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  • iguessweallcrazyithinktho
    21.09.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Lmfao we ain't getting the album any time soon with being openly horny 😂

    #harry styles #harry Styles x reader #lot: detroit
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  • itozee
    21.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago
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  • yunskies
    21.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    🝯 ⑅ ꒰ 𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐊 𝐉𝐎𝐍𝐆𝐒𝐄𝐎𝐍𝐆 ꒱ 𝒂𝒔 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒃𝒐𝒚𝒇𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒏𝒅 *ïœ„âœż

    ☁ 𝘛𝘏𝘌 đ˜źđ˜°đ˜Žđ˜” 𝘳𝘩𝘭đ˜Ș𝘱𝘣𝘭𝘩 đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜„đ˜Šđ˜±đ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜„đ˜ąđ˜Łđ˜­đ˜Š 𝘣𝘰đ˜ș𝘧𝘳đ˜Șđ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜„. đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘱𝘳𝘩 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜”đ˜°đ˜± đ˜±đ˜łđ˜Ș𝘰𝘳đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜ș. đ˜«đ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜” đ˜žđ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜Ž đ˜”đ˜° đ˜Źđ˜Šđ˜Šđ˜± đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘮𝘱𝘧𝘩 đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ 𝘣𝘩 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Š 𝘧𝘰𝘳 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜”đ˜©đ˜łđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜šđ˜© đ˜Šđ˜·đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜șđ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹.

    ☁ đ˜„đ˜°đ˜¶đ˜Łđ˜­đ˜Š đ˜€đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜€đ˜Źđ˜Ž đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜Žđ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜”đ˜Łđ˜Šđ˜­đ˜”. 𝘳𝘩𝘼đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜„đ˜Ž đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜”đ˜° đ˜”đ˜ąđ˜Źđ˜Š 𝘱𝘯 đ˜¶đ˜źđ˜Łđ˜łđ˜Šđ˜­đ˜­đ˜ą 𝘣𝘩𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘩 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜·đ˜Š đ˜©đ˜°đ˜źđ˜Š đ˜Łđ˜Šđ˜€đ˜ąđ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜Š đ˜žđ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ł đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜­đ˜Šđ˜€đ˜ąđ˜Žđ˜” 𝘮𝘱đ˜Șđ˜„ đ˜Șđ˜” 𝘼đ˜Șđ˜šđ˜©đ˜” 𝘳𝘱đ˜Ș𝘯. đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜·đ˜Šđ˜Ž đ˜Žđ˜”đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜Źđ˜ș đ˜Żđ˜°đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜Ž 𝘳𝘩𝘼đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜„đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜”đ˜° đ˜”đ˜ąđ˜Źđ˜Š đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜źđ˜Šđ˜„đ˜Ž 𝘰𝘯 đ˜”đ˜Ș𝘼𝘩.

    ☁ đ˜€đ˜°đ˜Żđ˜·đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Žđ˜ąđ˜”đ˜Ș𝘰𝘯𝘮 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 𝘱𝘳𝘩 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜źđ˜°đ˜Žđ˜” đ˜§đ˜¶đ˜Ż. đ˜Žđ˜”đ˜ąđ˜łđ˜”đ˜Ž đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜­đ˜­đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 𝘱 đ˜łđ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„đ˜°đ˜ź 𝘼đ˜șđ˜”đ˜©đ˜°đ˜­đ˜°đ˜šđ˜Șđ˜€đ˜ąđ˜­ đ˜§đ˜ąđ˜€đ˜”/đ˜Žđ˜”đ˜°đ˜łđ˜ș đ˜°đ˜¶đ˜” 𝘰𝘧 đ˜Żđ˜°đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Š. đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜Ž đ˜©đ˜°đ˜Żđ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜”đ˜­đ˜ș đ—źđ—±đ—Œđ—żđ—źđ—Żđ—čđ—Č đ˜”đ˜° đ˜žđ˜ąđ˜”đ˜€đ˜© đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 đ˜”đ˜ąđ˜­đ˜Ź 𝘱𝘮 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜€đ˜ąđ˜Ż 𝘮𝘩𝘩 đ˜©đ˜Š'𝘮 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙼 đ˜Șđ˜źđ˜źđ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Žđ˜Šđ˜„ đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜° đ˜Șđ˜”. đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜Źđ˜Żđ˜°đ˜žđ˜­đ˜Šđ˜„đ˜šđ˜Š đ˜ąđ˜Łđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜” đ˜„đ˜Șđ˜§đ˜§đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜” đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹𝘮 đ˜Żđ˜Šđ˜·đ˜Šđ˜ł 𝘧𝘱đ˜Ș𝘭𝘮 đ˜”đ˜° đ˜§đ˜ąđ˜Žđ˜€đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜ąđ˜”đ˜Š đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶.

    ☁ 𝙖𝙡𝙬𝙖𝙼𝙹 𝘬đ˜Ș𝘮𝘮𝘩𝘮 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜§đ˜°đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜„ đ˜ąđ˜§đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜ł đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘧𝘱𝘭𝘭 đ˜ąđ˜Žđ˜­đ˜Šđ˜Šđ˜± đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Șđ˜Žđ˜±đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Ž 𝘱𝘯 'đ˜Ș đ˜­đ˜°đ˜·đ˜Š đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶'. đ˜Șđ˜” 𝘧đ˜Ș𝘭𝘭𝘮 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜łđ˜” 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© đ˜žđ˜ąđ˜łđ˜źđ˜”đ˜© đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ 𝘼𝘱𝘬𝘩𝘮 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘧𝘩𝘩𝘭 𝘮𝘰 đ˜”đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜źđ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜„đ˜°đ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜­đ˜ș đ˜­đ˜°đ˜·đ˜Šđ˜„. đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Žđ˜”đ˜Ș𝘭𝘭 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘯𝘬𝘮 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶'𝘳𝘩 đ˜¶đ˜Żđ˜ąđ˜žđ˜ąđ˜łđ˜Š 𝘰𝘧 đ˜Șđ˜”, đ˜Łđ˜¶đ˜” đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶'𝘳𝘩 đ˜Żđ˜Šđ˜·đ˜Šđ˜ł 𝘹𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘱 đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜­đ˜­ đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜”đ˜łđ˜¶đ˜”đ˜©.

    ☁ đ˜©đ˜°đ˜­đ˜„đ˜Ž đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ 𝘱𝘮 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘳𝘰𝘱𝘼 đ˜ąđ˜łđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜°đ˜žđ˜Ż đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜­đ˜±đ˜Ž đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜”đ˜ąđ˜Źđ˜Š đ˜ąđ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜”đ˜Șđ˜€ đ˜±đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜”đ˜¶đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Ž 𝘧𝘰𝘳 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜±đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜” đ˜Łđ˜°đ˜ąđ˜łđ˜„. đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜„đ˜Ș𝘭đ˜ș đ™ąđ™€đ™™đ™šđ™Ąđ™š đ˜Ș𝘧 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘱𝘮𝘬 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 đ˜”đ˜° đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜Žđ˜©đ˜°đ˜žđ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Ž đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© đ˜±đ˜łđ˜ąđ˜Ș𝘮𝘩𝘮 𝘧𝘰𝘳 đ™źđ™€đ™Ș𝙧 đ˜±đ˜©đ˜°đ˜”đ˜°đ˜šđ˜łđ˜ąđ˜±đ˜©đ˜ș 𝘮𝘬đ˜Ș𝘭𝘭𝘮 đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜­đ˜­ đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜±đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜”đ˜¶đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Ž 𝘣𝘭𝘩𝘾 đ˜¶đ˜± 𝘰𝘯 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Żđ˜Šđ˜”. đ˜Łđ˜¶đ˜” đ˜©đ˜°đ˜Żđ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜”đ˜­đ˜ș, 𝙬𝙚 𝙖𝙡𝙡 đ™ đ™Łđ™€đ™Ź đ™žđ™©đ™š 𝙝𝙞𝙱.

    ☁ đ˜ąđ˜­đ˜źđ˜°đ˜Žđ˜” đ˜Żđ˜Šđ˜·đ˜Šđ˜ł 𝘮𝘼đ˜Ș𝘭𝘩𝘮 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜Šđ˜”đ˜© đ˜Žđ˜©đ˜°đ˜žđ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜”đ˜ąđ˜Źđ˜Š đ˜±đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜”đ˜¶đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Ž 𝘰𝘧 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 𝘰𝘳 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼, 𝘮𝘰 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜°đ˜łđ˜” đ˜”đ˜° đ˜”đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜Źđ˜­đ˜Š đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 𝘮𝘰 𝘱𝘮 đ˜”đ˜° đ˜šđ˜Šđ˜” đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ™„đ™§đ™šđ™˜đ™žđ™€đ™Ș𝙹, đ™„đ™§đ™šđ™˜đ™žđ™€đ™Ș𝙹 𝙹𝙱𝙞𝙡𝙚 𝘰𝘯 đ˜€đ˜ąđ˜źđ˜Šđ˜łđ˜ą.

    "đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘮𝘩𝘩 đ˜©đ˜°đ˜ž đ˜±đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜”đ˜”đ˜ș đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł 𝘮𝘼đ˜Ș𝘭𝘩 đ˜Ș𝘮?!?!? đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜Žđ˜©đ˜°đ˜¶đ˜­đ˜„ 𝘮𝘼đ˜Ș𝘭𝘩 𝘭đ˜Ș𝘬𝘩 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜” 𝘼𝘰𝘳𝘩 đ˜°đ˜§đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜Ż, đ˜«đ˜°đ˜Żđ˜šđ˜Žđ˜ąđ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜š"

    "đ˜Źđ˜Šđ˜Šđ˜± đ˜€đ˜ąđ˜­đ˜­đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 𝘼𝘩 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶'𝘳𝘩 𝘭đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜ąđ˜­đ˜­đ˜ș đ™Łđ™šđ™«đ™šđ™§ 𝘹𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘱 𝘮𝘩𝘩 𝘼𝘩 𝘮𝘼đ˜Ș𝘭𝘩 𝘱𝘹𝘱đ˜Ș𝘯!"

    "𝘯𝘰𝘰 𝘼đ˜ș đ˜„đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜” đ˜«đ˜°đ˜Żđ˜šđ˜Žđ˜ąđ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜š, đ˜©đ˜°đ˜ž 𝘱𝘼 đ˜Žđ˜¶đ˜±đ˜±đ˜°đ˜Žđ˜Šđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜° đ˜Žđ˜¶đ˜łđ˜·đ˜Șđ˜·đ˜Š đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜°đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ł đ˜„đ˜ąđ˜ș 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜©đ˜°đ˜¶đ˜” 𝘮𝘩𝘩đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜Łđ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜¶đ˜”đ˜Șđ˜§đ˜¶đ˜­ 𝘮𝘼đ˜Ș𝘭𝘩!!" *𝘹𝘭𝘱𝘳𝘩𝘮* đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶'𝘳𝘩 đ˜Ș𝘯 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘱 𝘭𝘰𝘯𝘹 đ˜„đ˜ąđ˜ș 𝙗đ™Șđ™© đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘾 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł 𝘾𝘱đ˜ș𝘮 đ˜ąđ˜łđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜Żđ˜„ 𝘮𝘰 đ˜Șđ˜” đ˜Ș𝘮𝘯'đ˜” 𝘹𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘱 𝘣𝘩 đ˜„đ˜Ș𝘧𝘧đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜¶đ˜­đ˜” ;)

    ☁ đ™Ąđ™€đ™«đ™šđ™š 𝙗𝙖𝙘𝙠 𝙝đ™Ș𝙜𝙹. đ˜žđ˜łđ˜ąđ˜±đ˜Ž đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 𝘱𝘳𝘼𝘮 đ˜ąđ˜łđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł 𝘾𝘱đ˜Șđ˜Žđ˜” đ˜¶đ˜Żđ˜Šđ˜čđ˜±đ˜Šđ˜€đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜„đ˜­đ˜ș đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜Łđ˜¶đ˜łđ˜Ș𝘩𝘮 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜§đ˜ąđ˜€đ˜Š đ˜Ș𝘯 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜€đ˜łđ˜°đ˜°đ˜Ź 𝘰𝘧 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜Żđ˜Šđ˜€đ˜Ź đ™›đ™€đ™§ đ™©đ™đ™š đ™Ąđ™€đ™Łđ™œđ™šđ™šđ™© đ™©đ™žđ™ąđ™š.

    "đ™źđ™€đ™Ș 𝙖𝙡𝙬𝙖𝙼𝙹 𝙹𝙱𝙚𝙡𝙡 đ™šđ™€ đ™œđ™€đ™€đ™™, 𝙗𝙖𝙗𝙚"

    ☁ đ˜­đ˜°đ˜·đ˜Šđ˜Ž đ˜Șđ˜” đ˜Šđ˜·đ˜Šđ˜Ż 𝘼𝘰𝘳𝘩 đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ™źđ™€đ™Ș đ˜Žđ˜¶đ˜łđ˜±đ˜łđ˜Ș𝘮𝘩 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 𝘣đ˜ș đ˜©đ˜¶đ˜šđ˜šđ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜Žđ˜” 𝘩đ˜čđ˜±đ˜Šđ˜€đ˜”đ˜Ž đ˜Șđ˜”. đ˜©đ˜°đ˜­đ˜„đ˜Ž đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„đ˜Ž đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜© 𝘱𝘳𝘩 đ˜žđ˜łđ˜ąđ˜±đ˜±đ˜Šđ˜„ đ˜ąđ˜łđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 𝘾𝘱đ˜Șđ˜Žđ˜”. đ™˜đ™–đ™Łđ™Łđ™€đ™© đ™›đ™€đ™§ đ™©đ™đ™š 𝙡𝙞𝙛𝙚 đ™€đ™› 𝙝𝙞𝙱, đ™šđ™©đ™€đ™„ 𝙹𝙱𝙞𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜.

    ☁ 𝘮𝘼đ˜Ș𝘭𝘩𝘮 đ™šđ™€ 𝙗𝙞𝙜 đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜­đ˜­ đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶'𝘳𝘩 𝘹𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘱 đ˜€đ˜°đ˜°đ˜Ź 𝘧𝘰𝘳 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼. 𝘾𝘱đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜Ž đ˜ąđ˜łđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜Ș𝘯 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š 𝘳𝘰𝘰𝘼 𝘧𝘰𝘳 10-15 𝘼đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜¶đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜Ž đ˜”đ˜Ș𝘭𝘭 đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜łđ˜Ž đ˜€đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜°đ˜Ž 𝘹𝘰đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 𝘰𝘧𝘧 đ˜Ș𝘯 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š 𝘬đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜€đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ˜©đ˜¶đ˜łđ˜łđ˜Șđ˜Šđ˜„đ˜­đ˜ș đ˜łđ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ž đ˜”đ˜° đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶. đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜­đ˜±đ˜Ž đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜€đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜Ż đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š 𝘼𝘩𝘮𝘮, đ˜Ș𝘯𝘮đ˜Șđ˜Žđ˜”đ˜Ž đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜”đ˜° 𝘮đ˜Șđ˜” 𝘰𝘯 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜€đ˜°đ˜¶đ˜Żđ˜”đ˜Šđ˜ł đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜Žđ˜”đ˜ąđ˜łđ˜”đ˜Ž đ˜„đ˜°đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š 𝘾𝘰𝘳𝘬 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼𝘮𝘩𝘭𝘧.

    "đ˜Ș'𝘼 𝘮𝘰 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘳đ˜ș 𝘣𝘱𝘣đ˜ș, đ˜Ș 𝘳𝘩𝘱𝘭𝘭đ˜ș đ˜žđ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜Šđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜° 𝘼𝘱𝘬𝘩 đ˜Žđ˜°đ˜źđ˜Šđ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 𝘧𝘰𝘳 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜Łđ˜¶đ˜” đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜±đ˜°đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜”, đ˜Ș'𝘼 đ˜±đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜”đ˜”đ˜ș đ˜€đ˜°đ˜Żđ˜·đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜€đ˜Šđ˜„ đ˜Ș'𝘼 đ˜Żđ˜°đ˜” đ˜ąđ˜” 𝘱𝘭𝘭 đ˜źđ˜ąđ˜„đ˜Š 𝘧𝘰𝘳 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮" đ˜”đ˜° đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜© đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜­đ˜ąđ˜¶đ˜šđ˜©đ˜Ž đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜±đ˜­đ˜Ș𝘩𝘮,

    "đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜Ž 𝘱𝘭𝘳đ˜Șđ˜šđ˜©đ˜”, đ™„đ™§đ™šđ™©đ™©đ™ź 𝙜𝙞𝙧𝙡. đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘾 đ˜©đ˜°đ˜ž đ˜źđ˜¶đ˜€đ˜© đ˜Ș đ˜­đ˜°đ˜·đ˜Š đ˜€đ˜°đ˜°đ˜Źđ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 𝘧𝘰𝘳 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶" *𝘮𝘼đ˜Ș𝘭𝘩𝘮* đ™™đ™šđ™šđ™©đ™§đ™€đ™źđ™šđ™™?!??

    ☁ 𝘱𝘮 đ˜źđ˜¶đ˜€đ˜© 𝘱𝘮 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 𝘣𝘰đ˜ș đ˜šđ˜°đ˜” đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 'đ˜łđ˜°đ˜€đ˜Ź đ˜€đ˜©đ˜Șđ˜€' đ˜·đ˜Ș𝘣𝘩, đ˜Ș 𝘱𝘭𝘮𝘰 𝘮𝘩𝘩 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 𝘭đ˜Șđ˜Žđ˜”đ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜”đ˜° đ˜Žđ˜°đ˜§đ˜”, 𝘮𝘭𝘰𝘾, đ˜€đ˜ąđ˜­đ˜źđ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 𝘮𝘰𝘯𝘹𝘮 đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜Șđ˜” đ˜Žđ˜°đ˜źđ˜Šđ˜©đ˜°đ˜ž đ˜«đ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜” 𝘧đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜Ž 𝘳đ˜Șđ˜šđ˜©đ˜” 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜±đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Žđ˜°đ˜Żđ˜ą. đ˜”đ˜©đ˜¶đ˜Ž, đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜Łđ˜°đ˜”đ˜© 𝘭đ˜Șđ˜Žđ˜”đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ˜”đ˜° 𝘱 đ˜­đ˜°đ˜” 𝘰𝘧 'đ˜Ÿđ™žđ™œđ™–đ™§đ™šđ™©đ™©đ™šđ™š đ™–đ™›đ™©đ™šđ™§ 𝙎𝙚𝙭' (𝘱𝘯 đ˜ąđ˜łđ˜”đ˜Șđ˜Žđ˜”) đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜Ž đ˜Žđ˜°đ˜łđ˜” 𝘰𝘧 𝘱𝘯 'đ™€đ™Ș𝙧' đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 𝘧𝘰𝘳 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Łđ˜°đ˜”đ˜© 𝘰𝘧 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶.

    ☁ đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Ž 𝘱 đ˜±đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜”đ˜¶đ˜łđ˜Š 𝘰𝘧 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘱𝘮 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜­đ˜°đ˜€đ˜Źđ˜Žđ˜€đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Šđ˜Ż. đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜Ž 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘼 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜”đ˜Ș𝘼𝘩 đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘾𝘰𝘬𝘩 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 đ˜¶đ˜±, 5 đ˜Ș𝘯 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š 𝘼𝘰𝘳𝘯đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜Łđ˜Šđ˜€đ˜ąđ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜Š "đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘱𝘭𝘾𝘱đ˜ș𝘮 đ˜žđ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜Šđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜° đ˜žđ˜ąđ˜”đ˜€đ˜© đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Žđ˜¶đ˜Żđ˜łđ˜Ș𝘮𝘩 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 :)". đ˜Șđ˜” 𝘾𝘱𝘮 đ˜”đ˜°đ˜¶đ˜šđ˜© 𝘾𝘱𝘬đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜¶đ˜± đ˜Łđ˜¶đ˜” đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š 𝘾𝘱đ˜ș đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜­đ˜„ đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜Șđ˜šđ˜©đ˜” 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł 𝘮𝘼𝘱𝘭𝘭𝘩𝘳 𝘰𝘯𝘩𝘮 𝘱𝘮 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜§đ˜ąđ˜€đ˜Š đ˜Žđ˜©đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜Šđ˜„ đ˜Ș𝘯 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Žđ˜°đ˜§đ˜” 𝘰𝘳𝘱𝘯𝘹𝘩 đ˜Žđ˜¶đ˜Żđ˜­đ˜Șđ˜šđ˜©đ˜” đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Šđ˜Ż đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ 𝘮𝘼đ˜Șđ˜­đ˜Šđ˜„ 𝘣𝘳đ˜Șđ˜šđ˜©đ˜”đ˜­đ˜ș đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼, đ˜źđ˜ąđ˜„đ˜Š đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘯𝘬 𝙝𝙚 đ™˜đ™€đ™Ș𝙡𝙙 đ™Ąđ™žđ™«đ™š đ™›đ™€đ™§ đ™©đ™đ™žđ™š. 𝙝𝙚𝙘𝙠, 𝙝𝙚 đ™Źđ™€đ™Ł'đ™© 𝙱𝙞𝙣𝙙 𝙬𝙖𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 đ™Șđ™„ đ™–đ™© 5 đ™›đ™€đ™§ đ™©đ™đ™š đ™§đ™šđ™šđ™© đ™€đ™› 𝙝𝙞𝙹 𝙡𝙞𝙛𝙚 𝙞𝙛 𝙝𝙚 đ™œđ™€đ™© đ™©đ™€ 𝙹𝙚𝙚 đ™źđ™€đ™Ș 𝙹𝙱𝙞𝙡𝙚 𝙡𝙞𝙠𝙚 đ™©đ™đ™–đ™©. đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ™©đ™đ™–đ™© đ™„đ™žđ™˜đ™©đ™Ș𝙧𝙚 đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜”đ˜°đ˜°đ˜Ź đ˜”đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜„đ˜ąđ˜ș, đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜­đ˜°đ˜€đ˜Źđ˜Žđ˜€đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Šđ˜Ż, đ˜”đ˜Ș𝘭𝘭 đ˜„đ˜ąđ˜”đ˜Š.

    ☁ đ˜Žđ˜­đ˜°đ˜žđ˜„đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜€đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜Ș𝘯 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š 𝘭đ˜Șđ˜·đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 𝘳𝘰𝘰𝘼. đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜Ž 𝘳𝘱đ˜Ș𝘯đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜°đ˜¶đ˜”đ˜Žđ˜Șđ˜„đ˜Š đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜žđ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ł đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜€đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘭𝘭đ˜ș, đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶'đ˜·đ˜Š 𝘭đ˜Șđ˜” đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š 𝘮𝘼𝘱𝘭𝘭, đ˜„đ˜Ș𝘼 𝘭đ˜Șđ˜šđ˜©đ˜”đ˜Ž 𝘱𝘮 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜źđ˜¶đ˜Žđ˜Șđ˜€ đ˜±đ˜­đ˜ąđ˜ș𝘮 đ˜Žđ˜°đ˜§đ˜”đ˜­đ˜ș đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ™źđ™€đ™Ș đ™˜đ™€đ™Ș𝙡𝙙 𝙛𝙚𝙚𝙡 đ™©đ™đ™žđ™š 𝙞𝙹 đ™©đ™đ™š đ™đ™–đ™„đ™„đ™žđ™šđ™šđ™© đ™źđ™€đ™Ș'đ™«đ™š đ™šđ™«đ™šđ™§ 𝙗𝙚𝙚𝙣 𝘱𝘮 đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜©đ˜°đ˜­đ˜„đ˜Ž đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜©đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜Ș𝘯 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜žđ˜Ș𝘳𝘭𝘮 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜ąđ˜łđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜Żđ˜„. đ˜ đ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜źđ˜°đ˜·đ˜Šđ˜źđ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜”đ˜Ž 𝘱𝘳𝘩𝘯'đ˜” đ˜±đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜§đ˜Šđ˜€đ˜”, 𝘧𝘱𝘳 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘼 đ˜Șđ˜” đ˜ąđ˜€đ˜”đ˜¶đ˜ąđ˜­đ˜­đ˜ș. đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶'𝘳𝘩 đ˜Žđ˜”đ˜Šđ˜±đ˜±đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 𝘰𝘯 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜§đ˜Šđ˜Šđ˜”, 𝘼𝘱𝘬đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 𝘭𝘰𝘮𝘩 đ˜Łđ˜ąđ˜­đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜€đ˜Š, đ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Žđ˜¶đ˜­đ˜”đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜”đ˜° đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜Łđ˜°đ˜”đ˜© 𝘰𝘧 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜­đ˜ąđ˜¶đ˜šđ˜©đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ 𝘧𝘱𝘭𝘭đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜°đ˜·đ˜Šđ˜ł 𝘰𝘯 đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š 𝘮𝘰𝘧𝘱. đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Šđ˜Ž 𝘱 đ˜źđ˜°đ˜źđ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜” 𝘰𝘧 𝘮đ˜Șđ˜­đ˜Šđ˜Żđ˜€đ˜Š, đ˜¶đ˜Żđ˜”đ˜Ș𝘭 đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜€đ˜ąđ˜­đ˜­đ˜Ž đ˜°đ˜¶đ˜” đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł 𝘯𝘱𝘼𝘩 đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶ đ˜”đ˜¶đ˜łđ˜Ż đ˜”đ˜° 𝘧đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘼 𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘬đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜ąđ˜” đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶, 𝘩đ˜ș𝘩𝘮 𝘧đ˜Șđ˜­đ˜­đ˜Šđ˜„ 𝘾đ˜Șđ˜”đ˜© đ˜Żđ˜°đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜Łđ˜¶đ˜” 𝘮đ˜Șđ˜Żđ˜€đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Šđ˜”đ˜ș đ˜ąđ˜Żđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š 𝘰𝘯𝘭đ˜ș đ˜žđ˜°đ˜łđ˜„đ˜Ž đ˜€đ˜°đ˜źđ˜Ș𝘯𝘹 đ˜°đ˜¶đ˜” 𝘰𝘧 đ˜©đ˜Ș𝘮 đ˜źđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜”đ˜©, đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Š đ˜žđ˜°đ˜łđ˜„đ˜Ž đ˜žđ˜©đ˜Șđ˜€đ˜© 𝘼𝘱𝘬𝘩 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶đ˜ł đ˜žđ˜°đ˜łđ˜­đ˜„ đ˜Žđ˜”đ˜°đ˜±, 𝘯𝘰 đ˜źđ˜ąđ˜”đ˜”đ˜Šđ˜ł đ˜©đ˜°đ˜ž 𝘼𝘱𝘯đ˜ș đ˜”đ˜Ș𝘼𝘩𝘮 đ˜șđ˜°đ˜¶'đ˜·đ˜Š đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ąđ˜łđ˜„ đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ź, đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜łđ˜Š đ˜”đ˜©đ˜Šđ˜ș 𝘾𝘩𝘳𝘩,

    "𝙞 đ™Ąđ™€đ™«đ™š đ™źđ™€đ™Ș"

    𓈒   .  ˙  ⋅ ➌ . 𔘓 𓈒  .   ˙  ⋅ ➌ 

    i kind of went too far with it, as you can see. this was quite a reason i never thought I'd be writing hcs because i always tend to take a topic and go too deep into it. but i guess I'm enjoyed writing this one :)) i haven't decided whether i should continue these for the other members or should i start w the nsfw ones,,but anyways, happy reading! :)☁


    à©­Â Â đ—§ 𝗔 𝗚 𝗩 : 𑊁

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    he who wields the knife [4/?]

    A/N: I am really having fun with this trope, oops. The (arranged) marriage itself is the bane and boon of this relationship.

    (Yes, the update for three faces of eve is coming soon!! Work just needs to get off my back sometimes. And by "sometimes" I mean "all the time.")

    Features (shallow) concepts of "purity"/chastity, (mentions of) expectations from women in marriage, (images of) "breaking the marriage bed"/the sexual act, passive-aggressive attitudes, and forms of domestic violence. I really think Naoya being a passive-aggressive but mostly aggressive brat when it comes to marriage/procreation is closer to the canon?

    And please, if you're sensitive to verbal and psychological abuse, do not read this so freely. As someone who's been a victim of gaslighters and verbal and emotional manipulators, it's a cathartic feeling for me to write from a different perspective.

    Word count: 3344

    [link to part 3]

    When he discovers that she'd had a lover before him, he wants to smack her across the face...


    ...across her ever-calm and ever-collected face, with its amused and painted expression. Before, he used to think her face was made that way, molded that way by some mischievous, no-good deity who wanted to spite her family for being what it is, for not worshiping it enough. As if the last vanguard of onmyodo in their jujutsu-dominated society hasn't been doing enough to sing the praises of the lords of high heaven and hell.

    Right, and it's because of their being descended from a long line of onmyoji that she's the "best candidate for marriage" and a "worthy bride of a Zenin family."

    He would scoff at the elders if they'd ever show their faces to him.

    And because she is... because she had a partner–no, a lover–before him, because she had been... been touched? soiled? bedded? by another person before him... Well, that should automatically and without a doubt make her ineligible as a wife.

    How dare they think about giving him second-hand goods?

    And he finds this out in the worst way, from the worst person, at the worst time.

    I've had a lover before all this.

    ...from her, in the dark silence of, and he shudders to think about it, their quarters.

    I thought you should know.

    –have known sooner, he thinks bitterly, gritting his teeth at the plain and careless way she said it. Like it wasn't anything too serious, like she was just telling him about how mundane and boring her daily life is, like it wasn't anything that would make him mad.

    And you tell me only now?

    He wants to strike her. How dare she? How dare she say this to him? And only now? Why? Does she find this fun, amusing? Is she making fun of him?

    Him who hasn't had, who hasn't–

    How dare you.

    He sneers at her, but she doesn't laugh or even smile. She's seated at the vanity, as she always is, rubbing cream all over her face like doing so would make her the least bit attractive. She's wearing something more suited to her persona, a black shirt and short combo. It's not anything nice, but he can tolerate it better than her pitiful attempts at seducing him with a silk and lace chemise. Those materials don't suit her at all. If anything, she ought to stick to her plain and cheap clothes. At least she'd be more honest and less of a pretentious bride.

    That's right. She's still just a bride, and he has to remind himself of the fact, so how dare they... And how dare she call him by that endearment? How dare they have them sleep in the same quarters?

    Wife? His wife? Her?

    He feels sick to the stomach being this close to her.

    How dare you!

    He doesn't like repeating himself, absolutely hates how childish this makes him sound. He ought to be taken seriously, being the future head of the Zenin clan, and her potentially future husband.

    Oh, her husband? No, no, no. Never that. Hers? Not in any lifetime.

    So how dare she, how dare she–

    I wish you a pleasant morning, dear husband.

    –how dare she!

    You filthy...

    He looks her in the eye as he says it, seethes it, hisses it against his teeth because he hates, hates, hates the way the word sounds on his tongue.

    You absolute, filthy–

    And she looks at him right back, through her own eyes in the mirror, and he thinks she's taunting him, she's goading him into a trap, she's going to make him do something she wants him to do, something she's been waiting for him to do.

    Which is what?

    She's not smiling. She's not scowling. She's not doing anything besides waiting for him to say it.

    Come on, Master Naoya. Don't forget your words now.

    He thinks the line is just waiting from inside her closed mouth.

    Or is that word not part of your vocabulary? You have so little experience, anyway.

    He thinks she is laughing beneath her plain exterior. She must be cackling, like those wicked witches. She is filthy. She is dirty. She is second-hand goods. She is probably carrying some disease she caught in a back-of-the-bar bathroom. She is foul-brained and parted-legs, and she is the absolute worst match for him who is pristine and perfect.

    –you filthy whore.

    And when the word, when the final, ever-encompassing word comes out of his mouth, she frowns ever so slightly.


    The word itself makes him feel dirty. It makes him want to brush his teeth, rinse the inside mouth, wipe his lips, wash his hands, do anything and everything to rid himself of the utterly vile feeling of having said or thought it.


    But was she, really? Did she really give herself away so carelessly, too carelessly, that she would bed anyone who showed the slightest bit of interest in her, or her... or what she could have offered? Was she really so promiscuous and so lecherous that she would so freely offer to... to please him, like he was any other, like he was just any other–

    I've had only one man in my life, Master Naoya.

    She says it so easily and so firmly that anyone would think that she is unaffected by the word he had just said.

    And yes, it was wrong of me to have kept it from you.

    How callous, he thinks. Is she so used to being called such an insult?

    But your father knew.


    It was one of the first things my grandmother said to him, that her dear granddaughter had been intimate with another man when she was younger.

    So they–

    It wasn't any secret, or anything I am ashamed of. So I thought–

    And he thought–

    I thought they would have told you, to spare me this embarrassment.

    And she has the gall to be embarrassed? Her? In this situation? How dare–

    I would have told you sooner, if I knew. So I'm sorry.

    He feels his own blood boil.

    But it's noting to worry about now. He passed away a few years ago.


    How... difficult for her?

    I'm not sure if you've heard of this case from a few years ago. The Yokohama Jorogumo?

    He hasn't, at least not everything. But why would she say that now? Of all things...

    No, it's... a discussion for a better time. Not before bed.

    She laughs. Why is she laughing now? Did he not just... Wasn't she just...?

    Oh, but would you like to hear about it? The case, I mean.

    Why is she asking...

    Don't change the subject.

    She blinks.

    R-Right. Forgive me, Master Naoya, I was just...

    Why is she...

    Don't... talk anymore.

    He feels defeated, for some reason, and this makes him even angrier.

    First, you lie–

    –everyone lied, he corrects in his head. Everyone has lied to him, made him look like an utter fool, played him like an absolute child–

    First, you lie, and then you... You think I would even care about what happened to that, that... about you?

    "About you"?

    Oh, now she's gotten him fuming and tongue-tied. How foolish she's made him, how foolish they've all made him.

    You even dare think that I ought to hear something so, so stupid?

    He will not be made a fool of.

    You dare think I would care? About your petty attempt to avenge your, your...

    He couldn't even say it.

    –your pathetic attempt at revenge?

    Now he sounds like a complete child.

    He's seething and fuming before he could even realize it, before he could feel his own nails digging into his palms, before he could even hear his own heavy breaths. All the while she, all seated and quiet and calm, says and does nothing but watch him. Like an adult waiting for a child to end its little tantrum.

    But was he... was he the child in all this? The child throwing a tantrum because he can't accept it, because he refuses to accept it... How dare they all!

    Wow. You've picked it up so easily.

    She's... smiling? What the–

    You really are so keen, Master Naoya. So observant.


    I haven't met anyone who was able to piece that together so quickly, and with so few clues.

    But, but why else would she tell him about that case when... It's only obvious, isn't it? There's no other reason why she would so easily transition a tragic sob-story to a textbook case of how to hunt down an elusive Special Grade–

    Right. Of course. She had eliminated that Special Grade Cursed Spirit. And that case became famous, for a while, for a short while. Nothing too long to brag about or to remember. It was only for a few months. But for such a thing, for such a person to be talked about for six months in the jujutsu world?

    No wonder his own father thought she'd be a good enough bride.

    My grandmother was right about you. You are very intelligent.

    What's with the shower of flattery now? If anything, this is making his blood boil white-hot.

    So it really pains me, and I feel so embarrassed to be the one to tell you. I...

    She averts her gaze and shifts in her seat like she was so coy and so innocent, like she is also a victim in all this.

    Is it my fault that you found out only now?

    She frowns. And he wants to say that it is.

    So he does.


    He scowls, refusing to play to whatever scheme she has.

    You assume too much.

    He doesn't watch her stand from the vanity and walk towards the bed.

    You talk too much.

    He doesn't watch her move past the foot of the bed and towards him.

    But you think too little.

    And he doesn't look at her when she stops beside him.

    And you lie.

    He continues, refusing to see what she will do.

    You should have known they were lying, so you should have told me.

    She doesn't move and he doesn't look at her.

    You should have put me above anything else, respected me more than anyone else.

    But when he does look at her, when he finally turns to see her expression, his anger skyrockets. He slaps her, sharp and straight across her smiling face.

    I am your master, your lord and husband, and I will not tolerate such disobedience!

    The sound of his voice is louder and harsher, he thinks, than the heat of his palm across her face. She doesn't flinch where she stands, doesn't wince or whine, not even choke a sob or cry. But this... this doesn't anger him, because she is learning. This is how she will learn. If she, scum of the earth, barback... whore, wants to be the least bit respected by him, then she will have to–

    Of course.

    She does not recoil at the feeling.

    I understand that now, Master Naoya.

    She smiles, and in the dim light, he does not see the red on her face.

    So whatever you ask, I will be sure to answer.

    He grumbles to himself. She does not have to say it that way. She doesn't have to say anything else at all.

    If I may also do the same, at least to whatever extent you are comfortable with?

    Well. He said to her before, to ask for his permission, so should he give it? Should he... reward her with it? But what good had she done, anyway? What had she given him that should be repaid with his own... kindness?

    You may ask one thing each night, if I feel like it.

    She grins like she hadn't been hit moments earlier.

    Then may I ask one thing now?

    He nods minutely, finding this entire situation strange from start to finish.

    Have you had a lover before?

    He immediately regrets his decision. But he... has a choice to lie, doesn't he? No. No, he won't lie. That would be beneath him. After declaring such virtues, he wouldn't be so banal as to turn them into hollow, meaningless platitudes, right? He wouldn't be so, so... so like his own father as to do that, would he?

    She wouldn't know if he'd lie–no. No, she would. She would because his own father, because his own siblings, his own family...

    So he answers.



    Then I will...

    She hesitates.

    I may be...

    She doesn't know what to say.

    I shall...

    He doesn't want her to say anything.

    Don't talk anymore.

    So he lies on his side of bed. She walks away, goes over to her side, and lies under the covers. And he thanks his own choice of choosing a king-size mattress so he wouldn't have to be so close to her, that he can at least imagine having his own space without her.

    Until he can hear her move.

    Until he can hear her hands move.

    Until he can feel the touch, the stroke, the itch of her fingers on his back.

    If you would allow me, Master Naoya.

    And every night, for what feels like the past few days, she has never not asked him this.

    I want to... touch you.

    But she has never admitted–no, said this. She has never needed to explain why she does this, and he has never asked her why. He has never asked to stop anyway, but she hasn't done anything beyond this either. It is just... a simple form of physical contact. Surely far more intimate than he would ever allow me in the day time, in the public eye, but this is... This is... This is fine, isn't it? This is normal, isn't it?

    She finds comfort in the knowledge of him there, and he finds... He actually doesn't know what he benefit he gets from this gesture. He knows it is not comfort and it is not intimacy, because he does not want those from her, not yet.

    Not yet?

    No. He knows, he believes that he doesn't want those things, especially from her, and knowing now that she's had another before him... Could she be imagining something as well? Could she be imagining her past lover when she is in bed with him?

    How dare she–

    But before he can accuse her, she presses her palms against his back, firm enough to startle, but not strong enough to push. She had only done this a few times, on especially colder nights.

    You, Master Naoya.

    He can hear her move closer.

    I want to touch you, and no one else.

    And he refuses to believe that she's moved close enough that he can feel her breathe.

    Only you.

    But suddenly she's too close and he can imagine her trying to curl around him. He feels the tips of her toes stroke the back of his ankles.


    She does, but she doesn't pull away. Instead, she pushes her hands apart, spreading across his back and curling around his–


    She halts completely, but she taps a finger on the side of his–

    That's when he turns, with a force and fury so strong and so sudden that surprises her enough to elicit a sound.

    How coy do you think–

    And Naoya is smart, he is smart and he is quick and he fast, but this is something he doesn't expect. Him, pressing close and tight, and her, out of breath and startled. His hands aren't touching her, but her hands have come around his shoulders, and this... This...

    This is what she wanted him to do. And he is so annoyed and so vexed, and he wants to shove her off and onto the floor–

    He feels her fingers on the nap of his neck and he freezes, appalled and ashamed.


    He feels her shift to level her face with him, feels her entire body move to align with his, and... And this is not... This is unbecoming of... This is wrong–

    I think of only you and no one else.

    Why, why... Why!? He doesn't want her to talk anymore. He doesn't want to feel her anymore. He wants nothing to do with, wants absolutely nothing–

    So, you can...

    He feels her thigh against his hip.

    You may...

    He feels her stomach press up.

    I want you to...

    He sees her eyes in the light, and... And... And what does he see? He thinks he's seeing her face, plain and unmade, for the first time, in the hazy light of the bedside lamp. She looks so different, so unusual, so strange from the way he sees her every day. So what is... What is this? What is her expression? What kind of face, what kind of feeling...

    She stares at him right back, with the same eyes and the same mouth. She hasn't changed a bit, has she? There is nothing different about her in this light, nothing new and nothing alien. What he saw was just a trick, a play made by the shadows. She isn't anything, she is never anything, will never be anything he finds... attractive or desirable.

    He doesn't move and neither does she, and the weight of it all disturbs him. But she is the one to make the first move, craning her neck and leaning upward with her mouth. What she reaches, however, is the thin, tight space below his face, close enough to press against his skin, but not enough to kiss.


    I want you to want.

    Want? Want what? He doesn't see her expression when she says it, but he only has one response to such a thing. In the dim, quiet light, he has only one thing to say to such a request.

    What makes you think I don't?

    He promptly pulls away, quick to leave her even more breathless than she was earlier. She's been holding her breath for too long, that he almost wants to laugh at her.

    But you?

    And he does, making a sound between a scoff and a chuckle.

    Why will I ever want you?

    He isn't her whatever-will-fill-the-hole-in-her-heart.

    You're dirty.

    He isn't anything she can claim. She might be his future wife, his "worthy" bride, the potential mother of his sons, but he is not hers.

    But when he lies back down, feeling triumphant and smug, and thinks he can finally have a good night's rest without her crawling and cawing for his attention, does he feel it; the parts of him that she's touched, that she's felt, that she's pressed against... burning up, seizing, sweating... Even the area around his mouth and the back of his neck, the tap of her fingers, the shape of her mouth–

    He feels like his body is screaming. He feels like he's going to burn.

    When he turns, ever so slightly, to look at her, she's faced away from him. She is quiet, unmoving, she doesn't seem like she's crying or anything of the sort.

    But maybe he lingers a little too long, because she suddenly springs up to look at him with such an intense gaze that he's surprised she could make on her own.

    I can be as dirty as you want me to be, Master Naoya.


    As filthy...

    She leans over him.

    As filthy and as wanting...

    She straddles him.

    ...as wet and as tight...

    She pants.

    ...as your whore.

    She leans in, suddenly so hot and so close–

    Your whore, Master Naoya.

    Then he feels it; that hot, hot drip on his stomach, that sudden contraction around his chest, that tight feeling in his throat–

    And that's when he wakes up, shivering and reviled, by his own dark, demented fantasy. Immediately, he leaves to find peace in his old quarters. He doesn't think he can sleep soundly with her in the same bed.

    A whore only for you.

    No, he doesn't think he can sleep soundly anytime soon.

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    you suck, but i love you | jungwon (9)

    chapter nine: uh oh

    warnings: none

    a/n: happy 21st of september! y/n wyd???? sorry for making these chapters so short, i promise you they are for suspense purposes only lol

    taglist: @k1ttyl1x @bearbeom @alderiasamantha @yjwfav @whoe-dis @gyuza @chimiesspeach @hyunsunge @isaacnoobton @zxyooh @enhacolor @silkyyvenus @bbanggami

    < previous | series masterlist | next >

    y/n has been sensing that something suspicious is happening. she keeps feeling someone staring at her but when she looks around, no one is. when she walks into class before a test or quiz, there’s always a little note saying,

    good luck! i know you can do it :)

    - <3

    or something in that nature.

    but there’s also another obstacle that has presented itself recently. that obstacle is yang jungwon. even though it wasn’t completely ideal, y/n missed the little banter they had. she never realized how much she actually thought about him until now. every time she studied for a test, she thought about how she can beat him, motivating her further. y/n loved how he would get so competitive with her only.

    was jungwon her sense of motivation?

    badum. badum. badum. badum.

    y/n suddenly looked up from her notes.

    uh oh.

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    You know, every now and then I think about Tom as Milo and get sad because it's not real

    He also said that he would like to play him sooo Disney do something about it

    #tom holland#Atlantis milo #He would eat it up btw #He's already got the nerdy look #Petition for Tom holland to play Milo in Atlantis Live Action if there will ever be made one #Idk if the last sentence was English but you get me #tom holland imagines #tom holland fanfiction #tom holland fluff #tom holland fic #tom holland smut #tom holland x reader #tom holland x you
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    reader's opinion

    As a passionate writer with the aspiration to write a real novel to submit for editing, I need readers' opinions on an issue:

    Many  x reader fics are written in the second person singular, with the use of Y/N to include the reader.

    But would you be ready to read a novel written in this style, if possible gender neutral and poc friendly, without the use of "Y/N" in dialogue?

    Example: characters won't say - Y/N, the character said ... but the didascalies would include: "he/she breathed your name while caressing your burning cheeks”. 

    It’s a daring and difficult bet, but what a challenge! But I would like your opinion on it. Since being on Tumblr I now only write in the second person singular and have a hard time writing in the third person again

    #reader opinion#writer#author #lets talk about this
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    Softer than the Summer Night

    Mothman X (gender neutral) Reader

    Length: 2k

    Genre: Slight NSFW & Fluff


    "Stay don't move please," you wearily voiced into the dark.

    When you spoke it worsened the strain you were feeling, your face contorted in discomfort. Even the thought of being moved was enough to get you squirming and whining. On your aching knees, hunched over, knuckles turning lighter in color, and eyes fixed ahead.

    The sounds of the city outside your home were overshadowed by your ragged breath. All you could hear was breath and beating heart. You couldn't endure this any longer. You knew you couldn’t stay like this forever. You desperately wanted to move and finish what you started, and backing out now was far from being a feasible option.

    "Fuck." Feeling a slight slip up on the other end. You physically couldn't take much more of this.

    Your grip on the material you had bunched in your hands was loosening, and your reign on things was beginning to drastically falter.

    "O fuck me" you breathed out frustrated, resting your head against a wooden frame. You could feel yourself getting tuckered out from this ordeal, feeling yourself becoming flushed with a light layer of sweat coating your skin. This was a good time as any now and fully let go. Knees and thighs sore from holding your still form, you began to move, releasing yourself of this hold.

    "Ahhhh," you moaned out, watching in disbelief as the blanket slipped off the chair. Frustrated you threw yourself back onto the cool floor. You wasted your time doing that for nothing.

    Heated at how the fabric refused to stay in place no matter how much you adjusted it. You flopped onto the hard floor to cool down. The cool ground felt refreshing on your steamy body. You didn't even want to look at it at the fort at the moment. Knowing you would just give up if you tried again immediately. You decided to rest your eyes and give yourself some time to collect yourself. Giving yourself some time before getting back to work on it.

    Why wouldn’t it stay when you wanted it to stay.

    Perhaps you should've just waited for your partner to bring you the supplies and figure out what to do from there. Of course, you being you, you got a little impatient eager.

    It wasn’t a minute till you felt a presence hovering over you- watching.

    Cracking open your eyes, you saw standing over you was a large humanoid moth-like creature looking down upon your disheveled form. Holding a batch of items in his arms, curiously staring at you. Tilting his head, confused as to why you were on the floor and.. sweaty?

    "Hey, you grabbed the stuff I asked for?" You asked. Not wanting to get into the details as to why you were down on the ground defeated.

    He nodded.

    "Cool, well just give me a minute more. I'm almost done here. I still need to fix some things." Launching yourself back into a sitting position, getting back to work on keeping the blanket in place, only for it to slip off the wooden dining chair again.

    Groaning over the fact that you were making a fool of yourself- especially in front of Mothman. He shouldn’t have to see in all your shame. Meantime, Mothman was just standing there completely unaware of what's going on still, but content to be part of it.

    Internally wallowing to yourself, unsure whether you should continue or throw yourself into your half-done structure and call it a night.

    Then it hit you.

    Recalling that you asked for Mothman to bring duct tape. Looking back, scanning through the items within his arms. You successfully spotted the tape that was cradled within his right arm.

    "Can you pass me that duct tape in your arms?" you pointed.

    "No, not that"

    "it's right there. That's not it."

    Redirecting him and pointing out what you wanted, only to end up playing a guessing game. Sifting through each item, and saying no to everything he held out. How he was able to get the supplies you asked for? You'll never know.

    After the first ten items, Mothman dropped all the material onto the floor with a thud. Thinking it would be easier to get what you wanted. Unsurprised, you stared at the pile straight lip. “No problem that is just as effective."

    Crawling to the pile in the middle living room of your home, to grab the roll of tape.

    What started as a calm night alone, became a little date night-with Mothman coming over uninvited. This wasn't uncommon he did this quite often, but you never turned him down always glad to welcome him in. That and also the fact you didn't want a seven-foot monster outside your window scratching at your window like a stray cat begging to be let in and draw attention to himself.

    Bringing you up to speed now, putting together a fort. Clearly, rusty, it's been some time since you made a blanket fort. It wasn't your fault, you were always busy to do anything like this. Even if you did have the time, it just never occurred to you to do so after a long day of work. Usually, the closest thing to this, is you grabbing a throw blanket and pillow onto the floor with maybe some plushies and calling it a day.

    But with Mothman in the picture, you had to get creative with things to do at home. Meaning you coming up with indoor activities and not go out in public at all. So no causal stroll by the park, or popping into a nice establishment and chat. As amusing it would be going out, you couldn’t do that for Mothman’s safety and especially those around. Leaving you both to see each other deep in the wilderness at night, in the abandoned TNT facility where the Cryptid resided and here in your home.

    And you both managed to keep each other occupied- getting into ridiculous shenanigans. There wasn’t a day you were bored of one another’s company, even when you both had nothing to do. It was always a good time. And today was any different.

    Tapping down the blanket against stile of the chair and now the moment of truth. Removing your hands and...

    It didn’t move. It stayed.

    “Finally!” throwing your arms up in triumph. Behind you, Mothman watched your mini victory pose. Unsure what you were doing with your arms in the air he mimicked your gesture.

    “Alright, just a few more things.” Walking back to the heap on the ground, pushing and gathering all of it into the fort to do some final touch-ups. Leaving Mothman to awkwardly put his arms down as you disappeared inside.

    Decorating and organizing the interior of the fort, striving to make it as pleasant and comfy as possible. Knowing that Mothman probably hasn't experienced this before. You wanted this to be perfect. Well as perfect as you could, given that you already used tape.

    Amid you’re scrambling, a curious and impatient Mothman wanted a quick glimpse, to get a clue to what you were doing. He figured it was shelter, but why make another within your home.

    As quiet as he could, he tried to lower himself onto all fours - to sneakily get a peek inside. Unfortunately, due to his large stature mixed with the old floorboard, you were alerted of him snooping by the sound of squeaky floorboards.

    “Not yet." You said, popping, catching him off guard, in the act.

    Surprised he just looked down, pretending he was looking at something interesting. Squinting your eyes, you went back inside.

    Once you were back inside, he was back to his antics, and once more you heard his attempt. "Not yet" you reminded, poking out once more before going back in.

    Of course, that didn't stop. He tried his hand again and you knew him too well, you were quick to scold him from inside without having to peer out.

    Startled, his antennas and the fur on his body puffed out. How do you see him? Looking around to see if you were behind him or somewhere else in the room. Are you still in there? A valid reason for him to look inside now, he chirped eagerly. “Nice, try. I’m still in here and you can’t come in yet,” you announced.

    Defeated, he deflated and resigned himself to sitting on the floor picking at the rug. Fortunately, he didn't have too long.

    "Okay, you can come in" you called out.

    You were content with the work you did both inside and out; well mostly inside. A couple of plush blankets laid on the ground with pillows lined against the walls of the interior and little something extra strung around. But there was still a good amount of space, that even Mothman could probably fit inside. Reaching for the electric lantern, to illuminate the area. You heard shuffling behind you- figuring it was the Cryptid making himself comfortable.

    Lantern in hand you turned right around, the light flicking on, and was greeted with misjudgment.

    Guess not you thought.

    Seated smack dab in the middle, Mothman had unceremoniously become a support beam for the structure. His head pitching up the sinking portion of the blanket up. Clearly, this wasn’t large enough.

    "I thought this would be big enough." You huffed to yourself.

    You felt positive this was big enough, thinking to yourself - trying to see how you could fix this. Whereas Mothman just did his own thing and took matters into his own hands.

    "Maybe if you-“You trailed off, watching him crawl further inside before rolling onto his back, laying his head against a pillow you set near the walls of the fort - stretching his legs across the entire interior and his feet simply hanging out from the entrance. “Or that. That's fine too."

    Inching closer to him, you noted his pleasant demeanor, his chest rising steadily as he breathed in deeply, his fur ruffling up and flattening back as he exhaled. His limbs going completely slack, his muscles loosened. He was completely at ease.

    “Comfy?” you teased.

    He chirped in response.

    "Well, I'm about to up the ante," you crawled over across his torso, reaching for a switch just near him.

    "1,2,3" with a click, the interior light up with a soft warm golden glow of fairy lights strewn about all over. Though it may be cheap lighting, its beautifully sparkling bulbs filled the area with a warm, cozy atmosphere as well giving you a sense of awe just as it did for Mothman.

    "Do you like it?" You asked.

    Sitting up with wide eyes, Mothman gazed on with the utmost sense of wonder, transfixed on the lights and nothing else. As if he was in a world of his own. This wasn’t anything new, honestly, this was one of the first things you noticed when you first met him. And you’ve seen his habit time and time again. But you could never grow tired of it. It was quite adorable.

    "I’m assuming so.” You chuckled.

    Your laugh snaked its way into his enraptured mind, knocking him out of his trance. He stared at you, nearly forgetting you were there. As luminous and beautiful as the light was, there was something missing.

    It didn't take long for you to catch Mothman's sudden change in behavior-still as statue and eyes locked on you.


    Without giving you a chance to ask, he moved toward you, lifting you from your spot like some common house cat with ease; body slack and no resistance. He placed you right in his lap, before laying back with you laying on top of him-your back against his chest.

    This was a surprise but not an unwelcome one. You shifted into a more comfortable position, Flipping over onto your stomach, propping your head up with one hand while the other lightly stroke at his chest- you peered down at him. "Better?"

    Mothman sunk further in his spot, completely in bliss, and if that wasn't proof enough Mothman purred even louder in pure content. Now it was perfect. Wrapping his arms around you, hugging you closer to him-making you rest your head on him. You smiled, digging your head further into his plush chest.

    He finally realized what you made, it was a nest for the both of you. Thats why you were so eager to make this. He couldn't wait to put this fort to good use. But seeing how hard you work on this, he could only guess how tired you were after put this together. So he'll let you rest.

    The strong vibration from his purring perforated through your body. Whatever tension or stress you had melted away. It was enough to slowly lull into a nice slumber.

    Well there go your movie plans in here. But that was okay because this was better.

    Together you both laid there in silence. The beat of his heart keeping in rhythm with yours along with the ambiance of the city outside your home. The feeling of his chest rising and falling with you. Sheltered under a flimsy but cushiony fort. You eventually succumbing to sleep while Mothman stayed up to keep watch - enjoying whatever time he had left with you till heading out before dawn. Until the next night, when you could see each other again. So for now, you both held each other in each other's arms on this soft summer night.


    A/N: Thanks for Reading!! <3

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    #blind.dates.250.event #feels...[soft]☁ #bnha#mha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #bnha imagines#bnha scenarios#mha imagines#mha scenarios #bnha x reader #mha x reader #shinsou hitoshi #shinso x reader #hitoshi shinso x reader
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    Self Ship September Day Twenty-One: Fantasy with Bokuto Koutarou x female reader, heart dividers made by @doinmybesthere​

    Thank you @therealvalkyrie​ for beta reading!

    Warnings: angst, hurt with no comfort, major character death. 18+ ONLY MINORS 17 AND UNDER AND AGELESS BLOGS DNI (i.e. do not like, reblog, comment, or follow). I WILL BLOCK.

    Word count: 1,286

    Light filters through the curtains, fingers lightly dance across your arms, lips press against your forehead, rain lightly hitting the glass of your window. You bring your arms around his round shoulders, wrapping yourself tightly around him.

    “Hey, Kou?”

    “Yeah, baby?”

    “Do you ever think about our future together? Fantasize about what it’ll be like?” You ask as you grab his hand, threading your fingers through his.

    “Yeah, I do, actually. I think about you walking down the aisle to me. . . in this gorgeous, white dress that compliments you perfectly – your dream dress – surrounded by a mix of white forget-me-nots and navy blue sunflowers and red anemones. Cause, you know, red means love so we gotta have that and blue for Fukurodani cause that’s where I found my two loves – volleyball and you. We’ll cut the cake – chocolate with white frosting and flowers to match. Kuroo will catch the garter and his girl will catch your bouquet.”

    He takes a moment to catch his breath and kisses your knuckles, “We’ll have our first dance to ‘I Was Made for Lovin’ You’ cause I was made for you and I swear I’ll never get enough. And I can’t wait to see you, glowing in the sunlight, expecting our first child. I can’t wait to grow old with you. You’re my forever and I can’t wait to spend forever with you.”

    Happy tears run down your face, “You want to have kids with me?”

    “Yeah, one day. I swear to God, I can see us with four kids and no sleep. One on each of our knees, one boy, three girls.”

    “I love you so much, Koutarou. You’re my soulmate and I can’t wait for that dream to come true, can’t wait to spend forever with you. You are the only one to have my heart; it’s yours to keep forever and for always.”

    Stashed away in the bridal suite, you turn in your lacey, white, floor length princess gown. Hair done in a simple style with neutral tones for your makeup, you try to hold back tears as the simple veil is placed on your head. Grabbing your bouquet of white forget-me-nots, blue sunflowers, and red anemones, you open the door to walk down the stairs.

    Standing just outside the heavy wooden doors, you hear the opening notes of the wedding march. The doors open to a room full of flowers matching your bouquet, your friends and family and, most importantly, Bokuto waiting for you with a giant smile on his face, happy tears on both your faces. It takes everything in you to not rush down the aisle to him because what’s a few more moments when you’ll get forever?

    Time moves too fast and too slow all at once because you feel like you’re moving in slow motion, having just made it down the aisle in one moment and, the next, rings are being exchanged then Bokuto is dipping you, kissing you deeply, to the cheers of your family and friends. Then you’re running down the aisle to head to reception.

    You enjoy the meal of Caribbean chicken and dance to “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” and Kuroo starts a Congo line. You cut the chocolate cake with white frosting and decorative flowers that match your bouquet. Bokuto feeds you your piece and, in one swift motion, you pick up the whole piece and smash it in his face.

    Covered in frosting, he lets out a hearty laugh then wraps his arms around you, rubbing his face all over yours and you join him in the laughter. God, how much you love this man and you’re so happy that you officially have forever. Faces cleaned off, you both sit down to enjoy the cake and, then, suddenly, you’re in a chair in the middle of the dance floor, Bokuto’s hands grazing up your legs along with his lips until he gets to lacey garter, teeth finding purchase as he drags it down your leg.

    Resurfacing from under your dress, he does the MSBY claws with your garter hanging from his teeth and you laugh. True to his word, Kuroo catches it when Bokuto tosses it. You get in position to throw the bouquet and, also true to Bokuto’s word, Kuroo’s girl catches your bouquet. Finally, it’s time for you and Bokuto to leave for your honeymoon, driving away in the limo that says “Just Married!” as you head to the airport. Once on the plane, you both fall asleep until you open your eyes to a bright light. . .

    The grey sky, rain falling all around you, matches how you feel. You don’t even care that the rain is soaking you to the core; it only helps hide the tears that you’re not even sure are running down your face anymore. You don’t even recognize that the rain has stopped falling on you, now covered by an umbrella, until Kuroo’s arm wraps around your shoulders, large hand resting on the black linen of the sleeve of your short, black dress.

    “I pictured this day differently, you know. Happier, full of love and celebration. It’s our anniversary,” you release a broken sob and all Kuroo can do is pull you to him, letting your mascara stain his shirt.

    ‘I have to be strong for her right now. It’s what Bokuto would want.’

    He hears a muffled phrase, “Sorry, y/n, I couldn’t hear you. What did you say?”

    “I said,” you pull away from his chest, “We talked about getting married, you know. I even thought he was gonna propose soon.”

    “I know. And he was.”

    Your head snaps in shock and confusion as Kuroo pulls a small, black box from his pants pocket, “He had me hold onto this. I was supposed to give it back to him today, so he could give it to you.”

    You take the box and, with shaky hands, open it to see the most gorgeous ring nestled in it – a silver band that ends in two hands, one on each side, holding onto a sapphire heart with a crown resting on top of the heart.

    “He remembered.”

    “Yeah, he said it was a, uh, a – fuck, what was it called?”

    “A Claddagh ring. The hands represent friendship, the heart is for true love, and the crown for loyalty. It means different things, depending how you wear it. Like, if you’re single, you show your heart is open to love by wearing it on the right, facing outwards. If you’re in a relationship, you wear it on the right, facing inward, to show your heart is already taken. When you’re engaged, you switch it to the left, heart pointing outward, to show you’re in a lifelong commitment. And, lastly, you wear it on your left hand with the heart pointing inward to show you’re married. . . and that your heart is taken forever.”

    A sob comes out again, “I can’t believe he remembered. I thought. . . I thought he’d have forgotten.”

    “He loved you. There’s nothing you tell – told him that he forgot.”

    “Can you hold this?” You say and Kuroo takes the larger item from your hand as you place the ring on your finger.

    You grab the item – a bouquet of white forget-me-nots, navy blue sunflowers, and red anemones – to place it on the ground and Kuroo sees the ring on your left hand, heart facing inward. You turn your back, walking away, fresh tears on your face as Kuroo looks at the gravestone one last time, eyes falling on the words before he follows after you, covering you with the umbrella once again.

                                              BOKUTO KOUTAROU

                                      LOVING SON AND BROTHER

                                                      1994 - 2021


    💕 Forget-me-nots mean true love

    💕 Sunflowers mean adoration, loyalty, and longevity

    💕 Anemone means protection against evil or ill wishes unless they're red which they then mean death or forsaken love

    general taglist: @chibishae34​

    © 2021 all works are the property of bakuroo-writings. Do not repost or re-upload to other sites such as wattpad, ao3, or tiktok. Do not do audio readings.

    #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu x female reader #haikyuu angst #bokuto koutarou x reader #bokuto koutarou x female reader #bokuto x reader #bokuto x female reader #bokuto angst #bokuto kotaro x reader #bokuto kotaro x female reader #bokuto koutarou angst #bokuto koutaro angst #🩊.photographs with rin #🍹.September Sweetheart Sundae
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    “you are my greatest sin”

    Art credit

    Monk! Iwazumi x Angel! Reader x Demon! Oikawa

    tw: gn reader, virgin iwa, implied loss of virginity, slut shaming, religious themes, penetration, corruption, some dub-con elements, angst with a happy ending

    Iwazumi Hajime, led a life of obedience.

    He was destined to serve; his faithfulness would be rewarded with eternal life in the Heavens. This promise was enough to bind him to follow the heavenly teachings.

    Blessed with beauty, the young man had to abstain from carnal pleasures that the earth offered. He was to reject this or else, his efforts would be for naught.

    A Heavenly Official, a servant of the Heavens, would watch from above with admiration. Humans were unpredictable creatures—millions of them often fell victims to sin. It was difficult to find a person worthy of salvation.

    Perhaps they should’ve been careful of their watchful eye, for the Devil could still strike into their heart. And it did.

    On Iwazumi’s twenty-third spring, (Name) left the Heavens. At first, it was mere curiosity that led them down this path. It never occurred to them that Iwazumi was their forbidden fruit.

    Their affection for him was the initial step to corruption.

    ⋅𖄔⋅ ✶ ☜ ⋅𖄔⋅ ✩ ⋅𖄔⋅ ☟ ✶ ⋅𖄔⋅

    “We must stop meeting. I cannot see you again.”


    (Name) could feel their resolve wavering. Iwazumi was no longer an individual worthy of respect, but love.

    The longer that they stayed on earth, the harder it would be to return.

    The gates were closing.

    “I must return.”

    “Don’t leave me. I love you.”

    Iwazumi’s words anchored them to him; he was their tether to this place. For him, they would betray the Heavens.

    It was a union that couldn’t exist—his body, mind, and soul belonged to the Heavens. His heart wasn’t his to give.

    Cupping his cheek, (Name) pressed their foreheads together. “I know..” because he was pure in the eyes of the Gods, Iwazumi had a chance to ascend and be with them.

    Upon asking for their hand in Holy Matrimony, Iwazumi Hajime had to await the response of (Name)’s Heavenly Father and Mother.

    Iwazumi resumed prayer and fasting for weeks, but the years passed and he was closer to being thirty. He was left feeling forgotten by the person he treasured most.

    Time was different in the Heavens; years went by in the blink of an eye.

    Patience is a virtue.

    Amongst the monks’ teachings, Iwazumi could not grasp the concept. Would he need to wait until he was on the brink of death to see his beloved again? His heart ached.

    It hurt. It hurt him. It hurt Iwazumi, to the point where he sought solace in the arms of another.

    It’s not something he planned; when collecting herbs for dinner, he encountered a lovely maiden. She had a head full of chestnut hair that shone in the sun and hazel eyes that saw through his facade. For the longest time, he felt seen.

    With a single kiss, the lovely stranger took away his pain.

    She didn’t judge him; her warm bosom offered comfort. Her touch was soft as a feather. Iwazumi was released from the heartache that haunted him.

    He could finally let go of (Name).

    ⋅𖄔⋅ ✶ ☜ ⋅𖄔⋅ ✩ ⋅𖄔⋅ ☟ ✶ ⋅𖄔⋅

    Upon seeing their darling, (Name) was filled with dread.

    Prior to their parting, Hajime smelt like milk and honey; his innocence emitted a sweet scent. Now, he stunk. He was corroded with sin, which exited his body in waves.

    The apple had fallen from the tree and it was rotten to the core.

    The realization of Iwazumi’s betrayal broke (Name)’s heart. Stained by his immorality, he was no longer worthy of entering a union with an angel. They could never be together. His transgressions had left an imprint on his soul.

    Iwazumi Hajime couldn’t ascend anymore; he would live and die in sin.

    As much as he tried to explain, his efforts were in vain. Iwazumi had disobeyed Heaven’s mandate.

    The deed was done.

    Burdened with the knowledge of the real world, Iwazumi could not see why he was in the wrong. He could not understand (Name)’s anger. Though he might have shared his body with another, his heart still yearned for theirs.

    “How could you be so foolish?”

    “My crime was foolishness, for thinking you would be merciful.”

    “You, with a tainted heart, do not deserve mercy.”

    When they tried to return, (Name) found it impossible. Entry to paradise had been denied for anger resided in them. They couldn’t let go of their resentment. Sadness shrouded their form, like a funeral veil.

    Corrupted by their love, the two were destined for tragedy. Their punishment for breaking Heaven’s tule was spending their lifetime separated.

    Mourning the loss of their love and home; (Name) wandered the earth with emptiness, void of righteousness.

    Lost in the abyss of life, and burdened by the heavy price of betrayal, (Name) had to work for the rest of their years to gain favor with the Heavens, in hopes of mercy.

    ⋅𖄔⋅ ✶ ☜ ⋅𖄔⋅ ✩ ⋅𖄔⋅ ☟ ✶ ⋅𖄔⋅

    A powerful cough spurted crimson from their mouth.

    Blood fills my lungs, I cannot breathe. It stains my lips red; the color of passion, anger, and violence.

    It seems that (Name)’s lifespan had shortened— the village doctor could not identify the cause but the former angel knew the root of their malady. Their celestial body could not handle the world’s influence.

    “I can help.”

    A beautiful creature found them, hunched over a tree, spitting blood. “Get away demon..!”

    Oikawa smiled and leant down, “Are you in a state to refuse my hand?”

    Before (Name) could curse him away, their lips were taken in a powerful kiss. Eyes widened with fear. The repercussions of bedding a demon were tremendous. Not only would they never be able to return, but the Heavens would curse them for eternity!

    Their soul wouldn’t reincarnate nor rest.

    Still, the flesh betrayed the remnant of holiness that was left in (Name). “A..aah!” Oikawa worked quickly through their robes, exposing their untouched skin.

    Shame burned in their core, the demon’s hands wandering thoroughly, exploring their body like no other. Their tears were licked away by Oikawa.

    Though he delighted in (Name)’s pain when he penetrated them; he made it quick, not wanting them to suffer too much. That wasn’t his intention.


    Pulling their hand away, Oikawa made sure that (Name)’s muffled moans echoed all the way to Heaven. “Are you feeling good my dear angel?”

    They shook their head, still denying the pleasure that racked through their body. It wasn’t till Oikawa hit a spot that elicited a cry of gratification that (Name) found themselves mumbling, “Y-yes! Yes!”

    It was pathetic, what they’d been reduced to.

    Wholly enticed by the demon, (Name) followed him to Hell.

    There, their wings were ripped away.

    After the painful ordeal, they laid on the cold floor. “Become one with me.” Once again, his wretched hand was taken by (Name).

    Who else could they turn to?

    The Gods would no longer come to their aid and Iwazumi—he deserved better. (Name), who’d chastised him for giving in to his desires, could no longer compare. They had no right to speak or judge, for they were worse.

    Hypocrite. Despicable. Hopeless.

    ⋅𖄔⋅ ✶ ☜ ⋅𖄔⋅ ✩ ⋅𖄔⋅ ☟ ✶ ⋅𖄔⋅

    Demon weren’t supposed to love.

    Oikawa, the Avatar of Lust, found himself enraptured by a Heavenly Official years ago.

    It was rare for them to descend, lest they come to exorcise demons.

    This one, didn’t, fawned on a human. He was handsome, Oikawa could admit, though nothing special. Still, that angel proved loyal. Only leaving to convince their higher ups to allow a union between them.

    He found it easy to sway Iwazumi’s human heart—it worked different than that of an immortal.

    Breaking them apart brought joy to his wicked heart. He was lost on (Name). Now that they were corrupted, he found himself in them.

    Imperfect as they were, Oikawa loved them.

    He would make (Name) happy. He would make them see that living in sin wasn’t so bad. Together, nothing else mattered.

    Their body belonged to him. Every night, they found warmth in each other. The flames of their love couldn’t be extinguished.

    Blissful, Oikawa failed to realize that this newfound happiness wouldn’t last. He was a demon after all, they fates were never meant for contentment.

    He was summoned. Thinking nothing of it, Oikawa brought his beloved spouse with him.

    “I know those eyes..”

    Iwazumi, now older, stared at a male version of the maiden that took his virginity. He stood side by side with the person who still held his heart. He’d promised a demon his soul to see their angel once again.

    And here they were


    They ignored his call, turning to Oikawa with wrath. “It was you.”

    The person that had taken their happiness, their Iwazumi, was Oikawa. He was responsible for their separation.

    Fire enveloped the scene.

    A hand wrapped itself around Oikawa’s slim and snowy neck, squeezing harshly.

    He choked. It burned.

    (Name) saw red; they were overtaken by these dark feelings, becoming the Avatar of Wrath. Oikawa’s pain only fed into their strength.

    “For as long as I live, I will make you suffer.”

    They had eternity together.

    ⋅𖄔⋅ ✶ ☜ ⋅𖄔⋅ ✩ ⋅𖄔⋅ ☟ ✶ ⋅𖄔⋅

    Oikawa was forever marked by (Name).

    A sole handprint on his neck serving as their bond.

    Hundreds of years passed; the two of them living miserably. (Name) was always in a rampage, unable to see clearly. They barely tolerated Oikawa and avoided his touch like the plague.

    In retaliation, he kept Iwazumi’s soul, refusing to let it go.

    “Perhaps I’ll eat it.”

    He never did, opting to have Hajime suffer.

    Leaving destruction in their wake tired (Name). Such a life
 was sad. They missed Hajime. They missed their home. They missed the ability to laugh. The ability to feel love and compassion.

    They were but an empty shell; one who could only feel rage.


    He was taken by surprise as (Name)’s thumb ran across his wound gently. “I want to run away.” The lustful demon was confused by this confession. There was obviously no place to go.

    “Let me talk to Iwa.”


    His gaze hardened and he fully expected (Name) to bend him to their will, but the latter did nothing except blink and sigh.

    In an instant, his mark dissipated.

    “Iwazumi Hajime, forgive me for I have sinned against you. My transgressions brought you suffering and I blamed you for it.”


    Oikawa realized what was happening.

    “Don’t! You’ll disappear!”

    (Name) smiled. They knew and yet

    Never had he met a demon that would give up their power to save a human. This meant that (Name) chose to let go of the resentment and anger that had kept them from Heaven.

    Because they’d refused to forgive Iwazumi, they had been refused entry to their home.

    “I’m sorry for deviating you from the Holy Path. I hope the Gods can smile upon us one last time and allow us to meet in another life, one where we’re blessed with favorable circumstances.”

    They were gone.

    Iwazumi stared at a single black feather. He tried to pick it up but it turned to ash.

    “I can never seem to reach you..”

    ⋅𖄔⋅ ✶ ☜ ⋅𖄔⋅ ✩ ⋅𖄔⋅ ☟ ✶ ⋅𖄔⋅

    Flowers bloomed beautifully.

    “I’ve always loved spring.”

    Iwazumi looked back to see a person smiling into the distance. He felt a sense of familiarity towards them. “You do? Why?”

    Joining him in the shade, (Name) answered the male. “I met someone special during spring.”

    Curiosity sprung him to say, “Who?”

    From above, an apple landed onto (Name)’s awaiting hand. They bit into it, the juice of the fruit wetting their pretty lips. “He kind of looked like you.”

    #iwazumi x reader #iwazumi hajime#haikyuu iwazumi #iwazumi x y/n #iwazumi x you #iwazumi x oikawa #oikawa x reader #oikawa toru x reader #haikyuu oikawa #oikawa x y/n #haikyu x y/n #haikyuu x you #haikyuu x reader #undying vagabond #hq x y/n #hq x you #hq x reader
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    #guinevere x reader #guinevere imagine#guinevere #gwen x reader #gwen imagine#gwen #bbc merlin imagine #bbc merlin #bbc merlin x reader #rfi writings#merlin#merlin imagine #merlin x reader #drabble prompt #non anon request #winterxisxcomingx
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    [My] Sunshine! | Haikyuu!

    characters: Oikawa, Tsukishima, Bokuto, Kuroo

    synopsis: you call them (your) sunshine

    word count: 1300

    event: #𝐇𝐀𝐏𝐏𝐘 𝐁𝐈𝐑𝐓𝐇𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝟐 𝐌𝐄?!

    a/n: i’ll probably make a pt 2 with sakusa and the twins ! anyway, day 3 is done ^_^ i don’t think i’ve ever posted for three days consecutively :’)

    —꩜ Oikawa

    - Oikawa had come over to your home after a long day of practice, when you’d noted his unusually low energy that day and decided to try and cheer him up. He’d been fiddling with his phone, sitting on the couch when you made your way towards him with a little smile.

    - “There’s my sunshine!” You coo at the brunet, which immediately catches his attention - his head whips to you and he can’t control the shy laugh that bubbles from his chest as he notices you were talking about him.

    - “That’s so cheesy, [Name],” he laughs as he grabs your hand and plops you down next to him on the sofa, the bright pink blush radiating from his cheeks tells you he didn’t dislike your words, “do you mean it?” — He asks, his eyes softening ever so slightly as he carcasses your hair in a comforting manner.

    - “Of course, Tooru,” you pinch one of his cheeks affectionately while assuring him, “don’t be silly, why wouldn’t I mean it.”

    - “Then I guess you can’t live without me, eh?” He teases you as he tries to cover up how giddy and loved he felt by your previous words had made him feel. His hand resting against the small of your back, feeling better at your words and soft touches.

    - “I guess that’s right.” You answer back without as much of a second thought.

    - He leans into your shoulder, nuzzling into the crook of your neck, as he stares up at you with his love for you seemingly pouring from his body, “God, I love you so much.”

    - - - - - - - - -

    —꩜ Tsukishima

    - As soon as you make eye contact with your brown-eyed boyfriend, you can’t help but shout as loudly as possible; “There’s my sunshine!”, as he made his way out of the gym with his fellow first years. Who, as soon as they process your words, burst into an uncontrollable laughter.

    - “Want to say that any louder? I don’t think coach heard you well enough.” Your boyfriend rolls his eyes, but you can see the soft pink tint blooming against his cheeks as he approaches you.

    - You hear his best friend giggle behind the blond, much to his annoyance, and soon brown eyes are glaring at the darker colored ones earning a new round of laughs. Tsukishima, in return, starts power walking over to you and huffs in annoyance.

    - “Don’t-“

    - “I guess I can’t call you that anymore,” you jokingly sigh – and Tsukishima would be naive to think it was a normal sigh , “would honey bunny do?”

    - “[Name],” You hear Kei mumble, “I’ll buy you anything, just not here, I want to be able to show my face around school tomorrow.”

    - “Is the honey bunny angry?” You hear Tanaka coo.

    - “Come on.” He grabs your hand and drags you away as he mumbles something about this being the reason they were all single and how nicknames were stupid.

    - “So, no more nicknames?”

    - “No,” he mumbles when you’re both a better distance from his teasing club members – under the orange sunset you can make out the red tint in his cheeks that hadn’t ever really disappeared, “I like them, just –, not in front of the guys, or anyone
 just - just us, okay?”

    - - - - - - - - -

    —꩜ Bokuto

    - You’d been feeling pretty down, your teacher had been nothing short of a bitch today, your lunch had gotten smushed in your bag, your friend had skipped school because they were sick, and you had a pop quiz on your worst subject.

    - Of course, you didn’t want to be sulking around Koutarou, especially since he tended to get sad if you were sad and so forth, so you mentally prepared yourself to distance yourself from your boyfriend — afraid to put him in a bad mood before practice. It’s while you’re halfway through texting him explaining you weren’t feeling the best when you see a flash of silver dash through the halls.

    - And immediately a smile breaks through your cheeks. Almost like a miracle cure it, just seeing your boyfriend had you feeling better and storing your phone back into your school jacket.

    - “There’s my sunshine!” You beam as you’re tackled into a hug, your senses are filled to the brim with him, just him.

    - “And you’re mine, silly!” He laughed as he nuzzled into your neck, his cheeks resting against your shoulder and you can feel the way they’re giving off a soft heat.

    - “Bo,” you run your fingers through his hair, “are you blushing?”

    - “Hm, are you?” Gold eyes peek up into yours.

    - “Maybe~”

    - “Hmph, maybe too.” He huffs.

    - - - - - - - - -

    —꩜ Kuroo

    - He had invited you over to study, you two had a physics exam the next week and you’d ask him for help and as your loving, sweet, magnificent boyfriend Tetsuro had no choice but to agree a bit too eagerly for the way he’d talked about the subject beforehand.

    - You’d decided to go buy him some snacks in hopes of repaying his kindness before heading over to his place, stopping at the convenience store near his mom’s apartment but you were shocked to see his hunched over figure pondering over two different types of chips.

    - Quickly realizing what he was doing, you duck at the nearest shelves and continue watching the way he tries to decide what chips to get. His eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he mumbled something you couldn’t quite make out (it sounded like he was trying to weigh the pros and cons of each bag) when an older lady approached him offering him help.

    - He seemed deep in thought, his eyebrows furrowed as if the decision between two chip flavors secretly equated to solving poverty, the lady chipping in every once in a while, after sometime he just sighs and decides to buy the two chip flavors – which is when you take your cue to leave, a plan already in your mind on how to tease your boyfriend.

    - “So, whatcha’ you doing?” You sneak up on him, causing a startled gasp to come out of Kuroo – who was now blushing red from embarrassment as people around you two glared at him.

    - “God, [Name], you scared me,” he huffs, he puffs out his cheeks jokingly, “and I should be asking you that, you’re supposed to be over at my place not here.”

    “Just wanted to surprise you with some snacks,” you laugh, “you know, cause you’re a nice boyfriend and all.”

    - “That’s sweet,” he smiles before whispering, a devious smirk on his lips, “but as your nice boyfriend, I know you’re lying~” You’re now both making your way down to the cashier.

    - “Fine, I had been wanting these chips for some time now,” you point at a random bag, knowing full well that it was not either of the ones Kuroo had been contemplating on, “they’re only available here though.”

    - “Eh, those?” He glares at the bag, “Cheese and honey flavored?”

    - You blink, surprised at the weird combination, “Yeah?”

    - “Ah, and here I was buying you these ones,” he pouts, frowning slightly as he points to your favorite flavor, “I mean, that one doesn’t sound as good but
 if you want to we could get it instead.”

    - “You’d eat cheese and honey flavored chips

    for me?”

    - “I mean, if you really want them

    - “Even though you hate cheese?” You tease, “I’m so lucky to have such a cute boyfriend, you’re like a little ball of sunshine.”

    - “Huh? Don’t you think you’re confusing me with Karasuno’s number 10?” Kuroo’s eyes widen, his cheeks growing red.

    - “Nope, I’m talking about Nekoma’s number 1 nerd.” You poke his cheeks.

    - “Pick one, am I your sunshine or nerd?”

    - “Nerdy sunshine.”

    - “God
 you ruined this.” He jokes, exaggerating an eye roll as he begins checking out his stuff.

    - “So, no cheese and honey chips?”

    - “In your dreams, babe.”

    #hq x reader #haikyuu x reader #oikawa tooru x reader #tsukishima kei x reader #bokuto koutarou x reader #kuroo tetsuro x reader #bokuto x reader #kuroo x reader #oikawa x reader #tsukishima x reader #haikyuu fluff#kuroo fluff#bokuto fluff#oikawa fluff #haikyuu x gn!reader #hq headcanons#hq hc #hq!! #hq imagines #haikyuu!! x you #haikyuu!! x reader #—🎀 hq!! #— 𝐇𝐀𝐏𝐏𝐘 𝐁𝐈𝐑𝐓𝐇𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝟐 𝐌𝐄?! #—✒ sora’s scripts
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    21.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕯𝖗𝖆𝖌𝖔𝖓 đ•œđ–†đ–Žđ–‰ | đ•¶.𝕭𝖆𝖐𝖚𝖌𝖔𝖚 | â„­đ”„đ”žđ”­đ”±đ”ąđ”Ż. ⅱ

    Desperate to escape the wrath of the all too powerful magick wielding Sizithian ruler, your father sends you off to wed the king of the Protectorate of Sha, upon his daunting request.

    For the very first time, you set off outside of the confines of your home, traveling east to resentfully start your very unwanted life. But beyond the walls of your kingdom is more than what meets the eye.

    The world you live in isn’t as peaceful as you always thought it would be, the mythical creatures whose stories you used to recall to the children of the kingdom stare you in the eye, elves, fairies and mermaids alike. It was also then that you witnessed the full capability of the dragon’s wing to summon an eclipse as it flew over the land below it. And just like all the stories you knew about; the untold tale of the dragon raid will inevitably lead to the greatest war of all.

    ═ đ—–đ—”đ—źđ—żđ—źđ—°đ˜đ—Č𝗿𝘀:  Katsuki Bakugou x Fem!Reader

    ═ đ—Șđ—Œđ—żđ—± đ—–đ—Œđ˜‚đ—»đ˜:  4.5K

    ═ đ—Șđ—źđ—żđ—»đ—¶đ—»đ—Ž(𝘀): mentions of blood, mentions of an injured individual, mentions of... alcohol?

    ═ 𝗧𝗼𝗮đ—čđ—¶đ˜€đ˜: open

    ═ đ—”đ˜‚đ˜đ—”đ—Œđ—ż'𝘀 đ—Ąđ—Œđ˜đ—Č(𝘀): we finally meet baku and kiri HEHEEEE

      â„­đ”„đ”žđ”­đ”±đ”ąđ”Ż Ⅱ

    The street market in the Akhirean trade company is the apotheosis of all markets you’ve ever laid your eyes on in your kingdom. Well, your father’s kingdom, it’s huge, standing to the sky for what looks like an eternity in all directions.

    You click your tongue to urge the horse -Ageru- to pick up his pace to match the prince’s, eyes nowhere near focused on his highness with the number of colors and aromas engulfing your senses from several feet away. “We- we’re at the trade company?” You’re in awe at the sight, absolutely missing the fond smile Shoto sends your way. “Correct, this is it.” He ponders his next words well before taking a deep breath. “Would you like to take a look?”

    You almost lose your balance from turning around so abruptly, blinking at the prince and waiting for him to tell you it's some lame joke. “Yes! Could I? Yeah, yes please.” You nod eagerly, turning back around to look at the masses of people as the prince orders the guards to find shelter until the next dawn.

    You ease yourself off of the horse when prince Shoto waves you over, smiling gratefully at one of the guards when he jogs over to take the reins from you and starts feeding Ageru right away. You step out of the shaded area and into the sun, feeling as if you have stepped into an oven ready to be broiled. The heat of the day has already been bad on your way to the trade company, sapping any energy you have to spare, but stepping into the sunlight is far worse.

    You’re enamored with the atmosphere of the market, there are crowds of people and an excess of noise, each seller inviting you to their stall with loud slogans and advertisements about their products. You can’t help but crinkle your nose at the overwhelming scents of smokey lanterns, grease, and sewage.

    Worried about separation, parents grip their children’s hands tightly, moving in all directions, pushing and shoving; fearing that they would be lost. Everything is in flux, always morphing into a new shape. Despite the noise, the smile never departs from you. The ear-piercing chaos is somehow endearing━ much too different from the deafening silence between the castle walls.

    The streets are lined with stalls of fresh produce, fresh foods, clothes, cooked food, flowers, and even jewelry. Fashionable women's clothes come in many colors, some of which are as blinding as the afternoon sun. A few of the stalls are well arranged, while others merely have their wares scattered on the floor. Hundreds of umbrellas of different shapes and sizes hover in the air, shielding customers from the sun. Despite their temporary setup, roadside food stands serve clients with sizzling hot cuisine and refreshing cool drinks, as well as any other items they want. Food prepared in various styles and flavors filled and drifted through the air. The exotic smelling scents, the sweet-smelling aromas, and the tempting fragrances fill and float through the air.

    “Pretty lady, buy a pot.” One seller says, “no finer pot in brass or silver.” You nod gratefully, waving farewell when a hand places itself on your back to move you out of the way. “Thank you,” you mumble to the prince, “don’t think I'd have the heart to say no.”

    “Would the lady like a necklace?” Another shopkeeper calls, showing you one that catches your attention, a certain force pulling you towards it. The necklace pendant was the insides of an old-fashioned watch, the cogs no longer taking note of the time and were all the more timeless for it. It’s the kind of thing you might find tossed out for being useless, yet to you, it felt like you couldn’t walk a single step away from it after laying your sight on it. “A pretty necklace for a pretty lady,”

    “Oh, no thank you,” you say as you try to walk away from the stall, disheartened you can't afford it no matter how much it caught your attention. “How much is it?” the prince asks, taking out a pouch of money and dropping it on the table, the sound it makes when it hits the surface of the counter indicates that it's much, much more than what it actually costs. “Shoto, you really don’t have to━” “Sold!”

    With a squeal, you bow in thanks to him and take the necklace to wear it instantly, smiling at it even as it barely reflects any light with its dingy condition. “Oh, thank you thank you! I promise I'll repay you.” Instead of replying━ arguing with you, he simply guides you along the market as you awe and point out at the different shops with a happy grin, excited about trying new food, or touching different fabrics, while the prince only smiles at your reactions, loathing your father for keeping you locked up in your own personal hell and stopping you from enjoying the little things in life.

    Large ragged wagons adorned with a vegetable collage were parked beside the street, and their owners stood beside them yelling prices like auctioneers, but instead of a hammer, they had a carrot, which they would use to wade away the flies that were pointlessly dancing around the crops.

    “Try this,” the proprietor hands you a slice of watermelon, completely ignoring the sulking prince by your side as you adjust your cloak on your head. “Your tastebuds will sing and dance!” You hum excitedly at the sweetness of the nectar when you take a bite, tearing a piece to hand it over to Shoto, who graciously takes it with a warm flush to his cheeks, and you innocently blame it on the scalding sun above.

    It's a tussle as everyone scrambles to get their hands on the goods they're interested in. Many people push, elbow, and shove at each other, some hurrying, some hesitating, some running, and others waving their arms around. The aim of these people is unfathomable. In order to acquire the greatest goods at the best possible rates, housewives of all ages haggle with sellers. Whilst vendors entice clients with gentle words and modest actions.

    Occasionally, you’d find the same two men would belt out a song at the top of their lungs, but are immediately silenced when a woman smacks their backs with her broom. There is a crescendo of vendors attempting to outdo one other. On the street, there are several merchants who talk softly and sweetly to each other, as well as noises of sizzling food and ladles hitting woks. To you, street markets in the summer are beautiful, fragrant, and full of intriguing noises. They offer a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who attends.

    Alas, as night falls, the blue haze of the day lifts, revealing the stars in all their glory. Every time, you get the impression that this is a more accurate portrayal of who everyone is in reality. You wonder, if people were nocturnal would they feel more connected to those far away stars, perhaps sensing the fragility of Earth all the more? Night for you is when the curtain is drawn back and you get a glimpse of what others term "the sky" from the window.

    Stars shine in the night sky like snowflakes, but they remain still, like a faded portrait. When the wind blows your garments into a tangle, you smile. There, at the edge of the known universe, they'd be an orchestrated snowstorm. You can only imagine how the stars would move, how the galaxies would twirl and dart. Although while you sit on the bench, hand wrapped around the necklace, and your head softly nodding in sleep, the stars retain their usual pattern. This little instant is watched over by the stars, who have seen ages and millennia pass by in the same way.

    The market was in a frenzy, but you have never seen it while it’s sleeping. An air current passes over it and the crumpled paper on the ground is carried along. It seems as though the street has been turned into a graveyard. There was a time when moonlight would elude the clouds that covered the moon. When the market would slumber soundly, ready to erupt again at the first sight of daybreak the next day. Only a few individuals had taken note of the market's real beauty and magic, and you’re glad you’re one of them.

    In the starlit night, the black comforting the moon above, the abandoned street began urging you to dream, dreaming of the good times before and the ones you hope would come in time.

    You make it to a famous old tavern called Yuuei. The paint on the softwood is as thick as the cream cheese that your mother applies on your bread whenever your father would look away during supper. There are a variety of sun-baked colors hidden behind the flake layers. The old place has become more attractive to you in its decay. While the door, which you can tell was formerly a cherry red color, remains the same, the peelings are various colors of pink that have succumbed to the heat year after year. It will continue to move on its hinges, but with the sluggishness of a senile elder. Cranking sounds reverberate up from below as rafters creak to keep their ceiling from falling in. You only pass by this building and it quickly becomes one of the places you would gladly call home. A place that is the same as every other couldn't possibly make you fall in love with it, can it?

    Alas, your journey is nowhere near over, “Um, Shoto-” you wring your hands together until he urges you to continue with an attentive hum, “could I, possibly, take a look around, I- I don’t think I’m done admiring the place.” You pray and hope he doesn't deny you, doe eyes looking up at him pleadingly as Shoto tilts his head to the side in doubt. “I don't understand, your highness,” he says, crossing his arms after handing money to the guards to book them their rooms and search them up before you two enter them.

    “Why are you asking for my permission?”

    You stand there as if your feet are nothing, so at a loss for words, you can’t even comprehend what he says until he turns around to enter the inn.

    “Wait!” you call out and hold onto his arm, clenching the fabric of his shirt as you try and collect your thoughts, “s-so, you’ll just, let me go, un- unsupervised?” “yes,” it sounds so simple, slipping past his lips, as if opening the door for you to live all your imaginations and trusting you to come back to mundanity.

    “But why?” You’re not sure why you’re questioning it, you’ve never been given this freedom, it's like you’re so used to not having it, a certain voice reminds you that you don’t deserve it. And oddly enough, it couldn't sound more like your father than it does. “You’re not afraid I might run away?”

    For the first time since you’ve met him, you see the prince laugh, alas it’s barely a laugh, more like puffing out excess breath out with a smile. “Now, your highness, how are you gonna rule everything that the sun touches when you’re buried six feet under?”

    You swallow heavily, eyes searching for the glimmering suns in his mismatched eyes before nodding hesitantly, fisting the material of your dress as you mumble an “okay” under your breath and turn around to leave.

    Though the streets you pass by haven’t heard a sound in a while, there are still the lanterns, stubbornly shining into the night. It’s as if they simply love to share that amber glow, regardless of if anyone admires it, and how lucky do you feel when you’re present to do just that. Under their steady watch, the woodwork brings a nostalgic feeling, notions of romance under rainy skies. This is a street where real life has been, the turning of skipping ropes and shrieks of children, the calling of people getting by trying to earn their livelihood. You let your hand graze the bricks of some buildings as you pass by them, the abandonment is a temporary thing, that the universe would bring the joy back to this place the very next day.

    Nothing breaks you out of your trance but the jagged breaths behind a back alley, echoing through the walls despite how labored and quiet they are. When you step into the dimly lit passage, you could see what your ears are telling you already. A person is huddled in the corner, bright red hair pointing upwards as he breathes heavy, incoherent hushed mumbles slipping past his lips as he rocks back and forth. With hazy focus, your foot meets an empty glass bottle -probably that of alcohol- accidentally kicking it and perking the person’s attention towards you. You’re left standing timidly, only then noticing the blond person in the redhead’s lap.

    Faint-hearted, you tread carefully to the bloody mess on the floor that only then did you notice. In one shattered moment your heart and breathing stop, just absolutely cease, he’s a bloody mess, they both are, but the blond looks way worse, bloody spit drools from his slack jaw, nose smashed and eyes almost shut just from the swelling, arms loosely wrapped around his guts like he's barely holding them in and honestly, with the amount of beating he probably went through, you’re not surprised if he is. Your eyes get a wide look, bottom lip trembling as you approach them silently, you’re taken aback when a hiss emits from the redhead, and it takes you a few seconds to register the sound as he cradles the blond closer to him and away from you.

    “It- it's alright,” you try to sound as comforting as you can regardless of your trembling hands, trying to examine the damage before trying to go and ask for help. “I just- I just wanna help,”

    “Help?” the man croaks and you nod encouragingly, reaching over until the tips of your fingers graze the blond hair, his lack of breath is felt through your body, a feeling of tiredness and lethargy. His lungs barely work to bring in the much-needed oxygen, as if he's drowning in the air.

    You try to study the harm without tearing up, swallowing heavily when you look up to meet the carmine eyes of the redhead, only then noticing the prodding horns poorly hidden under the scarf he has wrapped around his head, you try to blink away from him, yet your sight never falters away until he grunts at you. “Sorry- sorry.”

    “Wait here, I━ I need to get some medications, try and apply pressure on the wound━” the dumbfounded look the man gives you have your shoulders dropping, clenching the fabric of your dress as you look down at him when you finally stand up. “You,” you stammer, “you don’t understand me, do you?” He only blinks in response, showing you the tattered man and uttering the only word he spoke since, “Help.”

    “Yes, yes I━ I will help, I will get help and come back, okay?” you place your hands forward and point down to the floor, “Stay, stay here, okay?” Yet, still nothing, a solemn look on his face when he sees you backing away.

    You run with that excuse of a dress out of the alley, turning left and right as you try to find one person that could point you in the direction of an infirmary.

    “Excuse me!” you call out to two men swaying left and right as they sing at the top of their lungs, and you remember them as the couple who kept singing during the chaos of the market. “Hey! It’s the pretty lady.” the blond one sings, rolling his ‘r’s aggressively and shimmying his shoulder while the other claps clumsily.

    “Yes, hello, um, I’m looking for an infirmary, do you by any chance know where I can find one?” You stare hopefully at the two, who only arch their brows at each other before the blond one grins at you lazily. “Whatsit to us, princess?” He slurs out with a heavy tongue, and you hold the urge to gag in his face when you catch a whiff of the stench of his breath. Despite the very obvious disgusted look you give him, he still leans forward, and you stand your ground, no matter how bad you want him to close his mouth and turn away from you.

    “Yeah, a pretty woman like you wouldn’t ask for help without anything in return, hm?” the raven head throws his arm around his companion’s shoulders, both cackling at the look you gave them like you’re some entertainer telling the funniest of jokes.

    “Oi, Denki!” Your shoulders relax at the sound of the sober woman, recalling her as the one chasing those two whenever they sang loud high enough to deafen dogs. She finally reaches you, smacking the back of the blond -Denki’s- head with an annoyed look. “What did I say about leaving the pub drunk?” She crosses her arms and taps her foot against the floor annoyedly. “to always do it?” Denki smiles and purses his lips to get a kiss from her, only for the woman to smack him again.

    “Ouch, Kyoka, that hurts! Hanta, banish her.” the two men start to argue over Hanta not
 defending Denki’s honor, rolling on the floor while you and -Kyoka- eye them oddly. “I’m, so sorry about these idiots.” she shakes her head disappointedly, yet you never miss the slight smile on her face, and you tilt your head to the side in wonder.

    “Um, it’s alright, I guess,” you blink as you remember your reason for talking to them in the first place. “I was wondering,” she turns to nod at you. “If I can find an infirmary open, a friend of mine is injured and in need of some help.” Kyoka’s eyebrows twitch before she nods and points to the end of the street.

    “Old man Torino’s still open, he can help you.” you clasp her hands and bow, shaking both her hands before lifting the ends of your dress to walk faster towards the direction she pointed out to you. “Oh, thank you thank you.”

    You finally make it to the infirmary, pushing the door open and jumping in place at the clinking sound the door makes when you do, you smile at the elder man -presumably Torino- behind the counter, bowing your head gently before speaking. “Hello, my friend is injured and━ and bleeding I was wondering if I could get some ointments and bandages to wrap up his wounds,” Torino silently eyes you annoyedly before he nods, lazily getting off of his chair to go to the back to pack up the stuff you asked for while you tap your fingers nervously at the counter, the lantern’s flame swayed softly with the night breeze and you cant but envy their state of mind, probably not being dragged from their home into another, threatened to be killed with one step out of line, and now having an injured man hidden in an alleyway that needs their help.

    “That’ll be a hundred and twenty mora,” the man mumbles as he places the pouch on the counter, and you can only blink stupidly at him as his hand hangs awaiting your payment. “M-mora?” you squeak, in the heat of the moment, you forgot you don’t even have any money, taken away from your house with nothing to spare. Everything is offered to you for free in your kingdom, only able to steal a few times here and there to drop it all off at the orphanage.

    “I’m sorry,” is all the man has to listen to for his expression to fall, tugging the bag by its strings and tossing it by his feet behind the counter in case you had any idea of napping it and bolting out into the dark streets. “I— look I, I’ll pay you back tomorrow I promise, I just need this real bad, and I can’t afford it right now, please believe me,”

    The man ponders for a bit, his eyes racking your chest and levering a gasp from you, hands stopping their fumbling with the corset’s threads to cover whatever could be exposed from it. “Oh give it a rest, not in a hundred years,” he scoffs, reaching over and tugging at your necklace before leaving it to hang on your neck again. “This’ll do,” he says as he leans down to pick up the things again, waiting for you to take the pendant off to hand it to him.

    “No, no,” you shake your head as he laughs, scrunching your brows as he leans back to cross his arms. “Listen here, brat.” his face hardens at you. “Every minute you’re out here arguing is another minute where your friend is left bleeding out, is his life really more important than your rusty pendant?” you’ve never taken a necklace faster in your life, reaching back to unhook it before tossing it into the waiting palm of the owner. “Thank you!” you don’t forget to call as you run out with the hemp bag thrown over your shoulder, running to the alleyway you probably won’t be able to forget about anytime soon.

    “Hello,” you whisper as your steps startle the redhead, his red eyes suddenly glowing again as you try and ease him by crouching down, trying to approach him as if he were a wary bunny to help him escape before your father catches sight of it.

    “H-help, remember?” you smile when his eyes simmer down and return back to being scarlet, settling in front of him as he loosens his arms around the man and looking at you pleadingly while you open the bag and get out the ointments to help.

    “Okay, I need you to lay him on the ground— oh right,” you shake your head, pointing to the floor between the two of you. “Floor, down, down, okay okay yes! Good.” you smile when he after much thought lays the man on the floor and then do you take his feature.

    The man has such a beautiful shade of blond to his hair, bringing memories of golden wheat fields, of those many hued stems that dance in the autumn light, whispering gentle songs to your ears as you hid between them whenever you were able to escape the castle grounds into the town. Eyelashes softly fluttering in pain and kissing the apples of his cheeks, the finest of black petals if you ever were to see ones. Chapped lips barely parted to let out small puffs of air as he groans in pain.

    You place his arm on the floor to inspect the injuries, taking a deep breath at the sight of the blood covering his abdomen, you slowly unlace his cloak, folding it and handing it to the redhead, who sniffs it and holds it close to him like a little kitten recognizing the scent of its mother.

    Pushing the necklaces aside, the tips of your fingers caress the different stones in awe, twinkling in the dim lighting as they shift and land with a low clink on the floor. You take some of the ointment to spread it on the wound, earning a painful wail from the supposedly unconscious blond man as you try to shush him and tell him that everything’s gonna be fine.

    Suddenly you’re tossed to land back on your ass, breathing heavily as the protruding claws from the redhead barely miss your legs and your dress falls in shambles as the victim instead. His skin is suddenly splotched in red, as if going through an allergic reaction like that one kid in town whenever he ate those berries from the bushes behind the church, right before he starts swelling up. Except, this time, the man seems more like an animal than not, growling and hissing at you as if you’re a deer finally caught after a wild chase.

    “What the hell is wrong with you?” you shout regardless of him not understanding you, glaring him down as he hovers on his hands and feet above the now sweating man, ready to pounce on you if you make one wrong move and interrupting whatever work you had going on. “I’m trying to help, you ass! You coulda hurt me.” The whimper that leaves the blond has both of you staring at him, uttering one word that had the redhead tearing up.

    “Kirishima,” he whimpers, before his eyes flutter close again, and the redhead, who you can only assume is named Kirishima, lets out an inhuman weep, sits back on his haunches and clenches the pants of the shirtless man pleadingly.

    “Help,” he looks at you, “Katsuki, help.” your heart breaks a second time, dusting yourself off before fixing your posture with a nod. “Okay... Kirishima,” you test the waters, smiling softly when his eyes light up at the sound of his name. “I’ll help.”

    After bandaging up the blond, you softly run your hands through his hair, untangling some of it that got matted down with dirt and blood before smiling at Kirishima who crawled to sit next to you as you worked on his companion. “All good,” the embers in his eyes light up, reaching over to hold both your hands, ignoring your flinch when you thought his claws will cut you deep, blinking stupidly at your joined hands when his hands look normal again, and you almost disregard yourself until you remember your tattered skirt.

    “K-kogaan,” he stammers, clearly at a loss of words. “What?” you blurt out, blinking at him as he tilts his head. “Kog-- nox! Nox.”

    “...Nox?” He nods eagerly when you repeat his words, almost proudly, and it takes you a few moments to recollect your thoughts as you unravel the cloak to cover -Katsuki’s- body. “T-that’s a lot of names to get in one day,” you pinch the bridge of your nose to ease the built-up tension, squealing into the night sky when the redhead jumps you.

    You’re leaning back on your palms, breath heavy as you feel Kirishima’s teeth dig into your cheek, you start to hyperventilate, with his face very close to yours and no way of escaping without him keeping a piece of your flesh between his teeth.

    After a moment or two, he backs away just a bit, and you push him away lightly, but it’s so sudden it has the man tumbling back, and you take the chance to run, leaving everything behind, not turning back even as the lonely man calls out for you into the night sky.

    ‷ đ”Žđ”Šđ”Żđ”Šđ”°đ”„đ”Šđ”Ș𝔞: đ”ˆđ”«đ”±đ”Żđ”¶

    ‷ 𝔐𝔞𝔭 ℜ𝔬đ”Čđ”±đ”ą

    ‷ đ”„đ”Ąđ”łđ”ąđ”«đ”±đ”Č𝔯𝔱 đ”„đ”±đ”±đ”Šđ”Żđ”ą

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  • mca-attack21
    21.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    A Long Day (Part 3)

    This is the third and final part to the "A Long Day" Series.

    Somehow you had managed to calm down during your drive to Kildare. You knew that no matter what your mom tried to do, your friends would be there for you every step of the way. Besides, staying at John B's meant you'd be able to help him keep the place up for DCS and even help him pay rent. Another bonus is the amount of time that your boyfriend already spent there. You could transfer to their school in the fall and from there you could figure it out.

    As you walked towards Twinkie, it started to rain. You smiled as you rapped your hand on the door in the 'secret code'. You were quickly greeted by JJ, Kie, and Pope.

    "Everything good?" JJ asked, searching your eyes.

    "It is now," you answered wrapping your arms around him and giving him a quick kiss.

    "Okay that's enough PDA, we are still here," Pope joked.

    The four of you sat and waited, they filled you in on the newest additions to the plan. Kie complained about Sarah, and how she couldn't be trusted again. But again, your mind started to wander.

    ‘I didn’t know that sluts were allowed to wear white, she’s still hot for a pogue though.’

    Why did it matter where people are from, who their parents are, and the amount of money they had? Your mother's comments about JJ resurfaced, which led you to think about JJ's dad and the scene outside of the police station. You allowed yourself to consider for a moment how much worse it would have been if you weren’t there.

    Clearly starting to get in your head, you decided to leave before JJ noticed and asked you about it. “Okay, they are taking too long, I’m going to get them,” you explained before exiting the van.

    You made your way to the Hawk’s nest only to see that John B and Sarah were joined by Topper. You sprinted up the stairs, knowing that nothing good was going to come out of this, especially since he was already upset and drinking earlier.

    “You are a stupid, lying whore Sarah,” you heard Topper say as you rounded the corner.

    John B, pushed him out of her face, “Just stop it, man. Leave her alone.”

    “Sarah you better tell him to back off, cause I’m about to beat his ass,” Topper threatened, "I'll drown him like his old man, I swear I will,"

    “No, you won't,” you spoke before John B could respond, alerting everyone of your presence. You pushed yourself in between Topper and John B. "You guys can go, I have my car here, I'll make sure Topper gets home okay," you instructed without even looking back at them.

    "Y/n I don't think that's a good idea," John B replied.

    "I'll be fine, just go." As soon as you heard them start to leave you looked back at your brother, “Come on Top, you're drunk, I’ll drive us home.”

    "No, I'm going anywhere with you, you knew!" he said clearly distressed.

    "Knew what Top? That you were about to do something stupid? That's kinda a given when can can't even speak without your words slurring together."

    Topper snapped grabbed your arm forcefully, “You knew about Sarah and John B and you didn’t even tell me. What the hell?"

    Your tone softened as you realized what Topper meant, "Topper, I swear I didn't know that anything was going on between them."

    "Your lying, you’re not my sister not anymore, you’re one of them.”

    "First of all, let go of me," you said ripping your wrist free and taking a step back. The thunder clapped again, sounding closer this time, and the rain was coming down harder. You tried to remind yourself that he was drunk and heartbroken, but that didn’t stop the sting of his words, especially following the scene with your mother from earlier. “You are in no condition to drive, especially with the storm, so hate me all you want, but I am going to make sure you get home safely. Let’s go,” you said lightly touching his arm.

    “I’m not leaving with you!” he yelled, anger getting the better of him, without even thinking about it he pushed you off of him and backward and you broke through the railing. Your body made a thud when it hit the sand and it was still. Too still. Topper sobered up, realizing what he had just done. He was racing down to see if you were okay, but John B was there and he knew that he needed to leave before the rest of the Pogues showed up.

    John B had said goodbye to Sarah who he had convinced to go home before the storm got any worse. He was going to head back to Twinkie when he heard you and Topper yelling at each other. He doubled back to the Hawk’s nest just in time to see you fall. He sprinted to your side, “Shit, shit, shit, Y/n! Can you hear me? Y/n!” John B slid to his knees slightly moving your head to see if he could get you to come to. He was met with a small groan. He was afraid to move you too much, having no idea how injured you were.

    “Help! Someone help!” he screamed, he dug his hand through his pocket for a phone that wasn’t there. He had no idea if he friends would be able to here him through the rain. He didn't want to leave you, but he couldn't get you help if he stayed there. A small groan escaping your lips, and he refocused his attention on you, “Hey Y/n, wake up, come on now. You're okay, you're going to be okay,” he promised before looking back towards the path to the Twinkie and yelling at the top of his lungs, “I need help! JJ! Pope! Kie! Help!”

    It was not long before JJ and Pope came sprinting down the path, “What’s wrong John B?” JJ yelled before he rounded the corner, “What happened?” he demanded before taking John B’s place at your head.

    “Topper pushed from the top of the nest. She needs help. But I don’t think we can move her,” John B explained.

    “Where the hell is he?” Kie asked, looking around for any sign of your brother.

    “That doesn’t matter right now, we need to call an ambulance!” JJ ordered looking between his friends.

    “My phones in the van, I’ll go,” Pope says before running off.

    “Hey Y/n, can you open those beautiful eyes for me? Come on sweetheart, you are going to be okay, you just need to wake up,” JJ’s hands hovered over you wanting to shake you, but being afraid to touch you. He glanced up at the top of the nest, the severity of the situation crashing into him like a 15 foot wave. He lost whatever calm that he had, “Y/n please, I need you to be okay, please, I can’t lose you,” tears were streaming down his face at how still you were.

    He barely registered John B pulling him away from you so that the paramedics could get to work. He just turned and hugged his best friend, who pulled him back towards the van. He didn't register the conversations being had between his friends as they decided who would take your car. Kie heading towards the hospital in your car, Pope driving the Pogue, while John B tried to keep JJ calm in the back.

    “She’ll be okay man, she’s tough,” John B to comfort JJ, who was on the verge of a panic attack.

    “Yeah, she’s going to be fine,” Pope agreed.

    “Totally, it’s not like she just fell from 50 feet, laying still on the ground completely unresponsive,” JJ replied harshly, raising his hand to his chest.

    “JJ," John B said, trying to catch his focus.

    “I’m sorry, I just- I can’t lose her,” he cried, pulling his knees up into his chest like he used to when he was a child.

    "You're not going to lose her man, I promise," John B replied.

    When they got to the hospital, they were told that they couldn’t see you or be told how you were doing because they were not family. Your mom had apparently called and told them that she and Topper were the only ones allowed to see you, no exceptions. JJ tried to explain that he was your boyfriend and how he just needed to know if you were okay, but considering the fact that your mom was one of the top donors towards the hospital, he never had a chance. He desperately made a dash to go back to the ICU but was stopped by the security guards. John B and Pope stepped in to try to reason with them, but it just went downhill from there until all three of them were being threatened to get kicked out or have the cops called.

    “Okay, okay, I’m sorry. Just ask her mom to come out here please and I’m sure we can work it out,” JK said calmly.

    “Her mom isn’t here. You kids need to go home,” the nurse replied.

    “What? That’s insane! We aren’t going anywhere!” John B argued.

    “It’s okay JB, we can come back later,” JJ said calmly and everyone took his lead heading around the corridor.

    “What the hell man? We are not leaving her here alone,” John B said once they were out of earshot of the guards and head nurse.

    “No we’re not,” JJ said, holding up the nurse's ID.

    After managing to snag some scrubs from a locker room, JJ snuck around the hospital until he made his way back to the ICU. He tricked a nurse into giving him your room number and then snagged your chart on the way in your room.

    When he saw you laying there unconscious hooked up to the machines, he realized that he had never once seen you look helpless before. You looked small and delicate, and those were not words he would ever have used to describe you. He took a seat beside you, daring to look at your chart. You had a concussion, dislocated shoulder, and broken collarbone. Pain meds, a sling, and ice and you should be good as new after a few weeks. JJ smiled at the words and took a moment to send his friends a picture of your chart with a text saying you would be okay. They text him back, but he chose to ignore them, placing your chart down and taking your hand in his.

    “Y/n? Can you hear me? It’s JJ,” he spoke softly, “Babe, I need you to wake up,” he tried again. He stood up and pushed the hair out of your face before gently kissing your forehead. It was as he pulled away that you started to shift, taking in a deep breath before briefly opening your eyes.

    “Good morning,” he joked softly. You forced your eyes open again, wincing as you turned your neck to see him better. “Hey, hey, hey, don’t move. Just relax,” he instructed.

    “Where am I?”

    “St. Olive’s. You fell from the top of the Hawk’s nest, but you're going to be okay. Just a mild concussion, broken collarbone and a dislocated shoulder.”

    “At least my nurse is cute,” you joked, causing you to laugh and move wrong. Apparently whatever drugs you were on were wearing off.

    “Take it easy over there,” JJ said, taking your hand in his again, “You feeling okay? Need anything?”


    “Yeah, of course. Coming right up.”

    “Thanks,” you said after downing the tiny cup he handed you, “What’s up with the scrubs?”

    “Your mom has this place wrapped around her finger and has decided that only she and Topper can visit. So I had to be a little creative in sneaking in.”

    At the mention of Topper, you forgot where you were, that you were safe, with JJ. “Y/n, you still with me?” JJ asked, concerned with your sudden change. You didn’t even hear him as the events from Hawk’s nest flashed through your mind and caused your heart rate to skyrocket, leading a group of nurses to race into your room. Luckily JJ, ducked into the bathroom before anyone could see him.

    The nurses managed to calm you down, thinking that you were just freaking out because you woke up and were alone. They gave you another round of pain meds and told you that you should be good to check out in the morning when your mother came to pick you up. You thanked them, and waited for them to leave the room before pulling the IV out of your arm.

    “What do you think you’re doing?” JJ asked as you were now standing up looking to unplug the machines from the wall.

    “If I unplug them from me the alarms will go off and the nurses will come back. If I unplug them from the wall they can’t give me away.”

    “Why not just lay back down and let them stay plugged into you so that the doctors can make sure you’re okay?”

    “Because we’re leaving,” you replied, opening cabinets looking for something besides a hospital gown to slip into, whether that be scrubs or your clothes from earlier.

    “Y/n I don’t think that’s a good idea. Besides, it’s just one night and I promise to be here with you the whole time. Hospitals aren’t that bad.”

    “I’m not worried about the hospital. I’m worried about what happens tomorrow when my mom comes to get me,” you let slip apparently not yet fully control of yourself.

    “What is that supposed to mean?” JJ asked.

    “Look it doesn’t matter J, I am not staying here. So either start helping me or get ready to be escorted out of here,” you say clearly upset.

    JJ grabbed your good arm, his other hand guiding your chin so you were looking at him, “Are you sure you are okay?”

    “I’ll be fine JJ, I promise.”

    “And you’re sure you want to leave?”

    “Yes. I am sure.”

    “And are you turned on by me in scrubs?” he joked, making you smile.

    “Oh, so turned on,” you replied before closing the gap between the two of you and kissing him.

    “Okay, how do you want to do this?”

    “I need clothes, I am not leaving in this. Are John B and them still here?”

    “Yeah, they’re camping out in the parking lot in Twinkie.”

    “Okay, call him and tell him to meet us at the side entrance in 5 minutes.”

    “Okay, I can do that, and I know where we can get some scrubs. Just stay here.”

    JJ left and was quick to return with a set of scrubs for you. While he was gone you wrote out a note saying that you left of your own accord, blah, blah, blah. He helped you change and the two of you snuck out using the stairs. There was one close call, but you made it out to where you were relieved to find Twinkie with the side door open and your friends waiting for you. Pope got out to give you the front seat. Everyone was asking you a ton of questions and telling you how glad that they were that you were okay. JJ explained how he managed to break into your room and how he managed to break you out. You tried to tune out the pain in your arm and ignore the growing pounding of your head.

    “You okay?” John B said quietly so only you could hear him.

    “I left after the pain meds wore off and before the next round started I pulled the IV out of my arm, so I’m consciously experiencing my symptoms for the first time,” you explained as you shut your eyes, concentrating on your breathing.

    “Okay, sounds like we need to make a pit-stop,” he said, glancing over at you slightly concerned. He pulled into the 24 hour drugstore on his way to drop Pope off. “I’m going in to get Y/n some pain meds and an ice pack for her arm. Does anyone else need anything?”

    “Ice cream?” you asked with puppy dog eyes.

    John B rolled his eyes jokingly, “Pain meds, ice pack, and ice cream, got it.”

    “I’ll come with you,” Pope started, "I want to see if they have any of those things,” he lied horribly.

    JJ hopped out and went around to the driver’s seat. “How you feeling?”

    “Oh you know I’m on cloud nine,” you say sarcastically.

    “I would give you some of my stash, but Pope said it could mess with your concussion.”

    “Yeah, probably not then.”

    “I love you, you know that right?”

    “Of course I do J, I love you too.”

    “You wanna tell me what’s going on in that pretty head of yours?”

    “I’m just thinking about how lucky I am to have you,” you answered, which was not a lie, just not the complete truth. One glance at JJ’s face told you that he wasn’t buying it. Luckily for you the others returned. At this point everyone was tired, John B took Pope home, before taking both you and JJ back to the chateau with him, where Kie was waiting outside in one of the hammocks. You knew that if she drove your car she knew. But instead of bringing it up she just brought you into a side hug careful not to hurt you.

    "Everything's going to be okay, I promise," she whispered as she pulled away.

    You thanked her before taking a deep breath and turning to John B, "Can I talk to you for a second?"

    He nodded a bit confused, before gesturing for you to lead the way, "What's up?"

    "I was wondering if I could move into the spare room long term, at least until I can get a job or something?"

    "Of course you can. Consider the guest room Casa ala Y/n."

    "I'll help you keep everything straight for DCS and I'll chip in for rent and groceries and everything," you promised.

    John B laughed at how serious you are, "Dude chill, it's not a big deal. JJ practically lives here too," he laughed.

    The two of you walked back towards the others JJ clearly confused as to what was going on.

    "Kie, can you help me grab Y/n's stuff from her car?" John B asked giving you a knowing look.

    You turned to JJ prepared to explain everything, but he beat you to the punch, "Okay, spill, I want to know everything that has happened since the last time I saw you because clearly you were upset and now..." he rambled before you cut him off.

    "I got into a fight with my mom at Midsummer and she kicked me out, so I'm moving in here," you explained, "I left Rixton's to get all of my stuff before she tried to get rid of it."

    "Babe, you could have told me. I would've went with you," JJ sighed. He knew that your relationship with your family had been strained since you started hanging out with the Pogues and how much that bothered you.

    "It was something that I needed to do on my own."

    “Okay,” he nodded. "Are you okay though? Do you want to talk about it?"

    "It's weird, earlier I was stressed, but now I just feel freed. It's like I know everything will work out now, because I have you and the Pogues," you replied smiling genuinely.

    "I love you, you know that?"

    "Of course I do, I love you too J."

    The two of you went inside, where John B and Kiara were bringing in the last of your stuff.

    "Hey guys, I'm going to take Kie home, I'll be back in a bit," John B said as he headed out the door. Kiara said goodbye to you and JJ and made you promise to call her if you needed anything.

    After the two of them left, you yawned. JJ noticed and said through a smile, "Looks like its bedtime." He was quick to set up the pillows so you could sleep comfortably beside him. You were trying to get the scrubs off to put on some of your pajamas but were failing miserably. “JJ?”

    “Yeah, what’s up? Oh,” he said, trying not to laugh.

    “Shut up and just help me,” you whined.

    He came over and carefully lifted the shirt over your head and around your arm in the sling, he winced at bruises that showed, wishing he was there to stop Topper, who was a dead man walking at this point as far as JJ was concerned. He couldn't focus on that though, not when you were laying right beside him. He watched you contently, allowing himself to relax, knowing somehow that things would be okay. He started to drift off, a smile still on his face.

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  • atomicr4ven
    21.09.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    IMAGINE Geralt comforting you after he found you crying

    Warnings: Angst, crying, (sort of depression!)

    Fluff and silent comfort (since I had a crappy day)

    Paring: Geralt x Reader (no gender mentioned)

    (Sorry for mistakes on grammar, I wrote it on my phone)

    Geralt hears a sobbing in your cottage as he arrives after a hunt near the town. He opens the door quietly and searches for its whereabouts.


    The bedroom.

    You are crying and sobbing. Again it feels like the world is against you. Everything could be so easy, but it nerver is, for you it never was... sometimes you feel like your whole existence is exhausting you. "I want my goddammed peace in life. Why does it always have to be so hard.", you mumble to yourself. Tears rolling down your face, hot and wet. Your eyes already burning, because of all the tears that have fallen down today. Everytime you know, once you cried, you could cry forever... And no one understands.

    Geralt quietly opens the door to the bedroom, finding you sitting on the bed, with cheeks shining wet from tears. -Y/N looks like a fallen angel-, he thought and stepped forward. He knows life has been not easy on you. You've been through a lot of awful times and situations and sometimes, it just hits back. He also knows, that you don't like him to see you that way. Weak. But even the strongest amongst us have weak times.

    The crack of the wooden floor scared you. You flinch and look shocked to the white haired Witcher, standing in the room.

    -Fuck...He shouldn't see me like that again...- For a few moments, non of you moves or say anything. You are only looking at each other. Only the latest tears in your eyes move and start to fall.

    "Y/N..",Getalt starts and comes finally closer and sits right next to you on bed.

    "Please.- Don't.... don't say anything.... Please, Geralt. I'msorryyou have to see me like this", you say in a broken voice and broken smile, almost not able to look him in the eyes. Geralt nods. With one hand grabbing your chin to look at him, his yellow golden eyes catch your look with a soft expression. The warmth of his hand at your chin begins to spread out on your whole body.

    Slowly his lips leaning for yours, both of you meeting in a tender kiss. Geralt wraps his arms around your body and then you let yourself lean into his chest, your head resting on his neck and slowly cerass your arms to a hug around his back. You inhale the scent of his skin. Geralt still quiet, stroking your back and hair with his large hand and kissing your head.

    Geralt saw you like this before. And he knows that you need comfort in actions and not in words. So you two just sit there, hugging and cuddling, feeling each others body and hold. And no more tears are falling.

    After another more moments Geralt leans to your Ear.

    "I'll listen, if you want... And you don't have to feel ashamed of anything. I've seen you cry before. And I won't comment about anything if you don't want me to, ok?"

    You look into his eyes with a small smile, which made also Geralt smile, knowing you feel better already. "Thank you Geralt".

    Both of you head outside, laying on a blanket on the grass, watching the stars witha small fire, while you tell about what broke you down today. Geralt holding your hand the entire time, attentively listening and watching your face.

    "And now after I chew off your ear with my words, tell me about your contract." You start massaging his shoulder with one hand.

    "Hmmm.... ",Geralt grins. "The creature wich was stealing clothes from the Village turned out to be a Godling. He built Mannequins to scare the Villagers..." As Geralt tells his story casually with joy, you continue massaging him. Both of you enjoying the rest of the night, kissing, laughing, teasing....

    At this night, all sorrows vanished for now. Geralt once again managed to calm you down for good.


    Ok so I had a really really really crappy day and I wrote this to feel better.... I normally don't write angst because it's always sort of depressing. But today I thought 'well since it's written down now... maybe someone will enjoy it' 🙈 And here you go.

    Let me know if you like it in the comments and feel free to reblog. đŸ„ș

    I don't own the character Geralt or any character based on the witcher series ect. The Idea comes from my cruel mind...

    First Gif I found on Pintrest, second gif is mine.

    #geralt of rivia #henry cavill#the cavillry#the witcher #the witcher netflix #geralt of rivia imagine #geralt fluff #geralt x y/n #geralt imagine #geralt of rivia x y/n #geralt of rivia x reader #the witcher imagine #geralt x you #geralt of rivia x you
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