire trip trying to find the perfect, tan, thirteen year old boy on the beach to sweep her up. He really had loved you all along. A tear falls from your eye before you can help it, turning around to him. His expression changes when he sees you, immediately stepping over to you.

    "Hey, what's wrong?" he asks, voice heavy with concern.

    He sets his hands on your hips, pulling you toward him. You look back at the picture, pointing at it so he knows what you're trying to talk about.

    "Oh, shit, yeah," he trails off, realizing he'd been caught, "Why are you crying, though?"

    He brings a hand to your cheek, stroking your skin with his own. The motion, the picture, everything from tonight, makes you feel it in your chest. Again. The same feeling you'd gotten in the parking lot with him. The love, the want.

    "Because," you mumble through your emotions, trying to pinpoint exactly what it is you want to say.

    "Because, what?"

    "Because, I love you, Rafe. And it's new. But you - you've loved me since I was... that," you turn, pointing to the little girl in a two piece she had taken insanely seriously as a thirteen year old. She was a brat.

    Rafe swallows, trying to decide which part of your declaration he would like to address first.

    "I happened to enjoy that bathing suit very much," he mutters, voice thick through his own emotions.

    You laugh, making everything worth it to him. He smiles, more out of relief that the tension is broken. Even crying, you're still the most gorgeous to him.

    "I'm trying to tell you something right now," you say, smile still evident on your lips.

    "I heard you," he nods, "I just need a moment. I had this planned out, too. I was going to tell you when I thought you were ready. I had no idea-"

    "You really need to knock it off with the planning," you demand.

    "I can't help it. I've been wanting this all my life, I'm not messing it up," he whispers the last part, making your heart squeeze, "Why do you always throw my plans off balance?"

    "Apparently, it's the only thing I'm good at when it comes to you," you mutter.

    He shakes his head immediately, "I can think of plenty of other things."

    You smile, letting his kiss take over all of your senses. You've forgotten about the sheets, about changing your clothes or taking your heels off. It's just him, right now.

    He pulls away, but when he speaks, you can still feel his lips on your own, "I love you, too, if it wasn't obvious."

    You smile and pull him back to you by his tie, and both of you realize that you, in fact, will not be needing a change of clothes, after all.

    The morning comes fast, too fast, and when Rafe's alarm sounds, you refuse to move a muscle. You feel him pull one arm out from around you and shut it off, then roll right back and set his arm in the exact spot it had been in. You smile to yourself, grateful he's wrapped around the back of you and doesn't know you're awake.

    Just as you're ready to fall back to sleep completely, you feel his fingertips start to travel up and down the length of your stomach. Even though you're pressed up against him completely, he needs to feel more of you. Goosebumps rise on your skin as he continues his effortless and gentle touches, splaying his fingers across your stomach and then back in again.

    You never want this to end.

    Plain and simple.

    The thought of getting up, moving from your position in Rafe's sheets, away from his smell and his naked body, feels like torture. You know loving Rafe is fast, but it doesn't feel fast to you. It feels right. It feels natural, almost like it's what you should've been doing all along.

    You turn around in his arms, desperate to see his face. He feels you shift and groans slightly, but doesn't loosen his grip around you in the slightest. His eyes are still glued shut and his hair is a mess, but you've never seen a better sight than this one. You reach your hand up and stroke his cheek, swiping your finger along his jawline. You can feel it clench under your finger, but you don't speak yet. His eyebrows furrow slightly, and you feel excitement bubble up in your stomach when his lips part.

    "No way it's really going to be you laying in my bed when I open my eyes," he murmurs, morning voice filling your ears and sounding like heaven to you.

    You grin, fiddling with the chain around his neck, "Only one way to find out."

    You watch as he pops open one eye only, like he's scared he might have been right. When he sees the big smile on your face, the other eye immediately opens, and the grin on his face is incomparable to any other sight you've seen in your life.

    "No way," he repeats, voice only slightly above a whisper.

    "Way, Cam," you tease, grin still prevalent on your lips.

    "Don't even start with that," he mutters, dragging his head slowly across his pillow near you.

    You smile once more, meeting him halfway and allowing him to initiate the kiss. Everything about the moment overwhelms you; his smell, his taste, the feeling of his sheets surrounding your body, the way his hands travel up and down your back.

    He pulls away after a moment, laying his head down flat on his pillow and staring up at the ceiling while still keeping one arm around you.

    "No fucking way," he mutters once more.

    You laugh loudly, "Will you quit saying that, please?"

    He shakes his head, keeping his eyes focused on the ceiling. You're convinced he's counting the fan rotations with how focused he is.

    "I just don't believe I'm this lucky."

    "I mean, I can leave, if you want-"

    "Don't move from this bed, Y/N."

    You grin, scooting closer and kissing his jaw, "I wouldn't dream of it."

    He turns his head, leaning down to get another kiss from you. It feels like the perfect moment, the perfect morning. Nothing can ruin it. Except a knock on Rafe's bedroom door.

    "Rafe?" Rose speaks from the other side, sounding hesitant.

    "Shit," he swears against your lips, rising quickly and shoving boxers over himself, "Stay here, sweetheart."

    You furrow your eyebrows, silently asking where he thinks you would go. He smirks and rolls his eyes, then pulls open his door and slips out with a slight 'Morning, Rose'. You try not to laugh, wondering what the hell Rose would need from him right now. You wonder if Scott covered for you with your parents, assuming he would know you came home with Rafe.

    The door handle turns slowly, and when Rafe slips back in, his expression reads irritated. You sit up, using his comforter to cover yourself as he steps over to you, sitting down on your side.

    "I need you to get dressed," he states, trying to keep his voice even, "I'm going to take you home, now."

    "What?" you practically laugh, "You just told me not to get up."

    "Your mom's been calling."

    "Shit," you swear the same way Rafe had, throwing your head back onto his pillow.

    "Apparently," Rafe grumbles, "Rose checked in on us late last night and informed your mom that you were with me."

    You can tell Rafe is annoyed that Rose invaded his space - that she came in in the night and found the two of you tangled together in his bed and then told your mom about it. But, more than anything, he's annoyed that the morning - the one he's been fantasizing about forever - is being ruined by a couple of nosy women who have nothing better to do than meddle.

    "Fantastic," you mutter sarcastically, frowning when he picks up his shirt off the floor and sets it on you.

    "Five minutes," he says, voice almost sad, then leans forward and gives you a peck, adding, "I'm sorry."

    You sigh and nod, letting him give you another kiss on the forehead before he stands and slips into the bathroom. You stand and dress, ignoring the butterflies you get from seeing your dress all tangled in Rafe's suit on the floor. You push away the memories of last night; of his kisses and the feelings you got from finally being able to be with him. You even replay his little whispers in your head, his voice in your ear telling you how much he loves you and how good it is, even better than he ever thought.

    When he emerges from the bathroom, you're practically beat red in the face from remembering. You step to him and kiss him, captivating him in it for a while. He no longer cares about the time, about Rose demanding that he get you home.

    "What was that for?" he asks, breathless when you pull away.

    "Last night," you smirk at him.

    He bites his lip, laughing quietly and trying to contain blushing of his own. He picks up your dress and carries it to his closet, aimlessly pulling out a hangar and promising to get in dry cleaned for you. Then, he takes your hand and leads you downstairs, trying his best to be quiet so as to avoid his parents.

    You both successfully make it out of the house, trying to save yourselves from any more potential embarrassment being caught by them.

    Rafe seems content on the drive home, regardless of the fact that your parents are probably fuming. He's with you - and he'd been with you. That seems like it's enough for him, and the rest is just noise. He tangles your fingers together as he drives, occasionally lifting your hand up to his lips to kiss your knuckles.

    When he pulls into your driveway, he shuts off the truck and turns to you.

    "Do you want to come in?" you ask bleakly, already knowing the answer.

    "I think it's better for my overall well being if I don't," he says, and although it sounds like he's kidding, you're sure he's not.

    "I'll let you know what they say."

    You lean over and give him a kiss over the console, then climb out of the truck, turning back before you close the door.

    "I love you," he breathes the words, almost as if he's afraid to say them again. He half expects you to jump back in fear and run away.

    "I love you, too."

    Despite the circumstances, he nods, inhaling the words and then exhaling a sigh of content. He bites back a smile, pretending to adjust himself in his seat to hide his beam.

    You smile and then close the door, blowing him a kiss as you walk up the driveway. The front door already being unlocked is not a good sign to you, and with a deep breath, you brace yourself for lectures on lectures.


    Your mother calls the second the door creaks open. You step inside and close the door, quickly glancing out the window beside the door and watching Rafe back out.


    Your mom emerges into the foyer, barely glancing at you in Rafe's shirt and sweatpants before sighing.

    "Did you have a good night?"

    You frown, "It was fine."

    She sighs, letting her shoulders fall and the tenseness in her body go with them.

    "I ran into Diane last night at the reception. She told me what happened between all of you outside."

    You swallow, cursing yourself for being so dumb as to think that your parents would never find out about that little stunt. With the fighting and yelling and pushing, practically everyone outside saw the show.

    "It was a misunderstanding, Mom."

    "I was concerned you went to the Cameron's because you got hurt. I'm just glad you're okay."

    You nod slowly, clenching your jaw, "I'm fine. I went to the Cameron's because - well. I'm with Rafe, Mom."

    You hold your breath, waiting for the lecture on safe sex or how you didn't call or how irresponsible it is to be having sex with a family friend's son. Instead, however, her lips turn up into a smile.

    "I know, honey," she smiles, "And, I think it's fantastic. That boy's been in love with you since he met you."

    You throw your hands up in the air, exasperated at her words, "Did everyone know except me?"

    She smiles, "It's not the kind of thing parents can meddle in. It has to work itself out."

    You scoff at that, knowing that your mother and Rose would meddle in just about anything they could get their hands on. You know she's full of shit, but you don't mind. If you're not getting screamed at, you count that as a win.

    "Well," you say quickly, "I'm gonna go shower, if that's all right."

    "Change your clothes afterward," she whispers, "Your father will kill that boy if he sees you."

    You start to laugh, but freeze when you hear your dad, "Is Y/N home?"

    Your mother's eyes widen, and she starts to hurry you toward the stairs. Your father calls out again, sounding like he's getting closer.

    "Mom," you say halfway up the stairs, turning to her, "Thanks."

    She winks at you, then grabs ahold of your your dad's shoulder to draw his attention to something else while you make it up to your bedroom.

    She had never backed you up or been that cool about anything when you had been with John B. And as you shed off Rafe's clothes to get in the shower, you can't help but wonder if everyone has been rooting for you and Rafe all along.

    Tags: @hollandsour @flowerkidlxrry @kookkyra @pogueslandia @sarahwasfound @fuzzyhumanpersontrash @rafecameronn @rafeswh0ree @outerbankies @morganwilliams @lilgoddesshines @proactivetypeofperson @abrunettefangirlnerd @the-chaotic-cow @absolute-fcking-chaos @dontstopxx @kaatelyyynn @hayley1623 @riseabovetheexpectations @divanca2006 @jordynsharum @dudinhahoff @anonymousobxfan @blue-4-55-readinglist @premixed-margarita @444f4iry @alularae3 @toolateformcrtooearlytoleaveemo @hopebaker @welcometomyworldwithoutrules @sk8rcal @ims0golden @princesspogue @gasolinesavages @outlaw-abby @samcaniglia @marveloussensations @igotmajordaddyissues @babeyglo @dr3aming0utl0udx @beskar-boba @billowingbanshee @thisisthewayrose @iammirrorball @layazul @cremextart @thesimpletype @fashphotolife @notdisneychannel @gillybear17

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    24.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    car crash ☽ phoebe deluca x rafe cameron 

    ╰┈➤ I'm going on a night drive, I'm feeling kind of reckless. I might get in a car crash, I just want some attention

    tagging: @kiara-carrera @hughstheforcelou @reggiemantleholdmyhand-tle @humangrumpycat

    #exes: phoebe and rafe #this is Not a couple to ship lmfao #obx oc: phoebe deluca #rafe cameron x oc #rafe cameron edit #rafe cameron#obx oc#ocappreciation
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    Anybody have recommendations on fics?? JJ of Rafe/Drew please 💗💗💗💗

    #jj maybank #jj maybank x reader #outerbanks drew #drew starkey fic #rafe x reader #rafe cameron
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    IMPULSE part six ―  Rafe Cameron

    series masterlist part one. | part two. | part three. | part four. | part five. 

    summary: rafe finds a culprit for the chaos surrounding you two. after a fight with your mom, you meet up with him. rafe does whatever it takes to be your savior and find out the truth. warnings: swears, verbal and physical violence, drugs mentioned word count: 1.8k+ a/n: this is not proofread yet! Three. Seven. Twelve. Twenty. It was the twentieth time Rafe has called your number. The cold air made his fingers practically numb, he tried to warm them up by placing them in his North Face jacket. Not long after his fight with his dad, he decided to calm his train of thoughts by taking a walk on the beach. He had not slept in the last 48 hours and was already feeling like he might pass out anytime soon. Cocaine used to help stay awake, keep him alert and focused, in times like these he used to miss it, there was no way he was going to sleep anytime soon, especially after his dad dropped this ultimatum on him "She's not even her real mom."

    He wondered how his dad knew that, and you didn't, if Ward had lingered that close into your family that he's found stuff no one was supposed to know. His father was talented on that part, nothing was ever going on without his acknowledgment.

    Rafe pondered deeper, at how you always used to mention that your mother was the reason your dad was in jail, ever since you were a kid, but no one believed you, and your mom punished you each time you said something like that, calling you delusional and ungrateful. The more he thought about each tine he was there to hear your fights with your mom, how violent they got sometimes, one time noticing bruises on your arms, the angrier he got.

    You didn't deserve this treatment, you were the last person on earth that deserved to be treated like that. "I'm going to make you regret this." He talked to himself, pointing his gun to the ground, imagining that he was talking to the woman that pretended to be your mom. "You don't deserve her. I'll make your life a living hell or I'll end it right now." As he continued speaking, the smirk on his face grew larger at the idea of him being your savior, ending this vicious circle of injustice once and for all. "You're crying now, you bitch? I'll give you something to cry about." Rafe could almost hear the desperate screams of the woman, he was sure it was the right thing to do that he got on his motorcycle with the intention of going to your house.

    "You're such an ungrateful brat!"

    You felt how her hands slapped your cheek, leaving a tingling sensation after. Even if the one in front of you was supposed to be your mom, now you couldn't even consider her a human being. All of this lack of remorse she's showed you, always making sure that you were obedient to her and her only, not being allowed to talk to your dad and now learning that she's spent the last money you had to buy the Crain's property, it was all to much to take in.

    "You've never appreciated a single thing I do for you!" She continued shouting, making you back up until your back hit the wall. She was terrifying, as if something had possessed her when she heard that you've been hanging out with Rafe Cameron. They've been partners, what happened now? Why was she so angry at you?

    "I'm done hearing what you want me to do." You snapped back, biting your tongue after speaking to prevent tears from falling on your cheek. "Can't you see? We're going to end up bankrupt again because of you, and you're blaming every single fucking thing on me?"

    Rage was bubbling up in your veins. "I wish dad was here to see what you've became. Or at least see your true colors."

    "Don't talk to me about your shitty dad." Even thought her voice was quiet, you knew it irked her by the way she squinted her eyes when looking at you. "I should've let you gone to prison with him, that's were you're going to end up anyway."

    That was the last straw, it took everything in your power not to do something reckless, but you couldn't help yourself when you've heard what she was talking about when she didn't allow you to even talk to him. You pushed her back, making her fall on the ground. "Fuck you!" You screamed at the top of your lungs, tears streaming down your entire face, not bothering to distinguish your mother's swears as you ran to your front door, taking your phone and backpack with you.

    "If you come back I swear I'm going to send you to juvie."

    Those words held no meaning to you as you've decided that you were never going to return to a place that didn't feel like home anymore.

    You ran as fast as you could, slowly feeling how your feet were giving up on you. It was barely morning, and the cold air made you shiver. You were getting close to the road when you saw a familiar motorcycle passing by you.

    "Rafe?" You asked as your voice was slowly giving up on you from yelling. "Rafe!" screaming at him with every thing in your body, you exhaled relieved as he turned around and got off his motorcycle, noticing the worried expression on his face and his dark circles.

    "Y/N?" Rafe questioned, confused at your state, you seemed so out of it, your whole body trembling and your red eyes almost closing. He grabbed you in his hands, supporting your head on his chest. "What happened to you?" At the sensation of his fingers brushing against your cheek, you let a tear fall on his hand. "Baby, talk to me." his heart broke at the thought of you ever being sad, yet he was comforted by the fact that he was the one helping you. That you needed him more than anything else in that moment, finding comfort in being your peace.

    "My m-mom" you hiccupped, struggling to speak. "I'm not going back there Rafe, I can't, I'm not going back."

    It was like his intuition has been right all along, no one could make you suffer more than that woman, his head twitched whenever he thought of her.

    "Hey, y/n, listen to me." He lowered himself to face you, holding your face in his two hands and stroking your cheeks. He put one strand of your hair behind your ear and made sure that you calmed yourself down before listening to him. "You're safe with me, she can't hurt you now, alright? I'll make sure of it." The way you nodded your head in his hands made him kiss your forehead in admiration. How can such a perfect being be so broken by life? "God, Y/N, I'm so sorry you had to go through that."

    You wiped your tears with your sleeve before you spoke. "It's just that, I don't understand what she wants from me, she told me so many stupid shit and now she got mad at me for hanging out with you, which doesn't make any sense-"

    "She got mad that we hung out?" He repeated, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Something definitely happened between Ward and her, he grew more inclined to find out what as moments passed.

    "Yeah, you don't seem very surprised by this. Did Ward tell you anything?"

    "Told me the same thing. But he never told my what happened."

    "Neither did she." You frowned, growing more suspicious of your mother's and Ward's falling out. She seemed so fond of him, maybe even a little too close to him whenever he came around at your house. One time, you could swear you saw him leaving your mom's room at 1 am.

    Rafe didn't say anything else, not because he didn't have any further questions, but because it was unfair to you to load you up with so much after everything that has been going on.

    "Can we go back? To the Glissons?" He heard your frail voice ask him, nodding in response.

    "Of course." Rafe put his hands around your shoulders, in a protective manner.

    You exhaled as you threw yourself on the couch, staring flat at the ceiling. The last time you were here, you didn't notice the stars painted on it, focusing on them for a while to drown out your thoughts. Rafe stood near you, admiring how you tried to trace the star's pattern with your hands.

    "That's the Big Dipper." He commented, laying next to you. You pulled onto him, smiling as he traced the initial pattern you pointed. "There's the North Star and if you look a bit closer, you can see the Little Dipper as well."

    "I've always wanted to see them in real life, but I always seem to get them confused for something else." you turned to him, playing with the collar of his shirt. "Maybe you can help me see them once all this is over."

    Gently pressing a kiss against your temple, he wondered if it was ever going to be over, most definitely not until he did something about the whole situation. He needed to find a way for her to leave you alone, forever.

    Rafe slowly stood up, trying to quiet his mind which was flooding with ideas. He put his hands on the back of his jeans and felt the ice cold gun. Great, he still had it.

    "Are you hungry?" He changed the subject, hoping that the answer would be yes. It was his idea of a diversion, lying that he was going to get food, while he was going to settle the situation once and for all.

    "I am starving." You accentuated the last word, your hands on your empty stomach. You can't remember the last time you ate, it must've been more than 15 hours ago.

    Rafe fidgeted in his spot. "I-I'm going to go get some food, then." He stuttered, one of his hands scratching his right temple. "Call me if anything happens, please."

    "I'll go with yo-"

    "No, you can't." Rafe abruptly interrupted you, causing you to frown at his harsh decline. Noticing your expression, Rafe took a step closer to you, stroking your hand "It's safer for you to stay here, you understand? I'm not going to be gone for long."

    You nodded, kissing him goodbye, feeling how he tensed up once your hands trailed lower on his back, but letting this go unnoticed.

    Before doing anything, he made sure your 'pretend mom' was home alone. He needed to be precautious more than anything. Taking small steps towards your front porch, he hid behind the door and waited until the woman came out from her house as he rang the bell.

    "Hello?" She asked, looking out from afar. "Who's there? Y/N you better have not came back here."

    That fucking bitch, Rafe thought as he gripped tighter onto the gun, and saw how the door barely opened.

    He rang the bell once again, to lure her out more, and once that was done, his right hand went on her mouth to quiet her down, while the other was on the gun.

    "This could either go really nicely, or really bad." He caressed her temple with his gun. "Choice is yours."

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