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  • juluzsg
    11.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Nota: 8/10

    AOTY: 2009

    Robert Plant & Alison Krauss' Raising Sand 

    Definitivamente folk/country não é muito meu estilo. É uma bom álbum, um show no instrumental, nos vocais e a dupla harmoniza bem. Led Zeppelin não é uma das minhas bandas favs então essa vitória para o plant não foi tão emocionante

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  • krispyweiss
    08.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Quarter Notes: Blurbs & Briefs from Sound Bites

    FOO YORK STATE OF MIND: The Foo Fighters will host the June 20 reopening of Madison Square Garden with the venue’s first concert since March 2020.

    “We’ve been waiting for this day for over a year,” Dave Grohl said in a statement.

    All concertgoers over 16 will need to show proof of full vaccination; fans 16 and younger can get in with a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination.

    THE BOSS OF BROADWAY RETURNS: Bruce Springsteen is reviving his 2017-’18 Springsteen on Broadway shows - which yielded a movie and album - with performances June 26-Sept. 4 at Jujamcyn's St. James Theatre.

    All showgoers over 16 will need to show proof of full vaccination; fans 16 and younger can get in with a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination.

    “I loved doing Springsteen on Broadway and I’m thrilled to have been asked to reprise the show as part of the reopening of Broadway,” the Boss of E Street said in a statement.

    DR. DOG TO TOUR, RETIRE FROM TOURING: Dr. Dog will tour from August until the end of the year. Then, the band will stop touring - forever.

    “It's important to us that you understand that this is not a break up or anything like that,” the group said in a statement. “We don't know what Dr. Dog will do, we just know it won’t include going on tour, except the tour we're announcing now, which is going to rule.”

    PLANT/KRAUSS RAISING MORE SAND?: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss have reportedly recorded a followup to 2007’s Raising Sand.

    “(Plant) doing another record with - has done another record with - Alison Krauss and I heard a track from it the other day,” Greg Leisz said in comments carried by Ultimate Classic Rock.

    The song, titled “Searching for My Baby,” is “incredible,” Leisz, who played pedal steel on the duo’s first LP, said.

    “It’s going to blow your mind,” he said. “It’s fantastic.”


    #quarter notes #the foo fighters #dave grohl#nirvana #madison square garden #springsteen on broadway #bruce springsteen #bruce springsteen and the e street band #dr. dog #alison krauss #alison krauss and union station #robert plant#led zeppelin#raising sand#greg leisz #bob weir and wolf bros #watkins family hour #ultimate classic rock
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  • pastyourstreet35
    01.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Let your loss be your lesson- Robert plant and Alison krauss

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  • virentis
    23.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    character study —      — her desperate certainty that her abandonment had been a mistake, or a grim necessity that would be put right by her lost family, if only she waited long enough and patiently enough. her terror and despair that she was deluding herself, and would spend her days in solitude, ending up as anonymous bones in the sand.

    #mine: edits #personals do not reblog. #❛ her face poses a survivor's edge ❜ | visage #❛ feral raised and love hungered ❜ | musings #❛ daughter of sand and hunger ❜ | headcanons
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  • the-zildjian-king
    19.05.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    I seem to be in the mood for this album today.

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  • inexplicably-spookified
    15.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    if u draw quote and curly as sexy slender perfect beauty models ur a coward they're both small, full of rage, and a little beat up

    #squid rambles #i have said this before but quote is a stinky boy who spent 10 years lying motionless in a damp cave #AND!!!! #curly lived in a place full of sand and sharp things whilst raising her four mimiga kids #assumedly fighting robots every now and then #(the way she reacts to quote implies he wasn't the first soldier she had to defend herself against) #arguably jenka could've healed any major injuries but i like to think she's got some dents and scuffs and whatnot #or like less obvious injuries #can't move a couple fingers as precisely as she used to be able to 'cause a colon chewed on them and broke the sensors or something #stuff like that #but she is still full of love (and violence)
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  • shipwreckedwithcaptainmarrow
    11.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Captain Marrow’s Jolly Roger is Complete! From Charles Towne SC to St. Augustine FL, my completed authentic Jolly Roger made it's initial debut this weekend! It is constructed of silk, hand-stitched, the skull and bones themselves are an adaptation from an 18th century tombstone in England (which is my page's logo) and its construction was created with input from Ed Fox (author of Jolly Rogers: The True History of Pirate Flags, and curator of Sir Francis Drake's Golden Hind in England). While in the future I may attempt another one out of wool bunting or dying some linen, after posting my questions and needing to make a quick decision on what to purchase, I went with Ed Fox's suggestion of silk due to its size (3ft by 5ft). So, went with silk, hand-stitched, and did the process of stitching on the skull and bones and then cutting away the black material on the backside (which is this side in the video, can't control the wind and sun, lol). I also did the rope tunnel along the side, and stitching in the loop that is to hold the knot so the flag doesn't slide down/bunch up. The skull and bones are an adaptation from a 1714 tombstone in England, and I had to add teeth that were busted from the tombstone and I scooted the eye sockets lower, since they looked like they were oddly too high. But I've always loved skulls missing the lower mandible (A death’s-head skull), and asymmetric things, so the tombstone and the wildly not-perfect/asymmetrical bone sections spoke to me. Very happy with it, and the absolutely insane wind at Matanzas Inlet Beach really helped showcase the finished flag. The stitching didn't rip apart in the crazy wind, so, feel like it should hold up just fine. lol I carried it around historic St. Augustine, did a photoshoot with it, it was a real eye-grabber! This photo was taken at Matanzas Inlet Beach, where Spaniards from St. Augustine massacred nearly two-hundred shipwrecked French sailors in the 16th century.

    #Pirate#Pirates#flag#jolly roger#black flag #hoist the colors #raise the black #Shipwrecked with Captain Marrow #Captain Marrow #St. Augustine #Matanzas Inlet Beach #History#18th Century#Piracy#Beach#Ocean #Windy as fuck sand was everywhere and in everything #Piratecore#Piratical#Pirate Aesthetic #Pirates life for me #Reenactment#Reenactor#Authentic#Silk#Sewing#Sewn#Handstitched#Nautical
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  • uninspired-username3
    02.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    ocean themed bedroom

    #You ain't no son of mine For what you've done they're gonna find #A place for you and just you mind your manners when you go And when you go don't return to me my love #with a fuckin sand bowl and everything #yes it would also be carpeted #Mama we all go to hell Mama we all go to hell #I'm writing this letter and wishing you well Mama we all go to hell #Oh well now Mama we're all gonna die Mama we're all gonna die Stop asking me questions I'd hate to see you cry Mama we're all gonna die #And when we go don't blame us yeah We'll let the fires just bathe us yeah You made us oh so famous we'll never let you go And when you go do #Mama we're all full of lies Mama we're meant for the flies And right now they're building a coffin your size Mama we're all full of lies #Well mother what the war did to my legs and to my tongue You should've raised a baby girl I should've been a better son If you could coddle #the infection they can amputate at once You should've been I could have been a better son #And when we go don't blame us yeah We'll let the fires just bathe us yeah You made us oh so famous We'll never let you go #She said That's right #Mama we all go to hell Mama we all go to hell It's really quite pleasant except for the smell Mama we all go to hell #Mama! Mama! Mama! Oh! Mama! Mama! Mama! Ma... #And if you would call me a sweetheart I'd maybe then sing you a song #But there's shit that I've done with this fuck of a gun You would cry out your eyes all along #We're damned after all Through fortune and flame we fall #And if you can stay then I'll show you the way To return from the ashes you call #We all carry on When our brothers in arms are gone So raise your glass high for tomorrow we die And return from the ashes you call
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  • willofashinobi
    29.03.2021 - 2 monts ago


    ❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   he who was born of love  &  raised on hate   ・ 「 vis ! 」

    ❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   he has the same softness in his eyes just like his mother     ・ 「 isms ! 」

    ❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   soft sand that runs through his fingers  &  pools around his feet   ・ 「 aes ! 」

    ❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   ・ 「 chara study ! 」

    ❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   ・ 「 asks ! 」

    ❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   ・ 「 interactions ! 」

    ❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   ・ 「 general ic ! 」

    ❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   ・ 「 dash games ! 」

    ❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   ・ 「 dash comm ! 」

    ❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   ・ 「 closed starter ! 」

    ❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   ・ 「 open starter ! 」

    #❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   he who was born of love  &  raised on hate   ・ 「 vis ! 」 #❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   he has the same softness in his eyes just like his mother     ・ 「 isms ! 」 #❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   soft sand that runs through his fingers  &  pools around his feet   ・ 「 aes ! 」 #❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   ・ 「 chara study ! 」 #❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   ・ 「 asks ! 」 #❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   ・ 「 interactions ! 」 #❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   ・ 「 general ic ! 」 #❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   ・ 「 dash games ! 」 #❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   ・ 「 dash comm ! 」 #❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   ・ 「 closed starter ! 」 #❤  —  ❛❛  //  GAARA  ¦   ・ 「 open starter ! 」
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  • justpostsyeet
    13.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    These are the women I want to look like everyday

    #Dmbj#Daomu biji #Lost tomb series #Tomb of the sea #Sand sea#Sand puzzle #Sea in the dessert #This series has way too many names #But boy every lady in this series #They are cool and capable on their own #Whether you count them good or bad #Even wu nai nai is a badass #And their makeup 💄 😍 #Makeup artists deserve a raise after this #I want to look like them and maybe be like some of them
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  • ledbythreads
    11.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Alison Kraus, Robert Plant, T-Bone Burnett - Santa Cruz 2008 via BP Fallon

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  • nerdyqueerr
    01.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Thinking about nonbinary Rey...

    #literally. no gender only sand. #she/her in the way that sailors call boats she/her yknow? #or like. she/her bc thats just usually what people use. but actually she does not care for gender. #ok obv its nonbinary lesbian rey but im just focusing on the gender rn #nonbinary rey. my beloved. #u ask rey what her gender is and shes like ''im pretty sure thats a bug i ate yesterday'' #rey pretty much raised herself in the desert. why would she know or care for gender. check mate. #star wars
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  • hesayshesgotboyfriend
    01.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Ok but they did Not need to do Hao Ge like that

    #boy comes back from the desert severely traumatized not knowing if any of the people he went there with are even still alive including #his TWO BEST FRIENDS #only to find out that his grandma #the person who it seemed was his primary caretaker #and might have raised him #is DEAD???? #EXCUSE ME WHAT GIVES YOU THE AUDACITY #on a related note #the actor who portrays him #Zhu Jian #is a really good actor #that scene was absolutely heart wrenching #sand sea #tomb of the sea #dmbj#yang hao #sand sea spoilers
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  • chaoticxgays
    28.02.2021 - 3 monts ago
    Tadashi Tag Dump
    #[[tadashi hamada||ic]]#[[tadashi hamada||ask]] #[[tadashi hamada starter call]] #[[going to nerd school||tadashi hamada pre movie verse]] #[[you haven't seen my lab||tadashi hamada movie verse]] #[[kissed by fire;i'm a phoenix||tadashi hamada survives verse]] #[[i'll be the watcher of the eternal flame||tadashi hamada villain verse]] #[[i try to picture me without you but i can't||hamada brothers]] #[[i am the sand in the bottom half of the hourglass||tadashi hamada visage]] #[[i'm going to change you like a remix then i'll raise you like a phoenix||tadashi hamada musings]] #[[headcanon||tadashi hamada]]#[[tag dump]]
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  • sunshinespear
    11.02.2021 - 4 monts ago

    paradise found

    oneshot (might become a part of a series??)

    pairing: established reader x ellaria sand

    rating: explicit

    word count: 2,177

    summary: you and ellaria sand find yourselves in a sept. however, rather than worshipping the gods somehow you find yourself on your knees worshipping something much better

    warnings: uhhhh god okay so public sex sort of, public nudity, religion kink? it’s in a sept, slight overstimulation, an*l play (it’s mild), fingering, oral (fem receiving, fem giving), softness, fluff, teasing, begging, you’re topping in this one, shamelessly loud sex, woo yall aint even trying to hide it, let me know if i missed anything

    a/n: this really does just jump straight into the action lmao. i might do a sequel to this. i really want to write a larger story that’s reader x oberyn x ellaria with a very equal poly dynamic between the three (my bi heart cant pick a favorite). if this is like... good/popular-ish maybe i’ll look deeper into doing that lol this is me dipping my toe in the water. that fic would obviously be explicit throughout. like. c’mon. but so yeah let me know if that’s something anyone would be interested in.


               Seven marble statues stared down upon the center of a magnificent open room. They stood exalted atop stone platforms laced with lapis lazuli and mother of pearl, unlit candles scattered at the feet of six of the tall figures. Vaulted ceilings were covered in clear glass panes, bleeding brilliant sunshine into the sept. Covering almost every inch of the walls were colorfully painted glass windows in gold-plated lead panes, depicting scenes of the Seven in their glory. A peaceful stillness was contained within the empty sept. You were sprawled on the floor behind the statue of the Father, out of his watchful eye but barely hidden from the massive double doors at the entrance of the empty sept.

               It was not unusual for the septs in Dorne to be empty at most times of day. The Faith was present here, but not many were strongly devout in their following. A long time ago, if anyone had asked if you were the religious sort you might have laughed at them. Sure, you knew what you were taught about the Seven Gods, the Seven-pointed Star, the Seven whatevers. You’ve prayed a few times. Seven Heavens, Seven Hells. But over time it was all drowned away. Do you think you’re going to a heaven? Any of them? You don’t think anyone could ever be certain of where they were going. What you do know is this: heaven can also be a person. It could even be two. And to be alone with them, that can be like salvation. Right now, it’s only two of you alone in this holy place. You’re sprawled on the marble floor, still mostly clothed, fervently worshipping a naked goddess laying under you.

              There is a special paradise to be found with your head between her thighs

               You lick one long stripe over the entirety of Ellaria’s cunt, parting her wet folds with your tongue. She tastes like kiwis and cherries; fruit that’s sweet with zest, just like she is. You flick your tongue over the top of her clit. She shivers at your touch, makes a sharp gasp, and you’re exactly where she wants you. Now you burn to hear her plead for it.

               You circle around her clit with your tongue. Teasing against her edges, you barely brush against her – almost at that spot, so close – over and over. She struggles faintly, trying to push her hips down against your evasive mouth. She wants you to touch her there so much. You grip her waist to hold her still. You move downwards instead and lap up more of her along the way. When you reach the center of her cunt you find her so incredibly wet. Even her thighs are smeared with her slickness. Her folds are slippery under your tongue as you take long drinks of the sweetness she’s pouring out for you. You revel in the taste, moaning into her cunt as you drown in it.

               Ellaria groans then, mumbling something softly under the gravel that you can’t quite hear.

               “Hm?” You hum, intentionally obtuse. You give her another long stroke with your tongue.

               “Please,” she exhales, shaking in a lust-drunk daze. You smirk like you’ve won. She always told you that you and Oberyn were too similar in that way.

               You know what she’s begging for, but where’s the fun in giving it to her so immediately? She wants your tongue flicking her clit, so you push two fingers inside of her soaked cunt instead.

               Ellaria cries out and bucks her hips, trying to take in all you have to give her. You watch as she shuts her eyes, mouth agape in pleasure, and she is like all seven of the heavens. She is dripped in gold, brown skin glittering in the sunlight like the goddess she is. Her dark, coiled hair is splayed out all around her, a halo for her most heavenly body. You ease your fingers in and out of her slowly at first, watching her face the entire time. Gods, that face. What a beautiful face to have underneath you as it climbs to the height of pleasure. You could see those same perfectly plush lips part and gasp a thousand times and it will always strike you straight to the core. You fuck her faster and she moans louder, echoing throughout the sept. Her eyes are tightly shut but if she would ever open them, you would be met with the most beautiful charcoal gaze you’d ever seen. Each and every time Ellaria looked at you was a spell being cast and it plucked the strings of your heart like a harp, playing exactly to her tune. It was as musical as the salacious moans she was making now with each curl of your fingers against that good spot inside her.

               You suck on the thumb of your other hand, coating it thickly with saliva, and sink it inside Ellaria’s other entrance.

               Her eyes pop open as she groans. She takes gasping breaths as you work on her, eyes wide open now. Ellaria looks at you and she can’t help but let out a breathy laugh at the mischief in your glittering eyes.

               “Ugh, you-mmm… I-” She grasped for words like her hands grasping her hair. “You know exact-t-ah… exactly what you’re doing- hmph. Fuck.”

               It’s you laughing now, reveling in how difficult you’re making this for her. Her gaze catches yours and in her eyes you find the sweetest, most frustrated adoration. You stay with your eyes locked with Ellaria’s while you fuck her from both places. Your fingers and thumb drag in and out, curling them exactly where she needs it, going at just the pace she likes it. Ellaria’s eyelids are heavy now, opening slower with each moan you drag out of her until she’s so swept away by pleasure that they close entirely. Beads of sweat dot her concentrated brow, dripping down her temple into those curly dark locks. You thrust your fingers into her once, twice, three more times before she makes a sound like a sob. Ellaria reaches out for you, hands aimlessly searching for something to grip. She settles on her own thighs, holding them more open for you. Her chest rises laboriously with each breath. There is a burning desire in your chest to see her come undone. You wonder how much more teasing she could take, or you for matter, when her eyes flutter open and find yours once more.

               There it was. That pinning stare she had mastered on you. Ellaria held you captive with every bat of her eyelash. To see that look in her eyes, weighed down by ecstasy and foggy in lust, was the most divine feeling you’d ever known. It was entirely enthralling.

               “Love, please.” Her voice cracks as she begs, barely above a whisper, her body writhing against you. “Please, please, please, my love.”

               Of course you’ll do as she commands.

               You keep thrusting your two fingers into her with your one hand. In your other, her ass sits in your palm with your thumb still circling inside of her. You lean your head down and give her exactly what she needs, and exactly where she needs it.

               First, you lick her clit softly. The kind of noise she lets out at that contact.... It is the most intoxicating sound. Her hands knot themselves into your hair in an instant, her nails desperately scraping your scalp. She pulls you closer, as close as she can possibly have you.

               You press your tongue against her sweetest spot, circling her over and over. She was so close, you could tell. Just a little bit more. You close your lips around her clit, enveloping it in the warm wetness of your mouth. With your lips you suckle on her, kiss her, poke your tongue out and use it to caress. You use your entire mouth to fuck her good. You take your tongue out and flick it against her, fast and feather-light. One thrust of your fingers deep inside of her again, working in tandem with the rapid movement from your tongue, and you feel her orgasm tightening around your fingers.

               Ellaria’s body spasms as she comes hard. Her entire body shakes with the weight of it. Her legs wrap around your back, her walls – from every place your in – squeeze your fingers tightly, her hands pull you by your hair to drag you closer, her hips grind against your mouth.

               “Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

               Of course you obey. Your tongue continues fervently flicking against her clit, all the way through her high, until the violent tremors dissipate into soft shivers and her fingers are a little less tight in your hair. She tries to catch her breath desperately as if she’d just been drowning. You pull back your head slightly. She’s so sensitive now, squirming under you even though you’re barely touching her.

               You can’t ever leave well enough alone. Not when she looks so damn good like this. You pull your hands out of her body. She lets you, weakly melting into the floor without your support. You clutch her thighs and push her legs open a little further. You put your head back down there again, sore tongue aching to give her more. She catches on to your antics far too late. You’re already sliding your tongue around her when she starts pulling your hair back and squirming her hips away. You clutch her thighs tighter, holding her steady as the overstimulation transitions back to ecstasy. She can’t stop shaking, but the way she presses deeper into your tongue tells you she’s ready for it now. You work her back up again with your hot tongue. You give her this one quickly, not fucking around this time.

               As the second wave of pleasure sweeps through Ellaria, her mouth hangs open with a mute cry, unable to summon the strength to croak out even a single moan. She comes with eyes closed tight, mouth wide open, her shaky breathing the only noise she can make as tremors overtake her. You lick and roll your tongue all over her cunt as she melts into you. She gets so damn wet when she comes, and you are determined to drink all of her. You don’t want to waste a single drop, tasting everything she has to give.

               She lets out a moan, soft as lamb’s wool. It fades into a breathy laugh as she pushes your head and desperate tongue away from her numb body. She cups your jaw and tries to pull you up to kiss her, but you find detours along the way. First you must stop to kiss along her hip bone. You leave wet kisses on the sharp contours of her body here. Then you move up her stomach. You gently press your lips to the beautiful stretch marks earned from the daughters she’s born. Continuing up, you graze your teeth over her ribs. At her nipple, you dart out your tongue and lick. She shivers at that and makes a soft grunt, so you stay there and lick some more. Now you have to give the same treatment to the other. When you move past her breasts, you kiss up to her collarbone and leave a mark there.

               The kisses continue softly up her neck until finally, your face meets Ellaria’s. It is the most beautiful face and you’ve just made it come entirely undone for you. You take your hands to cup her cheeks before you kiss her on her sweat-dampened hairline and along the smoothness of her forehead. Ellaria shuts her eyes in bliss. You take the opportunity to kiss each of her delicate eyelids softly. The ghost of your lips trail down the bridge of her nose, to the tip, and over her cheeks that cradle a perfectly contented grin.

               You pull back, staring down at her most peaceful state. A powerful ache strikes you right where your soul rests. You love her. You know you do. As she opens her eyes and meets your gaze, you know you would die for her. You know that there was no life to live without her.

               Ellaria smiles softly at you lost in your reverence. She wraps her hand around your neck and pulls you down to kiss her. You meet her lips and kiss her like how a man lost in the desert drinks water. Fervently, longingly, never getting enough. You could kiss her for an eternity and it would never be enough. She giggles against your mouth and you take her smile in with the same enthusiasm, kissing wherever your lips land with devotion, even if you end up kissing her teeth.

             She pulls you back by your hair at the same time she moves her thigh between yours, pushing against your core. You let out a tiny noise of surprise, mouth popping open and she takes the opportunity to put two fingers in there. You close your lips around them immediately, tracing your tongue over her fingertips. It’s impossible to resist grinding against her thigh, rubbing your wet core against her warm skin. Ellaria’s eyes are low and sparkling, her smile turned devious.

            “Hmm. Your turn.”

    #ellaria sand #ellaria sand x reader #reader x ellaria sand #reader x oberyn martell #oberyn martell x reader #reader/ellaria sand#ellaria sand/reader #oc x ellaria sand #ellaria sand x oc #oberyn martell#house martell #i want to do more next time like maybe some preamble that like sets the scene raises the tension leads into the smut more #yeahhhh next time #my writing #please be popular please be good please be popular please be good #please please please #oh yeah this is not beta read btw #i would like to get one but i also am like hmm i suck kinda #plus like how awkward is it to request a beta reader for smut when like you dont even know the person #anyway so i hope this isn't awful
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  • beaversatemygrandma
    24.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    I’ve figured out where my Black Nuzlocke is going. 

    It’s not. If Skyla takes me out I’m taking out nuzlocke rules and just saying fuck it. This has been Rough. I have one pokemon that will help in her gym and its a dwebble. Who’s half bug type. Which is weak to flying. *sighs* But rock nulls it to a regular attack instead of supereffective which isnt the worst but could be better.  I think I’m going to lose on the first try or sometime getting around to her. I nearly lost both the dwebble and my swoobat in the cave before her. If i do get taken out I’m going right back into that cave to find a damn tynamo and training it along with finding me a good venipede to raise and restore that turtouga. 

    But yeah. Going against Skyla with a single tiny rock type and two others who are very weak to flying, another who can’t touch her, and a watchog. I’m fucked. 

    I’ll try to actually finish a nuzlocke when i start black 2 tho. Hopefully that one isnt nearly as Harsh. 

    #the watchog might come in clutch again tho so who knows #either way if i lose he's getting replaced with a tynamo #i want my op electric type with levitate again #and to finally train a venipede for the first time because Scolipede Is So Good #then that puts me with a third weak to flying #but if i find tynamo id have a thing to use against them for once sooo #also Might replace my starter with a ferrothorn because snivy really doesnt have any ways to cover its weaknesses #also raising these things to lvl 30 is going to be a Hassle but its good #i thought this game got easier after the fourth gym #it doesnt #especially when you have three grass types and are still using a route one normal type #tho i have a new respect for krokorok #i got it back in Y and its still there #a quality sand croc #im also starting with tepig next time no matter how much i hate that pig #i need something thats actually good against multiple types #like my starter isnt my lucky #you know the ONE that you can level to the cap of the gym leaders strongest #its the swoobat #im still gonna play with caps though because i still need a challenge #just no permanant deaths because omg #RIP achelous#and lucy #the panpour and purrloin #this is heart wrenching because N has a point in what he says #and hes RIGHT #take my pokemon just do it #like the dwebble actually fainted and i stared at the screen for a solid thirty seconds #just thinking about what N said before he BRUTALLY MURDERED CRUSTY #I then went to the pokemon center right after
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  • introspectivememories
    05.01.2021 - 5 monts ago

    you think if enough people said this to naruto it’d get through his skull?

    #just have the konoha 12 all come up to him and say this #shikamaru: sasuke doesn't care about you #*lists an example* #and then one by one they all come up #thank god gaara was raised with no social skills #who else is doing it like him #sabaku no gaara #gaara of the sand #gaara#naruto #anime.rambles #i am very 'i get sasuke is traumatized and that explains a lot of his actions but i think he's a dick' #that's my official stance on sasuke
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  • atheaestus
    29.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    Can I just say thank you to the Devs for Lonely Devil? 😔

    #swd obey me #obey me shall we date #obey me #all i am is a man i want the world in my hands i hate the beach but i stand in california with my toes in the sand use the sleeves of my #sweater lets have an adventure head in the clouds but my gravity centered touch my neck and ill touch yours you in those little high waisted #shorts oh she knows what i think about and what i think about one love two mouths one love one house no shirt no blouse just us you find out #nothing i really wanna tell you about cause its too cold for you here and now so let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater and #if i may just take your breath away i dont mind if theres not much to say sometimes the silence guides your mind so move to a place so far #away the goosebumps start the raise the minute that my left hand meets your waist and then i watch your face put my finger on your tongue #cause you love the taste these hearts adore everyone the other beat heart is for inside this place is warm outside it starts to pour coming #down one love two mouths one love one house no shirt no blouse just us you find out nothing i really wanna tell you about cause its too cold #for you here and now so let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater cause its too cold for you here and now so let me hold both #your hands in the holes of my sweater (multiple whoa's) cause its too cold for you here and now so let me hold both your hands in the holes #of my sweater its too cold for you here and now so let me hold both yohr hands in the holes of my sweater its too cold its too cold #the hands of my sweater
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  • willofashinobi-a
    29.11.2020 - 6 monts ago


    ────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / embodiment.  ↶  he who was born of love  &  raised on hate

    ────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / isms.  ↶  monsters aren’t born;  they’re made  &  he didn’t get a choice on becoming one

    ────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / about.  ↶  he was loved  &  he had a difficult time understanding that

    ────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / aesthetic.  ↶  soft sand that runs through his fingers  &  pools around his feet

    ────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / asks.

    ────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / interactions.

    ────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / general ic.

    ────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / dash games.

    ────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / starter open.

    ────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / starter closed.

    #────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / embodiment.  ↶  he who was born of love  &  raised on hate #────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / isms.  ↶  monsters aren’t born;  they’re made  &  he didn’t get a choice on becoming one #────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / about.  ↶  he was loved  &  he had a difficult time understanding that #────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / aesthetic.  ↶  soft sand that runs through his fingers  &  pools around his feet #────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / asks. #────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / interactions. #────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / general ic. #────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / dash games. #────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / starter open. #────  ❤.  ↷  gaara / starter closed.
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