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  • hyzenthlayroseart
    19.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Queen Hippolyta holding baby Diana

    #I need them to re-unite #I don't care how it happens I jsut need it #fan art#wonder woman#hippolyta #diana of themiscyra #diana prince
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  • crmnsdk
    18.02.2021 - 2 monts ago
    ( @realjessicareyes​ | 23.01.21 / 22:36 | pest club afterparty )

    THE VINTAGE HOLLYWOOD EFFECT OF LIGHTS AROUND MIRRORS was one of those little things that brought Carman immeasurable joy -- the lighting was always perfect in a club bathroom, bulbs reflecting the exact amount of radiance that brought out the fine edges of her features. The neat angle of her brows, paralleled by the plane of her cheekbone, to the line of her jaw accumulate into an image worth millions of followers if Carman ever cared to assign an exact number to her beauty. ( It’s simpler to say she’s an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. )

    It’s late enough in the evening that her hair is starting to slip from its hold; she never uses enough hairspray, hating the artificial stillness it produced and preferring the slightly bohemian aesthetic of natural wisps. She’s already reapplied her lipstick and gloss and her fingers are tangled in curls pinned by her ear when she hears the bathroom door open. “ Sorry, I’ll just be -- ” Liquor soaked gaze takes a moment to settle upon the other figure before malice curls one corner of her mouth upwards. “ A minute. ”

    Carman makes absolutely no move to hurry her movements or make room from her place at the mirror. It’s petty to make Jessica Reyes wait until the other mirror is freed up, but she is Famine, after all. Her gown is blood red, a more obvious warning sign in the elder Sadik’s opinion; the guests of this particular party might enjoy flirting with danger, but Carman had always had better luck gaining sycophants with a softer touch. “ Gorgeous gown -- how’s it working out for you on the dance floor? ” Carman can’t even see the Louboutins.

    #( date | 23.01.21 ) #( re: | the anniversary ) #( opp | jessica ) #thirst trap queens unite!! #alcohol tw
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  • dollyreblogs
    05.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

       Since China is a drug cartel leader and Roman is a crime lord, it was only natural that these two would team up and that they’d have their kids meet each other. Li Jun was already trained in hand-to-hand combat, firearms, and knife combat and did his best to help Sadie train in those areas since she was curious to learn about them.

        Since Roman had Sadie tutored most of her middle school year and China didn’t want Li Jun in public school, they were basically the only kids that they socialized with. When they weren’t timidly listening to their parents, Li Jun would do all these cool knife tricks that impressed Sadie and Sadie would talk about very...dark and morbid things, about all the murders she’s seen her dad commit and all the evil and cruel things he’s done, all of it with an innocent child-like tone.

         Li Jun taught her how to fight and Sadie taught him bloodlust.

         However, one drug deal went bad with their parents and another gang, resulting in Sadie getting shot in her abdomen and Li Jun getting shot in the chest. The deal went sour because it was another attempt of Simon trying to steal Li Jun from China but he never intended for Li Jun to get hurt. China, trying to prevent anymore of Simon’s future plans to steal her son, then lied and told everyone the bullet wound was so fatal that Li Jun had died.

         Roman told Sadie when she woke up and she felt her heart break when she heard her only friend had died and Li Jun was saddened that for some reason, his mother wasn’t letting him see his only friend.

    #but they re-unite and meet up to have coffee- #Li Jun White #Crossbow#Sadie Sionis#Roulette
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  • harrisonailent
    28.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

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    #Re-unite With Ex lover Spell
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  • megvmins
    12.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    lil endearing things for both (webtoon) seojun and suho cuz i am soft:

    seojun being clueless about posting on facebook and just tagging jug in random posts

    suho getting all serious about the possibility of ghosts actually existing 

    seojun not being able to handle spicy food without turning into a volcano (did it for jug cuz spicy tteokbokki is get-over-sadness food)

    suho walking jug back home and always staying until she is inside

    seojun basically being the “tch” anime character but with the softest spot for his friends and family, huffing and puffing but doing everything they want anyway

    suho seeing untied shoelaces and immediately dropping to help 

    #will i add to this list? probably #re-reading the webtoon is both a curse and a gift #han seojun#lee suho #true beauty webtoon #true beauty #let’s unite the teams now
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  • confused-stressed-over-obsess
    07.01.2021 - 3 monts ago


    “Right where you left me” is an instant favorite. It’s sad. It’s amazing. Its like a movie scene playing in my mind. I have half the song memorized

    So, it’s time to go is partly about her masters right? Like maybe not the whole song but like-

    “Now he sits on his throne in his palace of bones Praying to his greed He's got my past frozen behind glass But I've got me”
    “Sometimes giving up is the strong thing Sometimes to run is the brave thing Sometimes walking out is the one thing That will find you the right thing Sometimes giving up is the strong thing Sometimes to run is the brave thing Sometimes walking out is the one thing That will find you the right thing Sometimes giving up is the strong thing”
    #taylor swift#swifties#evermore#folklore #right where you left me #it’s time to go #taylor swift masters #re recording #universal music group #evermore deluxe edition #evermore the album #evermore taylor swift #ts 9 #taylor swift 13 #fan theory #we stand with taylor #i stand with taylor #ever and evermore #swifties unite #taylor swift easter eggs #taylor swift lyrics #taylor swift updates #lyrics#lyrical analysis #taylor swift song #bonus track#taylor nation #taylor is a genius #taylor is free #swifties forever
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  • ghanaclasic
    01.01.2020 - 4 monts ago

    Shatta wale Re-unite With Kwaw Kese - Video

    Shatta wale Re-unite With Kwaw Kese – Video

    Shatta wale Re-unite With Kwaw Kese – Video Shatta wale Re-unite With Kwaw Kese – Video. At the moment, there is no bad blood between Shatta Wale and Kwaw Kese has these two prominent Ghanaian musicians reunited in a viral video. Shatta wale and Kwaw kese have been spotted face to face enjoying some friendship goals together in a Night club. Both of them come Face to face after Kwaw kese attacked…

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    #Shatta wale Re-unite With Kwaw Kese - Video
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  • elysaen
    21.05.2020 - 11 monts ago
    #––––   .  ♡      memory    fills    my    body    as    much    as    blood    and    bones     ❪     aes     ❫ #––––   .  ♡      to    leave    your    body    instead    of    the    room     ❪     study     ❫ #––––   .  ♡      once    a    girl  ‚    half    savage    and    free     ❪     visuals     ❫ #––––   .  ♡      do    i    have    to    die  ‚    to    see    the    other    side  ?     ❪     writing     ❫ #––––   .  ♡      do    you    feel    the    quiet    terror    of    being    alive  ?     ❪     inbox     ❫ #––––   .  ♡      strange    girl  ‚    in    her    make  -  believe    world     ❪     answered     ❫ #––––   .  ♡      as    i    dream  ‚    my    body    lay    lost    somewhere    in    the    woods     ❪     meta     ❫ #––––   .  ♡      twilight    stan    nation    unite     ❪     promotional     ❫ #––––   .  ♡      just    some    feral    bastard    in    the    woods     ❪     out     ❫ #––––   .  ♡      by    day    and    by    night  ‚    all    is    forgotten    but    you     ❪     re.  asphaen     ❫
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  • darkestwolfx
    16.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    Escape Proof - Re-Review #39

    I thought The Mechanic had been a little bit too quiet since ‘Up from the Depths’ (really it’s been five episodes without our new main villain).

    Oh, and this one, really is photo heavy. I have no apologies.

    Parker kicking a door in? Yes, I will accept that start to the episode!

    Another ominous location though, I see. Sherbet tagging along behind though is quite sweet.

    “Mind your step Parker. Dead end, indeed!”
    “Someone’s been digging.”

    Someone had been... The Mechanic, by any chance? I think so.

    “What is it, Sherbet? Is something down there?”
    “Not something. Someone! That’s Morse Code for SOS.”

    Good thing someone knows what that means! And there’s someone trapped! I‘m going to say wasn’t part of the plan, because I doubt The Mechanic really wanted IR called to the scene of his grand plan.

    Nice shot of the Island.

    “We were looking through buildings once linked to The Hood when we came across this.”

    That was good thinking by Lady Penelope and Parker though. See this is why you have a London Agent to do some ‘agenting’ (Gordon, ‘Ring of Fire’).

    “I’m not waiting. Parker, bring the car around.”

    And there we go, she’s always a step ahead of the rest.

    “Destruction on this scale could only be The Mechanic.”
    “But where’s he going?”

    And this was a pretty cool gear up, you have to admit.

    This is Hoarse, appropriately named, as he will talk himself hoarse. He’s a plumber as well.

    “That’s why they call me Hoarse. Cause I can talk myself Hoarse, you know.”
    “Can’t complain. Got me holiday’s coming up. Have you ever been to Spain? What am I kidding, you boys have probably been everywhere...”
    “This one’s a talker.”

    Yeah, I’m just gonna’ leave it there.

    “We need to track where The Mechanic is going, and that means getting through this debris.”

    Yes, did someone call for a removals service? Virgil is brilliant at shifting things, demolition is one of his areas of expertise as we all know. And Scott only reminded us last episode that we could leave the “heavy lifting” to Virgil.

    The soundtrack for this episode was pretty on point from the off as well.

    “He’s still talking.”
    “Whatever keeps him occupied.”

    You’ll thank him for it later, Gordon.

    “John are you still locked in on my signal?”

    “Yes. And based on your current heading, I’m calculating your path now. This isn’t good. Lady Penelope, you’re heading straight for Parkmoor Scrubs Prison.”

    “Parkmoor Scrubs? That’s where they’re holding The Hood. This is a prison break.”

    Really? The title wasn’t giving the possibility of that away to anyone? Anyone other than lonely little me here?

    So remember in ‘City Under the Sea’, The Mechanic was searching the Creighton-Ward building for a safe containing plans for a prison, and Parker stopped him? Yeah, well unfortunately this guy is clearly too smart, because he’s managed it anyway.

    “But breaking The Hood out of Parkmoor Scrubs Prison is impossible!”

    Are you sure you want to say that?

    “But Colonel, we know The Mechanic has already made one attempt at the designs for the place. Maybe he found something.”

    You can bet that he did - he can rival Brains after all.

    John’s smart thinking comes a little bit too late. If only they’d searched for that signal again after ‘Earthbreaker’.

    “It’s coming from his eye.”
    “If he’s had that the whole time he’s been in there-”

    Which he kinda must have, just saying.

    “-This escape could have been planned from the start!”

    Now you’re getting it! He did warn us in ‘Legacy’ and ‘Earthbreaker’ that something worse than him could come along, and that we hadn’t seen the end of him.

    “It’s like one big, giant game of pick up sticks.”
    “Except this is no game. A man’s life is at stake.”

    Not having fun there, then I’m guessing.

    “Orange! Don’t cut that one.”

    Come on... click, click, click-

    “Hoarse, what kind of pipes are near you?”

    Well done, Virgil.

    “I was working on a green and white striped one.”

    A bit easier than pick up sticks now, ey, Gordon?

    “Should I be worried? Cause I’m worried.”

    I quite like the character of Hoarse. It’s a shame we don’t get to see him again. I think that would have been quite fun. Maybe he could have been a friend for Ned?

    “’e can’t ‘ave vanished hinto thin hair. Where did ‘e go?”

    You’ll be sorry you asked that, Parker.

    “They seem to be in a bit of a rush. I don’t think they’re going to stop for you, or us, or anyone.”

    Yes, this is a prison break, remember!

    “Well, you made quite an entrance. But you are two weeks late.”
    “You’re welcome.”

    Yes, I agree, very ungrateful.

    “International Rescue is here! Did you send out invitations?”
    “They’re not a problem.”
    “They are to me.”

    Well that says more about you, Hood. I think this really is the first moment where we get to see that maybe The Mechanic isn’t quite as into this as The Hood. They’re actually quite at odds with each other once you put them together, and for me this little interaction definitely foreshadowed that things weren’t going to work with these two. They’re not the super villain duet that they were potentially made out to be in ‘Earthbreaker’ and I think that actually was a really well-written move, and maybe not one which would have been expected by the masses.

    Villains can be tricky things to write - there’s always a fine line as to whether people find them and their actions believable or not. See, I never found these two more believable than when they were at odds with each other. I know many of us have expressed disappointment at the eventual motivation for The Hood’s villainy (in TAG anyway), but The Mechanic actually had some kind of exploration going on (even though I would have loved a little more backstory, at least his motivations made perfect sense). The Chaos Crew were another pair of Villains in TAG that I struggle with (I mean, we’re not quite there yet, so I’m not going to go into my reasons until we reach that point - which will be soon) and who didn’t really aid in The Hood’s character development as much as I think the writers thought they might.

    They did a good job with The Hood in series 1 (and I know they were trying to both adapt and sustain elements from TOS with him), but I think TAG’s best villain by far is The Mechanic (and not because he was made up, nor because he has a redemption arc), or he’s at least, their best written villain. Once again, this is a conversation that could go on for a while, so I’m actually going to pull it into one big post on villains - might be a wait for it thought as I’m waiting to find a free pocket of time.

    See that! A little talking never hurt anyone.

    “Green and white. My favourite colours.”

    Yes I can see how that is true for Virgil. Gordon might have preferred yellow, but you can’t always get what you want.

    “Gordon, step on it.”
    “I stepped on a bug once, big as your hand, honest...”
    “Why are we stopping? Go out the way you came in.”
    “I wouldn’t advise that.”
    “I don’t want your advice. i want your absolute obedience.”

    Asking a lot, isn’t it?

    “I’ve done everything you’ve asked me too.”
    “Your machines are impressive; your results are pathetic. The only thing you’ve ever done for me is fail.”

    I wouldn’t say that’s quite true...

    “Now follow my command.”

    I think the clues were finally all there with this interaction - the cybernetic eye is going and suddenly The Mechanic moves to do as The Hood says, despite the only thing they’ve done since they reunited in person be to argue? Yeah, that’s not a believable response, unless you are being controlled or have something held over you. If there was any doubt before, I don’t think there is now to the state of play between these two.

    “You had to know they’d be waiting for us.”
    “Well obviously. I may be free, but we had to give them some sort of consolation prize.”

    And there we have it, the big reveal, doubt eradicated.

    “The Hood and The Mechanic must not get away!”

    Uhh... they both got away!

    “It looks like The Hood and The Mechanic both got away.”

    Yep, I’ve already said that.

    “So now we have two master criminals on the loose?”

    Keep up, Gordon, we’ve already said that - twice in this case.

    “I have a feeling it’s about to get very busy for all of us.”
    “And we’ll be ready for them.”
    “I’m actually speechless.”

    Well, by the very fact you’ve just spoken Hoarse, you’re technically not, but okay.

    “I mean look at me, I’ve got nothing. I’ve got nothing to say at all. Ask me something now, I couldn’t tell you...”

    And I think that was probably a good place indeed to put the credits. Otherwise, this could have been a bumper sized episode just for stories from Hoarse - imagine that!

    This was an amusing shot though. Let’s all hide behind the pink car whilst we wait to apprehend the “master criminals”.

    Also, as a little bonus, there’s plenty of behind the scenes pictures available for this episode.

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  • utrh
    05.04.2020 - 1 year ago
    #bi-re signs unite 😤 #zani#ask
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