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    25.09.2021 - 29 minutes ago
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    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Imagine being sandwiched by these two?

    + playlist for the best duo, Haitani brothers 🖤

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    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    BADASS HINATA on my mind lately.

    Because of you— @potara_desu 🧎‍♀️
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    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Rant-dom Headcannon of the day #2:

    Though many people write Rindou as the brother who has an inferiority complex, I think his relationship with Ran is relatively nice.

    We can see in parts of the manga that Ran's quite supportive of Rindou, thus possibly ruling out any bullying from him in that regard. They'll wrestle around and argue, sure, about other stuff but Ran draws the line on that subject.

    It's true that Ran's the Haitani that people see more, but that's because Rindou's a bit of an introvert. It doesn't refer to a difference in strength or anything like that. Ran likes to go out and establish their territories, while Rindou lets the threats come to him.

    Because of how little of himself he likes to express, there were times where Rindou was the more intimidating brother. He and Ran are unpredictable as hell, and the bonus of his grapples just add to the Nope List of starting shit with them.

    Ran likes to show Rindou off too! Albeit teasingly, though. The former cheers for him for the most random things (when he opens a jar of pickles, or finishes a fight with no hair out of place), and it embarrasses the hell out of the latter.

    Rindou knows it's his brother's way of giving affection and encouraging him to come out of his shell, so he doesn't seriously complain.

    They love each other, and they are equals.

    I rest my case.


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    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Behind the scenes ♥️

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    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I want Ran to worship me on his knees and beg for me like I’m a god.

    #thats it #that’s the post #head empty#only ran #pls I wanna fuck him #ran haitani #tokyo revengers smut
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    25.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    "Would you still accept me at my worst?"

    + Playlist for "I'm Not Your Best" 🌼 By @fueledbyapplepi

    Here's the link please read her stories ♡(> ਊ <)♡

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  • imk1ra
    25.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Y/n: Ran, can you pass the salt?

    Ran: *Throws Rindou across the table*

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  • tomanstwindragons
    25.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    When ran and rindou were kids ran d call rindo as rin but rindo d always take a while to answer back so he d have to say "rin!rin! " to catch his attention and later rinrin ended up becoming rindou's nickname . He hates it when ran calls him by his nickname but that's all the more reason for ran to call him by his nickname except when they are in public cause as annoying as he is he doesn't wanna embarrass rindou .

    #rinrin is a cute name #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers manga #ran haitani#haitani brothers#tenjiku#rindou haitani#bonten #tokyo revengers headcanons #ran haitani headcanons #rindou haitani headcanons #haitani ran#haitani rindou
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    25.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    𝖳𝗈𝗄𝗒𝗈卍𝖱𝖾𝗏𝖾𝗇𝗀𝖾𝗋𝗌 𝖬𝖺𝗍𝖼𝗁𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝖶𝖺𝗅𝗅𝗉𝖺𝗉𝖾𝗋𝗌 — ⭑

    pintrest: rrvngze
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    25.09.2021 - 10 hours ago


    series masterlist

    The Haitani Casino and Hotel, an establishment that's been teeming with life for the past three years. I was hired as a lowly dealer, my knowledge of games and my skills with cards surpassing that of most.

    Truth is, I'm just doing this to pass the time. College is expensive and without a lump of income coming in, one would be royally screwed. I learned to love this place, the architectural design sealing the majority of the deal. At night, the lights reflect off the glass exterior, turning this place into something fit for the movies.

    It's a pretty sweet deal, I get paid to watch other people either win or lose money they never really had. I love how the tide of the games shift so fluidly, the look of awe or fear dotting everyone's eyes.

    What can I say, I have a bit of a sadistic side...sue me.

    Anyways, tonight would be the night where I learn that the sadistic side I thought I have was to be outweighed by two unexpected individuals.

    My bosses.

    "You're already being called out to the floor, huh?" The voice of my co-worker, Ruby Charles chuckled out. The slam of my locker broke the silence, now forcing me into a conversation I clearly didn't care to have.

    "Yeah...the bosses are playing together tonight and want me to be their dealer," I croaked dismissively. "Wow, isn't that the third time this week?!? I bet they–" Ruby began to ramble, but I sent such a cold glare that the words dissolved from her thought.

    "Ruby, please spare me the details. They can call me out a thousand times, I don't care what they do. I'm still getting paid and go home unharmed and alive. That's it," I hissed, the tips of my manicure nails digging into the hem of my mini black dress. I hate explaining myself to others, Ruby nonetheless.

    The bitch loves to gossip and I won't be the one to give her any ideas.

    She nodded her head, signaling the end of our little exchange. I spun around, pushing past the door and out to the smoked-out gaming floor. The thick smell of tobacco and marijuana melted into one, creating a mixture fit for the devil himself.

    "It'll be a good night tonight," I thought to myself, wandering around the tables. That's where I found the two, the color of matching turquoise suits catching my eye. I loved how unconventional they were, both having magenta as hair color, even adding purple highlights as a special touch.

    Ran wore a shortcut, the sides of his two-toned hair being slicked black for the seamless businessman appearance. Rindo had this mullet he kept shaped up and clean, which he shockingly pulled off fairly well.

    If I had to be asked which was my favorite brother, I could never give a straight answer. Ran has this compassionate persona, making him the most approachable. Rindo, however, remained stoic at all times, his actions speaking for him. I admire both of them equally

    "Good evening guys!" I greeted the pair, their violet-colored eyes meeting my own. Rindo offered me a simple nod, while Ran returned my warm welcome. "Ah~Y/N! Lovely to see you, darling. Are you ready to start, Rindo and I have some business to attend to."

    I nodded my head frantically, pulling out the sleek black cards the Haitani brothers loved. For my table specifically, they had the deck handmade with thin plates of steel for each card, making it one of a kind. My initials are even etched onto the back of each card, call it extra but I love it.

    I quickly placed the deck on top of the felt green table, adding the chips beside the hefty stack. "Well Rindo, Ran...what will tonight's wages be?" I questioned politely, my fingers grazing the corners of the cards. The two brothers exchange a quick glance, their heads nodding simultaneously.

    "How about you? We'll bet on you tonight!"

    #anime#reader insert #x fem!reader #x female reader #x black fem reader #x black reader #tokyo rev x reader #tokyo revengers #haitani rindou x reader #haitani brothers #haitani x reader #ran haitani#rindou haitani #haitani rindou imagines #haitani ran imagines
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    25.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Haitani brothers evolution

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    25.09.2021 - 11 hours ago
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    25.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    𝐢 𝐬𝐚𝐢𝐝, 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐢 𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝 𝐢𝐬...

    who would have thought a job like this could bring so much entertainment? watching, blackmailing and abducting people nothing uncommon in his field of work until ran grows fond of his most recent target and believes him to be your perfect partner

    — pairing: dom!ran haitani x female reader

    genre: dark content, smut, mdni
    wordcount: 4.3k
    notes: for @shigarakistomura 800 followers event collab! thanks for letting me join <3
    i highly recommend you listen to hellbent by mystery skulls while reading this fic

    warnings: manga spoilers, stalking, blackmail, kidnapping, lovesick ran, obsessive behaviour, some predator/prey, praise, marking (scratches, hickeys), a pinch of voyeurism (ran likes watching you with other men), petnames, rough sex, unprotected sex, guest appearance of other bonten members, sanzu + his love for guns, degradation, yandere themes, reader slaps ran once

    You don’t even seem surprised by the demand of your friend to dress up extra nicely for this Friday night’s adventures. Yes, usually your little group would opt for the cheaper clubs since you try to keep a low profile, try to not make it seem like you’re the daughter of a powerful man—one of the richest men in Tokyo, to be exact.

    You seek to live an uncomplicated life. One far away from your parents and their affairs, dark secrets and businesses you want nothing to do with.

    Yet you turned into the queen of a chess game far greater than you could have ever realised as a handsome man in a purple suit offers you easy entry into the club with the simple gesture of his hand reaching out toward you—offering you a piece of him in exchange for everything you held dear.

    Ran would be lying if he said your appearance tonight caught him by surprise. Heck, he was the one who invited your friend in the first place, as he sent an anonymous invitation to their doorstep. Informing them over the great party going to take place tonight. Another grand scheme of his.

    Truth be told, violet eyes have been stuck on your very being for weeks at this point. Trailing your activity with grande interest. The dirty business of your father brought attention to his pretty daughter and made you the key person of interest for the organisation. If nothing would bring your father to pay his debt to Bonten, surely his daughter could change his priorities.

    ; The job only required two steps.

    Step one was to find out more about you. Step two offered Ran different options. Either get the girl, shoot her or blackmail her. Anything to make her daddy understand to not fuck with their gang.

    Now, Ran must admit, finding out all your info regarding your job, interests, friends and address took him less than an hour. What ended up absorbing his time and attention was the being hidden behind your ID and reputation.

    The older Haitani found himself captivated by you. Watching you for hours on end from the windshield of his car. The actual goals of his job brushed to the furthest corners of his mind while his eyes were mesmerised by your movements and figure anytime he caught a glimpse of you inside your four walls.

    Ran’s very being is caught in your web. Glued to watch you rush through the city like a gust of fresh air; you breathed a new spark of excitement into his life.

    He even watches you with people. Engrossed in the way strangers touch you in places he dreamt of being.

    But this time you’re close. Right in front of him as he makes his way toward the entry of the club. Long fingers hold a cigarette as he inhales deeply, a handsome crease to his brows decorating his features as he scans the line of party goers currently waiting in line like lesser livestock—you do not belong there.

    He excuses himself from Koko and Rindou with a lift of his index finger and flicks the cigarette butt aside while a smirk known to woo women and men alike spreads over his soft lips.

    The grip of your friend to your forearm turns painful as this tall and unknown man makes his way toward your group. Only the inflicted pain causes you to shift your attention from complaining over the wait to the stranger standing uncommonly close to you.

    “Take it,” your friend hisses into your ear as you stare at Ran’s hand, held out for his sweet prey to take.

    “I’m sure you must be getting cold out here,” he finally breaks the silence, blinking for the first time in a few seconds after catching himself being entirely lost in your eyes.

    The metaphor of your hands touching, connecting, slotting together perfectly mirrors the internal image of Ran finally holding you in the palm of his hand. You feel so malleable once you adapt to the warmth of his touch, like you needed him all this time. Melting even, the moment his lips connect with the back of your hand and you grow flattered beneath his flirtatious smile.

    A man like him, dressed ten times nicer than any of the other partygoers, screams danger. You should know better at this point, after watching your own father for so many years. He always dressed nice; the finest designer suits, along with polished shoes, sparkling jewellery and perfectly styled hair.

    Much like Ran, a lot like him, if you’re honest.

    But this violet hue to his eyes, the mischief swirling in those pools of poison and the promise of something unexpecting outweigh his red flags.

    Admittedly, your life grew a little too quiet. Too laid back with the men you’ve been dating; no champagne, no silk or satin. Just crumbled sheets and messy hair, stale coffee and clothes of mediocre quality. Nothing compared to the feel of Ran’s suit, to the confident grip he holds to your hand or the weight of his rings resting against your nimble fingers as he pulls you into the darkness of the club.

    He knows you’re hooked the moment his lips connect to your cheek and the pleasurable smell of his cologne wafts your senses for a split second before he pulls away, promising to be back soon, where in return you gave your word to wait for him.

    Unbeknownst to you, he isn’t the only man with a grand interest in you. Soon, other suitors flock around your group of friends. Dancing, kissing, grinding in the sea of people as the bass of the club makes your head feel lightheaded and the raving neon lights leave you floating.

    Yet through it all, the eyes of your predator are unwavering.

    Once more is Ran engrossed in watching you from across the room. Leant back in a comfortable seat next to Koko and Rindou, ignoring their conversation—or more so entirely blocking out everyone and everything besides you.

    You, and the guy right behind you, of course. He’s seen it before, watched their hands explore your body and their hips roll against yours. You like to play with your hookups, is what he has noticed over time. The way you tend to grin against their lips when your teeth drew blood from their own plumb ones something that gets his cock straining against his trousers.

    But tonight you seem a little different, like you’re searching for someone directly. So unlike the scared little thing that checked her surroundings in paranoia, no this time you are in want of finding him.

    Ran leaves his seat upon emptying his drink. The loud clank of the glass coming in contact with the table, mimicking the starting shot to a race as he strides through the club.

    The droplets of water running down along the sides of his cooled whiskey class in sync with the shivers spreading over your back as you watch him prowl through the club.

    His tall and lean figure is only illuminated by the same neon lights highlighting your entwined figure with the random man at your side; kissing and staining skin that belongs to the older Haitani.

    At random moments you lose sight of Ran when darkness engulfs his form. Something must clearly not be right with you, you hate to admit, upon the thrill of fear flooding your senses anytime Ran disappears from your vision. You grind harder against the guy behind you, wish for him to hold you a little tighter and have his teeth ruin your skin.

    Instead, stillness welcomes you.

    The finale of the current song booming through the club causes the accompanying lights to pause and for darkness to surround you. The sudden cold engulfing your figure is what’s truly unpleasant; your previous partner gone in a flash to leave you open and vulnerable, a little intimidated even upon being abandoned in the dark.

    Until long and firm arms circle your waist and the delicious fragrance of a perfume far too expensive lulls you to lean into the touch.

    “There you are.” Ran’s hot breath causes you to shiver in his hold as the words are spoken into your neck. “I’ve been searching the entire place for you.”

    With the return of warmth, the music and lights come back to life again as well. The flashy lights now uncover the goosebumps running over your skin, allowing the man to muse over the effect he has on you.

    “Couldn’t get me out of your mind?” you chirp back while the gentle push of your fingers against his nape makes Ran bend forward. He towers above you, surrounds your frame with his taller and broader build as you lean your head back to rest against his shoulder, the fat of your ass already moulding against the growing outline in his pants.

    He grins at that, chuckling to himself over the fact you’ve been on his mind for the past two months every time his cock throbbed. Every time another girl danced for him, spread her legs for him. Always you.


    Soft fingers turn your face sideways and allow your lips to clash with another in an eager kiss. The pent up hunger coming undone the second Ran gets a taste of you.

    The lingering flavours of your beverages mix as your tongues move against another. Your taste is even more addictive than the sugariness of your drink, currently contrasting the deep aroma of Ran’s old-fashioned.

    And as much as your sweetness clashes with the spiciness of Ran’s whiskey, just as much did he notice an exchange in behaviour. You’re so outgoing, unlike the feared thing he watched over the past weeks. There is no meek demeanour, no hiding behind curtains or looking outside the window as if anyone was watching you.

    No. Here, you let loose. Body grinding against Ran’s, freshly manicured fingernails digging into his shoulders and appreciating the feeling of his suit beneath your tips before ruining his gelled back hair.

    The exchange of soft moans further leads you away from reality as you let the man take all of you. Air, mind and common sense stripped off you with the most simple touches along your body.

    Desire pools in those beautiful lavender irises once you lock eyes. You feel hazy from the kiss, and the little wobble to your knees accompanied by your unfocused gaze tells Ran the tale.

    You’re just as horny as he is, aren’t you?

    His touch travels along your body unhinged. Already grabbing into the hem of your dress to pull it up higher while his lips attach to your neck, covering the traces of the other guy with his own kisses. The palm on your lower back brings you flush against Ran’s chest, allowing him a glimpse of what your body will feel like against his.

    The tip of his slender nose travels along the expanse of your shoulder and neck, the warmth of his breath tickling your ear upon the parting of his lips. “Let’s get out of here, hm?”

    Too eagerly, you flash him a wide grin as you nod in excitement, accompanied by the tender touch of your hand gliding along his pecs for your fingers to wrap around his tie. Ran feels your needy tug on the fabric and follows your silent command, leaning in while his hand cradles one side of your face as your lips meet so you may get your fill before leaving the club.

    The car takes you somewhere, anywhere. Truth be told, the destination matters little after you have already reached your desired location on Ran’s lap, with your dress hiked up for his hands to grab your bare ass and have you grind against his cock.

    The windows fog up from your rising body heat and the shaky exhales meeting between your clashing lips. The tugging of hair and yanking of clothing is nothing surprising, as the needy feeling stirring in the depths of your core makes you yearn for the man.

    Yet despite your urges, Ran parts from the kiss and the firm hold he has on your hips forces you to come to a halt. The car falls silent besides your ragged breathing, and Ran allows himself a moment to watch you. Violet eyes appreciate the growth of your impatience; the squirming in his hold, the nimble fingers scrunching up his dress shirt and those needy eyes of yours glazed with a pinch of hunger.

    A chuckle escapes the man the moment your teeth sink into your bottom lip, inflicting pain upon your own body to keep yourself in check.

    “Pretty thing,” Ran speaks low and redirects your gaze with the tip of his fingers. Your eyes meet and much more conveys in your shared gaze than any words could ever say. His hold around the back of your neck leads you forward, lips brushing yours as he whispers, “don’t be shy with me.”

    His touch along your outer thigh slowly drives you insane, imagining a trail of burn marks to etch into your skin the longer his fingers remain on your body. You’re desperate, cunt throbbing the longer you feel his erection press against your puffy lips.

    It’s no surprise you’ve lost control.

    Airy laughter bubbles out of Ran’s throat upon your eagerness when you tear some buttons off his dress shirt. Your nails add pretty red streaks to the black ink on his body as they drag down to his slacks and help him undress.

    He already felt promising while you simply sat on his lap, but as you allow the tip of his cock to drag along your wet slit to tease yourself, you’re finally sure about hitting the jackpot for tonight.

    You tease yourself by circling his thick head over the sensitive nerves around your clit, relishing in his hisses and the gentle tug of his fingers on your hip. “You feel so good…” you sigh in content as your head falls in the crook of Ran’s neck and enjoy his chuckles vibrating against your body.

    You almost hate to admit the level of comfort you feel thanks to him. But his hands truly seem like they were made to hold you, to guide you as you sink down on his shaft. Mewling upon the stretch he challenges you with.

    “Just like that, fuck…” he groans and makes sure his praise reaches your little brain going dumb thanks to his cock. Shivers embark on a journey along your body the moment he moans your name and bottoms out, holding your body pressed right up against himself to pull himself together. He’s waited for this moment since too long, fantasising about the pleasure your gummy walls would deliver, yet nothing could have actually prepared Ran for the ecstatic feeling currently pulsing through his veins.

    “You drive me mad, little girl,” he whispers while his nails run up your spine and find rest on your nape. “Now fuck yourself silly on my cock. You deserve it.”

    The response of your cunt clenching around his girth steals yet another chuckle from him. The strain added to his voice only edging you to turn him on even more.

    “Don’t complain…” you murmur against his lips, confident in your talents as your hips begin to grind down on him. Your hands hold his face gently before your fingers ruin his hair, carding through the silky and perfectly styled strands to find leverage on his roots as your movements grow wilder.

    Ran finds himself entirely mesmerised by you. The way you look on top of him like you belonged to him all this time on your rightful throne, this must truly be destiny. So it comes as no surprise how his hands hold you a little tighter, perpetuating minor bruises on your hips as his nails leave crescent shapes.

    You lift yourself off his lap, moaning over the stretch when you sink back down again and let the full potential of his cock spoil your cunt. Rolling your hips before a hard break of the chauveur shoves you into Ran’s chest and knocks the air out of your lungs.

    But he’s got you. He will always have you in his arms from this day forth. Caught right in his strong embrace and dying over the feel of your tits pressed against his firm chest.

    “Careful, sweetheart, we don’t want anything to happen to you now,” Ran says, firmly believing in the fact the safest place for you to be is his embrace. His tongue travels along your shoulder and neck, licking over already blooming and stingy marks he added in the club while he helps you pick up your pace once more.

    Yet the click of your tongue catches him off-guard, meeting your eyes with confusion laced in his own pupils. “Oh, what would I do without you,” you tease and pause your movements all over, only letting the delicious pulsing of your walls embrace his cock.

    The tip of your nose bumps against Ran’s before your lips brush another. The stinging sensation of your fingernails along his chest leaves the man panting in need, hips jerking somewhat desperately as you refuse to move.

    What a feisty little thing he found himself.

    The realisation of being under your mercy has him sigh in pleasure, joy and madness. You may be his queen on the chessboard, but you’re the one truly ruling over him.

    He leans back until his head rests against the car seat, eyes falling shut while his chest rumbles from his laughter. Relaxing and surrendering to your little display of power, until you lose it all.

    Control stripped away as the hands on your hips make you move. Forcing you to arch whenever your cunt embraces Ran’s cock. The almost painful grip has you circle your hips, allowing the tip of his cock to reach and stimulate your sweet spot as he uses your smooth muscles for his own pleasure.

    All you can offer are desperate sobs and moans as you lose yourself in the agonising display of power Ran offers.

    “Can’t-, fuck,” you whimper and only make him feel higher on his horse. You’re really losing the ability to articulate over his cock? That’s, “so fucking cute,” he coos at you, before grabbing into your hair, pressing your head into the juncture of his shoulder and neck while his free arm wraps around your waist.

    At this point, he relentlessly thrusts up into you, using your body like his personal toy, while your cunt tightens around him, dangerously so.

    Ran feels his own orgasm approaching just as the driver takes his final turn. Chasing his high, but promising to feel your cunt gushing all over him as well.

    “Wanna feel really good, sweetie?” he pants, cock jerking against your tight walls before he pulls out. God, he hates it already. Hates how he throbs and desires to be back inside your warmth.

    “Want to, please, please, I just wanna cum!” you hiccup while further hiding your face—surely staining his white dress shirt with your mascara and drool. Especially so once Ran collects your overflowing juices with his fingertips and drags them up to your clit.

    Tapping the swollen pearl until you squirm in his hold and your legs tremble. That’s the moment his shaft finds refuge inside your walls once more, nestling himself deep inside you and relishing the spasming of your cunt while his fingers toy with your clit.

    Everso gently does he circle your hips on his lap. Allowing you to feel how well his cock fills you up, if it wasn’t for your hazy mind clouding your awareness as the coil in your stomach finally snaps and you cum. Pussy pulsing and tightly hugging his cock while you squirm in his lap. Your soft mewls and grateful praise paint his skin in a sheen layer of adoration, your words etching themselves in his memory and leading him toward his own high.

    Ran welcomes his high with a groan of deep satisfaction as his heavy lids fall shut. Careless words fall past his lips since all the man can think of is your perfect embrace. “You feel even better than I’ve ever imagined, you know that…” he whispers while you feel his hands caressing your sides and thighs before he gently squeezes your flesh. “I was just thinking about you last night before I went to sleep...” he goes on and sighs deeply, smiling to himself and enjoying the way you clench tightly around him.

    Your alarm bells cause your body to stiffen in his hold, hands pushing against his chest as you try to bring distance between your bodies the moment the car comes to a halt.

    “But this,” he points back and forth between your bodies while lavender bores into the depths of your soul. “Fuck, this was…” Ran straightens his posture, chasing your lips once more if it wasn’t for the turn of your head. His forehead rests against your temple, his previous endearing chuckle now making you feel uneasy.

    “What the fuck are you talking about?” you finally ask, regardless of the tight feeling in your throat.

    But the pungent smell of cigarettes joins the filthy scent of sex as the car door opens. “About time,” Akashi grumbles and bends down with little regard for your privacy. “Mikey’s waiting, impatiently.”

    “No fun allowed, I see.” Ran mumbles, more so to himself while he still continues to let his hands travel over your body. The spank to your ass jolts you awake and his kiss to your cheek has you shivering in disgust. “Come on, pretty girl. We need to get dressed and meet my friend.”

    “What frie—” the calloused hand around your upper arm tears you off Ran’s lap and outside the car, leaving the older Haitani to spew insults and complaints as he fixes himself and steps outside the car.

    With quick strides does he catch up to you and Akashi, ignoring the older mans annoyed demeanour as he drapes his jacket over your shivering form. You wish you could push the fabric off, but alas, it leaves your figure hidden from lifeless black and manic blue eyes welcoming you to the top of the Bonten HQ.

    “Fucking finally!” Sanzu exclaims as he twirls a pistol in his hand. The grin to his face stretches wider once he notices your fear and he can’t keep himself from closing the distance between your figures. Looming above you as he taps the end of the pistol against the side of your head, dragging it along your cheek and pulling on your lower lip.

    Yet his fascinated chuckles die down as Ran pushes the weapon out of your face, challenging the other man in a staring contest until Mikey interrupts the farce.

    “You know why you’re here?” his uninterested voice brings all heads to snap toward the man and you gulp. Not sure what answer is right or wrong while your body grows pliant under your fear, kneeling at his feet by a simple push of Akashi against your shoulder.


    Your meek reply causes another fit of laughter to erupt from the pink-haired man as he returns to stand beside Mikey, whispering something about just shooting you right now.

    “I’ll keep her.” This time all eyes jump towards Ran. Standing tall beside your kneeling figure with his hands in the pockets of his slacks. “I’ll keep her and you,” he looks at Akashi, “you fix the shit with her father. Any material needed, I’ll provide.” Long fingers run over your head and fist your hair, yanking on your head and stealing a yelp from you as he reveals your pretty face to Mikey.

    “Is she that good of a fuck for you to get a pet?” Sanzu chirps, giggling over his own degrading question while you bore daggers into his figure.

    “Fuck off!” you bite back, hissing over the sting Ran’s grip inflicts to your scalp. “You fucking psychopath,” yet the tears already stain your cheeks as you speak. “All bark, no bite,” Akashi mumbles as he lights yet another cigarette.

    “If you want shit from my dad—” yet your words die in your throat as Ran kneels beside you, encircling you with his long legs.

    “We want everything from your dad, that’s right. And all I want from him,” his fingers curl around your chin, teary eyes meeting his, “all I want is you. Mikey wants his money, and prostitutes, right, Mikey?”

    “Yeah, whatever,” this Mikey quietly replies.

    “So I’ll keep you. I promise you’ll have a good life. I know what you like. I know you, from your favourite way to drink coffee to your preferred fabric softener—”

    Yet the rage inside your quivering body bubbles over at this and your hand flies up to land a slap to his cheek, stinging and ugly red. “You don’t know shit.”

    “Maybe a little bite,” the older man beside you muses.

    “Just the right amount,” Ran adds with a small grin, and remembers the painful streaks throbbing on his chest. “Where else would the fun be.”

    You taste bile on your tongue as he leans in and forces your lips to meet, kissing you sickly sweet in front of his business partners. “Gonna make you love me too, baby,” he promises, threatens, in a hushed tone.

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  • red-letter-imagines
    25.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Rant-dom Headcannon of the day:

    I know a lot of people headcannon that many of the Tokyo Revengers characters are either incapable of commitment or don't care for it, but many of them can actually be adequate lovers.

    Ran, for example. Though it may seem he hardly takes anything seriously, he's quite a worrier.

    Having to look after himself and Rindou takes a lot of growing up to do. Add that to being top delinquents, and therefore huge targets, he's a lot more methodical than people might think.

    It's why he tends not to enter relationships often, if at all. He has quite the responsibility on his shoulders already; he hardly has time for that.

    He's all for one night stands, but that's about it. It'd take someone either interesting enough to be addictive, or someone stubborn as hell for him to divide his attention.

    And when he does, it's intense. Proper dates are planned a week before, he makes efforts to establish that that person is under the Haitanis' protection. Rindou's the unofficial bodyguard, and he takes pleasure in literally being encouraged to break bones.

    Ran, I think, needs someone who knows how to ground him when everything gets too much. How they go about it doesn't matter, so long as he's able to come down from power trips or becoming too cocky to be safe. Someone who cares for him and Rindou, but doesn't reject their way of life.

    Bonus points if they can fight too; it lessens his worries.

    And if they can become a sanctuary for Ran, where everything about him is accepted and cherished, you can bet your ass he ain't looking at anyone else.


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  • zvchinni
    25.09.2021 - 12 hours ago
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  • ggoldensalmomroe
    25.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    summary: working at a casino owned by the most nefarious brothers of the crime world wasn't a first pick, but it fed your need for thrill. that is until the cards began to fold, the game of love falling into play. slowly but surely, the dangerous game pulls you into the cold, corrupt world of the gangs, a world often seen as picture perfect. in the end, which brother will give up their biggest bluffs and win their favorite dealer's heart?

    pairings: ran haitani x black reader x rindo haitani

    warnings: explicit content, smut, use of drugs, violence


    #anime#reader insert #x fem!reader #x female reader #tokyo rev x reader #tokyo revengers #tr x reader #haitani brothers #haitani rindou x reader #rindou haitani#ran haitani #haitani x reader
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  • izankys
    24.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I want to make headcanons of Tokyo revengers characters

    Even though my English is not my original language so you can see graphical errors

    #mikey tokyo revengers #takemichi #mikey x reader #draken x y/n #haitani rindou x reader #haitani brothers#haitani ran#tokyo #tokyo manji gang
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