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  • celestialnocturnes
    11.04.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    we've always been told that studying equips us for the outside world. the skills we acquire from education will enable us to make better decisions and overall be a successful person. and we do. we stay up until the 24th hour, exhaust our brain down to the last neuron, and try to earn those A's even when we are completely devoid of fulfillment.

    they never told us what to do when the outside world begins to fall apart.

    of course it has been crumbling down even before, the ruination merely hiding in our plain sight. remember when you read your first lecture on marxist theory? or when you saw this facebook post asking for donations because people have been laid off from their jobs? or when you have wasted so much time just getting ONE document from your city hall? these not-so-little things in amalgamation make you realize how truly flawed this outside world is. it even gets worse when the flaw begins to permeate the inside --- our education system.

    it's hard to make sense of stock price formulas, data forecasts, and indifference curves (i'm an economics student) when the system does not care about your welfare and conditions at home. it insensible to prepare students to be part of an utterly ruthless world, as if that's the standard thing to do. when did education become equivalent to placing learners in an ignorant bubble, when its purpose should be to create generations of empathetic, creative, and open-minded people?

    maybe this is just me getting burnt out from studying for my exams, but at the core of it all, i know it's more than that. things are not going to change for the better in a single snap, but i sincerely hope to be the person who pave that road. i don't know if that is going to happen, if i am doing it now, or if i am being hypocritical of my words, but i think we can all agree that we deserve better.

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  • theokusgallery
    11.04.2021 - 5 minutes ago


    #i can't belive he's this bad at the game. #i#what#dsmp#rant#delete later
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  • solsticesystem
    11.04.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    1. I’m tired of this, I’m tired of all of it. I just want a world where I can tell people safely that I have DID. I want to be able to have friends that know who I am without fearing how they’ll react. I want to be able to tell my family so they can finally understand why I am the way I am. I want my alters to have their own lives or integrate if they wish to. I want to be able to see a therapist without being scared that they won’t believe us. Mostly I just want friends. Someone to talk to. Someone to understand me, and address each of us separately while understanding that we’re also part of a whole. Each day I feel the world coming closer and then another film, tv show, video game, etc comes out that makes us seem like monsters. Celebrities and the rich profiting off of our suffering and causing us to suffer more as the world starts re-stigmatizing mental illness.

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  • greyscalegay
    11.04.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    every time my mum talks about what part of the house she wants to decorate next i get upset that my room is still not my room in almost 2 years, then i get mad at myself for being selfish because "someone has it worse", then i get mad at myself for being mad at myself because it's okay to be a little selfish sometimes and the one person in the world who has it worse than everyone else is not the only person allowed to feel upset, but im still mad at myself because this is such a small thing to be upset about but with every passing year im closer and closer to moving out for uni and i don't wanna have to come back to a room that is still not mine

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  • miyabinopenguin
    11.04.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    I don't know which kind of IG accounts I despise more

    Reposters that spam the tag and makes it hard to find new artists of a character/ship/anime.

    Accounts which only existence is to annoy the shippers with bad takes or hate posts. 

    #lina.txt #rant
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  • aorticaneurysms
    11.04.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    I blame everything today. Everything.

    Sometimes I feel bad for men...they're forced to live in a society where they cannot cry, cannot show their feelings, cannot be soft. I wish we had a world where they can do just that. I wish we had a world where we can tell them that it's okay to cry, a world where they can accept that consolation as something true. We need a world where they don't have to act tough.

    But sometimes, I despise them so much for thinking of themselves as tough when they tell stories of raping women. I despise them so much for thinking it's manly to be hurting women and getting away with it. I despise them so much. I despise them for thinking they're superior or better than women. I despise them so much, I think about being a serial killer, just so I can kill those rapists who got away. Just so I can give them this so-called justice that I fantasize about. I think of myself as cruel and evil, and probably a psychopath for thinking about such things, but these men are far crueller than me. Whatever it is I think about doing to them, what they did is already worse.

    Yea...sometimes I want to be a serial killer, because I can't stand seeing these women come to the government for protection and justice, then get the 'it's your fault, you got raped' thing. A lot of women all over the world think the same thing, think not say. They keep quiet about these urges they have, because it's not right to think about such thing or do such thing. When women suddenly talk about these urges, they get told how sadistic and how outright evil they are. But when men actually do hurt - actually do what they felt the urge to do, like rape and murder a woman - something like,"Well, he was drunk. He can't help it because of all the nudeness and alcohol." goes along.

    When something good happens, it's because of the men. When something bad happens, it's because of the women.

    But sometimes, I despise women for being the weaker ones. Sometimes I despise being a woman because, naturally, I'm weaker, I am at the mercy of creatures, mostly made up of vile idiots. I despise women for being weak. I despise them for the inability to fight back and win. Sometimes, I despise women just as much as I despise men. But, for some reason, I shouldn't do that because of...because of, yeah, inequality! I can hate men, only a few would correct me but if I say that I despise women, I should just drop dead. Why? I can't hate women because they get raped and they suffer injustice because of men? Actually, I can. I can despise being created into the weaker half, the half that needs to work extra hard and still not be as equally enough as the other half.

    In this unfair world of ours, is there anything we can't put blame on?

    #rant #things i wish i could say #things that need to be said
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  • jaegerbroshoe
    11.04.2021 - 32 minutes ago
    #asks #like lol the fact that levi literally stayed silent throughout every PATHS meeting with eren is hilarious #his character is nothing but an accessory for erwin post-timeskip #he doesn't speak unless it's about killing zeke #pathetic#snk ending#snk 139#rant#grisha#eren #snk character analysis #anti tags#levi#snk themes#final arc#my opinion
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  • anniehilation
    11.04.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    angels don't exist.

    demons do. and i am the living proof.

    here to remind you, people think to positive.

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  • eternal1990
    11.04.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    The only reason why the Democrats had Confederate statues removed is to erase their part of history, racism, segregation, slavery, and the KKK that was all them. Fuck em, and fuck the people who continue to vote for them. As someone from IL, I can say that they do NOTHING for minorities, all they have is broken promises as were nothing but stepping stones for them to keep them in power. Democratic states have the far worst crime in the US and they continue to rise.

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  • thisisnotjuli
    11.04.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    honestly have you ever seen a picture of british food? like I'm sorry (no I'm not) but it looks gross what the fuck your "pudding" looks like baby food and baby vomit and maybe bread all thrown together what the fuck you spent a few centuries enslaving half the world and stealing from them and all you got was fucking gross ass looking pudding?? what the fuck

    #rant#me#food #fuck the british honestly
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  • sparkly-eyes
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    y is it so fucking easy to be sad and depressed but so fucking difficult to be happy??? y life?! Y?! 

    #rant#thoughts #real horse shit right there homie
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  • hogggybear
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    awang awa nako sa sarili ko dahil sa mga disisyon na hindi naman dapat, ang hirap labanan, ang hirap mag disisyon kung isip ba or nararamdaman..

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  • jaegerbroshoe
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #asks #I'm not a fan of western cartoons personally #but this is also why I'm not into mainstream anime/manga #I only watch/read a select few #because it's so hard to find a story where the designs aren't preposterous #me stuff#snk universe#snk thoughts#snk ending#anti tags#rant#my opinion
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  • rigelmejo
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Well I read 10 chapters now like I said, bout to read one more just cause I been trying to read as many chapters as days in a month ToT (which last month I did well and did like 50 something - but if we only count 20 phone pages as a chapter then like half that so I was close to 30 that month).

    Anyway I’m wondering if I should start aiming for 30 minutes reading/1 hour reading a day goals, instead of chapters done. I’ll probably just keep counting chapters done since it’s the easiest thing for me to keep track of. But maybe I should start aiming for x time consistently reading? I’m wondering if time spent consistently reading will help increase my reading speed? Since hanshe now takes like 10 minutes a chapter or less, I don’t exactly see much improvement in speed now? maybe I still will but idk. Whereas if I sat for 30 minutes reading maybe over time I’d see more pages gotten through. But also... I’m just not great at doing things without breaks. I need breaks when I play video games, when I read type dance etc. I read like a page or two then set things down and do it again later? That’s just usually how I do things unless I get super engrossed in an activity...

    #rant#April#April progress #biggest issue with me using audio resources is this basically #audio is hard to pause/resume after x minutes #you pretty much need to listen to it in one go #UNLESSits hey! dancing! short songs ToT #so like listening reading where it’s hard to pause and keep track of where you are #I must make myself focus for 20 minutes no breaks #and like I can do that maybe once when pushing myself but it’s hard to keep doing consistently #I can’t do it more than an hour or two in a row #yea movies are also hard for me #with shows? u can usually pause and walk around. and at most if it engrosses y then it’s 40 minutes #show stuff keeps track of where u paused so I can watch a show over an hour with breaks doing other things #but like kdramas and movies? stuff that long can take me like a day
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  • corpqoralki
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    don’t ever make the mistake of going to shadow and bone twitter <3

    #shadow and bone #I cannot believe that people as believing something a random reddit user said #like can y'all calm down and wait for the show to come out? #you're allowed to criticise the show but don't send death threats to people #also the hypocrisy the bird app is omg #white twitter stans are like you are not listening to poc #honey no you're the one screaming over us so shut the fuck up and let poc discuss this whole issue #every poc will have a different opinion because we all have had different experiences while growing up #you cannot chose and just advocate for whatever you like #YOU NEED TO LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND ALL EXPERIENCES #i'm so done with white people who think they're on some moral high ground #rant#tw vent #tw fandom discourse #also please don't start an argument under this post I'm tired
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  • iwannabeamadscientist
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I wanted to take pics at the hospital this morning and do an ✨Aesthetic✨post✨ but i was too fucking angry with the instructors and it took all my energy to hold it in and not start yelling (I’m usually a very quiet person but man they’re experts at pissing people off :)

    I can’t wait until I’m done with this rotation

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  • firespirited
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I just ended up down a wierd rabbit hole of folks who think dissassociative disorder works like in the 80-90s movie trope and deny responsibility for the actions of a persona. and I can’t even with this, so many people playing along with this ... not madness, just stupid persona roleplay. A/ That not how this works, that’s not how ANY of this works. There is a real world with real people with schizoid disorders and psychoses and it’s fragmented and incoherent and inconsistent. There are recurring thought patterns but beyond that...have these people ever met someone experiencing psychosis? B/ you take responsibility and make amends for what you do during a psychotic episode, meltdown and even extreme duress. Extenuating circumstances don’t override real harm done to people. ¯\_(..)_/¯  C/ Roleplaying 90s gotham city’s version of schizophrenic is disgusting. call it therapeutic roleplay if you absolutely must. It’s so misinformed like clearly we got people dealing with trauma here but it’s also really kinda ableist: your coping mechanism cannot be be joyriding in someone’s wheelchair and mimicing spasms. Hey congratz you repackaged demonic possession for the new century as an excuse for bad behaviour.

    I joke about brain gremlins, the depresh and intrusive thoughts but this is me, this is my brain misfiring. These are my memories, fears, pain and other sensations being mistranslated. These are my neurones misfiring, withdrawal and influence. My sleep med posts are on me too, I might not be aware and awake but I posted it.

    Like, sometimes you stray from your mutuals and find people with 100 posts a day about a really generic fandom, bad faith discourse, zealous bigots of course aplenty or people agressively horny for someone unpleasant but occasionally there’s a whole ‘nother level of guano.

    #saf#tw: ableism #tw: mental illness #anime house - snape wife - 4 week miscarriage angels - indigo children levels of wierd #rant #just had to get that out of my system #DID is real but it's so much messier
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  • grishaverse-wraith
    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Okay guys I know this might have been said before but with all the new content probably being made for the show and stuff, it needs to be said again.

    Please. Tag. Things. Correctly.

    What do I mean by this?

    Let's say you wrote a post only about the Darkling and Alina. And in the tags, there is Matthais Helvar.

    Please do not do that. No where in that post is Matthais Helvar mentioned. Now, this is an example and I didn't actually see a post like this (not calling anyone out) but there had been similar examples.

    Similarily, use your anti tags correctly. I would talk more about this but that's a whole other post.

    So, to summarize, TAG THINGS CORRECTLY

    K bye, remember to reblog things and show content creators your love (NOT HATE!)

    #grishaverse#nevada rants #shadow and bone #tag things correctly please #rant
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  • frenchip
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    seeing how many anti trans bills are being proposed around the country make me want to kms or just stay in the closet forever. i'm just convinced that i'll never have human fucking rights

    #rant#vent #tw suicide mention
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  • rachelingly
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    You Are Already Living

    A gentle reminder that getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t mean you have to go skydiving or quit your job. It could mean speaking to a stranger at the grocery store or cooking a 5-course meal by yourself. 

    I really, really hate the notion that if you live a quiet life, a life of routine, or a life in a small town, you are wasting your life away. I hate that if you aren’t jet set, rich, or in love, people will tell you to “start living.” 

    You are alive right now. 

    How you spend your time day-to-day is a more informative depiction of who you are than the week-long vacation you took when you were 23. It is our daily practice that makes us who we are. So, please start romanticizing your own life! There’s more than one way to be adventurous, curious, magnetic, knowledgable, interesting, or brave.

    So you don’t have to try to live- you are already doing it lol. 

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