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  • versailercat
    12.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Riku and Sora being taller than Ven.

    And Chirithy turning Terra into a gorgeous gentleman.

    First time doodling these two in 15 years or so.

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  • illustratedartist
    03.10.2021 - 3 monts ago


    My younger bro and I got sick over the weekend and spent most of our time playing games together, and one of those games being Rayman Raving Rabbids for the PS2! It was so much fun, we hadn’t played the game in years but everything was so nostalgic <3

    I couldn’t help but draw something about it, (Using my own characters to represent my bro and I ;D) And I decided to color it in a more cell-shaded style than my usual painting technique. It was a huge pain but TOTALLY worth it!   

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  • loomasvino
    06.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Super Mario Kart 64 N64 Emulator

    Super Mario Kart 64 N64 Emulator Manual Just A#

    Super Mario Kart 64 N64 Emulator Upgrade From Its#

    Super Mario Kart 64 N64 Emulator Upgrade From Its

    Game on the Nintendo 64, beaten out only by Super Mario 64.I'm not the biggest fan of Super Mario 64. Being an upgrade from its predecessor, Super Mario Kart, it features a similar base to Super. Then there are hacks that are more like. Some of these hacks might be as simple as translating one language to another, while others could be more advanced, adjusting game rules and behavior. For about as long as video game emulation has existed, there have been fan hacks. Super Mario 64 Land Fan Game Released, Can Be Played In Any N64 Emulator.

    If you owned one of the revolutionary Nintendo videogame consoles: N64, now you'll be able to play again legendary games such as Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, Mario Kart or Resident Evil 2. So when I heard that Mario Kart 64 was coming to the Nintendo Switch, I was a bit apprehensive.3.0.0. When I played the game again in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection, the iconic plumber felt a little too slippery, which made judging distance difficult.

    If you owned one of the revolutionary Nintendo videogame consoles: N64, now youll be able to play again legendary games such as Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, Mario Kart or Resident Evil 2. There were some hiccups, but we generally made it through the Cup (I lost, but that's not important), laughing and having fun.3.0.0. I played through a couple of Cups in single-player before moving on to playing Mario Kart 64 online with a friend. The controls came naturally, even if the drifting took some getting used to. I expected to find the controls janky and unforgiving, like other retro games, but to my surprise, I had a blast. Recommended picks: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Super Mario 64, Star Fox 64, Paper Mario, Mario Kart 64 and Rayman 2: the I was already familiar with many of the tracks, given that every game from Mario Kart DS onward included retro tracks in their Grand Prix courses.

    But for single-player and multiplayer experiences, Mario Kart 64 is still just as great as it used to be.Speedrun.coms rules regarding Mario Kart 64 mentions no forbidden emulators. Until the lag issues in the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack are resolved, I'd recommend leaving online play to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. However, now that both of these games, along with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, are on the Switch, I'd say they each have their place. A smaller subsection of those fans prefer Mario Kart 64, the series' first foray into the third dimension. You'll hear lots of die-hard Mario Kart fans claim that Double Dash is the best game in the series.

    Mario Kart 64 is good for when you want to turn off your brain and experience some nostalgia, but that's as far as it goes. Accessibility and easy modes are important to a lot of players, and have never harmed a game, in my opinion. The large roster and accessibility options in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe also mean that you're less likely to fight over who gets to pick Yoshi, and younger siblings won't get frustrated with the game. While I do value local multiplayer a lot, the fact that Mario Kart 64's online play is, put simply, atrocious makes it a lot less attractive.

    If you want to purchase and play Game Boy Color, Nintendo DS, or Wii titles, you'll have to either purchase the original systems or head back to the last generation of Nintendo hardware. Now you're locked into paying for an annual subscription to Nintendo Switch Online to have temporary access to a lot of these titles, which just isn't worth it for many fans of those games.If third-party emulators can get online play right, why can't Nintendo?The vast catalog of legacy content has been greatly reduced as well. Gone are the days where you could purchase the retro games you wanted to play on modern systems for anything from $5 to $10, and keep them forever. However, its legacy content needs some work.Right out the gate, retro games on the Nintendo Switch are super expensive. I don't think I'm wrong in saying that Nintendo, as a company, has instilled more nostalgia for older video games than any other video game company (sorry, Sega fans).

    When people saw the miniscule amount of effort put into Super Mario 3D All-Stars, they were crestfallen, me included. Super Mario's 35th anniversary, understandably, came and went with little fanfare due to it being smack in the middle of the pandemic, where people and companies were still trying to figure out working from home. The pricing was the most jarring, increasing from $20 and $35 for the individual and family subscriptions to a whopping $50 and $80, respectively.This isn't the first time Nintendo has done this.

    Super Mario Kart 64 N64 Emulator Manual Just A

    Voting with your wallet is important, sure, it's just a shame that we had to pay so much to learn this expensive lesson. Much like the 35th anniversary celebration, Mario Kart 64 and the rest of the Nintendo 64 games on the overpriced service are a slap in the face to fans. There was no physical soundtrack, and no stickers, no manual just a lone cart in a box, which, frustratingly enough, isn't available for sale anymore after Nintendo arbitrarily stopped production of both the physical and digital versions. While I do understand that porting 2D and 3D games are different kettles of fish, I can't come up with a good reason for Super Mario Galaxy 2's omission from Super Mario 3D All-Stars. It was the first time that Super Mario Sunshine was available on a console other than the Nintendo GameCube, and yet Nintendo only added GameCube controller support after fans begged them to.It's a shame that we had to pay so much to learn this expensive lesson.When I think back to Kirby's 25th anniversary, fans got Kirby's Dream Collection, a compilation of six classic Kirby games.

    #Super Mario Kart 64 N64 Emulator
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  • warsloading982
    11.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Rayman 2 Mac Download

    Rayman 2 Mac Download Free

    Rayman 2 Mac Download

    Going back to the old school has never been as cool as it is with Rayman Origins. A star from the past and what used to be one of the most iconic gaming characters makes a comeback to the modern days in the most delightful way. Born in 1995 and after going through a lot of changes in the game style, even adventuring in the 3D game scene, Rayman Origins marks the long-awaited revival of the character.

    As a fan of action platform games, I can say that Rayman is one to add to your collection. Rayman 2: The Great Escape Item Preview Rayman 2 001.jpg. Rayman 2 002.jpg. Rayman 2 003.jpg. Remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS download 1 file. ISO IMAGE download. Download 1 file. ITEM TILE download. Download 3 files. Rayman 2 The Great Escape Free Download PC Game - Welcome to Free PC Games Download Mega Games, This game is titled Rayman 2 The Great Escape Free Download PC Game, We have prepared this game well and concisely so that it is easy to download for free. Category Games Action Category Games Adventure well happy downloading and playing this game.

    About the game

    Not only does this game represent the comeback of the Rayman character, but it's also one of the best examples of a pure platform game. Giving close to no importance to the plot, Rayman focuses completely on the gameplay.

    But when a game has pretty much no argument to explore or to be based on, the gameplay part has to be pretty well developed, and luckily it is. The game design goes back to the roots of gaming, focusing more on making the game an entertaining and joyful experience. An incredibly simple game that delivers to be one of the purest and most entertaining experiences we've seen in a long time.

    Rayman 2 Mac Download Free

    A fresh new start

    Indeed, Rayman is probably still not the king of platformer games, and it never truly was. But it is still incredible what they managed to create when making this beautiful title. You can feel how much love was put into developing this title. The art style, the gameplay, the level design, everything is simply beautiful when it comes to this title.

    It's comparable to what they did when they made Sonic Generations, a game that evokes so many memories and brings back what made them great to start with. However, Rayman Origins did something much more impressive, as it didn't just relent in the nostalgia to make it great. Instead, it starts off a new legacy, improving everything nice in the series and making it even more enjoyable.


    Rayman Origins is all-around a game that will make you happy, it will make you smile and have a good time. The levels are beautiful, the gameplay is fun and exciting, there are collectibles and more. It's hard to find something negative to say about this title, there aren't a dozen more of them out there. Not often you find games that will make everyone in the room happy and have a good time.

    Rayman 2 Mac Download

    Graphic and Visuals: The art department really did a great job here. The levels are beautifully crafted, the characters and their animations look amazing. The whole game is visually precious and a masterpiece, even with how simple it is.

    Gameplay: The controls are simple, but they are enough for the game. Working out great it even manages to feature a cooperative mode. Not only two players can enjoy this amazing title, but four players can have fun with this game at the same time. Not that many platformers dare to do this, but it works flawlessly here.

    Sound: The sound fits perfectly with this game, it goes along with the art style and blends in the most natural way with the whole atmosphere the game builds up. A joyful soundtrack for a joyful game.

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  • fastfoward
    28.10.2021 - 2 monts ago
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  • why-its-kai
    19.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    sorry everyone it’s real reminiscing on my rayman 3 nostalgia from ~2007 hours

    #can’t remember the prime obsession years but I was in middle school #so sometime between 2006-2008 maybe 09
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  • why-its-kai
    19.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    oh my god I want a rayman 3 remaster so bad now. playing the ps2 version now for the first time in like 10-15 years and on one hand NOSTALGIA BLAST and on the other hand I don’t remember the camera being so sensitive/jerky. could be that I’m playing on large hdtv instead of smaller crt tv like I did in the past but legitimately getting vertigo from some of the camera movements. let’s see how long I can go tho I really loved this game in middle school

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  • smallpwbbles
    13.08.2021 - 5 monts ago
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  • beastly-wolpertinger-prince
    24.07.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Tagged by @queenevac

    Who are my top 5 comfort characters?

    I mean, they interchange depending on my current hyperfixation, but...

    1) Ratchet (Transformers, particularly Bayverse): I love the grumpy old medibot that’s allowed to be Not Nice while still clearly being a good guy. But I love him in Bayverse the most for how while that could still be present, it’s not the main focus of his character; he’s implied to be a lot more kindly or at least polite than other incarnations. Sure, the actual films don’t really go into his character much, but I’ve fallen in love with what we’ve got of him nonetheless. Just this worn-torn and tired old man mech that remains kind in spite of everything, values life, and makes the most out of his new home on Earth by enjoying its beauty. And also he’s handsome. I mean that unironically. Not only is he physically handsome, but god his voice...

    2) Gordon (Catscratch): Gordon has been with me since I was probably 9 years old. I always adored him for his courage, his sense of justice, and his kindness. Also, much like him, I love to eat. I kinda connected to him since I saw the promos for the show before the first episode debuted. So much so that getting inside the house and down the basement on time to catch the premiere was an event for me. But anyway, of all the hyperfixations on cartoons I had as a kid, Catscratch is the one that stuck with me. Probably because it came out during a weird time in my life, when I kinda started to notice that I wasn’t like my peers. So, during that confusing time, I had Gordon; I’ll always cherish him for that.

    3) Stranger (Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath): Stranger is me. From his being sort of socially inept despite his intimidating demeanor to his isolation to the fact that he’s constantly disguising himself both for his own safety and because he doesn’t think he deserves to present as what he really is to him being mostly self-serving... Yep. Stranger is me. His story resonates with me the way so few main characters in any media do. Like yeah, I relate to Abe from the same franchise, too, but Stranger is like Oddworld Inhabitants made an allegory for my life, made it into a video game, and made me a cool cowboy centaur creature. But the question remains: do I relate to Stranger’s journey of self-acceptance as an autistic person, as an nonbinary person, or as a person that’s both aspec and arospec? The answer is yes.

    4) Cookie (Rayman: The Animated Series): Cookie is both me and what I wish I could allow myself to be. Simply put: Cookie sucks. He’s cranky, complains constantly, and is full of anxiety that holds him back from truly embracing his freedom after escaping captivity at the circus. It’s not that he sucks: it’s that he’s allowed to suck. And that sounds like a weird reason to like a character, especially since that’s the exact reason why many other people that have viewed this obscure little cartoon find him really annoying. However, as an autistic person that didn’t get diagnosed until later in life and therefore feels the need to mask constantly, it’s kind of important for me to see that and analyze what it means to me. Cookie isn’t adventurous like the rest of the main crew are, and that’s something he and the others have to deal with. His friends may get upset with him for his constant complaining, but he still says what’s on his mind and allows himself to feel, all while still clearly being a competent adult with a skillset that his friends are heavily reliant on.

    5) Hunch (Rock-A-Doodle): Possibly being an even stranger choice for a comfort character than Cookie, Hunch came at a point in my life where I knew I was probably mentally ill, but didn’t bother bringing it up with my parents because I knew they weren’t going to do anything about it. I was about to turn 15 when curiosity got the better of me one quiet morning and made me sit through Rock-A-Doodle in like 15 parts on YouTube (yes, really). I had watched the Nostalgia Critic review of it, but the critic never mentioned this manic little dude. So I got attached to him right away because it was like I discovered him myself. And I’m not sure if I liked him at the time because he made for a good projection of my own anxiety, depression, and god knows what else, or just because he was a funny little owl that sucked at being evil. Either way, he’s the reason why I have a soft spot for obscure-ish, non-threatening evil henchmen today, like the weasel guardsmen from Conker’s Bad Fur Day or Killer from All Dogs Go to Heaven. Either of those characters could be in this same spot, but something about Hunch’s cackling, manic nature puts him above the rest for me. Or it could be the fact that he suffers abuse at the hands of a family member that he spends the duration of the film trying to impress, and then at the end gets to chase that same abusive family member away into the sunrise and presumably eats him. Aaaah, karma.

    Tagging: @tragischehagelslag @kid-mera @the-little-animals @x-de-con-struct-ed-x @groovy-rat-man

    #about me#tag game #psst you really dont have to explain why theyre your comfort characters in this amount of detail #i just like talking about myself
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  • miloscat
    23.07.2021 - 6 monts ago

    [Review] Kaze and the Wild Masks (PS4)

    I haven’t seen many modern indie games that so directly homage Donkey Kong Country... turns out, it’s a good model!

    Pixelhive is a new team, and they clearly have a lot of love for Rare’s SNES classics. Kaze, our heroine rabbit, is essentially Dixie Kong with her prehensile ears that can hover and pick up the occasional barrel- er, pot. Each level has four lettered panels to collect and two bonus rooms. Other mechanics and gimmicks called to mind memorable moments from DKC2 and 3, my favourites, so it was a nice nostalgia-fest (lots of brambles here!).

    Lifting from the two best games of the 90s isn’t the only trick up Kaze’s sleeve though. It also takes a few cues from Retro Studios’ reboot DK games, like the ziplines or the swimming controls (the first boss’s patterns are also very Skowl-like). Also, it modernises some things: you can toggle a casual mode at any time to get an extra health hit and more checkpoints, which I started using at about the halfway mark. And there’s no life system, thank goodness, with 100 little gems in a level going towards a completion goal for that level, adding up to the best ending cutscene. On that note, getting panels unlocks artwork showing the game’s backstory, and bonus stages go towards unlocking an extra stage per world; oops, that one’s a DKC2 lift as well!

    The main gimmick is the “wild masks”, transformations that act like DKC’s animal buddy barrels. The bird masks changes you into Squawks, complete with a projectile attack. The lizard turns the game into a minecart-style autoscroller. The shark has improved swimming ability (Kaze alone can only manage a shallow dive) patterned after DKCTF/Rayman Origins as I mentioned earlier. And the tiger has wall cling and air dash abilities... oh, I guess they got some Mega Man X in here as well.

    So it’s a 2D platformer that looks lovely, plays smoothly, and takes inspiration from masterclass sidescrollers that I love. I’m finding it hard to be objective here, but who cares! Kaze is a damn fine game. Patterning your game after Rare’s DKC titles is an excellent choice, and Dixie especially has great abilities that deserved further exploration, even if the momentum works a little differently here. Plus, the enemies are all monstrous vegetables which is a really fun, charming theme.

    #kaze and the wild masks #pixelhive #donkey kong country #review#ps4
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  • nausinoisette
    25.05.2021 - 8 monts ago
    #my favorite game series is a boomer top lmao who remembers Myst here #if someone remembers it come and let's talk about it #ALSO TY !! (ノ^∇^)
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  • playsthetics
    06.05.2021 - 8 monts ago

    INFP Aquarius Sun Cancer Moon Taurus Rising for @miliepersona


    God Must Be Doing Cocaine - Charlotte Lawrence

    Beetlejuice - Mariah The Scientist

    Nostalgia Cycle - G-Eazy

    Just Like Magic - Ariana Grande

    Good Thing - Zedd ft Kehlani

    Navy Blue - Charlotte Lawrence

    Easy - Troye Sivan

    Nights Like This - Kehlani ft Th Dolla $ign

    Lucy The Tease - Allan Rayman

    Met Him Last Night - Demi Lovato ft Ariana Grande

    RPG - Kehlani ft 6lack

    Positions - Ariana Grande

    Too Little Too Late - JoJo

    Behind These Hazel Eyes - Kelly Clarkson

    Advice - Kehlani

    Boo’d Up - Ella Mai

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  • sonicasura
    03.05.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Balan Wonderworld Review - Favorite Costumes Part 1

    I have officially beat the game with every single Gold Balan Statue in every level, got the Balan Costume, got all the main game costumes and the latest section of the Tower of Tims that I need to unlock being the sixth section.

    I had quite a ball playing the game despite Square Enix being backstabbers to Balan Company and the game. Now, this huge ass review will split into different categories and will have their own page. These categories are:

    Favorite Costumes

    Level Design and Level Music

    Boss and Boss Music

    Now, these picks will be my personal opinion. I'm starting with costumes because it's probably the hardest out of these to choose from since every costume has incredible designs to them.

    There will be two picks for each Chapter: a Common Costume and a Rare Costume.

    Common Costumes are those you can easily find in each act. If you can find them in multiple spots in one act or they can seen im both acts then they count as common.

    Rare Costumes are ones you have to go the extra length to find. Some are hidden while others require certain costumes to get.

    The Balan Costume isn't being counted for obvious reasons. It is the only costume found on the Isle of Tims and it's requirements are staggering.

    How To Get Balan Costume

    First you need to feed the Tim Statue on the isle a certain amount of Rainbow Drops. Once it's full, you need to get a white Crowned Tim. This very Tim can be acquired by getting Tims with three badges.

    A Tim can get a badge for consuming the equivalent of 30 Tim Drops(3 large drops) in either blue, pink or red colors. You need at least 2 Tims with all 3 badges and then breed them together. It is trial and error so I suggest getting multiple Tims with badges but also exit the game if ya fail to get a white Crowned Tim.

    Once you have the Tim, do a level and it should be the proper size to pick up. Throw it at the statue and it will become the Father Tim. That big Tim will fly you up to the costume so you can get. If ya lose the costume, then give the Father Tim more Rainbow Drops. Rainbow Drops can be given by redoing stages, bosses or Tim Statues scattered about the levels.

    Now let's get started.

    Chapter 1

    Common Costume: Tornado Wolf

    An obvious choice for me. Wolves are one of my favorite animals and werewolves being one of my favorite mythological creatures. Tornado Wolf can be found in Act 1 and in the Boss Level. A simple jump engulfs the player in a mini tornado that can reflect wind projectiles and break blocks.

    Powerful, agile and cute plus Tornado Wolf just gives me Werehog nostalgia since I'm a Sonic Unleashed fan.

    Rare Costume: Jumping Jack

    You can't just give me an adorable kangaroo and one of the better costumes when it's comes to movement. Jumping Jack can only be found in Act 1 so it's actually rare. This costume allows the player to do a flutter jump, great for getting extra air, reaching slightly far platforms and a decent recovery.

    It's a costume I suggest stocking up on since you can't get the better mobility options until Chapter 6 Act 2. Also love there's a plushie in the pouch and the white patches of fur. Kangaroo are marsupials who do carry young in their pouches, and the silver tufts just add extra charm to the design.

    Chapter 2

    Common Costume: Jelly Jolt

    Very useful! The Jelly Jolt is the perfect costume when it comes to electric resistance and make enemies stay five feet away while you shock them to hell. Can be found in Act 1 and the Boss Act. First time seeing an adorable jellyfish that actually doesn't mean harm.

    Jellicent, Frillish, and Healslimes don't count considering the former have a habit of wrecking ships and the latter is a pain in the ass in boss fights or tough opponents. Also, all of these attack you! Case in point.

    Rare Costume: Double Jumper

    Definite pick for many reasons. This costume can only be found in Act 2 and requires the Fixer Upper Costume in Chapter 12 or the Frost Fairy Costume in Chapter 8(harder difficulty for reaching it).

    It allows you to double jump, a godsend when it comes to reaching Balan Statues, costumes, recovery and careful platforming. You can get some major air with this costume and makes backtracking for certain levels easier.

    I love the demonic imp design too. Imps are agile and mischievous creatures after all. Just like the basis, this costume is difficult to grab like the imp.

    Chapter 3

    Common Costume: Sickle Slicer

    Slickle Slicer are one of your first go-to for fighting spiked enemies. This costume can be found in Act 2 and the Boss Act, it allows you to throw sickles that act like a boomerang. If you do a combo, these sickles can go farther than their already decent range.

    The design is a very nice touch since the praying mantis can be considered a high level predator amongst insects. The costume is quite agile which helps in a pinch against fast opponents.

    Rare Costume Itsy Bitsy Elf

    A mini chinchilla perfect for tiny doors. Costume can only be found in Act 2 and takes some careful platforming to get. Suggest using the Jumping Jack costume if you don't want to wait for the better option in Chapter 6. This costume lets you enter tiny doors that often hold Balan Statues or Balan Bout inside. Very adorable, very fast (probably second fastest in the main story) and super fun.

    Chapter 4

    Common Costume: Aero Acrobat

    Holy Balloon Popping Batman! This costume can be found in Act 1, Act 2 and the Boss Act. It allows you to pop balloons and even jump kick enemies caught in the crosshair. Balloons are scattered about in various levels and this guy is a great option of transport to reach these specific areas.

    The aviator outfit makes it even better and I love bats. Probably my favorite flying mammal of the bunch since I often have a bat ally in games like Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, a Crobat for hunting escape happy Legendaries in Pokemon and Hidabat in Yokai Watch.

    Rare Costume: Happy Horn

    My first performing costume. It can be found in Act 2 and performs on special stage platforms scattered throughout chapters. A good way to gain some extra drops and hear a different version of stage clear. Not only is the costume charming, this is the first time I actually like listening to a marching band.

    Chapter 5

    Common Costume: Guardian Bird

    The first costume to find in Act 1, can also be found in Act 2 and the Boss Act. The Guardian Bird costume lets you throw a mini whirlwind in midair. A nice costume to have for hitting far off opponents and counter wind projectiles.

    I love the purple and yellow of the feathers and that orange mimics the bandana and ponytail of the costume's human equivalent. This costume is quite quick and good for dodging, the ability can act as a last second recovery should the need arrives.

    Rare Costume: Sickle Slayer

    A much stronger version of the Sickle Slicer that can be found in Act 2. One of the early options for breaking iron blocks or fighting iron coated opponents. The extra bulk does slow down the player but the payoff is worth it.

    The larger size, serrated sickles and the color palette proves that this is a costume you rightfully earned. A sign that you can handle the much stronger costumes that can be found in the game. The general amongst the Sickle race.

    Chapter 6

    Common Costume: Pumpkin Puncher

    The Fruity Boxer! A costume found in Act 1, 2 and the Boss! This costume lets you punch opponents from afar with straight Rayman equivalent punches. Doing a combo even extends the range. A faster hitter than the Sickle Costumes but also great at getting tons of Drops from Negati. If you take out tons of Negati in a single costume without changing or getting hit, the number of Drops they give increases.

    I love the design since it's practically a scarecrow boxer. The outfit is cute, has a sort of fanciness you can only find in medieval periods in wealthy districts.

    Rare Costume- Air Cat

    The princess of platforming. This costume can only be found in Act 2 and allows the player to walk on air for a short amount of time. A perfect option for reaching far off areas, recovery and even avoiding ground hazards.

    I've used this costume A LOT for most of my playthrough of the game. Even go back to Chapter 6 just to restock if I run out. This costume is that good. Very adorable too, just has this Artistocats nostalgia to it as well. Also I am a cat lover, literally got 5 cats at home and all are rescues as well.

    That will be it for now. Part 2 of Favorite Costumes will be out sometime this week. I would've put the whole thing here but Tumblr limits how many pictures you can add to a post, 10 to be precise. Also, I don't want to make this too long for any fellow readers.

    Until next time folks! See ya back in Wonderworld.

    #balan company#balan wonderworld#balan wonderland #my personal opinion #costumes #balan wonderworld costumes #video game review #sonicasura#personal favorites #balan company's innocent #fuck square enix #fucksquareenix
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  • canmom
    08.04.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Animation Night 48 - Independent Web Animators... 2!

    It's hard to believe we're approaching the big 50... and in a few weeks I'll have managed a full year of Animation Nights every Thursday.

    This week, I'm returning to one of my earliest themes: the independent web animation scenes we first visited in Animation Night #10. Last time, we went on a bit of a historical survey of the classics: the Newgrounds flash scene of Xiao Xiao and Bitey, the charm of SamBakZa's There She Is!, the wonderful body horror fractals of Cyriak, and the most recent stylish generation of indie animators on youtube like Felix Colgrave and Vewn. Check that post for the full list!

    Well what's happened since then? Many of these animators have dropped new videos, and I've been introduced to a few more. So I have some pretty sick stuff to show... we'll get to that in a minute!

    At the same time, the sword of Damocles has fallen: Flash player is now officially killed off - with lossy, high bandwidth raster video apparently considered preferable to building a secure, backwards-compatible swf player, as far as the powers that be are concerned! Sure, the actual software, now called Adobe Animate, still exists (competing with others like Toonboom as general purpose vector animation software), but while before just about anyone could get their hands on a pirated copy of Flash, the present version is locked into Adobe's subscription ecosystem...

    (for more, see Nathalie Lawhead's v good writeup on the death of the Flash website)

    Is this going to prove “good” or “bad” for web animation? Who the fuck even knows lol. It's definitely a very different scene these days: Flash has given way to genuinely free tools like Blender Grease Pencil, Krita and OpenToonz, and for those who can afford them, pro tools like TVPaint and ToonBoom. These tend to enable much more sophisticated animation workflows, but you also face a steep learning curve.

    The economics has also changed a lot: nowadays people can devote themselves to it full time if they can attract some kind of Patreon audience. The way that shakes out is that a lot of today's web animators are doing much more “technically impressive” stuff than anyone could do in Flash back then, both technically and often narratively (NG's 5MB limit was a pretty harsh creative restriction)...

    But something was still lost, I feel? Precisely because the technical standard was not especially high, the old Flash scene was a kind of supportive ecosystem where people could experiment without (much) judgement. Money was not involved, which meant that essentially everyone there was in it for fun - and that's a barrier for entry, admittedly. Still, that world meant someone like Felix Colgrave could get started with shorts like the one above, and find an appreciative audience, long before the days of ‘Double King’. Today, it feels like the pressure is heavier: everything has to be oriented towards self-promotion on the wheel of Content, to build that same Patreon or Youtube audience.

    Of course, there's no point wishing for a more innocent internet... or pretending that, without nostalgia goggles, the majority of stuff on NG back then wasn't kinda shit lmao.

    Luckily, there are efforts to preserve the old Flash videos! The Internet Archive has a clever WebAssembly-based flash player alternative, and an impressive (if hard to navigate) collection of Flash videos. Another substantial archive is maintained, using the original Flash Player in a special sandboxed browser, as BlueMaxima's “Flashpoint”. Meanwhile, Newgrounds have batch converted their entire database to raster video, and still seems to have a healthy community producing original animation for their weirdly gamified rating system - some of it, like Gooseworx below, is indeed really good. This won't save the stuff that's not part of these big archives, the swfs on obscure self-hosted websites, but it's not all gone!

    Anyway, that's my little soapbox over! There are many ways things are much better for indie animators who can't afford to go to animation school. For one, there's so many more good, free resources now than ever before - to name a few who've helped me, check out *deep breath* [Toniko Pantoja] [Striving For Animation] [Dong Chang] [Studio Bulldog] [Howard Wimshurst] [Aaron Blaise] [Ian Hubert]... and there's an abundance of less centralised ways for people to get a start like Multi Animator Projects and animation memes. Not to mention the influence of the sakuga fandom giving people lofty inspiration... it's still an exciting time!

    And who knows, maybe one day the Grease Pencil user community will be as vibrant as the old Flash one.

    So who are we watching today then? Let's reel em off!

    the returning stars...

    the ppl we saw last time have not stopped animating...

    Felix Colgrave, the extremely talented Australian behind Double King, dropped a new video called Throat Notes full of his usual surreal, psychedelic imagery! This one's about bugs.

    Gooseworx is the person who got me to look back at Newgrounds, by making some really perfectly timed videos with a great sense of weird comedy and squishy, bouncy movement. Her Little Runmo we saw last time, but now she's dropped a much longer sequel to Elain the Bounty Hunter in Elain Gets Adopted! Can our triangle girl get out of being a human(...ish?) pet?

    Jonni Phillips is hard at work on her feature-length film Barber Westchester (which may stretch the definition of 'indie' since she's now leading an outsourced animation team lol), but for now we can watch all of her wonderfully disconcerting lead-in series Secrets and Lies in a Town of Sinners! She has a really distinctive style, leaning way into extreme exaggeration and the 'boiling' lines effect (where every drawing is drawn twice and rapidly alternates between frames). Totally slept on her last time, I want to give her a proper showing this time around!

    Vewn (Victoria Vincent) made a little short about a monkey since last we saw her - but I also want to show a few more of her previous stuff we didn't cover last time! She remains one of my favourite web animators, with a brilliant ability to ratchet up a sense of alienation and tension and an amazing way of using distorted perspective.

    the newcomers...

    and meanwhile I got familiar with some more animators...

    Worthikids is one of the people who’s really flying with the possibilities of Blender grease pencil to combine 2D and 3D animation - and he's just a plain good character animator, especially for expressions, with a great sense of humour. We’ll check out his Bigtop Burger series about a travelling food truck run by clowns, and his recent short Wire in which a different group of clowns battle vampires. Clowns seem to be a thing for him.

    Joel Guerra also recently made big waves with his ENA series, with a wonderful aesthetic taking after early CGI and clipart as a context for surrealism. Most of these videos feature ENA wandering around talking to various characters while we soak in the ~vibes~...

    Howard Wimshurst is the host of a discord server for indie animators I've taken to hanging out in, but of course he caught my eye in the first place for tremendously impressive full-figure animation, along with really strong storyboarding and textured brushwork like Encounter.

    Toniko Pantoja meanwhile is a CalArts grad whose educational videos are some of the most useful out there (if sometimes a little meandering!) He mostly works in the mainstream industry but occasionally releases very cool original projects like this!

    Studio Bulldog are a tiny four-person indie anime studio, who appeared on the scene recently with some cute short films and very informative videos on the anime production process in English.

    DawnOfNSSD, aka @bionicie on here, is out pioneering the genre of Bionicle stop motion erotic/fight animation. Their work is fascinating, and does some very clever little technical things (most stop motion animators have little interest in martial arts, sadly, since there's clearly a lot of potential!) - and honestly like, the absolute vision of it! Titty bionicles!

    Shingo Tamagawa is an skillful key animator with credits ranging from Gundam Thunderbolt to 3-Gatsu no Lion, but he made an enormous splash in animation circles last year with his beautifully coloured short film Puparia. This film exhibited a level of drawing precision that would be hard to match for big studios with entire cleanup departments, and incredibly beautiful, moody atmosphere shaped by precise, manga-like drawings and a richly saturated colour palette. No wonder it made waves!

    The old school...

    We covered most of the main hits last time, but we gotta include at least some NG stuff right? Last time we covered the main ones - Bitey of Brackenwood, Animator vs Animation, Xiao Xiao, There She Is! - but we haven't quite covered all the good stuff yet...

    Madness Combat by Krinkels is technically not in the 'stick figure fight' subgenre, since the guys are like little raymans or something, but really who cares about the difference hehe. It's a sprawling series on one very straightforward premise: a little guy kills a lot of other little guys, then probably dies. Well, these things became wildly popular because Krinkels had a decent sense of fight choreography and timing out the fights to the beat, which made his stuff stand out among all the stick videos. It's all about rhythm! I'm not gonna show too much of this because they are basically 10+ years of the same video getting gradually more elaborate, but we gotta give it a nod!

    Nathalie Lawhead is best known as a game developer, but early on she was part of the Flash scene, with projects like the Rotfront Sovietoblaster music video and Alien Invasion. It's so wonderfully energetic and such a perfect encapsulation of its era that I gotta show some.

    The Older School

    Now, this playlist might not go very far. I haven't timed it out, I'm running late as it is. If it turns out these are so short we're done in a couple hours, I have a plan B: we'll check out some of MTV's Liquid Television block, which (alongside other similar festival-type presentations like Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation) is where you'd take your work before there was a Newgrounds: a collection of original, boundary-pushing short films. For me, it's most notable for incubating Peter Chung's Aeon Flux, which started this whole thing! You might say that Animation Night owes its existence to Liquid Television. Unfortunately, it remains available only in VHSrip form, but hey, that just adds to the flavour.

    Animation Night 48 will start very soon indeed, like more or less right now at twitch.tv/canmom. Hope to see you there for an Animation Night the way we used to do it! There's so much different stuff I'm sure I'll find something you're into :D

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  • todpolle
    05.01.2021 - 1 year ago

    10 Good Games I played in 2020

    (I don’t if I’ll make another list like this next year. Only rule is that I meaning ME have played it this year. That doesn’t mean it was released this year. Also these aren’t in any order. Just 10 games that stood out to me)

    (And for convenience, every second game is free.)

    A late entry as in I only played it during Christmas and damn was it great. Sure there was no BFG or gimmick weapons and most of the enemies just fire projectiles, that doesn’t stop this game from being a FPS classic. It’s like quake with more memorable levels. DOOM 3 but actual scary. And the Blood Sequel that people wanted.

    And on the opposite end of the Eldritch Horror genre is this RPG gem. And adventure where you  and some survivors  and their soul buddies explore the ruins of a city, ravaged by wacky monsters and a gang of nasty parasites. With a battle system of matching types, handy moves and status effects, and good dungeons in a school or a space ship, this is a fun game for RPG fans and people who enjoy a touch of the Eldritch. Plus the author is making some quality of life improvements like maps, more EXP and simplify one of the final dungeons.

    And yes I did help test this game. Doesn’t really change my opinion that it was a good game.

    I never played Paper Mario or A Thousand Year Door so I don’t have nostalgia goggles for this RPG system. And I now see why people get disappointed with the direction Paper Mario has gone. A “big“ world full of colorful characters. Great music and an enjoyable battle system about timing you dodges and using you skills for advantages, It’s as good as people make it out to be. Especially you Arlo. And there is new content for the anniversary so there’s more now.

    This might be a porn game, but it’s as much a porn as Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Sure you can’t separate the two, but I wouldn’t say the sex scenes are the main selling point. It’s the story, the characters, the themes that really keep me hooked. From investing in businesses to finding ways to make the orcs into a functioning society, there is hours of content for you to enjoy.

    Then again, it’s not finished yet so it could trip up by the end and ruin everything but I’m enjoying it so far.

    As for a game that has finished this year, Smash Brothers clone Slap City has finally got of Early Access with a complete story mode and a brand new character, Frallen from Princess Remedy. I was mainly interested in the story mode since I’m a single-player kind of guy and I thought  that it was a great way to teach players on how each character feels and how their skills work. There’s an arcade mode and a basket ball like VS Mode to with also.

    I wanted a remake of Rayman 1 since I played Origins and now that remake is real. New levels with a brand new world. Infinite lives. New enemies and bosses. They cut that pointless plot point with Betilla getting kidnapped. It was everything I wanted from a remake. And best of all, you don’t have to give Ubisoft a single cent. F**k that company.

    Pay attention to that gruesome mass on the title as this is not a game for kids or the feint heart. For most of the game you’re just a kid just trying to reunite with his family in fantasy world like and 8-Bit kingdom or a musical land but your constantly harassed by the Pulsating Mass that just wants you dead and nightmare dungeons based on fears. One of things that loved were the boss fights which were brutal and fit with the theme of the dungeon like the predator that attack every second turn or snake that will constrict around a party member. They are so good and brutal. I may never play Dark Souls but I think I found mine.

    Sonic can work in 3D and this is proof of that. Fast paced levels, good special stages, good bosses include a Metal race and a fight with Nack/Fang, even the water level is good like all Sonic games. You just need good level designers and fun characters to get from point A to B. Plus there’s a modding community where I dabbled in. Mainly for the other characters or cool OCs to play as and a level pack from Roger Van Der Weide. So this is another good Sonic game to add to the pile.

    And this was a unique game for me. Just you. A partner. A horse. And the whole west to explore. The combat may be lame but I just like exploring and seeing where I went next. Maybe you find a shop. Maybe you find a carnival. Maybe a farm that’s be ravenged by cows. A giant cactus. It’s more  about the journey and he side quest than anything with a lot of text.

    I played a few other shooters this year that were good like Hedon or Shrine but The Adventures Of Square is a real standout not only for it’s fun weaponary and good level design but the cartoony art style and music give this a game a light-hearted setting despite the violence and there’s a whole episode on the moon which was amazing. I was one of those guy that didn’t like Duke 3D’s space episode. There’s only one episode not released yet but with how things are going, I’m curious on how it all plays out.

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