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    26.11.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Bruce Banner x Pregnant!Female!Reader: Where Gods Do Fear to Tread [Ch. 7]

    Summary: Anger isn’t the only emotion that can take over a life.

    Challenge: “9 Months” challenge by crackleviolet on Lunaescence Archive -- Miscarriage

    Rating/Warnings/Tags: T (sexual references; miscarriage; miscarriage caused by fictional conditions; angst; depression; domestic strife; marital separation; discussion of abortion; foul language; crude humor; not canon compliant; Bruce & Tony friendship; Tony & Reader friendship; Pepper & Reader friendship; OC child of canon pairing)

    Pairing(s): Bruce Banner/Female!Reader; past!Bruce/Natasha; Tony/Pepper; Clint/Laura

    Tag List: @imaginesfire​

    Master List

    Chapter 7:  Hold my Hand

    The sirens went on and on in your head, ebbing and surging along with the darkness you had fallen into. The deeper you went, the louder they climbed. You resurfaced into silence and light only a handful of times, and each time for only a handful of seconds. Images would flash across your vision–a blond man holding your hand in an ambulance, Bruce’s pale face above you as you were rushed down a hall, a mask pressing down over your nose and mouth–too fast to tell whether or not they were dreams before the pain sucked you back down again. But dreams weren’t supposed to be physically painful, were they?

    The last one wasn’t, but maybe that was because that it was a memory: a sunny day at Avengers Tower. It wasn’t every day an IT technician got called in to help Tony Stark, repeatedly, even. You could see the cute one, Bruce, determinedly ignoring you across the lab, and hear Tony speaking to him in a low voice, “Hey, Bruce, quit hiding and come here. Want you to meet somebody. Been helping us out lately, doing great work. Think you’re really gonna like her…”

    The warm memory faded away as Bruce’s brown eyes met yours. This time, however, it faded into…nothing. No siren, no vision, no anything. You had returned to yourself, and the first thing you did was mentally prepare for a wave of a pain that did not come.

    Your lower body hurt, but not as badly as it had the last time you had attained consciousness. The ringing in your ears had left entirely. Still, you were not quite ready to stay conscious, not with the stinging smell of cleaning solution crawling up your nostrils into your brain, and an irritating prickling in the crook of your elbow.

    Despite your desire to remain ignorant just a little longer, your eyelids lifted in slow, steady increments. You found exactly what you expected to beyond them: a hospital room. Its wide, blank walls and the bag of fluid dripping medicine directly into your veins did not surprise you. The two figures in the uncomfortable-looking chairs nearby did–or at least, the figures’ appearances did.

    One was Bruce, of course. You had never seen him look worse in all your years of knowing him. He looked so small, bent over asleep like that. Shadows so deep they were nearly black bloomed beneath his closed eyes.

    His feet were shoved into slippers you did not recognize. In fact, the only thing he was wearing that you did recognize were his pants: the same ones he’d worn on your dinner date, now tattered beyond repair. The shirt he wore didn’t at all match his usual style and was clearly made for someone thinner in the shoulders. You thought you had a good idea where this outfit had come from, though, because you had one other, more bizarre guest sitting with you.

    Tony Stark was asleep and snoring quietly in the chair next to your husband. Wherever he had come from, he had come in a hurry. He wore most of a tuxedo, missing only the jacket. Honestly, Tony might have looked put-together, if he hadn’t also had a loose bow tie hanging around his neck and what was obviously dried baby vomit all over one shoulder.

    Observing all this only served to delay the inevitable. You did not want to think about why you were where you were. You did not want to think about the dull pain radiating from your lower abdomen. You did not want to think about just how long Bruce had been waiting there to look like that. All were too difficult to process at the moment. Your brain was full of pain medication fuzz, and you preferred it to remain so, instead of letting it fill with unpleasant ideas. Unfortunately for you, Tony did not serve well as a distraction while he was sleeping. If you woke him up, you’d wake up Bruce.

    A decision had to be made: Either sit alone and stew in silence, or wake the men and risk their bringing up what you dreaded to hear. The more you thought about it, the better going back to sleep sounded. Perhaps you could avoid more painful dreams. You could sleep the rest of your life away and never, ever have to deal with your more painful reality. No sooner had you reached this conclusion then did a body close to you stir.

    Bruce shifted in his seat, blinking blearily as he rubbed at his tired eyes with one fist. Startled and scared, you did not think to feign sleep until it was too late. He looked up with a yawn and froze with his mouth still half open. There was a pause before either of you dared to speak.

    “You’re awake,” he finally rasped.

    Well, you couldn’t try to fool him now, could you? You smiled your answer.

    “How long have you been up?”

    Trust Bruce to force you to use your voice. “Not long. What’s Tony doing here?”

    “Oh. He came to bring me clothes so they wouldn’t kick me out.” At least for the time being, Bruce seemed content to let you stall. He scoffed and rolled his eyes, clearly as confused as you were by his getup. “Pepper left to take Emma home and find him something clean to wear. She’ll be back soon.”

    “She should stay home,” you said, “with her baby.”

    You hadn’t really meant anything by it, you didn’t think. Why keep a mother and her child in a hospital to do nothing but stare at you? All the same, Bruce turned his soft gaze from Tony to you and, quicker than you could protest, pulled his chair up right beside your bed.

    “How are you feeling?” he asked, reaching forward to grasp your hand resting on top of the sheets, the hand stuck all over with little wires.

    A hard wad of tears worked its way up your throat. Your attempts to swallow it back down did very little. Your voice still came out thick when you said:

    “I’m fine.”

    “Are you sure? I should probably go find a doctor, now that you’re awake. Just wait right h–”


    If your tone of voice did not betray your desperation, than your sudden iron grip on his hand should have. Bruce barely made it out of his chair before you pulled him back down. When he looked at you again, you couldn’t tell what he felt more: fear or pity.


    It took you a few seconds to compose yourself. Still clutching at his hand like a lifeline–don’t leave again, please don’t leave again–you closed your eyes and concentrated on breathing.

    “What happened?” you asked a few minutes later.

    Though he did not let go of you, Bruce did lean back and away. Quite possibly this was the worst thing he could have done while you were in your present state, but you knew that the news you were about to hear might somehow be even worse than that.

    “I don’t know if–”


    He hesitated, then: “I don’t know.”

    “You don’t know.”

    Shaking his head, Bruce shifted forward again to get a better grip on your fingers. “I don’t know,” he said again. “I wasn’t there. I was chasing that–”

    He choked off into a guttural growl. The look of rage that flashed across his face had your stomach dropping, and only that sensation. No pain followed. That was worse; your heartbeat kicked up a notch.

    Bruce continued, “By the time I finished, the ambulance had already taken you away. I had to call a cab. They were wheeling you into surgery when I arrived.“

    You could see it in your mind’s eye: Bruce, exhausted and small and sad, stumbling down the street back to where he had parked the car hours before. He would have found nothing. No crowd, no old man, no you, just an unlit patch of sidewalk and your vehicle still there waiting. What had he thought of your sudden disappearance?

    “How did you find me?” you asked.



    You both looked over at him. For once oblivious to being the subject of a conversation, he snoozed on. Whether having an opportunity to rest without a screaming baby just around the corner had anything to do with his nap, you couldn’t say. The thought did force the real subject of conversation to the front of your mind. A deep breath didn’t really steady you this time, but it was all you could do to try.

    “What next?”

    He shrugged one shoulder. “You went into surgery. You came out. I’ve been waiting here ever since.”

    What you said next was probably the hardest thing you had ever said: “No. What happened to the baby?”

    Though he must have known the question was coming, Bruce froze. His gentle eyes roved around your face as though he were gauging how ready you were to hear the news. He knew just as well as you did that delaying wouldn’t help. All that mattered was that he was ready–and he had to be.

    “He…” A deep breath of his own. “He didn’t make it.”

    It hurt even though you’d known. Your body felt hollow and flat, and you could remember the pain and the blood. You could not have convinced yourself that the baby was fine. Finding out for sure still hurt. Pressing your lips together to keep in your sobs was the only thing you were capable of doing for a while.

    “He?” you whispered.

    “He,” Bruce echoed.

    Thank goodness Bruce was still holding your hand. The whole hospital room seemed to fall away until you were floating in a void. It felt like your skin had turned into a numb, brittle shell barely capable of containing the swirling vortex of emotions inside. You wanted to throw up. You wanted to cry. You just couldn’t get your body to do it. All it would do, apparently, was start to hiccup–hiccup and alarm Bruce.

    “I don’t–I don’t–but–what happened?” you asked in between your sad attempts to contain your hiccups and gasps.

    How Tony continued to sleep through your noise, you had no idea. Surely your seams coming apart were loud enough for him to hear, too. And poor Bruce just sat there, brushing his thumb across the top of your hand, like everything was going to be okay, like you and Bruce were going to be okay.

    “I can’t be sure, [Name]. I guess he was aware enough to understand you and he were in danger, and he…transformed.”

    “I-Inside me?”

    “He didn’t…stay inside, from what I understand.”

    Another choked sob. “But Hulks are-are immortal,” you insisted, as though everything would be all right if this was true and Bruce was only playing some cruel joke on you. It wouldn’t. That didn’t stop your wishing.

    “Adult Hulks are,” said Bruce, not unkindly, still stroking your hand, “but ours was just too young to be out of the womb. He–he couldn’t survive, [Name]. He was still…still transformed when he died. He probably didn’t feel any pain.”

    “You…saw him?”

    “Yeah,” Bruce said, his voice only just loud enough to hear. “They let me hold him for a minute, before they took him away.”


    Your baby, your little boy, cold and still and alone under a sheet on a metal tray down in the bowels of a hospital, never knowing his own mother’s arms. Try as you might, you simply couldn’t hold everything in any longer. Your entire body lurched up and down with each stifled sob.

    “I’m sorry!” you burst out. Bruce’s eyes widened with shock, but you went on before he could say anything. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

    Now he really was alarmed. “What are you talking about? There’s nothing for you to be sorry for.”

    But there was. He knew and you knew. You had wanted the baby; you had known the danger; you had decided to keep him; and, worst of all, you had killed him. Your fear had forced him to act and now he was gone. The words just wouldn’t come. All that did was a cry so loud that it hurt your throat tearing out of it. A half-second later, you ripped your hand out of Bruce’s to bury your face into both of yours. Even that did nothing to quiet the inhuman sounds issuing from your mouth.

    That Tony couldn’t sleep through. He awoke mid-snore with a start. “’m not asleep. Just resting my eyes. Where–”

    Then he caught sight of you. How mortifying to break down like that in front of Tony Stark. You just couldn’t stop. Not even Bruce ever so carefully stroking the top of your head couldn’t quiet you.

    Tony’s eyes drifted away before he stood up. He patted Bruce just once on the back and muttered, “Gonna go grab a coffee. Make a call to Pep. You let me know if either of you need anything.”

    Bruce mumbled something, something that sounded like, “will do.” Tony left. There was only one thing you needed, though, and that one thing even Tony Stark couldn’t get you.

    He would have if he could have, though, for Bruce. You knew that. Meanwhile, you couldn’t even get Bruce some sleep. You continued to bawl into his shoulder, heedless of his soft touches and quiet words, for what felt like hours, until finally a nurse came in to send you back to darkness. 

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    Bruce Banner x Pregnant!Female!Reader: Where Gods Do Fear to Tread [Ch. 6]

    Summary: Anger isn’t the only emotion that can take over a life.

    Challenge: “9 Months” challenge by crackleviolet on Lunaescence Archive -- Miscarriage

    Rating/Warnings/Tags: T (sexual references; miscarriage; miscarriage caused by fictional conditions; angst; depression; domestic strife; marital separation; discussion of abortion; foul language; crude humor; not canon compliant; Bruce & Tony friendship; Tony & Reader friendship; Pepper & Reader friendship; OC child of canon pairing)

    Pairing(s): Bruce Banner/Female!Reader; past!Bruce/Natasha; Tony/Pepper; Clint/Laura

    Tag List: @imaginesfire​

    Master List

    Chapter 6: Lost

    A huge white moon hung above the Manhattan skyline only a few days after your powwow with Tony and Bruce in the nursery. Fall was swiftly turning into winter, but the chill in the air could not stop you from enjoying a quiet walk to the car with your husband. All you had to do was bundle up–coat, scarf, mittens, all–and you would be fine. Besides, you were having too good a time to feel the cold.

    “You have got to be kidding me!” you said.

    Your cheeks were actually starting to hurt from smiling so much. Who knew dinner out on the town with Bruce could be so grand? You had spent the entire meal discussing possible names for your child, and the subject continued even then as you made your way to your distantly parked car.

    “Nu-uh. No. No. We are not naming our kid that,” you went on.

    For once, Bruce seemed to be as happy as you were. You were already connected by one hand each, arms swaying beside you, but he neared to bump you affectionately with his shoulder as well.

    “I’m not kidding,” he said. “What’s wrong with Eugene?”

    “It’s a nerd name!” you cried, following this with a peal of laughter that caused several surrounding pedestrians to stare at you.

    He chuckled softly in response. “Are you calling me a nerd?”

    “Bruce, you are the biggest nerd I’ve ever met!” You pressed a smiling kiss to his cheek. “And I still married you, didn’t I?”

    “But you don’t think anyone would marry Eugene Banner?”

    “Ugh! Fine. We’ll consider Eugene. No promises, though.”

    “Right. Just like we’ll consider Janice for a girl.”

    “It was my grandmother’s name!” But you were already giggling again and Bruce along with you. You didn’t want the night to end, so you pulled him to a stop next to you. “I’ve had a really nice time tonight.”

    “Me, too,” he said with a shy smile.

    It brought to mind your first date with him. He’d been so nervous and kind that you’d thought you could marry him right then and there, though it took Bruce another year and a half to pop the question. After grinning at each other like a couple of saps for a few seconds more, he led you on your way again.

    “Not going to get to do this sort of thing much in a few months, are we?”

    “Not unless you want little Eugene driving everyone else in the restaurant crazy,” you said, shaking your head.

    “We could get a sitter once he’s old enough.”

    “Because every sitter’s dream job is a kid that could bring the house down on a whim.”

    “Okay, good point. Maybe Tony, though? Bet he already has a whole floor of the tower redesigned to handle that. You know he hasn’t given up on our family moving in with his.”

    “Tony and Pepper wouldn’t be bad,” you mused, “if they’re willing.”

    “Trust me. He’d be willing. This is the same man that pays for us to have dates when he feels I haven’t met my monthly quota.”

    “He won’t insist on that for a little while, will he? We’ll want to spend some time–”

    “Yeah, that’s right. Nice and slow. No sudden movements there, Grandpa, or else I’m liable to blast your face off.”

    All of a sudden, Bruce shoved you behind him. The two of you had nearly reached the parking lot he had paid to use that evening; you could see your vehicle under a streetlight ahead. But you couldn’t get there just yet. There were two men blocking your path, one in a ski mask, the other an elderly gentleman shaking like a leaf. You had stumbled into a mugging.

    The man in the mask must have heard your abrupt stop, because no sooner had you registered his presence than did he whirl about. You cringed into Bruce’s shoulder. Maybe living in Manhattan should have mentally prepared you for such an event, but now that it was happening, you were honestly frightened. You could not have been in any danger, not with Bruce, and yet why did this have to happen now? The night had been going so well.

    “Keep walking,” the mugger snarled, and you saw a glint of silver in his hand as he gestured at the street.

    Bruce didn’t move, except to slowly lift his hands into the air.

    “I said get moving! Nothing to see here.”

    “How about,” said Bruce, in what you teasingly called his “therapist voice,” “you put that gun down before someone gets hurt?”

    “How about you keep stepping, Pops, before I have to do the hurting?”

    “Trust me. You don’t want to do this.”

    For all the serenity in Bruce’s tone, you could feel how truly stiff he had gone. He wasn’t a fighter; that was, he didn’t like to fight. Leaving buildings leveled and bad guys greasy smears on the asphalt wasn’t something he took pleasure in. But he was also a good man, and you knew he wouldn’t leave a scared old person alone just to avoid a fight. Besides, if the mugger took a shot, Bruce wouldn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

    The mugger stepped back, almost straight into his intended victim. “You don’t know what I want to do!” he shouted. His shaking hands lifted.

    Oh no. You squeezed your eyes shut just in time to hear a massive bang. Again, you flinched into your husband’s shoulders…but they were no longer human shoulders. They expanded beneath your hands. You stumbled backward and onto the cement just in time to see Bruce’s nice shirt rip to shreds as his entire back grew to gargantuan proportions.

    Both mugger and victim could only stare in horror at the visage before them. Where a meek-looking man protecting his wife had once stood was now a green behemoth who took one look at them and began to beat his chest. The Hulk let out a roar so tremendous that the pavement beneath you shook.

    With one last expletive, the mugger tossed his gun aside and took off in the direction you had been headed when this all began. Unfortunately for him, the Hulk had decided not to take his crap and moved a lot faster than the average human being. Still snarling, he started his pursuit, leaving you alone with the old man and a handful of onlookers several blocks down.

    “What in heaven’s name–” the man said tremulously.

    Crane his neck as he might, there was nothing left to see of the Hulk or the assailant now. The only sign that what had just happened had really just happened was the sound of distant crashing. You hoped this wouldn’t be another night for Bruce to spend in jail. The police didn’t take kindly to his destroying entire blocks of the city to take care of one criminal most of the time. If Tony wasn’t in town to bail him out, it might take even longer to get Bruce home.

    “That was just–my husband,” you said, wincing as you attempted to stand up after having toppled so far as to nearly bump your head against the ground earlier. “He’ll be fine.”

    “I can tell,” he said, still eyeing the corner around which the two had disappeared as he walked to you. Once there, he stuck his hand out. “I appreciate the help. Are you all right, ma’am?”

    “Fine, thank you.” Your heart-rate was starting to slow a bit, anyway.

    You would be able to get into the car once your legs stopped feeling like Jell-O, too, since you were the one with the car keys. In a few minutes, you’d see about calling Tony in to help search for Bruce. Gratefully, you took the man’s offered hand and allowed him to help you to your feet.

    Then a tremendous pain shot across your abdomen.

    You crumpled back to the cement with a wordless cry. Somewhere above, you heard the man shout “ma’am” again before he ran off . A few seconds later, you heard his voice from far away, shouting “sir, your wife, come back” repeatedly–presumably for Bruce.

    You needed Bruce. But you couldn’t hear him destroying things anymore; you couldn’t hear anything but the burbled sobs breaking out of you as you attempted to hold yourself together.

    Something was wrong–horribly, terribly, awfully wrong–but you didn’t know what. Your entire lower half throbbed and throbbed and throbbed and throbbed. It felt like you had been torn open. You had never felt this sort of pain before.

    Bruce was coming, wasn’t he? You couldn’t continue as you were. You had to be strong for when he arrived.

    A pair of hands came down to steady your thrashing head. The face that appeared shortly thereafter did not belong to Bruce. It did not even belong to the gentleman from before. It was another man entirely, younger, with a thin blond mustache, and beyond him you could vaguely see other people watching the show.

    “Miss, you have to calm down,” said the man. “You have to tell me what’s the matter. Calm down. Please calm down.”

    All you did was shake your head. It hurt. Things were beginning to come together. You wanted to say that you were sorry, but you couldn’t get your lips to shape the words. You gasped through your tears. Just as you did, the man’s eyes traveled down your body–and he paled.

    “Good Lord, she’s bleeding. She’s bleeding. Someone call an ambulance!”

    He disappeared from your field of vision. You took several deep breaths to try to calm yourself enough to stop moving. This was a vain attempt; your muscles continued to spasm without your telling them to. Everything made the pain worse: moving, breathing, pumping blood.

    Where was Bruce? Where was the Hulk, even?

    “The ambulance is on its way,” said the man from before as he returned to your sight. “It’s going to be okay. You’re going to be okay.”

    You attempted to smile back. That was what you were always expected to do, right? Smile, so that your husband could smile. Surely he was there somewhere in the throng around you. This was the one time you couldn’t manage.

    “Bruce?” you whispered, but the man looking after you didn’t answer. Or maybe he did, a little too late. Before you could hear his response, your world went dark, still, and quiet, save for the sound of sirens coming your way.

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    Even If It Kills Him

    Frank Castle x Fem!Reader

    Warnings: None- Just Pining and Fluff.  Word Count: 1,468

    Summary: Love is such a small word with enormous implications. It creeps up to him, waking him up at night like a betrayal. He would gun those four letters down if he could. And everyday, he tries to come up with an excuse to pick up the phone and call the shelter to say that he can’t go anymore. His mind goes through all this trouble just to avoid seeing you again, so he can’t put an end to falling deeper into the hole he’s dug for himself.

    Read below or at AO3.

    Frank has a soft spot for animals. Always had. Somehow he ends up volunteering at the animal shelter you work at. At first it was just to check on the six dogs he brought one day, rescued from a dog fighting gang he took down, and then, it was also to see you. His weekly visit turns into every other day appearance. He helps feed the dogs, plays with the ones he’s allowed to, and eventually he takes home one of the ones he brought the first time around.

    It goes like this for months and, inevitably, all the time spent as a volunteer leads him to fall head over heels for the girl who runs the shelter, you.

    Disappointment strikes when learning you’re actually dating someone. It’s not like he thought he’d ever have a chance or deserved to be with someone like you. Still, something builds up in his chest that he doesn’t know what to call it exactly. It’s not sadness or anger, not even jealousy… longing would be the closest concept– longing for you, for the ones he’s lost and the life he’d never have.

    For the most part of the day, all he sees is a wall of darkness. Frank Castle doesn’t dare to dream or wish things were different anymore. He just lives without truly living... but every time he sees you, all of that shit he tells himself goes out the door, it vanishes like magic. You’re the little light that sparks some joy in his tired old heart. It knocks behind his ribs, reminding him that he’s still alive, that he’s allowed to feel again.

    To manage all that, he sticks to his routine of working, sleeping, eating, and volunteering, occasionally catching bad guys as an extracurricular. It barely helps. That bridge burns quickly, the more he gets to know you, the faster he falls.

    Love is such a small word with enormous implications. It creeps up to him, waking him up at night like a betrayal. He would gun those four letters down if he could. And everyday, he tries to come up with an excuse to pick up the phone and call the shelter to say that he can’t go anymore. His mind goes through all this trouble just to avoid seeing you again, so he can’t put an end to falling deeper into the hole he’s dug for himself.

    Every attempt is futile. He’s not the one to lie if he can’t help it. Entertaining the idea of lying to you just makes him feel like an asshole. So he doesn’t call, he never does. He keeps showing up every other day after work, even if it kills him.

    It makes him feel special every time you pour him a cup of coffee the second he’s at the door. Then, he realizes you do that with most of the staff. However, it only adds to the list of reasons to love you. He’s in awe with the kindness and respect you show for every single person and animal you care for. Your heart-melting smile is engraved in his memory at this point and can’t help but dream about it. He misses you those days you have a different shift or take a sick day, which aren’t often. You’re there for most part of the day, including times out of your usual schedule.

    On your birthday, he brings you flowers. A colorful bouquet of gerbera daisies lightens up your work desk for days. It earns him a  kiss after giving them to you. You just lean in and press your lips sweetly right on the edge of his beard.

    "You're a little old-fashioned, aren't you?" you pick up one of the flowers from the bouquet and tuck the stem behind your ear playfully.

    "Is that a problem?"

    "No. I like old-fashioned," your lips pull up at the corners, "and these are my favorite flowers."

    “I know.”Shit. He hasn't done this in so long that he can't tell if you are flirting or not. It'd make sense if you did, he started it after all, unintentionally of course.

    He's aware that your boyfriend hasn't shown up in a while. There's no detail that escapes him. It strikes him as odd that he doesn't pick you up anymore, especially after having your car at the shop for the past week.

    A few days later, on the day of the shelter’s fundraiser, he finds himself making an effort to look good, trading usual work clothes for clean ones, just for a change. He doesn't budge on the boots though, those are the same as always. The hair is a bigger project than he ever cared. He’s let it grow so much his curls stick out all the time in all different directions, and the bushy beard requires more time to groom than a clean face ever did.

    Arriving early, he pipes up to drive the van to bring the animals. You’re already at the park making sure everything's where it’s supposed to be. There are two designated stations for petting the animals, one for cats, a second for dogs. There’s a bathing zone for people to bring their pets. A third station with baked goods and coffee, and a fourth area for information. All the volunteers are in place and there’s a few people hanging around already.

    You help Frank setting all the animals in their fenced area and hand him a bright, yellow t-shirt with the name of the shelter printed on it. He gives it quite the questioning look.

    "It's just a shirt."

    "It's very… yellow."

    "Come on, everyone's wearing theirs. You're part of the team too. And you could use some in your wardrobe."

    He scoffs and looks at it again before slipping it  over his fitted henley.

    Your lips curve up, capturing his eyes, "thank you."

    You grip his forearm quickly  and resume your duties. The day goes by quickly and you end up with a good sum of donations to keep the place going.

    You and Frank are the last ones leaving the shelter after the overnight staff comes over. While Frank cleans himself in the bathroom you sit on the bench outside, using your phone to request a ride from the app.

    “Car still in the shop?” Frank's voice pulls your eyes from the screen of your phone.“Yeah,” you sigh, glancing at him, “just for a few days more.”

    He swallows, shrugging his shoulders, “I can give you a ride.”

    “Thank you but, I uh, you’ve already done enough, Frank… I don’t wanna impose.”

    “C’mon, it’s on my way. You’re not imposing, I’m offering.”

    Your stare darts between your phone and his truck as you make up your mind for a beat before deciding to accept Frank's offer.

    It’s probably the first time you two have ever been alone. He tries to remember if you ever did and he comes to the conclusion that you’ve never, there’s always been people around or animals in the way, but right now it’s just the two of you.

    “Your boyfriend couldn’t pick you up today?” Real smooth Frank.

    You scoff slightly, “no, he couldn’t. We actually… broke up a couple weeks ago.”

    “Oh,” he means to say sorry but his mouth can utter that sound only for now.

    “It’s fine. He was just… I don’t know, he just wasn’t...” You glance at him and swallow, watching his knuckles tighten around the steering wheel, and his jaw tense under his beard.

    It’s utter silence the rest of the way to your building.

    When the truck has pulled up, you suck in your bottom lip and gather on your lap the bag that was resting on the floor between your feet, as Frank pulls open his door. He gets off the truck first and walks along with you to the stoop.

    “Thank you,” you say, turning to look at him, “not just for the ride, but for today. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

    “I highly doubt that,” he scoffs unassumingly, “you got everything under control, with or without me.”

    Locking eyes with him, your lips pull up, “you can't take a compliment, can’t you?”

    His shoulders shrug, tucking his hands in his jean’s pockets. His eyes avert from your stare, drawing that sheepish smile he does when he’s nervous.

    On a whim, you lock your arms around his neck, pressing your face against his sturdy beard, and thank him again for everything he’s done for you.It takes him a few seconds to bring his palm to your back. You feel his hesitant fingers tapping your shoulder blade before smoothing his palm down to the small of your back. Setting there, he closes his eyes and gives into the hug, inhaling the scent of your hair.

    #ficlet#request #frank castle x reader #frank castle x female reader #the punisher fanfiction #the punisher#frank castle#reader insert#pining#fluff#frank's pov#my writing
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  • maskedmoon
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    " One day you will ask me , which is more important, my life or yours ? I will say mine and you'll walk away without knowing that you're my life. " ~ Khalil Gibran

    man you could've just said that but poetry, ahhh
    #dark acadamia aesthetic #poets on tumblr #dark academia #dead poets society #deadpoet stuff#my writing#writing prompt #kill your darlings #light academia#reader pov #dead poets live #dead poems#poets corner#writblr#writer problems #writers and poets #poetry#dead poetry #light acadamia aesthetic
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  • maskedmoon
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    I don't think there's something like growing outta love , if you say so you never fell in love. I mean how could you care so much and then boom there's nothing. It's all lies that people tend to tell themselves, you loved someone and maybe you didn't end up together. But whenever you're given the chance you'll go back to them in a heartbeat. No matter how hard you try to bury those memories, you'll find yourself cherish them. That's love, you never grow outta it , that yearning stays with you forever somewhere in your heart.

    #writblr#deadpoet stuff#my writing#writing prompt #kill your darlings #light academia #dead poets society #reader pov #poets on tumblr #dark acadamia aesthetic #dark academia #light acadamia aesthetic #dead poets live #writers and poets #writers on tumblr #writer problems#writersofinstagram#poets corner#poetry#dead poetry
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  • mysdrym
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    My fic Burning Legion will always hold a special place in my heart because of the number of bros who have felt it necessary to come into my asks/comments to explain to me that the Burning Legion couldn’t take over earth because we have guns and/or a 17 yr old girl could never save Earth is more than one and that just...

    No words.

    #these comments were back on ff.net #ages ago #had someone write me an essay on why my premise was wrong #i think twice i wrote them back and explained the story is from a 17 yr old's pov so the reader doesn't see all the legion's planning that #went into taking over our world #and having to explain that we may have guns but my burning legion has smart people is always so...unique
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  • strawwritesfic
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Bruce Banner x Pregnant!Female!Reader: Where Gods Do Fear to Tread [Ch. 5]

    Summary: Anger isn’t the only emotion that can take over a life.

    Challenge: “9 Months” challenge by crackleviolet on Lunaescence Archive -- Miscarriage

    Rating/Warnings/Tags: T (sexual references; miscarriage; miscarriage caused by fictional conditions; angst; depression; domestic strife; marital separation; discussion of abortion; foul language; crude humor; not canon compliant; Bruce & Tony friendship; Tony & Reader friendship; Pepper & Reader friendship; OC child of canon pairing)

    Pairing(s): Bruce Banner/Female!Reader; past!Bruce/Natasha; Tony/Pepper; Clint/Laura

    Tag List: @imaginesfire​

    Master List

    Chapter 5: Starting to Show

    After so long in a quiet house with no one but your unborn baby for company, any company at all was a welcome change of pace. Even several weeks later with Bruce back home, this remained true. You smiled to yourself as you stepped through the door after work one evening and were greeted by the distant rumbling of his and Tony’s voices on the floor above. It was good to have your husband back, even better that said husband had something to occupy his time.

    Peeling off your coat revealed the smallest of baby bumps protruding from the space between your hips. It wasn’t much, but it was proof that what you and Bruce had created together was growing–the only sign, in fact. You had agreed to be surprised by whatever the baby turned out to be, sex-wise. That decision turned out to be for the best. One visit to your new SHIELD-issued gynecologist (Pepper and Tony really did have everyone on speed dial) proved that whatever the kid was, normal wasn’t it. The amniotic sac was opaque, leaving any hints as to the baby’s appearance or well-being a mystery.

    But it wouldn’t be growing if it wasn’t healthy, right? Besides, Hulks were practically immortal. If anything was threatening the little guy (or gal), you were sure you would know, and so would everyone else. Whatever it was, it was safe here. Safe and happy.

    Rubbing absently at your tiny something-or-other, you walked briskly to the kitchen to start preparing a meal. There turned out to be no need. A lasagna already sat cooking in the oven, courtesy of Bruce, you suspected. Whether or not he was going overboard trying to make up for abandoning you didn’t really matter; he was still coddling you every chance he got these days. It was a little embarrassing, but you weren’t about to stop him now.

    You decided to wait the five remaining minutes for the lasagna to finish cooking before going to join the boys upstairs. Bruce was too wrapped in whatever it was they were working on up there to notice you were home, and it would probably be a nice surprise. Before the alarm could go off and alert him to your presence, you punched the off button, then made yourself busy cutting the pasta, preparing three plates, and pouring three glasses of ice water. All this you set on the tray you had, on occasion, used to bring Bruce breakfast in bed, and headed their direction.

    “We’re gonna have to take the whole wall down,” Tony’s voice came drifting down to meet you.

    “We’re not taking the wall down,” came Bruce’s reply.

    “How else do you suggest we make everything tantrum proof?”

    “I don’t know, Tony. But I have faith enough in your genius to know you can think of something other than blowing up my house.”

    “It’s one wall, not your entire house. You know, or we could just scrap the whole project and you all could move in with me and Pepper.”

    “We’re not moving into the tower,” you announced as you walked into the little nursery, which was presently drenched red from the sunset beaming through the windows. “I would never see Bruce again. Dinner’s ready,” you added as you placed your tray on the unpainted nightstand.

    Both men eagerly moved in on it and took their plates.

    “When did you get home?” Bruce asked, leaning over to peck you on the cheek. “You didn’t have to bring all this up here. You ought to be resting.”

    “While you work? Honestly, Bruce, we’ll be fine.”

    He looked fit to argue, but Tony unexpectedly came to your defense: “If she says she’s fine, she’s fine. Pregnant ladies are a lot more durable than you’d expect Pepper didn’t take a single day off during her pregnancy. Probably would have kept on working straight through labor if I’d let her.”

    “Probably because she was afraid she’d kill you if she spent all that extra time in your company.” Bruce hid a smile with his cup of water.

    Tony narrowed his eyes. “Careful, Big Guy. I could still move your entire house inside my place in the dead of night without you noticing.” He snapped his fingers. “That’s it! I’ll move your entire house inside my house!”

    “No, Tony,” you and Bruce said in unison.

    The answer was a distinctly un-Tonyish cry. A beat of confused silence followed, then Tony sighed and made his way to toward the back of the room. “Now you’ve done it,” he said, and bent to retrieve a squalling baby girl from the playpen set up there. “She won’t go to sleep again until I’ve fed her.”

    “But you can’t feed her lasagna,” you protested.

    Tony shot you one of his patented dirty looks. “What kind of a father do you think I am?” Rocking Emma gently with one arm, he leaned over to dig around in his bag for a minute or so. Two baby food bottles were produced from within some deep inner-pocket; these Tony waved pointedly in your direction. “A stay-at-home dad always comes prepared.”

    “You’re hardly a stay-at-home dad. You’ve got that whole school,” Bruce said, sitting on the floor to start on his dinner.

    You remained standing, leaning against the wall.

    “First off,” said Tony, “Avengers Tower is not a school. It’s a boarding home for wayward Enhanced youths with nowhere else to go. Secondly, it’s a charity, not a job. Lastly, and I can’t believe I’m having to explain this, no one in their right mind would actually put me in charge of it. I’m just there for the funding. All I’ve ever been good for.”

    “Don’t say that. You’re good at lots of things,” said Bruce. “Like creating maniacal sentient robots and showing up Steve.”

    “Thanks, buddy. I can always count on you to cheer me up.”

    “And taking care of your daughter,” you added softly.

    Seeing Tony spoon-feeding Emma from her car seat perched on his and Bruce’s tool table made something in your heart ache. Bruce had lavished attention and adoration on you since his return, but he hardly ever spoke about the baby. You hadn’t even discussed names yet. Try as you might to convince yourself that was because you couldn’t even know for sure that what was growing in your womb was nameable, you couldn’t help fearing still that once they arrived, Bruce wouldn’t love them. Not like how Tony clearly cherished his daughter.

    “Yeah, I’m doing a real great job right now,” he said above Emma’s screaming attempts to avoid having mashed peas stuffed in her mouth.

    Thank goodness there was tarp covering the wood floor, because a lot more of the stuff was on that than inside her stomach. Finally, Tony managed to pop the tiny spoon between her lips, and Emma fell silent for a few moments to suck on it.

    He shot Bruce a triumphant grin. “If I can do it, you can do it.”

    Bruce didn’t look up; in fact, he became very focused on scrapping the last of the cheese off his plate. “I don’t know about that.”

    You laid a hand on his shoulder, and that he did look up at, squinting at you through the lenses of his adorable work glasses. “Tony’s right. You’re going to be a great father. Look at how much you’ve already done for them.”

    Again, Bruce looked away. His empty plate was set down next to him on the floor just so he could take up his usual nervous habit of rubbing his palms together. “Preparing isn’t the same as being a dad,” he said, avoiding your and Tony’s gazes. “I just don’t know if–my dad wasn’t the greatest example.”

    “Neither was mine,” Tony put in before you could fiercely remind Bruce that he was nothing like his brute of a father, and neither was the Hulk. “It’ll be different when the kid gets here. I was a wreck when Pepper told me, remember? I was so scared I would wind up being just like my old man, minus the weird Steve obsession, obviously. But as soon as I got to hold Emma in my arms, I knew I couldn’t be. Besides, you and I both have great wives to whip us back into shape when we need it.”

    A soft smile spread across Bruce’s face. “That last bit’s true.”

    “I love you, Bruce,” you said quietly. “You’ve never hurt me–”

    “I left you for a month.”

    “But you’re not going to do that again.” There was no arguing when you used that tone of voice. “I love you, and this little guy or girl is going to love you. You’re a wonderful husband, and I know you’re going to be a wonderful father, too. Better than Tony, even.”

    “Debatable,” said Tony, but he grinned. “Seriously, Big Guy. It’s better than you think. Cheer up before [Name] decides to move to the tower to get away from you. I don’t want to have to watch you mope like that ever again.”

    “I would never–”

    “I know,” Bruce said. Slowly, he took your hand and pulled you down for a brief kiss. “We’re doing this together. We’ll figure it out.”

    “And you’ll always have me, and Tony Stark’s Avengers School for Gifted Youth,” Tony said, just as Emma started shrieking again.

    “You can’t seriously be changing the name to that,” said Bruce.

    “Of course not. I told you, no one will let me be in charge of those decisions.”

    “I wonder why that is,” you murmured. Bruce caught your eye and smiled sincerely. You beamed back. With friends and family like this, your little Hulkling was going to be the luckiest kid in the whole wide world.

    #fan fic#straw writes#reader insert #second person pov #where gods do fear to tread #challenge fic#avengers#marvel#mcu#hulk#bruce banner#pregnancy fic #hulk x reader #hulk x you #hulk x y/n #bruce banner x reader #bruce banner x you #bruce banner x y/n #avengers x reader #avengers x you #avengers x y/n #mcu x you #mcu x reader #mcu x y/n #marvel x reader #marvel x you #marvel x y/n
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  • strawwritesfic
    25.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Bruce Banner x Pregnant!Female!Reader: Where Gods Do Fear to Tread [Ch. 4]

    Summary: Anger isn’t the only emotion that can take over a life.

    Challenge: “9 Months” challenge by crackleviolet on Lunaescence Archive -- Miscarriage

    Rating/Warnings/Tags: T (sexual references; miscarriage; miscarriage caused by fictional conditions; angst; depression; domestic strife; marital separation; discussion of abortion; foul language; crude humor; not canon compliant; Bruce & Tony friendship; Tony & Reader friendship; Pepper & Reader friendship; OC child of canon pairing)

    Pairing(s): Bruce Banner/Female!Reader; past!Bruce/Natasha; Tony/Pepper; Clint/Laura

    Tag List: @imaginesfire​

    Master List

    Chapter 4: Making Plans

    The weeks following Bruce leaving your home could only be described as a living hell. Never in your entire life had you felt so miserable. For the first few days, a numbness fell over your body and mind, a kind of shell that kept you functioning in your day to day life. You didn’t think it would ever crack–not until exactly eight days later, when a member of Dr. Warner’s staff called with the worst news yet: You were pregnant, almost certainly so. A faint thank you for their congratulations left your lips before you hung up. Then you’d sat on the floor in the kitchen and bawled your eyes out.

    You were too proud to tell him, or maybe too afraid. Not of Bruce, never of Bruce. But to start the whole argument up again via text would hurt too much.

    Over the next few weeks, nearly a month, you heard nothing from him. You had forgotten how completely he could erase himself from someone’s life when he really wanted to. He was okay, though. That much you knew, because Tony would text you every so often to ask you what was going on between you and his buddy. But if Bruce wasn’t saying, neither were you. Fortunately, this was enough to placate Tony for a few days at least. Pepper was an entirely different story.

    Well into your second month of pregnancy and all its wonderful symptoms, you found yourself blinking tearfully into a half-empty teacup in the Avengers Tower’s dining room. The overhead lights were on, and the occasional clip of chatter from the other residents would slip through the crack underneath the door. You had been doing your best to continue working, continue doing everything expected of you and still you felt dirty and dejected compared to prim and proper Pepper breastfeeding her eight-month-old daughter over having lunch with you.

    “I can’t say I’m surprised that’s why Bruce has been living here for a while,” she said, expertly shifting Emma so Pepper could take a bite of her sandwich without disturbing the infant.

    Sniffling, you looked up from your cold dregs of tea. “He told you?” There was a sign you had barely spoken to anyone outside of work since the breakup if ever there was one. Your voice just then had been little more than a croak.

    “No, but it’s something he would worry about. Would it be bad to say it’s a mother’s intuition?”

    You did not crack a smile at Pepper’s attempt to lighten the mood. Laughter was a foreign concept to you; it seemed you had forgotten how to do it. It was pathetic, you falling to pieces over a guy, even Bruce–but deep down, you knew that your breakdown wasn’t just because of Bruce.

    She gave you a sympathetic look. “He’s just been so happy since the two of you got married. We figured it had to be something like you getting pregnant. After the whole Natasha thing, everybody knows how Bruce feels about kids.”

    “Now everybody will know for sure after the whole [Name] thing,” you murmured.

    “That’s just silly. Of him,” she added quickly. “He can’t divorce you for getting pregnant. And he can’t keep avoiding you either.”

    There was a familiar Pepper gleam in her eye that made you wish even more that you had not agreed to come over. What did you think were playing at? You and Bruce were over.

    “No Pepper, it’s fine. I get it. He just–doesn’t want me to get hurt. Or to watch his child suffer like he did.”

    “That’s still silly. We aren’t living in a pre-Enhanced world anymore. There are children being born every day with newer, stranger powers than going a little green when they get angry. I’m positive Tony would love Emma to be playmates with a miniature Hulk. And he’s not going to let the love Bruce’s life die giving birth to one either.”

    Suddenly, you were blinking back tears. To hear even a few of the things you had been thinking alone in your house for so long put to words was strangely comforting.

    “Th-thank you,” you managed after a few seconds of rubbing at your wet eyes.

    “And I mean that even if Bruce is an idiot and leaves. You have a place here. Tony and I will help you. We won’t let you and your child fend for yourselves.”

    That, however, was a little too much. You had a full-time job and a house in your name. No one under your roof would starve. It was just going to be a little…lonely, without your husband.

    “Thank you. Really. But I can’t ask you guys to do that. Bruce was your friend first, and he and Tony are so close.”

    “I don’t care. Sisters before misters. I–ah.” Pepper broke off at a knock on the door. Emma made a soft noise of protest that her mother ignored. “Come in.”

    “Pepper?” Bruce stepped in over the sound of the baby’s increased crying as Pepper started to bundle her up. “Tony said you needed to see me?”

    “Yes, that’s right. I was hoping you could take over for me here. Emma’s starting to get fussy. I should get her down for a nap.”

    “Sure. I–” But at that very moment, he spotted you sitting on the opposite side of the table. His normally ruddy skin went chalk-white.

    “Thank you,” said Pepper in her most falsely sugary voice. “And talk to your wife!”

    She was gone, leaving you alone in the wide dining hall with the husband you hadn’t spoken to in four long weeks.

    “Bruce,” you said softly.

    For a long time, he didn’t answer. When he did, it was nothing but a quiet return of your own name before he went back to staring at you like a deer caught in the headlights. He was frozen in a way that you had seen him go only when desperately trying to keep his green friend at bay. To think that you would be the cause of an attack broke your heart. And yet…

    “You don’t have to talk to me.” You stood, arms shaking at your sides–but you weren’t scared. No, you were angry. Leaving before you did something you and Bruce both regretted was the best (and only) plan you had. Blindly, you headed for the doorway, determined not to give him the satisfaction of seeing you dissolve into tears again.

    He didn’t let you get far past him. “[Name],” he said, softer this time, his hands on your shoulders. If you wanted to go on, you could have in theory, but Bruce was handling you so carefully that your knees had gone suddenly weak.

    You forced yourself to look up. This was a mistake.

    “What?” you croaked, instead of kissing him like you wanted.

    His wide, brown eyes were so filled with worry. You wished you’d never agreed to have sex with him, never risked this situation happening to begin with. Then you’d be back home in your kitchen, cooking lunch together to music. But you had agreed, and you had risked it, and now here you two were: Avengers Tower, an empty dining room, watching your shortly happy lives fall to pieces.

    Bruce sighed, then slowly moved one hand from your shoulder, down your arm, and to your wrist. When his warm hand wrapped around yours to lead you to your recently vacated chair, what could you do but follow? By the time you collapsed into it again, you were sobbing too hard to notice him sitting down next to you until he started speaking.

    “[Name]. Don’t cry. Please don’t. I-I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

    That at least got you to stop crying long enough to level a glare at him. Bruce only offered you a tissue, which you took grudgingly. “What did you think I was going to do after all of that?” you demanded around the Kleenex.

    “To be honest, I wasn’t thinking at all,” he answered. Much to your surprise, Bruce let out a quiet chuckle. Smiling. He was smiling!

    “This isn’t funny.”

    “No,” Bruce agreed, sobering up. “Just a little ridiculous.”

    “Try a lot ridiculous.”

    You sighed and a moment later blew your nose tremendously into your tissue. Somehow, you felt a little better. Your emotions were similar to Bruce’s in some ways: You’d hold things in and hold things in until everything inside you exploded at once. Normally you weren’t quite so bad, though. Maybe it was your hormones. One deep breath later, and you started to feel a bit more like yourself.

    “You don’t have to talk to me,” you repeated. “I didn’t come to force a confrontation. Just to have lunch with Pepper. It’s been a little empty at home lately.”

    You could have kicked yourself for adding that last part. Bruce didn’t need manipulated. Fortunately, he took your words in stride. “No. We should talk. I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a while now.”

    “Then why didn’t you call?”

    “I was waiting for you to call me.”

    “Me? You’re the one that just…just up and left.” Your voice broke, leaving you to end your sentence in whisper. Another long pause followed.

    “I know,” Bruce said finally, sounding as though it cost him a great deal of effort, “and I’m sorry. That was stupid. I’ve been so stupid, [Name], and I know I shouldn’t even ask, but if you could give me a chance to prove how sorry I am, maybe–”

    “What are you saying?” If you hadn’t interrupted, he would have carried on with his apologetic tirade indefinitely. Forced to stop, all he could do for a few more seconds was blink and wet his lips.

    “I want to come home,” he said. “Will you forgive me?”

    Nothing else could have made your heart jolt like that. Nothing else could have made you want to blurt out a “yes,” more. You and Bruce had been through worse, and you badly wanted him home. And yet, you found yourself pressing a protective palm to your belly.

    “Why do you want to come home?”

    “It’s not to hurt you. Or your…” he seemed to struggle for a minute. “Or to hurt the baby.”

    Your fingers curled into the fabric of your shirt. “What happened to Planned Parenthood?”

    “I still think that would be the best option. We have no idea what sort of baby I will produce. We do know that just my blood was enough to transform an adult woman. I don’t know what will happen with more of my DNA in the mix. I can’t make you go,” he added at the look on your face, “but I helped you get into this mess. If I can’t get you out of it, then I’ll protect you through it. No matter what happens.”

    “Even if I die?”

    Bruce swallowed, eyes huge in his face. Gingerly, he took both your hands, Kleenex and all, in his. “Even if you die. I won’t let that happen, though. Tony and I will figure it out. Nothing is going to happen to you, [Name], I promise.” Seeming to realize he was babbling, he cut himself short before squeezing your hands. “Even if you die,” he whispered.

    “Do you promise?”

    “I promise. I’m the kid’s father, no matter what it winds up being. I’d better start acting like it.”

    For a long moment–several moments, really–you just blinked at him in silence. You were already tearing up again. Bruce looked about to say something more, probably another apology, but he didn’t have the time. With an indistinct noise, you threw yourself out of your chair and into his lap, lips pressed impatiently to his and your fingers twisted into his hair.

    “[Name]…” He laughed again, more genuinely, when you pulled away for air.

    “I’ve missed you so much, Bruce. Come home. Please come home.”

    “Right away. There’s a lot to do before the baby comes. We’ll have to get a nursery set up, and do our best to Hulk-proof the house. Pepper’s going to want to throw you a baby shower. And of course…”

    As Bruce continued on with his laundry list of baby prepping, you smiled a watery smile. He really was going to be the best dad possible for your child. When your crying began anew, it had nothing to do with the fear and loneliness you had felt for so long, but rather a new feeling of hope and comfort. You hoped your baby would never go without the latter.  

    #fan fic#straw writes #where gods do fear to tread #challenge fic#pregnancy fic#avengers#marvel#mcu#bruce banner#hulk#reader insert #second person pov #bruce banner x reader #bruce banner x oc #bruce banner x y/n #avengers x reader #avengers x you #avengers x y/n #mcu x you #mcu x y/n #mcu x reader #marvel x reader #marvel x you #marvel x y/n
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  • kabutoswife
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    I wrote a fic a couple weeks ago that ended up being too fucked up even for me and now it haunts me every time I open up microsoft word

    #it started so hot too #like it had all my darkest kinks #but then I decided to make reader's pov realistic #and it became psychological horror instead of fun smut
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  • morning-moonstruck
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    It’s amazing how easily people throw around the term unreliable narrator. i understand unreliable narrators are trying to sell the readers something: that they’re not a monster, that the story happened this way and not another, etc. but now i keep seeing people call any first pov narrator “unreliable” just because they’re biased. every first person narrative is gonna be swayed towards the character’s perspective/understanding, but does that mean we’re automatically being deceived by them? that we can’t trust our narrators as they tell us what they experience? that they’re changing the story on us somehow, trying to blind us from certain truths? that’s what an unreliable narrator is, after all—we as readers cannot trust them or their story. is every first pov unreliable? just because they view a situation through a certain lens & aren’t considering a different perspective? that makes them unreliable? and if so, what’s the point of calling them “unreliable” if it’s the standard?

    #she speaks wait she speaks? #i need more unreliable narrator stories #saw someone call a pov narrator unreliable just because theyre sarcastic & dont share everything immediately with the reader and like…..bru #bruh thats not it
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  • uselessbard1031
    24.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    What I should have done? Outdoor work before the snow makes it impossible.  What I did do? Write more Burnout.


    #two chapters in two days #i feel fancy #burnout#Lin Beifong #lin x reader #Lins pov#yn pov#firebending#fanfiction#ao3#Zaofu#kuvira#suyin beifong#fanfic #legend of korra #tlok
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    Ruminations of a Dreamer Part III (Viktor x F!Reader) "It all started by the riverbank, a place I used to play alone with the gadgets I would create. The sound of the streaming water, the shadows cast by the cliff on the other side, it was all too familiar. What was different, was the intoxicating smell of flowers. I searched around, but there was no sign of any flora." His voice evoked the same wonderment he must've felt in his dream. "It was as if I was standing right there and then. As if... I was a child again." He smiled to himself while reaching and grabbing his cane, standing up and walking towards where you had been seated by the window. "But, I was not a child. I was the Viktor I am today. I could hear the sounds of children playing and the same latent yearning I've always had to join them, yet, my inclinations resided elsewhere." He might not have noticed it but his hand tightened around his cane as he looked over the industrialist beauty of the city. "I was trying out a new gadget. A small boat with a water-fuelled motor. It worked and ahhh... the happiness it made me feel. Till it began rushing away from me, and my leg wouldn't allow me to catch." He sighed, reliving the helplessness that had been a good friend of the loneliness he was fated to. "Not until this luminescent bright blue aura appeared before me, slowly approaching me and... It's hard to explain but it touched me, held my hand and then, it enveloped my whole body. Like a shell yet it was a part of me. It's warmth spreading through me, a strength that I never knew propelling me forward. And believe it or not, I was running. I could... run." His disbelief was tangible in his bittersweet words. "My apologies." He chuckled, his index rubbing sheepishly on the tip of his nose, eyes averted away from you and back to the modern scenery offered by Piltover. "I'm a scientist, not a man of words. I hope my ability to convey some coherent sense through my rambling was not null." His eyes widened as he felt a softness, a warmth blanketing over his hand cradling the head of his cane, darting downwards only to see your hand on his. "Purple prose is lovely and all but it is the emotions evoked in one's words that count more." You squeezed his hand gently, unconsciously so, a surge of emotion erupting within you, apparent in your expression as your gesture urged him to look at you. Ambers finally meeting you, both of you exchanged a brief smile that felt oddly intimate. But it was too much. For both of you. "Ah, pardon me!" You exclaimed apologetically, removing your hand as quickly as you could manage. "It is absolutely f-fine, Miss. I am not bothered in the least." He reassured you. "Uhm..." You hesitated, it was now your turn to avert your eyes, looking down to the floor while your fingers twiddled together. Viktor noticed the way you nervously bit your lip, but he gave you an encouraging smile with a small nod. "I know that look, Miss. Tell me what's on your mind, please." "You know me well." You giggled lightly, a pink tint painting the top of your cheeks. "Your eyes said it all. I could tell how much happiness you felt in that dream... the peace you felt just talking about it." A peculiar connection, something akin to the tension caused by a magnetic force... It was hard to put into words, yet, it was reminiscent of the sensation he felt whenever he would be near those Hextech runes he had been toying with. Hextech. "Maybe someday, I'll find a way to allow people to read each other's minds, revisit or even display their dreams to themselves and others." The excitement in the smile you wore was a precursor to the uncanny erratic glee Viktor always contained so well the moment an epiphany of sorts struck him. Being the rational man that he was, he knew that enthusiasm and motivation played an essential part in his work yet setting aside those emotions was detrimental, as much as he possible could, in order to to do what's necessary to bring his creations to life. "I know that one day, you will." Your affirmation came out as a

    certainty. An irrefutable fact that you somehow knew of and he had yet to discover. Placing your hand on his once again, you gave it a gentle squeeze as you stood up. "I must be on my way, Viktor. I've taken up enough of your time already." "Goodbye, Miss." Viktor was surprised at the sound of his own voice. It was... disappointed. "Until we meet again." As quickly the warmth came, it disappeared. He wondered... Why did the touch of your hand feel so familiar? –♥– Part I ;  Part II

    #viktor x reader #arcane #arcane x reader #league of legends #this one is a mixed POV #I'm not well versed in Arcane lore but I'm trying #not even LOL lore
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    an excerpt from 'I am you' by Rumi
    #dark acadamia aesthetic #poets on tumblr #dead poets society #dark academia#deadpoet stuff#my writing#writing prompt #kill your darlings #light academia#reader pov #dead poets live #poets corner#writblr #writers on tumblr
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    POV ur Y/N and ur S/O doflamingo just blew up ur home island and nae naed on the wreckage

    for me dearly beloved mutual @dressroba

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    Bruce Banner x Pregnant!Female!Reader: Where Gods Do Fear to Tread [Ch. 3]

    Summary: Anger isn’t the only emotion that can take over a life.

    Challenge: “9 Months” challenge by crackleviolet on Lunaescence Archive -- Miscarriage

    Rating/Warnings/Tags: T (sexual references; miscarriage; miscarriage caused by fictional conditions; angst; depression; domestic strife; marital separation; discussion of abortion; foul language; crude humor; not canon compliant; Bruce & Tony friendship; Tony & Reader friendship; Pepper & Reader friendship; OC child of canon pairing)

    Pairing(s): Bruce Banner/Female!Reader; past!Bruce/Natasha; Tony/Pepper; Clint/Laura

    Tag List: @imaginesfire​

    Master List

    Chapter 3: How You Told Him

    A long subway ride home to the house did wonders to clear your head. Your stomach was empty, but Bruce was waiting at home with dinner. You had left several samples at the doctor’s office, and even though you’d have to tell Bruce where you’d been all afternoon, there was still the chance that this was all some ridiculous mistake, a misunderstanding of your symptoms that you’d be laughing off together in a week. Bruce wasn’t going to kick you out. He’d probably just be relieved that you’d gone to the doctor for your numerous problems, and that would be that.

    But he didn’t look very relieved when you first opened the front door. Bruce sat in the living room, eyes glued on the blank television until he heard the door swing open as you stepped inside. Even as he leaped to his feet, he continued to rub frantically at his palms.

    “[Name],” he said with obvious worry. “Are you all right?”

    You frowned in the middle of hanging up your jacket on the peg by the door. “Why wouldn’t I be all right?”

    “I couldn’t get ahold of you. You wouldn’t answer my texts, and I called, but you didn’t pick up.”

    Blinking, you dug around in your purse until you found your phone. Sure enough, the screen was covered in little messages alerting you that your husband had tried to contact you just as much as he claimed. At a loss as to how to explain what you had been doing instead of putting an end to his frantic pacing, you looked up wordlessly–which Bruce took as a cue to barrel right on:

    “I didn’t know what happened. I thought–I thought maybe Ross or–or someone had found you, and I wouldn’t know where to go to find you. If something had happened to you–”

    Apparently the prospect was too much for him to continue thinking about. Unfortunate, since something had happened to you, though it was definitely your own fault and not any long since-promoted army general’s.

    Poor Bruce. Years had passed since his last mishap with any army or law-enforcement unit, due to trumped up charges or otherwise, and still he feared for the safety of his tiny family. Bless him. You stepped forward and wrapped your arms around him in a hug. At last his nervous twitching stopped.

    “[Name]?” he said again, uncertainly.

    For a long moment, you just nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck. “Oh, Bruce,” you said a few seconds later, “I’m so sorry. I’m fine. I was just a little distracted.”

    “By your errands?” He peered around and only then noticed you hadn’t brought anything home with you–except, perhaps, his unborn child. Not that he would have been able to notice that, unless he’d recently been developing more superpowers working in Tony’s lab. “What did you pick up?”

    You took a deep breath, eyes sliding shut as you did. When you opened them again, Bruce looked no less on edge.

    “I think,” you said slowly, “you should sit down for this.”

    He paled, but trusted you enough to head back to the living room. You waited for him to collapse on the couch before selecting your spot right next to him. If you told Bruce, you wanted the two of you to go through this together–even if it turned out next week that this was all for naught and neither of you had to worry about the consequences of bringing a child into the world. For now, it wasn’t exactly something you could ignore. You weren’t a fan of pretending things weren’t a problem and hoping they’d go away on their own.

    “I…” You swallowed, then tried again: “I didn’t go on errands this afternoon.”

    “You didn’t?” Sure enough, Bruce looked hurt that you had lied to him. Or perhaps you were just projecting. Now wasn’t the time to discuss your dishonesty. That could be taken up later, after the worse news was delivered.

    You shook your head. “No. I went to the doctor.”

    That shot him straight from hurt to fear. “Are you okay?”

    Okay wasn’t the word you would use. “Well, I’m not sick, probably,” you said carefully. When he continued to stare at you like his little green friend was starting to feel a threat coming on, you picked up his hand and began to run your thumb across the top of his knuckles. “Remember last week? When I complained about my boobs in bed?”


    Yes, Bruce really was in a mood. Not even a flicker of a smile at the memory, no indication that he was at all distracted by the mention of your breasts. You wondered if Pepper ever had this problem with her husband. Most likely, no. Lucky Pepper.

    “Well, that wasn’t the only problem. I was also eating a lot, and my period was late, so…I went to the doctor. Like you suggested.”

    “When did I suggest that?”

    “You were running out the door on your way to work,” you said with a wave of your hand. “The point is, I didn’t just go to the doctor. I went to the gynecologist.”

    Bruce had grown very, very still. His eyes slid off to the side and away from you.

    “And?” he asked, but it was clear by how stiff his hand was in yours that he already knew where you were going with this speech.

    You wished he wouldn’t make you say it. You swallowed again, squeezing his hand, then:

    “She thinks I’m pregnant, Bruce,” you said, voice so hoarse you could barely hear it yourself.

    And then? Nothing. Silence. You could hear the whirring of the dishwasher back in the kitchen, someone mowing their lawn across the street. As far as Bruce went, though? Not a peep. All you could do was watch him as he stared at you like you had suddenly sprouted a second head somewhere other than inside your womb. Over and over, his tongue darted across his lips. For what felt like five minutes, no sound came out of him.

    “Bruce,” you finally said, pleading. Even that did not appear to crack his stupor. When you tried to let go of his hand, his fingers latched around yours tighter.

    “No,” he whispered, the word falling from his lips. “No. That’s not possible.”

    “Bruce.” You reached over to place your free hand on his thigh, but he released your other and got up, already moving toward the window. “Bruce, she doesn’t know for sure. She took some tests. They’ll call next week, and maybe it won’t be anything. It’s probably nothing. But it’s better that we know for sure, isn’t…”

    It was clear that Bruce wasn’t listening. His entire body was one rigid, shaking line. The hand he had placed on the edge of the window was steady, but pressing so hard into the wood that you could see his knuckles go white all the way from the couch. What else could you say? What else could you do? You had expected him to be upset, but not to start ignoring you.

    As you had been taught, you held your tongue, held your breath, held every molecule within you motionless. There was nothing you could do but wait unless you wanted to provoke the Hulk into voicing his opinion on the subject, so wait you did, until a long breath issued from where Bruce stood and he turned toward you, hand to his face.

    “I’ve killed you.”

    As he lowered his hand, you realized with a jolt that his eyes were wet. You had made Bruce cry. Your heart fluttered inside your chest as you motioned for him to come join you again on the couch. He did not.

    “You haven’t, Bruce, I promise,” you said imploringly. Again, his gaze slid away from you. You could hear him sniffling. “Bruce…”

    With a wild shake of his head, he finally wrenched his eyes up to meet yours. “There is a monster growing inside of you. And it’s my fault. You expect me to just…to just…” The shaking of Bruce’s head grew slower, and he began to move toward you again. Single step after single step led him toward you, but not quite to you, because he collapsed just in front of your legs. His face pressed momentarily into your lap, and he murmured something again and again: “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

    You had rarely seen Bruce so broken, and never because of you. Automatically, you lifted your fingers to work them into the soft curls of his hair, gently pulling them through it in an attempt to soothe him while inside your mind was whirring so loudly you could hardly hear his apologies.

    This was worse than you had expected. Tony hadn’t fallen to pieces when Pepper had told him they were expecting. And of course Bruce wasn’t Tony, not any more than you were Pepper, but here he was, crying into your thighs over something that might not even be a problem. Your robotic ministrations must have done the trick, though, because he lifted himself up a moment later to say:

    “It’ll be okay. We’ll get through this.” He lifted one of his hands to cup your face, thumb stroking your cheek. You smiled tremulously and allowed yourself to think for one moment that things were going to turn out all right–until he had to go and add, “I’ll make an appointment at Planned Parenthood as soon as the results are in and we know for sure.”

    That threw you. “An appointment for what?”

    “An appointment to get rid of the baby, [Name],” Bruce said, looking as confused as you felt. Your confusion did not fade with this answer.

    “Why are we getting rid of our hypothetical baby?” you demanded. The anger that was normally Bruce’s luxury had begun to burn in your chest and only burned brighter when he let out a short, near hysterical laugh.

    “Well, you can’t keep it,” he said, as though this were obvious. When you did not answer with anything more than a glare, his brows furrowed, and he took both of your hands in his. “[Name]. I will not let you die because I got you pregnant.”

    “It takes two to get pregnant, Bruce.” Your voice sounded surprisingly frosty.Frost the best you could do, because inside, you were on fire. If this was what it felt like for Bruce to transform, you felt sorry for him, but if he was not careful, all the anger was going to spill out onto him. Then he’d have a whole new reason to blame himself for something that evening. You wrenched your hands from his grip. “I wanted to have sex with you, too.”

    “If I hadn’t asked you–”

    “I wouldn’t have got pregnant. So what? We can’t change the past.”

    “It will tear you apart from the inside out.”

    “It’s a baby, not a death sentence!” Finally, you snapped, kicking out and drawing every one of your limbs away from the man on the floor. “You’ve never hurt me, and this baby isn’t going to hurt me either.”

    Bruce had sat up and away from you, but he wasn’t backing down. “It won’t be able to control itself! I am not growing inside you like some violent tumor. I will not have my child murder my wife!”

    “If I’m pregnant, it’s just as much my child as yours, and I’m keeping it!”

    You hadn’t realized how heated the discussion had become until you heard your own voice bounce back to you from the walls. Oh, you felt hot all over, but you hadn’t noticed how much of that had already boiled over. Your breath rushed in and out of your chest in great bursts even in the eerie silence that followed. Bruce gaped at you, and you saw, just then, that he was frightened.

    Too late. He had already got up and stalked away again. This time, he was trembling. From fear or anger, you couldn’t tell looking at his back. Of course Bruce was scared! You were scared, too. That was the whole point.

    Hoping to make amends, you started to stand, hand outstretched. “Bruce.”

    “No!” he shouted. “Get away from me!”

    All he’d had to do was say that first no. You froze, not even entirely off the couch. Your own limbs were quivering now, but you did as he said. No closer did you come. He did not turn back around either. Bruce just stood there, breathing, not bothering to so much as look at you over his shoulder. His name was on your lips, but he gave you no chance to utter it.

    “I can’t–not now. It’s not safe. Please.” Without even waiting for your answer, he moved for his coat by the front door. He was pulling it on before you could even blink.

    “Where are you going?” you asked, heart hammering in your ears.

    Bruce pulled the door open. “To Tony’s,” he answered.

    “For how long?”

    His step paused on the welcome mat. Slowly, he looked back at you, licking his lips just one more time. “Until…” Both of you knew he couldn’t finish that sentence. Until you gave in to his demands? Until the threat was gone? Until you were gone? At last, he shrugged. “I don’t know.”

    With that, he was gone. You fell back onto the couch soundlessly, and stared down at the shaking hands that had so recently been holding the warm, steady hands of your husband. There was nothing else to look at, nothing else to do. There you sat, as the sun climbed down the walls, as the room and your life grew dim. 

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    Bruce Banner x Pregnant!Female!Reader: Where Gods Do Fear to Tread [Ch. 2]

    Summary: Anger isn’t the only emotion that can take over a life.

    Challenge: “9 Months” challenge by crackleviolet on Lunaescence Archive -- Miscarriage

    Rating/Warnings/Tags: T (sexual references; miscarriage; miscarriage caused by fictional conditions; angst; depression; domestic strife; marital separation; discussion of abortion; foul language; crude humor; not canon compliant; Bruce & Tony friendship; Tony & Reader friendship; Pepper & Reader friendship; OC child of canon pairing)

    Pairing(s): Bruce Banner/Female!Reader; past!Bruce/Natasha; Tony/Pepper; Clint/Laura

    Tag List: @imaginesfire​

    Master List

    Chapter 2: Finding Out

    It seemed your life was doomed to play itself out as one series of embarrassments after another. First, you embarrassed yourself assuming your husband of nearly a year was joking about wanting to pursue an actual sexual relationship with you. Second, you had spent the last week completely oblivious to the fact that your period was supposed to have started three weeks ago; you’d been complaining about breast soreness for days; and you had gone through not one, not two, but three bags of chocolate-covered popcorn while Bruce had been away with Tony. Thirdly, when Bruce noticed these symptoms and pointed them out to you, you had gone and made an appointment with your gynecologist…without telling Bruce.

    His suggestion hadn’t exactly been along the lines of “[Name], I think you’re pregnant.” If he really believed that, you were sure he’d have been a lot more worried. You had promised to make a doctor’s appointment, laughed off his concern, and Bruce–being caught up in some new project of Tony’s–swallowed your bald-faced attempts at pretending you were fine and went on with his day.

    You, on the other hand, had been a quivering mess of nerves ever since. You had even put a stop to the frequent love-making sessions.That he had noticed, but he believed you when you told him that you were just feeling under the weather. Lying to Bruce made you feel sicker even than the thought of being pregnant.

    Cajole yourself as you might with the rationalization that you probably were just sick, your feelings changed not at all. But why shouldn’t they? Bruce wanted a family. He had told you as much before. Unfortunately, he’d also said he could never have one. Not with the Hulk around. Not after what happened to his cousin. Not after what he’d done to Natasha during their brief relationship.

    One of the other women in the waiting room threw you a questioning look, and only then did you realize you had been fidgeting and sighing along with your thoughts. You shot her a sheepish smile you’d learned from Bruce. Rather than return your smile, she looked back at her magazine. Hopefully she was there to look into better news than you were.

    A buzzing in your purse caused you to jump. Lord, you were acting like a criminal. Even after you figured out the noise had been nothing more than your phone, you shook. Seeing that the message wasn’t from Pepper or Natasha didn’t help matters. Actually, who the message was from made matters worse.

    ‘Home early. Where are you?’ read the text with Bruce’s name in bold above it.

    You gulped and looked around, as though you were going to spot him peeking out from behind one of the potted plants in the waiting room. This was stupid. He had no idea where you were. Only one of Bruce’s friends was psychic, and you hadn’t been around her recently enough for her to know what you had been plotting. Even if Wanda had somehow picked up your thoughts from the several blocks between your apartment and the Avengers Tower, she couldn’t have known what you were going to the doctor for. You had been doing a fine job of mentally squelching that down, in your opinion. Or perhaps your husband was just too distracted to keep up his usual focus on your mood swings.

    Wincing, you answered, ‘On errands. Be home soon.’

    ‘How long?’ came the immediate reply.

    ‘Probably an hour.’

    ‘I’ll start dinner. See you soon. xoxox’

    God, what were you doing? Bruce should have been there with you. He wasn’t a violent man; you weren’t afraid of him hurting you, even if he did go green over the revelation that you might be pregnant with his child.

    What you were afraid of was his fear. If you were pregnant, it was just a baby. Nothing to be afraid of. But he would worry anyway, for you and the baby and everyone else. That was just the way he dealt with things. You didn’t need that right then. You were worried enough without Bruce’s worries riding along.

    “Mrs. Banner?” someone called from the front of the room.

    You looked up to see a nurse waiting for you to get up from your chair. Scurrying over to the door, you did your best to forget Bruce’s probable reaction–at least until you found out for sure there was a reason for your anxiety. Perhaps there was a perfectly natural reason beyond all these symptoms. Just because you had been sleeping with your husband regularly for the past few months did not mean that you were pregnant. For all you knew, you were merely getting along in years. All women stopped having periods eventually.

    You did your best to smile and nod and answer truthfully as the nurse ran through the usual pre-appointment routine. If she realized how distant you were from your present situation, she didn’t say anything after you’d explained your (physical) problems to her other than, “the doctor will be in to see you shortly.”

    You wouldn’t say that twenty minutes was shortly, but it did give you plenty of time to continue wondering what in the world you were going to say to Bruce when you got home. Obviously, you would have to tell him the truth. This “errand” of yours was taking far longer than usual.

    That, of course, was exactly when Dr. Warner entered the room.

    “Mrs. Banner, it’s good to see you,“ she said as she stepped over to her stool. "Not time for your annual, I don’t think? What seems to be the problem?”

    You took a deep breath and launched into your explanation. The idea that you were having cravings or doing things like skipping periods had seemed ridiculous when coming out of your husband’s mouth, but now that you were here and they were coming out of yours, they seemed downright sinister. By the time you finished with your list, your knuckles were latched white around the paper-covered bed you were sitting on, and you could feel how much paler you were than when you had started.

    Dr. Warner, however, looked completely normal. In fact, all she did when you finished this speech was turn back to the computer that the nurse had been using earlier, then turn again to you and say, “I have to admit I’m a bit surprised. Last time you were in, you said that you and your husband both were not sexually active.”

    You understood immediately what she was getting at. “It’s Bruce,” you said quickly. “I didn’t…sleep with someone else. We weren’t sexually active up until recently.”

    Her eyebrows lifted. And why shouldn’t they? It wasn’t like your surname of Banner left anyone in any doubt as to which Bruce Banner you were married to. Thankfully, your gynecologist was a professional, and any fear that she might press you for how you had managed to become sexually active with someone so “volatile” seemed foolish when she smoothly went on:

    “And this decision was sudden?”

    “Sort of. Yes,” you added at her look. Bruce thinking about it without bringing it up for a few months didn’t count as planned, you supposed.

    “So sudden that you did not have access to birth control?”

    You warmed right up to your hairline before you shook your head. “We’d talked about our sexual histories before,” mostly during your earlier relationship, when you were more willing to pressure Bruce for something he never gave in to, “so we knew we were both safe, and we’re married, so…”

    She nodded and made another note on the computer screen. “Are the two of you trying to get pregnant?”

    “No!” you burst out, and had to laugh at how your vehemence made her blink. “No, believe me. Bruce and I are both a little past our prime. I guess the idea that we could get pregnant just never occurred to us.” At all, ever. Because the whole sex thing had been happening pretty often since you’d discovered it was possible without being ripped apart from the inside out.

    “Well, then I think there’s your answer,” she said. “You’re experiencing multiple pregnancy symptoms, including breast tenderness, late period, and cravings.”

    This was what you had expected her to tell you. Otherwise, why make the appointment? Still your mind raced as you tried to think of any reason why such symptoms would be happening that did not involved a tiny person growing inside you, and finally landed on, “I don’t have any morning sickness.”

    “Not all women do. But it sounds to me like pregnancy is a possibility, at least. Men don’t have the same sort of biological clock as women do, and you haven’t reached menopause yet. If you and your husband have been actively pursuing a sex life lately and neither of you have worried about protection, I’d say a pregnancy downright likely.”

    “But…” you trailed away, fingers tightening around your kneecaps.

    “We can take a urine test, if you’d like,” the doctor said, checking through several screens on her computer before returning her attention to you. “We could also take some blood tests. Those results will take a few days to get back to you, but if the pregnancy is recent, they’ll be more accurate. There could be a chance that I’m wrong. I don’t think you’re very far along quite yet if you are pregnant–but I do believe you are.”

    She was the doctor here. Bruce wasn’t that kind of doctor, and even he was, he couldn’t will the possibility away. Mutely, you nodded. Maybe, just maybe she was wrong. You would still have to confess to this trip and the chance of the pregnancy to Bruce that night over dinner, but then at least there would be some hope a nurse would call next week and dispel the notion and what was sure to be a very miserable week following the announcement.

    “Good.” After giving your wrist a reassuring squeeze, she got up to open the door. “I’ll get those labs ordered for you,” she said as you followed on stiff legs. “Once that’s done, just make sure to make a follow up appointment so we can do the ultrasound if the results come back positive. If they don’t, you can cancel.”

    You nodded vaguely until she handed over a paper to give to the lab technicians down the hall. You didn’t make it to the lab right away, unfortunately. No sooner had Dr. Warner disappeared into another patient’s room than did your stomach give a sudden swooping motion.

    Oh, God. Thank goodness the bathroom was so close. You darted in and immediately began to vomit into the waiting toilet. Was it morning sickness at last? Please no. For now, you would allow yourself to believe it was merely the thought of the stricken husband you would finding waiting for you back home.

    #fan fic#straw writes#reader insert #second person pov #where gods do fear to tread #pregnancy fic#challenge fic#avengers#marvel#mcu#bruce banner#hulk #bruce banner x you #bruce banner x y/n #bruce banner x reader #hulk x reader #hulk x you #hulk x y/n #avengers x reader #avengers x you #avengers x y/n #mcu x reader #mcu x you #mcu x y/n #marvel x reader #marvel x you #marvel x y/n
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    23.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Finding Love: An Old Flame

    Suzy x M!Reader

    Fluffy Angst?

    6047 Words

    “You know, if you just ordered another tuna roll, you wouldn’t have to take one of mine.” Your heart sinks as one of your precious pieces is stolen away from you.

    “It tastes so much better when I take it from you though,” she giggles, her warm laugh brightening up the entire room. “I’ll make it up to you. I promise,”. Her eyes are already drawn towards your plate again as she eyes another piece.

    “Fine, Suj.” Slowly picking up your chopsticks, you surrender another piece of your tuna onto her plate. Sighing softly to yourself as you watch her savor another delicious piece of your sushi.

    If you were being honest with yourself, it was nice spending some time with Suzy. It wasn’t everyday that you got to see your best friend now that you both were so busy. Both of you have been inseparable since the day you met each other during your first years in college. You’d been with each other at your very worst and your very best, you stayed alongside her no matter what her toxic ex-boyfriend wanted, and you were with her when she received her dream job offer from Goldman Sachs to work in New York. Now, you were the only person she needed to see before she left for New York tomorrow morning.

    “Wanna go get one last drink together, before I leave?” Her hand grabs the small jacket draped over the back of her chair as she fishes out $5 to leave on the table.

    “Yeah, that works for me,” you say, grabbing your long coat and draping it over your arm. You open the door outside to an empty street, the air outside cold enough that you could see your own breath. The heels of your oxfords click alongside her open-toed heels that she wore everyday to work. She walks a few paces in front of you, occasionally twirling to enjoy some of the cool winter air blowing through her hair.

    Badum. Badum. Your heart’s pace quickens, an unbearable sign of the feelings that you buried deep in your heart. You slow your breathing in an effort to calm yourself, but to no avail.

    “Same place as always?” she says turning back, your eyes locking for a moment too long.

    “Yeah, same place as always.”

    You could never tell her this, but she looked absolutely radiant underneath the moonlit night. Her face looked ethereal as did the dark hair curling down her shoulders. Her long legs looked beautiful even though her skirt was somewhat out of place in the cold winter weather. Even the way her small graceful steps seemed angelic as the cobblestones clicked lightly beneath her feet.

    “Are you cold right now?” She shivered, as her pace slowed to allow you to catch up to her.

    “Do you want my coat?” You grab your coat from around your arm, draping it over her shoulders to help shut out the cold, but before you know it she's wrapped her arm around yours, pulling you along with her.

    “This works fine.” Her hair brushed lightly against your nose as she pulled your arm against her. It smelled like her, you couldn't really describe it-something like lilacs and gooseberries. You breathed in deeper, taking in her scent, something that you would never be able to admit that you loved about her.

    Eventually, though, she lets go of your arm as you reach your final destination. The street corner was familiar, the warm glow of the windows beckoning patrons to come in. It brought back old memories, and feelings that hadn’t emerged in a long time. Standing outside for a moment, both of you appeared reluctant to pass the threshold, not quite ready to separate from one another. Finally though, the silence ends as you say, “Let’s go in.”

    “Mm. Sure.” Her smile seems forced, her brown eyes betraying an unmistakable sadness. The weight of the door feels heavy as you pull it open for her.

    You settle yourselves into your favorite spot, right in the center of the bar for fastest access to both the taps and the bartender. “Could I have two glasses of scotch please?” she said, tapping the bar lightly to get the bartender’s attention as he slid two glasses over to her and poured the scotch over ice.

    “Are you sure you want to drink the night before your trip?” you ask as you take the glass in your hands, swirling it slightly, admiring the golden bronze color.

    Dink. Both of you down your glasses in one smooth motion.

    “I don’t see why not? It’ll wear off before tomorrow morning anyway,” her face already slightly red from the alcohol. “Another?” Your glasses  are quickly filled by the bartender as he passes through to the other side of the bar.

    Dink. Another shot goes down.

    “Suj, you're already bright red.”  You reach out your hand and pressing it against her warm cheek to emphasize your point.

    “Shut up, I know,” she laughs, swatting away your hand and soon enough you’re laughing along with her, your combined laughter echoing throughout the bar. Another pour. “Let's drink to something. We haven’t done that in ages.”

    “That’s because we haven’t had anything to drink to,” you say, looking down at the glass.

    “Well, you could wish me luck then, you idiot,” she says, pouting.

    “Fine. To your new life in New York.” The mood sombers. Maybe you shouldn’t have reminded her of her new life ahead of her quite yet.


    She sets down her glass slowly as she shifts in her seat to face you at the bar. “Are you gonna miss me?” she asks, face sulking slightly and eyes downcast. She spins the glass she left on the table as she waits for your reply.

    “Yeah, I’ll miss you. You’ve been my best friend for years. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you.” Your heart pounds in your chest, aching as you keep your feelings hidden. Grabbing the bottle, you pour another generous amount of scotch into your glass only and quickly down it in an attempt to bury the feelings that’d you held onto for so long, ones that were so desperate to force themselves out in these final moments. “You?”

    She nods her head slowly, gingerly grabbing the bottle to pour herself another glass. “I don’t really know what I’m gonna do without you. You’ve always been there for me and I don’t know who could ever replace you.”

    The bottles empty as the night drags on, and by midnight both of you have finished a few bottles. There’s little laughter between the two of you—rather, you both simply sit beside one another, enjoying each other’s company in these final hours. Suzy probably should’ve stopped hours ago but she ended up finishing the last of the bottles. She was never good at keeping her alcohol down so you take her onto your back and leave $350 for the bottles and a tip for the bartender

    The weather was already getting colder as winter began to settle in and the leaves were already starting to fall. Soon enough, Christmas lights would be strung along the trees illuminating the street with a warm yellow glow. You still felt warm, though, as Suzy snuggled further into you despite already having your coat draped over her shoulders to shield her from the cold, her arms tightening around your neck in an effort to hold onto you tighter. Her warm breath tickled your ear slightly as her head nestled into the back of your neck.

    You walk on in silence in the empty street, the city’s usual hustle and bustle silenced as everyone had already returned home to their families on this late winter night. The trees along the street have already shed their last few remaining leaves leaving them bare, the winding river in the center of the city had already been frozen over due to the winter cold, but every cherry blossom tree planted along the street leading to her apartment still bloomed a brilliant rosy pink. Suzy’s murmurs break through the silence, suddenly ending your train of thought.

    “Don’t leave me… Please.” She clings onto you just a little bit tighter, her weight on your back feeling a little heavier.

    “You’re gonna leave me Suj. I’m not the one leaving,” you say bitterly, tears begin forming in your eyes.

    “Did you ever like me?” You stop dead in your tracks. Her question was unexpected and now you’re left speechless. Suzy on your back suddenly feels like an impossibly heavy weight and your knees feel weaker.

    You steel yourself. There’s no harm in saying it to someone drunk—it’s not like she’ll remember tomorrow morning anyway. “Yeah Suj. I liked you from the first day we met each other… Do you remember? When we first met each other in that sushi bar? I thought you looked really cute in that pink hoodie that you were wearing, so I picked up the courage to talk to you and I took the seat next to you at the big table. You ended up stealing my tuna sushi that night too, but I let it go. Then all your friends left you because they had to go to some concert so we ended up going to some bar and watching Sunday’s Premier League Match—Tottenham vs. Arsenal, I think it was. Somehow we were able to order alcohol because the bartender didn’t bother asking for my ID... Guess I just look old.” You laugh slightly. “I guess that night didn’t really end much differently from tonight, with me carrying you back to your apartment in the winter cold again.” You push her slightly further up your back so that she can rest more comfortably and continue walking.

    “Why’d you never ask me then?” She said, breathing against your ear, her voice barely a whisper.

    “Ask you what, Suj?” You knew what she wanted you to ask, but you just didn’t have it in you to say it now.

    “Why didn’t you ask me out, dummy? If you liked me so much then why didn’t you ask me out?” She slaps you on the side of your head, not hard enough for it to hurt, but just enough to show her frustration.

    “You always seemed a little too good for me Suj. You're too kind-hearted, sweet, and beautiful to be with someone like me.” You steady her on your back by readjusting your grip on her knees, lifting her up slightly. “I was never your type anyway.”

    “Ask me now?” You feel her pout behind your neck. “Why don’t you ask me now?”

    “What, Suj?”

    “‘Did I ever like you?’ It’s your turn to ask me now.”

    You stop dead in your tracks. “I don’t think I can. That’s not something I want to know Suj.”

    She shook her head slowly. “I’m gonna tell you anyway, then. Do you remember the day that my boyfriend left me after he said he wanted to sleep with me and I rejected him?” You nod your head slowly. “And I called you from his house crying because I couldn’t even get home alone? You remember that morning you had just bought your brand-new car with all that money you got from your research prize, that black ‘69 Challenger that you loved to death and you said that the first girl that you took in it would be your girlfriend? I really didn’t want to make you take me in it, but you ended up taking me in it anyway so we could go look at the night sky together? I felt so bad that you didn’t get to take whoever was going to be your girlfriend in the car, but you didn’t seem to care. Then we went to that ice cream shop an hour away that I always wanted to try, the one with the matcha ice cream, remember? You don’t even like matcha ice cream but you drove me anyway. I ended up getting a brain freeze because I ate all our ice cream too quickly. Then when we got back home and I told you that I didn’t want to stay home alone, you ended up sleeping in my bed even though you didn't want to, because of me. I’ve liked you ever since then, but you never asked me out.”

    You continued standing there, the bright yellow glow of the lone street light illuminated the area around you.

    “Say something. Please… Just say something.” She pulls on your collar back and forth in an attempt to get your attention.

    “It doesn’t matter anyway Suj…”  You wipe a small tear out of your eye. “It’s too late for us anyway. You’re leaving tomorrow.”

    “It’s not too late! It’s not too late...” She shakes against your back, sobbing. You rock her gently in an attempt to get her to sleep since she’s tired herself out. “Come on.”

    Before she could continue, you make it back to her apartment. 1,0,1,5,1,0. Sigh. You never did understand why she put the day that she broke up with her boyfriend as the passcode for her apartment door but it doesn’t matter now. You push open the door silently, not bothering to turn on the lights as you make the way to her bedroom. Gently, you let her down from your back and lay her into her bed.

    “Don’t leave me... Just stay for a little while. You can take me to the airport tomorrow. I’m not ready to let you go yet,” she sobbed as you prepared to leave. She grabs your arm as you turn away, grabbing outward and reaching for you.

    “I’ll stay for a little bit then.” You let yourself be pulled down on the bed beside her and tug her gently into a seated position with her head resting on your chest.

    You stroke her hair gently, rocking back and forth slightly as she sobs into your chest. “What are we gonna do then? What about us now?”

    “I don’t know, Suj. You’re going to New York now and I’m starting my clinic soon. I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to manage when we’re both so busy.” You pat her head in the hopes that it’ll reassure her and send her to sleep.

    “You’re not helping me sleep, you idiot,” she shifts, “and we can make this work!. If there’s anyone who can make it work, we can.” She beats her hand lightly on your chest. “Let’s just try, please...” A small tear rolls down her cheek as she nods off to sleep.

    “I won’t let myself hold you back, Suj. I love you too much for that to happen.”

    You don’t bother setting an alarm on your phone since you always wake up before her anyway.

    The next morning wasn’t beautiful at all. If anything it was gloomy, the sun was covered by dark black clouds, rain poured down from the sky as the heavens opened, and the usually warm bedroom was freezing cold. She was the only beautiful thing you saw that day, her eyes gently fluttering, as she tugged a warm blanket tightly around her.

    You cook a small cheese omelette and roast a hot cup of coffee for her. Before you leave, you sit down to write a small note for her, sticking it beside her breakfast and leaving as quietly as you had come.

    By the time Suzy woke up, she only found a warm omelette on a white plate sitting on her countertop and a yellow post-it note written alongside it.

    “I’ll always be with you Suj.

    If you ever need anything, I’m only a phone call away.

    I love you, so, so much.

    Hopefully, we’ll see each other soon.



    The bright sunlight passing through the window signals the beginning of a new morning.

    Damn it.

    Your dreams keep bringing you back to that one night.

    That one night that you wish you could take back.

    So Hee snores softly beside you, still not awake yet from all the alcohol she had the night before. Her hair falls onto her face as she sleeps, but as you’re about to brush it away a sudden feeling of sadness and perhaps longing overtakes you, forcing you to climb out of the bed.

    You quickly dress yourself in the white t-shirt you had worn underneath last night, tucking it into your pants so it billows out slightly, and zip your pants back up. Your wallet, keys, and coat are still where you left them on the kitchen island. The two wine glasses sit undisturbed on the kitchen island, the two stools kicked a few feet away.

    You decide to fix up a quick breakfast for her before she gets out of bed. You find yourself moving around the kitchen: brewing a cup of coffee, adding some sausages, and making a quick pancake batter. Unexpectedly, you feel two hands wrap around your waist and smell the gentle scent of the ocean breeze that wafts into your nose.

    “Morning.” So Hee’s just woken up: you feel her soft curls press against your back, her nose running back and forth as she snuggles into you, and her warm body envelop you. Out of your periphery, you spot the white dress shirt that she managed to find in the mess of clothing from the night

    “Morning.” She tightens her hold on your back.

    “Give me a little room to flip these pancakes,” you laugh. The pancakes sizzle on the pan puffing up from the baking soda in the batter. Her plate is stacked with a healthy four pancakes, three slices of bacon, two eggs sunny-side up, and a sausage. “Enjoy.” You place the plate down in front of her as you take a seat on the stool beside her.

    “Thank you.” She takes her knife, cutting down all four pancakes and eating them as a stack. “Mmm. That’s really good,” her feet kick back and forth to indicate her glee.

    You watch her eat for a little bit as she savors each and every component of the dish. “How are the sausages?”

    She cuts a little piece of the sausage off and places it into her mouth. “Perfectly salty. Where did you learn to cook all of this?”

    “My mother taught me to cook and I picked up a little more when I started cooking for a friend a lot.”

    So Hee nods her head, dipping the final bit of her scrambled eggs into the maple syrup. You take the plate from her, placing it in the dishwasher along with all the dirty pans before you grab your belongings and get ready to leave.

    “Leaving already?” She stands up, confused as to why you have to leave so early when you both have something important you need to talk about.

    “I have an appointment with Professor Levelle in about two hours, so I need to get ready to go,” as you continue making your way to the door.

    “Wait!” You feel her hand grabbing you by the wrist. “How did I not know about this?”

    “It came up this morning and I didn’t want to wake you,” you lie. “If there’s anything we need to talk about, we can talk about it tomorrow morning. I promise.”

    She lets go of your hand. “Okay then, but you’re calling me later tonight then.”

    “I will.”

    She gives you a quick peck on the cheek. “I’ll see you then.”

    The rest of the day is a blur. You’re not really completely focused on doing anything, and soon enough it’s already 8:00 p.m. The phone rings.


    “Sorry So Hee the time just flew by and I didn’t notice what time it was until now.”

    “Where are you boss?” Her voice is slightly anxious having not heard from you the entire day. “Are you busy right now?”

    “No I’m not,” you say, your fingers tapping on your office’s desk. “I’ll come pick you up. We can go get dessert or something.” Quickly putting on a coat, you grab the keys to your Porsche from the hanger by the garage door.

    “Okay then. I’ll see you in a bit.”

    “I’ll be there in a few.” You end the call. What am I going to say? “I like you?” Do I even like her? Fuck. Those thoughts cloud your head as you drive to her apartment.

    She is already waiting for you outside of her apartment door, dressed warmly due to the winter cold. “You’re here!” You feel a warm embrace as she pulls you into her arms. “Any idea where we’re going yet?

    “Not in the slightest.”

    “Oh. There’s this place I’ve been wanting to try. It’s called Creaming Cafe,” she says, wrapping your arm around hers.

    “Creamy Cafe.” That place.


    There she was, sitting alone on the curb of her ex-boyfriend’s apartment. “What the hell are you doing out here Suj?” your voice filled with worry as you practically leapt out of your car and ran up to her.

    “We’re done,” she said, her voice as quiet as a mouse. “He broke up with me.” Her eyes brimmed with tears that suddenly started overflowing.

    “What happened?” You took her freezing hands into yours, draped your coat over her, and gently pressed her small head against your shoulder.

    “He said he wanted to sleep with me,” she sobbed, “and I said no, so he said I wasn’t worth his time then.” You rubbed her back reassuringly trying to comfort her, and then placed both your hands into the pockets of the coat to warm them back up. Despite your best efforts, your anger soon took control  so you balled your fists and prepared to break open her ex-boyfriend’s door. She sensed this however, and so she pried open your fingers and interlocked them with her own as she pulled you in tighter. “It’s not worth it. He’s not worth it.”

    “I’ll beat the shit out of him for treating you this way.”

    “I said stop it!” Her tears overflowed, forcing you to stay alongside her. Both of you sat there for another half an hour until she finished crying, her warm body pressed against you. “We can go now. I’m okay.”

    You nodded, pulling her up and gently leading her towards where your car was parked. “I’ll take you home.” You opened the door for her and buckled her into her seat, your lips almost coming into contact with hers as you moved the seat belt over her. “Gum?”

    “Mm.” She grabbed the stick of gum from you, gently folding it in her hands before chewing it. “Can we go for a drive?” Her eyes stared lifelessly out into the night.

    “Yeah, we can go for a drive.” The car’s engine purred gently as you barely stepped on the gas, trying to keep it quiet. “Where do you want to go?”

    “I don’t know.” Look at me Suj. Look at me. “Anywhere works fine.” Her hands rubbed over her eyes brushing away the tears that had begun to form again along her cheeks.

    “Okay then.” You turn onto the highway. “It’ll take a while though, so you can sleep.”

    “I don’t feel tired.” She stopped staring out the window. “And you can step on the gas pedal. I know you’ve been excited to get this car for a while.” Her hands traced the black leather interior. “I told you it would look better with the black interior. I don’t know why you liked the white interior.”

    “You know I don’t have a sense of style.”

    Her lips formed a smile for a little at your self-deprecating comment. “Well I don’t know who’s been dressing you, but they seem to have a fine eye for style.”

    “Until they dressed me in that horrible red velvet suit for a date when I told them I look better in blue.”

    “Yah.” She smacks you, her beautiful brown eyes finally meeting yours. “It’s not my fault that stupid girl didn’t like the color red.”

    Your laugh echoes throughout the car. “It doesn’t matter. She was crazy anyway.”

    “Exactly. I had a sense for that which is why I purposely dressed you in something you would look less flattering in.” Her face pouted slightly. “What would you do without me?”

    “Thrive, live my best life, prosper.” You let your right hand off the steering wheel and take a sip of water.

    “Thrive?” She jokingly gagged. “More like barely survive. Live your best life? You’d be living a life rife with strife…” Her hand ran through her hair, gently scratching her head.

    “Can’t think of a rhyme for prosper? No wonder you got a B in Literature.” Laughing, you tickled her sides, trying to get her to giggle.

    “Stop that!” She smiles, trying to squirm away from you. After a short struggle, she grabbed your wrist with both hands holding it in place. “Fine. Fine. I give up.”

    You moved your hand slowly away from her and then pretended a few more times that you were going back in.

    “Where are we going by the way?” She moved her legs into a more comfortable sitting position, leaving her feet up on the seat.

    “That ice cream shop you’ve been wanting to go to.”

    “Creamy Cafe? I've been wanting to go there for a long time.” There it is. Her smile. “I can't wait to try the matcha.” Her hands grasped your free hand. “Thank you… for everything. I didn't have anyone else,” she said somberly.

    “Yeah, anything for you.” You rubbed her hair, gently running your fingers all the way through, being careful not to pull on any knots and then opened up the center storage of your car. “What do you want to listen to?”

    “Ewww. There's a cassette player,” she laughed, her eyes moving across the row of cassettes you had neatly stacked, looking for one she might enjoy.

    “Well I did install CarPlay but I don't want to listen to your horrible music,” you say, opening the cassette player.

    “You do have Dreams though? Right?” Her hand rifles through the various tapes looking for the right one. “Of course you got the remastered one.”

    “The treble is better in the remaster.” You insert the cassette in as the sound of the electric guitar fills the car.

    Suzy runs her fingers up and down an air guitar, playing along to the intro and occasionally hitting a cymbal as if she were playing a drum. “Now here you go again, you say you want your freedom. Well who am I to keep you down?” She sings along to the song, her voice sounds ethereal, like a gentle breeze blowing past you. Her voice. Another part of her that you loved so much but would never admit to her.

    The rest of the hour-long ride flew by as you sat through Dreams, Rhiannon, Landslide—which, according to Suzy, shouldn't have even been in the album—and finished off with Gold Dust Woman. You slowly pull into the parking spot atop the hill leading down to the store. “Suj. Wake up.” As you turn the keys to the car, you gently shake her shoulder to wake her up.

    “Mm. Just a few more minutes,” she murmurs, turning away from you.

    “We’re here.”

    “Wait! Finally.” Her eyes fly open and she quickly opens her seatbelt. When she leaps out of the door however, she slams her head into the top of the door. “Ah fuck!”

    You struggle to hold back a laugh. “This is why I always open the door for you.”

    She rubbed her head, wincing slightly due to the pain. “I'll let you hold it next time then dummy.” Suddenly you're both running, her fingers laced into yours. “Come onnn,” she laughed, dragging you to the stand.

    You found yourself staring at the beautiful girl in front of you who constantly endeared herself to you with: her beautiful smile, adorable little ensemble of a white sweater paired with black leggings, and lovely laugh that was like music to your ears. It tore at your heart that she would never love you back but those small moments with her meant everything to you.

    “What are you getting?” Her hand still held onto yours.

    “I might just get the…” you stared up and down the menu looking for something that you might enjoy. “Suj. It's all matcha.”

    “Yeah I know.” She looks up at you smiling mischievously.

    “You told me this was an ice cream shop.”

    “Yeah it's an ice cream shop that specializes in matcha.”

    “I don't like matcha though.”

    “Awwww. Come on.” She swung your arm back and forth, hopping up and down as she stood beside you. “Give it a try,” she said, pouting to try and convince you.

    “Okay then,” you sighed. “I'll get the mango one.”

    “Yay!” She squeezed your hand tighter. “And I'll get the lychee one.”

    “What can I get for you?” the cashier asked.

    “Could I have one lychee and one mango please?” You look beside you, meeting Suzy’s eyes. “Did you want anything else?”

    “No, I think that'll be it for us,” she says, flashing a smile at the cashier.

    “Perfect, $10, please.”

    Suzy started reaching for her pocket, only for you to quickly swipe your card. “Yah! I can pay for myself.”

    “It's fine Suj.”

    “No! It's not fine.” She rummaged through her purse and took out $20. “This is for your gas-guzzling car. I know the drive here wasn't cheap.”

    “There's nothing you can do to make me take it,” you said, gently cupping the $20 back into her hand, and putting it back into her purse.

    “One order of mango and another order of lychee.” The ice creams arrived at the table in a small white bag with two spoons and lids to cover them.

    “Thank you,” you said, grabbing the bag from the table. “Come on. We can eat it in the car.”

    She follows alongside you, reaching the summit of the small hill where your car was parked. By 11:00 you were some of the last people on the hill with only a few other couples staying out to enjoy the view.

    “We can eat it on the bench.” She pulled you towards the bench overlooking the city.

    Seating yourselves, Suzy rummaged through the bag, getting out the pink spoon and sampling both ice creams before you had a bite. “I'll take the mango one,” she said, handing you her lychee one.

    “Okay…” you said, not bothering to open the ice cream, instead choosing to watch her quickly devour the mango swirl.

    It wasn’t really the best time to be eating ice cream considering it was already 11:00 on a cold winter night, but she seemed to enjoy it nonetheless. The cold caused her cheeks to flush slightly from the cold, painting her cheeks a rosy red, and her nose was no different as the cold caused it to redden. She still looked adorable though in her white sweater, which even though it didn’t do nearly enough to repel the cold, didn’t stop her from taking entire spoonfuls down and making sure to enjoy the melted ice cream at the bottom. A familiar feeling soon came over her shoulders, as you draped your long coat over her shoulders to keep her from shivering, your hands pulling her hair upward to let it fall over top. “Thank you,” she said, some color returned to the rest of her face as the redness of her cheeks began to fade.

    “It's really pretty.” Her eyes stared out into the city.

    “Yeah it is.” You didn't take your eyes off of her.

    Her eyes moved up to meet your own. “I know I'm pretty you dummy.” She punched your arm. “I meant the lights.”

    “I've seen it before,” you pinch her cheek slightly, “but I think you're cuter.”

    “I think you're cute too,” she says quietly, not quite loud enough for you to hear.

    “What did you say?”

    “I said that you're a fucking dummy who needs to look at the view.” She smacked you playfully. “And your ice cream is melting.” Snatching it from your hands, she began speedily devouring the rest of the lychee swirl.

    “Careful, you might get a—”

    “Brainfreeze. Ow!” Her hand pressed onto her temples, gently massaging them in a circular motion to alleviate the headache.

    “Idiot.” You grabbed her elbow and slowly pulled her up. “Come on. I'll take you home.” You opened the car door for her and pulled the seat belt over her, before you started heading back.

    After a short silence in the car she said, “Thank you, for coming with me today. It was really nice.”

    “Anything for you Suj.”

    Slowly, she turned herself onto her side, leaning up against the seat and facing you.  “Wake me up when we get back to my place,” she said before closing her eyes. Her breathing slowly tapered off as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

    “Yeah I will.”

    You spent the rest of the car ride occasionally adjusting her into a more comfortable position, and keeping the engine relatively quiet as you sped back home. When you parked in front of her apartment, you didn't bother waking her up, instead choosing to quietly unbuckle her seatbelt and carry her back to her apartment. 1 0 1 0 9 4. Her birthday.

    She always had the best taste when it came to furniture. Everything in her house fit a sort of cozy cabin theme, with yellow lights dangling from the ceiling, dark oak wood chairs, and stools that complemented the bright granite of her kitchen. The style consistent with her bedroom as you peered into a small and cozy place  with the same dark wood on the floors contrasting with the bright white linens and birch of the bed.

    “I told you to wake me up,” she grumbled as you set her down on the bed, her eyes fluttering open.

    “Sorry. You looked so peaceful.”

    “Can you stay?” she asked, her legs sprawling out onto the bed. “I don't want to be alone tonight.” Her eyes brimmed with tears.

    Her tears tore at your heart. “Yeah I can stay the night. I'll just sleep on the floor.” You grabbed a pillow from the bed and prepared to toss it on the floor with a blanket.

    “There's enough room on the bed.” She patted the right side of the bed. “I won't bite.”

    “I don’t know about this,” you say, looking at the spot beside her.

    “It’s fine. Now come on.”

    “Whatever you want Suj.” You took off your dress shirt revealing a white t-shirt underneath and removed your belt.

    “Ewww,” she giggled, mockingly moving her hands to cover her eyes but leaving her fingers open to sneak a peek.

    “I don't care.” You climbed in beside her, tucking yourself in under her blanket and turning away from her. “Good night,” you grumbled.

    “Good night… Actually can you put your arm out?” You turned around to find her eyes looking pleadingly at you.

    Fuck. “Yeah. Anything for you.” You moved your left arm out for her to lay on top of and she snuggled into your chest wrapping her arms around your waist and tucking her feet in between your legs. Soon enough exhaustion overtook her, drifting her off to sleep.

    Her face was still beautiful in her sleep: large brown eyes that nicely accented her face, a heart-shaped face, and plush red lips that puckered slightly as she slept. Even her snores were kind of cute, a gentle rhythm, that caused her eyelashes to flutter slightly. You bring your hand up to her hair, brushing it out of her face as she slept and gently pressing a kiss on her forehead.

    “Love you Suj.”


    “Boss? You there?” So Hee gently squeezes your hand.

    “Yeah. I'm here. Sorry, I spaced out for a moment.”

    “You okay?” Her eyes are filled with genuine worry.

    “Yeah, I’m fine. If you want to try Creamy Cafe, then I’ll take you.”

    “It's kind of far away though...” She holds onto you a little tighter. “Let's just get crepes.”

     Notes: I hope you enjoyed this installment, apologies for the lack of smut but not really. Maybe I’ll have another work out for ya’ll soon then. Once again thank you to @midnightdancingsol, @v1ntrix, and @ggidolsmuts, love all of you to death and thank you for editing this piece for me again.

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  • strawwritesfic
    23.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Phil Coulson x Civilian!Reader: Ignorance

    Summary: Your ignorance is his bliss, too.

    Rating/Warnings/Tags: All (set between Thor and Avengers (2012); Phil is lying to his significant other; not canon compliant with Agents of SHIELD)

    Challenge: “100 Drabbles of Randomness” by Miseria1 on Lunaescence Archives.

    Tag List: @imaginesfire


     Five seconds. Four. Three. Two. One.

    There he was.

    “Phil!” you shouted, just as the man set foot outside the “passengers only” area of the airport.

    He didn’t even have time to react. Before he could do so much as blink, Phil found himself with you wrapped around his abdomen. A light hand patted you on the head as best it could from its angle as Phil laughed.

    “Hello, [Name]. Miss me?” he asked.

    “Like you wouldn’t imagine.”

    You let go and took a step back, though you grabbed his hands at the same time. It was a bit difficult to see him through the mist of tears suddenly coating your eyes, but you grinned all the same.

    “I missed you, too.” Phil squeezed your hands, then released them so that he could grab his carry-on–the only luggage he ever had.

    “How was New Mexico?” you wanted to know.

    He took one of your hands again and led you out of the airport. Then Phil smiled.

    “Hot and dangerous.”

    You threw back your head and laughed. “I’ll never understand how a guy like you can make bookkeeping sound so deadly.”

    Another squeeze of your hand, and then the two of you were underneath the gray Portland sky. “Hopefully you never will.”

    #fan fic#straw writes#ficlet#challenge fic#phil coulson#agent coulson#reader insert #second person pov #marvel#mcu#avengers #phil coulson x reader #phil coulson x you #phil coulson x y/n #agent coulson x reader #agent coulson x you #agent coulson x y/n #avengers x reader #avengers x you #avengesr x y/n #mcu x you #mcu x y/n #mcu x reader #marvel x reader #marvel x you #marvel x y/n
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  • aomitois
    23.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    joongdok au where they are the only 2 readers of same webnovel

    #they clash in comments so much #and at first the author is like :3 yay my work is riling ppl up nice #even if they are only two ppl #but then the author is like omg get a room you two (totally not invested) #obviously from pov of the author #i think it would be funny #but it's idea i won't write #orv #omniscient reader’s viewpoint #omniscient reader#joongdok#dokhyuk#kim dokja#yoo joonghyuk
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  • strawwritesfic
    23.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Loki Laufeyson x Asgardian!Reader: Nothing to Lose

    Summary: There’s nothing he could ever do to change your mind.

    Rating/Warnings/Tags: All (post-Avengers (2012); not canon compliant)

    Challenge: “100 Drabbles of Randomness” by Miseria1 on Lunaescence Archives.

    Tag List: @imaginesfire

    Nothing to Lose

    In the days that followed Loki’s return to Asgard, the royal family spent much of its time trying to deal with its prodigal prince. Few outside the family were allowed to enter the palace, even fewer were allowed to visit those dwelling within it.

    But after all was said and done, after Loki was confined to a room deep within the building, you were the first to take the chance to speak with him. Doing so wasn’t exactly fun. Two guards flanked you all the way there and doubtless stood stationed outside the door for the entire time you remained inside.

    As soon as you entered, the corners of Loki’s mouth curled up, but he said nothing. You took his lead and walked over to the loveseat he sat on without speaking a single word.

    “Hello,” you said after nearly five minutes of silence had passed.

    Still Loki said nothing.

    “You’ve been away for quite a long time,” you tried.

    Loki didn’t even look at you.

    Your fingers wrapped around your knees. “You should hear the stories they’re telling about you in the city. It sounds as though you’ve had quite an adventure.”

    To this statement, Loki responded not at all. Your teeth bit into your lower lip as you seriously considered leaving. If your friend of so many years no longer wished to speak to you, it seemed foolish to impose your presence upon him. Just as you had made up your mind to go, however, Loki’s mouth opened at last:

    “I missed you while I was away. All the time. I wondered what you were doing, if you even cared that I was gone, if…if you’d like me still, if you knew what I was doing.”

    Your eyes widened and, slowly, you looked at his face again. Loki continued to sit still and calm right beside you. Despite everything, your heart gave a strange flutter.

    “Why are you telling me this now?” you asked.

    His eyes slid away and toward the door to his quarters. For a long while, he didn’t answer. You’d almost got to the point where you assumed he wouldn’t; that all Loki was waiting for was for you to abandon him forever. Then, he took a deep breath and looked directly at you, this time with a hint of a smile on his face.

    “I have nothing left to lose. Hearing that you don’t feel the same way…well, it won’t be anything compared to everything else I’ve gone through.”

    You didn’t answer right away. Instead, while keeping your gaze locked entirely on his, you slowly took his hand and entwined your fingers with his.

    “Luckily,” you answered, as you leaned your head on Loki’s shoulder, “I love you, too.”

    #fan fic#straw writes#reader insert #second person pov #ficlet#challenge fic#loki#loki odinson#loki laufeyson#thor#avengers#marvel#mcu #loki x reader #loki x you #loki x y/n #loki laufeyson x reader #loki laufeyson x you #loki laufeyson x y/n #lok odinson x you #loki odinson x reader #loki odinson x y/n #thor x reader #thor x you #thor x y/n #avengers x reader #avengers x you #avengers x y/n #mcu x reader #mcu x you
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