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  • starlit-autistic
    21.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    People think Ralsei has that name because she's connected to Asriel but really it's just another example of the Dreemur naming conventions

    #with my theory of Ralsei shes more like...Kris's monstersona #so makes sense she'd have a bad name lol #i can just imagine #asriel ks already judt toriel and asgore's names #they have another kid #and go hmmm yes lets judt swap around our first kids letters thats a good name
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  • savebound
    21.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    “Honestly... I don’t understand the King’s perspective, his sheer scorn for the Lightners. He’s... prideful, I suppose. But, um... Personally, I think he’d feel more fulfilled, if he instead aimed to make the Lightners happy.”

    #[* ralsei ic.] #[* c: tabdood.]
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  • mrfandomgage
    21.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Jevil, sighing: Say, Gage, I get a little bored being all alone, maybe having a Chaotic buddy would be fun, but because of that spam blocker-

    Gage, confused: Spam Blocker? I don't have anything like that

    Jevil: ... What?

    Gage: this is about Spamton?

    Jevil: Yeah, uh... wait, what do you mean, don't have anything like that? You told me you-

    Gage: Ad Blocker, but only on google chrome. Spamton isn't here because I never properly fought him in game, his teaser fight was all I got and hell, that's not worth as much as him being a real bigshot.

    Jevil: So wait. You're only obligation of adding someone in this little world is of you fought them?

    Gage: kinda.

    Jevil, upset: Oh...

    Gage: why don't you hang out with everyone else a bit more? Kris, Susie, Ralsei?

    Jevil: Usually they hang out in that Bar. The Cat lady doesn't like my quirky antics of juggling Devilsknives on a ball

    Gage: How about Seam? He's your old pal, right?

    Jevil: Old, he's not as spry as he used to be. I asked if he would want to play cards, but he said he's not going to round up citizens just for a game!

    Gage: how about King, he hasn't much to do

    Jevil, disappointed: He won't let me use the hamster bottle

    Gage: The new computer lady?

    Jevil: She doesn't get the jokes I tell. Often times she takes them literally.

    Gage: why not cause a little controlled havoc?

    Jevil: what?

    Gage: let loose. Whatever you think would be fun, do it. If anything goes wrong, I can fix it

    Jevil, grinning: thanks pal

    *Yeah, so uhm... writing this segment would take too long. Enjoy the aftermath*

    Kris, upside down in a tree with a Tasque: JEVIL, GET ME DOWN FROM HERE YOU-

    Ralsei, helping Seam repaint: I don't know how everything became Turquoise out here. I'm sure we'll get this fixed.

    Seam, working: well, I have my guess. This is rather amusing. Thanks for the help Ralsei.

    Tasque Manager, distressed: Please get out of the pool! Stop climbing those curtains! Where did this all come from!

    Susie, slightly disappointed: A big lollipop?

    Jevil, proud: Yup

    Susie: you do radically insane things for everyone else, but turn my axe into a lollipop?

    Jevil: Of course!

    Susie: So what's the catch?

    Jevil: It's made of glass and is inedible!

    Susie, confused: That's gonna stop me how?

    Jevil: you're not really going to eat glass, are you?

    Susie: I might

    Jevil: huh... well, well. Enjoy the dress! Bye bye!

    Susie, in a pink ball dress: Now this is something I'd- HEY WAIT YOU FUCKER!

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  • ralseidyke
    21.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    lancer and susies friendship is literally soooooooo precious to me...literally NO other friendship in any media is more important to me than them 🥺🥺🥺

    #they literally are supreme besties i love them w all my heart....theyre so funny theyre soooo chaotic their dynamic is sooooooooo good #it also help that theyre EXTREMELY funny lovable characters by themselves... #like everytime i see lancer im like !!!! omg!! its you!! :DDD #and susie is hands down the funniest charcater in dr sorry queen enjoyers 😏😏😏 susie is funnier #and they love each other so much.. #everytime lancer shows up or talks susies like 'yooooo lancer!?!?!?! dude whats up!' *susie pleasantly surprised talk sprite' and its like #yes!! thats literally me everytime i see lancer too!!! #constantly thinking abt lancer susie high five lancer susie laughing and ralsei susie carrying lancer on her back when she thinks hes sick #they have the True 'mean (but kind!!) lesbian older sister and annoying (affectionate) chaotic younger brother who admires sister' dynamic #love them w all my heart nothing makes me happier than seeing them interact #deltarune#susie#lancer #⭐fil ing the void⭐
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  • cat-terpillar
    21.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Tender Loving Care

    #deltarune#noelle holiday#kris dreemurr#ralsei#susie deltarune#rudy holiday #been feeling soft and tender loving and caring #noelle didnt spill it this time
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  • savebound
    21.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago
    #lv2tactician #[* ralsei ic.] #(( suspicious.... ))
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  • inbarfink
    21.10.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    What if we got Ralsei all wrong? What if he’s not trying to hide information from people for either sinister or sympathetic reasons? What if he legit just never explains shit because he assumes everyone knows as much as he does already and there’s no need and it’ll be rude to mention it.

    Like at some point Susie’s gonna make some Remark that kinda sounds like it’s about the Player and Ralsei takes her aside like “Susie, please, we all know that Kris is possessed by an amoral time god but we need to be sensitive about it” and Susie’s just “WE ALL KNOW WHAT??????”

    #deltarune#deltarune spoilers#ralsei#ralsei deltarune#susie#susie deltarune#kris deltarune#kris#kris dreemurr #This is mostly a joke post but like.......... it WOULD be pretty hilarious if it actually happened
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  • inbarfink
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I’ve been thinking about it and... technically all three of the Delta Warriors have a sort of Satanic motif to them.

    Ralsei is the most obvious since he almost literally calls himself “the Prince of Darkness”

    And he also shares the goatlike appearance of Boss Monsters

    Kris is not a goat themself, but they were adopted by a family of goats. And...

    “headband with little red horns”, Toriel doesn’t say it explicitly because the connotations might not exist in-universe, but for us out-of-universe players it’s clear that means the classic depiction of devil horns

    (And if Kris is the Knight that gives them like +600 more Devil Points but we don’t know that for sure yet)

    Susie’s connection is a bit more loose, but it is implied that she’s a Dragon Monster and not just a Vaguely Reptile Monster. And Dragons have a long history of being associated with Satan. The Book of Revelation describes Satan as a “Great Dragon” and Dragons were used to symbolize Satan or as a kind of Demon throughout the medieval era.

    I guess that makes sense when our heroes are prophecized to antagonize something called “The Angel’s Heaven” that they’re all gonna have a slight Demonic motif to them. The question is... are our heroes gonna figure out that they’re on the Evil Side of the prophecy? Are we gonna do a “Satan Good, Angels Evil” narrative?

    The fact that we also have a character with an Angelic motif, and that character is Noelle...

    And that those motifs become the most obvious during the Weird Route

    Certainly raise some possibilities!

    Also I wonder if the fact that all of our Bonus Bosses so far have had some sort of Satanic Motif to them as well (They both used to hold prestigious positions in their Worlds until they ‘fell from grace’, Jevil is a rebel who was imprisoned deep underground and literally has ‘Devil’ in his name. Spamton is a dishonest, manipulative conman who either tries to make a deal for your [[Soul]] or tempt you into doing evil things so he can use it in his plan to seize power)... is that meant to show that they are similar to our Heroes? I guess in the sense that they all desire ‘Freedom’ in some way?

    The parallels between Spamton and Kris have been deeply examined already and I wonder if Jevil is supposed to be like Susie in the sense that they’re both not even aware of how not-free they actually are, or like Ralsei in the sense that they both have some awareness of that but are deliberately deluding themselves?

    #deltarune#deltarune spoilers#deltarune meta#Kris#kris deltarune#kris dreemurr#ralsei#ralsei deltarune#Susie#susie deltarune#Noelle#noelle deltarune#noelle holiday#weird route#spamton #spamton g spamton #spamton neo#jevil deltarune#Jevil #Tired: Noelle is actually another Delta Warrior because she had the most development of the other classmates and she's deeply connected to #both Kris and Susie #Wired: Jockington is the other Delta Warrior because he is a Serpent and therefor Satan-adjusent #I GUESS Berdly could also be considered Angelic if you stretch it #birds and the color blue are associated with the celestial #but it's clear he represent the OTHER Classical Biblical Motif #Gamer
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  • staerplatinum
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Deltarune fanfic + an excerpt from it!

    2015 me would be proud, I've never written any Undertale fanfic but now I actually posted something about Deltarune,,

    #deltarune#deltarune fanfiction#kris dreemurr#susie#ralsei#noelle holiday#berdly#kralsei#suselle #the ships aren't the main focus which is why is rated as gen but #i hope you'll enjoy anyway!! ;;
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  • kyuss6161
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • alice-dtx
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago


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  • paskariu-art
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    the key(chains) to the darkworld

    #deltarune#ralsei#lancer#deltarune fanart#my art #got my tablet working again! #and am really proud of how the colours turned out :D
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  • gamethesoldier
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    deltarune kris Art + Other deltarune Doodle ---------------------------





    Ralsei: OwO What is This Kris?

    #deltarune#deltarune kris#kris#kris fanart #deltarune kris fanart #susie#ralsei#noelle #Ralsei Smoking a fat blunt #deltarune fandom
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  • amy-the-anarchy
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Dear tumblr;


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  • fishymom-art
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago



    it’s more like a guide to a Route, but hghghhghhghg that’s what my AU is XD

    KHEM KHEM /read under the cut/

    After the Fight in the Basement instead of letting Spamton go, Kris takes Spamton off the vines and keeps him with them. He still gives you and your party members armor/weapons.

    There are two ways to interact with Spamton.

    You can either corrupt him (Route 1997 or Mike Route) or just have as a bonus party member (Pacifist Route)

    When you have him as a bonus party member you can access him in ACT and he stands beside you. He can act as soon as he’s with you and has his own “attack” where yours are. There are two options for battle - “(Make a) Deal” (works like Pacifier) and “[[BIG SHOT]]” (“genocide” attack). 

    You also sell him the items you want to throw away and he will exchange it for a small amount of money.

    He only walks holding Kris’s hand, but at some point he becomes confident enough to walk by himself. He takes their arm again only if his HP is low.

    1997/Mike Route: 

    After using Big Shot attack the first time, Ralsei becomes concerned and asks what it was, but Kris will refuse to answer. Then, every battle, if you use only Spamton s attacks instead of acting with others, he corrupts more and more. At some point, he starts calling Kris “Mike”.

    Before starting the battle with Queen, Spamton begs Kris to let him stay, but Kris grabs him and brings to the basement. They forcefully put him back in the Neo body. After that, the other party members leave you terrified. During the battle you can only use [[BIG SHOT]] attack (that’s called [[SPAMTON]] now) and the Queen is defeated with one attack. 

    After that the others cheer, but very concerned. Instead of sealing the fountain and going home, Kris forces Spamton to defeat the others. Kris will be the only to wake up and they have Spamton’s glasses with them. They go to the Castletown and leave the glasses there. You hear phone ringing the whole way home and in Castletown.

    Pacifist Route

    you only use “(Make a) Deal” and only when necessary. During the battle he moves and behaves just like Kris (in the beginning of the 1997/Mike Route, he does it too, but at some point he will just stand still). Spamton will be recruited to Castle Town and get his own room.

    At the beginning, the others will react weird to Spamton, but by the end, Ralsei happily invites him to CastleTown and the others say bye.

    In the end, Spamton calls Kris “Mike” by mistake and apologises. 

    When Kris and the others wake up, Kris has Spamton’s glasses. When going to Castletown there will be his room. You can come in. You give Spamton his glasses back and, before leaving, you can hug him ^^

    After Spamton is recruited, so are Addisons. When you talk to them, they thank you and say that Spamton is now happy and they’re reunited.

    In general the AU is just “befriending and keeping Spamton instead of a mental breakdown after defeating him in the basement”.

    and I will be very happy if you ask me more about it >////<

    #deltarune#deltarune au#dr au#spamton#kris#susie#ralsei#deltarune spamton#deltarune kris#deltarune susie#deltarune ralsei #oh btw you can combine mike route and snowgrave au hehehe #so then you'll be the ultimate bad puppeteer (and that would be the name of the route) #lost puppet au #lost puppet spamton au #lost puppet #lost puppet spamton
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  • ask-the-fluffy-prince
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #anon ask#ask ralsei #deltarune ask blog
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  • dingbats-dust-n-darkness
    21.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    ralsei’s not evil he just doesn’t realize that we don’t know the Lore

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  • katsum1-k
    21.10.2021 - 7 hours ago


    #couldnt decide if i liked the lines or not #ralsei deltarune#deltarune#ralsei
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