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    though he loathes to admit it, no one understands szayel better than yylfordt, 
    if one asks him, he’ll portray yylfordt as some mindless oaf, the flaws he cast away long ago. in a way, yylfordt represents everything he hated the most about himself, that which held him down. 

    but the flaws yylfordt shows are still very much within szayel, even if he chooses not to see them. 

    yylfordt can twist the knife in szayel’s (metaphorical) heart better than anyone, and because of it, he’s seen the brunt of szayel’s anger and cruelty. 

    #yylfordt is someone who is insanely protective of those around him. #and he is inherently distrustful of szayel #even if szayel were to have good intentions. he'd push him. #*    crytyping....  ( OOC ) #ramble
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  • This is awkward but uh

    My step grandfather was just wheeled into emergency heart surgery after being in the ICU on and off for a month.

    The hospital he’s in is very good especially with heart related issues, but please keep him in your prayers and thoughts and hope that he’s able to get a heart transplant soon 🙏

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  • You know, I kinda feel like people forget the power of not swearing.  I didn’t swear all through high school, and, as a result, in May of my senior year, I was able to absolutely murder my entire graduating class with a single f-bomb.

    They never saw it coming.  

    #ramble #building up a clean reputation #can be worth it #every swear becomes much more impactful #you can be deliberate
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    #i don't even know how to react right now #kanye...presidential...campaign? #jesus christ#ramble
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  • I’ve come to realize that my problem with most long running shonen manga and anime is that my favorite characters tend to get very little focus after a while.

    Naruto: Lee.

    Bleach: Chad

    Dragonball: a lot, but mainly Piccolo and Future Trunks. Things got better for them though.

    It almost happened with Terra Formars too, but my fav Marcos managed to stay somewhat relevant. I never really had a favorite character in SNK/Attack on Titan but I think that’s why I didn’t keep up with the manga, only the anime.

    I bring this up now because I was researching Grimmjow from Bleach for inspiration and i really dig his character, and it made me realize how much my interest in any story series really does depend on getting hooked by one cool character. I just wish that they were a main character more often.

    I think the last time my favorite was an mc was Lion-O from TC2011. And that got canceled.

    @wingsfreedom you seem like you’re into shonen. Any thoughts on wasted characters?

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  •  the hunger games is basically hadestown with more murder

    don’t tell me peeta wouldn’t go into the underworld with only the power of love and song and accidentally start a revolution like orpheus (yes i know katniss is technically the one who started it in the books but she’s Eurydicie in this  - hungry young girl, fuck this romance nonsense, better survival instincts et cetera - cause i feel liker Eurydice is the true hero of the musical)

    i mean, one of the songs is literally called “his kiss, the riot” 

    they’re both stories about trying to save your loved one and accidentally starting a whole thing you weren’t really trying to start, but now that it’s started they’re sure as hell not gonna stop it

    plus i think patrick page would be a good president snow

    #ramble#hadestown #the hunger games #thg #sweet naive peeta with his guitar and a love song versus the government #and angry hungry katniss who does what she has to do to survive #ALTERNATIVELY #katniss could be orpheus too if u want #it's fine #she can tear down the government with a song #yes im putting way too much emphasis on the revolution part of the musical but you know what #i can do that #it's my AU
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  • Tik tok pov’s are really out here giving me au ideas, huh?

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  • One more thing I wanted to say, This paracosm is going to feature some characters from the tumblr webcomic Kids N’ Teens (KnT), I kind of liked that comic I was kind of bummed when it “ended”, so I’ll be playing around with some of those characters in my paracosm. Not all of them will show up all at once, they’ll be gradually introduce but tbh I’m going to focus on two characters from that comic, no disrespect to the creator of KnT, they’re free to do what they want, I just really like the characters and just want to see more of them..oof

    #paracosm#paraportal#ramble #need to proof read my daydream doc #that's all I wanted to say #I'mma go eat some curry ramen and watch magical girl anime now #daydream#immersive daydreaming
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    Yeah no i keep seeing this app advertised and i can tell you now we will NOT accept this form of id. 🙄

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  • my marimos are so healthy rn I’m happy

    #ramble #all bright green and fluffy #and my water spangles are doing ok
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  • hmm have a bf now and now i have to think abt my sexuality. bc i consider myself asexual and i used to think i was aromantic? but it’s like ive never had to question it before and asexual is v comfy . i mean im not really attracted to anyone and the idea of me in a sex situation varies wildly for me. from blegh to meh. then again i am young so,,, idk and i def dont consider myself gay except in a ‘we the gays’ mannor and not straight either and bi is way off. hmmm queer? i guess? aaa i wish this was straight forward for me. also ive got these kinda toxic masculinity where I’m like i should like girls!! and straight guys asking me out gives me give dysphoria. i know max isn’t so its fine but it’s still mostly the i should be saying women thing. he’s great but am i prepared for a relationship? do i even like him that way? it do i just like that he likes me. i want to buy a caravan but it would involve saving a lot of money. i wish i was cishet, this would be so much easier, like i know my dad and mum never thought abt this shit and im like GOD i wish that were me. too much of my brain space has been wasted obsessing over this shit. wore a pinkish shirt today and was initially fine, i was all im a man, this is a mans outfit, the arbritary desicion that a colour is feminine doesn’t matter until i got called a lady and imediately boom dysphoria abt the clothes like uGH also i super want hormones and to be out at school i want my body to align with my identity and i want my Italian family not to be a dick abt it and i want to not be asexual and i want to know myself and i wish i had friends without the whole mortifying ordeal of being known i want to know things and i would love to not get stressed over the smallest of things blown out of proportion

    don’t rb sorry abt the ramble

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  • I don’t know if I want a relationship right now. I just don’t want to be alone anymore.

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  • The heat index is 102°F and the AC has been out all day. No one is open because it’s America’s fucking birthday. Send help. Or a freezer.

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  • last url change for the next couple of months, i promise. please interact once you see this post

    #url change #the poll ended up being really close between chaelight and lychaes #kinda glad that chaelight won #i really like the way my mobile header looks #it's cute :'') #ramble#delete later
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  • me: i recognise that characters often share names and actors play multiple roles, this is normal and a tired joke. 

    also me: ehee 🤡

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  • i have a strong feeling those fireworks are for me.

    Everytime I close my blinds I hear them and it’s annoying- but everytime I open them to see what i’m hearing. They stop.

    and hell, I even looked outside for almost 20 minutes. And as soon as I closed the blinds because I thought “they stopped” they happened again.

    something is up.

    I know it is-

    #peter says shit #ramble
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  • a package that wasn’t for me got delivered to my porch yesterday. 
    it was the correct house number but wrong street and my tiny 60 year old ranchhouse-packed subdivision can be very confusing - lots of dead ends and all the street “corners” are curves - so telling one street from another can be tricky. 

    anyway, i was certainly curious and the package came from a quilting place… it has some kind of material. but of course it wasn’t mine and one of my neighbors was waiting for it. so i walked it around over there… 

    i know the house from walking Gui - everyone in my neighborhood knows all the houses. we are in old inexpensive post war ranchhouse subdivision with huge 50 year old trees, with about 87 houses on about 35 acres all total - it’s cozy but honestly affords a lot more privacy than many new subdivisions and the trees are a miracle. 

    anyway, i walked over there and 2 cars were parked in front of the open garage door which is usually the case. I have never walked up the 30 foot driveway to the door before. but when i did, i saw that the garage is completely full of stuff, stuff stacked on top of stuff with tiny pathways through it all. i went to the front door, and the storm door was closed but the main door was open. there was a handwritten sign on a taped up piece of paper that said… “Sorry about the mess!” and the inside of the house looked just like the garage. I put the package down and rang the bell…. stepped back a few feet (covid) and waited a minute or two. no one came so smiled at the door and window, sorta waved weakly, and then i left. 

    of course i did the right thing by delivering the package but it also left me with that… weird:  everything is mutable - we never know for sure what’s right - feeling. 

    i mean, this looked like a relatively clean place, but definitely a hoarder sort of thing. i’m pretty sure it’s been building up for a couple… years? 

    anyway, i felt bad for whoever has to clean it all out at some point and i thought well – i delivered the package and added one more thing to that stack of work…

    whatever. i’m rambling but… you just never know. we’re always just winging it and hoping no one gets hurt

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  • anti self dx ppl be like “talk to your school’s counselor uwu” like look at mr RichSchool McITrustAdults here

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  • So I’m a day late to post my final chapter of this fic and all I can think about is how little I want to do anything.

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