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  • I hate doctors. It’s been a day, & it’s not even close to being over. Like I needed more of a reason to be depressed, discouraged, & to beat myself up for not being able to do more. I don’t have the spoons to deal with this.

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  • I’ve been playing pokemon since the Christmas after Red and Blue version came out. I specifically deleted a save after trading my brother or cousin my Squirtle so I could use Charmander as my starter instead. I love the species introduced in past generations. However, I have complaints about some of the things you do…

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  • i hate that i’m so broke that i can’t afford to move out of my place even though the people i live with are disgusting and i can’t function in my situation which makes my depression so so much worse and then i fall into an endless cycle of sad and part of me wants to just drop out of college but my family would think i’m silly so idk what i’m going to do😥

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  • ghjdkghfkjghjskhfdkjs

    There’s an older guy in my office who always needs help with various tasks. He’ll ask me everything from verb tense to how to copy/paste. This is a man who just…refuses to learn how to google anything. He just walked up to me and said “I have an old buddy, this is his name. How would you spell it?”

    This dude. Just deadass. Walked up to me and asked me how to spell his friend’s name. Like. Excuse me. I don’t recall becoming omniscient. Just because your crusty old ass can’t remember how to do anything does not mean I somehow know everything. Like you’ve never asked me anything hard. That’s why I’ve always been able to help you. Because your inability to retain basic information is astounding.

    I told him that there are multiple ways to spell that particular name. He told me to guess. I guessed. Now he’s complaining it doesn’t look right.

    Maybe you should just fucking remember your friend’s name, Jim.

    This man makes twice my salary.

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  • SO I was trying to be productive, so I planned out a to do list for myself, and I was thinking that if I stuck to it, I would get a lot of my work done, if not all of it. And I was actually feeling motivated to do it.

    When I got back to my room, I saw that my roommate was still asleep, so I decided to work in the rec room 2 rooms away instead so I didn’t bother her. This wasn’t a problem cuz I’m usually pretty productive in there.

    The problem was I started hearing loud music coming from somewhere in the hall. I closed the door but I could still hear it pretty clearly, and it was really distracting, making it even harder to work. I knew my roommate played music so loud I cold hear it from the rec room with the door closed pretty often, but I figured she was probably asleep, so it couldn’t be her. (Listen: my roommate really bothers me for a lot of reasons, but I really try to give her the benefit of the doubt.) After trying to focus for a while and failing, I decided to give up and head to the library, which has a silent study zone with a strict no talking rule, which is my favorite thing in the world. I needed to head to the library anyway today, but I was planning to go later and since I was already in a bad mood from my work being a lot more frustrating than I expected, my carefully planned out to do list being thrown off really bothered me. I know its kinda stupid, but I NEVER make to do lists. I even included letting myself mess around with paint as a reward at the end to motivate myself to be as productive as possible. I genuinely was really proud of it and myself for making it and planning to stick to it.

    So I turned on spotify in my headphones and started heading out and when I got to the main door I realized I forgot my portfolio, so I had to go back up all 3 flights of stairs, silently cursing whoever ruined my schedule. But then, one of my favorite songs started playing, immediately cheering me up a little. I was playing it really loud to try to drown out any background noises. 

    So I got to my room with my music playing, not being able to hear a lot, started to unlock the door, and my roommate opened it. As soon as she opened the door the music coming from our room was so loud I couldn’t hear my favorite song almost at all. It absolutely wasn’t surprising that she was the one to ruin my plans and flush me out of the building (its happened multiple times), but that made me so angry. I know that she couldn’t have known that I was trying to work a few rooms over and that I find stuff like that really distracting, but if I would hear her music from a few rooms over with the door closed, that’s a problem, right???? Like I know that I’m more sensitive to loud noises than most people, but when she does this, its genuinely so loud that I can’t physically be in the room cuz it makes it so hard to think and hurts my ears. It was difficult to be in there for just 15 seconds to grab my portfolio.

    Also the fact that I was trying to be considerate by not even being in the room while she was asleep so I wouldn’t bother her, and then I get flushed out of the building cuz she’s playing music so loud. I’m really trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, like I know she doesn’t know how much sound bothers me, or that I was trying to work 2 doors away, but she does know that the walls aren’t soundproof. Once, she was playing some mario game with her boyfriend so loud I could hear the sound effects from the rec room with the door closed. (She didn’t ask if her boyfriend could come over or even tell me he was, by the way.) I told her that I could hear it, so she KNOWS that if she plays music loud enough, people will be able to hear it.

    She’s not playing things this loud at any time while people are trying to sleep, but I feel like its inconsiderate to play anything so loud that there’s not much people around you can do to stifle the noise other than try to drown it out with something else at any time of day unless you KNOW FOR A FACT that no one is bothered by it. Is that just me?

    This is unrelated to this situation today, but once, at like 1 am, I was trying to sleep cuz I had class the next day, and she was just watching videos on her phone without headphones and openly laughing at them. Another time, I was trying to sleep, and I heard her open the door, and she closed it quietly, so I silently thanked her for trying not to wake me up, but then she turned on the tv and started watching some bad reality tv show.

    Now people are talking in the no talking zone.

    Im not having a good day.

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  • I’m on one today, everyone. ✌🏻

    One of my residents keeps posting negative reviews about the apartments I work at on multiple wesites, slandering us, even using my name in multiple reviews. I’m pretty sure it’s the same person.. and I think I know of who it is, but I really can’t do anything about it. 😣

    I know I can say it’s not true to anyone who asks but no one will believe it because of the industry I’m in and the image we all have a liars and skeezy sales people. I try not to care, but it’s super hard to not get irritated! …Especially since their complaints towards me are literally about me wearing leggings instead of tights and that my husband brings my dog to visit me every once in a while (other then being rude which, OF COURSE, every single one of us working here is). 🤦🏼‍♀️

    This paired with everything else that has been going on, I’m over property management at a corporate level.

    Another rant: Paying your employees, who are required to live on-site, one dollar over minimum wage but requiring applicants to make 4X the rent is unjust. I don’t even make 4X a studio here! How dare you? I don’t even make 4X my discounted rent amount. 😂

    On top of that, rents are so high they’re joking if they think I can rent these now. People who make that amount can rent or buy a house… I’m never going to get a bonus ever again. Wouldn’t matter anyways, I guess, since the corporate office decided that the owners of the building (the people who already get the massive amount of profit from the apartments I fill, the same people that also run the corporate office) needed a big chunk of that. 😤 Really thought I was making a smart decision when signing up for my job, but I guess I’m still a dumbass.

    Anyways, guess I got to get over it until I have enough money to move. I was told a couple weeks ago that if I quit this job I’ll have to be out of my home in 3 days. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Hopefully I can make a plan and budget hard and be out by next summer. 😕

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  • This week has been an absolute shit show I am tired I want to go to bed I want to go home I’m so fucking tired and I’m trying to not be selfish but I have to take care of myself and like… that involves subtly hurting other people so idk

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  • God I wish someone gave a shit about my art so I wouldn’t have to work this shit tier job lmao

    #one day #or maybe not im actually #very close to just.... giving up on that dream #no one cares i dont make money online #or at vending events #so#yeah#personal#rant
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  • #personal#rant #sometimes I have to type things out to process them #and processing helps me heal
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  • My main account got marked as explicit?? And it didn’t even tell me what posts had been flagged (I don’t post adult content on the blog anyway)? Like, what?? Tumblr is a God damn joke tbh.

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  • Do you ever put a lot of time and effort into someone only for them to not care when your crying?

    Or even though you put all the effort in, they don’t even try and reach out?

    Or when you are trying really hard to be a good friend but your always second to someone else?

    Yeah, me too

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  • I know myself pretty well
    yes, I know that I have pride that I should suppress sometimes
    yes, I know that because of this I might miss opportunities
    I know that I am a jealous type
    I know that I am antisocial and my friends often have to go out of their way for me (I’m thankful to them for doing that)
    I know that I am bitter and have serious trust issues
    I know that I am bitter
    and yes, I know that I will regret all of these things when I get older or when I’m gone, but I don’t give a flying fuck
    I’d rather be myself and do what I feel is right and what brings me joy, than act like everyone else around me or follow everyone’s “advices”, when they are just jealous that they can’t do what I can.

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  • Had these plans for two fucking months.

    If the universe could stop fucking me up the ass that’d be great

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  • You know what i fucking hate about being an introvert. When you’ve scheduled to attend a party months ago and you’re really hyped for it, that on that same day some shit before the party fucking drains you and you don’t really want to go to the party, you’re actually really wanted to go, to anymore.  

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  • #i'm still pissed #might throw hands this week #rant
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  • Quick (sorta) personal point

    I began driving a semi truck 24 years ago. After four years of local driving I began driving regionally (upper midwest/lakes region) At the time the manufacturing base of the U.S. was battered but still an important part of the economy. At the time China had an annual review of it’s Most Favored Nation status as a trading partner (permanent MFN status was granted by George W. Bush on Dec 27 2001). At the time our trade deficit was not yet massive. At the time truck drivers in the U.S. were in demand but there was no severe shortage. At the time most over the road (OTR) trucking companies paid new, inexperienced drivers 23 to 25 cents per mile. (Translation- working about 60 hours a week and covering 3000 miles would get you about $750 before taxes and deductions)

    As of now your average brand new OTR truck driver will make about 30 cents per mile for at least the first 90 days. With the advent of mandatory ELDS (Electronic Logging Devices) a new driver isn’t likely to get 3000 miles in their 60 hour work week. They’ll still live in the truck and be out two to three weeks minimum but still see roughly the same pay. Twenty years on.

    Trucking is absolutely vital to the U.S. economy. Even more so with the increased prevalence of online shopping. All that foreign merchandise has to get from the port to you. The U.S. has a consumption economy. Continuous purchasing drives it. Thus demand for truck drivers is high, but actual supply of drivers is low. If actual capitalism was in play trucking companies would be among the most powerful and influential companies in the U.S. Truck drivers would be very highly paid and able to negotiate from a position of strength.

    This isn’t true. It is not in the government’s interest to allow an increase in the price of goods which would impact the purchasing ability of the average citizen. I have watched, over the course of twenty years, nothing really change regardless of who is in the white house. Other than the extent to which trucking is regulated. The regulations increase steadily despite the industry already being more heavily regulated than airlines or trains or, well, almost anything. I make a decent living. I also work six days a week and average 65 hours at work. I have said many times that the trucking industry operates on razor thin margins. In such an atmosphere and under such conditions, who do you think is pushing hardest for self driving trucks? It’s not about safety. It’s not about economic tyranny.

    I worked in a warehouse from 1994-99 (being a shuttle and back up route driver as well).I started at $10.50 an hour (Federal minimum wage was $4.25). After 90 days I was making $11.35 hr. I see factories now advertising starting wages of $11.75 to $12.50 an hour. With the federal minimum wage currently at $7.25. Hmm. So warehouse work used to pay about 2.6 times the minimum to start. Now factory work pays barely 50% more than the bare minimum. Stock markets in the stratosphere, billionaires galore but somehow the economy can’t afford to pay living wage. (For reference, the exact apartment I rented in 1994 for $475 a month now goes for $885.)

    Basically, in the U.S. if you feel like you’re working harder and harder to just get by as you sink deeper in debt you’re now a truly typical American.

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  • Public poll to all my followers for them to answer

    If someone came to you and said “Hey, I have a few outfits that are too big for me NOT SAYING YOU’RE FAT BUT YOU’RE HEAVIER SET THEN ME and they’ll fit you :)” would you be offended??

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  • Bit of a rant lmao

    Why does romance have to be a big part of the plot.

    Marinette is what 14? 15? Why does her crush and who she ends up with have to be a big part of the plot.

    Lets be honest here how many of you are still with your highschool sweetheart or dated someone or multiple people in highschool?

    Even if Marinette dates someone that is in no guarantee they will remain together throughout their school years or even afterwards. People move away, new people move in, people meet new people and fall in love again.

    If I was in Marinettes place I certainly wouldn’t be focusing on my crush and my superhero life. I would solely focus on my superhero life and then making sure I pass in school.

    I just feel like the shipping wars + how much the whole who has a crush on who is just kinda overwhelming and needs to chill for a moment.

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