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  • tickling-giggles
    27.01.2022 - 11 hours ago
    #lee!ray #lee!don #lee!phil #tpn tickle#tpn tickling#tpn tickles#anime tickling#tickle fic #ler!ray #ler!don #ler!phil #kiara writes
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  • merinastories
    26.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Ray screaming at Norman

    "You Idiot!"

    I have no better Idea for a title.


    #fan art#anime#drawing#weeb#tpn manga#tpn norman#tpn ray #the promised neverland #norray#oreo #fricking love these two #we all need a bit norray #maybe I am a bit late to this game
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  • sourwhump
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    i wish i could grab all the feelings isabella's lullaby makes me feel and pack them into a neat little story to post here.

    #yes im still hung up on that #isabella... #i love isabella #her backstory is just. #god #her and ray- #dude it keeps me up at night #it makes me Weep #tpn posting #damn its smth irl
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  • tricksteroftheheart
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    carrd fianlly updated. couldnt make a whole kinlist so had to stop it at my medium kins + coping kins/coping link im so tired but idk if sleeping is a good idea all things considered rolls over. sigh

    #ray kin#tpn kin #burnt out matches - 🔥 #im so tired but i technicalyl slept like a lot #its probably the nightmares. thats definitely it #eh i feel better rn ill try to sleep
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  • tricksteroftheheart
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    so many kins so little time,, made a canon call but i dont know if i’ll get anyone,, I have never once met an Isabella kinnie. Honestly, I’m still not sure if I fully want to speak to one. I guess I just,, have some unresolved feelings.

    #ray kin#tpn kin #promised neverland kin #i cry and scream and fall over #burnt out matches - 🔥
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  • xiaotaile
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Good touch.

    #the promised neverland #tpn emma#tpn norman#tpn ray
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  • lanihaluki
    24.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    tpn doodles I forgot to post from awhile ago

    #if you can’t tell my style was super rusty that day LOL #anyway brainrot children :] #this is the most chaotic I’ve ever drawn hair JDDJDK #tbf tis in character for Emma #tpn #the promised neverland #tpn emma#tpn ray#tpn norman#my art #artists on tumblr
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  • chaoticookie
    24.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Do you guys think Emma and Ray ever told Norman about Ray's suicide attempt? I don't, and:

    Don, cooking: So I lit the damn thing on fire? That's so fricking cool!

    Gilda: heh, yeah. Gastronomy sure is awesome.

    Lani: Did I hear someone saying fire? Make sure Ray isn't nearby to hear it or you know what he'll do! *laughs and runs off*

    Norman: *chuckles*

    Don and Gilda: *laugh awkwardly*

    Norman: Lani has such weird puns. I wonder where did he get this one from?



    ~ A few minutes latter ~

    Norman: RAY DID WHAT?!

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  • shhhroom
    24.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    ☁️🪴 🍊☁️🪴 🍊☁️🪴 🍊☁️🪴 🍊☁️🪴 🍊☁️🪴 🍊☁️🪴 🍊☁️🪴 🍊☁️

    ⩇⩇:⩇⩇ emma ? エマ 🍊 [ dream = ride a giraffe !! ]

    #tpn#tpn anime #emma the promised neverland #cats#moodboard#orange#green moodboard#emma tpn#norman tpn#ray tpn #grace field house #orange hair#gif #anime / manga #tranca porta #terra do nunca #the promised neverland #yakusuko no neverland
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  • tutubola
    23.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    what do you mean, fruits are supposed to be eaten??

    #ughhhh tumblr killing the quality again :( #im stuck in my room for the next few days so i finally have the time to paint again!! #and this is smth ive been meaning to paint since the bunkerlife post #nat#gilda#jemima#anna#sonya#ray#emma#sandy#zack #tiny people lol #tutu art#cuvitidala #tpn manga spoilers
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  • spark-doodles
    23.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    I will draw more Norman, eventually. But in the meantime-

    #norman is just trickier to draw #also brain has fixated on these two #i love them sm #tpn #the promised neverland #tpn emma#tpn ray#tpn art#sketch dump#tpn fanart#ynn
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  • myoirv
    23.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    — tpn trio with a sick s/o

    ♡ — summary: how the trio would react to their sick s/o

    ♡ — pairing: tpn trio x gn! reader

    ♡ — warning: none that I'm aware of ??

    ♡ — word count: 713

    ♡ — genre: fluff!!

    ♡ — notes: this is re-posted! so if it looks similar that's why TvT


    norman would help you so don’t worry

    he just has to be far- far away from you

    norman was a little overdramatic about you being sick

    he wouldn’t be around you unless he was wearing a masks

    or some suit that doctors wear

    norman would take extra extra precaution since he gets sick soo easily- he was just more careful around you

    he makes sure you take the proper medicine

    honestly, at this point, you wish you were sick 24/7 since norman is so much sweeter when you are

    also the soup he makes when you’re sick is amazing, another reason why you want to be sick 24/7

    being sick around norman is amazing even though he’s panicking in the inside

    “y/n, can i come in?” norman asked. “sure” you coughed out. you had managed to get a cold- which was unfortunate for you since you had planned to go on a little picnic date with norman. you heard shuffling from the other side of the door. when norman entered the room you couldn’t help but laugh. he was wearing a mask, gloves, and scrubs. “what the hell are- you wearing?” you said between laughs. you clutched your stomach as your laughs turned into coughs. “i get sick easily y/n...” norman muttered. you could tell he was embarrassed. “oh i'm aware norman” you teased as norman walked to you. you eyeballed the bowl of soup in his hands. “it’s chicken noodle soup” norman said before sitting near you. “thank you” you whispered.


    ray would help you- but also make it worse for you

    the teasing would definitely increase

    he would help with giving you medicine, making your food, and making sure you’re getting better

    but other than that you have to fend for yourself-

    if you ever started to feel sad about being sick- don’t worry

    ray will be there soon even though he’s aware that he could get sick

    not the biggest pda person but he'll cuddle you when you're sick

    ray’s hands combed through your hair, instantly comforting you. it was moments like these you loved the most. ray had always managed to make you feel better. you nuzzled your head in ray’s chest while ray continued massaging your head. ray could tell you were about to fall asleep. he watched as you fell into a deep slumber. his eyes started feeling tired too at the sight. sleep was the only thing he want to do right now. but he had to clean up. you had managed to make a mess. which didn’t surprise ray. ray watched you for a while before finally getting up to clean. you whined at the sudden loss of warmth before you started coughing up a fit.


    now with emma-

    she tries to help you but ends up doing nothing

    if anything she’s the one who makes the mess

    she’s not overdramatic about it or anything- just worried

    and that is not good since she becomes super clumsy

    you have to help her

    when you're sick please praise emma

    she will definitely feel bad about not helping you alot

    she just needs some reassurance

    and add some cheek kisses in there too-

    emma’s really sweet to you when your sick~

    “y/n!! i got your meds!” emma yelled in excitement as she skipped her way into the room you were in. the glass of water she was holding spilling onto the floor. “it was hard though since it was at the top shelf- ackk!” emma yelled as she fell face first. you gasped when you heard the loud thump. you slowly got out of the bed as emma stayed on the floor. “emma” you giggled. “my head” emma groaned. you quickly made your way to the fridge to get emma an ice pack. forgetting about the cold you had. it wasn’t that much of a big deal to you either way. you were always sick so it didn’t bother you that much. “i’m sorry y/n!! i didn’t mean to do that-” emma mentally cursed at herself for having you be worried about her. “i screwed up again!” emma whined. “but that’s what i love about you” you cooed at the girl. “you love that i screw everything up?”

    all fics belong to @myoirv !! please do not copy my work <33

    #tpn fanfic #the promised neverland fanfiction #tpn x reader #the promised neverland #the promised neverland x reader #tpn norman#tpn headcanons #tpn x y/n #tpn emma#tpn ray #emma x reader #emma x y/n #ray x reader #norman x reader #ray x y/n #the promised neverland x y/n #tpn norman x reader #norman x you #norman x y/n #anime x gender neutral reader #anime x you #anime x reader #anime x y/n #anime fanfic
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  • myoirv
    23.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    — tpn trio with an s/o who has long curly hair

    ♡ — summary: how the trio would react to their s/o with long curly hair

    ♡ — pairing: tpn trio x gn! reader

    ♡ — warning: none that I'm aware of ??

    ♡ — word count: 794

    ♡ — genre: fluff!!

    ♡ — notes: this is re-posted! so if it looks similar that's why TvT


    norman never really thought much about your hair

    he just thought it made you unique

    norman usually had to remind you to put your hair in a small bun like mama’s since it got everywhere

    especially when you guys were playing tag-

    norman has definitely wondered if you could put anything in your hair

    obviously small things-

    “y/n…can you- can you put things in your hair?”


    if you could- expect to have some stuff in your hair

    norman wants to ask if he could braid your hair or just brush it

    but he’s too shy- so he would only do it if you asked him or if he finally had the courage to ask you

    “hey- y/n, i was wondering if i could…. could i braid your hair?” norman shyly asked. “sure!” you said. norman’s face was flushed, he was very embarrassed about doing this. Norman wasn’t that embarrassed of braiding your hair- but of how close you two would be.

    “do you know how to braid hair norman?” you asked the albino boy. “not really” norman stated. “oh well it’s easy, look this is how you do it” you said before getting closer to the boy. demonstrating how to do braids on the boy’s snow-white hair. “do you know how to do it now?” you asked norman. “y-yeah” norman stuttered out, pink covered his cheeks.


    like norman, ray never thought much about your hair

    to him it was just hair- nothing special

    he would just use it to his advantage-

    t e a s i n g

    ray would pull strands of your hair and then just leave

    he won’t even say hi or anything like that- just pull and leave

    it’s even more easier since your hair’s so long- like he could pull anywhere

    also when you wake up and your hair- this rude boy is always pointing out how it looks like a bird nest

    of course, you know he’s joking- but sometimes it does get annoying and you just want to snitch on him to mama

    “ray what are your thoughts on relationships?” you asked the raven. “huh- what do you mean?” ray asked. “like married stuff” you told the flustered boy. “i-i don’t know anything about that” ray huffed. “but don’t you read a lot of books-? don’t they have romance in there?” you pushed the boy to answer your question.

    “no, shut up. i’m trying to read” ray scolded you. “no! i’m gonna be talking like this now!” you yelled at the boy. slowly getting up from the seat you were on and waddling your way near the boy. “so boring…aren’t you supposed to be smart” you whined, dramatically waving your hands in the air.

    “shut up” ray pulled you by the hair. you fell on his lap, flustered by the position you were in. “go asleep idiot. you’re annoying” ray whisper yelled before going back to reading his book. “m’kay” you whispered. blush starting to spread around your cheeks. while a blush was barely evident on ray’s.


    oh- emma loves your hair

    she is constantly rambling about how pretty it is

    emma has always had short hair so seeing you with very long hair makes her a little jealous

    but she just adores your hair~

    she constantly acts you if she could braid your hair

    or just do random hairstyles on it

    but it’s a little hard since your hair is quite- messy

    emma tries to make you a little antenna so you could match- but it doesn’t work at all

    emma is just in love with your hair and envy’s you for having such beautiful hair

    “y/n~!” the orange haired girl ran into the room you were in. “yeah?” you called out for the girl. currently, you were helping mom bake some cookies. you had hoped for it to be easily made without interruptions. but that obviously wasn’t gonna happen in a household with 38- 39 people. most of them being messy toddlers.

    “i was reading a book about your hair- and some hairstyles we could do!” emma rambled about what she had found with the help of jemima. you weren’t paying attention to her though- you heard some of the things she was saying, but you were more focused on the cookies in the oven. “can we try it?” emma asked.

    “uh- sure” you said before getting pushed into a chair by emma. “wait- but the cookies” you whined, trying to get out of the chair. “don’t worry mom will do it” emma said. “she’s right y/n. i’ll do it, i don’t want to ruin the adorable moment you two are having either” mom sweetly said. “oh m’kay” you stuttered, a shade of red covering your cheeks.

    all fics belong to @myoirv !! please do not copy my work <33

    #the promised neverland x y/n #the promised neverland fanfiction #the promised neverland x reader #the promised neverland headcanons #the promised neverland #tpn x reader #tpn norman#tpn headcanons#tpn fanfic #tpn x y/n #tpn emma#tpn ray #emma x y/n #emma x reader #ray x y/n #ray x reader #norman x reader #tpn norman x reader #norman x y/n #anime x reader #anime x you #anime x y/n #anime fanfic
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  • myoirv
    23.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    — tpn trio having a friend whos growing rather quickly

    ♡ — summary: how the trio would react to their friend going through female puberty

    ♡ — pairing: tpn trio x fem! reader

    ♡ — warning: female puberty? mentions of boobs bouncing, nothing else I'm aware of

    ♡ — word count: 615

    ♡ — genre: fluff!! slight angst at the end if you squint

    ♡ — notes: this is re-posted! so if it looks similar that's why!! this fic is definitely inspired by my 11-year-old body so i hope someone relates TvT


    poor boy doesn’t even notice how fast you’re growing

    norman of course knew you were gonna grow sooner or later, but he didn’t expect you to grow that soon.

    he doesn’t say much about it, he just mentally notes how you’re probably gonna be acting differently now

    if you’d ever feel uncomfy or out of place norman will be quick to praise you and just tell you affirmations on yourself (does that make sense-)

    of course, he doesn’t know much about what you're going through but he quickly understands

    norman would be flustered by how mature you're getting

    the first time norman turned into (⑉´•˶˶̫˶ •`⑉), was when you were playing with the little kids tag

    he was just watching you play and then he looked down- manz had to take a quick retake when he noticed you had something on your chest bouncing

    at first, he thought it was just how your shirt was moving- but that quickly went out the drain when he saw it once more

    flustered boy didn’t know how to comprehend what he just saw

    it wasn’t anything bad obviously, but he just couldn’t realize how you were growing that quickly while your other siblings (the trio) looked like toddlers compared to you


    ray being the intelligent young boy he is , he already expected this in a way

    he knew there was gonna be a time when one of the girls grew quicker than others- but he didn’t expect you to be that girl

    he didn’t care that much about you growing quickly though

    it didn’t help in any way so he just ignored it

    but he would definitely tease you about it

    “ouch- my chest hurts” you whispered, the pain of wearing a bra all day finally kicking in. “want me to soothe it?” ray asked with a smirk, his hands finding their way into yours. “fuck off”

    if you ever showed discomfort with his teasing he’d quickly stop

    but instead, shower you with praises- when you two are alone obviously >:3

    he isn’t flustered by it like someone ^^

    ray just thinks its unique about you, its not every day you see an 11-year-old grow that quickly

    would take note of the foods you like during that time of the month and the mood changes you have

    at this point, he knows more about girl stuff than you do


    emma doesn’t even know about that stuff yet-

    it wasn’t until you guys had escaped grace field when she noticed

    flustered ish emma has entered the fic >:3

    she doesn’t really get it tbh- like she’s over here looking at you

    and then back at herself

    the moment she notices the differences between you and her- dear emma needs reassurance after that

    she wasn’t really taught about having a period or was given a bra during the time you guys were still in grace field

    so best believe she went to you for help

    “y/n” emma murmured, her head hanging low in embarrassment. “yeah?” you offered the orange-haired girl a smile, your hand slowly making its way to hers. “whys it that you have-… those and i dont” emma asked, pointing a finger at your chest.

    “oh!” you gasped in shock at the sudden question. “well” you paused, trying to find the right words, “everyone’s bodys different, it doesn’t matter if you have these or not. they don’t help you at all with anything, and to be quite frank- they only give you pain” you told the embarrassed girl.

    “really?” emma inquired. “yeah! so be proud of the body you have emma!” you said before pulling the girl into an embrace. “thank you y/n”

    all fics belong to @myoirv !! please do not copy my work <33

    #the promised neverland x y/n #the promised neverland fanfiction #tpn x reader #tpn fanfic #the promised neverland x reader #the promised neverland #norman x reader #the promised neverland headcanons #norman x y/n #norman x you #anime fanfic#tpn headcanons #tpn x y/n #anime x y/n #anime x reader #anime x you #anime x gender neutral reader #anime x gn reader #ray x y/n #ray x reader #emma x y/n #emma x reader #tpn norman#tpn ray#tpn emma
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  • sofibeth-arts
    23.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Need to draw more of these two.

    #the promised neverland #rayemma#ray tpn#emma tpn#tpn #Yakusoku no Neverland #Beth's art
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  • lanihaluki
    23.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    pt 2 of sketches for an emotion challenge :]!!

    #my art#tpn #the promised neverland #tpn ray#tpn emma#tpn norman#story thieves#orion Sanderson#kid twilight#kara Dox#Kiel Gnomenfoot#kipo#kipo oak #kipo and the age of wonderbeasts #kataow #also the last Ray pic is an inside joke w one of my best friends #artists on tumblr
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  • the-silliest-idiot
    22.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Gotta grow

    #i think it'd be funny if ray didn't like milk #he likes to drown his sorrows in apple juice #the promised neverland #tpn#tpn ray #i made him suffer more oop #he doesn't deserve that #but the last panel just flew on the canvas #tpn demons#tpn sonju #best worst dad back at it again #my art #rejected art that is #i should find a better name for that tag #like it's just sketchy and unrendered #not something i actually hate or reject #though i do hate that i put gilda in the wrong place #spacially that makes no sense #but that's me being pedantic
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  • tricksteroftheheart
    22.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    “Yo” !!

    I’m Ray. Check my about for my carrd (https://wanna-be-arsonist.carrd.co/), that has all the information you need about me. If you want to contact me, for any reason at all, don’t hesitate to add my discord ( "SLEEPY CYCLOPS" !!#5228 ) My kin list on here will not stay updated, so it’s best to talk to me if you want to know anything about my memories or my kins.

    Especially contact me if you are: Norman/Emma/Isabella/any of the Lambda Crew/literally anyone from The Promised Neverland please (TPN), Aether/Albedo/Dvalin/Kazuha (GI) Kaede/Kyoko/Mukuro/Komaru/Izuru/Hajime (DR), The Gardener/The Postman/The Violinist/any hunter from Identity V please (IDV), Monika/MC (DDLC), Maka/Blackstar/Kid (SE), Espeon/Riolu/Gladion/Lillie/any Pokemon please (PKMN), Ringo/any of the Tetra Crew (PPT), Goro/any of the Phantom Thieves (P5), Mochi/literally anyone from Lonely Wolf Treat (LWT) Tag list (wip): #burnt out matches - 🔥my personal thoughts tag #cw gore #cw eyestrain #inspiration

    #puts the tags of who all is on my kinlist rn in the tags #just for funsies #sighs. oh boy #ray kin#venti kin#sayori kin#soul kin#umbreon kin#tpn kin #the promised neverland kin #genshin impact kin #ddlc kin #doki doki literature club kin #soul eater kin #pokemon kin #i have So much more but. thats too many tags #again #dm me. ill tell you everything #also might add a kinlist section to my carrd idk yet #if thats a thing then be sure to check that #oh yeah i forgot! im a werewolf #werewolf kin#lycanthrope kin #btw i have two timelines as ray! #canon ray and 'minerva' ray #just so ya know! #burnt out matches - 🔥 #inspiration #btw i have another ray timeline #more at 11
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  • just-like-playing-tag
    21.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Norman: *Comes up with a long, elaborate plan*

    Ray: Forget this plan. I say we whuck a Molotov cocktail and *makes whoosh sound* run through the wall

    Emma: ... I think we should go with Norman's plan

    Ray: I'm telling you, Molotov cocktails work. Any time I had a problem and I threw a Molotov cocktail... Boom, right away, I had a different problem.

    #the promised neverland #22/05/'21: Ok I'm watching the Good Place and SIS IT'S SOO GOOD????????? #Like I never ever would expected for it to be good I just started it because it was on Netflix- #and I needed something to put on the background. And I ended up super involved and attached to the characters?????? #Never would I have expected for it to be so good but it ended up being amazing!!!!!!! The plot twist at the end of season 1 like BRO #Neither would have I ever imagined to give Ray a Jason quote but here we are 👀👀 #Also the philosophy recap......... #tpn norman#tpn ray#tpn emma #full score trio #tpn #tpn incorrect quotes #mine #q.
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