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  • I always thought Yu was more Moon than Fool, at least anime Yu. Characters who are of the Moon Arcana have a common trend of putting their projection of their own fears and faults onto others. They often tend to have trouble accepting themselves for who they are and, because of that fear, try to correspond to an ideal person. And like the Arcana, there is a hidden depth as to why they act in their behaviors. (Wiki)

    If that doesn’t sound like Anime Yu, then let me talk about this.

    Yu’s fears being alone. Naturally, you’d hang out with others to calm this fear, but fears don’t go away that fast. I mean, you saw what happened to him in episode 13 and 25. Yu also fears rejection and losing his friends and acts dramatically or very stubley upon receiving it, (mostly looking at you, esidope 25) and at the very least, freaks out inside, and tries to save it, even if it looks somewhat ciggly. He was willing to go though the relationship with Ai that in no why was healthy. Yu’s friends even worried about his well being, as he had no time for the rest of them, and he was constantly called by Ai. Hell, Chie even claimed Ai treated Yu horribly, and he doesn’t deserve such treatment.

    For the trouble accepting themselves part of the Moon, Yu doesn’t have this as bad as the others, but it’s still pretty bad if your Persona goes back to a Shadow.

    Corresponding to an ideal person, do I even need to say this? That the whole reason Yu will not say no. He has problems with understanding when to stop making people happy at the sake of his own toll. He tries to be this great person because he’s so deeply scared of being alone, he probably feels that if he doesn’t, people have no reason to accept him, and when that happens, Yu withdraws into himself and loses the confidence he normally portrays.

    The hidden depth, is likely a lot of things, like the fact he probably had no real friends before Inaba, or moves around a lot, but I think it’s the fact that Yu views himself as a weak person and gets his strength from his bonds and being accepted by others. Without that, Yu feels worthless (at least, it seems like it) and thus, always needs to be around someone to feel like he’s worth something.

    TDLR: Yu is more of the Moon Arcana then he is of the Fool.
    #yu narukami#persona 4 #persona 4 anime #shadow yu#text #Yu needs a hug #rant#p4#souji seta #i have a lot of feelings about the protagonists ok? #thoughts
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  • It’s very easy to forget where in a pandemic living here. It’s too easy. You wonder why things stress you out so much still or why you might feel stagnant and it’s like…

    There’s a pandemic.

    There’s a pandemic that’s not being correctly handled in the US. They’re still having little work with no extra pay and only a handful get a stimulus check—mind you, only two for almost a year anyway. Rent is still due and they didn’t erase the previous rent, just added it on. Places are opened as if there’s no covid and forgoing social distancing (to force their workers to work to the ground for them) but you also have small business owners who are struggling with no help. People are dying. New strains of the virus are popping up. Prices are going up. Those trying to follow the rules are becoming more and more isolated as more and more people are outside (by choice or not). “Essential” workers are still treated like robot servers who deserve to be put at high risk…

    Like self care and things can only take you so far when what was supposed to be used for rest, rejuvenation, and healing is now the only defense you have against “going back to normal” when nothing is normal and “normal” from the past didn’t work.

    #covid#covid 19#rant #small one but still
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  • Really want to write a tianshan fic for an AU I’ve had in my mind for a while… but I’m lowkey scared to do it since it would be my first ever…

    fanfic writers are so brave lol

    #rant #if you have any tips for me feel free to say it #because im pretty lost rn lol #and if i end up never writing it we'll just pretend this post never existed 👁👁
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  • I think it’s important to remember that while conditions where fascism occurs may change overtime, fascism itself will remain. Fascism now and fascism in the 1930s are going to look like two completely different things because of how society and technology have evolved. We can’t keep using the standards from the 1930s to define what fascism is now, the term needs to evolve with modern history. Fascism still exists, it just has a new face.

    #im still trying to get used to twitter but holy fuck the amount of alt right bullshit on it is ridiculous #'do you even know what fascism is' yes chick ive been studying fascist history for 10 years i think i have the basics down #just bc u dont THINK theyre a fascist doesnt mean theyre not :) #i hate seeing sm blatantly uneducated and ignorant posts so im here to let u know that FASCISM STILL EXISTS #in fact i dont think it has ever NOT existed in america #fascism#nazis#donald trump#alt right#politics#history#trump#rant#delete later
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  • I had a really big, really dumb anxiety attack this morning. Complete with 2 hours of uncontrollable trembling, not being able to breathe properly and then lots and lots of crying. Brains are fucking dumb.

    #personal#rant #don't mind me
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  • I was looking up what the male version of a karen was called and all I could find were names like “terry” and “eric” which in my opinion are shite, so I’ve come up with my own name for male karens and it’s…drumroll please….Derick!!

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    #i need to stop listening to Rosenfeld #ASAP OR IM GONNA GO APESHIT #rant#rambles
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  • image

    Nutmeg cinnamon mug cake… Because my sweet tooth is uncontrollable

    #silly#rant #tw food ment
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  • I haven’t been able to update my microdosing journey because I lost my job, so unfortunately I can no longer afford it. 

    I did start back in college, though. It’s going great, I’m ahead on my work and enjoying having something to strive towards again. 

    Today, unfortunately, has been an absolute shitshow. I’m hormonal and angsty, and today seems to be “Try Me Bitch” day; everyone I’ve encountered is feeling some type of way and I have lost my temper TWICE today (I really do pride myself on keeping my temper intact and not acting out of pocket, but I definitely lost it today). I don’t know where this anger is coming from really, I have a great life. I have supportive people surrounding me and a great partner, incredible friends, and a high spiritual connection with my deities. I think I just feel pent-up, like I’m not reaching my full potential, which is so fucking irritating. I’ve been volatile since my brother was killed, but not angry like this. I honestly don’t remember the last time I was this irrationally furious. 

    Maybe my temper has something to do with the fact I haven’t microdosed in 19 days? Seems likely, but it seems even more likely that it’s a combination of that, the fact I had to stop my depression meds due to finances, and the fact I start my period tomorrow or the day after. RAGE RAGE FUCKIN RAAAAGE

    I’m just gonna try to focus on schoolwork and tune everything else out today. I don’t know how else to manage this rage and I don’t want to take it out on anyone else. My poor neighbors… nah jk, they suck and they low-key deserved the verbal lashing I gave them. DON’T BE FUCKIN RUDE. It’s not a difficult concept.

    Rant over :)

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  • me: i want to listen to jrwi main campaign it sounds really cool :)

    my tiny ass brain: but its literally been going for 2 years

    me: I’ve seen a ton of people catch up on it it wouldn’t be impossible

    my brain: no you will now panic bc that’s overwhelming, but also feel bad for being overwhelmed because you know convergence so you should know main campaign and panic more :)

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  • I love when a 14 year old says something really shitty and they get called out about being 14 and their response is “oh wow!!! Sure got me!!!” And it’s like honestly…. They did…. Being young does mean that what u say on the internet will not have a lot of credit behind it because ur opinion WILL change in the upcoming years. I know u think ur opinion is right but regardless of it being right or wrong ur opinion WILL change as u grow.

    #this is not saying that 14 years old r stupid or inexperienced but rather that there is always room for growth #personal#rant #anyways a 14 year old said racism is funny and they cant choose what is funny to them.. its kike u can choose to shut the fuck up #this is also not saying young ppl cant hve opinions they r entitled to have them #its saying that u should stand by ur opinion so strongly at such a young age especially when ur still growing as a teen #even at my age i dont think my opinions r 100% somethint i should back up because #i can still grow #shouldnt** btw not should.. u shouldnt stand by them
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  • istg i am going to throw my math teacher into the sun we did a kahoot yesterday and we were supposed to put our real names but someone put “imakelove2goats” instead so my math teacher, in all her infinite wisdom, decided to punish the whole class by making a whole shit ton of quizzes and shit graded by how well we did and not buy participation like normal

    #rant #gods she grinds my gears #>:(
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  • Me, rewatching Decoded after like 4 years, having forgotten the entire thing: “GUYS JUST FRICKIN LISTEN TO KAI I swear if they do all this and it turns out to be fire I’m gonna-”

    #srsly #decoded is good #but it's got the laziest animation and the most frustrating scenes #the lip sync is shist #and srsly some of those puzzles were so obvious #FIRE#ITS FIRE#ninjago#ninjago decoded#AUGH#vent#rant
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  • The blood testing labs in Canada were not built to accommodate 6 feet space between people in an enclosed space, their solution? Make the elderly and handicapped people wait outside in the cold. They even disabled the door for the handicapped because they had to lock out people from waiting inside or else the business would be fined by the government :/

    Like… I want to obey the rules our country is supposedly setting in order to protect people, if it makes sense, but this is absolutely ridiculous when I’m seeing a granny with a walker unable to get in and out of a building because all the systems in place to assist those who need it are disregarded because of Covid

    #rant #I thought they'd figure it out before it got into minus celsius but nope
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  • Why I don’t like the Russian letters, Й, Ц, Ъ, Ы, and Ь

    NOTE: This post isn’t intended to cause hate about anything I’m talking about, as it just contains my opinions. Also, I’m not fluent in Russian, as English is my first language.

    The Russian language wouldn’t be the same without й, ц, ъ, ы, and ь. However, I think these letters are highly unnecessary, and here’s why:

    Й (y) and Ц (ts)

    The reason why I don’t like й and ц is because they sound too similar to the letters, и and с respectively. I mean, come on! Who thought it was a good idea to create this letter that almost sounds identical to another letter?

    Words with the letters, Й

    Йогурт (Yogurt)

    Клубникой (Strawberries)

    Громовой (Thunderous)

    Дизайнер (Designer)

    Бездействие (Inaction)

    Синий (Blue)

    Words with the letter, Ц

    Цыпленок (Chick)

    Заяц (Hare)

    Яйцо (egg)

    Улица (Street)

    Принцесса (Princess)

    Процент (Percent)

    Ъ and Ь (no sound)

    The reason why I don’t like ъ and ь is because, well, they’re fucking silent! What’s the point of these letters being in the Russian alphabet if they don’t even make a sound?

    Words with the letters, Ъ and/or Ь

    Разъять (Disconnect)

    Письмо (Letter)

    Жительство (Residence)

    Альфа (Alpha)

    Объект (Object)

    Тыква (Pumpkin)

    Ы (i)

    The reason why I don’t like ы is because it’s an extremely awkward letter to pronounce. I have a hard time pronouncing ы in some words, such as цыпленок (chick) and боярышник (hawthorn) for example.

    Words with the letter, Ы

    Золотопромышленность (Gold mining)

    Мышь (Mouse)

    Феноменальный (Phenomenal)

    Сыр (Cheese)

    Любопытство (Curiosity)

    Бессмыслица (Nonsense)

    What do you think about the Russian letters I talked about?

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  • I’ve been successfully fasting for 18 and a half hours now and I thought I could make it to 32 like last week


    My brother is taking my out for dinner and there is zero chance I’ll manage to get around eating

    I hate this :)))

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  • What I really really hate about myself (or maybe my past self) is that with every time I moved on from someone, be it my group of high school friends or old job, I burned bridges that can’t be repaired. Like with people I used to talk with every day and depended on. Yes they were toxic but I can’t stop feeling like it is all my fault for how things went because I didn’t explain to them how the way they treated me damaged my mental health - to the point where it made me the bad person. Awkward, on edge. The one people preferred drunk.

    This doesn’t even make sense. Just needed a rant.

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  • .

    #i feel like crying????? #and im not too sure why #i think im just tired but like i feel like i wanna burst into tears??? #i feel like its mainky got to do with my laptop??? #i literally dont know though #maybe i will #maybe i wont #txt#km talks#rant
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  • Im not leaving Twst and HPHM just to be clear, i haven'y got much time after passing 8th and starting 9th grade so that’s why i coukd write much, i really want to focus more on Willie and redo the whole “Clockwood complex” with her family

    And i felt like i made Willie kinda like a Mary (Marie?) Sue in a way, like a self-insert, who is way better than me and has a greater life than me just for the sake of escapism for myself in this world

    I seriously love her for being kind of like a way for me to find a happier place in my mind

    But then as i went on, i kept having these thoughts, filling up in my head, my own creations from my imaginaton, and then i got lost in them, so lost that i kept forgeting myself, forgeting what i am doing because i just want to escape reality in a way, and because of that i lassed out on people, i got angry quickly and i felt annoyed very easily

    So now, as i grew older and understand what im doing is wrong, i want to change my life a little bit, i want to step out of my comfort zone and follow my heart

    I genuinly care for my ocs and love them but i need to actually make a good story instead of just a self-insert for my own enjoyment

    #personal#tinatalkshit#rant #this is kinda like a reason ig #for me to change Willie #just don't look too close at my ranting pls #i might have some #grammar mystakes
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  • Lil convinced that tumblr actually hates me. They broke my video that had 14k+ notes (second time they’ve done this despite them winning their appeals) and I don’t think this shadowban is ever going to end

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