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  • Qrow: I made a friend in Atlas

    Raven: disgusting

    Qrow: but he sided with Ironwood and now he’s dead

    Raven: I’m so proud of you

    Qrow: I didn’t kill him!

    Raven: you’ve always been a disappointment

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    • I am really curious if Summer left a message, letter or item behind during her final expedition knowing that she may die and that could either contain crucial informations on how to deal with Salem, a message for her family and friends explaining what she did and why she did that and telling them how much she loves them or both.
    • Another cool possibility would be of her having written a letter for Raven where she expresses her true feelings and thoughts about Raven's departure, about her becoming a mother to Yang in Raven's absence and marrying Taiyang and on the war against Salem. She may also tell Raven inside why she wanted to be a huntress and continued the fight against Salem despite knowing that Salem is immortal and the risk of dying against her. She may finish this letter by telling Raven that she hopes that one day Raven will come back or that she wishes for Raven to find happiness and to get a true relationship with Yang.
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  • Raven: “For the last time, show some respect to a maiden!”

    Qrow: “You’ve experienced more dongs than a church bell how’d you ever become a maiden?”

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  • we can dream am i rightttt

    #rwby#raven branwen#ruby rose#summer rose#rosebird#str-crossed lovers #its implied lol #my art #ruby said the yellow bear is for yang #i really liked your ask as you can tell
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  • image

    Rip Tai I didn’t have the right colors,, (and really the motivation to look up reference)

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  • I love it when people draw crow!Qrow but if i could just butt in here a say yall are not drawing him big enough crows are big birds

    Some google examples:


    Also just for kicks heres some Raven vs Crow size pics bc imagining Raven and Qrow lording their height over each other in each of their taller forms is hilarious to me

    #never realized crows are sleeker than ravens #well that explains the twins hair #rwby#hinacu rwby#branwen twins#qrow branwen#raven branwen#strq#crow qrow#raven raven#bird raven#bird qrow
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  • Alright so if Yang does get the power to turn into a bird (very unlikely but shhh) what bird do you think?

    I feel like she’ll be a Golden Eagle goldilocks lol or a Hawk but i dont know much about birds

    Id be pretty funny if she ended up a raven like her mom tho

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  • Summer: *Feeding baby Yang*

    Baby Yang: *Spits out food* *Being fussy*

    Summer: Hey now. We don’t spit. If it’s in your mouth you swallow it.

    Taiyang: *Raises an eyebrow*

    Raven: *Raises an eyebrow*


    Baby Yang: Fuck!

    Summer: *Turns white*

    #rwby#summer rose #taiyang xiao long #raven branwen #yang xiao long
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  • Yang as the sunshine girl Hina Amano 

    Blake as the Runaway Hokada Morishima

    Ruby as the little sister to Yang as Nagisa Amano 

    Raven as Keisuke Suga

    Ironwood as the detective  Yasui

    Clover as his partner Takai 

    Qrow as Natsumi Suga 

    Weiss as Kana 

    Penny as Ayane

    Jaune as Mitsuha

    Pyrrha as Taki 

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  • Just rewatched the Maiden story tale and noticed something interesting.

    Spring is shown as a sprightly young girl who works hard and brings life, meanwhile Raven is a coward who hides herself and takes no joy in life. She’d rather pillage and steal than give.

    Winter is a calm and stoic individual who speaks little and prefers to sit and watch, meanwhile Penny is loud and outgoing. Ready to go out and do whatever and hardly sits still.

    Fall is the oldest and most mature. She’s able to recognize how much the wizard now has and strives to do good not because someone is special, but because it’s the right thing to do. Meanwhile, Cinder is power hungry and not considerate of others. She sees herself as beyond human and better than everyone.

    So far all the Maidens have contrasted their story counter parts.

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  • Taiyang: Do you even truly love my Raven? Or do you just want me for my body?

    Raven: Of course I love you Tai~

    Taiyang: *Closes eyes* Then what color are my eyes?

    Raven: Shit.

    #rwby #taiyang xiao long #raven branwen
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  • [STRQ walks into the open vault to see Ozpin holding the crown of choice] 

    Raven - Ozpin

    [Ozpin puts the crown on his head]

    Raven - Or should I say Ozma

    [Ozpin frowns]

    Ozpin - Who told you

    Raven - [narrows eyes] Salem

    Ozpin- [smiles and chuckles] So it’s treason then

    Qrow- It’s not treason, it’s knowing what we’re fighting for 

    Ozpin - But Qrow, you devoted your life to my cause, you trust me completely

    [The jewels in the crown of choice glow, as Qrow disappears from Raven’s side as she reaches for him. He reappears at Ozpin’s side, reeking of booze]

    [STR recall  new memories of Ozpin taking Qrow under his wing during their time at Beacon] 

    Raven - The crown ! Take out the crown!

    [Taiyang and Summer launch themselves at Ozpin] 

    [Qrow launches himself at Raven without reservation, which Raven barely blocks] 

    Raven - Qrow you idiot ! [kicks Qrow away and tries to disable him from the fight] Stop this ! We’re family

    Qrow- [scorn as they strike at each others blades]  We’re not family, not after what you’ve done

    [Tai and Summer work in tandem to strike at Ozpin, being deflected multiple times by his mystical energy. Their speed increased as they  tried to time their hits to avoid being deflected. Tai spots a chance and goes in for an uppercut]

    [Ozpin moves his hand in front of himself and wipes Taiyang away, a new memory  appearing to SRQ of a sad Taiyang looking at their group picture. Qrow’s blows grow more  ruthless as he and the other members of his team grow to realize what new reality was being created. One where Raven had left]

    [Qrow stabs Raven in the shoulder, allowing her to punch him in the stomach and knock him out, she stumbles back, blood gushing from her shoulder]

    Ozpin - I always knew you were trouble Ms.Branwen, but I  never expected you  would lead my most promising team to ruin

    Raven - You bastard [channels into maiden power, shooting ice at Ozpin] This was your doing 

    [Ozpin glides away, effortlessly parrying Summers blows like he was playing games with a child. His crown changing her tactics to ones that he could block]

    Raven - We would have fought, even if it was hopeless [rushing into help Summer] All we wanted was the choice

    Ozpin - Choice ? [slams Summer into the ground with a bolt of energy] There’s never been any choice. Whenever I offer  someone the illusion of it, they choose incorrectly and give Salem what she wants.If this world is to survive, I must take control and place people on my side whether they want it or not

    [Ozpin intercepts Raven and takes her over the edge of the catwalk]

    Ozpin - But fear not Raven, I won’t make you fight with me. You can live safely with your tribe while your team and daughters fight for me

    [Raven uses her portals to flash between spots around Ozpin in an effort at catching him by surprise, until she stumbles due to blood loss] 

    Raven - I’m not going to leave them…. I can’t

    Ozpin - You have no choice


    Fate AU 1

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  • just checking in on my sister.

    @ask-raven-branwen how are you holding up? Haven’t heard from you in a while.

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  • As a fellow birb mom, I’m not mad at this result.

    As a fellow Raven stan, I feel as though I’ve completed my prophecy!

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  • Okay, but if Summer, Raven, and Taiyang were all in a relationship with each other at the same time, then suddenly Raven’s actions make a lot more sense. It’s still horrible that she left, but at least she didn’t ‘abandon’ Yang to a life without a mom–she would have known Summer would raise her, and might even have justified it as ‘she’d be a better mother than me.’ Gives a reasonable start for the ball to start rolling down to the problem woman she is now, instead of just ‘I was always neglectful and a manipulative liar.’

    And of course Ruby and Yang don’t know about it because, what, they were kids! Why try to explain this to kids when both the moms are gone?

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  • When you try to be edgy, but you’re a moronsexual.

    #Raven is a disaster bi and nobody can convince me otherwise #Raven Branwen#Raven RWBY#Summer Rose#Summer RWBY #Taiyang Xiao Long #Taiyang RWBY#Tai RWBY#Team STRQ#RWBY
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  • [Raven chases Neo off]

    Raven - [thinks to self] Another threat to Yang taken care of …..

    Yang -  [falling into unconsciousness] Mom ?

    Raven - Uhhhh no 

    Yang- How did you even know I  was here ?

    Raven - [uncomfortable]  E….everyone gets one 

    Yang- [narrows eyes] And out of all the times I’ve ever been in danger, this one time you manage  to jump in at just the right time is the one time you choose ?

    Raven - Yes

    Yang- Bullshit. How would you even know  I was in danger

    Raven - …..

    Yang- There’s no way you could have jumped in so perfectly unless you’ve been watching me…. and if you’ve been watching me…you’ve been watching Dad….Ruby

    Raven - Hey, don’t you have a mission to get back to ?

    Yang- Why not just come home ?

    [Raven walks to Yang and tucks her under her arm as she starts walking her back to her team] 

    Yang - [being taken up the ladder to the train car]  Unless there’s a reason you COULDN’T come back 

    [Raven walks Yang to her surprised team]

    Ruby - Yang ! It’s your mom !

    Yang  - I know right ! 

    Raven -[stressed] How does everyone KNOW 

    Ruby - You look just like her =0

    Yang- She’s been watching us

    Ruby - Why didn’t she just live with us ? Was it because of Mom 

    Yang- Was it Mom ? Were you secretly lovers and you couldn’t return because of a broken heart

    [Raven squeaks with hurt]

    Yang- Yeah that’s a reason….. but i feel like there’s MORE

    [Raven gasps with surprise as she notices  the train hurtling  towards a wall. In a flash, she uses her maiden powers to freeze the train  safely in place]



    Raven - Great…just great  [opens a portal and tosses the kids in before stepping into the portal herself]

    [Raven and RWBY find themselves in the city of Vale, where the train would have come out]

    [Raven is quickly frozen by Goodwitch’s semblance]

    Glynda- Well isn’t THIS a surprise….


    Whoopsie AU

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