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    I have never been more insulted in my life.

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  • !

    #SO #my blood type is 0 #but... my dad's blood type is either a or ab #but if he's ab then.... #....icantbe0 #so #he's probably a but i am a drama queen alright #WTF#rant#little rant
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  • Jean is the real mvp saving my boy Falco while Gabi Gabi and Roach don’t give a fuck 😤

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  • “..I no longer wish to change the world”

    #cynicism#tired#venting#rant #it's beyond saving
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  • The antagonist was animated and I’m still shook.

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    #I'm obsessed with it tho. #kiss me first netflix #kiss me first #Nesha Unpacks Kiss Me First #trigger warning#mental illness#suicide#abuse#stalking#spoilers #kiss me first spoilers #idk how old it is so idk if its spoilers or not #I kinda want it out of my head and I hope that obsessing over it until I'm exhausted helps with that #Thinking out Loud #rant #sorry about how much I'ma be in the KMF tag #Charge it to my head and not my heart
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  • I’ve been running into a lot of TERFs and a lot of TERF apologists lately and it low key bewilders me that some people don’t realize how unhelpful stating that “terfs shouldn’t be blocked on sight, you should at least listen to what they have to say” and “you showing any frustration to terfs is why they view you as unreasonable.” is.

    Like, nobody should be forced to sit through verbal abuse in order to give a side that inherently hates them a platform.

    TERFs would hate me and other trans people no matter what kind of attitude we approach them with.

    #rant #terfs feel free to interact #terfs
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  • Also today’s (5th December 2019) releases are deadass destroying my SKZ theory.

    I originally thought they were from a dystopian reality (District 9) and that they happened to not only get out of the facility but from the reality in general through the glitch the bus breaks through and got into a alternate reality and I kinda supported it from the fact that when they bust through the glitch the time changes from night to day like they really broke through to not only somewhere else but also somewhen else.

    That I also supported by the two moons which I didn’t think were literal but just a visual metaphor for the two worlds and how things are different in each of them yet they are essentially the same.

    That also explained to me why we would get two of stray kids sometimes it was simply them from this reality or alternate universe or whatever you want to call it.

    I figured they saw they signs of dystopian society coming on in this reality too (Miroh) so they were trying to prevent it.

    Also about Hyunjin I thought he MIGHT have switched with this reality’s Hyunjin or something along those lines which would explain Yellow Wood.

    But the two moons seems to be literal (on the map) and the Chan seems to be other way involved with Hyunjin and Jeongin has something going and honestly I made that theory in like five minutes and it’s crumbling down slsjsksj

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  • i admire people who can express how they feel without self-destruction

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  • Thought: Aziraphale can’t notice Crowley’s love for him because it’s been there ever since they met so that’s just his default, and while they get to know each other more, Azi doesn’t feel Crowley’s feelings grow so he just assumes Criwley isn’t in love with him when he’s been in love the entire time they have known each other.

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  • I am so tired of people that only want to talk shit about other people. Like they always start with ‘not to be mean’ or ‘I do not have anything against him/her’ BUT. And the they talk shit. 

    I am also really tired of myself for putting up with these situations only because I am an introvert and I have problems making friends. I am slowly beginning to learn that it is better to be alone than to be with this kind of people that drain energy from you and leave you filled with negativity and anger. 

    I do not always want to gossip. Let’s talk about experiences and books or movies, or music. Let’s say something beautiful that happened to us today. What the fuck. 

    #rant #stop talking shit #i am tired
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  • Why do smokers never turn off their cigarettes?

    Seriously. Turn it off. Don’t just throw it somewhere far where it will still continue to smoke and smell bad.

    Just turn it off. It’s not that hard. Why pollute the air we are breathing further?


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  • Well, I’ve been rereading the Star vs Magic Book of Spells book a few times. And let me just get this off of my chest: While everyone in the staff did say that Toffee’s backstory was going to be in there, here’s the hard cold fat: It only briefly mentions him in Comet and Moon’s chapters. The only new thing we know about him at this point is he’s a prince and started a rebellion, which was already shown in Meteora’s Lesson. In fact, aside the “Toffee killed Comet” and whole “Toffee’s finger got shot off” bits, there was absolutely nothing about Toffee they told us about. And I hate to say it, but I think the staff (let alon writers) in Star vs basically just had Toffee as more of an afterthought throughout the series AND never even THINK about expanding him besides what was shown in the series. So basically, when they said that the Magic Book of Spells gives more backstory to Toffee, the book itself never ACTUALLY stated why he killed Comet OR show any explanation on why he rebelled. Let alone never stating if Toffee was Seth’s son or not.

    #toffee #star vs the forces of evil #the magic book of spells #rant
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  • Richard Wagner, writing any text for one of his music dramas

    [I would have loved to make this meme with Wagner himself, so sorry @ KFV haha, but Wagner has a resting bitch face on every picture I found…]

    We really have to talk about his weird language at some point. Because some verses might be really nice, of course, but there are also super horrbile ones. 

    P.S. Someone in my seminar just described a Poem as “es trotzt vor Tristheit” [i don’t know how to translate it but the language was dull and monotonous] and it sounded almost like a quote from Wagner xD and that, dear followers, is why I made this post ;)

    ~ Melian12

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    Originally posted by dreemurr-skelememer

    Ok, so i have been made aware people are ghosting. People are being awful. I get that’s normal here. I do. But damn it needs to stop. Like if you don’t wanna interact with someone just tell them. Even unfollow. It’s not hard and hurts people a little less. Sure they are gonne be a bit sad but like straight cut ties. Don’t drag it on and on. It hurts MORE. STOP HURTONG PEOPLE. STOP BEING TOXIC. STOP STARTING TO DISLIKE SOMEONE BY ASSOCIATION. IT’S BAD AND RUDE. LIKE MAYBE YOU WEREN’T TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT THAT PERSON. MAYBE MISCONCEPTIONS HAPPEN. GET OVER YOURSELF AND GROW UP. THIS ISN’T FUCKING HIGH SCHOOL. PRETTY SURE THE MAJORITY OF US GRADUATED. I GET IT YOU HAVE FRIENDS YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH BUT THAT DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO BE RUDE. I DON’T KNOW WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE. OR WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE. BUT YOUR A LOSER HERE LIKE ALL OF US. WE SHOULD BAND TOGETHER NOT FUCKING TURN AGAINST ONE ANOTHER.

    The league rp community was so welcoming. So inviting back when i first started with Kayn. I miss that. I miss all the rps I’d get that it wasn’t my anxiety keeping me away it was bring overwhelmed by the fact people wanted to interact with me. I love you all, but when did the rpc started getting as mean as the in game community….?

    #yeah #im calling out the toxic fuckers causing problems #i miss having fun here #i actually made a new blog for a pokemon oc i have #I've been hiding there #i just #miss how things were #psa#rant #i cant read more on mobile
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  • (This is a Personal Rant post)

    For pretty much all my life, I never really knew anything about natives or native issues beyond a vague understanding that my childhood education was terrible and filled with stereotypes. I even grew up thinking they were all dead, a thing of the past.

    Then a mutual here on tumblr reblogged a post from a native blog and I ended up reading through it. I was learning a lot and thought it was interesting so I started to follow them less than a year ago. Now I still don’t know very much. Mostly because of time, I don’t go too far out of my way to do my own research and of course this is only one person’s perspective. 

    But I realized something about myself and racism this morning, particularly about my racism towards natives. For context, I’m a fiction writer, primarily fanfiction who usually works on novel length stories. There’s this one story I’ve been working on for two years now (for at least a year before I started following this blog). 

    Re-reading through the story this morning, I discovered something really disturbing. I had this one subplot involving basically native-coded people (which I had taken from canon). At the time that I wrote it, I didn’t realize they were native coded, but I did end up using just about every negative stereotype you could imagine. I had made them into dirty unkempt savages (which I partially took from canon, but I honestly made it so much worse myself). At the time, I had no idea how fucking racist this was, but looking back on it, it should have been so obvious. Like…. yikes, past me. 

    But then I had a second realization: the writing I’ve done since following the native blogger actually had some subplots and subtext addressing things like re-claimed culture, culture appropriation, displacement, a character watching the larger authority take their land and destroying their culture piece by piece. I had… never really written about that kind of stuff before, but it wormed its way in my writing the last six months. Probably because of my exposure. 

    So… basically what I’ve learned is that I’ve pretty fucking racist, but that I’ve also gotten a little better through (mostly) passive exposure. Like, I’m sure I’m still doing racist shit without realizing it, but it’s honestly encouraging that I can actually look back and see that I can change. That people in general can change even through something simple as exposure. 

    For years I never really understood why people needed representation so badly. I’m non-binary and racially ambiguous (admittedly white passing), so I’ve always been able to see myself in pretty much anyone I saw on screen. But I’ve been learning in the last couple years just how important it is not just for people of that minority, but for everyone. Like hell, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a native person play a non-stereotyped character until recently.

    Honestly, I’m not even sure where I’m going with this, but the realization of just how fucking racist my writing was kind of shook me this morning, and I just wanted to get it off my chest. At some point when I get the time, I’ll definitely go back and re-write that arc.

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  • #anon#rant #sorry about that lol #god people make me so angry
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  • Warning⚠️ : rambling, personal, not that interesting, ignore if tired with everybody else’s sh*t

    So my mom and me just had a fight. It has been the same way all my life; it often starts with something trivial, and then escalates more and more.

    She constantly states things like “no that’s not right”, “I don’t agree”, “No, it’s not like that”, “no I don’t” etc etc while I try to explain things to her. I get so frustrated I start to shout, and maybe sometimes I don’t think as much before I speak (nothing really bad, but things that can be made much worse than it really was). And she does the exact same thing; shouts and says slightly hurtful things. But then she’s like “you started to shout”, “you started this”, “you said disrespectful things”, you are so arrogant” and so on, without accepting that stuff she said and did contributed to triggering my behaviour, or admitting she did anything wrong too; “I had to shout back because you shouted”, “No I wasn’t arrogant”, “no that wasn’t disrespectful at all”. I always accept some of my “faults” in these arguments in hope she will get that I’m not just being stubborn, and because I can admit to my faults. But she doesn’t budge AT ALL. No she didn’t do ANYTHING wrong, it’s all me. I’m rude, I’m ungrateful, I’m the arrogant one, I’m the one that doesn’t respect her, I’m the one that does everything wrong.

    And it just hurts so much knowing that my mom thinks these things about me. I know that we see things differently and that we often misunderstand each other, but in her mind it’s just me being all those things. She has no faults. She is perfect. She knows everything. She does everything right. And everyone has to do stuff her way, and respect her, and agree with her. Or else there will be a fight, and everyone but her will be responsible for ruining the day.

    And after the fight, when I’m in my room crying, she just goes about the day cooking dinner or something like nothing has happened, often whistling or singing along to the radio. Like she didn’t just really hurt her daughter. Like she had nothing to do with the fight. And then she comes in, asks if I’m gonna eat with her and my dad; me naturally saying no. Naturally my mom goes like “omg grow up. There no point in sulking, or being stubborn. Your dad hasn’t anything to do with this. Get over yourself. Stop being childish”.


    #family#troubles#mom#fight#argument#life#crying#rant#personal#ramblings #why cant i be good enough #why cant i do anything right #why cant my mom just listen #why cant my mom just accept me #hurt#feelings
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  • Another day just went by

    I felt my legs go numb, my head throbbing

    My chest was hurting

    I walked out the door and went down the stairs

    And I saw him

    He wore lumnious orange sports tee shirt with white pants

    My lips sealed and thoughts were running through mind

    How do I tell him I am struggling?

    How do I tell him I am dying more inside?

    How do I show him what’s hurting me?

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  • Just broke up with my partner, which is also my fp. I blocked her everywhere so I won’t hear from her again. I can’t believe I did it but I couldn’t keep having a relationship with her anymore, it was too much for me to bare. I feel like shit and it doesn’t feel real.

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  • of course i have a naturally bad reaction when traumatic memories come up!! if that meant I was relapsing, I’d never get fucking better

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