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  • I am possessed.
    When it rains,
    I stand outside until the bones emerge from within myself.
    The corpse that was me crawled out of the pit,
    Deep from the Earth,
    And molded the rot and grime into a satisfactory disguise.
    I would never do such a thing,
    But this isn’t me.
    So when it rains,
    That soil erodes away,
    And then one can really see what I am.
    My brain struggles to remember a time I wasn’t dead.
    This really isn’t me anymore.
    And you?
    You are what you make of yourself.
    Hurry while you can.

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    Ate too many mushrooms at the Tycho show last September but god what a night

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    Dark clouds, rain, cemetery , friends is all I need.

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  • POV situation, you are remembering the good times in the rain.

    Song is Within Temptation - Forgiven  it belongs to them and not me, please don’t come after me this is all just for fun.

    I by no means gain anything from this and there fore is only for fun. 

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  • The mood for today

    You’re outside and the rain has just fallen. It smells crisp and fresh and as you walk down the sidewalk I’m your bright yellow rain boots you see worms on the wet pavement. They’re wiggling slowly, spread out. Some are long, some are sort, but they are all pink and wiggling to the grass. You stop and bend down, watching them wiggle. The wind picks up and you look up at the trees towering above you from the right, yellowing leaves rustling and bright against the grey sky. You close your eyes and breathe. All is fine.

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  • It’s currently Rain and 40F outside.

    #Weather#Rain #Wish it would rain
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  • You can stand under my umbrella | Paris

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  • there’s heavy rain / hail and i feel like my roof is going to cave in.

    (its not but anxiety hhh-)

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  • Lost Girl OC Fanfic

    Chapter 8

    AN: RAin now has purple elecricity hair cuaz she died it b4 when she died Dsyons hair 2!!!

    I walked down the sidwalk my hair bristling with excitement like stats elektricity. In my hands were klutched the VIP TICKS to the concert of my life! We, well me, plained to get to the stag super eary to be in the front font row, as close as we cud be to the rock god that is Elvish Preseley.

    “Here Dyson, you should hold onto dis” I shuved his vip tic into his animal hand with nails i painted green to match his hair. My finger touched his and a literal shock made me jump.

    “I think you need to calm down Rain” Dyson looked at me concetingly, “Your givin off lightining from your skin because you cant conrol your powers yet.” He was right and i took a big slow breast to calm myself down.

    I exhailed, “Sorry Dy, I’ll try my best.” I looked up at him and his gold glitter beard sparking in the sun. He had such kind eyes that I felt like I didn’t want to let him done. It was a knew feeling, I was so used to only relying on myself only.

    We arrided at the concert venu and it was already pretty cowded. But sense we were vips I cut off all theposers and ran to the ticket guy. I culd hear dyson being me showing through the people to catch up to me. Whe I handed the ticks to the guy the corner of my eye saw to girls oglging and when I turned to look they wer looking at Dyson!!!1 they had blushed cheeks and I scoffed because they were being so desparate. But for some reason my hari on my arms stood on ends. Was I jealous?1!

    “Come on Dyson! We can go in now!” I exclamed and linked my arms through his. He just looked at me with a raised eyebraow witch was kinda saxy buyt I igored him. Still looking at the corned of my eye I saw the girls looked shocked (lol) and I smirked.

    We were inside the outdoor area now and there was a great big stage ahead with an area for the crowd that woud soon be moshing. Around the edges there were tons of tents. Some were normal but some were the really fancy for glamping. While I was trying to find our vip tent dyson asked me, “So why is this Elvish Presley guys so popular?”

    I passionately explaned to him, “He’s cool becuz he sings about things no one else signs about. Like fairies and elves and stuff.” I pawsed and frowned, “Now that I think of it, I think he sings about fae… but how could he know they exist?”

    Dysone contemplated and rubbed his gold beard, “it is possible he could be fae. Some fae are idols because they feed off the energy of the crowd.”

    “That would explain a lot.” I huffed. “Of course my fav singer is a fae. Look there’s are tent!”

    I didn’t’ want to thing about fae stuff for awhile so I hurriedly over to the tent. It was epic with a whole living room inside with fluffy pillows and its own bar. I went too look at the bar and saw ther wer already mixed drinks.

    I grapped two galsses. “Cmon Dyson lets have a drink before the concert starts.”

    “I really shouldn’t” his frownly face said. “I have to stay sharp to make sure nothing happens to you.”

    I wasn’t going to let him burst my bubbles. “You can just have one then, and ill try the rest. Don’t worry I’ll only have enough to get silly but not stupid.” He was okay this.

    While we drank Dyson tole me a little bit more about himself and what he does for the light fae. I was glad he opened up to me more and I felt we were getting closer. All the stuff about the two fractions of the fae seemed so compliated. But after my delish basil honey gin and spritz, I was feeling good and ready to take on whater the faae world could thrown at me.

    I was feeling so good inface that I was starting to lean in closer to Dyson uncomciously. I suddenly remembered the extra body glitter I brought for the concert. I nudged closer to his face and said shyly, “Here dyson I have some extra glitter to put on before the show”.

    He grimarced, “Don’t we have enough already?”

    I shouk my head, “I was saving this four our faces so it wouldn’t fall off before. I’ll put some around your eyes and then you’ll really fit in.”

    He saw what I said made sanes. “Okay, since I’m your bodyguard I don’t want to stand out.”

    “Thanks” I said and gently started to put hot pink glitter around his eyes. Instead of closing his eyes he stared into my gaize. His eyes were so hot that they board into me.

    My cheeks felt like red hots and my head fuzzy from my drink. My mind went blank and all I cud think about was how close we were to our faces. I leaned in and kissed him. WAT AM I DOIN?1 my mind yelled but before I cud pul away he deepend the kiss. Our hands grabbed each others faces and we were bothe really into it. We broke and looked at each other heavy pants. I caught my breath, “Ummm..” my head still felt like a fever.

    “Yeah.” He gaspsed, “we uh probably shouldn’t’ have done that.”

    I noticed my face glitter had rubbed off on his and I wiped his cheek shy. “Let’s just go enjoy the concert and we can talk about this later mayber?” I suggested. “ye thatst a good idea” he agreed.

    I suddenly hard the guitar of Elvish Presley start and shouted, “OMG we’re going to miss the first song!!!” I grabbed his hand and dragged him out of our glam tent. We headed to the front and I shoved our way into the mash pits. As we totally rocked out dancing hotly I suddnely saw in my eye corner a familiar form. Curvy, musclelar, and blonde hair pulled into a sexy pointytail, IT WAS TAMZIN!!! She waz walking over so fiercely I was sure she had her eyes set on Dyson. She was so intense and super pretty and even thought I wasn’t sure where I was with Dyson I didn’t want to deal with competition. I stepped in between her and Dyson and summoned lightning to my hands. She was almonst in my face and her eyes started to look skull like. We got face to face and all of a suddent ELVISH PRESELY STARTED PLAYING MY FAVORITE SONG!

    “OH MY GOT I LOVE THIS SONG!” but I wasn’t the only one yelling that!? Me and Tamsin looked at each other surprising! “This is your favoring song?” we said in unison. WE both squealed and were now best friends! But we still had to fight?

    AN: CLIFFHANGER!!! Omg I wrot notes so long ago I don’t remember wat I was doing. Oh well1! Sorry its been so long! Luvs!!@3

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  • cold rain makes the sound ɛ but warm rain makes the sound ə

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