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  • thesundanceghost
    15.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    glad i’m not the only one horny on main for 3.08 nandor

    #seeing other people have this reaction makes me feel more normal #its the jeans tucked into the socks #like logically i knew he was hot??? but this hit me out of nowhere
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  • mc-pumpkin
    15.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Oh god I'm gonna have to rewatch the minecraft live at least 3 times lmao

    #Phil Tommy AND Ranboo reactions?? #yes please #but also that's a lot lol #pumpkin talks
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  • viviski
    15.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Off to explore the new island~


    I beg your pardon?

    #genshin impact#inazuma #don't get me wrong this game is getting more complicated and I love it #but that's the first reaction I had wjahaja
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  • reactionimagesdaily
    15.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #me looking over my reaction images folder and deciding which sup-par images to queue up next #reaction image#reaction meme #daily reaction images #image mood: welp
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  • hoeforchannnn
    15.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago


    do you guys prefer headcanons or reactions? i want to start writing again.

    feel free to send in requests if you like! <3

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  • stormcloudsrollingin
    15.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Okay so I just started The Witcher and the way he goes through life??? He ended up the destiny of a princess because of some law of surprise that he tossed out on a whim??? Are you kidding me sir??

    #the witcher #the witcher episode 4 spoilers #the witcher spoilers #spoilers #for real though I'm on the floor here #and his reaction? #😂
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  • ruki--mukami
    15.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago
    #diabolik lovers#ruki mukami#mukami ruki#shu sakamaki #diabolik lovers reactions #ask#react #(( omg no my poor boy is getting NTR’d noooo ))
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  • blu-joons
    15.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago



    As much as he could, Mingyu would be affectionate with you. He loved to be around you as much as he possibly could at the best of times, but now that you were pregnant as well, he would be glued to your side quite a lot of the time.

    B ⇴ BUMP

    When he had his arms around your bump, Mingyu would often keep his hands towards the bottom of your bump so that he could hold some of the weight and make life a little bit easier for you. Even if it was just for a few minutes, feeling the weight lift from in front of you would be a huge relief for you to just relax for a moment.


    Whatever you needed, Mingyu would get it for you, he always promised to take care of you whenever it could, and he meant that especially when it came down to your cravings. Even if it meant having to go on a drive to get what you needed, he would never leave you to crave and get stressed for too long.

    D ⇴ DUE DATE

    You ended up going over your due date, which Mingyu knew frustrated you a lot. In the days after, he did as much research as he could on things that could help encourage labour, taking you on plenty of walks along your street especially to help you out. He would stay by your side when you sat on your bouncy ball, holding onto your waist to make sure that you didn’t fall, helping to try and induce your labour as quickly as possible.


    He didn’t care how many people knew that he was excited about becoming a dad, Mingyu would shout it from the rooftops if he could. Most people around him would get sick and tired of listening to him brag about the fact that the two of you were having a baby, most of the time he would talk about nothing else. Even around you, he would talk constantly about your baby until you had no choice but to tell him to shut up.

    F ⇴ FAMILY

    Both of your families were heavily involved in helping you with your pregnancy, doing whatever they could to help you out. Usually, it meant filling the gaps that Mingyu left when he was busy at work, making sure that you weren’t alone for too long, but even when he was with you, they would still be at your place quite a lot of the time to see if you had any odd jobs that you needed help with, or just to give you some company.

    G ⇴ GENDER

    There was no chance of Mingyu waiting to find out whether he was having a boy or a girl, from the moment he found out that you were pregnant straight away he began to get excited about the gender. He didn’t care if you had a boy or a girl, but he certainly wanted to know which one as quickly as possible.


    It was always an emotional moment for Mingyu to hear your baby’s heartbeat, he could never quite get used to it. It would often leave him surprised, no matter how many times he heard it, his smile would instantly turn up as soon as he heard it, letting you know that he had managed to find the beat he was looking for.

    I ⇴ “I LOVE YOU”

    Whenever he could, Mingyu would let you know that he loved you, saying it over and over again. He never felt like there were enough times when he could tell you that he loved you whilst you were pregnant, those three words were just a small token of appreciation from Mingyu to let you know how grateful he was for you.


    Even though he wasn’t necessarily jealous, Mingyu was very protective of both you and your bump whenever you weren’t at home. He would often refuse to leave your side when you were at social events, it didn’t matter who you were around and safe you would be around them, Mingyu would keep his arm around your waist whenever you were on your feet and sit down beside you when you were at the table too.

    K ⇴ KICKS

    His eyes would often look to you whenever he felt a kick, almost as if he was searching for assurance that he wasn’t going to crazy. There would sometimes be a doubt in him as to whether he was feeling a kick or just hoping he felt a kick, but as soon as you nodded back at him, he would smile in relief that he felt another kick.

    L ⇴ LABOUR

    Mingyu was the most perfect birthing partner that you could have ever wanted for. You always knew that he was attentive of what you needed and cared for you whenever he was right by your side, but the kindness in him was heightened during your labour. Seeing you in pain was horrendous for him, whatever he could do to help you, he would do it, it took all night long, but eventually all the hurt was worth it.


    The two of you would be in the bathroom together every morning, Mingyu would never leave you alone, you so much as had to stick one leg out of the bed and he would be up too knowing exactly what was about to happen, racing through behind you and moving your hair out of the way as soon as you leant over.


    Mingyu couldn’t wait to prove himself to you with the nursery and show you how domesticated he could be. He absolutely refused any help when it came to putting the nursery together, it was definitely his pride and joy.


    He was obsessed with your hands and how you would always have them resting over your bump when you weren’t busy. When he couldn’t protect your bump, Mingyu knew that you’d be there to hold your bump and keep it safe instead.


    Mingyu barely let you lift a finger after you gave birth for quite some time, he saw no reason in rushing you to get back on your feet whilst he was at home. More than anything else, Mingyu just wanted for you to focus on being a mum and leave everything else that you usually worried about for him to sort out instead.


    Whenever he joins you, the first thing Mingyu always asks you is if there is anything that you need. It doesn’t matter how big or small the thing you need help with is, he will always make sure to step up wherever he is need.


    The two of decided to go with a strong theme for your nursery so that you could find lots of specific items and collectibles to put in your nursery. Being able to have plenty of items from a collection was something the two of you were big fans of, with many of Mingyu’s collectibles already scattered around the house.

    S ⇴ SCANS

    Your scan photos were kept safely in Mingyu’s phone case so that he was always able to have a look. He loved that it was a good trigger for other people to ask about your baby too, giving him the perfect excuse to talk people’s ears off and tell them just about everything that he could about your pregnancy too.

    T ⇴ TEST

    For a couple of days, the two of you had been able to tell that something wasn’t quite right, in the end Mingyu suggested that you took a pregnancy test, never expecting for it to end up coming back positive, however.


    Mingyu always made sure to be prepared well in advance of your appointments so that the two of you would get there ready, and with time to spare.

    V ⇴ VISITS

    Almost as soon as you got home you invited your families around to introduce them to your baby, excited both to see them bond with your baby, and also to take advantage of all the help that they could give you both too.


    Everyday was different with Mingyu, some days he would want for your baby to arrive immediately, other days he just made the most of pregnancy.

    X ⇴ XXXX

    Whenever he kissed you, Mingyu always did it in the hope that you felt safe in his company. He would never kiss you for no reason, he would protect you with his affection, as well as taking care of your bump as well.

    Y ⇴ YOU

    You were his best friend, there was no one else for Mingyu.

    Z ⇴ ZZZ

    At night he loved to hold onto your bump and make the most of those little wriggles and kicks. He would try and keep your bump as settled as possible so that you could at least try and get some rest through the night.



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  • starshiprangerash
    15.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Hearing Tubbo say he doesn't like the two most popular songs on Pebble Brain, makes me so happy, because I'm not a fan either. The other 5 are better imo.

    #like my initial reaction to perfume was I understand why this was almost cut #and The Fall just isn't my personal taste in music
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  • lichtcult
    15.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    LOONA: HeeJin

    Imagina la cara de HeeJin cuando ve que la persona que le gusta está besando a otra.

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  • painless-and-colourful
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Okay so I’m rewatching Wilbur’s Manberg Festival vod ahead of the anniversary tomorrow (aah), and do y’all remember the moment where Tommy and Wilbur go to get their goodie boxes? When they get off the roof of the NASA building during the boxing to grab their ‘gifts’ and Wilbur is blown up by a creeper. It’s a funny moment to watch nowadays because we know the scale of the improv and haha blooper moment, but also this look of pure horror crosses Wilbur’s face, and I’ve just realised it’s his terror of setting off the TNT under Manberg. Safe to say, that stream could’ve ended very, very differently XD

    #WHEN IT HIT ME I WAS LIKE : oh god oh no oh man #anyway happy one year to my favourite event! yes i am attempting to write a fic #like a reaction fic. if you can call it that considering the event was one year ago #dream smp#crim speaks#manberg festival#wilbur soot#tommyinnit #it's been a while since i've made an original dsmp post. this fandom needs new content #hoooopefully this anniversary could give us something... cc!tubbo if you're feeling funky
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  • enhasfever
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    ➪ thank you to the anon who requested a part two! this was so much fun to write. <3 read part one here!

    ➪ pairing: heeseung x fem!reader

    ➪ genre(s): fluff, slight angst

    ➪ tw: none

    ➪ wc: 2.2k

    ➪ in which you and heeseung are finally on the journey to starting your own family, though a trip to the baby store proves to be a little less fun than you'd anticipated.

    "are you ready, my love?" heeseung smiled after opening up the door on your side of the car, offering his palm to help you out of the seat. with a nod and a giddy smile, you placed your hand in his and allowed him to heave you up to your feet.

    "i'm never taking the ability to stand on my own for granted again," you puffed out after successfully getting out of the car, smoothing your hand over your rounded tummy which had been the culprit of your limited mobility recently.

    heeseung chuckled lightly, winding an arm around your waist and shuffling you safely to the inside of the sidewalk as the two of you made your way up to the strip of various stores and eating establishments. you happily leaned into his warmth as you leisurely strolled along the strip before coming to a stop in front of your destination, the baby store. heeseung pulled the door open for you, the bell above sounding with a chime to announce your arrival to the employees inside.

    you were greeted with the sights of frilly pink tutus, adorable blue onesies, and everything in between to fulfill your baby shopping desires. you still hadn't gotten the results of your baby's gender yet from your ultrasound appointment last week, but that didn't stop you and heeseung from doing a bit of early shopping for the minimal things like a crib frame and some bottles.

    your attention was immediately snatched by a rack of tiny baby hats, headbands, and bows. your heart was instantly filled with the intense want for a giggly baby girl to doll up in the cutest dresses and bows, but it seemed that heeseung had his heart set on the opposite as you glanced up to find him enthralled by the blue pacifiers and dinosaur plushies. he held up a pale yellow onesie to show you with a bright smile on his face, the print on the front saying 'handsome, just like daddy.' you smiled widely in return, commenting on how you thought it was cute though you secretly prayed for the baby girl you had longed for since you'd first learned you were expecting.

    you'd never had the heart to tell heeseung that your baby preference differed from his in fear that it would strike up an unnecessary argument. regardless, you were sure he knew as he'd caught you countless times looking at nursery ideas that were clearly meant for couples expecting a baby girl and each time you had sat down together to brainstorm baby names, your list tended to be filled with more girl names than boy.

    having wandered further into the store on your own as your thoughts consumed you, the chime of the bell above the door faintly rang in your ears but you didn't think much of it. it was the perfect time of day for many customers to come in and out. however, your bubble of solidarity was broken when you heard heeseung call out to you from across the store just as a shriek from a small child was heard loud and clear.

    frowning slightly, you sat down the puppy plushie you had been holding before shuffling towards the front of the store where you had been summoned to. your face lit up in a beaming smile at the sight of a couple of your shared friends and their son standing near the front, the little boy clinging to heeseung's leg as he hobbled around in a circle to satisfy his playful needs.

    "hey, guys!" you greeted them, hugging jay first and then his fiancée. the bell chimed once more and your smile faltered slightly as more familiar faces began to pour in one by one. "oh..." you muttered softly as heeseung greeted each one, starting with jake and ending with riki. a bit of disappointment filled you as the store became a bit more crowded with the additional company and heeseung was promptly swept away by the boys as they began to play around with the items on the shelves.

    maybe it was slightly selfish of you, but you'd hoped to have this time alone with heeseung. this was a very important step in your lives and you wanted to make the best possible memories with him during this precious time. becoming first time parents is one of the most rewarding moments in a couple's lives, and although you'd been grateful for all of the help the boys and their girls had provided the two of you with thus far, you did begin to miss going out with heeseung on your own.

    just in the past week, you'd had your lunch date crashed by riki and jake, gotten talked into painting the nursery a color you didn't want by sunoo, and had to replace a brand new white rug after jay and his fiancée's son had spilled his juice all over it during a surprise visit. they had also gone home with one of the presents they'd brought over to you after he'd thrown a massive temper tantrum over not getting to keep it for himself. as much as you loved your friends, you'd really been looking forward to keeping heeseung to yourself just this once.

    "y/n, you have to get this!" jungwon pleaded with the most childish pout as he thrusted an outfit into your hands. "and this one, and this one, and this one, too!" more clothing was tossed at you before he dashed off into the store again, leaving you standing there with your mouth agape in shock.

    "i can't believe i'm going to be an uncle!" jake's voice carried loudly through the store, then jay's followed shortly after pointing out that he was already an uncle to his child. "oh, right, then i'm going to be an uncle again!" he peeked around the corner of one of the aisles, flashing you a cheeky smile. "you'll name him after me, right?"

    "of course she won't, she's naming him after me!" riki shot back from the next aisle over, leaning out to chuck a plushie at jake and watching with pure amusement as it bounced off of his forehead.

    "y/n, look at this blanket! it's so soft, too!" sunghoon rushed over to you with his arms outstretched, presenting a thick baby blanket which was promptly set atop the pile of clothes you held in your hands.

    "she can't get that, it doesn't match the nursery theme," sunoo scolded as he snatched the blanket back off your pile, then proceeded to take back all of the clothes jungwon had given to you with the most dramatic eye roll and a comment about how ugly they were.

    "you guys, what if she's having a girl?" jungwon piped up as he returned to you with an armful of girl's clothing.

    "heeseung says they're having a boy," riki answered stubbornly. "and that his name is going to be riki."

    "i never said any of that," heeseung defended instantly, his hands raising up into the air.

    "look at y/n's belly, they say if it's more round then it's a girl," jake pointed out, gesturing to your very rounded tummy.

    "all pregnant bellies are round, genius," jay tsked, shoving lightly at jake's shoulder.

    sensing that you were starting to become overwhelmed with the chaos, jay's fiancée ushered you over to one of the chairs near the front of the store and gingerly helped you get seated before lowering down beside you. "i'm so sorry for this, y/n. i told jay not to let them know we were coming," she apologized sincerely, reaching out to grasp one of your hands.

    perhaps it was just the frustration that had been building up for a while, or maybe you could blame it on your pregnancy hormones, but the next thing you knew, you were quietly sobbing into the palms of your hands. your friend was quick to begin rubbing soothing circles against your back as she let you get your feelings out. she reached over and collected a wad of tissues from the box at the check-out counter and handed them to you which you accepted with a stuffy 'thank you.'

    you began to dab at your eyes, small sniffles shaking your shoulders as you tried desperately to regain your composure. riki came bounding over with a tutu stuck around his neck like a frilly pink necklace, his face scrunched up in a mischievous smile that quickly dropped at the sight of your disheveled state.

    "y/n, are you okay?" he frowned, pulling the tutu off and turning around before you had a chance to respond. "heeseung," he called loudly, "we have a situation, your wifey needs you!"

    "nishimura!" your friend hissed loudly, shooting up from her seat to chase after the youngest.

    you sighed shakily, slumping in your seat as more hot tears rolled down your cheeks which were promptly swiped away with your tissue. in a flash, heeseung was kneeling before you with concern laced in his expression as he reached up to cup your flushed cheeks in his hands.

    "y/n, my love, what's the matter?" he asked gently, his brows furrowed as his thumbs swiped away even more of your tears. "do you want to get some fresh air outside?"

    wordlessly, you nodded and allowed heeseung to lift you from your seated position, his hand splayed on your lower back as he ushered you out of the store. the refreshing cool air outside seemed to do just the trick as you almost immediately began to feel more at ease. you allowed heeseung to draw you in for a slightly awkward hug with your belly getting in the way of the embrace, though he made it work and you found yourself melting into his warmth once more.

    you stood together in silence for a few moments before you gathered up the strength to speak. "i just wanted to have one day with you alone," you sniffled, a small hum of appreciation vibrating from your throat as heeseung began to comb his fingers through your hair soothingly.

    "i'm sorry," he whispered back softly, placing a loving kiss atop your head, "i just meant for jay and his family to come help. i thought it would be good to get advice from them since they're the only ones with any parenting skill right now."

    you nodded understandingly, a long sigh drawing from your lips as all of the frustration you'd been feeling prior seemed to dissipate into the air with the released breath. "they're just excited, that's all. i promise after this, we can spend all day alone and watch as many movies as you want and take as many naps as we can to fuel up for the incoming baby. how does that sound, hm?"

    a smile stretched across your lips at the thought of snuggling up with heeseung on the couch for the remainder of the day. it sounded like absolute heaven. just as you opened your mouth to speak, your phone began to ring in your pocket and you were quick to fish it out, seeing that it was your physician. your eyes grew round with excitement as you hurriedly accepted the call, pressing the phone to your ear. a short conversation took place that left you smiling ear to ear after you had hung up, then you turned to face an eagerly awaiting heeseung.

    "babies," you emphasized, leaving heeseung to tilt his head confusedly. "we need to fuel up for the incoming babies. hee, they said we're having twins."

    you were immediately swept up in a tight embrace as laughter of elation tumbled from heeseung's lips before they began to press a shower of kisses over every inch of your face he could possibly reach. "baby, that's amazing, you're so amazing. i love you so much," he babbled endlessly between the flurry of kisses he continued to bombard you with.

    giggles of yours filled the air as you basked in the show of affection, then you were blissfully silenced as heeseung's lips connected with yours in an electrifying kiss that had your knees growing weak. or, perhaps that was the doing of your two babies growing inside of you. "they said we're having one of each," you finished, receiving another loving kiss from heeseung.

    turning to go back into the store, everyone had gathered near the front to wait for the two of you to come back inside after you'd calmed back down. they turned simultaneously as you both stepped over the threshold, multiple pairs of eyes watching expectantly as they had seen your rejoicing outside of the large window.

    "i think we'd better start getting double of everything," you announced, and there was a single beat of silence before shouts of celebration echoed off the walls of the store as you and heeseung were gathered up in a large group hug.

    every ounce of your bad mood had fled from your body as you let heeseung guide you around the store, picking out things that you guys wanted. you were beyond excited to start your own little family with the man you've loved since your days in high school. "by the way," you hummed, glancing up at the love of your life, "we are not naming our son after any of your friends."

    © enhasfever

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  • tulu-xuanwu
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ok, guys! This is it, the last of my new show reactions is finally here! (actually, it was here much earlier, I just forgot to post it on this site).

    I said this on the video, but I think it bears repeating. I'm actually grateful for The Untamed's limited budget because if the show had looked anything close to this, I probably wouldn't have been able to finish the first episode.

    #mo dao zu shi #mdzs#the untamed#reaction #i'm quite literally a chicken when it comes to horror things #and zombies are pretty much number one #but puppets in the untamed where just dudes in bad wigs #i can live with that #Youtube
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  • ironsensation
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Thirsty friday with a past fling and some dumbification kink

    I used to have a flirty friendship with this boy from class, who loved that I was dumb at science and he would always look at me with intense eyes and say stuff like “god, you’re so dumb at this, but it’s good that i’m smart and get the highest grade, just do as I say. Can you do that?” and he would mock me and be like “do you need my help that badly?” (And mind you there were several girls like me, but he would ONLY tease me) and in the end after tormenting me he sent his entire finished project to me🙄 and normally i HATE when people treat me like that, but he was so tall and big, and he wasn’t doing it in a bullying way?? But in a “you’re so adorable, I love seeing you get all worked up, please keep asking me for help” kind of way” 🧎🏻‍♀️

    And then one day him and his friend met me and my friend at a bus - And his friend tried to be very flirty with me But he gave him that look to shut him up. We were the only people in the bus, so he would raise his voice keep asking stuff like “why are you taking photos” “why are you wearing that pretty blouse, who did you see” very teen romance movie vibes

    And everytime my other guy friend came to talk to me, he would get annoyed and stay away from me the rest of the day, so when I asked for help, he would ALWAYS say “go ask him for help since you always talk to him” “Seems like you’re quite busy” “you found someone else to help you, huh” 🙎🏻‍♀️ Only to end with “here. You don’t need to ask him for help” 😏

    And then on our last day of class he sat and was like “look, I got good grades, right?? You will too! Just don’t be nervous! You got this, and I know you’ve been working hard and you take such good notes! You’re so smart, just be confident” 😩

    I hope he is doing well, bc he is the only guy who has ever made me feel like that and I know for a fact he only was like that with me based on the rumors about him 🤪 So he’s to that dumbification kink he awoke in me 🚶🏻‍♀️

    #he loved getting a reaction from me #this is why i love smart and mean armin tropes #bc i experinced it and it was so intense for both parts
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  • scarletbluedarkpegasus
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    So remember the stupid edits I made of twst?

    I deleted them (except the first post) cuz past me was dumb and regretted making some

    So out of the rest I have, these are my favorites

    #silence bottom is only there cuz my friends actually use it as a reaction image kfhefjks #i made these like a year ago #forgive#twisted wonderland#twst memes #eh this doesn't deserve to be tagged with characters lol #this was fun while it lasted #also some of them are still referenced and used in my friend group #so that's nice
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  • gifophunia
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I animated this trippy head creature :) via @gifophunia. Follow, like and reblog!

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  • beautyqueen71999
    15.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ateez Reaction: When an idol hits on you

    Hongjoong: He couldnt believe what he was seeing. Some idol was hitting on you while he was right there. Your relationship has been public for a while so the idol shoudl know. Hongjoong will however make it clear if the idol doesnt leave your side by the time he is done counting down.

    Seonghwa: He trusted you and knew you wouldnt ever leave him. You are his and he is yours. So when the idol made trouble attempts to hit on you, he couldnt help but laugh. He could tell you were trying not to laugh as well as you excuse yourself from the idol.

    Yunho: It didnt even accure to him that some idol was hitting on you because his eyes never left you. Though you were equally the same. That in and of its self made the idol currently hitting on you uncomfortable. 

    Yeosang: If looks could kill, the poor idol would be dead and gone. He did not like how the idol was eyeing you and flirting with you. He would walk up to you both and pull you away from them.

    San: He has low self esteem so he would immediately believe that the idol hitting on you was better. He would be sad and stand off-ish. He would only hope that you make it clear you have a boyfriend.

    Mingi: He didnt even know that the idol was hitting on you. He was just happy that you were making friends outside of Ateez. However when you were done talking with the idol, you would immediately tell Mingi what the idols true intentions.

    Wooyoung: He knew and he wasnt going to deal with it. He may look all cute and cuddly but when it comes to another idol hitting on his s/o then it's over. He walks over to you both and makes it clear who you are dating.

    Jongho: Jongho knew the idol was hitting on you. Anyone could see that and thats why he grabbed an apple before walking over to you both. He would break the apple in half not only for you but also to warn the idol.

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