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    28.11.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Remember, My Love. (Prologue)

    Fandom: Resident Evil 8 Village

    Karl Heisenberg x Female Reader  

    Rated M for Violence, language and Smut


    The village. From a distance, one could take it for an ordinary Romanian country village, lost between the mountains, cutting it off a little from the outside world. But the reality is quite different. This village is not like the others. It's raining. a heavy rain, accompanied by a few lightning bolts and the sound of thunder. Among the noise, we could hear a voice. A man, a man crying and screaming. But suddenly, his screams became more... bestial. He was no longer a screaming man, but a monster.

    Years and years passed, and yet the village had not changed. only its population changed with the departure of the oldest and the birth of children. But only one thing remains unchanging... This village, its inhabitants and its surroundings were under the protection of Mother Miranda. She was the sun and the moon, wisdom and strength, guide and faith. The people of the village didn’t pray to God, they prayed to Mother Miranda to protect them from monsters, lycans, vampires and other creatures... yes, here in these lands... they exist. But Mother Miranda wasn’t the only protector of the village, she had her children, the four Lords. And each of them had their territory, surrounding the village.

    The first of the 4 Lords is Lady Dimitrescu. This tall and powerful woman resides in the family castle with her 3 daughters, Cassandra, Daniella and Bella. No man, except Lord Moreau and Heisenberg, set foot in her home. only women were tolerated. Many women were hired as maids, but they all disappeared.

    The second Lord is Lady Donna Beneviento. This woman, a great doll maker, but also good at creating plant-based concoctions, was always dressed in mourning clothes. No one had seen her face or heard her voice. She was always accompanied by Angie, a doll dressed in a wedding dress... Living. No one knew how Lady Beneviento could achieve such a prodigy, but for many it must have been a gift from Mother Miranda. She lived in the Beneviento family's house, near a huge waterfall.

    Lord Moreau was the third of the 4 Lords. This deformed man, hunchbacked but very good doctor, owned the reservoir that replaces an old part of the village, engulfed by water. He desired only one thing, the love of his mother. And attacked anyone who dared to criticize her. It is said that he hides much more than his ugliness, under his strange cape.

    Last but not least, the one who is considered the most dangerous and strongest of the 4 Lords, Lord Karl Heisenberg. Engineering had no secrets for him, he owns his own factory a little outside the village, and when he arrives at the village ALONE, it's never a good sign. Even if sometimes he just comes to do business with the Duke, an itinerant merchant who moves freely on the 4 territories as well as in the village. Heisenberg seems the most physically human, his way of speaking and his provocative temperament make him a special character.

    Here are those who "lead" and protect the village, alongside their mother, Mother Miranda. Generally, there is always a rare pearl in the villages, the most beautiful girl among all. And the pearl of this village was called... Aria. Aria Meylins. Her angelic beauty set her apart from other women of her age. Her semi-long and slightly wavy hair was black and showed deep purple reflections in the sun. Her aquamarine blue eyes hid behind long eyelashes that were reminiscent of the flapping of a butterfly's wings. Her thin face with a light skin tone had the shape of a heart where we could distinguish two pretty and very slight pink cheekbones, a small nose and thin, heart shaped lips. In itself, Aria was a pearl, a real porcelain doll.  

    She lived alone in the house where she grew up, her mother having died as a result of an illness, while her father disappeared on his way to the Reservoir of Lord Moreau. She was still young at the time and it was Luiza who took care of her until she was able to live by herself. Despite everything, Luiza continued to visit her and Aria did the same. She was a bit like a second mom. But Aria felt... different from the other inhabitants of the village. At big events, the village's oldest people asked her to tie her hair and wear a headdress, but she never knew why. When she asked the question, they never answered precisely. She did not leave the village much and therefore almost never ventured into the territory of the 4 Lords. Yet she knew how to get there, who lived there, and how each territory was.  

    She remembers that when she was younger, her father being bedridden, she went to Lord Moreau so that he could give her a remedy. She didn't know the way at all and yet she had managed to get to the reservoir without any problems. When she arrived, she came across Lord Moreau's cape on a kind of old fence near the water. Suddenly, Lord Moreau came out of the water, while spitting out some kind of acid. Aria had noticed that he had some kind of... tumours on his back.

    “Who are you?? And what are you doing there?? Don’t... Don't look at me!” said Lord Moreau before coughing.

    “I... I’m sorry to disturb you Lord Moreau, but... But my father is sick. And you are the only doctor... Here, your cape.” responds the young girl, helping the Lord to dress.

    “T-Thanks. You... Aren't you afraid of me? I'm a monster...”

    “For me, the physical does not matter to me, beauty is in the hearts and goodness of people. And then you are able to breathe underwater... it is a gift that Mother Miranda gave you.” she replied smiling.

    Aria also recalled Lord Moreau's reaction to these words. As if he had already heard them. He had asked her to describe her father's illness to him and he gave her the appropriate remedy. She had thanked him and came home with the remedy for her father. And once she went to Lady Beneviento's house just to admire the waterfall. How did she know the paths? she didn't know...

    Today, the young woman went to the Duke's cart to shop. She also had some old things that she had found to sell to him. The Duke was a man astonishingly tall, of a very strong build, it was clear that this man ate at his end. He was a good cook and that, Aria had the opportunity to check it …

    “Ah, that's my favourite client! How are you Aria? And what do you need?” said the Duke.  

    “I’m fine Mr Duke, thank you. Here’s my list. And I've got some things for you too.” Aria responds with a smile holding a bag to Duke, who takes it carefully.  

    “Well like that we have a bargaining chip! here is what you asked. By the way, do you always have those strange dreams at night?”  

    “Yes. I can't understand what they mean. Nor why I have them.”

    “You know, it’s said that we have all had a life before the one we are living now. Some say they lived these lives through dreams. Maybe this is your case?” replied the Duke.  

    “Well, my previous life has known an ...tragic end. I always hear someone talking to me... but I can't see his face.” replied Aria.

    “With time the mystery will be clarified... I am convinced of that. I wish you a good day Aria. We will see each other soon.”

    Aria smiled at him and greeted him before returning to the village. But when she got there, everyone was gathered at the statue of the Maiden of war. And she quickly understood why. Mother Miranda stood in the center, waiting for all the villagers to be close enough to hear her. Aria approached the crowd, finding herself next to Elena and her father.  

    “Dear inhabitants of the village... dear children... I have come to warn you. Foreigners may come to disturb the peaceful life of this village. I don’t know how many they will be, but these foreigners will surely come to ask you questions. Don't answer them. Tell them you don't know anything. And if they insist, let me know.”  said Mother Miranda provoking a general whisper in the crowd.

    “Tss... foreigners... surely people coming from the city to take possession of land for their personal pleasure. They will not be disappointed when they’ll be attacked by the lycans.” said Leonardo, Elena’s father.  

    “Dad... We mustn’t jump to conclusions until we have met these strangers. Maybe they are looking for a place to live peacefully, away from the cities? It would be rather good news to have new blood... after all these disappearances.” responds Elena.  

    “Your naivety will one day lose you, my daughter...”

    Aria looked in the direction of Mother Miranda, who in turn observed the inhabitants, like a predator looking for prey. Adjusting her headdress so that we do not see her hair and the top of her face, As the village elders had always told her, Aria walked up to Mother Miranda. She was more impressing and Aria trembled slightly in front of this powerful aura that she exuded while she was serene. She didn't dare to imagine Mother Miranda angry. Just the 4 angry Lords are scary, Mother Miranda must be more terrifying in this state.

    “Forgive me Mother Miranda... But are these foreigners really a threat? And, what do they intend to do in that case? Should we... prepare to leave the village?” She asks worried.  

    Mother Miranda stared at her with big eyes for a few moments without answering, as surprise that Aria walked towards her... or something else. Then she smiled at her, a tender and reassuring smile.

    “Don't be afraid my child. I will not let anyone attack this village. So, there is no reason to leave it. As I said, if they are too pushy... I will have to be warned. And I'll get rid of it.” She responds, causing appeasement among the villagers.

    “Our weapons will make them leave before you mother Miranda. Glory to Mother Miranda!” said Iulian followed by the rest of the village.  

    "I have to leave. But before I leave, I would like to warn you that my daughter, Dimitrescu and my son, Heisenberg, are looking for labour in their respective territories. They rely on you to provide them.”  

    Mother Miranda spread her wings and began to fly away. She looked at Aria again, as if she wanted to check something, then smiled at her again and flew away, leaving the village. The inhabitants left the place, returning to their occupations. Only Luiza and Elena remained. Luiza offered the two young women to come and have tea at her house, and all three went to her home. Luiza prepared the three cups of tea and came to join the two young women at the table.

    “I still can't believe what Mother Miranda told us. Foreigners? In our village? Who could get us into trouble? I'm not one to question his words... but all this is perhaps a little hasty as conclusions.” said Elena.  

    “Let us not forget, ladies, that Mother Miranda can see what we cannot see. If she tells us to be wary of these strangers, then she knows what they are capable of. Even if I agree with you, we still have to be careful.” responds Luiza.  

    “I can't help but be curious to see these strangers. Maybe we'll get along well? what do you think Aria?” replied Elena, looking at Aria before noticing that she was in her thoughts.

    “Aria? Are you with us?” asks Luiza worried.  

    “Hum? Oh yes...I’m sorry. I... I was somewhere else.” responds Aria embarrassed.

    “You still have these funny dreams, don't you? Why don't you tell Mother Miranda about it? or lord Moreau? They could surely help you.”

    “Oh, I don't want to bother them for such nonsense. These are just dreams... sooner or later it will eventually disappear. But I agree with Elena, I'm very curious to see these strangers. And to know what will happen, when they’ll be there.”

    The three young women continued to talk laughing, sometimes arguing very lightly, but the good mood was present. The village had resumed normal activity. Perched high up, with a view of the entire village and its surroundings, A man stood, dressed in a large black coat, which subtly hid a knife and a gun. He smoked a cigarette while observing the place before pressing his fingers on the headset in his right ear.

    “Here’s Alpha. I am not far from the entrance of the village. I'm going to get in. Let no one come. I go alone. If I ever have a problem, I will contact you again. But until further notice, our communications will be cut off. Got it?” He said.  

    “Here’s Tundra. 5 of 5 Alpha. Pay attention to you captain, we don’t know if Miranda has already spotted us or not. And if that's the case, she risks sending you the welcoming committee.” responds a women voice.  

    “Chances are, but we need more information about the place and about her. So, I don't really have a choice. While waiting for my return, don't get spotted. Stay away from the village. Transmission over.” replied the man, throwing his cigarette away. “I don't know what you're simmering Miranda, but now it's time to stop all this.”

    Then he walked again, going down to the village, without really knowing what he had just embarked on... and neither did Aria.


    (Well, that’s it for this prologue for my new fanfic! I hope you like it as I liked to write it! Despite... stunning working hours xD I wish you a good weekend and a good trip in this new adventure! see ya!)  

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    The Promisse - Prologue (Alcina Dimitrescu x female OC)

    Summary: A baby, a lie and an isolated village lead young single mother, Christine Fergunson, into the arms of a vampire countess.

    You are Christine, a single mother, who travels to Romania in search of her daughter's father, only to discover that she is involved in lies but fate can be generous... Or not.

    English is not my first language so forgive me for any mistake


    When the girl arrived in the small Romanian village she knew that she probably wouldn't be welcomed with open arms as an unmarried mother, but Christine never imagined the hostility she would be treated by the villagers, as soon as she set foot on the border four men cornered her and asked her what the hell she was doing there and how she found out the location, it was as if the place had to be kept secret, she didn't lie but she also didn't tell the truth when she said she was looking for the father of her baby. They let her in under conditions, she couldn't leave the village whenever she wanted, there had to be permission from the elders and at least one of the lords of the houses, she didn't question it much but she found it strange, who would they be and did they have that much power? There is a curfew to be observed too, you could only leave the house when the sun rose and you would have to have your doors locked before it disappeared among the mountains, according to them, it was for your own safety. The most striking thing about the place is for sure the castle between the mountains, so big and magnificent, maybe it belonged to one of the lords she was told about, she was instructed never to go near there or anywhere where there are no villagers. For the first few days she wondered about the mysterious village and thought about venturing out to look for George, but although the village wasn't exactly large she ended up staying in the most isolated part and it's not as if everyone collaborated with her search, on the first day she even tried to ask questions to the lady of the house across the street but the woman was so harsh that she didn't dare take more of her time, so she continued to arrange the rented hut as comfortably as possible. It was one of the last huts, a simple one-story hut with only one bathroom, a kitchen dividing the living room and a bedroom where she slept with the baby, a wood stove that was already there helped them get through the cruel cold night. On the second day she went out in the middle of the morning, when the sun was strongest, for a daytime walk with baby Eloisa, who despite everything enjoyed the new air, people looked at the girl with a certain contempt but were delighted with the little four-month-old, some even stopping to admire or ask her name and how many months she already had, almost always commenting in a cruel way on how they are different physically, she noticed that there were not many children besides her daughter and attributed the positive attention to this. However, there were no single mothers either and they treated her as if she were someone despicable. So she did her necessary grocery shopping and went home to try to organize herself for her future searches. In the same week she began to question if there was really any danger in going out during the dark or if it was just some form of control they had invented to keep everyone on the leash, but she didn't dare break the rules yet, she wasn't well liked by everyone anymore so any slip up could put her out of the place. After feeding her daughter, giving her a warm bath and filling her with warm clothes she left the house facing the cold afternoon, different from the previous week that despite having snow it wasn't really cold, it was mild and bearable. Christine had not managed to make friends or anything of the sort, it had been seven days of uselessly trying to make contacts, trying to start conversations or just trying to get to the point, but they always ignored her and cut her words off. She thought the same thing would happen again, so she didn't bother talking to people, she just explored the main streets, some shops and even bought a white teddy bear for the black haired baby who loved it, not letting go at any time.

    - Are you the Scottish foreigner? - asked a little girl of about nine years old when she saw them leaving the bakery.

    - Yes, unless there is another Scottish girl around here. - she jokes and gives the child a gentle smile trying to convey a trustworthy image.

    - Oh, you are pretty. - Since she was a child she had been ridiculed for her red hair and her brown eyes that gave her an almost opaque appearance, so her parents said - What do you do here? - asked the girl bluntly, showing genuine curiosity.

    - I'm looking for someone.

    - Well, I can meet them, I know everyone. I can help you, young lady!

    - Well... - she thought for a few seconds, maybe she would expose herself too much if she gave the boy's full name, so she decided to just use the last name he introduced himself with - I'm looking for the Dimitrescu's, do you know this family?

    - Of course! Mom always talks about them, but I don't think she likes them, the Dimitrescu family lives in the castle in the mountains.

    - Oh? - was the only thing she could say, she couldn't imagine that that man could be so rich to live in a castle of that size, she could swear that he was as financially miserable as his family, at least that's what he told her and her sister when they took him in - Thank you, dear!

    - VIVIAN! - both were startled by a shrill scream coming from the corner - I told you not to talk to strangers... - the woman, mother of the child, took her brutally by the arms and gave Christine and her baby a disgusted look - Especially with whores.

    She tried to ignore the cruel comment and focus on the new clue about the whereabouts of Eloisa's father, this was something to celebrate, she had been searching for him since before he was born and only now, after a year had she had the real glimpse of finally finding him. Excited, she ran home and started thinking about how to get there, they had said she couldn't even get close to the place but she didn't care, this is her chance and she would do it for her daughter, for a promise she would keep the villagers wanting or not.

    - Ready, Eloisa? - she asked rhetorically to the little girl lying on the wooden floor of the hut, between a few pillows near the stove to warm herself, the redhead dressed her in a terry jumpsuit, pants, a sweater, thick socks and a coat to venture with her towards the castle.

    After a week and a half without seeing anything dangerous, she came to the conclusion that there was no real danger, that all the zeal was a way to keep everyone in the village calm. Christine took courage and decided to finally explore the castle and go after George, this would be her chance, after that she could even go back to Scotland and reunite with some relative who would accept her, maybe her maternal aunt or something. In a small bag she gathered some essential items for the baby such as a bottle, diapers, a soft blanket and the teddy bear she had given her, it would be a short visit but she would have to be prepared. After wrapping her little girl in a blanket she sneaked out of the hut with only a lamp and courage, it was only four in the morning and she didn't want to be seen by anyone, she didn't know what the consequences would be for breaking the rules. Getting out of the village wasn't exactly difficult, no one but them seemed to risk the night and soon they were on the edge, near the mountain climb, small snowflakes fell on their heads, which entertained Eloisa for part of the way. Climbing steep terrain is not easy when you have a baby in your arms, much less in a cold of killing cold, only after an hour the terrain became flatter and easier to walk, finally she could accommodate her daughter in her arms in a comfortable way, what had effect since she slept in a matter of minutes. During the way she was alert to any noise, even though she didn't really believe in the village's beliefs, all caution is too little, there could be hungry wolves or even malicious men lurking about. The snow began to worry her because from a soft fall that even a child could face it turned into a storm, she had to cover herself with another coat and wrap Eloisa in the other blanket covering her little face so she could endure without feeling pain or getting sick. It didn't take long to find herself in front of the walls of Dimitrescu castle, stones upon stones forming a wall of about three meters, behind it the largest and most magnificent building she had ever seen in her 23 years of life, the main entrance was closed.

    - Of course, Christine! Who would be up at six in the morning? Only you, stupid girl. - she whispered to herself, and wondered whether it was worth waiting until there was some sign of life from the villagers, or whether it would be better to go back to the cottage and perhaps venture out some other time.

    But she didn't have much to think about, grunts were heard behind her, she could see the shadow of the creature in the darkness, by the silhouette it seemed to be a tall and strong man, but as soon as he came out from among the trees there was nothing human about him except his features, it was an unknown creature half human half wolf or something like that, maybe it was a living dead different from the classic tales? The only thing certain is that it wants to kill her, you can tell by the animal look in its eyes that it is ready to make her and Eloisa its next meal. She tried to keep still but that didn't seem to calm the beast that was slowly approaching, running to the forest wouldn't help but she also doesn't want to be killed against that cold wall, so as fast as she could she threw herself through the gaps in the gate's railing that despite not being huge she could easily pass with her slender physique, mother and daughter fell into the snow, fortunately not waking the girl in her lap. The creature didn't seem to venture beyond the barriers of the place, by instinct it even threw itself against the gate but it seemed to have some sense as it seemed to ponder whether to go after her or not, then scampered away like a predator leaving its prey to another stronger predator. Suddenly the burning took over her arm occupied by the small being and she realized that she had fallen on the lamp she had brought causing a medium cut on her forearm, she was thankful that at least no shards had hit Eloisa.

    - Oh, shit! - she cursed and tried to get up without sudden movements, then she realized that the castle was a little lit on the second floors, luckily there would be at least someone already awake, maybe a servant or something.

    Carefully she took the shards stuck between the tear in her coat and walked towards the large doors, they seemed so tiny compared to everything else in that place, including the windows. Whoever the Dimitrescu family was, they were certainly very rich, she had never seen something so big, well structured and elegant before, she was completely enchanted. She took a deep breath and knocked lightly at the entrance, hoping that someone would answer her and take her out of that infernal cold that brought with it dangers she no longer wanted to face. Maybe it would have been better to have listened to those men, she thought.

    - Who are you? - a gruff voice asked as she opened the doors, a middle aged woman dressed in traditional housemaid's clothing answered the door, she hadn't seemed to sleep properly for days and couldn't help but notice a still healing cut on her cheek.

    - My name is Christine Fergunson, I'm from Scotland and I'm looking for George Dimitrescu. - she whispered, smoothing Eloisa who had wriggled on her injured arm, causing a little pain.

    - There is no George Dimitrescu, stupid girl. You're the slut everyone in the village is talking about, aren't you! - the redhead wasn't surprised by the delayed words, she realized from day one how old-fashioned and hostile the village and its residents can be, she just didn't imagine that her little fame would extend so far - If my lady sees you she'll want to kill you, me, and your little bastard.

    - You shut your mouth and don't you dare say anything about my daughter. - shouted the girl between her teeth, and as she showed her anger she frightened the maid, who took steps backwards.

    - Now, now, what do we see? Someone, besides me and the girls, has managed to frighten Nadia. - a loud, soft voice could be heard at the top of the large staircase, which anyone could see from the entrance - Let her in!

    - But Lady Dimitrescu...

    - Shut up! Come over here, girl.

    Christine came in with a certain fear seared into her bones, although the voice was soft, there was a kind of power and disdain intrinsic to it, it seemed loud, very loud, or perhaps it was just hallucinations from exhaustion or the trauma she had just experienced. The woman came down and the girl had to pinch herself to be sure that this was real, in front of her there was a woman as beautiful as a goddess and as tall as one described in mythology, she is about two and a half meters, porcelain skin, impeccable make-up, Victorian style and charming, well combed black hair, ample breasts in a generous cleavage, the dress she wears would make anyone envious, she has yellow almost golden eyes and a stoic pose, the redhead had never seen anyone so beautiful and elegant before, but also no one so intimidating.

    - And who are you, pet?

    She wondered if it was safe to answer who that woman was, perhaps George's mother or aunt? It doesn't matter. What she knows is that she is a Dimitrescu and regardless of her parentage she must know him, even be able to help her get in touch with him. But before she could answer, a small whimper caught the attention of the three women, and in her lap Eloisa stirred and began to wake up. Alcina was curious to see little hands coming out of the blankets; it had been years since she had seen a baby, much less inside her property. The baby's shrill crying took over and Christine felt embarrassed, she tried to rock the child to calm her down but she seemed to have colic and a very strong one at that, not even her usual tricks didn't work.

    - Let me take her! - the countess asked, holding out her long arms, the desperate girl handed the girl wrapped in blankets, even more ashamed for not being able to calm her own daughte - You are a beautiful little creature. - she carefully observed the child's features and almost showed shock when she realized how similar Eloisa is to herself, the same black locks, the thin nose, the same blue eyes in an almost green tone that she had before the transformation, even the little beak resembled hers.

    In a matter of seconds the baby calmed down, began to admire who was carrying her, and her crying soon turned into happy and curious laughter. Alcina gave her a smile back and started making faces that made her even happier, trying to reach the woman's face with her tiny hands. Nadia was shocked, she had never seen her mistress so merciful or kind, much less with an outsider, if she were any other, she would already be turned into wine or a toy for her three bloodthirsty daughters. But the girl was unharmed and the baby was being spoiled in the arms of her own mistress.

    - So, what is your name, human?

    - Christine Fergunson. This is my daughter, Eloisa Fergunson Dimitrescu.

    - Dimitrescu? - Alcina asked curiously, and the girl could have sworn she saw a flash of hatred pass across her gaze.

    - Yes... Actually, I came here looking for her father, George Dimitrescu. He was passing through my country, Scotland, and then came back to his village, the only things I had about him were his name and where he comes from.

    - George Dimitrescu? Curious!

    - Why, Madam? Is he your son? Nephew?

    - No, dear Christine. Curious because there hasn't been a man in the Dimitrescu line for hundreds of years. - the tall woman held back from smiling as she saw the genuine shock sweep across the young redhead's face - I think this cowardly man gave you the wrong name on purpose.

    - It can't be... My promise... Madam... It's not possible. - Christine began to hyperventilate, not being able to formulate or absorb what was happening, her conscience was taking over every second with the idea that all her sacrifice had been in vain, that now there was nothing she could do to find him because he was nothing more than a lying idiot, and she didn't even notice when she fell back unconscious, prevented from falling to the ground by Nadia, who quickly held her by the arms.

    - Get the girl a room and keep her safe away from my daughters. - the countess ordered quickly and the maid carried her to a nearby sofa, then called other maids to help her, returned to her mistress looking suggestively at the baby still on her lap, where she looked like a doll compared to the size of the woman - Leave her with me for now. Have one of the maids prepare something to feed this little princess, I will feed her myself, then let her sleep with her mother.

    - Yes, my lady! - the middle-aged woman was about to turn around, but became curious when she realized that perhaps Lady Dimitrescu had plans... which doesn't always end well, both for the victims and for her who was cleaning up the mess - Excuse me if I seem intrusive, but what do you intend to do?

    - It's okay, Nadia! It's nothing I haven't seen, I will just hunt down this man who dares to use my last name in this way and deceive someone like that girl, then I will give him a fate worse than death.

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    The Promisse (Alcina Dimitrescu x female OC)

    A baby, a lie and an isolated village lead young single mother, Christine Fergunson, into the arms of a vampire countess.

    You are Christine, a single mother, who travels to Romania in search of her daughter's father, only to discover that she is involved in lies but fate can be generous... Or not.

    I'm not good at synopses and English is not my first language so forgive me for any mistakes. I hope you like it.



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    I will not accept nsfw asks

    The only nsfw material will be implied or minorly mentioned

    Please have patience, I work slow sometimes and my ask box gets crowded

    I work in ASK ORDER dont get upset when I answer someone else's request before yours

    Requests can include character x character, character x s/o, romantic, platonic, and familial

    Poly requests are welcome!

    ...angst requests are definitely welcome

    This list will be updated


    Same as headcannon requests

    Except nsfw asks will be CONSIDERED

    I will only write if I like the idea and am comfortable with it

    Also if you have an ao3 account please give it to me so I can gift it to you properly and such

    Anon requests are allowed but i would prefer not, but if you are more comfortable behind anon thats fine

    I reserve the right to not answer asks if I dont want to

    I probably wont write anything for mia hate or miranda hate

    Dont even try Donna lmao i love that girl

    You CAN request something for my series if I like it and it can fit i will insert into either of them, if i like it and it doesnt quite fit i will write it for my miscellaneous/what if at the end of them

    This list will be updated

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    Iron History

    -- Karl Heisenberg X OC (AFAB, She/They) --

    Amazingly enough, I actually really liked working on this one. If you've ever wondered what I think of metal mans background before meeting Emelia, well... Have a small bit of headcanon for him. Just a little, albeit somewhat vague.

    //I'd be lying if I said I wasn't projecting hella bad on this one... :'D There's a reason I'm so attached to him... Just... bare with me on this one. It was therapeutic.//

    **Remember, check out the Masterlist for more! <3**


    *Warnings?: hurt/comfort, Headcanons of Karls history- mentions of past abuse, injury, and suicidal ideology

    Summary: An innocent question leads to an emotional explanation, and Emelia finds herself stuck in a position where caring for him really is the most important thing she could ever think to do.

    Emelia lay in the bed, curled with the covers over her hip and her back against Heisenbergs thigh as he remained sitting up. The smell of the cigar provided a sense of comfort, as did the feel of the warmth he provided. Despite enjoying the times like this, her mind often wandered even as she relaxed against him. Questions often plagued her brain as she relaxed next to the man who didn't seem to have relaxation in his agenda, and yet he did so almost perfectly when given the chance. Was it because she made him? Or did he want to, but never had a chance with his work? Or was it simply because he had someone to relax with? If that was the case, what made it so bad that he COULDN'T relax without someone? These thoughts often refused to leave, even as she attempted to clear her mind. Even as she lay comfortably. Even as she struggled to relax fully, herself. She was, thankfully, torn away from these thoughts as she felt a nudge at her shoulder. She glanced over, watching as he offered the cigar. She couldn't help but smile.

    "Thanks..." she said quietly, turning to lay on her back and taking the cigar from his fingers. She took a few puffs before he let out a quiet hum.

    "You're awfully quiet." He said, leaning back against the wall. She looked at him, smoke coming from her nose.


    "What's on your mind?"

    She stared at him.

    "... What do you mean?" She asked, taking another quick drag before handing the cigar back to him. He took it, sticking it between his teeth as he scooted down to prop himself on his elbow as he kept his eyes on her.

    "You're never this quiet unless you're thinking, Doll."

    "The same could be said for you, Metalhead."

    "Hm." He hummed. He reached to lightly tap his fingers against the deep scar on her chest. "I'm thinking about what you could be thinking about, or if you're just toying with me."

    Her face heated up slightly, and she moved to pull the sheets over her chest. She cleared her throat as his eyes flicked to the fabric for a second. But she held her breath, her own gaze moving down as if she were embarrassed.

    "N-No toying..." She managed, and he chuckled.

    "Then what is it?"

    His voice was that of a pure curiosity, tilting his head as he looked at her.

    "... W-Well... Maybe... Maybe one question."

    He perked up.


    She remained quiet as she thought. A question... Just one question. It was a question she had been curious about since the first time they met, and one she never really planned on asking. The man was secretive. Incredibly so... She didn't even know if he WOULD answer. But curiosity nagged at her enough for her to sigh.

    "You won't be angry if I ask...?" She said, earning a laughing snort.

    "Why would I be angry??" He asked, his tone confused.

    She finally looked at him with an odd sincerity that confused him more.

    "What... What was your life?" She asked finally, watching as his eyes widened. She moved her hand in a small circular motion, gesturing to both of them. "Before all of this, I mean..."

    Heisenberg was silent for a moment, but his face changed. Actually, his entire being seemed to change... There was a sudden frown on his face as his body went rigid, as if he were fighting an initial response to run. As if it brought up distant memories he wished to never experience in his time awake.

    "... Why do you want to know." He spoke. It was a statement, not a question... Emelia couldn't help but flinch slightly at the tone of his voice. She swallowed hard, hugging her arms over the blanket as an uncomfortable silence fell between them.

    "W-Well... Ah..." she tried, now almost afraid to speak as she kept watch on his face. "You... You've helped me remember... I tell you my life, so I... I thought maybe... uhm..." she paused as he narrowed his eyes, but finished quickly. "Maybe you could... return the favor...?"

    More silence. Did she make him angry...? He clearly wasn't happy... There was a new darkness that settled in his eyes, but... She couldn't tell what he was thinking.

    "'Return the favor'..." he muttered, only to suddenly push himself to sit up with an irritable huff. She watched as he hunched over slightly, moving to hold the cigar between his fingers. He looked at his arm for a moment before finally speaking.

    "There's nothing outside of this you want to know, Emelia. This factory was and will always be my life. Nothing else matters."

    Smoke left his mouth with every word, and she frowned.

    "... It matters to me..." she replied quietly, carefully propping herself up on her elbows as he snorted.

    "Well it shouldn't."

    "It does."


    Another statement, though this time his voice was hard as he tilted his head slightly towards her. It made her flinch again, but she took a breath.

    "I... It just does..." She said simply.

    There was more silence as he lowered his head, smoke coming in swirling plumes with every breath he took. She finally sat up with a frown, hugging the covers to her chest. Her arm twitched as she refrained from reaching for him, though part of her almost desperately wanted to... She spoke again.

    "Please, Karl..." she nearly whispered. She was surprised as he was the one to flinch at her words, gripping the covers slightly as he glanced back at her. She was about to speak, about to apologize, until he let out a grumbling sigh.

    "Pain in my ass..." Heisenberg muttered, hunching over and running a hand through his hair. "... fine..."

    She jumped as he fell back against the pillows and reached to put out the cigar. His arms went behind his head as he stared at the ceiling.

    "It wasn't always like this, you know." He said quietly.

    "I thought Miranda was always insane...?" Emelia asked quietly, looking back at him. He shrugged.

    "She was. It's always been fucked, but It's gotten worse over the years. You haven't witnessed as much as I have, and I almost hope you don't. She's fucked you up enough..." He replied. He closed his eyes, and she watched as his muscled tensed and his brows furrowed. He didn't want to remember, but...

    "She took me as a boy." He said finally, nearly whispering. He then shrugged. "I don't know how exactly, and I don't want to remember. Maybe a lure, maybe convincing... 'Dreams' have only given me so much to go by at the moment."

    She stared at him. A boy...? But he was-

    "How old were you...?"

    He held his breath.

    "... Around 8, I think. Maybe." he managed, nearly speaking through grit teeth. Her eye widened as she nearly whirled to face him entirely.


    She calmed as he flinched, but he moved to run a hand through his hair once more. He... He HAD no life before this. He didn't even get a chance to live... She kept her eye on him as he chewed on the inside of his cheek in mild frustration.

    Why the fuck was he even telling her any of this...?!

    "I don't really remember much of the experiments. All I know is that there was poking and prodding... Pain... A lot of... A lot of pain." His voice faltered. His eyes opened to stare at the ceiling almost blankly, though there was a hidden pain behind them as he spoke.

    "I don't remember much of life beforehand. No other family, parents, siblings... It was like she wiped my damn memory clean, and I didn't know a damn thing. Just the fucking look she gave me after I finally woke up from her 'fun'." A bitter sneer crossed his features as he shook his head. "Disappointed. I wasn't perfect. I wasn't... I wasn't 'reborn'. I was just another failure to her, and yet she still called herself my 'mother'... Maybe I was young and stupid enough to believe it back then." He nodded to the ceiling. "Then I was dropped off here. Or, in the area. No reason, no given way out... Nothing other than a name, really."

    Emelia flinched. Well, THAT was familiar... And it didn't ease her mind at all. She remained silent, though slowly moved to lay down next to him. He immediately offered an arm and took a calming breath before speaking again.

    "The other idiots didn't know what to do with a kid. I guess maybe tall bitch tried, but it didn't last long, not that it matters..." he trailed off, his frown deepening. "God knows Miranda didn't try. Not to the standards you'd expect, at least. I got a hell of a lot more attention than I do now, that's for damn sure... Even after I was considered a failure, she kept pushing me for my powers. Pushing and pushing, harder than the rest." he shrugged, holding up an arm and turning it over to inspect the scarred skin, "Hard enough to hurt me, but not enough to kill me, even if I wanted her to. I never knew why she bothered keeping me alive, really..."

    He went silent. His jaw tensed as if he were holding back words, and she lightly tapped on his chest.

    "But you're here now... right?" She asked. "She didn't kill you... You're not dead. Not physically..."

    "Not for lack of trying." He replied bitterly, glaring at his arm before letting it fall to his chest. She jerked back slightly, lifting her head as he moved to sit up again. This time he swung his legs over the edge of the bed, sitting up and looking at the ground. "Life has a fucked up way of letting you know it shouldn't end, Emelia. You of all people should know that."

    He shook his head as she shifted behind him, almost feeling the look of pity she tried to hide. But it was impossible.

    "I was here. Alone. Forced to learn my powers either on my own or from her abuse." He stared at the ground. "The others didn't care... No, they still don't. They only stayed because they had to, because Miranda forced them to. I couldn't talk to them, I couldn't do anything. To them I was just... a suicidal kid who wanted out." He shrugged. "And the moment they figured out I wasn't brainwashed like they were, was the moment the whole bullshit 'family' façade wore off, and I was alone again unless 'needed'. Meetings back then weren't easy, either. I wasn't listened to, I was talked over... All because I was a dumb kid. It fucking hurt... Still does, if I'm being honest."

    He suddenly raised a hand, and Emelia watched as a few metal pieces were lifted. It was then that she noticed quite a few others shaking, but she knew why. The mans emotions were catching up to him, but she could tell he tried his best to control them. Her attention was brought back to him as he gave an odd hum.

    "You know how it is, to be taken from what you know, no matter how little it was. To go through pain and suffering. To be tossed somewhere you don't know, to have powers you never thought possible, even as a child... All for one persons selfish fantasy." he continued, nodding to the metals he made swirl above his head. "This, Doll, was terrifying. I could barely control it. Everything moved when I walked into a room... Every single fucking piece of metal would come to me like a goddamn arrow, no matter where I was. And sometimes, I just let it... I doubt you'd have to ask why."

    And she didn't. She didn't WANT to ask why. But it brought another detail to her attention, and she looked at the scars covering his back. She always assumed they were from accidents, or even Miranda herself. And she was right, of course... But another question popped into her brain that she dare not ask, almost afraid of what the answer would be; How many of them were purposely caused by him? How many of his scars were a screwed form of self harm? He could feel her gaze on his back and shivered, as if he knew exactly what she was thinking.

    "Don't try guessing, it's no use." He grumbled, making her jump. She was silent, but swallowed nervously.

    "... When did you stop?" She asked suddenly, her eye widening when he gave a laughing snort.

    "Can't say I really did. Not completely." He nodded down to his left leg; the fake one. "But actively making it worse stopped when I lost my leg, here. Had an... 'accident' with one of the bigger pieces of machinery down there..." His head tilted as he looked at the metallic limb. "Wasn't being careful, moved it and a few other things at once, I can't hold it much longer and next thing I know I'm pinned to the ground and can't feel my foot. It was one of the worst pains I've ever felt other than what she did to me... Turns out the Cadou is only good for stopping small pains, though even that's... diminished over the years."

    "How old were you then...?" She asked.

    He shrugged.

    "Dunno. Maybe 20, if that... Probably earlier, I think. Late teens." He sighed. "My powers weren't... up to par back then, to put it nicely. Managed to make it up here without bleeding to death... Miranda abandoned me entirely in finding out one of her 'toys' was 'broken' when she found me. Didn't even come back for another round of torture after that. Not that she really cared in the first place, but at the time it was like a few bullets to the chest... The one time I wouldn't have minded seeing her ugly-ass face, and she didn't show when I asked."

    He shifted the leg slightly despite his muscles now trembling, resulting in a gentle clicking sound that both had become accustomed to.

    "That pain and frustration with her made me realize something, though..." The metal pieces in the air halted their movements, though started to spin rapidly, "If I couldn't end my own life, I'd end hers, and I'd end it for good. None of that 'Resurrection' bullshit she's trying to pull..." His tone grew darker. More serious. There was a deep growl in his voice as he spoke. "And I realized... She had given me ample opportunity. She put me here, of all places. Not that godforsaken castle, not the shitty old mill. So I started working harder. Longer. It took a few years to put my plan into motion. A few years to create the perfect weapon and experiment on more."

    His voice changed. It gained some pride as he looked up, staring at the door.

    "Years of trial and error... My own experiments, personal indulgences every now and then, all while that crazy bitch looked on, unassuming of what her abuse had caused." His hands moved slightly, fidgeting as he spoke. "She plotted her own goddamn demise. It was her own fucking mistake to... 'give' me this power. Every day, without her, I worked. I worked and I built. I built my own home. Built something to live for. Built my own... 'empire', so to speak."

    "I think it is one." Emelia said quietly, managing to scoot behind him. She nudged his arm gently, frowning at the flinch he gave. "It's a fantastic empire, Karl. I've never seen anything like it."

    Even he couldn't stop the corners of his mouth from twitching as she spoke, turning his head towards her.

    "Funny, you said that when I first showed you around." He said, finally looking at her as she moved next to him.

    "And it's still true." She shrugged. "The pain may not have been worth it, but the work was..."

    He snorted.

    "Of course the work was worth it. For now, at least..." he turned to face her. There was emotion behind his eyes that she hadn't quite seen before, and it made her breath catch in her throat. "It'll be even more worth it when that bitch is dead. She had her parasite. She has the other three schmucks. But I have something that none of them do."

    She tilted her head slightly in mild confusion.

    "An army?" She asked, only to be met with a chuckle.

    "Well, that too." He said. "But even better than that; I have help." He managed a grin. "I've got you, Emmy. And with you assisting me, her demise is fucking guaranteed, more so than it used to be."

    She couldn't help the small blush that crossed her cheeks as he looked away, but the feeling went away as he frowned again.

    "But until then, I'll be stuck how I always was." He moved to run a hand through his hair, getting oddly quiet. "That... That kid... That outcast, forced to her every goddamn beck and call. She's done nothing but manipulate and control me thus far, and I want nothing more than for it to stop. I'm sick of being her fucking puppet."

    He paused for a moment. His jaw tensed and Emelia kept her eye on him. He looked... tired. Desperate... Not even his own deep breaths hid the emotions of pure pain he held, and he fought the sudden urge to start screaming.

    "More importantly, I'm sick of getting hurt..." he finally managed, his voice cracking. "She's done nothing but target me. Even all these years later... She doesn't care, she never did and she never will."

    Emelia jumped as he suddenly stood with his head down, making the metal pieces around them suddenly flying to opposite sides of the room. She watched as he walked to one of the tables, moving to brace himself against it. He was shaking...

    "All she's left me with are nightmares." He said, his voice now wavering. "She took me. Changed me. Hurt me. Threw me to the side. And all I have to show is a 'gift' I never asked for and sleepless nights because I can't fucking turn those memories off. And she has the fucking guts to call herself my 'mother'. The GUTS to pretend she cares, when it's all a selfish ruse to get her own goddamn way. And I know damn well she'd rather kill us all when that happens rather than keep us around."

    Another uncomfortable silence fell over them, and she could almost feel the distress ebbing off the man. Despite being similar- no, almost the same as him- she couldn't quite help but feel as if his pain were on a different level. It was... Oh god, it was. She finally moved to stand as his shoulders trembled, and metal scraps began to swirl around him slowly. She pushed herself to the edge of the bed, reaching to grab the button shirt he had discarded to the side earlier. With one quick movement she had slipped it on and stood up, her legs trembling just slightly from the sudden use. But she stayed upright, slowly making her way to him. Nevermind that the shirt was the only clothing she had on, her mind was more focused on the man currently clenching and unclenching his jaw to avoid an outburst.

    She slowly neared him, careful of the floating metals. His body tensed as she lightly pushed a piece to the side that had neared her, letting it float off as she stood next to him. She could feel the distress even more... It was nearly overwhelming... His eyes were closed as he concentrated on not losing it completely, and she regretted even asking. It may not have seemed like much to others... But it was hell to him. It was enough to make him wake up screaming, and enough to fuel enough hatred to run his life thus far. Enough to make him hide away in walls he had built, both physically and emotionally. Even she had to ask what drove him to admit everything, and part of her knew it wasn't just because she had asked.... He could have lied... He could have said anything. Anything to satiate her curiosity... Anything to make her drop it. But he told the truth.

    She lifted her hand, only managing to brush her fingers against his shoulder before jerking her hand back as he flinched hard. He... She wasn't going to...

    "... Karl..." she nearly whispered. She managed to set her hand fully on his shoulder, making him look at her. She froze at the look on his face... It was tired and painful. Face dark, eyes red and dulled as he forced back emotion. She went silent as his eyes glazed over her features. It was as if he was deciding to keep speaking, judging by the look he gave. But she took a breath, her gaze dropping to the table.

    "... I'm sorry." She said quietly, looking back at him. The metal around them stopped moving, simply floating in the air as he kept his eyes on her, just waiting for an excuse to run. But she only held an odd kindness in her gaze. A rare one for her, and even rarer for him to be witness to it. She continued speaking.

    "You're better than what she's made you to be... You've taken that pain and created something larger than life. Any of our lives." She tapped his shoulder lightly, making him turn to her just a bit.

    He stared at her, only to jump as she carefully wrapped her arms around his shoulders. His breath halted at the action, and he froze. What... What was-

    "You're not a failure, Heisenberg... Not to me." she said quietly, feeling his shoulders tremble as he managed to take a shaky breath. "I'm not sure how much that even matters to you... But any bloody moron could see that. And you'll kill her. You'll kill her, and you'll be free. And I'll help, no matter what."

    Her voice was quiet as she spoke, but even he could tell it was genuine. It made a lump form in his throat as he stood rigidly, though he soon moved his arms. Slowly he returned the embrace with trembling muscles, and she found it almost immediately hard to breath with how hard he hugged her. But she didn't mind... She felt him press his face to her shoulder, and her own grip tightened as she felt wetness through the shirt collar;


    She may not have thought much of the 'relationship' they shared, but it was enough to being a sense of protection for him in her being. He was bigger than she was. Stronger. More capable. But she knew he was still that scared little kid from all those years ago. It was evident in the way he acted... In the way he spoke. In the way he screamed from night terrors. Even in the way he clung to her now. He was scared. Scared and in pain.

    "I'm sorry..." she said again, squeezing him just a little tighter.

    "... why..." came the muffled response. She frowned.

    "Because I didn't know... And because you've dealt with it for so long..." she replied. "You're strong, Karl..."

    "... I don't want to be..."

    The response came quieter than the previous one, and she felt her heart sink and the flutter of the Cadou in her chest. He was the first to pull away, though he didn't let go. Not fully.

    "I have work to do." He mumbled, but looked at her as she shook her head.

    "No." She said simply. She pulled an arm back, making him look at her. Her lips twitched into a frown as she wiped away what little tears he still had but tried so desperately to hide, making him flinch just slightly at the contact.


    "No, Karl..." she repeated quietly. "Rest."

    "What makes you think I want to sleep-"

    He stopped as she moved to cup his face with both hands, making him look at her fully.

    "I never said sleep. Just... Sit. Or lay down. Work on plans, create something out of these scraps... Something that isn't WORK work... Rest." She said, gesturing to the small scraps that began to lower around them. "Please..."

    He remained silent as he stared at her before his eyes moved to the metal around them. Some pieces lazily fell to the floor with a gentle clatter, others were set down in a more... 'careful' manor. But even as he tried lifting a few again, they only raised just slightly and shook in place... But other pieces didn't stop their movements, even if he tried the opposite. ... Maybe... Maybe she was right... Fuck, he hated when she was right.

    "F-Fine, I..." he started, reaching up to run a hand through his hair. The more he thought about it, the more he really didn't want to move... "Alright.... Fine."

    He moved his arms to take a gentle hold on her hips, though his expression still remained dark.

    "I'm fine." He said simply. She shook her head.

    "I don't believe that." She replied, looking at the scraps around them. She then nudged him in the direction of the bed. "Come on Heisenberg, lay down... I'll... I'll get some of the plans from the workshop, we can stay here and work on them."

    "Fine..." he muttered, finally letting go. He reached to rub the back of his neck as he was led over, nearly walking with a limp as his leg clicked. Emelia glanced down at it with a frown, letting him sit before speaking.

    "I can help with that, too..." she said softly, taking a step back to give him space. He shrugged.

    "I've got it... It's not the first time." He mumbled, looking up at her. He then suddenly gained a mildly amused smirk, and she stared at him.


    "No pants this time...?" He asked, an obvious attempt to go back to normal. Or, whatever they considered 'normal' right now... But the attempt did earn a quiet laughing snort from her, and she rolled her eye.

    "I don't think anyone else is here to care, Karl." She replied, adjusting the shirt over her shoulders. "If they did, I doubt Sturm has the balls to say anything."

    He chuckled, the sound easing her mind just slightly as he relaxed.

    "If he did, I'd disassemble him." He assured lightly. Emelia chuckled, but couldn't shake the odd feeling she had. Sure, he was joking now... But she could still feel his emotions like a tidalwave.

    She slowly made her way to the door, pausing once she pressed her palm to the metal.


    "Hm?" He gave a questioning hum, moving back to lay down. She looked back.

    "I mean what I said." She spoke quietly. His gaze shot up to her face, another frown appearing on his. She took a breath. "You're not a failure. No matter what she thinks." She pushed the door open and walked about halfway before looking back again. "Not to me."

    He said nothing as she left, simply watching as the door closed. His brain was on fire... His brain was on fire and he couldn't stop the metal in the room. It kept moving... He couldn't... Why the fuck did he say anything...? Why did he even-

    His head went back hard against the pillows and he rubbed his face with trembling hands. God, this was... He didn't know. He didn't know what to do. Part of him felt like it was a good thing... That it was good that she knew. But the other?

    The other regretted talking.

    He didn't know which was the worse feeling.

    What the fuck was wrong with him?

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    Wintersberg drabble

    Warning: Angst (with happy end) — Ethan and Karl are having a fight and some things that are being said are really hurtful.

    It's several years after what happened in Romania. Rose is now around 12 and some kid is messing with her in school.

    She's angry and fed up with it, and doesn't know what to do anymore. She talks about it with Karl after he's found her in her room, upset. Being highly protective of her, Karl decides to give her some advice on how to make someone “shut up” by showing her a couple of moves to defend herself.

    It ends with Ethan being called by the school a few weeks later because Rose is a quick learner and fought with that kid. Both have ended up with bruises and a split lip for the other kid.

    In the car, after a long talk with the headmaster, Ethan asks Rose about how she’s learned the moves the headmaster told him about. Rose proudly tells him that Karl taught her, and that she was finally able to make the other kid stop coming after her.

    Ethan is livid but doesn't say anything as they enter the house, where Karl is waiting for them. He goes to change and only hears vaguely how Karl speaks with Rose.

    Karl quickly follows Ethan, some funny quip on his lips, but Ethan rounds on him.

    “You taught her to fight?”

    "Wha — yeah. ‘Course I did. She needs to learn how to defend herself.”

    “No. Not like this. She should have told us about it.”

    “She did. She told me.”

    “And your first idea was to tell her to fight that kid? Didn't think you should speak to me about it?”

    “What's it matter, as long as she's fine and-”

    “You're not her father! You don't get to take those kinds of decisions like that,” Ethan yells, tendrils of mold flying out of his body in his anger.

    Karl's face shutters down, face turning impassive. The only tells are his eyes, and Ethan has just the time to see the hurt in them before they turn cold.

    “I am well aware that she isn't mine.”


    “I've got work to do.” Karl turns away and quickly walks out and down the stairs. Ethan only hears the door to the workshop falling close.


    He's taken it too far, and he knows it.

    “Dad?” Rose calls from the door to his room.


    “Karl said I should apologize for scaring you… I was just… so angry and… I know I'm not supposed to fight… but…”

    Ethan's heart squeezes at his daughter's words.

    “I know, sweetie. I… I just want you to tell me about stuff like that. I want to help… too.”

    She nods timidly, and Ethan waves her over for a hug.

    Telling her that he'd call her when dinner is ready, Ethan sighs deeply and walks downstairs and into the workshop to find Karl working intently on his bike. Ethan knows that Karl has noticed him, but he still ignores the blond.

    “I'm sorry.”

    Karl doesn't say or do anything to show that he's heard Ethan.


    “She's not my blood, but I love her like she was my own,” Karl says into the body of the bike.

    “I know… Karl, I should never I said that. Because you are her father.”

    Ethan only sees Karl's head bobbing in a nod, but he doesn't say anything.

    “Okay — um… I'll get dinner — yeah — I-” Ethan walks backwards and is about to turn around and do what he just said, but Karl stops him.

    Not with his voice, but Ethan suddenly feels his belt buckle being pulled backwards, like his watch and the metal rings around the laces on his shoes. He doesn't fight it, letting Karl pull him towards himself. Ethan opens his arms and folds the older man in his arms the second he's close enough. Karl sinks into the embrace with a relieved sigh.

    “You're our family, Karl.”

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    "You were the one who walked out, not me."

    CW: Abandonment, Some Tears, Angry Bela


    You keep shouting her name as she moves away from you quickly. You pursue her, hoping to get her attention. “Bela!” She is still refusing to listen. You grab her arm, and she flinches away, rage flashing in her gaze.

    “What is it?! What do you want?!” “Come back? It’s lonely cleaning your room without you there.”

    Her eyes flash with disbelief. "Excuse me?" Her moves are all smooth and calculated. She had you pinned to the wall, a sickle drawn across your throat, producing a thin line of blood. "You and I are no longer on speaking terms. You made the decision to leave me alone, which dictated the state of our relationship." You chuckle a little. "When did I leave?"

    "You left me when I needed you the most. You abandoned me. To rot, to die, to wither away..." Her eyes welled up with tears. "You abandoned me!" She screamed as the sickle sank further into your throat.

    “I was busy!” “So my mother’s pay is more important than me?”

    She takes the sickle from your neck and drinks the blood from it. You make a noise that causes her to glare at you. "Never, ever again." She growls and moves her gaze away from you. She turns her back on you and begins to walk away.

    “Bela! Bela...Don’t walk out on me…” “You were the one who walked out, not me.”

    She vanishes into a swarm of flies, leaving you alone in the corridor. Your neck was softly bleeding out, and your heart was broken as you had broken hers.

    #bela dimitrescu x reader #re8#resident evil #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #dimitrescu #resident evil 8 village #resident evil fanfiction #resident evil x reader #bela dimitrescu #bela dimitrescu x oc #bela dimitrescu x maiden #re8 dimitrescu#re8 village#re8 bela #re8 bela dimitrescu #re village#abandoment#tears#angry bela
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    Beladonna one-shot this morning! Hope you all enjoy <3

    For next week--what would all prefer?

    1. Reader's POV

    2. Alcina's POV

    3. Petra's POV

    Let me know!!

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  • vodkafolie
    25.11.2021 - 3 days ago
    #writing memes#asks#re8 fanfiction #resident evil village #Lady Dimitrescu#donna beneviento#karl heisenberg #hazel spencer (oc) #why yes i think I will tag all the characters #poor moreau left out AGAIN....... #thank you for the ask!!! #mrslittletall
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  • nbdummy
    25.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    A little bit of tomorrow’s one-shot starting Bela and Donna! ❤️

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  • theferalvampire
    24.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    CW: None Just short and sweet

    After an exciting game of tag, the two of you retire to the library. You settle down with a book in your lap. Daniela is humming and floating about the library, before stealing the book from you and tossing it to the other side.

    “Cuddle with me on the couch.” “Dani-” “Please?”

    You groan and get up, allowing Daniela to lead you to the couch. You two take a seat in utter quietness. Daniela sighs and murmurs something in Romanian. “What?” You query, attempting to understand what she said. She pulls up your legs and puts them over the sofa horizontally. She then collapses on top of you, her head resting on your chest.

    “This is what I mean by cuddle.”

    As she nuzzles closer to you, her voice softens. She raises an eyebrow at you before huffing. She nods off to sleep after a brief time of adjustment. You observe her pleasant slumber before falling asleep yourself.

    #re daniela dimitrescu #re8#resident evil #resident evil 8 #resident evil fanfiction #resident evil 8 village #resident evil village #resident evil x reader #daniela dimitrescu#dimitrescu #daniela dimitrescu x reader #dimitrescu daughters #daniela x reader #daniela x maiden #daniela dimitrescu x maiden #daniela x oc
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    24.11.2021 - 4 days ago
    #it was between this snippet and the one with crow-tornado in it #resident evil 8 #re8 fanfiction#karl heisenberg #hazel spencer (oc) #cymatile #thank you for the ask!
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  • theferalvampire
    24.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    "You don’t get to call me that."

    CW: Swearing, Threats, Cheating, Angry Alcina

    You arrive a bit late...more than a little late. It's three o'clock in the morning when you return to Alcina's private chambers. When you entered her room and shut the door, it was deep silence. A candle was lit near you, and you could hear the quiet click of a lipstick tube being opened. As you turn over to find Alcina completely dressed and applying lipstick, your heart skips a beat.

    “Good morning, Y/N. You weren’t in bed last night.” “Sorry about that, I was doing some extra cleaning.” “I would’ve believed that lie of yours if Bela didn’t see you.”

    You pause and glanced up at the taller woman. She appeared to be putting on her lipstick peacefully, but she was anything but. Her eyes were the most vivid yellow you'd ever seen. Her hand trembled with rage. She was furious. "You left around...say, 8:30. Bela saw you depart. She came to me at 11 to tell me you hadn't returned." She stifles a bitter chuckle.

    “What’s their name?” “Alci, what are you talking abo-” “You don’t get to call me that.”

    Your pupils dilate. You've been caught. You continued promising Y/L (Your Lover) that she would never discover the truth. That you wouldn't be found out. However, you did.

    “I asked you a question.” “Y/L.” “Get out.” “What?”

    She gave out another harsh chuckle before raising her tone. "Get OUT!" She has her gaze fixed on you. Her whole body trembles with rage. Murder was written clearly in her eyes. She didn't want you to be here. She didn't want to hear your reasons or your utterances.

    “Go with your...lover. Leave my castle.” “Alcina.” “I WILL SLICE YOU TO RIBBONS!”

    She'd never threatened you before, but it seemed appropriate now. She gave you a glance. Her eyes were brimming with raw emotions. Anger, sadness, heartbreak. The gleam in her eyes indicated that she would honor her word.


    In comparison to Alcina, Daniela's voice was softer. "Is there something wrong?" She's ready to open the door until she realizes it's locked. "There is nothing to be concerned about. Return to your bed, my darling." She whispers quietly before shifting her gaze to you. Alcina passes by you as you hear the swarm depart.

    “Pack your shit. And leave my castle. Do not come back. Consider yourself fired.”

    She never cursed...especially not at you. She meant everything she said. “Mother?” Bela murmured from the corridor. “Yes?” She then meets your gaze. "You'll be gone when I return. I'll have your head if you choose not to." She moves out of the room, leaving you alone.

    #re8 alcina#re8#resident evil #resident evil 8 #resident evil 8 village #resident evil fanfiction #resident evil village #resident evil x reader #dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu #alcina dimitriscu x reader #alcina x oc #alcina x y/n #lady dimitrescu x reader #lady dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu #alcina x reader #alcina dimitrescu x reader #alcina dimitrescu x oc #bela#daniela#re8 village#re village#re8 dimitrescu #re8 lady dimitrescu #resident evil bela #resident evil alcina
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    23.11.2021 - 5 days ago


    The song: Talking Body by Tove Lo

    Stay tuned on @mistress-of-house-sokolov

    #mother miranda#re8#resident evil #resident evil 8 #resident evil 8 village #resident evil fanfiction #resident evil village #resident evil x reader #daniela dimitrescu#bela dimitrescu#dimitrescu #mother miranda x oc #mother miranda x reader #ooc for your enjoyment #ooc#ooc post #a little spicy #a little fruity
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  • melanin-monstress
    23.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Somebody needs to create a slow burn fic with Lady Dimitrescu where she isn't so rude and sadistic or I'll cry fr...

    #lady dimitrescu x female reader #lady dimitrescu x reader #re8#fanfiction
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  • theferalvampire
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    "I don't have the strength to see you cry..."

    CW: Scared Bela. Abandonment (In A Way), A Healthy Seasoning of Angst

    Bela steps in, beaming, eager to inform you about the conclusion of her novel. When she steps in and finds you sobbing, she becomes a little alarmed. “Y-Y/N?” You're lying on the floor, sobbing over something Bela can't quite put her finger on.

    “Would you like to me to get mother?” “No...it’s fine…” “I’ll leave you be then.”

    Before stepping toward the door, she attempts a feeble grin.

    “No...don’t go…” “Y/N...I don't have the strength to see you cry…I’m sorry...”

    She opens the door and looks back at you. "I promise you will heal." She shuts the door behind her before thunking her head against it.

    “If only I were strong.”

    #bela dimitrescu x reader #re8#resident evil #resident evil 8 #resident evil 8 village #resident evil fanfiction #resident evil village #resident evil x reader #bela dimitrescu#dimitrescu #bela dimitrescu x maiden #bela x reader #resident evil bela #re8 village#re8 dimitrescu #re8 lady dimitrescu #re8 alcina#alcina demitriscu #resident evil alcina #lady dimitrescu
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  • theferalvampire
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    "You're the only thing I think I got right."


    CW: Happy Crying Romantic Daniela

    Daniela and you take a stroll around the vineyard at Castle Dimitrescu. She grips your hand firmly. You two were laughing and smiling together while talking about nothing. Daniela then falls quiet.

    “Dani?” “You know…You're the only thing I think I got right.”

    When you glance at her, you notice tears welling up in her eyes. “Daniela? What's the matter?" She wipes the tears from her eyes and smiles warmly at you. "You are literally the most amazing person on the planet! And I'm happy to call you mine." She kisses your forehead before taking both of your hands in her own.

    “You are so gorgeous, and smart, and you’re so fucking hilarious and-”

    With a passionate kiss, you cut short her words. When you do this, it catches her by surprise, and you both fall to the ground. As she drapes her arms around your neck, you can feel the pleasant smile on her lips. When you break the kiss, you both speak at the same time, the same sentence leaving your lips.

    “I love you.”

    #re daniela dimitrescu #re8#resident evil #resident evil 8 #resident evil 8 village #resident evil fanfiction #resident evil village #resident evil x reader #daniela dimitrescu#dimitrescu #daniela dimitrescu x reader #daniela x reader #resident evil daniela #re8 village#re8 dimitrescu
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    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    "Everything was fine until you came around."

    CW: Angry but Soft Bela

    “Bela, you’re not that good at hiding your emotions from me...You know that right?” “Everything was fine until you came around.” “What?” “You heard me, Y/N.”

    She raises her head from her book before tossing it on the ground. "You entered the palace and concluded that I was what you want." You have a puzzled expression on your face as you stare at her. "B, that wasn't a choice... It occurred randomly, darlin-"

    “Don’t call me darling, Y/N!”

    You fall silent as you stare at her. Her expression is a combination of rage and perplexity. But you could sense awe in her eyes.

    “I don’t know how to deal with this. This...feeling.” “What does is the feeling?” “I don’t know, Y/N!” “Explain it.”

    She gives you the softest look she can muster. "It's soft...and warm." It's soft and warm, and it's nice." You turn to face her, raising her head to your level. You give her a gentle look.

    “That’s what love feels like.”

    #bela dimitrescu x reader #re8#resident evil #resident evil 8 #resident evil 8 village #resident evil fanfiction #resident evil village #resident evil x reader #bela dimitrescu#dimitrescu #bela dimitrescu x maiden #bela x reader #resident evil bela #re8 village#re8 dimitrescu
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