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  • cyncerity
    18.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    I drew something for the Dad’s Troubles AU cause I don’t want it to die!

    Q is in pain and bitching about it

    Close up internal and Q w/out the internal and a lot of extra writing under the cut.

    So this takes place after Quackity noms Ranboo and, realizing he can’t spit him out as planned, noms Tubbo shortly after to comfort him (all of which I’ve mentioned in the first draft for this au)

    Warning that I’m about to rant about this au a lot (mostly about Schlatt and Quackity’s relationship) and if you wanna read anything else about the actual art, just read the first and last paragraphs (the last four are a short that happens after the events of the picture because I have zero self control)

    A few things I didn’t mention that I put in the pictures is that Quackity feels like shit rn. I mentioned that Ranboo was way too big to comfortably fit inside of Q’s belly, so adding Tubbo to that weight was a big mistake. And he still can’t spit out either of them for the next..maybe 10 or 11 hours at this point. And he doesn’t want his fiancé’s fussing over him so he leaves and walks down the hallway to Schlatt’s place, since he’s the only one who kinda understands this stuff and the only person he can talk about Tubbo to.

    I’ve seen a lot of aus where Schlatt and Quackity have a really toxic relationship and Schlatt never loved Q and Q got manipulated and yada yada yada but please let me have my one au where it’s different. Yes, Quackity and Schlatt used to love each other. Yes, they were engaged. Yes, the broke it off, but it was on neutral terms. They both agreed that they were dumb fresh out of high school kids when they wanted to get married and now that they were adults they just didn’t mix well anymore. Hell, they started going out because of a game of “gay chicken” gone too long. There’s no way they could go through with years of marriage together. But Quackity’s just happy that he became Tubbo’s “mom” through the proposal. (Tubbo exclusively refers to Quackity as “mom” or “mama Q.” Quackity thinks it’s hilarious and has never objected to the name. He has, though, asked Tubbo where the nickname came from. His son changes the subject every time, and has refused to answer the question for years now.)

    I know I put something a little different earlier, but it’s my au so I’m changing it, but Q and Schlatt were still engaged when Q “met” Tubbo (the losing the bet incident that resulted in the first time Schlatt swallowed Tubbo). Schlatt explained the next morning that Tubbo was his son and that if Quackity was gonna marry him, he had to get used to Tubbo and treat him like a normal kid. He didn’t have to help raise him since “he’s tiny, I can handle him by myself,” but Q felt a sense of obligation since the marriage would make him the tiny’s official dad, so he did his best to help raise the kid.

    He never regretted it. He loves Tubbo just as much as Schlatt does, even after they broke up. When they told Tubbo they weren’t gonna get married anymore, he just asked if Quackity was gonna leave him “again,” whatever that meant. He said no. Tubbo felt better after that. Presently, Tubbo doesn’t care that his parents aren’t married. They love him, and they care about it each other, even if it isn’t romantic anymore. (Also, Tubbo has been begging Quackity to let him be the ring bearer at his wedding with Karl and Sapnap since their first date).

    Safe to say, Quackity and Schlatt are best friends. Quackity has a back up key to Schlatt’s apartment and will break in in the middle of the night to do whatever. Most of the time that’s breaking in and waking Schlatt up so he can complain about something. This usually ends with a pillow getting thrown in his face before Schlatt falls right back asleep. That’s kinda what happened with the pictures above (see, it wasn’t just a rant, I brought it back around to the art. I’m a genius).

    Schlatt was literally just trying to go to sleep before Q bursts the door open, hand on his stomach which is extended far more then normal, and a pained look in his eye. “Schlatt, I fucked up.” “What happened and where’s our son.” “In here, he’s not alone, I can’t get them out because my fiancés are idiots, and my internal organs are being stretched too far and I feel full in the worst way and it fucking hurts and I crave death.” Schlatt sighed and turned on the coffee machine, filling his mug before walking to his couch and sitting down, patting the open spot next to him. “Talk to me.” Q dramatically flopped down next him, wincing immediately after at what Schlatt could only assume to be Tubbo and whoever else getting thrown around his gut due to the sudden movement. Quackity began to ramble about what had happened earlier, hand never leaving his stomach. Schlatt just listened.

    The next morning, Schlatt woke up to Quackity leaning on him, still fast asleep. Schlatt shook his shoulder, eventually slowly waking the man up. “What do you want?” Q whispered, still half asleep. “I want you to spit out the poor soul that’s been stuck in your belly all night. Probably scared the fuck out’ve ‘em. Also, I’m sure You and Tubbo and them are hungry, and none of you can eat while your like this. I don’t think you could fit anything else in there if you tried, anyways.” Schlatt said, smirking and poking Quackity’s stomach. Q smacked the finger away and got to work getting the two out of his gut as Schlatt walked away to get food. He came back to see Quackity and Tubbo talking as the sleeping borrower layed on a washcloth on Q’s lap. Tubbo himself had a washcloth, too, and was trying to scrub the spit off of him as he saw Schlatt walk up the the couch with a plate of fruit.

    “Dad!” “Yes?” Schlatt smiled, looking down to meet eyes with the tiny, who had a glare on his face and fire in his eyes. “You’re a dickhead.” “Woah, what did I do?” He laughed, and Tubbo smiled back “‘Oh you probably scared them,’ ‘you need to check on the borrower you swallowed last night.’ You forget about me or something?” Tubbo began to dramatically fall off the table, Schlatt’s hand instinctually coming up from under his to keep him from actually hurting himself as Q scoffed, barely containing his laughter. “Your very own son, worthless, abandoned! Forgotten by the man who raised him in favor of another borrower he’d never even met!” Quackity finally laughed out loud before Schlatt slid Tubbo down on his palm and loosely closed his hand around his torso and head, keeping him from speaking as he brought his other hand under him for support. “Ok you drama queen, I get it. You have jealousy issues.” Schlatt said as he set Tubbo back down on the couch near the fruit plate. Tubbo picked up a grape and bit into it before trying to shout “I don’t!” “Dont talk with your mouth full. Besides, I’m not worried about you. You’ve spent longer than 12 hours in specifically Quackity’s stomach before, never mind me and Q’s. I think your record with me was 2 days. So you’re far more than used to this than they are. We’ve been swallowing you for a while, but this other kid must’ve thought they were gonna die. Did they seem ok while you were in there with them?”

    Tubbo swallowed another bite of his grape and shrugged. “I don’t know. They seemed pretty panicked when I first got in there with them. They may have relaxed a bit when I told them that we were in my mom and we could trust him. But that might’ve just been confusion since mama Q is, y’know, a guy, and they knew that and I just referred to this random human man as ‘mom.’” Schlatt could practically sense Quackity facepalm without even having to look at him. “At least that bit got them to stop crying some. But they seemed to calm down at least a little after a few more hours. Enough to fall asleep, anyways.” “Alright, that sounds…good, probably.” Schlatt responded looking back to the still unconscious borrower. “Damn, Alex, I feel bad for you. How did they even fit in there?” Quackity went to reply before Tubbo cut him off. “That’s what I was thinking, too!” Tubbo exclaimed. “His belly is, like, barely over half the size of yours. And I normally have extra room. But god was it cramped in there last night.” “Yeah, it seems like it would’ve been.” “It was. I can tell you right now, it was.” Schlatt laughed, picking up Tubbo and moving to sit down next to Quackity as he set Tubbo on his lap next to the other borrower. “So, what are we gonna do when they wake up?” Quackity asked. Schlatt shrugged. “The best we can.”

    #two posts in one day?! #in this economy?! #it’s more likely than you think #also this is one of my favorite aus so please send asks about it so it doesn’t die!! #I’ll try and answer them in the morning since I’m going to bed now lol #cyncerity#mcyt g/t#mcyt gt#cyn art#cynwrites #tiny!tubbo #tiny!ranboo #giant!quackity #giant!schlatt #tw vore#g/t vore#vore art #I suck at drawing Schlatt so I put him in the Bush shirt so you could tell it was him lmao #Also ye Ranboo has vitiligo in this au! #cause I know a lot of people with vitiligo who hate it on them but love when it’s represented #this includes my mother hskskshsk
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  • lunarsteller
    18.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    a dream smp/hermitcraft headcanon of the acting variety

    and also some of my own normal ones

    mumbo is the director of the show and wilbur is the writer. they met through a mutual grian and they started to hit it off (/p of course).

    wilbur convinced mumbo to aid him in his dream of having a tv show and they ended up doing in successfully

    when working on the cast, wilbur initially asked mumbo if he wanted a part in the series. but he said no, since he though he wouldn’t be a good fit for the show

    dream, george, and sapnap were fast rising stars and had gained a large fanbase through their manhunt movies

    when they found out about wilbur’s tv show, they auditioned (much to their agents dismay as they thought the show would fail) and became the first 3 cast members besides wilbur

    phil was well known in the community for his survival hardcore reality tv show that lasted for 5 seasons/years (the longest for any of its kind) until a baby zombie ended his run by getting the laser-tag-like health bar low enough so a spider could offically end it

    when phil auditoned, he didnt think he was going to get a part since he was a reality star. but wilbur wanted to have him in the show so much, he made a character just for him

    from the moment tommy and tubbo walked in (neither of which had any acting experience), wilbur knew he wanted to have them in the show

    purpled was a regular extra on set mainly because of his skills from being a top bedwars player and eventually wilbur added him into the las nevadas storyline as a minor character

    purpled is siblings with foolish, drista, dream, puffy, and punz (puffy, foolish, punz and purpled are adopted tho)

    ranboo just came on set one day and was immedietly adopted by tubbo and then he was written into the script. ranboo was confused but he went along with it

    fundy is actually wilbur’s cousin, but looks really young and looks A LOT LIKE WILBUR so he get confused as wilburs son a lot and the inside joke became apart of the DSMP canon

    fundy was samuel seabury in a production of hamilton and thats how he got into acting

    rendog is hbomb’s stunt double

    and grian is tubbo’s he just has a wig on

    and doc is sams

    theyre also brothers dont @ me

    no one off camera can stop laughing during the maidbomb scenes and keeps fucking up the takes

    usually the younger cast members (the minors, sapnap, q) and ren

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  • a-dumb-bitch-apparently
    18.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    besties this was on tik tok <3

    #ranboo #he is simply jamming
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  • dsmpthings07
    18.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Ranbus supremacy😌

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  • little-oxford-st
    18.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    No shade, no judgement, but is The Fall genuinely your favourite, or is it your favourite because Ranboo likes it?

    #Ranboo#Wilbur soot#lovejoy#pebblebrain#the fall #I just wonder if it would be so popular if it didn’t have such a popular advocate in its corner … #why does this feel like swinging a bat at a hornets nest …
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  • emcilly
    18.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    i dragged my friend to my schools football game but we lost……TO 38-7!!!??? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK

    I’m not even kidding we were so done but halftime

    this is me after i figured out we we’re losing

    Anyways um the whole crush thing, has been not as good as i would like it but i mean we are talking again?

    He said that the reason it looked like he was avoiding me was because he wasn’t feeling “himself” Idk definitely feeling a little discouraged but like there really isn’t anything i could do about it.

    And guys serious talk what is the sexuality for crushing on all genders but having a preference for boys?Cause like i’ve been researching and i can’t find anything.As of right now im queer/unlabeled.But yeah……

    OK BYE

    song of the day :)

    #mcyt imagines #dream smp x reader #george weasley x reader #ranboo x reader #sbi x reader #peter parker angst #ranboo my beloved #steve harrington x reader #fanart #george weasley fanfiction #emcilly crush update? #emcilly asks#emily talks#Spotify
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  • blearyhiraeth
    18.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    spongebob dream I had like 3 months ago

    ok so like Patrick is driving a hearse(??) and runs out of gas in the middle of a highway. He runs to a gas station by foot which is like a long way. Spongebob is walking casually along the highway and sees Patrick’s hearse and Gary is inside the car. Spongebob sees Gary and breaks into the hearse. Meanwhile, Patrick is at the gas station looking at gas prices and like just,, staring at the prices. He runs back to his car. on foot. Cut to spongebob- A police car stops by hearse and yells at spongebob “no parking” and mutters something and drives away. The hearse does not move. Cut to a (few moments later slide) and  the hearse is still on the side of the highway. then behind the hearse (pans camera) there's a farmers market, someone’s house, a horse,  a bunch of dogs, a taco stand in which 2 (two) dsmp characters are arguing in front of, a huge cardboard box, and a line of fish going to n where then I woke up

    #I told my mum this and she told me that I should stop watching spongebob #this felt like a wholeass episode #blearys blackout prophecies #I hate that I=even in non dsmp/mcyt related dreams #my mind still finds a way to insert something/someone as a reference #the 2 characters were Tubbo and ranboo kekw
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  • firepowder
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #nothing against ranboo's lore lol just clarifying I simply like the way it sounds!! it sounds good!! #asks#I speak #this is sooo old sorry
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  • solardrink
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #sorry boys i think its gonna be ranboo pov this time
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  • brightert0mb
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Syndicate Gang with a Glare/Allay/Copper Golem!Reader Headcannons

    In honor of those we have lost and our winner of MCLive

    Also please note that I write these in the mindset that all of these mobs exist in the game but Glares and Copper Golems are very rare as they didn’t win. So hybrids of them are ever more unheard of


    Probably meets you when Ranboo is mining

    He forgot his torches and he ends up bumping into you

    Ends up taking you back after learning you have no house and live in the caverns

    He doesn’t want you getting hurt by the mobs

    Techno is very skeptical, even when he learns you don’t know anything about the SMP

    Phil is wary but mainly trying to decipher what you are

    Ranboo thinks the leaves in you hair and puffing slightly out of your clothes are cool and will occasionally try to clean them out only for more to grow back

    Niki is the most welcoming, in the sense that she will talk to you about who you are, where you come from, what brought you to meet Ranboo

    After thoroughly establishing you don’t have a home outside the cavern, they offer you the couch

    Phil wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to make tea, only to find you on the porch glaring out into the forest surrounding the base

    You are pretty quiet in daily life, though all of them notice your nightly habit of glaring into the darkness

    Phil finally puts two and two together after Ranboo goes into more detail about finding you in the cave and helped him avoid the darker areas

    They have you sleep during the day due to not really being able to stop your night habit



    Niki would find you in a flower field collecting dozens of flowers

    You two chat and she gives you a cookie before leaving

    A couple hours after getting back to the group you knock on the door, a stack of cookies in hand

    They all find it generally off putting but you seem so genuine that they try to be nice when trying to get rid of you

    Techno would actually try paying you with gold to get you to leave

    Surprisingly this works

    However they notice one of the pickaxes has gone missing soon after

    A couple hours later, you are back with nearly three whole stacks of raw gold

    Ranboo notices your wings and Phil finally figured out your an Allay

    They settle about the cookie thing soon after

    You usually stick with Niki

    She will give you things and ask you to collect certain amounts for her city

    However, she doesn’t let you try and give her treats when she gives them to you as payment

    Ranboo will take you mining, collecting ores he drops, and Phil has you help him farm, collecting the crops while he replants seeds

    Techno is the most wary

    However, after giving you a mending book to hold and you disappearing, only to reappear almost a full day later with four more, he’s a bit more accepting


    Copper Golem!Reader

    Phil finds you when wandering a little farther than normal and finds a large compound

    You are there mostly rusted, pressing multiple buttons that seem to power the place

    He fixes you up and asks you what you are doing

    You tell him about how you were made a long time ago and we’re left to be the caretaker of the place

    When asked how long ago, you can’t give a straight answer

    Copper isn’t known to be the best material after all

    Deciding it wouldn’t be right to just leave you, he takes you home

    Everyone is kinda confused but you are generally pretty fun

    You do small tasks, organizing the chests, taking care of smelting the ore or making food

    General upkeep stuff that Phil says is hard coded into you from the base you took care of

    Everyone likes you fairly well, Techno in particular is thankful that you organize the chests

    He likes to task you with taking care of the animals when he goes out

    Phil does the same with the crops when he goes out

    You are surprisingly strong so Niki has you help with the really heavy lifting in her underground city

    Ranboo and you bond over not remember your pasts well

    #minecraft#mc live#glare#glare supremacy#allay#copper golem #technoblade x reader #techno x reader #philza x reader #phil x reader #niki x reader #dsmp #ranboo x reader #dsmp ranboo#dsmp niki#dsmp techno#dsmp philza #nihachu x reader
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  • lwalmart
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    whoops my hand slipped


    #ranboo#dream smp#dsmp #adsgjh not sorry <3
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  • osmpranboo
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    lost a follower. was it bc of the kin discourse

    #U should expect this. u never know what ur gonna get on osmp ranboo dot Tumblr dot com #my post
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  • galaxy0geek
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Osmp!Ranboo is just Prince Zuko

    Both royalty

    Both (probably) banished from home


    Wise mentor that wears green

    Still thinks they're in charge when they're not


    Zero skills of manners

    Even worse social skills


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  • sewnbythedevil
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I want like…really mean techno. Like would’ve thrown Tommy to Dream if Tommy refused to help him. Mocks Quackity for Sapnap & Karl leaving to make Kinoko Kingdom. Talking to Dream about how George had made close friends with XD as a replacement for him. Telling George how horrible Dream has been doing in prison. Laughing at Sapnaps ‘friendship’ with Dream. Asking Sam how he could just let Tommy get killed by Dream. Calling Wilbur ‘sad’ for blowing up l’manburg. Making fun of Wilbur for not realising Dream was torturing Tommy. Bringing up the fact that Tommy ran to a known anarchist before his best friend because he didn’t trust him to Tubbo. Saying to Tommy that Tubbo had replaced him with Ranboo. Just… all around Techno being really fucking mean to people

    #ik it has a lot of dream and Tommy but that’s because they’re a big big part of lore #c!technoblade #c!techno #c!tommyinnit #c!tommy #c!dream #c!dreamwastaken #c!wilbur soot #c!wilbur #c!quackity #c!sapnap #c!gnf #c!george #c!georgenotfound #c!tubbo #c!ranboo #c!tubbo underscore #c!ranboo beloved #dreamxd#DreamXD#dream#tommyinnit#technoblade#Wilbur soot#quackity#Sapnap#georgenotfound#Ranboo#Tubbo#dsmp
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  • secretboo
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    If we never get c!beeduo lore again I hope they tell us that they got a happy ending.

    #I just want them to be happy #please#beeduo#dream smp#dsmp#ranboo#tubbo
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  • littlejaxalt
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    day 113 of grabbing a random meetup screenshot and drawing it

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  • antimony-medusa
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Totem Of Undying Job, Chapter 11. 

    In which I am very mean to Ranboo and then let him have little a heist, as a treat. Also, being Technoblade is suffering, being Philza is suffering, Tubbo continues to girlboss (too close to the sun? only time will tell), Wilbur Makes A Friend™ , and Niki looks sad and makes a prison warden think she’s harmless. 

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  • sootsquared
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #WAIT IDK IF YOURE TALKING ABOUT REGULAR DSMP TWF AU OR BURSONA TWF AU #a dsmp twf au would actually work really well 😳 #like..... tommy or ranboo is sophie maybe.... #RANBOO WOULD FIT A LOT BC MEMORY LOSS #MAN I JSUT. I LOVE TWF SO MUCH ITS SO COOL TO ME #scares me a lot but UGGGH I LOVE IT #i really enjoy bons crew when theyre drawn in 2d like in bunnyfarms........... #omg which of them would be which anamatronic #ask
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  • imbasiclyblind
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Decided to redraw my redraw LAMO

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