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  • i had a dream that one of my relatives had this squished shark in a tiny fish tank, that would occasionally pop its head out and make weird noises in a deep voice

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  • I wish I was drunk me all the time. Drunk me is a BLAST, drunk me isn’t anxious, drunk me will start a conversation with anyone, drunk me is fearless, I wanna be them so bad.

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  • It’s almost midnight

    No I’m just in the mood to see people make clothes

    That’s it.. professionals making runway outfits, or everyday people making everyday clothes, I don’t mind


    Want to see people making some clothes, and see what the clothes look like

    #rambles#idk why #im not really one for fashion #but... idkkkk #british sewing bee and next in fashion #just want to binge watch them both
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  • speaking of writing, i also have yet to start that fic that’s pretty much just catra’s internal thought process as she silently pines over adora through the years

    #i did come up with a title for it though #so now i’m just tryna force myself to actually sit down and write it #rambles #i also have a catradora horde kids in love drabble i’ve been meaning to write #i have. a crap load of ideas i have yet to start actually lmao #but i doubt i’ll actually ever get to all of them
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  • Mark, looking at Amy: well I think the ref is very pretty

    me, a forever touch and affection starved single person:

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  • So I’m at my mom’s house this weekend to watch my sister while she’s out of town and I noticed that she brought the boxes of autumn/Halloween decorations down from the attic. I’m absolutely going to decorate the house as a surprise for her.

    Halloween/horror movie recommendations for me to watch while I decorate please!! Drop em in the replies!!

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  • idk if i shld do an ios 14 a3 layout or a haikyuu one . fdughuhkgjfhsf

    #maybe ill look thru the a3 icon tags #as for haikyuu mangacaps. idk #rambles
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  • hearing music in dutch is so depressing like who thought it was a good idea to make this language

    #it's so ugly #rambles
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  • My university room is great and the whole flat is lovely (my flatmates especially seem amazing!!) and everything’s good but I just showered and now the shower won’t turn off??? And it’s going to take 45 minutes or more for sometime to come and fix it. Yay. I’m just trying to get my laptop to connect to the internet so I can do something while I wait but honestly. I’m having a big “am I really prepared to be living alone” moment while I wait 😂😭 in other, more positive news, my 15 jumpers are all arranged so nicely and I guess this gives me a chance to listen to another episode of DMP I wouldn’t have got otherwise? I just wish there was a kettle so I could make myself some tea while I listened but oh well.

    #rambles#19/09/2020 #moving into university
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  • I don’t know how I feel about my hair anymore and idk what to do with it and it’s making me feel really down

    #rambles #i know it isn't important but like.... #it's a dysphoria thing
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  • Day 26-32 of 100 60


         In case you’re new, I’m tricking myself into completed 100 days of productivity. I’m doing this by breaking it into thirty day increments. I do weekly check-ins at the end of my week (Saturday) to keep from getting distracted. I’m thrilled that I completed my first 30 days. Anyway back to my weekly check-in.

        Me and this godforsaken bullet journal! I’m done, absolutely done! Okay, I’m lying. I have completely bare boned this darn thing. I’m over it. 

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    #rambles#mine #100 days of productivity
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  • image

    Holy shit I can’t believe that actually worked.

    [image ID: A Google search for “quantum know the future creature” with a top result of the Wikipedia page for Laplace’s demon” end ID]

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  • idc if it’s a tired trope thats been done a million times, an overused AU, or a unique character interpretation. if you have a story to tell, WRITE IT. If you have passion that needs to take the form of words, WRITE IT.

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  • so i just decided to binge watch clone high, idk where i’ve been this whole time but damn that was a good watch!

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  • i wish i could volunteer at voting places, since they’re asking for young people, but i wouldnt have a place to live and isolate if i did bc my parents could be at risk

    #just musing idk #rambles
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  • ios14 gave us too much power. what’s stopping my entire phone from being anime and kpop now.

    #absolutely nothing. #although its kinda ugly when you open the app and it goes to the shortcuts first but #its a small price to pay #rambles
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  • I will just rip through the fabric of time, and I will reset everything that had ever happen in my life and fix it.

    #rambles#rambling#booooo #i need to shut up #rip through dimensions
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  • Soo I’ve noticed that lately sooo many people have started losing interest in tsc and i relate so much. I’ve been meaning to read chog for the past 6 months and still haven’t gotten around to it and at this point i dont think i ever will cos i honestly have no interest in it and tlh in general. Also I’m so disinterested in twp which is weird cos i was acc so excited for it once upon a time , like kit and ty were 2 of my fave characters but now i just could not care less. The only thing i was excited for was tlbotw and after that being using as a setup for twp i have no idea how to feel anymore

    I want to be excited for tbvotd but i dont want to put my expectations too high and be disappointed again. Magnus and alec will always be v close to my heart and i will love them forever but tsc as a whole i think is just not for me anymore so yh :/ i still will read tbvotd just dont feel excited for it as much now and I’ll probably only read the magnus and alec scenes in tlh and twp.

    I feel like with everyhing going on within the fandom latelt and cc in general has also put me off.

    #rambles#its sad #but change is good i think
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    #bnha 284#bnha manga#mha manga #no spoilers just mentions of Bakuhoe ❤ #rambles#ramblings
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  • Emira sings Congratulations but it’s changed so it’s her being pissed af at her parents for, you know, being terrible parents. This is after they struck her and Amity cut herself off completely from her parents. Emira was…not pleased, to say the least. Of course, in canon, she didn’t go off at her parents at first. She wanted to, but they needed the money.

    Oh, but don’t you worry. She gets there eventually.

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