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    In the Steel Steeds Heart

    Chapter 26: Sealed Lips, Heavy Hearts
    Warnings: strong language, sexual themes, blood/gore, angst, vomit/sick
    Summary: After finding out what is really wrong with her body, Juniper makes the fear induced decision to keep it a secret. Straining her already declining mental state and her relationship in the process.
    Feedback appreciated, 18+.

    Juniper stood, leaning over the edge of the balcony. Her knees wobbled as tears ran down her freckled face.

    Her stomach clenched in painful knots as she leaned forward more, retching over the edge.

    Confusion and worry buzzed around her head like angry bees. She watched the thick string of saliva trail from her lips as she let out ragged huffs.

    Fuck, she was a mess.

    She couldn’t let Heisenberg see her like this, she’d wasted too much time as it was. She made her way back to the bathroom.

    Juniper washed her face in cool water, pressing her cold fingers to her eyelids in an attempt to relieve some of their puffiness.

    I can’t tell him…

    She thought fearfully. She took a deep breath, resisting the urge to cry afresh.

    When she entered the workshop she was still shaky and pale. Heisenberg looked up from his work, his mouth a thin line.

    “You don’t look good Doll.” He spoke frankly.

    “Oh…I still feel a bit off.” She tried to shrug.

    “Hmmm.” He murmured, putting down the core he was working on.

    “You want to go rest?” He walked closer to her.

    “I’ll be ok.” She tried to smile.

    He scanned her face, “I don’t need the extra hands today, go back to the apartment.”

    “…Alright.” She gave him a small nod, padding back out of the workshop almost as quickly as she’d entered.

    Heisenberg stood, mulling over the interaction. It was odd for her to be so agreeable with the idea of being apartment-bound, relenting with no effort on his part. She must really be feeling unwell…he concluded.

    He returned to his work, resisting the urge to check on her through the camera system.


    Juniper was curled into a ball under the covers on their bed. She cried afresh, tears staining the pillowcase. She pressed her hands over her stomach, it felt different.

    Or did it?

    She didn’t know if it was just her anxiety finding differences or it was truly already starting to change. Her body felt foreign to her, her heart twisting with guilt and fear.

    Heisenberg deserved to know, but she couldn’t find the words for him. The fear of rejection poisoned her thoughts.

    Where would she go? Could she even escape the village if he threw her out?

    Juniper thought. She curled in on herself more.

    But what if she stays? Could she even carry a baby safely with the cadou in her? Would it even be a human baby?

    Everything caused her to cry harder.


    Things didn’t fare better the following days. Juniper was constantly wracked with a mixture of poisonous emotions, making her thoughts garbled.

    Worried about his current project, Heisenberg didn’t take as much notice of her shifting state, giving her time to think over her options.

    Escape wasn’t an option…but maybe she could learn enough skills to be more useful to herself and future child.

    Knowing a monthly meeting was ticking ever closer she made a decision. Heisenberg was very distrusting of his ‘siblings’, rightfully so, but they were very skilled in their respective professions.

    Juniper was lost in thought as she descended the stairs. Her boots were starting to wear, long losing their shine.

    How long had she been here?

    She couldn’t remember. The winters felt unnaturally long, her wondering if it was the dark God’s influence. Another way to choke the village and make them more vulnerable to its influence and dependent on Mother Miranda’s help.

    The odor of death sobered her from her imaginings. Her heart dropped.

    Heisenberg had started gutting a new body.

    Taking a deep breath, Juniper pushed her way into the workshop. She silently hoped her body would work with her. The feeling of sickness was definitely improving but very pungent smells still pushed her off the edge.

    Heisenberg had just started pulling the small intestines free, taking fistfuls of organs to add to a tray already half full.

    The smell of the body instantly made her stomach flip. Juniper rushed to the organ shoot, throwing up down it.

    “Loosing your touch Sweetheart?” Heisenberg jested, “Can’t hold your lunch with the bodies anymore?”

    Juniper was taut, wound tightly from constant nervousness, she snapped at him, “I just don’t feel good, fuck!”

    She pushed past him towards the door to the operating room, leaving him staggered.

    “I’m sorry.” He called after her, guiltily.

    After the door slammed behind her he added softly, “I didn’t mean anything by it…”

    He went back into the body, knowing he had to finish his current task. He busied himself with the body, pushing away his concern for Juniper from his mind.

    As night set in and he wheeled the prepped cadaver away for storage, giving the body time to take to the cadou, he prepared himself to return to the apartment.

    When he entered it was very quiet, the only light on over the kitchen. Heisenberg saw Juniper’s form in the bed, balled up under the covers. He gave a heavy sigh, removing his boots and coat. He placed his hat, shades, and charms on a nearby desk before making his way over to the stove. There was a pot placed over a cold burner.

    He lifted the lid to find soup inside. He turned the knob, the burner coming to life with a clicking pop. As the soup started to rewarm he made his way over to the bed.

    He paused before placing a hand over the covered mass.

    “Buttercup?” He ventured, when no answer came he added, “Still pissed with me?”

    “No.” A muffled voice came.

    “You’re a lyin’ bitch.” Heisenberg gave a weak smile, “Making me eat alone.”

    “I made you the soup.” She says up a bit, meeting his gaze.

    Her eyes looked puffy in the low light.

    “Are you ok?” He asked with a note of seriousness.

    She looked away giving a little nod.

    “Lying again?”

    “No!” She snapped, “I just don’t feel well.” It wasn’t a complete lie, but it did make her heart ache.

    “Hmm.” He finally conceded, not in a mood to argue. He went back to the stove, stirring the soup.

    When it was hot enough for his liking he used his powers to lift and tip the pot into a bowl. He heard a muffled giggle behind him.

    “What?!” He picked up his bowl, turning to give her a narrow look.

    “Using your powers to pour soup.” Juniper giggled.

    “It’s hot.”

    “You could use an oven mitt.”

    “Could.” He shrugged sitting down at the table.

    He tucked into his soup, eating quietly for many moments. He looked up, swallowing before speaking again, “Family meeting tomorrow.”


    “Want to stay here since you are feeling shitty?”

    “No!” Juniper sat up again, worry pricking her tone.

    He gave her an accusing look, eating another spoonful before questioning her, “Why so eager?”

    “Oh…” She reeled back thinking quickly, “ I think the fresh air will be really good for me.” She lied.

    Juniper forced a sweet smile, hoping it worked.

    “Fine.” Heisenberg shrugged, “But if you puke on the church floor I won’t let you live it down.”



    The next day they made their way into the village. This meeting was to take place much earlier than normal, so the town was alive with people going about their day.

    Even with the warming weather Heisenberg had insisted she wear her coat, a symbol of her connection to him.

    Their boots stuck in the mud as they pushed onwards, villagers moving to avoid the two. Heisenberg walked with an air of authority, hard and steely as he brandished his hammer. It was no wonder why they gave him a wide berth.

    Juniper kept close, remembering the last time she strayed away from his protective vicinity.

    A sound found her ears, a warbling cry that split the air. Juniper’s body instantly froze, her boots sticking fast as if in cement. She turned to see a young mother, coddling a crying bundle. The sound she’d heard was the calling wails of a newborn. She felt like she couldn’t breath, the cries piercing her very heart.

    Why did it affect her so? Instinct bubbling up? Or just her tightly wound nerves?

    She didn’t know. She worried her hands, eyes fixed on the new mother. How the woman calmed the small child with soft humming, holding the precious bundle to her chest.

    Realizing Juniper had stopped, Heisenberg turned to see what happened. He saw her frozen in place, following her line of sight. Watching how she was fixated on the mother and child, and not realizing the true reason why, his heart fell a bit. To him, he thought he was unable to provide her with a life she seemingly craved, an expected normality of married couples he would never be able to fulfill.

    He went back, taking Juniper's hand in his own, breaking her from her trance. Her green eyes were glassy as she looked at her boots almost guilty. Heisenberg gave her hand a soft squeeze of comfort, “Come on, love.”

    Juniper nodded, following him once more.

    They were the last Lords to enter the church, not unusual given the distance the factory was from this location.

    Heisenberg strode to his normal spot in the pew, Juniper following close behind.

    The cat was out of the metaphorical bag with their relationship. Whatever safety he was trying to guarantee Juniper by acting disinterested was washed away like grime after a heavy rain when he begged like a desperate fool to Mother Miranda on the church floor.

    So with nothing more to salvage or gain by acting in-particular he would do the opposite. The whole damn village would know Juniper was, in every sense of the word besides on paper, his wife.

    Heisenberg pulled Juniper into his lap, keeping a strong hand on her thigh.

    It made her cheeks rosy, unused to public displays of affection.

    “Do you have to perform your distasteful displays in front of everyone, Heisenberg?” Lady Dimitrescu sneered down at them.

    Holding Juniper in place he snapped, “Oh you should see what I do to her in private.” He blew a plume of smoke from his nose as his lips curled into a smirk.

    He locked eyes with the much taller woman over his dark shades, in a challenging manner.

    “…Karl.” Juniper tried to hush him under her breath but he pretended not to hear.

    “So gauche!” Lady D rolled her eyes, looking away.

    Seeing he was getting under her skin spurred him on. “Oh but I guess I’m just in a good mood,” Heisenberg squeezed Juniper showily, “Getting to bust in a gorgeous woman damn near daily and all that jazz!”

    Juniper’s face was crimson.

    Lady Dimitrescu’s yellow eyes snapped back towards him, “You disgusting pig!”

    “Mad?” He let out a bark of laughter, “How long as it been for you, hm? Your little maids not into old cows!”

    Juniper cringed, closing her eyes tightly against the storm. Lady Dimitrescu stood, bellowing at Heisenberg, while the man just burst into evil laughter.

    “That is quite enough!” Came Miranda’s voice.

    The two instantly silenced, and Juniper gave mental thanks.

    The clicking of her dark heels sent the room in an air of seriousness, with every soft clink the Lords found their way further into their seats.

    Juniper just caught Mother Miranda’s steely eyes looking her and Heisenberg over. Her gaze was a predatory cocktail of curiosity and ambitious wanting.

    Juniper looked away, unable to hold that gaze very long. Heisenberg gave her thigh a little squeeze, a gesture of reassurance.

    She settled down as the meeting commenced. Most was completely useless to them, the only tidbit that concerned Heisenberg at all was Miranda instructing him to look over the village's tractors before it was time to set the fields. He tightly agreed, knowing the job would be rudimentary for him, the trip to the village more of a hassle then the machinery.

    Mother Miranda made her leave after announcing the conclusion of the meeting. As the other lords stood and gathered their things, Juniper tried to ease her nerves.

    Heisenberg turned to get his hammer, not noticing Juniper making her way across the stone church.

    “Miss Donna?” Juniper spoke once she was close. She saw the other woman’s veiled head lift curiously as Angie hopped to her feet.

    “If it wouldn’t be much trouble, would you be willing to teach me how to sew?” Juniper asked nervously.

    Donna flinched with surprise, as if the question was a blow. Without giving it much though she eagerly nodded, as Angie practically jumped, “Are you kidding?! We’d love to!”

    Their enthusiasm was a relief to Juniper, “T-Thank you.”

    “We never have friends over!” Angie continued, “Well make tea and show you all our fabrics! It’ll be so fun, I can’t wait!”

    Juniper nodded, feeling Heisenberg’s eyes boring into her back.

    “Would tomorrow be alright?” She asked.

    Donna gave another nod, hugging the overjoyed Angie to her chest.

    Juniper felt Heisenberg’s hand on her wrist, pulling her towards the door. She gave a quick goodbye, seeing the pair wave before being forced through the threshold.

    He looked livid, a mixture of confusion thrown in to boot. Once outside, Heisenberg asked through clenched teeth, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

    His tone sent a shot of annoyance through her, but she’d already thought of things to say in this exact situation.

    “I want to learn a new skill.” Juniper answered frankly, “A skill you can’t teach me. And Donna is the best seamstress in the whole village.”

    She watched him simmer a bit, realizing she had a point.

    Clenching and unclenching his fists he relented slightly, “Fine…but you could’a warned me first.”

    “And have you talk me out of it?”

    “Like I could, stubborn brat.” He rolled his eyes before becoming more serious, “Her manor isn’t the safest place.”

    “The factory is?” She scoffed, starting to walk.

    “No, but I don’t have hallucinogens fucking everywhere.”

    “I don’t think she means me harm.”

    “That’s the thing,” Heisenberg pressed, “She never does…but the plants fuck with your head, so many people go fucking mad there.”

    “I’m not a human anymore.” Juniper pointed out.

    “Let’s hope that matters.” Heisenberg huffed, seeing he was getting nowhere, “If you’re late coming back, I’ll send the whole damn pack of Lycans to bring your ass home.” He threatened.

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    to be fair, you could’ve been more direct, Karl. 


    they consummated their union hard that night.

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    AAAAH okay so i have a friend with a rly deep voice who does smutty voiceover stuff and i was talking about commissioning him to do am audiobook/podfic of one of my fics

    Im thinking about having him do a voiceover for the first chapter of "A Tainted Rescue" since its my most popular fic right now and his voice would probably work super well with it

    Is that something y'all would be interested in? Im literally so excited for it and i think it would be super cool even if idk if id be able to make it through listening to it LOL

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    Chapter 26 Preview: Sealed Lips, Heavy Hearts: of my Heisenberg x Juniper (oc) fic: In the Steel Steeds Heart

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    Kiss first, ask questions later

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    Me: You know, I don't really read fic in which the main focus is on an OC or a character's relationship with an OC. Mostly it's just a matter of taste, but many, if not most OCs are either a self-insert, or an audience surrogate in some capacity, and I just can't get into those stories for pretty personal reasons.

    Also me: GODDAMMIT! I accidentally had to make ANOTHER OC! This might just be the fifth one I've made for this fic!

    #fanfiction#fanfic#ocs#original character #So on that note... ANYONE WANNA HEAR ABOUT MY RE8 OCS!!???!?! #The most recent one that I accidentally had to at least partially make is Lord Amatore Beneviento. #Donna's father who was a Lord (yes with a cadou and everything) before her. Yes the one who committed suicide in canon.
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    I was thinking about how Faye would start saying “bITTCHHH” like Heisy does and then I remembered that one meme.

    In case the text is unreadable:

    Faye: Lady Dimitrescu... I am an adult.

    Heisenberg: lol. Hey, she says a lot worse in bed!

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    Highlander:episode 3

    “Karl” Amara said suddenly, shaking his arm in panic. Karl didn’t wake up immediately. Amara began to breath rapidly as she leaned into her stomach, “Karl” Amara said again a bit louder, she shook his arms and shoulder a bit violently

    Karl slowly woke himself up to the movement and rolled over to see what was the problem.

    “My water broke” Amara said in a frenzy as she was trying to not scream in pain.

    Karl’s eyes widened as fear tore through his mind. He jumped out of the bed and turned on the light.

    Quickly did he slide on his jeans with a bit of a struggle.

    Not caring to put on his belt did he just make his way back to her side of the bed, throwing off the sheets quickly did he slide his arms underneath her legs and back. Lifting her body off the bed did Karl began to make his way out of the bedroom.

    “Mom,DAD AMARA IS IN LABOR” Karl said as he was walking towards the guest room.

    Karl kicked open the door. Karl walked into the room gently placing Amara down on operating table.Karl grabbed her hand as she was panting heavily as pain enveloped her body. Amara looked paler then she did yesterday, this brought worries to his mind.

    Karl grabbed some of the medical equipment and hooked her up to a heart monitor, Iv bag, tied a monitor around her belly to check for when her cervix is entirely dilated.

    Karl pulled up a stool next to the table, Amara was shaking and breathing erratic as contractions got worse.

    Karl looked down at her as his thumb was rubbing the outer part of her hand.

    Amara whined as she felt the pain got worse causing sweat to come from her brow, Karl’s hand cupped her face and gently brushed her cheek.

    “Time already” Markus said as he walked in with his equipment on, immediately did he got to the metal cart that has everything he needed on it.

    “Ultrasound first and let’s see if your able to push out of have a c section” Markus said grabbing the clear cream.

    Spreading it over her belly did she sigh feeling how cold it is, Karl looked at the ultrasound seeing the baby.

    “Alright we are almost there sweetheart” Karl said as he pulled his attention back to her. Amara nodded as she felt another contraction hit her causing her to cry out and push.

    Karl looked down at her belly seeing it contract as well.

    “Alright we’ll she’s dilated entirely right now, she’s not going to have to push for long” Markus said after throwing his latex gloves in the trash, Karl nodded as he grabbed his wife’s hand once more.

    Amara’s face scrunched in pain as she leaned back against the pillow she rested her head against, Karl felt her hand tighten around his as she leaned into his shoulder as she felt the pain override her senses.

    “Calm down baby girl your fine” Charlemagne said as she stepped on her other side of the bed. Charlemagne gently cupped her daughter in laws face and rubbed her thumb against her cheek bone as she was trying to catch her breath.

    Amara looked flushed of color which became a concern to Karl being that she was panting heavily as she felt pain running through her body.

    “Breathe Amara breath”Karl said as he rubbed her hand in his, Karl leaned into her head and pressed his lips to her temple as she cried in pain. Tears rushed down her cheeks as she continued to push.

    “The head is crowning Amara” Markus said as he began to prepare for the baby to actually come into this world.

    “Come one baby girl push” Karl said with a bit of panic in his voice as he gripped her hand a hoping she would give him the pain instead of her lower extremities. Markus grabbed a scalpel quickly off the table, he noticed that her canal was smaller than what he’s seen in the past.

    He pressed the scalpel to her vagina and cut a bit upward. Amara screeched in pain as she felt the scalpel cut her sensitive skin.

    “Almost there sweetheart”Markus said as he watched her face contort in pain.

    “Come on baby” Karl said as he pressed a kiss to her cheek.


    “It’s a boy” Markus said cutting the umbilical cord.

    “Let me hold him” Amara said exhaustedly as she readjusted her body on the table. A smile tugged on Karl’s lips as he rested against the bed.

    Amara’s arms wrapped around there son and brought him to her breast.

    “All worth it now” Karl said as he eyed the baby with warm eyes.

    “All worth it” Amara said in a gentle voice.

    “We’ll rest while you can Amara” Charlemagne said as she looked at her grandson. “You’ve exerted a lot of energy” she said pressing a kiss to her sons cheek.

    Karl looked at her with a smile before he turned his attention back to his newborn child.

    Karl huffed out as he looked at his wife.

    Karl placed his hand on the small of the wrinkly babies back.

    Amara was just getting her breath under control as she felt her heart rate slow down.

    Karl’s hand reached up to her head, rubbing her head that was bald. His hand softly brushed her bare scalp as she relaxed on the bed.

    Karl smiled as his son curled against his mother’s breast as he fell asleep feeling the warmth of her body.

    “You can sleep now my love” Karl said as he pulled up a chair next to the bed, he rested his head against her shoulder as he fell asleep as well.

    “I love you so much Karl” Amara mumbled out as she felt her heart slow down quickly. She felt her hands go cold as well.

    Amara placed her hand on her baby sons back as one tear streamed down her cheek.

    “I love you, Cameroon” she said as she felt the life finally drain from her body.


    “Amara…amara” Karl said tiredly as he looked at her body not realizing she was lifeless. Karl looked over her body with his eyes noticing her chest was still.

    “Amara” Karl said a bit more panicked now but careful not to wake up his son.

    Karl took the baby off her breast that he was taking his meal from.

    “Amara wake up” Karl said shaking her a bit, he instantly felt the deadly coldness of her skin. Karl continued to shake her shoulders. He felt his eyes watered as he continued, he knew she was gone.

    Karl felt tears streamed down his cheeks as he slowly came to a stop, his head fell towards her chest as he sobbed lightly into her clothes.

    Karl knew she was going to die when he found out she had cancer, no matter the chemotherapy it was to brutal to her body. His arms wrapped around her sides pulling her into his lap as he leaned into her face. His heart was gone, the time it took to take care of her trying to make her life better even though she was going to die felt like it was in vain. 4 years of there marriage and her last was giving birth to his son.

    Karl’s attention went back to his son as parental instinct kicked in.

    Cameroon cried as he was too cold for comfort, Karl grabbed a blanket from the metal cart and wrapped his sons body in it. Karl brought the baby to his chest and shushed him as he rested his head on his shoulder.

    “You fine my son, your safe” Karl whispered into his ear as he leaned into his chest for warmth. Karl’s bare hand brushed his sons back as he looked at the husk of his dead wife.

    Karl frowned as tears continued to come down from his eyes as he looked at her body.

    Karl readjusted his sons body bringing him into a cradle position in his arm as he overlook his wife.

    “I’m so sorry my love” Karl weaped over her dead form.

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    Old stuff from one month ago. Doodles of my catgirl oc (Quinoa) and serana skyrim, +sketch of the beast herself.

    #I'm super busy this months lately because uni + side work (unpaid 😿) stuff #I'm very excited for my free time in october for re8 & skyrim girls art #serana#skyrim #the elder scrolls #oc: quinoa#tes #s.art
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    Y/N in Alcina’s bed: Alci? Are you awake?


    Y/N: proceeds to pull out a half eaten sub from subway

    Alcina waking up from the crunching half asleep: *turns on the lamp* what are you doing Y/N?

    Y/N: …….

    Y/N: nothing

    Alcina: 🤦🏻‍♀️

    #alcina x maiden #lady alcina dimitrescu #lady dimitrescu x y/n #lady dimitrescu x reader #lady dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu#reader #alcina x oc #re8 #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #resident evil
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    - The beast neared the now lone villager who had barged into the factory, its breaths coming in trilling growls as blood dripped from its maw. The glow from it's eye reflected from the knife the villager held, but it was no use.

    "𝒀𝒐𝒖 𝒔𝒉𝒐𝒖𝒍𝒅𝒏'𝒕 𝒃𝒆 𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒆." -


    Did one of those lighting things but ended up making a 'full' image from it. 🤷

    The story? I'm going to assume that sometimes some villagers get a bit... angry, and may try to 'attack' them. Kinda inspired from a small comic I saw on twitter with Karl, but unfortunately it was a few months ago and I can't remember for the life of me who it was. :'D

    Too bad for them that Emelia is fiercely 'territorial' of the factory and Karl himself.

    //That's IF they can get past the Lycans, but in this case... Well, they got some easy new Soldat material, after Heisenberg scolded her for ripping them apart a little TOO much.

    I might make this an actual story for Metalworks, though! I've been wanting to incorporate her fully mutated form somehow, so maybe. I might just copy and paste that little bit up there and see what happens!//

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    More Mama Juniper and Papa Heisenberg art

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    Souls of Iron update

    Chapter 3 'On the edge'

    Read HERE


    off top: Guys, I know you're the best of the best. I'm sure as hell, you're the most talented people! And I need your help.

    I'm looking for a beta-reader for my fanfiction and original stories. I promise to send cute and\or stupid (mostly) memes every day, and I love to chat about just everything. Sure, we can be friends. And, of course, I need someone to discuss further plot twists and character development, and original ideas, etc.

    If you're in, contact me any convenient way.

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    RE8 Ladies + Love Languages

    While this isn't terribly long per character, I am putting it under a read-more for the combined length. Some characters have more details than others, partially due to how much I've written for them (and therefore had time to think about how they show their affections). For once the contents are not in alphabetical order. Crazy, right? PS there's a very, very brief implication of NSFW in Daniela's section.

    Features the entire Dimitrescu family, Mother Miranda, Donna Beneviento, and as a lil bonus Ava.

    Cassandra Dimitrescu:

    Primary Love Language: Physical touch

    Secondary Love Language: Acts of Service

    Examples: Constantly wants to be touching some part of her lover, even if she sometimes pretends otherwise, from hand holding to making them sit in her lap. So goddamn touch starved. Preferably sleeps with her lover sprawled out on top of her, weighing her down, soothed by the constant pressure. Seriously, this woman needs someone to hold her as close as possible, running their fingers through her hair, pressing soft little kisses along her neck + shoulder. And then repeat. Every single day. For life.

    Treating her lover’s wounds, or bringing them tea to soothe their nightmares, or monitoring their health when they're sick (see: Bound Blood + We Don’t Talk About That). Cassandra hates feeling like she owes someone, and isn’t fond of others owing her (because when they pay her back, she might end up owing them “the difference”). When it comes to love, however, all debts feel paid as soon as they are incurred. She does things for her beloved because she cares for them, expecting nothing in return. Sure, she’ll complain about the effort, but it doesn’t really bother her, and she truly hopes her lover knows that.

    Mother Miranda:

    Primary Love Language: Acts of Service

    Secondary Love Language: Gift Giving

    Examples: Despite the decades she has spent as a Goddess, commanding the willing masses, Miranda doesn’t put much emphasis on words. Instead, she values actions above all else. She doesn't care if someone says that they are devoted to her, she wants to see the effects of that devotion. In turn, she much prefers to show her affection rather than voice it, even if it leaves her lover less sure of her feelings. One must keep in mind that she is the leader of an entire region, and the fact that she chooses to personally take care of something for you means a hell of a lot. Even if it’s just making you a cup of tea whenever she brews some for herself, or something as big as setting up a studio for you and your personal projects, or simply ensuring that your favorite meals are added to the rotation.

    Similar, in some aspects, to her preference to showcase her love rather than announce it, Miranda takes pride in her ability to select gifts. She remembers just about everything you ever tell her, easily memorizing things you express interest in. Though she won’t make a big deal out of it, you’ll often find little gifts from her lying around, casual reminders of how much of her attention is devoted to you.

    Daniela Dimitrescu:

    Primary Love Language: Words of Affirmation

    Secondary Love Language: Physical Touch

    Examples: What can she say, she loves to be worshipped. Having someone look at her with eyes full of adoration, one hand cupping her cheek, as they list a thousand reasons why they love her? That’s all she wants. Or sitting with her lover’s head in her lap, listening to them recite poetry that reminds them of her, while she runs her fingers through their hair. Ooh, or hearing them cry out her name like something holy as she all but buries her head between their legs. But don’t worry, she’s just as eager to return the favor, singing soft praises dedicated to her beloved. Admittedly, her compliments are sometimes a tad roundabout (so to speak).

    “Mmm,” she’ll hum, “I’m the luckiest woman in the world. Living in a castle, my every need catered to, endless life, and, of course, the most darling little pet I could ever ask for. What more could I want?” Then she’ll pull her lover close, a kiss against their pulse point to claim them as her own. It’s impossible for her to determine her favorite place to touch her lover. There are little spots that elicit sweet sounds from them, then there are places where their warmth is a tad fiercer than normal, pure bliss against her own freezing skin. Wherever she touches them, it’s a silent declaration of her love.

    Bela Dimitrescu:

    Primary Love Language: Quality Time

    Secondary Love Language: Words of Affirmation

    Examples: It doesn’t matter what she does with her lover, as long as they are together, in the same room if not actively pressed against each other. Any hobby of theirs is one that she’ll instantly take interest in. An academic at heart, she loves to learn, regardless of the subject, and takes endless delight in learning from those close to her. There’s something incredible about the feeling she gets when she gets a chance to show her lover how much she remembers, and she sees that spark of joy in their eyes.

    Considering her fondness for classical literature, it’s no surprise that she adores using language to convey the depths of her affection. Whether she’s quoting Sappho or Shakespeare, she often relies on dead poets to express herself. In turn, she cannot even begin to describe the feeling she gets when her lover returns the gesture, especially if they go so far as to write something original for her. More than once she’s tried to craft her own poetry, but has found herself lacking (at least to her own standards). One thing she enjoys is memorizing poetry written by someone from her lover’s home country, assuming that they’re not from Romania.

    Alcina Dimitrescu:

    Primary Love Language: Gift Giving/Physical Touch

    Secondary Love Language: Quality Time

    Examples: Considering the era in which she was born, it’s not terribly surprising that Alcina’s affection often manifests in less obvious ways. A hand on her lover’s back, guiding them along, or letting her knee touch theirs when they sit next to each other, or gently reaching out to give one of their hands a soft pat during quiet conversations. On top of that, she gives out gifts almost constantly. Oh, her lover very briefly mentioned enjoying a local artist? Well, Alcina will be certain to purchase several (or most) of their recent work. Did her beloved muse out loud about not having much jewelry? That won’t do! She’ll get them a large assortment, including plenty that bear the crest of House Dimitrescu. Everyone will know who her lover is, if only for the way that they are adorned with her loveliest finery.

    Much like her eldest daughter (who likely takes after her mother), Alcina also enjoys the barest of interactions with her darling. With the endless stretch that is her potential lifespan, she knows that she has all the time in the world to learn new skills, or experience all that the village has to offer. Nothing warms her heart quite like the idea of getting to enjoy those things with the people that matter most to her- namely her partner and her children.

    Donna Beneviento:

    Primary Love Language: Quality Time

    Secondary Love Language: Gift Giving

    Examples: An odd mix of shy and calculating, Donna Beneviento is not one to rely on words, nor does she often take grand actions where others may observe. Instead, she works (and weaves) within the shadows. When it comes to love, she prefers to let her priorities reveal her feelings. Day after day, she chooses to spend time with her partner, regardless of the activity. If they ask for her company, she gives it without hesitation. She invites them to join her in the garden, or give input on her latest creations, and ensures that they are readily involved in just about every aspect of her life.

    Being as talented as she is with crafting (both the overall art of doll-making and the somewhat related ability to sew all sorts of clothing), ‘tis not surprising that she also turns to gifts to express herself. From knitting hats in winter to soft blankets when her partner is sick, she provides for them in the easiest way she knows how.

    Avaskian Caldwell:

    Primary Love Language: Physical Touch/Words of Affirmation

    Secondary Love Language: Quality Time

    Examples: Arguably the most touch-starved person ever to exist, xer only possible rival being Cassandra. Struggles to strike a balance between hating being touched unexpectedly and wanting constant physical attention. Will give affectionate shoulder/back pats, loves forehead kisses/bumps, literally cannot sleep without cuddling someone/something (such as a stuffed animal). At the same time, a lifetime of severe anxiety has made it so that xe often relies on verbal encouragement from others to feel good/motivate xerself. Xe craves compliments, and defaults to poetry as a way of expressing love for others. One might think that being selectively mute might put a damper on this. However, if anything, it just furthers the value of xer speech. You know that xe cares about you if xe not only writes you poetry, but reads it aloud for you.

    In true introvert/anxiety-riddled-bean fashion, Ava is also more than content to just chill with loved ones. Xe grew up in an admittedly fucked up family, but some of xer happiest childhood memories are of xerself sitting with xer brother, watching while he played through videogame after videogame, or sitting together on the big couch and reading. Years later, xe has a strong instinct to want to recreate those moments with xer new (slightly less fucked up) family.

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  • draconic-ichor
    16.09.2021 - 5 days ago

    Little cute Papa Heisenberg dabble~

    Ethan watched as Heisenberg handed his tiny daughter, Netta, a fruit candy. She popped it in her mouth, her pale eyes getting big. She closed her eyes tightly and hopped a bit. Suddenly she flapped her little hands around her while making a humming sound.

    “Is she ok?” Ethan asked, concerned.

    “Oh yea.” Heisenberg shrugged, watching her, “She does that sometimes when she’s really happy.”

    “…oh.” Ethan nodded.

    Netta simmered down, huffing out contently before padding away.

    “I-is that normal?” Ethan ventured.

    “Hell I don’t know.” Heisenberg gave a big grin, “All the kids are weird in their own way.”

    “That’s fair…”

    “Buttercup says it’s because the pup doesn’t talk much,” Heisenberg went on, “She has to get all the feelings out a different way.”

    Netta’s little happy hands <3

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