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  • Spoilers for all current chapters!!

    I started reading The Remarried Empress a few days ago and holy cow, I constantly want to throw my tablet against the wall whenever I see Shitshoe Emperor and Trashta. I hate them, they’re such selfish people. And yes, this is a Rant lol

    It doesn’t take many brain cells to understand why the Emperor is a piece of shit, but I made the mistake of reading more than a few comments and apparently some readers think if the comic was written in Rashta’s pov we’d be rooting for her??

    I disagree. I recognize and appreciate the role-reversal between Navier and Rashta, I think it’s clever. But Rashta does not have the qualities of a traditional heroine.

    Yes, she has a tragic past. Yes, the Emperor fell in love with her and perhaps she reciprocates his love. HOWEVER, she insisted on being recognized as an official mistress to a married man. A traditional herione might not be so willing to be in an affair, much less flaunt it in front of the Empress herself. And Rashta does flaunt it, often. Purposely sets up situations where she can run into Navier and make her uncomfortable.

    A heroine can cry (there’s nothing wrong with crying) but Rashta’s tears are always manipulative. When she gets caught in a lie of her own doing - instead of apologizing she cries. When she does something socially unacceptable (like grabbing the Empress’s clothes), instead of apologizing and making amends she cries. She fucking cried when Heinrey refused to dance with her at the New Year’s Ball!

    For fuck’s sake, woman! Fucking stop it! (of course, she knows that if she throws a wet tantrum, her lover’s gonna save her b/c he has no brain cells. Plus copious public tears in general make people uncomfortable and will try to make it stop asap)

    Basically, Rashta acts like a toddler on purpose.

    Rashta is cunning. She knows her beauty is a weapon and she uses it to her advantage to catch the affection of a powerful man who can protect her and make her feel safe. Considering what we know of her history as a runaway slave, she knows hardship and is looking to survive. I can’t really fault her for that.

    But her world revolves around her, her needs, her wants, and doesn’t consider anybody else.

    You know what is not “heroine behaviour?” Rashta’s lying, her joy in spreading unkind rumours, intentionally causing mischief and grief towards people who have done NOTHING to her. Rashta expects everyone to love her, so she can get away with everything. But the reality is, not everyone is going to love you, much less the wife of the Emperor you’re fucking.

    What was the point of pretending her maid was Heinrey’s cherished pen-pal? The point of lying in public saying it was her when the Prince caught her in that lie? That business was not her own, and yet she chose to meddle in it for what… social reputation? Manipulating another powerful royal into your friend if they didn’t know better?

    What the fuuuuck. Good thing Emperor Shitstain is her protector because Heinrey was NOT amused with her lies. There could have been serious consequences to her “prank” -especially from a foreign noble.

    Oh! And this! Rashta didn’t reprimand the Emperor when he said he send gifts to his mistress under the Empress’s name, despite the fact that minutes before, all three of them were in a conversation of how unethical (and frankly borderline treasonous imho) using the Empress’s name was.

    Goddamn fucking Mistress Rashta was DELIGHTED that the Emperor would misuse his wife’s name to make his mistress happy - in front of the Empress herself. It was a fucking major taboo - and she loved it. What an utterly selfish creature.

    I could rant on and on about Shitstain and Trashta, but the point of this post is that even if the webcomic was written from the Mistress’s pov, Rashta would not be the heroine. She doesn’t have the kindness to be one.

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    Every time I read this part my blood boils RAAAAH

    (Source: chapter 46)

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  • Remarried Empress Episode 16

    I feel so bad for Navier lately. It’s like everything she does Sovieshu will always deem her the bad guy in the story. I love how The Emperor is portrayed here. He’s not necessarily a bad guy, but his incessant need to prove his innocence and put the blame on Navier for their failing marriage is really a true asshole move.

    He’s that douche bag that’s married to a powerful woman and can’t help but feel inferior to her and demand the love that HE DOESN’T EVEN WORK FOR TO GET. So he settles for someone who strokes his ego. Rashta, I don’t know if I should hate. Cuz clearly she has some circumstances. But her presence in contrast to Navier is really interesting. She’s the exact opposite of her. She’s impulsive, unguarded with her emotions and like that typical, “tee hee” girl. Who makes mistakes all the time but managed to get away because of their cuteness.

    And I love how Heinrey is portrayed as someone who realizes Navier is both capable of vulnerability and strenght. Something that her husband doesn’t even see despite them being childhood friends.

    My heart is crying for Navier. She deserves the whole world. Aww I’m looking forward to seeing her find happiness.

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  • So I was bored af and messed around and read all the Fast Pass episodes of The Remarried Princess. I’m upset 😭

    I’m super hyped based off what I’ve read so far. Team Fuck Rashta and Sovieshu

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  • #the remarried empress #rashta #navier Ellie trovi #sovieshu#heinrey#trashta
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  • Have you ever just wanted to 


    … a character so much that you literally start seeing red.

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  • You know, for an escaped slave she’s very innocent and eager and that’s not suspicious. At. All.

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  • Realization. Discovery. Acceptance.

    The Ideal Birb Story

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    Qui sur cette terre ne voudrait pas tuer cette 🤬🤬🤬 de Rashta ???!!!!C’est qu’une grosse hypocrite ! 😡

    L’impératrice remariée, épisode 20

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  • Does Rashta know her loving husband wants to give her baby to the empress? Cuz I don’t think that’ll sit well with her lol

    #rashta has such bad taste in men #they just keep taking her babies #remarried empress#manhwa#bea rambles
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