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  • lockandkeyhyena
    23.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    this just in; local bisexual comes to a stunning realisation

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  • friendlyneighborhoodweirdo69
    23.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Boomlords weird adventure

    Chapter 18 The monster

    Moments before boom Lords crashing.) Spike had landed in the middle of the city right at the castle's door step. And most citizens ran off in the panic Twilight was quick to drop from spikes back, dashing through the crowd along with Fluttershy. It didn't take very long for them to reach the main chamber where princess bubblegum was busy talking to the girls about the importance of not eating the buildings. Specifically she was addressing pinkie pie." So pinkie pie this is why I respectfully ask you to please assist in the rebuilding the houses you ate.... Twilight your back already where's boom?"bubblegum looked at the two girls noticing their panicked faces."we just came from the forest something came out of the woods with a glowy sword thing boom told us to run!"Twilight stated in a panic."Wait did you say a...glowy... sword."bubblegum barely got the words out of her mouth as Marceline reached for her Axe her face matching the expression of bubble gums. The expression of terror. At this point was when boom crashed through the ceiling into the center of the room. The girl stared at him in shock as the laying form of Boom slowly started to rise from the ground. But this time the gold in him had left his hair returned to its blonde color and both eyes had redden in a fiery glow. Boom Lord look to his friends he swore he could see their mouths moving but he could not hear them all he could hear was the voice in the back of his head."it's time Boom there's power here so much of it so much blood! We can feel it boom you can feel it we need it!"boom clenched his head as the sinister voice that mocked his own roared in his skull."no I can't you can't make me hurt them. I won't hurt anyone ever again not like that!"he yelled clenching his head. As he struggled with himself bubblegum looked to Finn."SEND GET THE SERUM FORM MY ROOM!"Her voice boomed to the human who quickly ran down the hall and out of view.

    2 boom continued to yell however what he was yelling now was incoherent. Occasionally there would be a normal scream of pain mostly he was talking and what sounded like reverse."llik em liik em!"it went on like this for about 12 seconds before he went to silent. Everyone went silent. Two horns like a dragons popped from the base of his head stretching out a good 12 inches each. On his fingers daggers formed made from what seemed like red light encasing them. Twilight herself was about to head over to check on him but before she could even take a step Marceline dashed at him. Her Bass-ax now to his throat as she held it there fear still taking over her face."okay boomy just take a deep breath and hold it in there we're getting your medicine just hold on!"her voice was filled with panic and worry as she never moved her base from his throat."come on say something man anything let me know you're still there!"boom looked up at Marceline lowering his hands to his side the blade still there.A Smile creeped onto his face a crooked devious smile."oh I'm sorry my dear boom Lords unavailable at the moment~and you my dear smell delightful~"boom spoke in a sinister tone but it wasn't just his voice it was as if another was speaking over him in a crooked deep tone. Marceline eyes widen as her extra to the floor. The girls watched in horror, as in an instant faster then a person had time to breathe. Boom was standing operate one arm extended with Marceline in his grip. He held her by the throat a thin bit of blood dripping from the side of her neck where his claws pinch down."your magic is mine~"boomboard's body began the glow red as Marceline's face went a new shade of white and her hairs color to fade. Marceline could only give out a silent scream.

    3 At this point the girls had enough. Applejack was the first to act alongside rainbow Dash. Applejack twirled her lasso and threw it over boom catching him around the neck and pulling on it. However this only caused the rope to burn away. It was enough for them to catch bones attention as a rainbow Dash sword towards him. Boom merely laughed a sickly laugh as he dropped Marceline to the ground and swatted a charging rainbow Dash right out of the air causing her to crash into a wall."oh My Little ponies out of their element~sadly there's barely any magic in you too to take.~"slowly he began walking towards Applejack as she was now stunned by fear. He was about 5 ft from her before a purple Aura surrounded him he turned his head to Twilight."boom what are you doing they're your friends!"she yelled At him as rarity too pulls out her own sword causing an additional shade of blue to form around him. He stood still staring down only Twilight."friends? Tell me Twilight do friends fear friends? Even before this they never trusted him never trusted us even you didn't."he slowly started walking towards her now the two unicorn people trying their hardest to keep him back pushing with all their might against their swords. Is this happens pinkie pie and Fluttershy rushed to Marceline's aid. He ignored them as he walked past his focus only on Twilight."it's kind of funny though boom seems to really enjoy your company~but I can see you do have your traits~your magic alone is irresistible to me~"the monster licked his lips as his voice deepened. Soon he was right up to her only separated by the sword pressed against his chest."but I'm sure then we'll get over this there's no way you could truly love him everyone betrays him~and I don't feel like dealing with another one of his broken hearts.~"he then wrapped The Long claws around her blade the feeling of draining running through her body so she fell to her knees unable to let go of the weapon. Her face started getting pale as she felt her very life force starting to leave her. And all she could see was the face of the light on Boom on her love."please don't!"she cried out in pain before.... It stopped she felt the energy return to her body as boom let go of a sword his eyes widened. Princess bubblegum and Finn were behind him and they were jaming being several syringes of golden liquid into his back. The red around him faded as his right eye return to gold and when he looked down at Twilight tears began to form."Twilight I'm sorry I couldn't stop it it took control I I'm."he was barely making out the words he was exhausted and he was feeling dread as he looked back at Marceline whose slowly was starting to recover. The color in her face slowly starting to return to her usual paleness. Twilight looked up at boom before standing. She didn't say a word she just leaned it and hugged him. It was a shock to him he expected her to yell or to hate him at the very least give him a quick smack across the face. That had been his experience in the past. Truly Twilight was very different from other people. He returned the embrace quietly crying into her shoulder as the syringes fell to the floor."sugar cube you got a whole lot of fucking explaining to do!"it was Applejack's voice says she and the other girls stood around him with the exception of rainbow Dash was unconscious."well this is going to be a very long day isn't it?"

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  • pantomine
    23.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    rarijack canon

    #friendship is magic will always prevail #this new gen of mlp happening…. no…. #RARITY AND APPLE JACK FOREVER !!!!!!! #mlp
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  • fuzzychildchopshop
    22.09.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #my little pony friendship is magic #equestria girls#rarity
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  • thcsevoices
    22.09.2021 - 7 hours ago
    new spooky icon courtesy of @universestreasures​!!
    #do not reblog. #delete later. #roleplay was a mistake. || ooc. #((i can never get all three of boogie's boys clearly into one icon without it looking squished or stretched)) #((tysm rarity!!))
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  • lafflanes
    22.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    still confused on how i got the all star fish on 2 of my toons but not the toon i actually wanna max fishing on

    #anyways i caught 4 new fish on my main this week and i need 2 more #so hopefully i can max during the next decreased fish rarity reward #strato says
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  • getmoneyghoul
    22.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    mark my words one of my nobunagas will be my first 10/10/10 servant. theyre both so close...

    #i couldve maxed a lower rarity servant first but no #they dont matter
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  • lockandkeyhyena
    22.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    raridash + incorrect quotes

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  • georgeliker
    22.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    i said it as a joke last time but i’m srs considering mailing my fart in a jar to dream

    #DRRRMRMEAAAAAAA #george is a TREASURED. RARITY #kicking and screaming #anyway this was fun #i feel deep seated pity in my heart for badboyhalo rn
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  • fruitypieq
    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    New mane 7 💖

    I may be too lazy to make proper refs of them all lmao


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  • fruitypieq
    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago


    #my little pony #mlp#rarity#mlp redesign#fruitypie gen #mlp fruitypie gen
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  • krembearry
    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    rarity!! she is covered in DIAMONDS and i cant wait to draw another picture where she’s painted her hooves to match her outfit! her hair always glitters, and she magics the blue part to be different colors, ALSO to match her outfits

    #kremsart#rarity#rarity redesign #mane 6 redesign #mlp redesign#mlp#mlp fim#rarity mlp #i dont think i have fun facts for this one #my only goal was to keep her white/purple and make her as pretty as possibly #anways if anyone needs me #spike and i are fawning over her together
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  • fruitypieq
    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    I don't think anyone actually is interested in this but I'm gonna dump some facts/information about this new MLP gen AU I'm making

    • All ponies have gradient color on their legs, and pegasi have at least one gradient in their wings

    • Unicorn's horns match the color of their gradient

    • All earth ponies have at least one spot of some kind

    • Alicorn's wings are usually special in some way, like Celestia's being made of fire

    • Alicorns also have at least one spot, and their horns match their gradient color as well

    • Applejack and the rest of the Apple Family will be pegasi

    • Applejack has an evil sister named Zestar Apple

    • The cutie mark crusaders are now Apple Bloom (renamed Redlove Apple in this AU), Star Catcher, and Sky Wishes (from G3)

    • Rainbow Dash is still a pegasus and loves racing, but is much more shy and quiet than she is in G4

    • Big Mac (who's name I haven't decided on yet for this AU) is AFAB genderfluid

    • Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy are earth ponies

    • Rarity and Pinkie Pie are unicorns

    • Appleshy is canon in this universe

    • Trixie will be friends with the main six, making it the main seven in this universe

    • Pinkie Pie will have an identical twin sister (who is currently unnamed)

    • Considering making Cadance & her sisters Celestia's biological daughters

    • Princess Cadance, Princess Zephyrina Storm, Princess Petals, and Princess Cake are unicorn princesses training under Celestia and Luna to control the seasons with their magic

    • Princess Cadance is the Princess of Summer

    • Princess Zephyrina Storm is the Princess of Winter

    • Princess Pipp Petals is the Princess of Spring

    • Princess Cake is the Princess of Autumn

    • Cadance and Twilight are gonna be together

    • I plan to either write a story or a comic for this

    That's all I got so far lmao

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  • triforcey
    22.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    i love having One pair of pants i can wear at a given time bc i will get attached to the specific textures/colors/etc and then i have to wash the pants so i cant do anything. also our dryer is broken

    #.txt #i would buy a second pair of these pants but theyre expensive pants and they donot have another at value village #they do not have Any good jeans at value village currently or ever #these were a rarity. a treat even #im having a normal week. literally tho i dont even Want to do anything i just dont. limited options. ykno
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  • asklittlepip
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #quote#rarity#mlp #my little pony
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  • spaceagetoon
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Semi Human Mane Six, My Style! 💕

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  • texasuberalles
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Evening Rarity by ChaosAngelDesu


    #My Little Pony #Friendship Is Magic #Rarity#ChaosAngelDesu#SFW
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  • oksfranta
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Harry waving at fans, stumbling and dancing away in Detroit

    #stylesnews#stylesedits#hlcreators#hlupdate#hlsource#trackinghome#harry styles#hslot#hslot detroit #basically harry being a cutie #i can't believe how fast i made this #it usually takes me hours #and i actually like the way it turned out #which is also a rarity #my stuff
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