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    It feels so good.

    Melt away my troubles with every brush of your fingers. My thoughts trapped, taken away by the touch of you. Collect my woes and cast them into the aether with your lips upon mine. Grant me the freedom from the dark whispers of my mind’s most disturbed corners, and allow me the chance to feel human as you lay me down.

    Worship at my altar of fire, fury, and blood with your lust. Your hands that break, kill, and destroy are transformed before me, stirring life and need where they touch. Breathe to me that I am not a monster for this night;  purr your sweet lies into my ear that I am not a Sin. It will matter not what I show in the morning, as your disgust and hatred of me turns into yearning.

    Manifest your fantasy of me and mold me like clay. I am the petite, obedient lady of rich blood, calling to that part of you that conquers women like me. I am what I am supposed to be as your body ascends into mine, and you forgive me of all transgressions that show you the light of what I actually am when we are one.

    It feels so good. This false dream.

    I will not ask you to be there when we awaken. Where the beauty fades and the beast emerges once more. The dark whispers will return and the monstrosity will re-claim this body and this lance and demand to shed the blood of the forsaken even more. I will not ask you to see me in such a way. I understand that you are delicate.

    A strong, beautiful golden warrior that only asks for my undying affection and the good feelings that I bring to you. I will not ask you to stare into the abyss in my gaze and to tolerate heresy that cannot be tolerated.

    I will only ask that you continue to make me feel this good.

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  • He Who Carves the Stars 

    by glorious_abyss

    King Ivan is dying. Knowing his days are numbered, he halves his kingdom and gives his two sisters, Katyusha and Natalya, a portion of land. In return, he forces them to marry foreign rulers; Katyusha marries Sadiq, an older, seasoned warrior from the south, and Natalya unhappily marries Magnus, a rambunctious Viking ruler from the west. Natalya, disgusted by her ‘barbarian’ spouse, devises a plan with her sister to murder their husbands, but not without help from Ivan’s devoted knight, Tolys.

    Words: 25,767 Chapters: 9/9 Comments: 6 Kudos: 23 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 254

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    That guy got fucked up…!

    #resident evil series #resident evil 2 remake #re2make #leon s kennedy #zombie#re2make leon#rated m#capcom#XBox one#photo#mellz post
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  • This is the shit that I exist for.

    When my fury and my flame manifests before my very eyes. How the concrete and the metal gave way to the raging pyre when it erupted. So much for a Garlean Stronghold! Decades did it stand, and seconds did it weaken. I felt the tremors through my body, the screams piercing flesh and embedding into my bones. I will never forget it.

    My friend did not believe me when I say that the feeling is better than sex. She would have felt the passion quicken in my belly when I locked the Centurio between my thighs and carved his jugular and tongue out of his mouth. The vice that ensnared my mind and told me to cut deeper. b̸͕͂r̴̬̀i̸̼͘n̸̲͗g̸͇̅ ̴̻͐f̵̗̋ö̷́͜r̴̟̚ţ̴͘h̵̰͘ ̸̟̓m̷̫͗o̶̙͆r̵̹͌é̷̩ ̶̢̏o̵̠͐f̷̙͛ ̴̳̚t̶̻́h̵̰̚ŷ̶̧ ̷͖̑ḻ̶̑i̸̦͝f̶̦͂ě̴͖ ̷̛̹a̸̬͒n̸͇͌d̷̛͕ ̶̹̒s̴̺̍p̷̗̓i̷͕͆ṙ̷̤i̵̦͊ṯ̸̍ ̸̫́i̴̐͜n̵̘̑ṯ̵͌o̴̬̅ ̴͓̐t̷̛̘ẖ̴͝ȅ̵͈ ̸͈̑p̶̧̋a̵̛̩l̸̢͌m̵̫̒ ̸̛͙o̸̪̎f̶͕͌ ̴̘̀m̶̧̚ï̶͖n̵͚͐e̵̺͛ ̷̮̋h̶̼̉ả̷̗ñ̸͖d̸̞͝.̶̮͘  She did not believe me capable of withstanding to rend a man’s jaw apart to get what I wanted, and she is frightened of me because of it.

    Good. I want their fear.

    I need them to be afraid. I do not have the splendor of safety nor the grandeur of gratitude. I do not carry the compassion or teeter towards tolerance. That was beaten out of me in front of the Mother, and now they pray, cry, and beg that I show an ounce of it in return. I want retaliation. I want brutality.

    Halone freed my soul that day so I can keep doing this shit.

    Have I lost my mind, they ask. Why can you not calm down, they beg. We cannot kill them all, they acquiesce. Their words are distracting bells. Crashing static against a frenzied inferno that rages louder than their words. They do not know. They cannot know. Clearly, they have never been on the brink of death before. Beaten, stripped, shackled like an animal, and told that you were a Heretic and you would die by the hands of the godly. If they did, they would rejoice with me whenever my lance strikes true and with finality.

    Don’t kill him, she begged me! Her chosen warrior of death, and she stilled my hand. I need him alive.

    But don’t they understand that a vow is a vow?

    Ah, by the Fury … my heart is fluttering again when I think of it. My thighs squirm. That inferno rages in my belly again, and I run my finger along my lance’s spear tip – letting the beautiful ruby well from the slice. No longer will I be denied.

    This is the shit that I exist for.

    - ambient thoughts while floating down the Whilom River in Dravania, five days after the Consulate Terrorism Attack.

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  • dark side of the moon   (43k, complete, 1/1, M)

    by embyr

    tags: fantasy au // murder mystery // romance // fluff // angst // vampire sokjin // banshee jungkook // werewolf taehyung // warlock jimin // vampire namjoon // fairy yoongi // fairy hoseok // violence // found family // there is Murder but also heavily focused on Two Boys Falling in Love // as it should be // minor character death // protective seokjin // jungkook is a sweetheart // detective seokjin // college/university au // blood drinking // magical realism // maknae likes are best fwends // most important tag: toad // hurt/comfort


    When a murderer starts picking off students one by one at a school for magickal creatures, Seokjin and his team go undercover in order to stop them.
    There, he meets Jeongguk, a banshee whose throat is torn up every time he screams for a nearby death.

    The two fall together the same way snow melts and disappears into earth. They sink and sink, until one is completely lost in the other.

    #jinkook#jinkook fic #jinkook fic rec #bts fic #bts fic rec #ao3 jinkook#fantasy au#romance #fluff and angst #minor character death #jungkook is a sweetheart #college/university au #hurt and comfort #20k to 50k #complete#oneshot#rated m
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  • #demisexual keith #am i broken? #adventures in writing #rated m#keith/lance
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    #resident evil series #resident evil 2 remake #re2make #g stage 3 #photo#rated m#capcom#XBox one#mellz post #re2make g stage 3 #concept art
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  • Link: Candent Skin

    Author: TwentyThreeThirteen

    Status: 79k, Completed

    Relationship: Taekook/Vkook

    Rating: Rated M

    Summary: This is the tale of a spirit who fell in love with freedom and a prince who had never gone any further than his palace walls. The story of a boy whose skin glowed like a thousand suns and a young heir with the weight of a dynasty on his shoulders. The legend of two lovers that made all the frontiers they knew disappear because there was no world that could endure such love as theirs.

    Thoughts: I am IN LOVE with the writing style, it flows so smoothly and it’s so poetic and the descriptions are so pretty. It’s like a story telling style (idk if that makes sense LOL)…maybe like the intro to a Disney movie but way better???

    The plot is also 10/10 and everything about this is 10/10

    It’s a good old royalty au too!! What’s not to love?

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    Author: Haruday

    Status: 72k, Completed

    Relationship: Taekook/Vkook

    Rating: Work not given rating, Rated M

    Summary: If you slap a jester’s hat on the monster in the closet it ceases to be scary but to itself, it will still be a monster. If Jeongguk opens his palms he closes them instantly because he doesn’t like the ugliness he sees. The neon light leaks through his pores and he ceases to be bright.

    Pain changes people. It certainly changes Jeon Jeongguk.

    Thoughts: THIS PURE FIC, it’s so sad and while some characters are made out to be horrible at the beginning, the backstory explains a lot of it. The character arch=immaculate. 

    🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😌😌😌😌😔😩😩😖😖😖 it gives mee feels and lkfjlsfja please read this again and the child hood stuff its one of those fics that make you want to dream more and plop yourself into the story line but UGh

    I just wanna give them warm hugs :(

    #angst with a happy ending #angst#completed#50-80k#taekook#vkook#taekook/vkook #bts fic rec #bangtan fic rec #rated M#college au #please protect jungkook #protect taetae too #jungkook protection squad yAY #hobi is an angel #bts fanfic#jungkook#taehyung
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  • -Hey Nat, what ya gonna get O for his B-day? -

    -I still haven’t decided yet, I want to give him something special and sweet but nothing too cliché-

    -What ‘bout ya dress up like a bunny? He loves bunnies after all-

    Natalie’s eyes sparkled once she heard Ajay’s idea, even if both girls had different concepts for “dressing up as a bunny”

    - That’s perfect, I just need to see if I can find a decent one online though-

    -Don’t worry, I got’chu on this one girl-

    -You are the best Ajay-

    A devilish grin appeared on Lifeline’s face; she didn’t anticipate Wattson’s obliviousness to the matter but she was not going to complain and kept with this new idea of hers in motion.

    A few days forward and Octane’s birthday arrived, the legends planned a surprise party at Mirage’s bar, and while they were busy preparing the whole thing Ajay still had some work to do beforehand. The package arrived just in time, and she hurried to get Natalie ready for Octane.

    -Here is the package Nat, go on get ya self ready I’ll go ‘n get O-


    Natalie glanced at the somewhat small box, she expected it to be larger

    -This looks smaller than I initially thought, would this even fit me?

    -Don’ worry girl, it will suit ya like a glove, take my word for it now get goin’ you know how impatience your Octy can be at times-

    -Right, and, thanks again for helping me with the gift Ajay-

    -Anytime honey, anytime-

    Lifeline left the room to give Natalie some privacy, she then proceeded to call Octane via Comm

    -Hey Che, ¿que pasa?

    -O, I got ya somethin’-

    -Did ya chica?-

    -Yes, now be a doll ‘n bring ya ass here-

    In less than five minutes he was in front of her, more excited than usual, it’s been years since he last received a gift from her.

    -Give me, give me give me!!-

    -Slow down a bit O, this is delicate-

    -You know how much I hate waiting for things Che, just hand it over… por favor-

    -Oh, that I know, but just trust me on this one you’ll love this, I got ya a bunny -

    Those words shook him deeply, after all the years since he had Navy Octane never thought of getting another, Navy was special and he didn’t want to “replace” him, but it seems like his best friend got him one anyways

    -Y-you… did? –

    -Y-yeah, I thought this was an appropriate moment to give ya somethin’ good, she is in here, I’ll give ya some time-

    -You are THE fucking best! -

    Octane basically threw himself at Ajay to hug her as hard as he could, then he just went straight into Wattson’s room to meet his “bunny”


    Octane stood still once he laid eyes at the “bunny” that stood right in front of him; Natalie’s face got immediately red when Octavio started to get a good look at her suit; the corset she wore cling tightly to her and elevated her natural curves, the blue was eye catching, the fishnets thighs were having an effect on him already, one of the bunny ears was a little crooked but that jus made it better for him and the little bowtie she wore and that fluffy tail were adorable. After what felt like an eternity to Wattson, Octane got closer to her and grabbed her by the waist, threw his mask away and kiss her deeply, and while this initially caught her off guard, she did return the kiss with the same intensity, briefly retreating to get some air.

    -O-octy? -

    -You know, when Ajay told me she got me a bunny as wasn’t expecting this. But man does the chica DELIVERS! –

    -I-I’m happy that you like this but… this is not what I had in mind when she told me to dress like a bunny-

    She tried to hide her face in his chest only to find his heart beating with excitement

    -I think she played us but hey, let’s enjoy this while we are here-

    She rolled her eyes at his statement but he was right, there was nothing more to do other then enjoy this time before heading into the party. It didn’t take long for Octane to lift her and gently dropped her into the bed to continue where they left it. Natalie wrapped her arms around his neck while Octavio’s hand travel down, fondling her soft breast making her jolt a bit, with every kiss they shared Octane grew more and more desperate to get a taste of her, sliding aside the bottom part of her suit so he could get her going, he rubbed her pussy gently at first while she gasped in his ear, this only made him more eager to keep this up, he eventually speed a bit and slide a finger inside while rubbing her clit with his thumb; she moaned a bit louder and after a few more minutes she was close, but he stopped before she could get her first orgasm

    -W-why? –

    -I wanted to get you ready mi amor, now the fun begins for both of us-

    She opened her legs so he could get positioned right away, her insides were burning and he wasted no time to give her what she wanted, once his shorts were off him, he took a glance at her and let a relaxed sigh at the gorgeous woman beneath him

    -I’m gonna shock your world, mon lapin-

    -You always do, mi rey-

    With one last kiss he finally entered her, and started to thrust hard and deep, she was so tight and warm inside, her moans were soft at first because she was actually worried that her voice would be loud enough to pass through her specialized soundproof room, he couldn’t help but to grin at this, and  started to go faster, her boobs giggled with every thrust and her face going through different shades of red was a view that bring joy to his soul, her legs wrapped around his waist to keep him in the right position where she felt the most pleasure, every time he hit that spot her pussy would wrap around him tighter and little moans escaped her.

    -T-there, p-please octy-

    -You really like this eh? –

    A big moan escaped her mouth and when se she tried to cover her mouth he pinned her arms down.

    -No señor, I want to keep hearing those lovely sounds you make-

    -But w-we caAAN’T-

    She was cut off once his paste began to accelerate more, he then began to play a little with her tits

    -Mis amores, como me encantan-

    He nibbles them just to see her jolt and moan with every bite, after a while he leaned forward to kiss her some more while still groping her left boob. He then shifted their position so she would be on top of him, riding him cowgirl style, he grabbed her thighs and continue on with his thrusting; at this point she didn’t bother with lowering her voice, her moans and the wet sounds they made with every thrust were music and a motivation for the junker to keep the pace going, he wanted to make her feel good and there was no reason to stop now. Natalie was getting really heated by the moment and wanted to kiss him so badly, she practically throwed herself at him just to taste him; along the way she couldn’t help but to bite his neck, leaving marks around his clavicle and throat; this was a sight of Natalie that Octavio wanted to se more,

    Her breathing was getting heavier and her pussy started to grip him more, she was close.

    -Where do you want it? –

    -Á- á í’intérieur-

    -Bien dicho-

    He gave her some final deep thrusts and with that both of them came, she practically collapses on top of him, he was surprise of how much Nat could get out of him, but he wasn’t going to complain about it, they stayed there for a few minutes before Octane moved her to his side so they could cuddle for a while

    -That was the best gift I could have ever ask for Chispas –

    -I’m glad you like it, but I’m still getting Ajay for tricking me-

    -Y-you won’t get rid of the suit… would you amor? -

    -You really like it huh?

    -I did-

    -We’ll keep it but I’ll only use it when I feel like it’s appropriate, deal? –

    -Deal, maybe I’ll be the one wearing one for you-

    She just laughs at his remark remaining close to him and resting a bit. Once they had some rest the couple made their way to Mirage’s bar so the party can begin, it went as well as they expected, some drinking games here and there, good food provided by Elliott, a few small talks about Octane’s bruises on his neck with a few dead glares from Caustic.

    -Che, hermana, I owe you TONS from today-

    -I’m glad ya liked ya gift, I hope you’ll return the favor later on-

    -You got it chica, thanks-

    -Ya welcome-

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  • It’s finally over! Gawd, I’m so happy and proud of this baby monster. Thanks for everyone that followed me on this project! And if you like my writing, please consider following me here or on FF, I have new stuff coming up.

    Title: The Demon Behind the Door

    Summary: If the Demon is determined to punish you, you shall be punished. Mercilessly.  

    Rating: M

    Original Link: [FF]

    #Fairy Tail fanfic #miraxus#rated M
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  • defective  (30k, complete, 3/3, M)

    by veausy

    * need ao3 account to view

    tags: yoonmin // namjin // abo dynamics // non-traditional abo dynamics // trope subversion/inversion // pack dynamics // alternate universe // shapeshifters au // shapeshifting // pining // ot7 // werewolves 


    “He was defending you against me,” Jimin murmurs, which makes Taehyung pause. “When you were incapacitated, did you notice? He stopped when you weren’t vulnerable anymore.”

    Taehyung glances back at the wolf, which is staring out into the woods now like it’s not paying attention, but its ears treacherously move with every sound Jimin makes. “Like …” Taehyung turns to look at his friend, amusement and confusion warring on his face. “Like an alpha?”

    Jimin blinks up at him gravely. “Right, like he was defending his alpha.”

    #taekook#taekook fic #taekook fic rec #bts fic #bts fic rec #ao3 taekook#complete#chaptered#rated m #20k to 50k #nontraditional abo dynamics #abo dynamics#alternate universe#pining
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