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    A Self-Made Man (Karl Heisenberg Trans Headcanons)

    (CW: mentions of gender dysphoria, misgendering, unsafe binding, and other unsafe transition practices.

    Also, PSA: DO NOT try binding with bandages or duct tape. Use a proper binder that is correctly sized for you. Do not be like Karl here, who will eventually learn from his mistakes.

    Anyway, enjoy!)

    Figured himself out around the time he hit puberty, more specifically when he heard about what AFAB people had to go through during it.

    Basically his thought process about it was "What the fuck? What the fuck?? I don't like this, I don't like where this is going, mission abort, MISSION ABORT--"

    Had to deal not just with gender dysphoria but also the painful Cadou experiments Mother Miranda imposed on him. HOW FUN.

    Even when he wasn't on the table being picked and prodded, when it was time to "go home" and recover, he could barely even look at himself without feeling like himself.

    It was pretty much only by the time he was 15 that he had had enough. If he was going to suffer under the bird bitch, he better at least be seen the way he wanted to be.

    He insisted on being referred to as a man, and wasn't afraid to correct anyone who either made a mistake or deliberately does so.

    If they did it on purpose -- and he knows if they did -- then he starts yelling. Just fucking screaming. Very loudly.

    If they keep trying to talk without using the right titles and pronouns, then he would yell over them. Repeatedly. Without fail.

    He doesn't have full control of his magnetic powers yet so this was the best he could do. And it's not like anyone would dare to try anything physically with him, not with Miranda on "his side".

    As soon as they get it right though, he's just quiet and nodding, though with a seething glare that said "Don't ever try me again, fucker."

    It was very effective.

    The huge baggy coat that he still frequently wears was sort of just his version of a "dysphoria hoodie". It did the job.

    When he was younger, he got his hair cut short every chance he could. He thought it made him look more manly that way, and people would take him more seriously as a man with short hair.

    Did a lot of dangerous things (unknowingly) while trying to medically transition on his own from his late teens to early adulthood. It was mostly because he was too impatient to do actual research then.

    Tried binding using the tough bandages Donna kept around her house because he wanted his chest to be AS FLAT AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE.

    Moreau and Donna had to talk him out of it when they found out, only after he kept passing out during every family meeting since he started.

    Donna instead gave him a proper binder when she did her own research on trans essentials. Karl thinks it doesn't get him as flat as the bandages did but at least he could breathe now.

    He still wore it for days at a time though, which was also very terrible. He was incredibly lucky that his healing factor helped him not get fucked up in the long run.

    Obtained testosterone from the Duke, who for some reason didn't question it, but without proper prescriptions so he just started injecting willy-nilly all because he did some cursory research about how it can masculinize bodies.

    Once again had to be talked out of by the Duke and Alcina (back when she still cared about his well-being) when the former found out about what he was doing with it.

    Was forced to see a doctor close to the village lest he lose his supply of boy goo.

    Isn't afraid of injecting himself when necessary. One time he tried using his powers to do it with no hands. He almost missed and didn't do it again after that.

    Has a few tattoos that inconspicuously also served as marks for his injection sites.

    Definitely tried performing top surgery on himself. Alcina had to wrestle the scalpel out of his hands.

    Like he was READY, he had an anatomy book on one hand, he had already marked on himself what and where to cut. He looked at a mirror and thought "okay titty go bye bye"

    But alas, Alcina had to ruin everything. (She didn't ruin anything, Karl would've probably given himself an infection if he tried slicing himself open.)

    In a way though, he found out that his "siblings" cared about him and how he approached his transition. It was kind of sweet.

    Mother Miranda cares so little about Karl that him transitioning was no big deal at all. As long as she could still use him.

    (He thought it was kinda funny but also sad that she had no regard for him whatsoever that she ended up indirectly supporting him instead. It was a weird way to look at it.)

    When he finally did get surgery (safely and legally), his mutation helped him heal ridiculously fast. What would've been a few weeks of recovery and months of scar healing instead lasted just under a month.

    Which was great for him because he wanted to get back on his feet as soon as possible. When he was up and running just two days after surgery and could remove the drains and post-op binder, the doctor was too bewildered to even speak.

    Whenever he was alone in his factory, you bet your sweet ass he's shirtless 99% of the time. Dude didn't threaten a surgeon pay for surgery not to show off his nips.

    Like most things in his life, his name was actually something he never thought of during his transition.

    He didn't have that big of a problem with his deadname surprisingly, and he just kind of relied on everyone referring to him by his family name. Even Miranda only ever called him Heisenberg.

    Though the thought of distancing his old self from his new self was appealing. Getting people to forget who he was before and being known as someone else, as who he was now -- yeah, that sounded good. So he decided on...


    Short, simple, and a name that pretty much no one could fuck up saying. It was perfect.

    He rarely ever heard it when he was called, but finding it scrawled on Miranda's notes while he was snooping around one time almost... made him smile.

    (Did she care? Or did she also just think it was easier to write than his deadname? Meh, oh well. Best not to dwell on it too much.)

    Doesn't care for getting bottom surgery, but does want to get a hysterectomy. The potential for periods is always going to be a bitch.

    Started growing out his hair when his beard was filling out. He thinks long hair is quite high maintenance though and he doesn't want it to get in the way of his work so it never goes past his shoulders.

    Loves talking just because he loves how his voice sounds.

    Proud of who he is and his journey to get where he is today. He only learned the term "transgender" recently, and once he did, he thought "Hey that's me!"

    If anyone tries to be even the slightest bit disrespectful to him and his gender identity...

    ...they're getting thrown down the cellar with Sturm.

    "It was your choice to be an ass, it was my choice to see you sliced to bits. Have fun!"

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    I told you you'd do great. (Moreau x GN!Reader)

    Summary: The reader finds a baby in the village whos family was killed by lycans and takes it home with them and Moreau to give it a new home.
    (This is the story that was requested and I accidentally deleted it. I hope the og anon finds this.) TW: Mentions of gore, violence, and death.

    The door to Moreau's shack had been broken for weeks now. You had spent a lot of time and energy trying to fix it yourself, but had to give up as your frustration grew too overwhelming. With no where else to go, you had to result to asking, nearly begging, for assistance from the only person who you knew could help: Karl Heisenberg. He refused at first, claiming he didn't have enough time to be everyone's handyman. But, you had annoyed him enough for him to agree to build you a completely new door if you were able to gather the supplies.

    So, that's what you were doing today. You were trekking through the woods from the reservoir to the village, hoping to gather enough spare wood for Heisenberg to build a new door for the shack you lived in along side Moreau. You've been pushing a wheelbarrow for what feels like forever, hoping it could aid in carrying your gathered wood back to the factory where Heisenberg stayed. You want to give up and give your sore arms a break, but the village is so close that you can't just take a break. Plus, there had been a lycan attack last night. They managed to wipe out what little population was left of the village, so the journey isn't a very safe one. You had a shotgun on your back which you barely knew how to use, but kept close just in case.

    Finally, you made it to the village which was now a ghost town. You let go of the wheel barrow and sat down on the ground to rest. Your period of recovery didn't last long you heard a growling noise grow closer. Even though the lycans had massacred every last soul in the villiage the night before, a few decided to stay in the are. And now, they were all eyes on you. One was on a roof while two others began to approach you from the left. You scatter to your feet and run towards a house with a gaping door, hoping you'll have enough time to prepare your gun.

    You get inside the house and shut the door. The inside of the house was a wreck. Broken glass covered the floor along with flipped furniture and blood splatters all over the walls, floors, and even ceiling. It was a horrific sight that only caused your adrenaline to rush more. The door began to shake and you could see them from outside the window. You rush to the room farthest in the back and lock the door behind you.

    It was a bedroom. And inside you could hear the muffled sounds of crying. You shake your head, thinking that you're hearing things in your panicked state. But the crying never ceased. Instead, it grew louder. "How can there be any sign of life here?" you think as you tremble, attempting to hold your gun straight. "Where is it? What is it? A baby? How? Where?", these questions flooded your brain. The crying grew louder as you looked around, still no baby in sight.

    Then, you saw something. A piece of paper on the floor, slightly wedged between a loose wooden floor board.

    "Please, for the love of Mother Miranda, if anyone is to find my sweet Daniel, care for him. Keep him safe."

    - it read. You looked at the loose floor boards from which the paper came from. "It's in the floor", you think. Suddenly, your own thoughts are silenced by the banging of the bedroom door. A grey and grotesque hand managed to forces it's way through the wood, clawing mercilessly as the horrific growls of the lycans fill the room. You grab the gun and stick it through the new hole, pulling the trigger. The hand recedes from the hole and a new one takes its place. This time, one of the beasts sticks its disgusting face through the gap. You cock the gun and pull the trigger once more, blowing bits of the lycans face in all directions before it's lifeless body falls on top of the previous one. The last one is only angrier now, pulling at the hole and causing it to grow. High on adrenaline, you don't budge from where you're standing as you prep your gun and shoot at the beast once more.

    After the last gunshot, the only noise in the room is the crying from under the floor that had now turned into screams. You gather your thoughts and focus once more on the loose floor boards. You stick your fingers in the gap of one of the wooden plants, pulling it from the floor easily. You do that to a few more before the screaming child is revealed to you. There was a secret hole under the floor that the wooden planks covered which is where the baby was placed, wrapped up in a blue blanket. You can only imagine the fear and heart break the person must have felt as they saw their baby's face for the last time before hiding it underneath the wooden floors.

    You hold the crying baby close, rocking it gently and attempting to make soothing sounds in hopes to calm the both of you down. There's no telling how many more lycans may be roaming the village, so you understand that you don't have time to waste. You hold the baby close to your chest and make a run for it towards the reservoir, leaving the original mission of gathering supplies behind.

    You made it back to the resevoir with no other lycan encounters. Your running had caused the baby to continue to cry on the way though. When you were close enough to Moreaus shack for him to hear it in the distance, he staired out the window. He was shocked and confused to see you so panicked with a crying baby in your arms. "What happened?! Who's baby is that?!", he rushes out of the building towards you. "I'm not sure. His name is Daniel, I think, and his family had hidden him under the floor during the lycan attack last night. I saved him and had to kill some lycans and...", you stopped to catch your breath and gather your thoughts. "Moreau we have to help him.", you hold the crying child close, rocking it gently. Its crying grew quieter, but didn't stop. You looked over to Moreau. His hands were on his head and he was stunned.

    "N-no! I-I-I-I can't! I can't take care of a child!", he blurts out. "We'll do it. We'll do it together.", you put a hand on his shoulder in attempt to calm him down. "I'll scare it! It'll hate me!", he grew more and more panicked. "Sal, please calm down love. Here' hold it.", you begin to hand the baby to him. He steps back. "I can't!" "I won't be able to do this on my own. We're this babies only hope. Heisenberg and Donna won't be able to handle it and Alcina wouldn't want to raise a boy." He knew you were right and couldn't argue. "I don't have anything to help! No food and and an- no baby clothes!", he says. "I'm sure the Duke will have something. He's got everything! And he's never hard to find. I'm sure if I left now to go look for him, I wouldn't be gone for 10 minutes and I'd come back with everything the baby needs and more!" He grew silent as he anxiously fiddled with his hands. "Here, you take the baby while I go looking for the Duke. I won't be long. You'll do great.", you begin to hand the baby to him again.

    He turns around. "I don't want it to see me, (Y/N)!", he refuses. "Fine.", you sigh. "I'll set him down on the couch. You can watch him and make sure he doesn't fall while I'm gone.", you place the baby on the couch and give Moreau a kiss on his head. "You'll do great, honey. I won't be long.", you give him one last kiss before leaving. He was left alone with the baby who was now crying loudly, wiggling on the couch.

    "Please don't cry! Please calm down! I-it's okay!", he quickly makes his way over to the baby, unsure of what to do. "Please..calm down..", he gently places a hand on it's stomach. It grips onto one of his fingers and pulls it closer. It's crying quits down into whimpers. "Are you okay?", he begins to wiggle his finger that the baby is gripping onto. It responds with a giggle that brightens up the room. Moreau's heart is left fluttering with excitement. He smiles and wiggles his finger more. The baby lets go and claps in excitement. Moeau begins to laugh to, excited by the fact he was able to make the baby laugh.

    The baby began to wiggle and rock, attempting to move. Moreau watched it, unsure of what to do. Suddenly, the baby put all of the power in it's little body into rocking it's body to the side, attempting to roll over onto it's stomach. Instead, it began to roll off the couch. Moreau screams as he grabs the baby before it hits the ground. "You can't do that! You're gonna get hurt! (Y/N) will be so mad if something happens to you!", he held the baby close to his chest, cradling it in his arms protectively. A smile stretched across its face. He reached a hand up and began to tug at Moreau's hood. He looked down at it, confused on why it wasn't screaming at the sight of him. 'Are you.. not afraid of me?", he put his hands under the babies arms and lifted it up to where it can see him face to face. It continued to smile and reach for him. Tears began to form in his eyes. This innocent little life viewed him as a friend, not a monster.

    You returned home from visiting the Duke. Just as you suspected, he provided you with a large selection of baby essentials. Formula, clothes, diapers, and even a few toys. You pushed open the broken door and gaze upon the sight in front of you. Moreau was holding the baby in front of his face. Tears of joy slowly washed over his face as the baby giggled. "I told you you'd do great.", you smiled.

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    WintersBerg headcanons?! (My opinion 🤪)

    They both switch, but Ethan tops more.

    Heisenberg is incredibly touch starved and actually loves to be fussed about, but he pretends like he doesn’t.

    Ethan would be one of those parents to try and raise Rose on a relatively healthy diet but whenever she’s alone with Heisenberg he just buys her whatever she wants

    Ethan is definitely the stricter parent and Heisenberg is the friend parent

    Ethan would be the one to ask first for a date

    For legal reasons, Heisenberg is not allowed in the kitchen, you know, with all the sharp metal.

    Ethan has a kink for restraining hands 👁👁

    Heisenberg likes to have his hair played with

    Ethan bites 👄

    Heisenberg is naturally flirtatious and it often gets him in trouble

    Heisenberg claws like hell, he leaves so many cuts you’d think they own a rabid cat

    Both of them are just covered in scratches, hickies and bites

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    Me over exaggerating wintersberg height differences because I’m a gay little man:

    The actual height difference:

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    Asker: Hey, Mr.Heisenberg if you don’t mind me asking, do you treat the lycans as your kids?

    Heisenberg: Now why would you say that?

    Big Lycan: Dad! Storytime!

    Heisenberg: In a minute sweetie.

    Ethan: The F***k?


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    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    So does anyone else think that Heisenberg doesn't actually remember his own name anymore? Obviously Heisenberg is named after the German physicist, Werner Heisenberg, the man for whom the Heisenberg uncertainty principal was named. Werner Karl Heisenberg that is. The fact that Karl is directly named after the physicist (they literally just dropped the first name!) makes me think that one of two things is happening:

    1) His parents, whoever they were, were freaking NERDS! Not very creative nerds at that. Deciding to name their son Karl is about as lazy as nerd names can get when your last name is already Heisenberg. (At least presumably that was their last name.)

    2) Mother Miranda changed Heisnberg's name to Karl after taking him from his family.

    And to be honest, I think that 2 is just a lot more likely. I mean, Miranda is probably a bit of a nerd! (tbh, she could have met Werner Heisenberg for all we know.)

    Though for real, changing his name is just another way to control him and his life while also isolating him, thus making him more susceptible to her indoctrination. It kinda just makes sense and I like the idea. I just love me some tragedy!

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    I have decided my headcanon is the best and no I will not be taking criticism on this subject

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    Donna Beneviento caring for her sick s/o (Donna x GN! Reader)

    You were blinded by the morning light intruding through the bedroom blinds, piercing your eyes. You had just woken up and already you felt like shit. You rolled over and rubbed your eyes, trying to see clearly after the sun nearly blinded you. You took the first deep breath of the morning, unexpectedly coughing after due to a new, scratchy feeling in your throat. Your lungs also felt a little weak and your body in general felt heavy.

    The door opened soon after your coughing fit. "Are you alright, Honey? You've been sleeping for quite some time and I didn't want to wake you.", Donna approaches you, gently grabbing your hand with her unoccupied arm. She held Angie in the arm. "Feelin' a little lazy today, (Y/N).", the doll asks, cocking her head. "What time is it?", you ask, realizing how bright the sun is, illuminating the sky as it usually does later in the day. "It's 1 p.m. Much later than usually sleep. Is everything alright?", she leans down to meet you eye to eye. You could see dread begin to morph her face into a panicked expression. "Just a little ill I think. Nothing serious.", you cup her face, hoping to comfort her. "Oh dear... do you feel hot? Do you feel like you may vomit? Is your vision blurry?", she begins to touch your face rapidly. Feeling your forehead, staring into your eyes, observing your cheeks, all with a growing expression of anxiety. She paused for a second, realizing how invasive she's being, and pulled away with a glowing red face of embarrassment.

    You respond with a soft chuckle, understanding that she was just worried. "I'm very sorry (Y/N)...", she nervously looks at her hands and begins to fidget with them. "It's no worries, baby.", you swing your legs off the bed and stand up, stretching your arms. "Careful there! You might be too sick to stand!", Angie kids around. "I'm fine. Really.", you assure her as you continue to stretch, occasionally letting out some strained grunts. "Just a little under the weather. Don't worry about me, Donna. I think I'll just relax a bit today.", you place a hand on her shoulder in attempts to soothe her.

    "Well, there's got to be something I can do! I can make you some tea for your throat! And I promise I won't leave your side!", her words make you chuckle, triggering a cough that only makes her more stressed. "If it would make you feel better, then you can make some tea. But, I don't want to slow you down today. Really honey, I'll be okay.", you pull her closer. "I don't have any plans, so I'll happily spend the day lazing around with you. Now, I'll get started on the tea.", she picks up Angie and begins to leave the room. "Nurse Donna is on the case!", she jokes once more.

    "I'm going to take a bath while you fix the tea, Donna.", you call out from the hallway. "Okay.", you hear her quiet voice chime from the kitchen. You felt like garbage and hoped that a short bath may help you feel refreshed. Once in the bathroom, you struggled to find the right temperature of water. It all felt like it was either too hot or too cold, unsuitable to soothe your feverish body. Finally, you found a good temperature somewhere in between and relaxed. You began to wipe yourself down with a rag and soap. It was refreshing and felt as if a layer of grime that had formed over night was being washed away. Suddenly, a quiet knock came from the door. "Yes?", you respond. "Your tea is ready. Can I come in?", she asks. You two had been together for a while now and have grown comfortable with each others bodies. Still, she always acts so shyly when it comes to your bodies and her nervousness never fails to make you smile. "Of course, love.", you say.

    The door slowly opens only enough for her to squirm through with a cup of hot tea. Her eyes were fixed on the floor despite the fact she has seen you nude multiple times before. It was always endearing. Angie was tucked in one of her arms, covering her eyes with her doll hands. "Don't worry, (Y/N). I'm not looking.", you laugh and take the cup of tea from Donna once she hands it to you, still looking down at the floor. You take a sip and feel as the warm liquid coats your scratchy throat. It felt as if the walls of your mouth and throat had been coated in liquid heaven. "This is very lovely. Thank you Donna.", your voice had already begun to sound different. The scratchiness from earlier had almost completely faded. She nods as a silent way to say "You're welcome." and then leaves.

    After your bath, you changed into some clean, but comfortable clothing. The tea had helped your throat and the bath was nice, but not enough to completely ward off whatever had come over you. You still felt a lingering feeling of sickness as you walked back to the bed and curled up once more. "Is there anything I can do?", Donna didn't take long to ask. "Join me.", you respond. She didn't hesitate to make herself comfortable beside you. "How are you feeling?", she asks, stroking your hair. "Mostly groggy, but I enjoy having you here.", you take her hand from your head and kiss it in appreciation. You could tell the whole situation was really stressing her out. After all, she has a bad past when it comes to loved ones getting sick. You knew though that this was just a simple cold. Something your body can fight off in no time. But still, she's willing to put all of her energy into making sure you're okay.

    "Can I lay my head in your lap? I think that may help tremendously." you say with a smile. Once again, she doesn't hesitate to do as you say as if her life depended on it. She sat upwards and put her legs together, creating a spot on her thigh for you to use as a pillow. You placed your head in her lap locked eyes with her. The eye contact didn't last long due to how nervous she is. "This cold seems to be making you more miserable than me.", you joke. "I just.. I want you to be okay." "I'll be okay as long as I'm here with you.", you stare into her eye, hoping she'll eventually make eye contact again. She continues to avoid it. "You're beautiful.", you blurt out. Her attention quickly shifts as she stares at you with wide eyes and a red face. You laugh, pleased with your success at once again getting her to look into your eyes. You laughed so hard that you quickly had to cover your mouth as your laughs turned to coughs. Still, you were so pleased that you laughed through the coughing. This caused Donna to smile as she looked down at her lover. Even she began to laugh a little. Once the chaos died down, she leaned over to place a kiss on your forehead before she began to play with your hair. You were both aware that the rest of the day will be spent in bed and you were both okay with it.

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    20.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Tbh I never understood why Lady Dimitrescu should have a size kink. Like, yeah, she's taller but does that necessarily mean she has to have a size kink??

    I strongly believe that she has a praise kink. Praise her and she'll be a good girl

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    20.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    heisenberg: *buying clothes that have swag on them*

    ethan: do you even know what swag stands for?

    heisenberg: no, what does it stand for?

    ethan: secretly we are gay

    heisenberg: i know that winters but tell me what it means

    #karl is a himbo #real himbo hours #🪨: iza’s resident evil 8 obsession #ethan resident evil #resident evil headcanons #resident evil rose #resident evil 8 memes #resident evil #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #karl heisenberg x ethan winters #karl heisenberg is a softie #karl heisenberg is whipped #re8 headcanons#ethan #re8 ethan winters #ethan x karl #ethan winters is whipped #ethan x heisenberg #re ethan winters #heisenberg x ethan #karl x ethan #ethan winters#heisenwinters#wintersberg#winterberg #re8 karl heisenberg #heisenberg#karl heisenberg#re8 heisenberg
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