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  • marcellrrr
    08.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago


    characters — issei matsukawa, atsumu miya, wakatoshi ushijima

    warnings — suggestive joke in atsumu’s bit

    marcie’s note — i only wrote this bc i got my hair done yesterday LMAOOOHJH

    song —


    eyes darted towards you as you walked through the door — looking different. his eyes fell to your hair as he immediately got up to greet you who was removing your shoes. "mmm hey baby." he snuck up behind you and nuzzled into your neck. "heyyy~" you sang. "love the hair by the way," he spun you around to kiss your cheek. "do a lil spin for me now hm?" he cooed as he grabbed your hand before twirling you around. you giggled like a schoolgirl as his eyes raked you up and down. "you look great." he wrapped his muscular arms around your waist before pecking your cheek.


    jumped as he heard the front door opening. his dark brown eyes scanned your body as you flicked your shoes off your feet. “wowwww~” atsumu sang as he approached you who was smiling at him. “i love it.” he walked in a circle to examine you and your hair. “ya look breathtaking.” you cupped his chin before pulling him down for a kiss. “thank you tsumu.” you smiled as he marveled over your hair. atsumu continued to walk in circles around you, examining every crevice of you as you stood awkwardly. you gently grabbed his hand, “i think that’s enough tsum.” “NAW LEMME CHECK YOU OUT,” he chuckled, grabbing your hand. “you’ve been checking me out for two minutes i think you checked every part of me.” you mocked, walking away from him into the kitchen. “not every part..” he started, wiggling his eyebrows at you. “be quiet.” you sighed.


    smiled as he saw you walk through the door as he was in the kitchen, cooking dinner. “i got the green onions you asked for while i was out.” you smiled as you walked towards him with the grocery bag. “yeah but,” he removed the bag from your hands before staring down at you with sparkles in his eyes, “you look beautiful.” the sides ushijima’s lips curled up into a smile. “aww thank you toshi.” you pulled him down for a little peck on the cheek. “i love you.” he smiled down at you, staring into your beautiful eyes.

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  • wazzupmrstark
    08.05.2021 - 16 minutes ago
    #answered#anon #holland & co reactions #holland & co most to least #ask activities#game night
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  • sungch4ns
    08.05.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    — they give their hoodie to another girl.

    listen to cloud 9 by beach bunny.


    jeno is too sweet. so he is nice to everyone. you knew the way he is. he likes to help people, you never really get jealous. but this girl, your enemy. she knew how to piss you off. “hey jeno can i borrow your hoodie? you know it’s cold and i don’t really like showing my skin in public” your enemy smiled at him. you and jeno were sitting outside the school hanging out. she just happened to invite herself over. “i have to walk home alone, is it ok?” she added. you saw her from the corner of your eye. you didn’t want to look at her. you knew how much of a liar she was, she wasn’t even wearing revealing clothes. she always flirted with your boyfriend no matter where he was. jeno smiled at her, he knew you two didn’t like each other but she seemed like she really needed it. he didn’t want to piss you off but he didn’t want to say no, he is too sweet. “uh sure” he said as he gave it to her “thank you so much jeno! it means a lot” she smirked at you. “goodbye y/n” she said as she winked at jeno. you didn’t want to be mean but you had a feeling she did this on purpose. you were close to going at her until jeno pulled you back by your waist. “jeno! she has your hoodie, she isn’t going to give it back! she is doing this to piss me off..” you said. “she was walking home alone, i don’t want to be mean..” he said as he looked at you pouting. you rolled your eyes not looking at him “mhm yeah whatever you know how much i hate her..” you said as you try to pull away from him. “you can get my hoodies whenever you want, you know that” he said as he pulled you closer and snuggled his head into your neck.

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  • gifophunia
    08.05.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    Infinite looping tentacle alien via @gifophunia. Follow, like and reblog!

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  • kpoppwriter
    08.05.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    Dating LuMark ~

    ❧ Anon asked: Hello!🌺I have been a fan of your work for about a year now🥺✨ and i happened to notice the poly!nct headcanons and i thought of Lumark (Lucas and mark) (there are so many ships in nct lol),Hope you have a lovely day/night🌹💚

    ❧ A/N: 99 liners!! As a 99 liner myself, I was v excited to write this

    ~※ Main Masterlist ※~

    ♡ yay okok

    ♡ these two would be a lot of fun

    ♡ they are so sweet but also a fun pair

    ♡ Lucas is def a clingy bf

    ♡ I feel like Mark is a little more shy about affection

    ♡ but not Lucas 

    ♡ he’ll be all over you whenever he feels in the mood for some affection

    ♡ Lucas seems like a hugger

    ♡ idk he just seems cuddly 

    ♡ these boys will be your best friends as well as your boyfriends

    ♡ the bond y’all have goes beyond a romantic relationship 

    ♡ because they are so caring and sweet

    ♡ Lucas isn’t the best at remembering anniversaries and birthdays

    ♡ neither is Mark but he’s better at remembering than Lucas

    ♡ but they will go all out for holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays

    ♡ yes, the plans may be last minute 

    ♡ but they’re gonna be hella thoughtful 

    ♡ Mark would sing you to sleep if you asked 

    ♡ ugh imagine falling asleep to the sound of Mark singing 

    ♡ what a dream

    ♡ y’all would have so many inside jokes

    ♡ jokes in all languages too 

    ♡ you’re gonna get called bro and dude a lot 

    ♡ I blame Mark 

    ♡ Lucas likes using cutesy pet names sometimes though

    ♡ but Mark is a white boy from Canada

    ♡ so get used to being called bro and dude 

    ♡ there’d be a weekly movie night

    ♡ you guys always have your movie night on the same day every week

    ♡ since both boys can get so busy sometimes

    ♡ you need to have a date night scheduled

    ♡ bro imagine the instagram pics y’all would have 

    ♡ like the three of you lookin good and shit 

    ♡ those pictures aren’t even real and I’m jealous 

    ♡ overall, these boys are babies 

    ♡ pls take care of them 

    ♡ jkjk but please give them all your love

    ♡ ok this part was actually hard for me to write lol~

    ♡ ok so these boys are so chill 

    ♡ they are very much go-with-the flow people

    ♡ so there’s no real dom/sub roles

    ♡ we got a few kinks tho 

    ♡ Lucas has a hand kink and size kink 

    ♡ something also tells me they both have a bulge kink

    ♡ especially Lucas

    ♡ Mark likes hair pulling (give/receive) and marking (receive)

    ♡ Mark is a bit shy when it comes to his kinks and stuff

    ♡ you’ll probably find out about it by accident

    ♡ Lucas is a bit more risky but def not Mark

    ♡ he’d get so nervous and blush so easily 

    ♡ no actual sex in public tho 

    ♡ just touches and teasing 

    ♡ if you are confident/dominant get ready to see two blushy boys 

    ♡ they love your confidence but gosh, do they get flushed 

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  • shinmenu
    08.05.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    —  *°:⋆ stray kids when you hold their hand during sex

    (smut) hand holding (surprise surprise!), oral (f!rec and m!rec), unprotected sex. 18+ .

    ⇝ chan

    chan is always hot when he's angry, and when that happens, you're his only release

    there's no other way around it anyway, the way he's growling about how tight your pussy feels around him, how dirty and small you look begging for his cock, tears staining your cheeks due to how hard and deep he reaches in you

    he needs to see you when he's fucking you, and he needs you to see him as well, how much of an impact you're having on him, and wants you to let him know how good he's fucking you, how deep he's going and how full you feel

    but his demeanour falls apart the second your fingers tug at his, slowly bringing his palms into yours and intertwining your fingers with his

    he physically slows down, eyes going softer as he fights back the urge to kiss you to death

    we all know he's a big softie

    he'd go a little bit gentle this moment forward, pecking your forehead gently, slowing down his pace but still thrusting in deeper

    "fuck, you're so adorable, just wanna ruin you"

    will occasionally look at his hand in yours, smirking before focusing back on how good you're being for him.

    ⇝ minho

    minho always holds one of your hands when you two are having sex

    it's a way for him to keep himself grounded, so you both don't lose the last thread to sanity lmao

    he's actually infatuated with your fingers actually

    he's always trying to get you to hold his hand, whether you're out on a date, talking to someone on the phone, or when he's thrusting his hips in you until your eyes roll to the back of your head

    you feel safe when he holds your hand, its as if you know he's there for you, and that no matter how hard he's going on you, how angry he is, there's still a part of him that's there to stop if you want him to

    either if he's moaning about how good you feel around his cock, or how sweet you taste on his tongue, he'll subconsciously have your hand in his, rubbing your palm or playing with your fingers as your nails dig in the flesh of his arm

    it's a state of euphoria when he gently thumbs your clit, poking his tongue at it to get a reaction out of you

    also in love with the way your fingers squeeze his when you cum on his tongue, his lips wrapping around your pussy to suck and lap at your juices

    kisses the back of your hand he's holding, smirking softly as your tight grip on him relaxes.

    ⇝ changbin

    changbin would most probably not notice when you hold his hand, since he's so focused on the way your walls feel around his dick

    he's groaning and whining in your shoulder, trying his hardest to not lose his mind to your cunt

    your hands and held above your head under his tight grasp, his nails leaving small crescents on your skin

    your mouth is slack, hooded eyes rolled to the back of your head and changbin finds the scene so lewd, so overwhelming, he could cum from just that alone

    the way you can feel him fill you up so good, your hands try to grab at anything due to the burning pit forming deep inside you, clawing at the couch beneath you

    your chest rises to meet his, head thrown back as your fingers clasp around his, a string of moans and whines leaving your lips as you release around his cock, juices spilling out of you and down on the leather

    changbin doesn't take long either with his hips stuttering and he pulls out after one hesitant thrust, one of his hand reaching down to pump himself before he watches his cum spill on your stomach and thighs

    it's when he tries to get up that he notices your fingers still tangled in his, the warmth from your hand meeting onto his palm making his lips curving into a grin

    he'll take pride in noticing such small details about you and then try to point it out or in this case, just go with it and try to hold your hand before you do.

    ⇝ hyunjin

    make-out sessions with hyunjin aren't rare, especially when he's on break from promotions

    either it's early in the afternoon, right after lunch when you're chilling on the couch with you in his lap, fingers threaded through his hair and small giggles escaping your lips every time someone does something goofy

    or it's in the bed at night, with him sprawled on top of you but it's okay because his fingers burning on your thighs and lips lighting up each nerve in you is enough for you to forget about bodyweight almost crushing you

    hand-holding in bed— or literally anywhere, for that matter— with hyunjin was nothing new

    hyunjin is a touchy man, and you don't need to date him to know that

    he's always finding ways to stay close to you, inhale your scent, heart-thumping quicker against his ribs as he feels your lips on his

    so when you're in his lap in late afternoon, the aroma of pizza still lingering in the air and he feels your palm in his, fingers wrapping around his long, slender ones, he's over the moon, heart in his throat and blood rushing to his cheeks

    he's smiling into the kiss, biting your bottom lip as he chuckles softly, taking your other hand into his as well

    when you two pull away for a breather, he's literally the epitome of the heart eyes emoji, his hands dangling yours in his hold, teeth pulling his bottom lip in between before he leans back up to kiss you once more

    will hold your hand all the time for the rest of the day, tracing your fingers and kissing it.

    ⇝ jisung

    jisung isn't new to the idea of hand-holding during sex; in fact, he's the one usually initiating it

    but you're really considering life decisions when he's pulling you by the waist into the empty corridor of the company building, pouting and whining about the boner raging against his slacks

    "ji, i really don't think now's the time fo—"

    you aren't even allowed to finish, and he's pulling you against his lips, pushing you against the wall before tugging at your shirt to remove it

    you're about to let out a chuckle at his fervour if it wasn't for the way he was grinding against you, hands digging into your baring skin while his teeth leave marks on your shoulder

    you're propped up against the wall before jisung holds up your thighs, shifting your skirt and moving the lacey panties aside to press the tip of his warm cock on your folds, an obscenely loud whine leaving his swollen lips

    the way he doesn't dare stop to tease you or himself shows how much he's been holding back all evening, and he's pushing into you without wasting another second

    he's breathing heavily against your skin, leaving open-mouthed kisses all along your neck and jaw, his hips moving to thrust himself in and out of you

    you're moaning in sync with jisung, his hands coming up to press themselves against yours, almost like leverage for him to push deeper in you, groans filling the empty hallway as he feels your warm wetness around his cock buried in you

    your fingers lock tighter into his when your mind turns hazy due to your oncoming high, his bottom lip worried between his teeth as he chases his own high

    your hips find pace with his, jerking away from the wall before you feel the tightening knot in your core break apart, legs shivering and wrapping around jisung's waist as you cum, hands in an iron grip with his

    he isn't doing any better, your tight walls closing around him before he's nothing but a stuttering mess, cumming inside you, filling you up with his seed

    jisung tries his hardest to not go for another round at his workplace, but the temptation lingers in the air every time he looks at the light nail scratches on the back of his hand

    ⇝ felix

    felix, like hyunjin, has 'skinship' listed as a personality trait

    he'll find any opportunity to stay close to you, any chance to feel you under his touch is like winning a lottery for him

    he's intimate with you almost all the time, so he doesn't feel any different about holding hands with you during sex; it's just another gate to euphoria for him

    either vacation or not, any moment felix finds to be with you— whether he's upset or not— he spends it with you in his arms, especially every sunday during your weekly movie sleepovers (which almost always turn into one of you getting horny and fucking on the dorms couch, but let's not go there)

    sex with felix always starts with hand-holding; his hand in yours as you're tracing the veins on the back of his palm, the rings adorning his fingers as he looks down at you with the same, if not more, amount of adoration

    he likes you in his lap too, hands in yours as you're bouncing on his cock, your face hidden in his neck as you're trying to catch your breath

    felix loves it this way and wouldn't trade it for the world, if it meant that he'd have your walls clenching around his cock, much to the point he's thrusting up to meet your hips, pushing himself deeper

    his hands almost never leave yours though, occasionally bringing them up to kiss it or feel you press them against the couch as you come down from your high

    also he doesn't tell you, but he gets a tiny bit horny whenever you hold his hand out of the blue because everything just takes his head back to bedroom activities (*^^*)

    ⇝ seungmin

    hand-holding with seungmin stems from your hand kink; or just your adoration with his pretty hands

    he loves it when you're fawning over how pretty his fingers are, and it's almost like an ego boost for him to know that you're so obsessed over something so simple

    at the very rare times seungmin isn't going hard on you (yes he's a hard dom), he likes taking things slow and gentle with you, exploring each part of you with patience and eager

    like changbin, he feels pride in picking up the little things you like or do, and keeps them in his head until they're playing like a broken record

    he isn't too surprised when you loop your fingers around his as he's thrusting into you at a slow pace, kissing down your jaw with a smirk donning his lips

    it's as if he wasn't far from expecting you to do it, the prediction making him swell with warmth

    he's still taking his time though, his cock reaching deeper, thrusts turning sensual than before, mouth spitting dirtier obscenities and you're a step away from going feral

    "your tiny little head is about to break from just my cock hmm? or will that be my hands too?"

    "i bet you'd like my hands round your neck if it meant for you to cum quicker, right?"

    and that's what puts you off the edge, the mere image of seungmin's veiny fingers wrapped around your neck, digits tightening around your neck as you feel them in your hands right that moment

    his hands holding you is what keep you grounded, your orgasm hitting you harder as his words bring you back, thighs quivering under him

    and seungmin doesn't play around once he knows your weak points, using them to break you apart anywhere, anytime.

    —  *°:⋆ a/n: head empty, only seungmin and hyunjin hands 🥵🥵

    #stray kids smut #stray kids#skz#skz smut #stray kids reactions #smut#skz reactions #bang chan smut #minho smut#hyunjin smut#han smut#jisung smut#changbin smut#felix smut#seungmin smut#chan smut #𝐂𝐎𝐑𝐀.𝐓𝐗𝐓 — *°:⋆
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  • monotonous-minutia
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Faust watch part 2

    final three acts!

    -still not my favorite for Siébel purposes but at least McVicar is nicer to him than most of the trouser roles he works with -Alagna is so good how -the quartet here is always so funny like it has no right to be but it is and it's kind of a nice reprieve from the tragic parts -Gheorghiu is so cute (but that wig is another matter) -oh at least Marguerite didn't use Siébel's flowers to play "he loves me/loves me not" -this duet is so pretty it's heartbreaking -the set for this scene is honestly so pretty -ugh that bit with the stairs and the window is so sweet it makes me wish this was a rom-com after all -annoyed about the parts they cut out but OMG this church scene is so chilling -oh my gosh having Faust playing the organ at the end of the church scene that's harsh - I can't get over how well the soldier's chorus captures both the triumph and the tragedy of this scene -at least Valentin is nice to Siébel (at first anyway) -okay Méphistophélès is definitely gay and I can't tell if that's amusing or disturbing -probably my favorite staging of Valentin's death (also Keenlyside just always gets so much blood when his characters die) also Méphistophélès knocking the sword over when Valentin is using it to stand up? OUCH -granted I haven't seen a ton of Fausts but in the ones I have seen it always bothers me that no one ever actually helps Valentin like tries to stop the bleeding or anything -poor everybody :( -for some reason I always forget the Walpurgis Night scene is a thing no matter what production I’m watching -I FORGTO ABOUT MÉPHISTOPHÉLÈS'S DRESS OMG AND THE TIARA IDK WHAT I AM FEELING RIGHT NOW -that ballet was intense -the acting and staging in this finale is just so heartbreaking -ugh I'm crying the end of this opera always gives me such strong conflicting feelings like is it beautiful?? is it sad?? is it happy?? the answer is probably “yes” -those last quiet notes always get me like wow Gounod really knows how to end an opera

    okay this was really fun and really nice especially after recent events so I’m really glad we could do this :) can’t wait to see everyone else’s thoughts this weekend!!

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  • fcxryzen
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago


    info: shy!jisung x gender neutral!reader, high school!au, crush!au

    warnings: none

    as you get out your books for you next subject, a piece of pink paper falls down to the floor, landing just before the tip of your toes. you put the book that was in your hand back into the locker, bending down to grab the piece of paper.

    ‘good luck on your math test, y/n! — js<3’ is scribbled onto the pink parchment. a smile paints your lips when you see the cute heart, and you raise your head to look around, hoping to find the writer of your note.

    but alas, jisung hid behind the corner just before your eyes looked in his direction.

    © fcxryzen 2021

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  • wondersung
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago


    MARK. it was late at night and you knew he’d be at the studio. chances were he hadn’t eaten yet so you decided to make a meal for him. hearing a knock on the studio door, mark opens it and doesn’t expect it to be you. “babe, what are you doing here? it’s late.” scolds you lightly for going to see him when it’s that late, but immediately softens when he sees you pull out the homemade meals. feels so grateful that you care that much about him so he offers you to eat with and feeds you small portions of the food for the rest of the time he’s there. 

    RENJUN. is so flustered because the dreamies keep making fun of him and he’s cheeks are turning bright pink. is so happy that you brought him food because you went all the way over there even thought you didn’t have to and he thinks it’s so sweet. pulls you into a tight hug before you leave and gives you a very genuine “thank you” with a soft smile.

    JENO. doesn’t believe it for some reason? “for me? are you sure it’s really for me?” uh, yeah, who else? is so excited to eat because he loves your cooking. gets a little shy about it too because again, for him? he thinks it’s one of the sweetest things someone has ever done for him. makes you stay with him until he finished and basically forces you to have at least one bite because he feels bad being the only one eating.

    HAECHAN. knocking on the door of the practice room you open it slightly to peek your head in. as soon as haechan sees you he’s running over to you. “hi baby! did you miss me?” he stands there hugging you, forgetting about the bags of takeout food in your hands as the rest of the dreamies rush over to help. at the sight of the food they all sigh in relief and thank you collectively. “look at how nice my baby is! brought us all food!” is so happy you also got some for the dreamies even though he keeps telling them it’s only for him, but he’ll share. 

    JAEMIN. is genuinely so touched. he’s usually the one taking care of you so whenever you take care of him it’s something that he really cherishes because he loves every second of it. keeps trying to coo at you and feed you food while doing that airplane thing while the dreamies laugh at you. he’s being fun and enjoying the moment, but once you both go back to the dorm he’ll shower you in appreciation for doing something so sweet for him.

    CHENLE. does not care that the dreamies are watching him, he goes up to you and punches your cheek lightly followed by a soft peck. “you’re cute.” he’s bold for that one, in front of the dreamies? alright. “you’re just jealous you’re single and have no one to bring you food!!” yeah, that definitely shuts them up for a while.

    JISUNG. during break at practice, jisung pulls out a container filled with food. immediately the dreamies take note of it. “oh jisung! who made that for you, huh?” they know jisung isn’t a good enough cook to make something as delicious looking as the meal he had, and no one had packed lunch for him, so it had to be none other than you. “aw did your s/o make that for you?” poor jisung has flaming red cheeks for the rest of his lunch break, but he definitely thinks it was worth it. 

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  • lisianthe
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Latest reason The Child (age 3) is having a tantrum:

    "you cannot play my behind like your drums. You also can not try to check my diaper. I do not wear one. I am fully potty trained. Unlike you."

    #delete later #i think. the tantrum is fake. #we discovered big emotions get us big reactions. #so.
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    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Slug and just a drop of water in an endless sea via @gifophunia. Follow, like and reblog!

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  • writersbeware
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago


                People seem to love dressing up in costume and going to parties. If the mask is good enough, even the best of friends can’t identify the wearer. This allows freedoms to say and do things that perhaps the participant would never do.             Some masquerades are quite elaborate. They take place at huge houses or McMansions. There are spiraling staircases, gilded trimmings, caterers…

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    #fiction #fictional story prompt #fictionalized worlds#masquerade#party#prompt #prompt about culture #prompt about first impressions #prompt about reactions #prompt about relationships #prompt about setting #writer&039;s idea#Writer&039;s prompt #writing about a party #writing about relationships #writing activity#writing idea#Writing prompt
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  • key201303
    08.05.2021 - 1 hour ago


    "Hero." (OS) (Fluff, stranger to lovers AU, college AU) -> COMING SOON

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  • myexoobsession
    08.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    EXO Reaction: you're bisexual


    Minseok seems to be someone really jealous and now he feels like he needs to shield away not only men but also women. Of course he'd still be supportive.

    "You'll stay with me right?"


    Maybe a little similar to Minseok but not that much. He'd super supportive and would thank you for telling him and trusting him with something that big.

    "Thank you for telling me, love."


    He'd be so happy that you told him. He'd be super proud but he's curious and would probably ask a few questions.

    "Thank you for telling me, baby."


    Baekhyun would be a little shocked but not in a bad way. He'd just smile and assure you that he loves you no matter what gender you feel attracted to. But get ready for some very cheeky comments.

    "Damn... what about having a threesome, babe?" He'd say, earning a shoulder punch from you.


    Honestly the most understanding one. He'd may even be a bit like Sehun. Your sexuality would never change how he sees and treats you.

    "Great. Now let's get some food, shall we?" He'd say with the sweetest smile on his face.


    Chanyeol would be your biggest supporter. He'd be really surprised with your confession and would also ask plenty of questions.

    "So... how did you found out? Do your parents know?"


    He wouldn't say much but give you a big, proud smile and pull you in a tight, loving and warm hug.

    "I love you Y/N."


    He'd get a little shy. He'd giggle and kiss your cheek. The only thing that would bother him is if you would bring up past relationships. Not in a bad way. He's just a little uncomfortable with you talking about your past partners and he tends to get insecure.

    "That's fine."


    He'd be the member to show least reaction. He wouldn't see why you made such a big thing out of something like this. He loves you no matter what and would never judge you for anything.

    "I don't care. I love you no matter what."

    (I hope this isn't too bad hahaha)

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  • rebel-with-a-bowtie
    08.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    There are real bigots and there is real intolerance in the world, but a lotta them are the ones who claim they want tolerance.

    If you disagree with them on anything, they have no problem turning on the bigoted behavior they claim to be against

    #facts#intolerance#bigotry #practice what you preach #your actions (or reactions) speak louder than your words
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  • leviackermanscleaningbuddy
    08.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Yoongi: Jungkook, are you here?

    Jungkook: *raises hand*

    Yoongi: Sorry. Didn’t recognize you with your hair tied. Jimin, are you here?

    Jimin: *raises hand*

    Yoongi: Didn’t recognize you with your mouth shut.

    #bts#bangtan#bangtan seonyandan#bangtan boys #bulletproof boy scouts #beyond the scene #bts incorrect quotes #bts incorrect quote #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect bts quotes #incorrect bts quote #incorrect kpop quotes #bts text #bts text post #bts imagines#bts reactions#bts scenarios#yoonkook#yoonmin#kookmin#jikook#kim seokjin#min yoongi#jung hoseok#kim namjoon#park jimin#kim taehyung#jeon jungkook
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  • bangchan-fairy
    08.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #ask#the boyz#tbz #the boyz reactions #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #tbz reactions#tbz imagines#tbz scenarios#hyunjae#lee jaehyun#hyunjae imagines#hyunjae scenarios #hyunjae x reader #parent#parenting #parent! reader
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  • bangchan-fairy
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    Beautiful Boy

    Summary: Parenting life has both it’s ups and downs, and you’re incredibly thankful that you have Hyunjae by your side to go through all of it with you. Late one night the two of you are talking together when your son comes into your room, asking for a snack and some milk because he’s having trouble sleeping. Hyunjae immediately goes to fix your son a snack and a glass of milk at his request, the three of you having a bonding moment as your son eats his midnight snack.

    Pairing: Dad! Hyunjae (Lee Jaehyun) x Parent! Gender Neutral! Reader

    Word Count: 1.2k

    - “And then Eric laughed while he took a sip of his drink, so he ended up blowing into his straw and spilling soda all over the table.” Hyunjae regaled the story of his lunch with Eric earlier in the day, sending you into a giggling fit at the image of Eric’s sheepish face after covering the table with soda.

    - You had both had quite a long day, you offering to stay home and take care of your four-year old son for the day so that Hyunjae could have some time to catch up and have fun with his friends. You know he’d be willing to do the same for you, and it gave you some time with your son so it was a pretty fun day for the both of you.

    - “Sounds like you had a fun time today. Did you at least get the mess cleaned up?” you asked as you looked up at him from where you lay further down the bed, absentmindedly playing with his fingers as you waited for his answer.

    - “Yes, but even that was a hassle. We didn’t have any napkins, and there were no napkin dispensers anywhere so I had to go up to the front, explain the situation and ask the cashier for some. It was mortifying.” Hyunjae swiped his hand from your grasp as he covered his face at the memory, still feeling the embarrassment of the moment all these hours later.

    - You opened your mouth to respond to it, but immediately closed it when you heard a small set of footsteps approaching your bedroom door. Your son had been calmly sleeping up until now, you having thought he was out for the night, but the approaching footsteps told you otherwise and you sat up in anticipation of his arrival.

    - As the footsteps came to a halt you heard the smallest of knocks at your door, followed by a “Hello?”

    - You and Hyunjae shared a look of slight concern, confused as to why your son was up this late. Pulling the covers off his body, Hyunjae stood up and walked to the door, opening it to see your son standing in the door frame staring at him with soft eyes and sniffling as if he was about to cry.

    - “Daddy, I’m hungry. And I can’t sleep. Can I have some milk? And a snack please?” As your son’s sparkling eyes gazed up at Hyunjae he felt his heart melt, immediately opening the door wider and allowing him to step inside the room.

    - “Of course, buddy. Why don’t you stay here and cuddle with y/n while I get you a snack and some milk? Does that sound okay?” He asked the child, your son immediately smiling and nodding his head in agreement.

    - Hyunjae then picked the boy up, placing him next to you on the bed as he went to acquire a snack and a small glass of milk for the young boy.

    - “Hey bub.” You said softly to him, opening your arms and allowing your son to run into them. Immediately upon contact he cuddled into you, allowing you to gently encase him in your arms. 

    - “Did you have fun with me today?” You asked the young boy, faking a pout as if you really wanted to know. Your son giggled, pretending to think for a moment before smiling at you.

    - “Yes! I loved playing trains with my new set! My favorite one’s the green one.” He exclaimed, jumping up to hug you straight on rather than just cuddling into your side.

    - “Oh sweetheart, I’m glad you had fun.” You smiled softly at him.

    - “Do you think daddy can play with us tomorrow? I saved him the red train.” Your son asked you, eyes wide in curiosity as he looked up at you.

    - “I think so, buddy. Tomorrow we can play trains as much as you want.” The boy began lightly jumping up and down at that, squealing at the thought of being able to play his favorite game with both of his parents.

    - His excited reaction made your heart swell, feeling so full of love for the small boy as you wrapped your arms around him and pulled him in for yet another hug.

    - You stayed like that for a moment, you trying to calm your emotions and your son still wearing down from his excitement moments earlier, but before either of you could say anything else Hyunjae returned. 

    - “Hey bud! I got you some yogurt and a glass of milk! Does that sound yummy?” He asked the boy, the elated giggle and excited head nod he received in response indicating your son’s gratitude.

    - He gently handed your son the small container of yogurt along with a spoon, allowing him to eat by himself but making sure he stayed close to the two of you so you could clean up any messes that may occur.

    - The glass of milk was placed on the bedside table as the young boy ate.

    - “Daddy, will you play trains with us tomorrow? Please?” He begged, shoving a spoonful of yogurt in his mouth as he did so. The yogurt began to make a mess and drip down his face, so Hyunjae took the napkin he had wisely brought with him and wiped the boy’s face as he answered.

    - “Of course I will little buddy. That sounds awesome!” He made his expressions and tone extra animated as he spoke to appease the child, making him smile up at his father joyfully in response.

    - Once the young boy finished his yogurt you disposed of the trash, taking the spoon to the kitchen quickly to wash. While you were doing that Hyunjae took the small cup of milk, making sure it wasn’t too hot before handing it to the young boy.

    - “Alright bud, are you ready to head back to your room now? It’s getting pretty late, you need to sleep soon.” Hyunjae raised his eyebrow as he asked his son the question, you re-entering the room right at that moment.

    - “Ummm…” The happy expression on your son’s face suddenly vanished as he avoided eye contact with both of you, opting instead to stare at his feet shyly and leaving both of you worried.

    - “Do you think I could sleep with you guys tonight? I feel lonely in my room.” He asked, still avoiding your eyes. Yo and Hyunjae made eye contact with each other upon hearing the question, soft smiles being mirrored on both of your faces as you each turned to look at the boy.

    - “Of course you can, sweetie.” You answered without a second thought, the young boy’s smile immediately returning as he thanked both of you.

    - You waited for him to finish his glass of milk, this time leaving Hyunjae to go rinse it out quickly as you and your son got settled for bed.

    - You laid on your designated side of the bed, allowing him to lay in the middle of the bed so that he could be between you and Hyunjae. 

    - Soon enough Hyunjae returned to the room, settling into his spot and allowing his son to cuddle close to him. You had no hard feelings about the boy snuggling close to his father, you had spent enough time with him already that day and knew he had missed his dad.

    - “Goodnight, both of you. I love you.” You whispered into the darkness of the room, shutting your eyes as you settled in and began to drift off.

    - “Night night.” You heard a small voice echo, smiling to yourself at your son’s voice.

    - “Goodnight. I love you both.” Hyunjae spoke as silence fell upon the room, reaching his arm over to hold your hand as the three of you peacefully drifted off into sleep.

    Request - Anonymous said: Hi! I'm not sure if you accept parenting scenario but if you do, can I request for a fluff dad!hyunjae? Where Hyunjae & reader share a room, their baby son came open the bedroom door crying and walking towards the bed and whining that's he's hungry and that he needs milk? (omg doesn't this sound so cute haha!) thank you so much in advance! If you can't write this it's totally fine, but if you can it'd be great! ❤

    A/N: Hi anon! I totally accept parenting scenarios, first of all! Personally I don't ever plan on having children, but the topic doesn't make me uncomfortable at all and I'm happy to write this for you! (It was actually pretty fun for me lol) I've felt more inspired to write lately, especially with scenarios/imagines so they've been a lot of fun for me recently! My requests are currently open, so if you have a request please let me know! :)

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