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  • Rating: T

    Warnings: Not really. There’s mentions of spite directed towards Patrick Jane tho, so…

    Pairing: Marcus Pike x Reader (no use of y/n)

    Word Count: 745

    A/N: I can’t believe it’s already day four! I really liked this particular challenge, it might be my favorite! Enjoy!

    Prompt: day 4: christmas shopping from @acdeaky’s December writing challenge!

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  • “I pray you do not fall in love with me, for I am falser than vows made in wine.”

    William Shakespeare, As You Like It

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  • Y/N: Shinsou, you’re smart. I have a question about outer space

    Shinsou, pointing upwards: It’s up there

    #my hero academia #bnha #bnha incorrect quotes #bnha x reader #shinsou hitoshi#reader #shinsou x reader #source: unknown
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  • The Biggest Winner: Do You Have the Heart of a Champion? ($5.33 to Free) #Kindle @ https://ift.tt/33J29HW

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  • Mushing is Murder (Cozy Mystery Tails of Alaska Book 1) ($2.99 to Free) #Kindle @ https://ift.tt/3gcy6NQ

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  • The Changeling’s Fortune (Winter’s Blight Book 1) ($0.99 to Free) #Kindle @ https://ift.tt/3gb7n4g

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  • We Have Lost The President: A Funny English Comedy-Thriller-Mystery ($5.99 to Free) #Kindle @ https://ift.tt/2IdCKPa

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  • Merry Wild West Christmas (Brides of Sweet Creek Ranch Book 6) ($2.99 to Free) #Kindle @ https://ift.tt/3qwGk8k

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  • The Unexpected Shelter: A Small Town Sweet Romance (Applebottom books) ($2.99 to Free) #Kindle @ https://ift.tt/2VHycnf

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  • To Love a Texas Cowboy (Wishing Texas Book 1) ($3.99 to Free) #Kindle @ https://ift.tt/2VHNnNg

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  • NOTES: This prologue takes place in Katekyo Hitman REBORN universe, following the 70-81 chapters of the manga.  And my OC Celeste and her sister, Violetta. This story will be driven towards the relationships of the Vongola Family and them being teens as well as mafia members! I’ve put some psychological horror elements in some scenes…Because, well, that’s where Celeste’s mind is at in the beginning.


    -“Mum, can I have some?” - The brown-eyed teen said, pointing to her mom’s glass of wine in the dinner table. It’s a quiet rainy night, just the closest family in the reunion, dressed all in black, eyes and face swollen. Her mom, Elettra, just murmured a quiet “yes” .

    They’re barely touching their food, and the elders might think the kid, Celeste and her younger sister, Violetta are just too innocent to realize what has happened to their family, both kids are working hard trying to calm their nerves. It’s been quite a long day for the Rosiello Family.

    The death of one of the candidates to inherit most of their parents possessions and their place as the 9th Boss of the Rosiello Family casts a chaotic set for them. In this reunion, there’s a couple of male cousins, Fredo and Ferdinando, who came from a nearby city at the snowy countryside of Italy, the whole situation became a competition between the younger men.

    You see, there’s this funny tradition in the Rosiello’s, since the 1st boss, he have setted that women can only be part of administration, assassination and nursery issues. But never a boss. Which makes delicate times like this a bloodbath between the men.  

    Celeste and Violetta were never really their father’s favorites, because they would not become heirs of his work within the Mafia. Causing him to spend more time with the cousins since they were little kids. He does love the girls, though.

    Innocent child whispers and a giggle played for a moment in that cloudy, gray dinner. Celeste, the older one asks again, after she finished her meal:  

    - “Mum, Dad, is it ok if I go play with Violetta now?”  

    Father just sighed and said yes with his head, as he played with his food. Mother stood quiet, awaiting for his answer and just then opened a restrained smile.  

    They left in silence, so the adults could resume their own quietness and dinning, so in the moment they left the room they started to run in circles around the mansion, laughing and playing hide and seek:  

    -”Cel, do you think Dad will be mad at us? For leaving earlier…He wanted you to talk with Fredo so you can start training, right?”- Tiny Violetta said, looking up at her sis, she was small for her age and a bit overweight, her black lacy dress had some stains from the dinner before ,and had gorgeous blue eyes and  curly brown hair as well.  

    -”Nah, better leave the adults alone. How do you know about my training, Lil’ Miss Know-it-All?”  

    -”You know Cel…The walls have ears in this house.”- The kid crossed her arms in victory, her cute face smiling in mischief. -” And also, you’re talking in your sleep a lot these days.”  

    -”Oh you little…” - Cel went out to get her, arms wide open in threat of receiving terrible tickles. Violetta giggled and screamed as she runned to safety from the tickle monster.

    -“They’re such a disgrace to me, Elettra. I just hope when the girls grow up they either become hitmans or good mothers like you…What will we do? Should I start Celeste’s training earlier because of this chaos?”  

    Celeste was too curious, after running around so much she decided to rest a bit and sat by the dinning room’s entrance just to have a chance of hearing gossip she wasn’t allowed to know yet. The conversation was muffled by the closed ebony door, her cousins where promptly giving solutions to their elder, yet she could hear Elettra’s calm voice:

    -”Maybe you could speak with the others, if anything happens to Fredo and Ferdinando…Celeste will be our only candidate in the right age…”  

    Celeste could hear her Father getting angrier and even felt her heart tight in her chest, as a silverware made a loud noise against someone’s plate.

    - ”I will pretend you never said this, my love. Now, please go to bed, we will have a long night discussing about the next boss.”  

    The girl, who was way past her bedtime jumped onto her feet, ready to run as the doors would be opened soon. But she felt her heart ever so tighted, heavy in her chest, she could not move. The sorrow was just too devasting for such a small body.

    Looking down, the fancy floor was soaked in blood.

    -”Mother? Mom!”  

    She cried into the night. Opening her eyes again, her chest was still heavy but now she could at last sat in the bed, her dyed dark blonde hair made in a flimsy bun. She was not in the mansion of her dreams anymore, with her little sister , I’m not fourteen again , she thought, looking around the trashed room she was sharing with M.M, a red head girl who was sleeping peacefully next to her.

    Celeste felt tears forming in her eyes, her throat on fire like someone had cut the skin in there, breathing heavily as she went to the small balcony to take some air, and calm herself down looking at the stars and the bright full moon. Someone tapped her shoulder, giggling:  

    -”Having trouble to sleep? Or is it the dreams?”  

    -”I had a dream with my mother again.”- Examining closer her face, Celeste saw a red gleam in M.M’s right eye. - ”When will you let me see her outside the realm of dreams, Mukuro?”  

     He gave his signature laugh, breaking the illusion of M.M’s body and revealing his angled face and deep indigo hair, as she learned how to develop her own illusions, sometimes Celeste could see them through him.  

    -”You really are a smart one, aren’t you, Celeste? You’ve always impressed me.”  

    She scoffed, crossing her arms, after living with him for a few months his humour became more cynical.  

    -”Answer the question.”  

    -”After we do this one last job, Celeste, I will pay you with a relaxing trip to your mother’s place in France.”  

    She tried so so hard to fake a normal reaction, how did he knew about her location? It was always so hard trying to outsmart the illusionist, even when she could see his illusions.

    -”Oh, my dear Celeste.” -He laughed again, giving her a compassionate smile and putting his hand in her shoulder. -”These walls have ears, you know?”  

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  • Hoy quiero escribirles sobre la importancia de la restauración de los libros, para iniciar el libro tiene un formato relativamente simple, que consta de tapas y de un centro compuesto por hojas de papel en las cuales se imprime o se escribe el material y la información a ser transmitidas. 🙇🤓

    ☑️▶️ Dependiendo del material en el que sea realizado y del cuidado que se le de, el libro puede perdurar por muchos siglos y ser una fuente importantísima de información y de conocimiento para las generaciones futuras. Reparar, encuadernar, embellecer y conservar cualquier libro antiguo, supone un compromiso y un desafío, es todo un reto.
    ☑️▶️ Artesanía, delicadeza y minuciosidad son los parámetros que hacen renacer una obra con el fin de que pueda llegar hasta nuestros días como vehículo de cultura.
    ☑️▶️ La restauración, es el proceso por el cual se le devuelven al libro o al documento sus características originales, y que este perdió por degradación o destrucción. El proceso de restauración devuelve características que serán idénticas a las que poseía pero nunca las mismas. Es importante conocer la distinción que hace la restauración, en general: ella sólo trabaja la materia de la obra, es decir, su soporte físico, no su contenido. Los faltantes de material original son tratados como “lagunas”, y como tal aparecen en la obra restaurada. ☑️▶️ En un mundo tan globalizado, es fundamental preservar la identidad creada por los pueblos. La restauración apunta a recuperar y conservar el patrimonio histórico-cultural que forma la identidad de los mismos. Los libros constituyeron en gran parte de la historia. En la Edad Media, los monjes copistas nos legaron, con su trabajo silencioso, oculto y orante, gran parte de la cultura clásica grecolatina, por medio de copias de los clásicos antiguos. Las nuevas tecnologías son parte del desarrollo de una cultura y forman parte de su proceso natural para el futuro con el mundo de los libros 🟠🟣
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  • God Confidence: The Courage You Need for the Life You Want ($4.99 to Free) #Kindle @ https://ift.tt/39L8VB8

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  • Black ($3.99 to Free) #Kindle @ https://ift.tt/3mIGcAw

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  • The Christmas Fountain: A Small Town Southern Romance (Wishful Romance Book 9) ($2.99 to Free) #Kindle @ https://ift.tt/33IXG88

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  • TWO HEARTS’ CHRISTMAS WISH (Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Book 4) ($2.99 to Free) #Kindle @ https://ift.tt/2Iiw8PI

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  • The Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Series: Book 1-2 ($4.99 to Free) #Kindle @ https://ift.tt/3lJW6ZO

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  • Echoes From Wolf Moon Hollow ($2.99 to Free) #Kindle @ https://ift.tt/3qu8fWq

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  • 101 Facts… BEARS! Bear Books for Kids - Amazing Facts, Photos & Video Links. (101 Animal Facts Book 3) ($2.99 to Free) #Kindle @ https://ift.tt/3lJgWsn

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  • Orchid Club: San Francisco: The Complete Trilogy ($6.99 to Free) #Kindle @ https://ift.tt/3omrcsr

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