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  • nicolapin
    07.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    This the world as i see it : We make part of huge universe, each element is linked to another, that what we call a constellation, galaxy, space ? i just call that the world, and all coming from a central point, the Life, or the Love, the first call the 2nd, it's a celebration of feelings, it's a celebration of elements. Without Love, without Life, nothing exists, nothing need to exists, nothing is needed to exists.. so we all be part of each other, because without others we have no reason to continue to exist.  Thanks for reading 📷

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  • airlinenumbersadas
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    United Airlines Flight ✈ 1-(830) 266-4616 Reservations Phone Number

    United Airlines History to Know:

     This is one of the major American Airlines of the United States. The headquarters of the airline is at Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. The airline operates a massive domestic and international route network in the Unites States and all six continents of the world. The found year of the airline is around 1926 on April 6. On the other hand, the airline commenced operations on March 28, 1931. When you take a look at the AOC Code of United Air then it is CALA014A. United Airlines Reservations is an ideal choice for the people to make sure the booking of flight tickets for both domestic and international flights as well. Around 96,000 employees are working in this airline. 

     United is Third Largest Airline in the World:

     Do you know about the ranking of United Air in terms of Fleet Size and Total Number of routes? The airline ranked in the third position in the overall world in terms of fleet size and several destinations or routes served by the flag carrier. The Fleet Count Size is around 833 and the total destinations count is 342 of these flag carriers. However, when you take a look at the total hubs count then it is around 8 hubs and most of them are in the United States. Chicago is the largest hub of the airline (In terms of the highest number of passengers and number of departure).

     United is Founding Member of Star Alliance:

     One more amazing fact that you must know about the United Airlines Flights is the founding member of the star alliance. Star is one of the prestigious and largest airline alliances in the world. Due to the tag of Star, United becomes the primary option for people to book tickets in the United States for both short-haul and long-haul flights. Around 28 airlines are the member of the Star Alliance.

     Hubs Information of United Airlines Flights:

     As we already said, United Airlines Flights have around 8 hubs and Chicago is the largest hub but what about other hubs of United Air? Well, Denver, Guam, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark, San Francisco, and Washington are the other 7 hubs of United Airlines. If your destination match from the list of United Hub, then you must choose this airline to ensure more saving on the booking and peaceful journey as well.

     Frequent Flyer Program of United Flights:

     Can you earn the miles and points on United Air? Yes, you can! How to do this? To do this you have to do one thing and that is joining the United Airlines’ Frequent Flyer Program. The program ensures your miles and rewards for every ticket purchase with United Air. The name of United Airlines FFP is MileagePlus. There is no joining fee for this program, you can join this program free of cost without any fee. United Airlines Holdings is the parent company of the airline. 

     Types of Cabin Class in United Air:

     #A. United Polaris Business Class:

     This is one of the premiums and prestigious cabin class for the United Airlines Booking and United Polaris Business Class introduced in 2016 June. The cabin class was completely redesigned from the International business class seats. That current business class seats are quite small and to give more peace and relaxation to the flyers airline covert the present seat into a 6”6 Flatbed in a 1-2-1 configuration. If you love your comfort and also have a good budget to spend on travel then United Airlines Polaris Business Class is the right choice for you. You can select the booking of Polaris Cabin on Boeing 786, 767, and 777. 

     #B. United Premium Plus:

     Let’s take a look at more options in the range of United Cabin Class. The United Premium Plus is also the premium range of cabin class for the flyers. More space, peaceful journey, comfort, complete amenity kit, and amazing dining experience with a free alcoholic beverage are available in this kind of cabin class for the people. You will also get the blanket and pillow in your amenity kit. Passengers can choose the booking of United Premium Plus on the Boeing 787, 767, and 777. For domestic flights, this is an ideal selection for the passengers. 

     #C. United First-Class Cabin:

     The next and third cabin class is United First. This is also an amazing cabin and mainly for the International services towards, Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean destinations as well. The cabin class is mainly designed for the flyers of United Business. Complimentary snacks, meal, beverages, and separate check-in facility is also available in this cabin class with the priority boarding and baggage handling. 

     #D. United Economy Plus:

     Are you thinking to save money on the booking of United Airlines Reservations? If yes then you must pick the option of United Economy Class because this is one of the affordable options for the people and in this option, they will also get free baggage for one personal item and one carry-on item. 

     #E. United Basic Economy:

     United Economy and Basic Economy are available in all aircraft for the people and the basic economy and normal economy both are affordable for the people. The Entertainment facility is the plus point for the people and you can also avail the services of WIFI. Food and Snacks are available on the purchase for the domestic flights for the passengers. 

     Bottom Line:

     Therefore, this is all about the United Airlines Reservations for the booking. This is one of the highest-rated and reviewed airlines for the holiday goals. You can also plan your travel with this airline just because of the awesome experience for the travel goals and now you can book the tickets of the United Flights directly from the United Airlines Official Site. Don’t think about the quality of in-Flight services of United Air because the airline always ensures the supreme experience of the flyers for the domestic and international travel goals.  

    #united airlines my reservation  united airlines flights united airlines check existing reservation united airlines itinerary lookup united r #united airlines my reservation united airlines flights united airlines check existing reservation united airlines itinerary lookup united re
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  • vonaegiremblem
    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Alright, now that I've spent a day futzing around with the Feh's new Summoner Duel's, here's my thoughts below the cut.

    I think this has potential to be one of the most fun modes ever introduced. I know some people were worried about how awful a real time PVP mode might be in a game like this, but it seems that they've set things up really well. The fact that there is no ranking system for rewards and instead you just keep earning points towards a total is great. That way it doesn't feel too awful losing to whales with teams filled with +10 units. Also the fact that you can still earn points even when you lose helps lessen the sting of defeat. I'm especially impressed with the limitations they can impose on the mode. Limiting units to only being from certain books or removing their merges levels the playing field for newer and F2P players. My one concern with it is whether they'll add new rewards to the mode frequently enough. Once you reach 1000 points there isn't really much of a reason to keep playing outside of raising your favorite unit's position on the leaderboard.

    Movement is everything in this mode. Things like movement assist skills, canto, and pathfinder are incredibly strong. I expect Legendary Sigurd, Bridal Catria, and Yuri to be especially oppressive. The game is incredibly player phase oriented, presumably because you're playing against a real person. I've found that basically no one wants to initiate if their unit isn't going to kill their opponent and no one wants to put their units into enemy range in case they'll die. The Capture Area at least seems to encourage encounters. Enemy phase seems almost non-existent. Basically the only enemy phase setups I've seen are armored units with a save skill. People have mainly just used this so that they can move their player phase units into danger areas without fear.

    Of the three captain skills, Secret Maneuver (the one that gives special cooldown and basically gives your captain Bramimond's signature skill) seems to be the strongest in general. Having an entire team with specials ready is incredibly scary during the last two turns. Earth Rendering (the one that moves the Capture Area down) is useful for more defensive teams and to prevent stalemating from a lack of initiation. Capture points tend to make the difference when two teams are fairly evenly matched. Adroit Captain (the one that gives your captain +5 speed and gives them and allies within 2 spaces Null Follow-up) seems to be the most limited. I've encountered it all of once. I think due to the lack of defensive units, it hasn't really gotten a chance to show off its potential.

    You know, it's funny. People were complaining about how F!Edelgard would ruin literally the entire mode, but the entire mode seems almost intentionally balanced to make her less strong. Even though she gets her bonus turn when transformed, she can't immediately act again due to the way subturns work. You can only bring one of her, so you can't stall people out with a team of 5 F!Edelgards. If you use her base kit, she isn't going to be getting extra movement on the first turn without outside help. The three captain skills seem almost tailor made to ruin her. Her movement is more limited, so Earth Rendering puts more pressure on her. Her strongest characteristic, combining Special and Wary Fighter, is undone by the other two. You can just wait her out until all your specials are charged with Secret Maneuver or just ORKO her with Adroit Captain.

    Overall I think it's a great time. After tweaking my initial team for it, I've found a lot of success and have had a lot of fun with it. If you were skeptical of it, I'd suggest giving it a shot with some of your favorite units. It's a good time

    #fire emblem#fe#feh#heroes#summoner duels #a few things to note that I didn't mention in the post: 1 range units get +7 Def/Res against 2 range units #if you use the end turn button when you still have more subturns than your opponent; you get to move first during the next turn #you can use that if you want to guarantee you get to initiate or if you want to force someone into initiating on you #if your amount of subturns are the same; then the person who went first during the turn before gets to go first again #blue team has a slight advantage due to always going first during the first turn #Intsys is going to run into a problem with not resetting the scores though #like is there going to be a point where the gamemode just no longer gets rewards? #are they going to really slowly rollout the additional rewards? #also even if you hate it; at least do it up to 100 points since you get a forma soul #Also I think if you're on a losing streak; they give you kiran bot that uses random units and plays like the game's standard enemy ai
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  • kombizz
    24.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #Kombizz#2021 #Mobile Phone Taking #Mobile Phone Capture #No PS - Batch Re-Sizing #Wiltshire Chilli Farm #105553#Simon Morgan #Not Very Happy Simon #food#spices#chilli #Maritime Security Operator #Euseca #Majesty's Armed Forces #fearless flavour#army soldier#God Slayer #Scoville heat unit #chili grenade
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  • gilgahmess
    24.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    @herosborn​ asked :  [ RELIEF ] : believing the other to be dead, our muses find one another and kiss out of sheer relief

    RELIEF    washed over gilgamesh’s face after not seeing  steve  in  a  century.  circmstances had separated them for too long but there he was,    just has handsome as he was   but   ...   muscular   ?      and taller    ?     no matter,   gilgamesh was just as    THRILLED    to see him again.    ❛     steve,    ❜    gil whispered hoarsly,   pressing his lips against the other’s.   

    #herosborn #。゚・ ✘ | 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚜𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐  𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚝𝚎𝚌𝚝 𝚒𝚝 ( main ) #i had an idea that they met pre-serum steve and are re united ??? #idk#alksdjf
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  • grimtaleslb
    20.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    it’s negative. long, pretty text heavy. dare i say pessimistic. stay safe ya’ll u_u

    --- --- ---

    it's like rationally speaking, I know my life would be better if I just worked harder and with a purpose!

    something to motivate me ya know? I could even talk to people about it and stuff but I can always imagine it, they take time to talk to me and give me some tips on how to be better and I will always think of it

    but the problem is I will think of it and not act at all. I will think and think and think so much, but not even in a crippling way I'll just be like "if I did my homework for class even if just a little bit I will pass just a little bit" and then as I think that I will just, not. do the work. my stuff is out I put away my phone I am sitting there it is me and the work but I will sit there for a good hour and then not have anything to show for sitting there.

    I always thought I had a problem for procrastination but now I just don't know. because procrastination is assuming I at least push it off until last minute to get done, but I don't even get it done.

    And then I have the nerve, the gull, the fucking audacity to show up to class the next day with nothing and think about how I have nothing,burning my insides with shame.

    like I don't even really freak out anymore I just take it. I just

    dig my grave and lay in it when it's not even really a grave yet. Just, lay on the wet earth.

    I don't even have a direction in life, no goals no nothing and no will to work even though I know I'm probably gonna be stuck at this job I have now forever and I'll die inside or something.

    The problem is also that I don't feel anything about it either.

    Like you'd think a person who wants help with this stuff would go and look for help for this stuff right? cause they wanna be better or something.

    at this point in not even sure if I want help because I don't actively look for it.

    Things won't get better until I work for it but I don't wanna work, I don't wanna draw, I don't wanna read, I don't wanna play games anymore, I don't wanna do anything. Sleeping also isn't as appealing anymore either. I don't have any plans to meet with anyone, I don't go out unless it's for work and I sleep when I get home and I don't talk to anyone on my phone and I don't do anything.

    Obviously I should invest in a social life of some kind. The problem is the amount of effort that goes into making and forging bonds. It's absolutely exhausting. And I cannot be bothered. I think. But that's also a mean way to put it. I would like to make friends and talk to them but I know I will not talk to them much and eventually drop them, and that's no way to treat people.

    People should be treated better than that.

    I don't remember what I really wanted to say and I don't think writing this out will help me feel or do better, but I don't wanna go to school and I don't wanna work tomorrow. I want to sleep but I would also like to do something. Anything.

    #look i speak #negative #im at an impasse of knowing all the solutions to all my problems #but not doing a single damn thing #how pathetic is that #hopefully if i get the help i need i will not lie to them this time #and i will actually work to do better

    --- --- ---

    so i wrote this like, last year maybe? maybe longer since it talks about class so at least 3 years ago if not longer. i was (and kinda still am) very sad about. life. and also people. not to say people are mean to me or anything, i’ve meet some very nice and pleasant people! they are really nice to me. also i got a new job which is so faar 5x better than my last (but i guess not since im just used to picking up peoples shift and dealing with costumers)

    so im kinda good for now in that sense but damn i wish i didnt have to work to live ya know?

    but like, i guess its still a problem i have but my social-ness is still very much lacking. i forgot about this post but. im glad i found it still in my drafts you could say. i still agree with what i said back then how people shouldnt be treated like. that... in terms of friendship... but lately my sis has been having more internet friends and real life friends and thet hang out and play games and go places and it looks like a bunch of fun! 

    but like with all relationships it isnt all fun and games and there will be problems from both sides (its a 2-way street after all) and i guess seeing that is like, scary? just hear me out real quick im trying to put words to my feelings then and now.

    so. i was recently able to hang out with some ppl from school while gaming and like. we didnt have a plan or anything just hanging out. a completely normal thing to do between friends. i just, wanted to do something so i thought maybe it’d be cool if we faught a boss monster or dungeon or something and they said that was cool but we ended up just. not. doing that. just talking for the longest time. which is, again, a perfectly normal thing to do but i was just. i dont wanna be mean or anything but i was a little bored? i’ve mostly been playing solo and stuff so i was used to doing things at my pace, which is fight a bunch then afk but not much. talking;;;

    we did get to play my boss fight! but it was hours later and heading into that 3am time and im. not as stong as i used to be with sleeping and stuff. so after one fight i left and felt a little bad. but i was very much tired. not to say that they’re not fun to hang out with but....yeah. and man i dont even talk to em on discord since they’ve already got their whole friend group situated and what not....

    oh also also, my sis is also. well she’s not me really but growing up we’ve always been compaired, as siblings are, and for some reason, i dont know how, i subconsciously thought we where like, almost the same. (this is sarcasm.) but she like, is very social. not to be mean to my self, but like imagine your friends with a fellow loner and you find out they’re immensely popular sometime after. its like shocking but when you think about it your like ‘wait there where signs why am i so stupid.’ 

    anyway, what im trying to say here is that unlike me she talks to people and actually works on maintaining bonds even tho we’re both at home lots. (well not anymore but;;; anyway!!!) bonds seem so stressful aaah;;;

    i forgot what i was trying to say.....but uh..i think i’ll leave this up? i like. not to say anything bad will happen by me but i want to like. have my thoughts out there. kinda. even tho im scary and like, putting it under a read more. i dont have a vent blog!! well i do but thats for like the major bad and i try not to use it. but i have feelings and am attached to it and...i just. wanted to have something attached to my face, but my internet face. that make scholars go ‘ oh so this was what their thought process was like ‘ kinda. haaha;;; 

    i’d like to end this on a positive note like those redemption stories of people getting better or whatever but like, i dont think i have? i am however funtional enough to be living which is pretty good if you ask me! and i am now feeling quesey from wrting this 2nd part and will play some games i am d bad at to not think about it.

    #i would like to leave this up so #i can. feel like i was somewhere #that sounds sad but dont think to hard about it! #oh i know #currently i have been getting back into rythem games #but not just moblie ones the 4key and 7key ones! that #aah saying 'real rythem games sounds a bit mean #since someof those moblie charts can be really mean but #you get my point (i hope) #i like the music! its nice #i've also been into arknights for the clothes and not the gacha but the give-up-perfectionist in me requires that i 3 star every stage i can #so promote and elite my units i must #also i know he's an early card that has better alternatives out there #but i very much love Spot from res. team A6 #whos better is gummy aparently but gummy isnt a cute dog boy now is she :/
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  • fearlessjournalism
    16.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    one of the best ship dynamics is like “characters who have been through a lot together and are used to each other’s weirdness but from anyone else’s perspective they are Not Normal (but at least they’re happy?)”

    #so like I guess it’s less about the dynamic and more about the pov but whatever #like yeah when you’re in one of their perspectives it’s their version of normal #you can say that about pretty much any ship #but the ones where they like re-enter society having seen some shit and are a weird little unit? #a smidge unsettling maybe? #idk I find that interesting #I wish I could give you an example but I have forgotten what made me think of this
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  • lytewryte
    15.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    so i started another run

    where i put all my units into quote-unquote "terrible-but-somehow-viable" classes for them (e.g. holy knight edelgard, wyvern lord hubert, falco mercedes, bow knight annette, etc, etc). and i did a BL (recruitless) run in this style first, which was just a little bit hellish, before starting my current BE (CF) run. and i'm finding that where i game-overed a bunch in the BL run, I only need a single run-through (albeit with liberal DP use) with the beagles. and idk if that means i'm getting better at this kind of run, or that the black eagles are all literally just better/more versatile units than the lions. like hubert has *15* base strength at level...fourteen? (strength+2, battalions and class bonuses from brigand not included) and petra's been getting doubles with saggitae?? honestly so far the most annoying part of this run has been abusing the sauna with excessive talking to manuela, seteth, hanneman and rhea to try and get my byleth's ranks up so she can class into dark flier pre-TS

    #fe3h #fire emblem three houses #fe3h run #lyte does contraclass #black eagles #hubert von vestra #petra macneary #no seriously y'all should try this #if you've already played through all four routes this is a great way to re-experience the game #like who cares what the wiki encourages or what the meta says #go hog wild with all your funky units and their cool outfits #so anyway #gremory petra seems to be shaping up pretty well #and so too seems wyvern lord hubert #the makings of war monk ferdinand are doing weird things with an evasion build #and he's been getting 8% #10% #11% crits for literally no reason #like mans can calm down pls #while bernie's decided that she might as well start hitting spells like a truck #oh and did i mention that most of my main physical attacker units (hubert #linhardt #constance and dorothea) #all still have ridiculously high res #*while* the former three are all stacking defence up #and up and up #like if there's one way to make your previously-specialised units tanky #its to chuck them into a class that just pumps up whichever base growth rates aren't their best #this is also the complete opposite of minmaxing but you still end up with relatively stellar units #anyway tl;dr i sometimes have fun doing things to spite the very concept that is minmaxing
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  • smilez4milez
    14.11.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    The great gatsby was a really good book I need to re read it

    #the sophomores are still on their great gatsby unit I talked to my old English teacher the other day :o) #my school is pretty well off and I’m thankful because that means I get to keep the books we read in class #I especially want to re read the catcher in the rye that one was REALLY good #gotta hunt them down though…all these bookshelves and none of my books are organized #all of my shelves are for stuffed animals #tommie sez
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  • sidecharactermybeloved
    09.11.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    So I was minding my own business casually eavesdropping on someone's conversation when I heard them say that putting up your Christmas decorations before December is 'tacky'.

    I went back to my tacky house safe in the knowledge that Enji Koma would 100% have his decor up in November too.

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  • ace-of-the-oleanders
    09.11.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Theoryscape 2.0 - Rise of the Valkyrie cont.

    Today we're wrapping up Jandar's first summons, discussing the pair of Viking Champions Finn and Thorgrim as well as their loosely associated squaddies, the Tarn Viking Warriors. Since I have time and space, might as well discuss RotV Raelin as well.


    This pair makes sense to discuss together, since they are very similar. Same points, same stats, the only difference being the stats they boost with their static auras and spirits. These two are honestly in a pretty good spot; being Human Champions, they can bond with the Knights of Weston or the MacDirk Warriors, and power up either a cleanup unit or a second reserve champion for the mid to late game.

    Of the two, Thorgrim lags behind a bit because of the existence of Raelin. The availability of bonding squads makes this less of an issue (as they fill different roles) but perhaps dropping to 70 points for both the champions might make it a more interesting comparison. 75 would also make an interesting complement to Gilbert's awkward 105.


    Now here's a squad that could use some help. Compared to the Knights of Weston, an additional 20 points gets you a free activation of the champions you want close, a situational but powerful engagement ability, and the joys of being a common squad, in exchange for the relatively unlikely ability to frenzy across the battlefield. So what kind of role were these warriors originally intended to play? Before the Knights, before the romans, if you needed a tanky melee squad you looked to them - the 3 attack/4 defense spread is very solid, even more so when they have elevation. However, they lack the consistent speed to actually attain said elevation, and can't swarm in a way that makes up for their low movement. I have two different thoughts on how to adjust the Beserker Charge to be more thematic and potentially more useful.

    Option One - Venerated Heroes

    Beserker Charge - After moving and before attacking, you may roll the 20-sided die. Add 2 to your roll for each Warrior Spirit on this army card. If you roll a 14 or higher, you may move again with the Tarn Viking Warriors.

    This one grants them an additional 5% chance to charge flat out, and can get up to 65% if youve _really_ gone in on buffs. More likely, I think, would be a cleanup crew of Eldgrim and the Tarns, which would lead to a very mobile end-game squad.

    Option Two: Bloody Rage

    Beserker Charge: After moving and before attacking, you may roll the 20-sided die. If you roll a [14-16] or higher, add 1 to this card's attack value for the turn and you may move again with the Tarn Viking Warriors.

    This option is definitely more dangerous. Having a few lucky rolls translating into 12 move, 5 attack is seriously scary. I am tempted to put the target D20 roll at 16 (equivalent to Frenzy), especially if the Tarns wanted to stay at 50 points. Going up to 60 might allow the 14 or 15, but this would definitely require a lot of testing to make sure they aren't just absurd assassins. Also, keeping track of a stacking number without any kind of tokens is not good game design, and I don't want to add additional necessary resources in any of these reworks.


    Raelin, or Bacon as she became known back in the halcyon days of the mid-Aughts when Everything was better with Bacon, is high-key one of the most prevalent and powerful figures in the game. She is absurdly good in heavily-fortified ranged armies, great at supporting more mobile melee forces, and at least good in just about every army. Turns out getting +2 defense is Just That Good.

    Maybe bumping her up to 90 or 100 points would make her less of an auto-filler and more of a commitment. She could probably be 100 points without really making a dent in her playability - you can still run Q9/Raelin/3x Deathreavers in 400 points and have the rest for cleanup of your choice. It is a bit of a challenge to tweak something so iconic without completely changing how she plays. She's a Kyrie, so we can't touch flying. Her Defense Aura is her iconic ability; decreasing the range to 3 might be possible (and better reflect the 1 defense over a 6-space range her future self has), but could lead to a lot of Whoops moments for players very used to her abilities. Defense of 3 is standard for the Kyrie, dropping below that runs into Elf Wizard territory. Her health could be reduced from 5 to 4 for a little added fragility, but she was never surviving the concentrated fire she draws anyway, relying more on good positioning to stay alive. Her attack of 3 could be reduced but she rarely attacks.

    I think upping to 100 points is the cleanest and easiest way to maintain her as a unit, while maybe making people think just a bit more before adding her into their armies.

    Tomorrow, we tackle two units that don’t need much help and two that kinda do! Utgar summons, the lot of them.

    #heroscape #heroscape 2.0 project #even if no one else cares I'm having a good time re-analyzing these units that have just embedded themselves into my brain :)
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  • the-worst-fe-player
    07.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Best girl now c6!

    #I don’t care if she’s a bad unit I am going to re build her know that I know how to build #alex plays genshin
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  • timeladyjamie
    22.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    This is how I imagine the UNIT Family greeting each other! Nothing but pure love for one another and found family! ❤️

    #Jamie re-watches The Mind of Evil #unit family#third doctor#jo grant#mike yates #alistair gordon lethbridge stewart #John benton#liz shaw#Carol Bell #sarah jane smith #harry sullivan
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  • timeladyjamie
    20.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Three’s reaction to Yates planning to make coco in his lab! 😂😂 I’m snorting with laughter!

    DOCTOR: And what about you, Captain Yates?
    YATES: I wasn't here. I'd just gone out to, er, fetch some cocoa.
    DOCTOR: Yes, well something must have. Fetch a tin of what?
    YATES: Cocoa.
    DOCTOR: Are you trying to tell me that you were going to make cocoa in my lab?
    YATES: That was the general idea. I'm sorry, Doctor.
    #Jamie re-watches Terror of the Autons #mike yates#unit family
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  • valhallarealm
    19.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Blogger on Pole: how the pole dance helps self-esteem and overcoming traumas

    Blogger on Pole: how the pole dance helps self-esteem and overcoming traumas

    Cover photo: @vmilus Carolina Are, originally from Olbia (Sardinia), is an energy volcano of ideas. Pole dancer, blogger of Blogger on Pole, activist, researcher of online content moderation with a PhD in criminology, university professor, she lives and teaches in London. Years ago, her cleverness was overshadowed by an abusive relationship. After graduation, she ran away, couchsurfing in the…

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  • global-o
    18.10.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #leicester manchester united resume #leicester manchester united resume resume leicester vs manchester united resumen leicester manchester united leicester manchester united res #manchester united#football #city répond à liverpool foot mercato info transfert #liverpool
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  • iamonlyhereforthefreefood
    12.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    You know I don’t think we give the creators of Lost enough credit for making one of their main protagonists Iraqi in a show that came out one year after the start of the Iraq War. 

    #they really did sayid dirty in the later seasons but let's ignore that for a second #lost re watch #it's one year after the united states invaded iraq #many americans are jingoistic in the wake of that #and this very popular tv show comes along and is like 'here is one of our protagonists he's a very intelligent and kind man' #'also he's iraqi and used to serve in the republican guard' #like idk that feels pretty subversive #like this was 2004
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  • letsgofoletsgo
    05.10.2021 - 2 monts ago


    #not me crying after being re United with an f/o I haven’t shipped with in years #I’ll probably explain it in a full post but #for now #I’m just so glad she’s back #I missed her so much
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  • miawinterz
    25.09.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Also those ppl who r like “Ethan winters just destroyed an entire family unit ;;;;;;” as if it WASNT in SELF DEFENSE as if they weren’t trying to USE HIS CHILD IN A RITUAL….. fuck you i hate you . If you hate Ethan Winters for being the best dad of all time idk what to tell you

    #crab speaks #re on main #Ethan winters and Reigen Arataka are handshaking in my brain bc they’re both my dad #ALSO THEY ARENT A FAMILY UNIT THEYRE BRAINWASHED BY MOTHER MIRANDA IM GOING TO SCREAM #IDK I REFUSE TO BELIEVE MOTHER MIRANDA ACTUALLY LIKE. CARES FOR THEM.
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  • twonshawn
    17.09.2021 - 2 monts ago

    and again mostly in the southern states

    #Lynching in the United States was the widespread occurrence of extrajudicial killings which began in the pre–Civil War South in the 1830s an #after the South was defeated at the end of the American Civil War and roughly 4 million enslaved African Americans were emancipated as a re #they became the primary targets of lynchings beginning in the Reconstruction era. Lynchings in the U.S. reached their height from the 1890s #and they primarily targeted African Americans and other ethnic minorities. The majority of the lynchings occurred in the American South bec #but racially motivated lynchings also occurred in the Midwest and border states. #During a period of time which spanned the late 19th and early 20th centuries #lynchings reached a peak in the South. Georgia led the nation in lynchings from 1900 to 1931 #with 302 incidents #according to The Tuskegee Institute. However #Florida led the nation in lynchings per capita from 1900 to 1930.[8][9][10] Lynchings peaked in many areas when it was time for landowners #There is no count of recorded lynchings which claims to be precise #and the numbers vary depending on the sources which are cited #the years which are considered by those sources #and the definitions which are given to specific incidents by those sources. The Tuskegee Institute has recorded the lynchings of 3 #446 blacks and the lynchings of 1 #297 whites #all of which occurred between 1882 and 1968 #with the peak occurring in the 1890s #at a time of economic stress in the South and increasing political suppression of blacks.[12] A five-year study published in 2015 by the Eq #959 black men #women #and children were lynched in the twelve Southern states between 1877 and 1950. During this period #Georgia's 586 lynchings led the lynchings which occurred in all of the Southern states.[13][14][15]
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