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  • ita-dori
    20.06.2021 - 1 minute ago

    A promising fic: :-)!

    it uses she/her pronouns: :-(

    Seriously, its not hard to use they/them and be a bit more inclusive, i just want to be able to read fanfics without feeling dysphoric as all hell

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  • kitasfox
    20.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago
    #haikyuu smut #haikyuu x reader #hq smut #hq x reader #oikawa smut #oikawa x y/n #oikawa x reader #haikyuu x you #haikyuu x y/n #hq x y/n #oikawa x you #oikawa imagine #haikyuu x me #hq x self insert #hq x you #oikawa scenarios#oikawa tōru#hq oikawa
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  • misins
    20.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Happy father’s day to Eren since I know that mf wants to fuck a baby into you so bad. Really, I bet he’s pawing at his dick while thinking about it right now. His sweatpants and the air around him are both becoming so tight that, they’re conforming into the familiar, yet sweet feeling of your cunt squeezing him ‘til it hurts. He could ponder about this all day, drilling in and out of you by the time it’s almost impossible to decipher who’s more wet; you or him? Honestly, no one knows that. But all that’s important right now is how sensitive and prone to the most airy touches you are— or will be. In other words, the thought of how your clouded, milky tits are to come sooner or later is what kept Eren going. Not to mention how cute and plump you’re about to look as he helps you ride against him with his baby inside you.

    #redemption since I missed out on mothers day #eren x reader #eren x you #aot fanfiction #aot x reader #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #snk x reader #eren x y/n #eren x reader smut #eren smut#drabble#eren drabble #eren jaeger smut #eren jaeger #eren yeager smut #eren yeager
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  • f1oneshots
    20.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    masterlist! 💐

    helloouu! this is my masterlist! you can send me requests with or without the prompts from my promt list. i believe this list will soon be updated but for now, here’s what i’ve got ( which is nothing lol ) :

    Lando Norris

    coming soon...

    Daniel Ricciardo

    Beach day! pt. 1 ( Fluff + smut )

    Max Verstappen

    coming soon...

    Charles Leclerc

    coming soon...

    Carlos Sainz

    coming soon...

    Lewis Hamilton

    coming soon...

    Pierre Gasly

    coming soon...

    Mick Shumacher

    coming soon...

    Lance Stroll

    coming soon...

    #f1#formula 1 #f1 one shots #f1 imagine #f1 x reader #lando norris #lando norris imagine #lando norris one shot #lando norris x reader #daniel ricciardo #daniel ricciardo imagine #daniel ricciardo one shot #daniel ricciardo x reader #max verstappen #max verstappen imagine #max verstappen one shot #max verstappen x reader #charles leclerc #charles leclerc imagine #charles leclerc one shot #charles leclerc x reader #carlos sainz #carlos sainz imagine #carlos sainz one shot #carlos sainz x reader #lewis hamilton #lewis hamilton imagine #lewis hamilton one shot #lewis hamilton x reader #pierre gasly
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  • rintah0e
    20.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    🔖 writings and such - haikyuu imagine

    the one

    pairing : *insert any haikyuu boy* x reader

    genre : fluff, a bit of hurt at the end (not rlly that hurtful but yea)

    tw : none


    do u believe in soulmates or the one person who truly is ur other half and u can’t see urself without them? he felt that way about u. from the first time u guys met and he saw ur radiating smile across the classroom, he knew u are the one for him. so with as much courage as he got, he stride up to u and introduced himself. u did the same and he noticed how lovely ur voice sounds. that’s when he blurted out the question “do u wanna go on a date with me?”.

    his eyes became wide as he registered what he just asked u. he just introduced himself to u and he’s already asking u on a date, ‘the fuck is wrong with me’ he thought. when he was about to apologize for making u uncomfortable, he heard u giggle and as he looked u in the eyes he didn’t see any uncomfortableness. no, he saw amusement and maybe even adornment? “u know, i never met someone who asked me on a date right after introducing himself. but yes, i would love to go on a date with u.” u said with another radiating smile and after hearing what u just said, he himself began to crack a genuine smile as well.

    the date went amazing and u guys had a lot of fun. turns out u guys have a lot in common, which made the whole date not awkward. after he took u home and u two we’re standing in front of ur door, he asked u if it’s okay for him to kiss u. you nodded yes and he placed his hand on ur cheek, going behind ur neck as he stroked ur cheek with his thumb. ur faces inched closer to each other as u both closed ur eyes, and just like that u felt his soft lips press onto urs. a sparkling kind of sensation going through ur body as u kissed him back. the moment he felt u kiss him back is when he smiled against ur lips, leaving behind one last peck before ultimately moving his face from urs to put his forehead against urs. “i had a lot of fun with u” he whispered. “i did too” u responded back.

    when he came back home and was lying in his bed, he couldn’t get over the feeling that today felt way to perfect. u felt way to perfect. it felt like a dream he never wanted to wake up from. it left him not only feeling giddy and happy, but in the back of his mind their was a feeling of dread that something just doesn’t add up. how come he never saw u before? did he just never payed u attention? were u a new student who enrolled when he was sick the first few days of school and he just never noticed u until today? he couldn’t quite put his mind into it, until the next day when he went to school and he was excited to see u again.

    he was a bit late as he overslept thinking of reasons why he never saw u before yesterday and as he rushed inside the classroom and apologized to the teacher for being late, he searched the room for ur face, but the thing is that he didn’t see u. what he did see was ur empty seat at the back of the classroom, near the window. ‘they must be sick then’ he thought as he resumed to his seat. when the teacher wasn’t looking, he asked his friend behind him where u were, but his friend looked at him as if he grown two heads, stating that their is no one called f/n l/n in this class. before he could argument back, that yes u were a student in this class, the teacher called him out for not paying attention and he begrudgingly did so.

    as the day went on and he asked more of his friends and random students if they know u, it became clear that nobody did. this made him very confused, cause he swore u exist. i mean, who the fuck did he go on a date with yesterday, if not u? but the moment he came home and hours had gone by, with him trying to contact the number u had given him, supposedly ur number. he couldn’t get any message or call go through, for his device told him the number he messaged/dialed isn’t correct. he layed in bed staring at the ceiling, not understanding what is happening, he eventually fell asleep.

    night became day and he opened his eyes, he was back in the classroom. the date being the same as the one two days ago, but the only difference is that u weren’t there and that’s when he started to understand the truth. u were never real.


    [a/n] : lmao first time to write a short story like this after so many years if not writing anything. i didn’t know which haikyuu boy to put here, as i became very indecisive. that’s why i let u decide who u want to imagine this being. i hope u like it and maybe i will write another short story if i can feel a bit more confident in my writing, for i think it’s still very mediocre and predictable *sigh*

    © rintah0e 2021 - all rights reserved. please do not copy, modify, or repost my works and claim it as yours.

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  • girl-next-door-writes
    20.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #Mycroft Holmes #Mycroft Holmes x reader
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  • thattirwdwriter
    20.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Skin against skin— Don Collier

    WORDCOUNT: 2970

    WARNINGS: rough sex, alcohol


    "Boo-fucking-hoo Charlie. Get that shit packed and get out of my sight." 

    she scowled up at the tall, lean man that had turned his back on her. Sergeant Don Collier. He was tough on her, seeing as she was the only female soldier in the battalion, but her first day here she had requested that he treat her no different than the men in their unit. 

    she had spent majority of her life being pushed around by her father that didn't understand the line between abuse and 'being tough' was.

    Having been "toughened up" by them as a child, she enlisted in the Army straight after high school. she sacrificed everything for her country, earning the scars on her back in a literal manner, after shielding a child from a bomb that had gone off yards away from them. her back suffered burns and cuts from shrapnel, in turn, earning her time in the hospital afterwards. 

    You think she would have learned her lesson, but as soon as she was healed and cleared for duty, she was right back in.

    her accident singed her hair, forcing her to cut it to her shoulders, but it was no trouble, considering she always had it pulled back into a ponytail. Upon her return, she was moved into a special unit where she met "tall, handsome, and brooding". He treated her no different than a soldier, regardless of being a woman but he did treat her as a thorn in his side. He was frequently drinking and no one said anything, because he's "seen things".

    Just as he instructed, she cleaned up what had been gathered from their scouting before retreating towards her tent for the remainder of the night. "Charlie?" she stopped walking, turning her head to see Sgt. Collier with a flask in his hand as he leaned against a tree. 

    He took a swig of whatever alcohol he had decided to pour into the flask that evening, eyeing her carefully before extending his arm to offer her the silver bottle. she arched a dark, curious brow before taking a tentative step towards him to receive the metal container. He dropped his arm, tucking his hands into his pockets as he studied her. she took a small sip and grimaced in disgust. 

    He chuckled as he took the flask back. "That's Moonshine baby. Pure, unadulterated liquor."  "Explains why it tastes like ass." she laughed. An amused smirk twitched at his lips as he took a sip. "Take a walk with me?"  her eyebrows rose to her hairline, my dark eyes widening. "Me?" he shrugged.

    "Why not?" 


    His back was already to her, heading deeper into the forest, along a path that only he seemed to know. It didn't take much of a debate on her end before she was scampering after him, careful of where she stepped.  As they drew further away from camp, a dark smirk crossed her lips. she knew exactly where this was heading, and she enjoyed this game.

    they had been here all too many times before, but no one would have been the wiser in the battalion. If anything, they assumed the two were the farthest from friends, and most certainly not lovers. Far enough from the patrol boarder, she swiped the flask from him, he didn't resist her. she took a large swig, grimacing once more as the bitter liquor slithered down her esophagus and settled in her stomach.

    "Stop." she spoke. He obeyed, keeping his back to her and ceasing his strides. "Strip." she could feel the alcohol already weighing on her brain, combining with her lust and weighing down the lids of her eyes. she watched him through the half-open slits of her eyelids, licking her lips as his dirt littered skin reflected in the moonlight, the beams refracting off the white scars that decorated his body just as hers did as well.

    His skin became paler past his hips, refusing to wear anything but pants at all times. It was curious why he did, but she admitted that the way the fabric clung to his toned, cut thighs made her drool. Not to mention the way they smoothed over that ass. 

    she slowly stalked around to his front, being sure to touch his bare skin with her free hand. He shivered slightly in response to her barely there touch, teasing across his flesh. From her peripheral vision, she could see his cock twitch as he slowly came to life, just as eager as she was for this. It had been weeks since they had touched one another. 

    she arched a brow at him, catching his lust darkened eyes in her own. He knew what she wanted and took the silent direction to undress her. He kept it slow, but fast enough to undress her without him earning a reprimand for attempting to take control. she assisted, only by sliding her limbs out of the fabric that now adorned the ground along with his. When she was just as exposed as him, she strode backwards, curling her index finger towards her. He took direction obediently, her eyes on his cock, bouncing with every step until her back pressed against a tree. 

    she took a purposely sloppy drink from the flask. The clear liquid dribbled from her chin and down her chest, sliding down her taught stomach as she lifted her leg. He nearly salivated as he knelt down to catch the alcohol with his tongue. He followed the trail with the wet appendage until she grasped his hair by the roots, tugging him back roughly. "On your knees." she purred, pushing him back down her body. "Good boy." 

    This time, she poured a small amount of the liquor down her chest to greet him between her thighs. A deep moan reverberated through her as he attached his lips to the ones between her hips, tasting her and the Moonshine in unison. she allowed a soft groan to escape her as he reached around to grasp her ass in his large hands, squeezing as he urged her hips further into his mouth. Greedy strokes of his tongue glided across her clit as he tasted what arousal he further earned from his ministrations. The leg she raised rested on his shoulder, her heel digging into his spine just between his shoulder blades in the same urgency. 

    His experienced tongue twirling through her heat, his lips softly sucking at her clit before his tongue stroked her labia. The muscle teased hot flesh, followed by soft nipping before the warm appendage slithered as deep as it could go into her depths. her taste was stronger there and she could see his eyelids flutter as he groaned deeper and louder. she resisted the urge to grind down into his tongue, knowing that she couldn't relinquish control now. 

    "That's it" she whispered just low enough that he would still be able to hear her without strain. "make your fingers useful Sergeant"  He complied, removing his mouth and a hand from her ass. His ocean blue eyes glistened in the moonbeams as his eyelids opened to look up at her. she could feel the pads of two fingers slip between her folds, gently massaging the sensitive flesh before slipping into her at a slow pace. The determination flickered in his eyes, his soft lips parted as he breathed heavily through them, and his first two fingers reaching further into her cunt until he found her G-spot. 

    "mmm" she bit her lip, now flexing her hips on his fingers dancing on them as they kept eye contact. "What is it you're trying to do to me?"  "I want to taste you, Ma'am." He answered.  "Do you deserve it?" she smirked. 

    He shook his head in response. "No."  "Damn right." she panted. "Get your mouth back where it belongs."  Without hesitation, his lips reattached to her clit once more. He sucked and stroked the little button with determination as his fingers massaged her G-spot rougher and faster. He knew she would cum for him, regardless of her words. the orgasms he would bring.  she could feel the coil tighten in her navel as her hips roughly ground against his mouth and hand, gritting through clenched teeth. "right there!" 

    He struggled to keep his eyes open as he pleasured her, just as hers struggled to stay open as well. Grateful that they were far enough away from camp, she yelled in ecstasy. her back arching off the tree as her release gushed from her walls and drenched his hand. He moaned continuously as he cleaned her of my squirt, hungrily licking and sucking as he curled his fingers in her to ride out her orgasm, her own fingers pulling even rougher on his hair. 

    Soon her resolve melted away and he was quick to take advantage. she found both of her legs being pulled up to wrap around his hips as he roughly shoved his aching cock into her. The dominance drew a carnal growl from her as she released his hair only to dig her nails into the flesh of his back. He audibly cursed into her ear before his lips were attached to her neck, sucking and biting softly as he shoved into her walls, bouncing her ass off of the tree behind her with every thrust. The flask had been long forgotten on the ground, she had no clue when she had dropped it. 

    "Do I deserve it now?" He growled against the hickey he had more than likely bruised into her neck.  "Yes, yes" she panted, scratching her nails down his back. 

    her goal was to claw his ass, but he knew exactly what she wanted and was quick to gather her hands. He lifted her arms and held them together at the wrists against the tree, continuing to pound into her. The bark scraped at her flesh, stinging pleasurably as it balanced with the way his thrusts made her body tremble with pleasure.  "Do you deserve it?" He teased in a growl as his lips ghosted over her own. her voice was lost as his free hand groped my breast, twisting and playing with the nipple as he hummed. "Hmm?" 

    she managed to shake her head, her voice cracking through her harsh pants. "No."  He grinned against her lips, taking her lower lip between his teeth to gently tug. her dominance from earlier was a forgotten concept as he fucked her against the tree, all too soon pulling away and sliding out. Halfway through her whimper, he turned her around, pressing her palms against the tree above her head. she was bent over halfway, holding the tree as support as he barked an order for her to stay there. she responded with a heavily moaned "yes sir", earning a deep groan accompanied by his length sinking deep into her pussy once more as his nails dug into her hips. 

    her own groan cracked in her throat as she felt a hand on the back of her head, and a sharp tug forcing her to look back at her superior as he teased her with slow, shallow strokes. "Tell me, 'Ma'am' " He teased. "Tell me"  she bit her lip, causing him to mirror the action as he lifted his chin, looking down upon her in a manner that made her dominance retreat and her submissiveness audibly croon.  

    "I love it when you use me, when you take what you want" she admitted.  He moaned loudly, his eyes clenching shut for a moment and she moaned as well, feeling his cock twitch within her walls. she swivelled her hips, but his grip tightened on her hips and made her cease all action, knowing that she was pushing boundaries now that he had control. He slid his cock in and out of her at an even, rhythmic pace that stretched her around him as he deepened his reach. He seemed at a loss for words, likely from being slightly drunk as she was, but it didn't last for long as he tightened his grip on her hair and his hips slammed roughly into hers. 

    "Oh, I do very much enjoy this as well" He growled, clearly straining to hold back his building climax as he broke the flesh of her hip with his nails. "And I am going to leave you barely able to walk away from this"  her eyes rolled back as such a rough turn and his voice painting erotic pictures in her mind. "Please!" He hissed approvingly, taking her rougher and louder. 

    Erotic moans and the sounds of slick, hot, skin slapping together filled the sounds of nature's night. In the heat of passion, she couldn't care less if they were heard or seen, focusing on the way his huge cock stretched her walls for him. she didn't want to give him the satisfaction of her release so soon, but the way his hips moved forced it from her.  "Don!" she shouted in ecstasy, nearly sobbing as she bucked back against him, drenching them both in her cum. 

    He cursed loudly, his voice raising over hers as he thrust harder and faster, proving a point to force as much pleasure over her as he could.  "Are you ready?" He growled lowly in her ear, tracing the straining tendons in her neck with his tongue as he pulled out until just the tip was at her entrance, then slammed back in. "Because I'm ready to fill you." her eyes rolled back as she nodded profusely, her legs threatening to buckle, but his grip forcing her to stay.  "Say it" he ordered. "I want it-" she whimpered, her walls convulsing around his throbbing cock as he continued to pound into her, nearly pull out before slamming in again. 

    He nuzzled his nose into her hair, pushing it away from her neck to bite and suck, leaving a prominent trail of  hickey on her shoulder. "What... do you want?" He asked, pulling his cock back until just the tip remained, moving his hips slowly as his tip massaged and teased her clit. "Use your words 'Ma'am' " He mocked. 

    her eyes rolled back once more, almost painfully as she tried to squeeze her walls around him and pull him deeper, but to no success. she knew he would continue to tease her until she begged, until she spoke just the words he wanted to hear. her cum and arousal dripped down her thighs as she stood there with her ass pushed back against his hips, her legs spread just enough to part her folds despite his cock between them. she wanted to cum again, more so, she wanted his cum in her. 

    "Don please" she nearly sobbed, attempting to push her hips back against his, only for him to pull back and keep just the tip in her, perfectly timed.  "Ah-ah" He clicked his tongue, moving his hips so the head of his cock swirled around my clit, bringing more wetness to soak them both. "Say it."  The words caught in her throat as she struggled to do as he said. Despite their current position, it still felt awkward to be forced to say such lewd words, being forced to submit.

    "Don-" "Yes, Charlie?" He mocked sweetly in her ear, his cock promising a full plunge and another climax if she uttered that one sentence he wanted to hear.  "Don i want-" she swallowed thickly, practically feeling his smirk against her neck as he inhaled deeply, slowing his hips further so she could catch her breath and speak.

    "I want to walk away with your cum dripping down my thighs" 

    He groaned deeply, bringing both hands to her hips, allowing freedom of her wrists. she gripped the tree before her as he bruisingly gripped her hips, but that initial plunge wasn't there yet.  "Do you?" He gritted between clenched teeth, clearly straining to hold back. she nodded furiously, pushing her hips back once more. "yes, please, PLEASE!" she shouted the end of her sentence as that harsh thrust finally came. 

    He pounded up into her like a vicious animal as he panted and moaned loudly behind her, holding her hips so he could control the angle and speed at which he fucked her. her own moans and grunts sounded necessarily loud and wild as he took what he wished of her depths. There was no initial build up of her final climax, simply gushing over his cock as he bucked his hips into her. she sobbed with pleasure as she gripped the tree trunk for support, her legs shaking and knees locking as he pumped his cum into her with a low growl.  "Fuck!" He hissed, slowing his thrust to a deep burial with each spurt of his cum into her. 

    they both stilled, panting harshly as both of them trembled. she had nearly sat back against him, his legs supporting hers as they bent so he could keep her from falling. He left his face buried in the crook of her neck as both of their releases dripped down her quaking thighs, nipping and running his tongue the hickies he made.  "Such a wonderful little secret." He whispered. 

    she couldn't help but smile as he allowed her the affection he never showed publicly.  "Same place, Sunday?" He spoke softly, kissing slowly along her jaw.  "I look forward to it." she grinned, relishing his affections as they kissed gently.

    He slowly slipped out with a groan and lifted her into his arms, carrying her down to the river nearby. she rests her head against his chest, enjoying the remainder of their aftercare routine in the cold waters, rinsing away any evidence of their sex-capades.

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    20.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #letters to wing #from: anon #💦.quenched #fgjdlfk FATHERS DAY IS NOW /THIS BLOG'S/ HOLIDAY #only for osamu <3 my king the rice to my chicken the biggie to my smalls <3 #osamu smut#haikyuu smut #osamu x reader
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  • sunghonkers
    20.06.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    chapter one: at least it’s not calculus

    ❈: as someone naturally inclined towards math and sciences, being told that you would be required to take an advanced art class to graduate was like being thrown into the middle of the ocean without a life vest. at least your table mate should be able to help you scrape by with a B, right?

    feel like i should tell y’all this is my first smau so don’t expect too much🧍🏻‍♀️

    taglist: @diorkenma @ncityy04 @love13tter @sunoostxrs @haechansbabygirl

    #enhypen social media au #enhypen imagines#enha scenarios#enhypen fluff#enhypen fanfiction#enhypen smau#sunghoon fanfic#sunghoon fluff #sunghoon x reader #possible love triangle?? #idk i’m thinking thoughts
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  • overwhelmedsupernova
    20.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Masterlist: Memories (Dark! Bucky Barnes x reader)

    Summary:  You were just one of the many victims of the Winter Soldier, and you fought desperately to erase that memory from your head. You thought you no longer had to deal with that killer who, for whatever reason, left you alive. Soon, you find yourself facing the same man who once threatened your existence. As you struggle to forget, Bucky instead tries to redeem himself for what he did and soon realizes he has a second chance, with you.

    Status: ongoing

    Chapter 1: Passion for Details. 

    Chapter 2: Remember. (soon)

    #dark! bucky barnes #dark bucky barnes #dark bucky barnes x reader #dark bucky x reader #dark bucky x you #dark bucky fic #dark fic#dark fiction #dark bucky fiction #dark winter soldier #dark winter soldier x reader #dark winter soldier x you #dark marvel#dark mcu #dark marvel fic #dark marvel imagine #dark marvel one shot #dark bucky one shot #dark bucky os #overwhelmedsupernova #dark fic ongoing #dark james buchanan barnes
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    New fics coming this week and I can’t wait to share them with all of you!! 🤗

    #Darkling x reader #Benedict Bridgerton x reader #Sherlock Holmes x reader #henry!sherlock fic #x reader #x fem reader
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  • tales-unique
    20.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago


    Chapter 4

    “It’s healing nicely,” Alucard hums, nimble fingers gently tracing the puckered scar on your shoulder, looking for any problematic signs. “I still get some stiffness in it,” you acknowledge with a small laugh, “but at least I can use my arm again!” It's been a long, tiring road to recovery, but you have finally completed it. Your arm is no longer useless, wrapped up in bandages. Now it’s almost as good as before. You can even use a bow, which means that you are now ready to leave the castle, and Alucard, behind.

    A frown darkens your expression at the thought; you’ve become quite fond of him in the time you’ve been there and he seems to have warmed to you too. “Is something wrong?” Alucard’s voice is gentle, his brow furrowed. He’s pulled back his hand, probably assuming that he’s the source of your souring mood. “Oh,” you force a smile, waving your hand dismissively, “no, not really. It’s fine.” Alucard sees through the flimsy lie easily and embarrassment colours your cheeks a dusty pink when he fixes you with a deadpan stare. You tug your sleeve back into place, looking away from him. You press back against the counter top you’re leaning against, distracting yourself by staring at a cracked tile on the wall. Soft afternoon light filters through the kitchen window, painting him in beautiful golden light; it does nothing to help you in that moment. “You know that doesn’t work on me,” he chides, circling around to face you. He’s grown bolder around you as of late, challenging you more often, and though it forces you to confront your emotions you rather like this side of him. He’s healing just as much as you are and you feel content knowing that you’re a part of that process. Rolling your eyes at his remark you cross your arms sulkily over your chest, eyes turning to stare at the floor in one last ditch attempt to make him drop it. It could really use a scrub, you think. It only delays the inevitable as he stands unmoved, shifting in his stance to lean against the counter too. He’s in it for the long haul, so you have no choice but to give in. “What’s wrong?” He asks again when you look at him miserably. “Now that my shoulder is better, there’s no real reason for me to be here anymore,” you murmur wistfully. You knew it would come to this eventually, yet you never seemed to make peace with it. You thought you had, but it turned out to be nothing more than a silly facade to try and hide the fact you didn’t want to leave. Alucard is silent, but the look of shock on his face speaks volumes. He hadn’t even considered the idea that you would leave. Like you, he had fallen into the routine of navigating around you and your ways, as if you had always been there at the castle. It’s just so easy and even when he had tried to fight it he found himself becoming even more compelled by you. “I suppose so,” he answers finally, crestfallen. A lump forms in your throat when you look at him, seeing how dejected he appears. “I’m sorry.” It’s pitiful, but you don’t know what else to say. To impose yourself further on him and his hospitality after he had already saved your life just seemed selfish and yet it felt as equally unkind to simply abandon him. He chuckles, a sad, sardonic sound beneath its silken lilt. “There’s no need to be,” he states, oddly cold despite the softness of his voice, “after all, there’s no reason for you to stay anymore is there?” It hurts. You don’t want it to and you know that you have no right to be but it penetrates deep, twisting and taking root inside. “No,” your whisper, scared your voice will break, “I guess not.” Confused, Alucard regards your drop in mood. He had anticipated that you would be happy to finally be able to continue on with your life, no longer bound to him or the castle for care of your injury. Yet here you stand, trying so hard to keep yourself from breaking. Your eyes glisten and you catch your lip between your teeth; all telltale signs. Alucard realizes with alarming clarity that he’s upset you, because you don’t want to leave. Just like he doesn’t want you to go, either. It was defensive, to lash out, and all it’s done is serve as further reasoning for you to remove yourself from his life. He’s such an idiot. “Wait,” he suddenly says and it breaks his heart, as dead as he had considered it to be, when you look at him with such a forlorn expression. You aren’t sure what to expect but you force yourself not to hope, knowing that it could and most likely would bite you. So you’re pleasantly surprised when it’s not what you anticipated at all. “Do you,” he starts, awkwardly, voice alight with

    trepidation, “not want to go?” With wide eyes you regard him, startled. Hearing it out in the open so brazenly has your mind stuttering, your body stiff. Of course it was true, but that wasn’t what had you shocked. It was the fact that, for a brief moment, you saw relief flash in his eyes. But maybe you were wrong. Or maybe he was wrong. You stare at one another in silence, neither able to break the stalemate of truths exposed. In such a relatively short time you’d both grown accustomed to each other's presence and, if you were being completely honest, you were scared to leave the safety of the castle. Out there you were just one woman, no allies, no home, nothing. It’s sobering to know that your situation hadn’t changed since the first time he had asked you about leaving, what you would do and where would you go once you were healed and you’re not quite sure you’re ready to admit how pathetic it made you feel. “No,” you swallow thickly, blinking away stubborn tears, “I don’t.” You remind him of a child, afraid. You’re trying to make yourself as small as you can, no doubt hoping that the ground would open up beneath your feet and swallow you whole. It stirs something in him, the memory of a feeling brought on by your plight; the night that his mother was burned alive and his father turned his back on humanity as a whole. The same feeling he felt when Sumi and Taka betrayed him. Lost. A sorrowful, imploring look flits across Alucard's face and his fingers itch, wanting to offer you comfort. His mother would run her fingers through his hair, murmuring soft words of encouragement to help lift his spirits. “Then you don’t have to go anywhere.” Alucard offers instead, afraid of what such tenderness may invite. Your warmth still set him on edge, but slowly and surely he was coming around to the idea of being as he once was; open and inviting without the need to guard himself. If there was anyone he could see himself opening up to again it would be you. “I have been ignorant to your situation,” he sighs, looking away in shame, “I should have known how difficult it is to pick up the pieces of one's life after they’ve been shattered, especially without help. I’m— I’m sorry.” It’s a quiet admission, shrouded in misery and mystery. He had yet to reveal much about himself, but you could fathom that he had been the receiver of much sorrow in his lifetime so far from the darkness he carried with him like a ball and chain. It tugged at your heart to see him so isolated from the very world itself, threatening to tear it apart. You quickly swipe at your eyes, trying in vain to banish the tears that broke free, warm trails lining your cheeks. “Don’t be, Alucard,” you inhale deeply, trying to ground yourself. You can’t stand the sudden look of guilt on his face for making you cry. “I should have told you about how I felt,” your voice trembles and you scowl at yourself, feeling silly, “I should have been honest instead of hiding it away like an idiot.” Crossing your arms tightly over your chest you try to focus on something else, though it’s hard when all you can see blurs with your tears. You angrily wipe at them, frustrated, until your hands are gently taken away by his, the grasp warm and comforting. “I don’t think you’re an idiot,” he murmurs, looking over your face with a gentle expression. Your mouth is slightly parted with shock and your eyes, rimmed red and shimmering, are wide and locked onto him. “I think you’re so very human.” The tenderness in which the words are said, and the endearing meaning behind them, sends your heart soaring and you can’t help the smile that comes to your lips. A soft, breathless laugh passes your lips with ease, the tension leaving your shoulders. Your tears start anew and for a moment Alucard thinks he’s done something wrong, but from the way your laughter mingles with your shaky breaths he knows that isn’t the case. He, too, smiles at the warmth seeping back into you, the dark melancholy that had hung over you like a veil lifting and he lets go of your hands slowly. Neither of you comment on the way

    you long for the contact to return; the simple, fragile bond inspiring a sense of yearning. “Are you alright?” He asks once you seem to have regained control of yourself, your tears having stopped and your gentle peels of laughter melting away. “I am,” you hum, looking at him with an intense fondness that he had seldom seen before. You are so bright in that moment, all because he has given you a place to belong, and it gives him hope. If only his father could have had such a chance, perhaps things may have turned out differently for him.

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  • bucksfucks
    20.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    take a seat | bucky barnes

    SUMMARY || bucky is introduced to thigh riding. part of my bucky’s first series.

    PAIRING || tfatws!bucky

    WORD COUNT || 897 words

    WARNINGS || thigh riding, teasing, taunting, metal arm kink, pet name [baby & babe], bucky plays with readers boobs + nipples, new kink discovery, praise kink — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI

    NOTES || a quick little blurb <<3

       It was difficult, having Bucky sitting on the couch with his thighs splayed out like that—gripping a drink with his metal arm and his eyes on the television.

         He didn’t even know what he did to you, that was the worst part.

         It made you squirm, panties damp and maybe you were a little more horny because you were ovulating.

         Or maybe it was because of Bucky.

         You decided to go with the latter because oh fuck did it do something to you when he ran his palm up and down his jean -clad thigh.

         It was practically an invitation, screaming out straddle me.

         He saw you in the corner of his eye, “what’s up, babe?”

         You had to shake your head to rid yourself of your thoughts as you stepped closer into the living room.

         His drink was on the coffee table now, eyes trained on you and whatever was on the TV was no longer his priority.

         You shrug your shoulders, “nothing, just admiring you.”

         He blushes, the red tint crawling down his neck and up his face as he pulls you into his lap.

         That’s exactly where you wanted to be.


         “Yeah? And what exactly are you admirnin’?” He asked, cocking his head to the side as he brushed his thumb over your jaw.

         You had to take a moment, chewing on your lip briefly.

         “Your uh, your thighs,” you say, clearing your throat as you watch how Bucky lightly furrows his brows at your words.

         It’d been fun, rediscovering and discovering kinks with Bucky now that he was settling back into…well, life.

         “My thighs?” Bucky asks, not mocking you, but out of genuine curiosity.

         You nod your head, “yeah, uhm I’ve always really liked them.”

         A smile spreads over his mouth as he pulls you in closer. His hands are over your ass, rocking your hips against his as you feel him stiffening.

         “Tell me more, baby,” he purrs, lips on your neck and oh, this was going to be fun.

         You hum, “sometimes I think about riding your thigh.”

         He stops then, pulling back to look at you. He looks slightly lost and confused, but intrigued.

         “Then I think it’s best you show me.”

         That’s all you need to hear before you’re moving yourself over one thigh, getting comfortable before…

         “Take your pants off, baby. Wanna see you in your panties when you’re ridin’ my thigh.”

         His words send a shiver down your spine, Bucky’s voice an octave lower as his pupils consumed the blue in his eyes until it was nothing but a faint ring.

         His straining cock against the dark fabric of his jeans was mouthwatering too.

         Still, you did what he asked. Pulling your pants down your legs and stepping out of them until you’re left in your black lacy panties.

         Bucky hums, adjusting himself on the couch and palming himself through his jeans.

         “Top off too, baby. You know how much I love your tits.”


         How did he manage to make you moan with his words?

         It was off soon after, nothing but your panties left as Bucky patted his left thigh.

         “Seats all yours,” he smirks, “all you gotta do is get comfortable.”

         You’re over his thigh seconds later, hands on his shoulders for support as he cranes his head up to look at you and you can see his adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows thickly. 

         “Is this what you wanted, hmm?” He teases, running his hands up and down your body as he watches the trail of goosebumps that follow his metal palm. 

         You nod your head, wiggling your hips as Bucky pats your bum. 

         “Go on then, baby. Ride my thigh, show me what I’ve been missin’ out on,” before you’re moving your hips against the harsh fabric and thick muscle of his thigh. 

         It’s exactly what you’ve been dreaming of, dragging your pussy across his leg all while his mouth is playing with your nipples. 

         “You look so pretty like this, baby,” he hums, encouraging you as he drinks in the sight that’s in front of him. 

         His hands wander your body as he bumps his leg up making you gasp, “oh,” it’s a soft gasp because you really weren’t expecting that.

         “That’s it, baby. You’re doin’ so good, that feel good, huh?” He’s picked this up quickly, helping you ride his thigh all while bouncing it to add extra pressure and it makes you squirm.

         “Gonna cum for me? All over my fuckin’ thigh? I’ve barely touched you, too,” he smirks, taunting you as he watches your lips part. 

         “M’gonna have so much fun with you tonight, baby. Have you screamin’ my name ‘til you can’t breathe anymore,” he purrs in your ear, bringing you closer to his body. 

         He’s warm, but his body feels like fucking fire against yours.

         “All you gotta do is cum for me, cum in your pretty panties and show me how good ridin’ my thigh feels.”

         It pushes you over the edge, body shaking as you fall forward into his chest as you bite down on his shoulder. 

         Your orgasm takes everything out of you. 

         It leaves your mind blank and your body tingling. 

         “I think you ridin’ my thigh is my new favourite discovery,” Bucky whispers, chuckling softly in your ear, “and I can’t wait to see what else there is to find.” 

    #bucky barnes smut #bucky barnes x reader smut #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes headcanons #bucky barnes headcanon #bucky barnes oneshots #bucky barnes oneshot #bucky barnes blurbs #bucky barnes blurb #bucky barnes fanfic
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  • viviennes-tears
    20.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Daddy to be (Tom Hiddleston and x reader one shot)

    A/N: Hi, just a quick one.

    I couldn't find an exact image to match the description I wrote, but you get the idea. And I apologise if this isn't great. I only very quickly put this together, as I thought it would be nice to write something for father's day.

    Summary: You are Tom Hiddleston's wife and you have planned a scavenger hunt for him. He is confused at first, but soon he's feeling all giddy and determined to find all the clues. Once he finds all of the cues he can't stop himself from crying . He loves the surprise at the end and takes you into his arms.

    Tom just sat down on the lounge chair and gotten comfortable after taking hold of his book. 'Hamlet.' As he began to flick through to his place a piece of paper fell out and it fluttered down onto the grass. Tom frowned his brows as he leaned over to reach for it. On the front of the folded piece of paper said"Tommy," which was written in your handwriting. He placed his book onto his onto his chest and unfolded the paper to read it.

    "Go to the kitchen x." It read. Tom was confused by your request, as he wondered why you wrote the note and hid it in his book. Nonetheless he followed your instructions after leaving his book on the lounge chair.

    He headed through the double glass French doors into the kitchen. You weren't there as it turned out. He glanced around a bit to see what he was meant to be doing. He soon spotted another piece of paper next to the cookie jar. He picked up the propped up piece of paper as soon as he'd gotten further into the room. This time the paper wasn't folded and it was a little smaller than the last one too.


    check the living room." Tom chuckled upon realising you were sending him on a scavenger hunt, of some sorts around the house. He was starting to feel giddy already.

    Tom made his way to the living room with a slight bounce in his step. Although the next piece was a littler harder to find. It took him several minutes to noticed you'd wedged it between the mirror above the fire place.


    check the jag." Tom discarded the clue and hastily made his way through the house and out the front door. Retrieving his keys from the bowl on the table by the door on his way out.

    Firstly he checked the glove compartment as it seemed to be the most obvious place, but there wasn't anything in there. He kept searching and searching his jag until he found the next clue, he found it hidden under the blanket in the boot. The very same blanket he hadn't taken out in over two month, when Tom had taken you to the beach for a picnic, and he decided to spend the night over in a hotel.


    check the landing."

    Tom sat in his jag a little longer as he reflected back on the clues he'd found thus far. "You. Are. Going."

    "On a cruise? To Hawaii? You are going...humm...to see 'Twelfth Night' at the Globe Theatre?" Tom tried guessing out loud the things you'd both been talking about recently. Anything that you may have planned, but he wasn't sure about any of them.

    Next stop the landing after Tom had locked his car and headed back inside. He found the landing one easier as it was tapped on the wall.


    check the bathroom."

    Now with four clues in Tom wasn't feeling like he was any closer to making a guess, other than the ones he'd already thought of. Yet he did find the next clue in the shower which was attached to the head of the shower itself.

    "Be a...

    check the spare bedroom." Tom was surprised to read two words on this piece of paper. Although he hoped this would be the second to last clue as he was feeling impatient to know the answer. He made his way to the spare bedroom at the other end of the landing.

    Tom turned the door handle and pushed the door open wide. He was frozen to the spot suddenly. His eyes widening upon seeing a huge sign saying "Daddy" hanging on the wall. A painting of a blue baby elephant was underneath it. The elephant was holding onto a rainbow coloured umbrella as it looked up to the rainbow coloured raindrops. Then below that was a crib with light wood and grey covers on them. There was a mobile with the moon and stars hanging above the crib. The rest of the room he discovered was fully decorated and equipped for expecting parents, as he ventured further in once his feet allowed him to move.

    As he stood in the middle of the room surrounded by baby things he raised his hands to his face, cupping each side of his nose in a prayer like manner. He had started to cry now it was all settling in.

    "Happy father's day, my love!" You said happily from the door. The sound of your voice made Tom turn around to face you.

    "I'm going to be a Daddy?!" Tom smiled through his tears.

    "Yes, you're going to be a Daddy!" You confirmed again.

    Tom raced to you and enveloped you into a hug before kissing your lips tenderly.

    Source: @viviennes-tears​

    #daddy to be #tom hiddleston #tom hiddleston fanfiction #tom hiddelston x reader #one shot#father's day#viviennes-tears
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  • nyctophilla-nightmares
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    @rinnieren bestie how this lookin for you-

    And imma goin with the like crazy love type of theme in which both kaeya and reader will be yandere for each other

    It's gonna be a really long fic tho so imma need more time to finish it🛐

    #just like lovers #genshin impact #kaeya x reader #yandere kaeya #is it good tho? #and yes i suggest listening to either or gingerbread man #when you read it cuz those were the songs i listened to while writing it #i mean i still am tho but its 3:42 am now so i gotta go 😭 #nyctophilla-nightmares.talks
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  • xdazednconfuzedx
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    What kind of fanfic tropes/themes do you wanna see for future chapters?

    Also requests are open!

    #wattpad#bucky barnes#fanfic#fanfiction #bucky x reader #bucky x y/n #marvel fanfiction #marvel fanfic series #bucky fluff #bucky x female reader #marvelsmut #steve x reader #steve rodgers x y/n #bucky barnes x y/n #enemies to lovers #wattpad writer#writers#themes#tropes#fanfic tropes#fanficthemes
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  • goodboy-yuuji
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    #jjk imagines#jujustu kaisen #jjk x reader #jujitsu kaisen #🤍.drabbles #itadori yuuji x reader #itadori yuuji x you #yuuji x y/n #yuuji x reader
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