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    05.08.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    There's a difference between "speculating" and acting like you're entitled for me, as an author, to give you exactly what you want in my work. You’re not the kind of reader I write for. I write for readers who are looking for content to genuinely enjoy, not subtly coerce me into writing their story for them. I don’t have time for entitled children. I don't owe you anything.

    Oh, and if it's "not that deep", you may want to check your attitude at the door and consider how you're wording things on the internet if you've managed to piss off the author of a work, instead of being dismissive of their feelings towards your attitude.

    #annoying reviews#entitled readers #please learn to be a better reader #it's my story not yours #reviews forever in the void #this is why i moderate all reviews
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    05.08.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    "do not expect this to be the last you see of me" (part 6)

    check masterlist (in bio) for the other parts <3

    pairing: kili/legolas x (wood elf) reader

    word count: 983

    warnings: none

    * * *

    The morning after the troll incident was exceptionally beautiful. The horses had looked completely restored and ready to have another galloping race across the moors. Kili seemed to only have grown more beautiful by sleeping on the rough stone floor.

    The journey down the mountain wall had been near impossible for the horses but they seemed to know what was ahead, because they‘d stuck it out and made it to the ground. And we had then proceeded to make it to the edge of the River Running.

    I continued to be absolutely baffled by the way I was looking at a dwarf. This particular dwarf had little to no clothing left on him while he stood with his sturdy back facing me. He was helping Daisy scrub her thick fur in hopes that it would clean her a bit from her sweat. He laughed as she nudged him in the side and he nudged her back.

    I could watch him wade through water all day, I thought. But soon I came to my senses and decided I had to help my own horse out. I stepped out of my boots and hiked my tight trousers up as far as they went, which was at my calves. At this point Kili had turned around.

    “Come on, get out of that heavy attire,” he encouraged. There wasn’t anything flirty or otherwise alluding in his voice, but I was sure his thoughts weren’t all pure.

    I gave him an embarrassed stare and then obeyed his wish. Kili knew he should have turned back around but he stayed watching me while I stripped my legs of my trousers and my torso of my outer coat. A brief moment, that appeared an eternity in my mind, passed of us exchanging intimidating eye contact while almost fully undressed.

    Then Daisy nudged Kili again, in the back this time, and caught him off guard. He was knocked over and he fell into the water for a second. I stifled my laugh as Kili turned over and gave Daisy a vengeful splash before standing up again. Water dripped from every hair on his body, and the hair on his head was sticking to his face while pouring water onto his chest and shoulders. Even his eyelashes had beads of water all stuck in them.

    I ventured out into the brisk river and approached my beautiful pale grey horse. I greeted him with a pet on the neck and a scratch on the forehead.

    “Legolas never told me his name,” I thought out loud.

    “Give him one of your own,” Kili suggested. I turned around for a second to find he had pushed his soaked hair out of his face and the strong sun was already beginning to dry the skin on his shoulders.

    “Callon,” I decided with little to no hesitation.

    “That’s beautiful,” Kili said in a serene voice. I kept my eyes on the gorgeous horse in front of me and carefully washed him with cool water.

    “Yes,” I agreed and contemplated for a moment. “Callon was.. was the name of one of my horses. He died five years ago.”

    Kili stayed quiet and only the sound of him pouring water on Daisy’s back could be heard. I knew he was listening intently.

    “I lost him in a battle against a pack of orcs.”

    “Horrendous creatures,” Kili chimed in.

    “Truly they are.”

    I nodded and turned around again.

    “I’m sorry for your loss.”

    I responded with a smile and another nod of the head.

    -- -- --

    The dwarves’ welcoming was wonderful and warm. They all said such kind words and thanked me again for the refuge I had provided many moons ago. I insisted that it was the absolute least I could’ve done.

    An interesting dinner party ensued before I was even shown to my temporary chamber. It was greatly appreciated how they had respected the fact that I don’t eat meat, however it was apparent they were not terribly familiar with vegetarian cooking.

    After hours of loud conversing and many smiles and laughs I was at last shown to my room. The small window on the west wall told me the hour of the evening, with the last rays of warm sun painting one of the other grey walls. I looked around swiftly and a small letter immediately caught my eye. It was laid on top of a small table in one corner.

    I recognised Legolas’ handwriting the second I grabbed the letter. I hesitated momentarily but then I opened it carefully.

    Dear Y/N

    As I am sat writing this, I still do not entirely know why, or what I mean to say. I merely know how much space you have taken up in my mind as of late. There’s hardly any left for other thoughts. But then, no thoughts carry as much importance as those of you. They are a heavy burden on my mind. They might have been lighter had it not been for the fact that I am to send this very letter to the Dwarven kingdom. I suspect you will be in the arms of a certain dwarf in particular. Forgive me, I do not mean to spring guilt upon you or further bury you in conflicting emotions, if ever they were conflicting. Perhaps I am merely flattering myself to think that you were ever torn regarding the question of me or him. Clearly you can see how I barely thought this letter through before writing it. I will not take up much more of your time.

    I only wish to inform you how wrong you are if you ever thought my kiss was derived from anything but years of love and admiration. These feelings are nothing new to me, however, they are as puzzling and tormenting to bear as they always have been. I felt, at last I had to let you know.



    #i have no idea where to take this story after this part lmao #this ones a bit shorter but hhhhhhhhh legolas' letter #fuck#legolas#kili#lotr #lord of the rings #the hobbit#imagine#fic#au#prompt#blurb #legolas x reader #kili x reader #smut#fluff#angst
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    05.08.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Blackbird: 10

    As the last song ends you slow your movements. Steve guides your hips down onto his lap again. Your hands are around his neck, you don’t know how they got there but honestly you don’t really care. He stares at you, neither of you say a word as you stare back. You’re not sure but you feel like your heart is pounding so hard that Steve will be able to hear it. His hands are warm on your hips, he’s warm beneath you and your heart is racing. Another song is playing from your playlist but you’re not paying attention. You’ve danced for attractive men before but this is somehow different.

    “Steve! We’ve got an issue!” Bucky calls through the door breaking the spell you’d been under.

    “Buck this better be fucking good.” Steve snarls as you hurry off of his lap and grab your sweatshirt. He stalks to the door and unlocks it then yanks it open.

    “Her place is on fire.”


    “What!” You echo, your place?

    “Firefighters are putting it out but it doesn’t look good.”

    “Let’s go.” Steve says and you hurry after him.

    “I want to come.”


    “It’s my place!”

    “I said no.” Steve growls turning on you, “this is a tactic. Start your place on fire, you come running, Rumlow snags you.”

    “You can’t keep me here!” You snap following him as he starts away from you again.

    “Birdie I’ll lock you in your room. Do not test me.”

    “I’m coming with.”

    “Dressed like that?” Bucky interjects eyeing your shoes and bare legs and again Steve growls lowly. “Relax Cap I know. No touching.”

    “Birdie you’re not coming.”

    “Yes I am.” He lets out a heavy sigh, pinches the bridge of his nose then says, “Fine. Two minutes to change. Meet me downstairs.” You gape at him for a second then hurry down to your room. You change quickly then make your way down to where his car usually is. It’s gone.

    “Fucking asshole!” You snap before making your way out onto the street. You call him and he sends you to voicemail.

    “Birdie.” A voice calls and you turn to see him straddling a navy blue motorcycle, “Come on.” He passes you a helmet that you shove on before you climb onto the back of his bike. It takes minutes to get to your house. It’s not on fire anymore but it is smoking heavily.

    “Do not leave my side. Got it?” You nod mutely as you stare at your home. You take his hand needing something to hold onto as your heart breaks. Steve leads you to where the fire chief is.

    “Sir you can’t be here!” The fire chief yells over the ruckus.

    “That’s my girl’s house.” Steve says and the fire chief looks at you.

    “Where were you?”

    “Not home all night if that’s what you’re asking.” Steve answers for you when you stare at the man in surprise.

    “It looks like it was started intentionally. Lucky you weren’t home ma’am.” He says giving you a suspicious side eye.

    “Why the hell would I start my place on fire? I just had a new window put in! I love my brownstone! Most of my stuff was in there!”

    “I never said you did ma’am.”

    “Sure sounded like it to me.” Steve growls and you nod.

    “My apologies ma’am.” He says, “you won’t be able to go inside tonight.”

    “Why not?”

    “Not safe. Come back in the morning.” Steve glances down at you, you can feel his eyes on you but you can’t seem to tear your eyes from your smoldering home.

    “Could he have done this?” You ask Steve softly.

    “Don’t see why he would but I don’t know.” Steve tells you honestly, which you appreciate. “Getting to you in your home would be much easier than getting to you in mine.”

    “Is she going to be safe?” You ask not wanting to say Ada’s name, there are too many people around.


    “Let’s go then. Nothing I can do here tonight.”

    “You’re sure?”

    “Yea.” He leads you back through the crowd and passes you the helmet again. After he puts his own helmet on he slides your body closer to his with a tug of your legs then starts the motorcycle.

    When you pull back into the garage with Bucky to your left you don’t move as reality hits you. Your home is gone. Much of your stuff is probably gone.


    “It’s all gone. My home is gonna be a gut job. I’m going to have to pick up another half night at the club to afford this. And do more private dances. I’m so fucked.” You see the two men exchange a glance but are still surprised when Steve backs the motorcycle out of the garage. “What are we doing?”

    “Trust me?”

    “Yes?” He nods then pulls away from the house, you drive for somewhere around two hours. When he pulls the motorcycle to a stop you’re confused.

    “Come on Birdie.” He takes your hand and leads you into the park then down a path through the woods. He goes to cut off the path when he sees that you’re in a pair of shorts. “I’m gonna carry you through here.” He says turning his back to you then waits for you to climb on. You hesitate for a second but then see all the stuff you’re going to be walking through and hop up onto his back. He walks for a couple more minutes before you arrive at a very well hidden pond, it’s down in a little valley that if you didn’t know was there you’d fall right into. Steve sets you down then brings you through a cave and around a corner and suddenly you’re at the edge of the pond.

    “What are we doing here?” You ask as he lets go of your hand.

    “I come here to relax. To think. You need a minute to unwind so here we are.” He says taking his leather jacket off. He peels his shirt off then sits down on a rock to take off his boots. “The water is warm.” He assures you, “and I’ve got some supplies hidden in the cave. Towels and stuff.” Ah fuck it. You decide, he’s seen you practically naked more than once, hell earlier you were practically naked in his lap. So you toe off your tennis shoes and yank off your socks as he drops his pants and boxer briefs and jumps into the water butt naked. You tug your shorts off and after a moment your underwear, then your sweatshirt and sports bra are next. You hurry into the water before Steve turns around.

    “Okay?” He asks and you realize he’s asking for permission from you.


    Tag list:

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    05.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    take my heart, but please don’t break it !

    masterlist - thirty-two: literally jaw DROPPED rn

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    taglist (is closed) @youreverydayzebra @taehyunsmine @snghnluvr @baekhyunstruly @ddeonuism @penny-quinn @strwberrydinosaur @vantxx95 @sunghonkers @goldenxddeonu @rae-blogging @hobistigma @ncityy04 @woniecstasy @meltinghershey @jiscloudd @jjikyuu @uwmaa @theskzvibe @milkycloudtyg @gtfovi @kittysunoo @luvvseong @shiningstarsarah @ofaffectionate @busanfaves @diorkenma @sugawarasrose @dear-dreamie @ohmy-fandoms @markleepooh @taejinxkoya @sunshine-skz @eeheeeh @hoonsfoolish @j3ntle @kiidyne @berrytaerry @iuwon

    After a gruesome breakup, you attract the attention of three boys, each with the intention of making you fall for them. Captain of the dance team, your childhood crush, and your twin brother’s best friend. Which of them will succeed in opening up your closed heart- and stealing it in the process?

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  • astridthevalkyrie
    05.08.2021 - 2 hours ago
    Your parents don't understand that you're not a child anymore, but the man they've hired to entertain you on your birthday certainly does.
    warnings: oral sex (f. receiving), degradation, light edging, light impact play
    a/n: this came to me all of a sudden and i can't believe i actually managed to write it all, but here it is. i....i'm not going to say anything, i'll let you guys judge.

    You are an adult, for fuck's sake.

    But your parents are grinning from ear to ear, and you're pretty sure they've already paid the poor guy, so you can't exactly reject this gift now. But God, this is ridiculous, this is humiliation, and the fact this is how you have to spend an hour of your day today is absolutely fucking ridiculous.

    Levi hadn't even been your favorite character in Attack on Titan, it had been Armin.

    Still, repressing your wince, you turn to the man your parents have hired, one who looks vividly like the character he's portraying, and offer him a pained smile. "Uh, we can go down to the basement."

    He follows you down, gaze remaining on you as you grab two cans of soda that you keep in the minifridge and then sit on the couch.

    He raises a brow. "What the hell is pepsi?"

    "God, you don't actually have to—I'm not a child." You flush in embarrassment, beckoning him to sit with you. "I'm sorry that my parents paid you to do this, but I swear I didn't ask for this. You can drop the act. Please have a drink."

    The ravenette observes you for a couple of seconds, scrutinizing you carefully, and then he finally admits, "I have to admit I thought this would be for someone younger. And for a party, not necessarily a one on one." He takes the can and sits down, taking a swig. For a split second, you stare at the way his extremely defined Adam's apple bobs when he swallows, but quickly tear your eyes away.

    "Tell me about it. I don't know what the hell my parents expect me to do with a Levi cosplayer, all by myself, for a whole hour. But hey, happy birthday to me, right?"

    Dryly, he holds his can up, and you clink yours against it, feeling yourself beginning to relax. At the very least, the guy seems understanding. "So, you're a huge fan of the show?"

    You sigh pitiably. "At one point, yeah. Like back in middle school. And even then, I wasn't obsessed or anything."

    "Dunno, your parents must have picked up on some kind of obsession if this is their gift to you."

    An amused scoff falls from your lips. "Right, says the guy who dresses up as Levi for little kids' birthday parties."

    Shifting to face you, he raises a single brow. "Well, as you can see, it isn't always little kids."

    "Right." You snort, leaning back and taking another swig from the can. This isn't half bad, but it's hardly a way to spend your birthday. Still, not wanting to disappoint your parents, you try to make the most of it. "So, what's your name?"

    A small pause. "Levi."

    "Yeah, no shit, what's your real name?"

    He takes a sip from his drink, raising a brow. "That is my real name. Just a happy coincidence."


    "That's kinda cool, I guess. You kinda look like him too. Actually, you really look like him. Is that a wig?"

    "Tug it and find out."

    You choke on your drink. "Excuse me?"

    Rolling his eyes, he takes your hand and places it by his forehead, brushing against his bangs holy shit that's soft and you give his locks a weak pull. Nothing comes off. His hair is real, and you don't think the blue-gray hues in his eyes are contacts either. Strange as it is, it appears you're spending the hour with your world's equivalent of Levi Ackerman himself.

    "Okay, I admit. seventh grade me would have been thrilled about this. Although I would've liked an Armin cosplayer more."

    His eyes gleam, as though to say challenge accepted. "Is that right?"

    "Even an Eren one would be better," you tease, "Levi wasn't really in my top ten."

    The tiny glare he sends your way has you giggling, and a single drop of pepsi misses your mouth and slides down your chin. Before you can catch it, Levi is already reaching up, brushing your jaw with his thumb. You go completely still as his gaze drops down to your lips and stays there, and the reality of the situation settles in. You're in your basement, with a very attractive stranger who is currently sending a very sultry look to your mouth.

    "M-my parents wouldn't know," you say, scrabbling your brain to tell him anything, so he doesn't think that your mind has gone blank from his proximity, which it has, "they wouldn't know which characters I liked. It was such a long time ago. They still see me as their little girl, but I'm—I'm—"

    "So grown-up, I know," he murmurs mockingly, "but there's other ways to celebrate a birthday."

    You know the answer, but you still ask, wide-eyed as he rubs his thumb against your lower lip, groaning when your lips close around it and give it a gentle suck. "Like what?"

    "Do you want me to show you?"

    Yes. "Are you going to charge extra?"

    Levi takes that answer for what it is, dragging his lips against your ear and whispering, "No one has to pay me to show a pretty girl a good time, chéri."

    Fuck. Oh fuck, you're actually doing this.

    "Sit back," he orders, quiet, and with a jolt you remember your parents are still upstairs. That doesn't deter you, though. With a shaky hand still gripping the can of pepsi, you lean back against the couch, watching him avidly as he sets down his drink and gets off the couch, only to settle in between your legs on his knees. Shit shit shit, you can already feel your cunt moistening.

    "You'd prefer Armin," he repeats cruelly, spreading your thighs apart slowly. "Or Eren. That's what you said, right?"

    Even as your breathing becomes unsteady, you stick to your guns. "Of course. They're hotter, plus they're not forty year old virgins."

    "Of course." Popping open the buttons on your shorts, he pulls down the zipper. "And yet, you're sitting in your own house asking for me to have my way with you. So either you're lying, or you're just a filthy fucking slut who spreads her legs for anyone."

    Your cheeks heat up in embarrassment. "I'm not a—"

    "So you're not wet right now?" You don't answer, you can't answer, and because of that, he knows what the answer is. Even before he tugs your shorts down, he knows that you're lying. Truth is, you don't think you've ever seen a hotter sight than this man, with his dark hair and grey eyes and cold expression, pulling your panties down and exposing your bare cunt to the cold air of the basement.

    Levi's fingers brush over, but they don't touch, making you shudder as you clench around nothing. He studies your reaction as he tilts his head close, until you can feel his hot breath on your pussy. You let out a restrained gasp, and before you can even think about yanking him in, he slams your wrists down on the couch.

    "Everyone should take a look at the birthday girl now," he sneers, and you want to both cry and gasp because of how nasty he sounds. "Asking a damn stranger to eat you out."

    "I didn't ask you to do jack shit," you pant, driving your hips up to no avail. "You're the one who wanted to show me a good time. You're the one who—ah!"

    To silence your babbling, Levi presses a single kiss to your clit, letting his tongue flick out to taste your slick. His eyes roll back at the taste, and you nearly come at the sight alone.

    "Shh." Grey eyes stare you down. "Don't want your parents to hear how much of a slut their little girl is."

    You open your mouth to tell him to shut the fuck up, but he releases one of your wrists to slide a hand under you and nudge your hips up as he dives back in for another taste. You only have time to clamp your free hand over your mouth.

    Levi devours you, practically making out with your pussy. You let out a choked, muffled cry for him, as he drags his tongue over every inch of you. Even in his grip, you practically spasm, but he holds you still, not letting you sit back, not letting you get away.

    "Fuck, fuck!" you whisper-scream into your palm, as he laps up your juices with his tongue. "Fuck!"

    "Qui est la vierge maintenant, chéri?" he asks, and even though you have absolutely no idea what the hell that means, his voice is so deep and his tongue is drawing such delicate patterns that you thrust your hips desperately, bucking into his mouth.

    And then, all of a sudden, he stops.

    "Nngh, no! Why would you..." There are fucking tears coating your lashes, you cannot believe this fucking stranger has made you so needy. "I was so close, fuck you!"

    Levi chuckles darkly, not moving from his position. "I'd like to hear a confession first." When you stubbornly shake your head, he licks his way up right besides your throbbing pussy, and you groan, head lolling back.

    "Okay. Okay. Fuck. Levi, you're—"

    A harsh slap on your thigh makes you yelp. "Captain Levi."

    "Captain Levi." Your cheeks burn from the humiliation, and the fact that this stupid fucking roleplay is actually making you wetter. "Y-you're better than Armin, or Eren."

    One finger slides up and down your cunt, and you bite down a surprised gasp. "And?"

    "And," you grit out, trying not to lose your goddamn mind from how badly you want to come, "I'm...I'm a..."

    "I don't have all day, chéri."

    "I'm a slut," you force out, chest heaving.

    That should be it. But it isn't. Levi spreads your lips open to press the flat side of his tongue against your hole, but he doesn't move. No matter how much you whine, no matter how much you struggle against your grip, he doesn't let you move either.

    "Whose slut?" he questions, eyes gleaming.

    Holy fuck.

    "Yours! Your slut, Levi—Captain—"

    He resumes in an instant, burying his face between your legs and shoving his tongue in all at once. Finally releasing your other wrist, he uses both his hands to cup your ass, dragging you up to meet every swipe of his tongue.

    "Hah—Captain—ohmyfuckinggod please don't stop!"

    You finally tangle your fingers in his tresses, pulling him in as your back arches off the couch even further. You ride up against his tongue again and again and again, cries becoming more wild and less muffled as the coil in your stomach tightens, and then finally snaps.

    With a barely contained howl, you come on Levi's tongue, thrashing against the couch. He holds you as still as he can, licking you clean as you release, making sure every drop goes into his mouth like he's starved.

    Having reached your high, you allow yourself to fall back, breathing heavily, barely believing your own sensitivity. "Happy birthday," Levi drawls, a cocky smirk that you're pretty certain is out of character on his face.

    "Thanks." You're still floating above the clouds, you can barely register anything else. "Probably gonna be the best gift I receive today."

    Levi hums noncommittally. "By the way," he says, tossing your legs over his shoulders, much to your alarm, "your parents booked me for two hours, not one.” The cruel glint returns to his sharp grey eyes, and he mutters, “Best make sure they get their money's worth."

    #attack on titan #aot x reader #levi x reader #levi ackerman x reader #levi ackerman smut #levi ackerman#oneshot#valkyrie stories
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    05.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Chris Evans x male! reader series Masterlist

    × Introduction

    × Pt. 1

    × Pt. 2 (coming soon)

    #chris evans series #chris evans x male reader #chris evans x reader #chris evans #mcu cast x reader #mcu cast x male reader #mcu cast social media story #social media au
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  • imnotevenhere9
    05.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Chris Evans x male! reader Pt.1

    ↳ Summary: Rumours that you're dating someone can be very annoying, but that's not the case if you've been together with the person for years, just kept it a secret from the media

    ↳ Word count: 445

    ↳ Warnings: nonromantical use of darling

    ↳ A/n: it's pain to edit this on phone-

    Masterlist • Prompts • S/o match ups • Taglist

    Introduction • Next part (coming soon) (whole series in masterlist)

    Tags (open): @shalinizhara @gayhopefulrainbows @elliot-damon-2006


    - liked by chrisevans, username_1 and 2 464 806 others -

    y/n_l/n Go buy the tickets before they're sold out, because this? This is gonna be epic

    - tagged: chrisevans, robertdowneyjr, imsebastianstan,  chrishemsworth, anthonymackie, twhiddleston, tomholland2013, elizabetholsen, scar_jo and markruffalo -


    username_1 Already got the ticket, I'm seriously so excited for this!

    imsebastianstan Couldn't say it better 😌

    chrisevans I disagree, it's gonna be more than epic

    y/n_l/n @chrisevans My bad 😬

    username_2 I love how they interact with Y/n even when he's just part of the filming crew! 😭

    username_3 @username_2 Just? This man is with Marvel since Iron Man 1, I feel like he became part of the family without even trying 💀

    y/n_l/n @username_3 Pretty much... But trust me, the groupchat is pure chaos, you don't miss much-

    scar_jo @y/n_l/n You're acting like you're not part of the chaos

    y/n_l/n @scar_jo Shush


    username_5 @username_4 FOR REAL THO 😭😭😭

    username_6 pssst @y/n_l/n, you got some tea to share...? 👀

    y/n_l/n @username_6 I do... I don't feel like sharing it tho 😊

    username_7 @y/n_l/n I WILL PAY YOU- SET A PRICE AND I WILL PAY IT 😭

    y/n_l/n @username_7 darling, I don't think you can afford to pay me 👁️👄👁️

    username_7 hecalledmedarlinghecalledmedarlinghecalledmedarlinghecalledmedarling

    anthonymackie @y/n_l/n man, I think you broke them-

    y/n_l/n @anthonymackie for the record, it was not intentionally-

    username_8 so we're just gonna ignore the 🏳️‍🌈 in his bio or? 🤨

    username_9 @username_8 Wait what- I didn't notice it was there- HOLD UP-

    username_10 @username_9 you rn: since uhm ☝️ when?

    username_9 @username_10 LENDUEBHBEM- YEAH 😭

    username_11 @username_8 @username_9 Hate to break it to you guys, but it's been there since he made this account, so it's nothing new xd

    username_12 @username_11 Yep! He mentioned it multiple times that he's in LGBTQ+ community ✨

    username_8 @username_11 @username_12 Thanks guys! I'm really happy that Marvel hired someone from LGBTQ+ community even in the crew, not just the actors!

    username_9 @username_8 Yeah! I hope that Y/n doesn't have any trouble with his coworkers tho, working in that kind of environment isn't nice, speaking from experience here 😬

    username_13 I saved money just so I could buy the ticket, it won't disappoint me that's for sure 😌


    username_15 @username_14 I'm planning to go in Black Widow cosplay 👀

    username_14 @username_15 Omg yes!! You gotta post photos bestie ✨

    username_15 @username_14 I will, dw 😌

    #chris evans series #chris evans x y/n #chris evans x male reader #chris evans #chris evans x reader #mcu cast social media story #mcu cast x reader #mcu cast x male reader #social media au
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    Chris Evans x male! reader Introduction

    ↳ Summary: Rumours that you're dating someone can be very annoying, but that's not the case if you've been together with the person for years, just kept it a secret from the media

    ↳ A/n: Comment, send ask or dm if you want to be added to taglist!

    Masterlist • Prompts • S/o match ups • Taglist

    Next part (whole series in masterlist)

    Tags (open): @shalinizhara @gayhopefulrainbows @elliot-damon-2006 (you two didn't ask to be tagged but seemed interested a lot, so if you want to be removed let me know!)

    Nick Bateman as Y/n L/n


    Chris Evans as himself


    MCU cast as themselves

    Robert Downey Jr. - [@robertdowneyjr]

    Sebastian Stan - [@imsebastianstan]

    Chris Hemsworth - [@chrishemsworth]

    Anthony Mackie - [@anthonymackie] 

    Jeremy Renner - [@renner4real]

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    Tom Holland - [@tomholland2013]

    Elizabeth Olsen - [@elizabetholsen]

    Scarlett Johansson - [@scar_jo]

    Mark Ruffalo - [@markruffalo]

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    Luther: Am I right, Y/N?

    Y/N: I'm almost certain you're not, but, to be fair, I wasn't listening.

    #tua #the umbrella academy #tua incorrect quotes #luther hargreeves#y/n#reader insert #five's y/n (according to mod's story) #q
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    (Mines) dark!Venable x Reader

    Summary: you and your girlfriend was invited to a house party. What happen when someone tries to flirt with you.

    Warning: swearing, spanking, orgasm denial, eating the reader out,mommy kink

    A/N: this is my first Venable fic and I’m sorry if it’s short but I hope y’all like it. This is a soft! dark! Venable fic and I suck at writing right now so if this suck ass I’m so sorry

    Tag list: @kitty4860 @lavenderahs @d3monslust @celestialrequiem

    You and your girlfriend were invited to CoCo House party. It took weeks for you to convince mina to come. She doesn't like being around a lot of people but you got so happy when coco give you an invitation at work the other day. “Come on Mina it’s going to be fun trust me, we going to have a great time being the hottest couple there,” you said smiling. “Fine.” Mina said. “Great you're not going to regret it,” you said. When the two of you got home you decide to get ready for the party. You decide to wear a cute tight dress to show off your body more, you when to mina's office to show her your outfit for the party.” So what do you think?” Mina was too busy on her laptop she didn't look up to see your dress.

    “Change your dress I don't like how it looks on you,” Mina said still not looking at you. “But you haven't look at the dress yet. You're too busy on your laptop to give a shit,” you said frustrated. Mina finally took her eyes from her laptop and look at you dead in the eyes. “Go and change y/n and don't make me repeat myself. I don't like it when people look at you and not with you wearing this dress trying to be a slut.” she said. You listen and when to change your outfit to a simple flower dress which was cute but it wasn't your first pick. After you got dress you when back to Mina's office to see if she was ready, and to your surprise, she wasn't. “Mina what's taking so long.” “I'm coming let me finish this and then we can go.”

    “NO.” you yelled. “Get your ass in the car we going to be late.” and after that, you walk out of her office, and you when in the car waiting for her. After 10 minutes of waiting she finally got in the car, the car ride there was silent no one dare talk. You can see Mina is very angry and you have a feeling you're going to get punished when you get back home. When the two of you arrive at CoCo party you hurry up and got out of the car and ran to see your best friend Mallory. Mina hates Mallory because she thinks she's going to take you away from her but that's not the case, you love Mina with all your heart even when she is cold and mean to you. You spend most of your time with Mallory and leaving Mina by herself, you and Mallory were having a conversation when you notice and Tall dark-haired man come walking towards you.

    “Hello my name is James and your name is. “Hi, my name is y/n.” the two of you started a conversation Mallory left to talk to her girlfriend CoCo leaving you and the tall handsome man to y'all self. You notice him flirting with you telling you how pretty you are and how he wants to take you out on a date. You kept on smiling he was sweet but you have a girlfriend, you finally told him you were in a relationship you see his smile drop but he told you y'all can go just as friends and you agree to go with him on a coffee date just friends. Mina heard y'all whole conversation and she was not having it. She walks up to you and grabs a handful of your hair and drags you to an empty room and she pushes inside. “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING Y/N,” Mina said yelling.

    “I’m just making new friends, I'm not doing anything wrong.” “Oh really because it seems like your going on a date with that guy downstairs.” you look at her in fear scary to see what your punishment is this time.” Mommy, I'm sorry okay I-I won't go okay. Please don't punish me,” you said crying. Mina wasn't having any of it she pushes you on the bed and rips the dress off your body. “Spread your fucking legs out and start counting and if you stop I'm going to start all over again do you hear me slut.” “Y-yes m-mommy.”


    “One, thank you mommy.”


    “Two, thank you mommy.”


    “Three, thank you mommy.”


    “F-four, thank you, mommy.”


    “Five, thank you, mommy.”

    After ten more spanks you were a crying mess. “You took your punishment so well from me baby and now I'm going to give you, your reward.”Mina got on the bed and spread your legs out more. She started eating you out, you grab her red hair so tight you hear her yelp in pain. “Mhm mommy it feels so good,” you said moaning. You keep on moaning her name over and over again. You were getting closer and closer to cum.”Mommy, I'm gonna cum, please let me cum mommy.” “No,” she said and she pulled away for you. “Go clean yourself up and when you get home be ready because I'm not done with you yet and don't forget y/n your mines every inch of your body is mines.”

    A/N: okay this is bad and I'm sorry but I hope y'all like it I have more fics I'm working on and trying to get out. And I may make a part 2 only if y'all want it.

    #ahs apocalypse #american horror story #ahs#ahs imagine #sarah paulson x reader #wilhemina venable #wilhemina venable x reader #ahs 8#ahs fanfiction #billie dean howard #billie dean howard x reader #wilhemina x reader #sarah paulson
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    people watching (cheers to you) (f.w.)

    💌: fred forgot what it felt like to have his heart full since the day the war tore it apart... then he met you. (the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen) 📝: word count: 1,087 words / fred weasley x muggleborn!reader / 🌸🌍 fluff + kinda slice-of-life-ish, a deep topic if you squint 💬: inspired by the song people watching by conan gray and the most beautiful thing by bruno major
    notes: set post-war and fred lives :) i also had this idea listening to conan gray’s song and immediately thought of bruno major’s song. i decided to merge the two together and this is what came out ✨enjoy!

    time and time again, fred wanders far from the magical world he calls home and casually walk among muggles to dissolve for a brief moment. it was his way of reconnecting and disconnecting; to find peace in being unknown and able to wallow in the emotions he felt without being judged in a world where many would recognize his face (and if not his, his twin). ever since the war, he’d be a liar to say things just recuperated over smoothly.

    oh... it was far from it. words can’t explain the situation; the mess of an ensemble that was fred weasley as he tried to pick himself up. measly putting his heart together and trying his best day by day to live life for today, half-anticipating for tomorrow, the future a major blur he can’t quite pinpoint in the distance. for sure, he knows and acknowledges he’s blessed. to still have his family despite the war that tore apart the wizarding world. si vis pacem, para bellum; if you want peace, prepare for war. a war not only took the lives of people physically but spiritually, many lost a part of themselves that day and would spend forever trying to gain it back.

    some faster than others, some barely scraping by, some never at all, some... couldn’t even find the will when they’ve lost the ones they love. 

    fred fell into one of those categories; living precariously wondering what it’ll be like to have your heart feeling full again.

    then one day, he’s found a way that worked like a charm–except no magic was involved. people watching. hermione first prompted him to apparate to the muggle world, said that a change of environment would do him good to clear his mind. the world where magic didn’t exist, but also did in a more... human-like manor. magic in the human world existed through connection and rather, the emotions that create that certain bond. now, that’s not to say it doesn’t exist in the wizarding world but when you have wands and spells, it’s easy to overlook them. in the muggle world, connections, feelings, bonds; that’s what made life exciting to live for.

    admittedly, he called bullshit and said it wouldn’t help. that was... until he caved in and apparated to a location hermione brought him along with his brothers once. to a coffee shop he can’t remember but it’s near central london. the familiar bustling of cars and honks startle him initially, unable to wrap his head around the mutters and chatters that sounded familiar yet... foreign.

    the first time he went alone, it felt daunting. somehow, the feeling of the unknown and uncertainty pushed him out of his comfort zone. that alone was progress considering he never quite found anything other than his joke shop to inspire him to keep living. 

    the act of mindlessly allowing his body to be free as he roamed the streets and analyzed the things that happened around him. a young couple from a distance chatting animatedly about their day, to the pair of grandparents swinging their interlaced hands idly, the little girl across the street giddily plucking a flower from a bush to hand it to her brother. it was the little things that muggles appreciated that had fred fascinated. the things he’d never zoom into, he was now looking at it from a different perspective merely by observing others.

    fred was doing fine, frankly slightly better ever since he caved in and went people watching from time to time. then, he actually went into the coffee shop to have a drink. what felt so out of place, finally made sense when he manage to order a cup of cinnamon latte and resort to have a seat by the window. it’s quiet–a peaceful morning as he watches the world come to life before his very eyes. his hands, warm against the porcelain as he takes small sips after each passing minute. he feels like bit by bit, his heart is able to feel a whole again. finding other ways to appreciate the world around him that exists beyond the wizard one; the act of being alive came with so many things to appreciate.

    then he hears the bell dinging to a signal of a customer entering the coffee shop. his eyes glance up and away, yet his eyes flicker back to the figure that enters. fred didn’t know if he shifted back into the wizarding world when suddenly the aperture in his vision blurs everything except one person remaining to be clear. he squints his eyes, mouth gaping and his ears ringing with delight at the voice he’s able to catch ordering a cup of coffee. 

    fred has never seen anyone with such beauty; almost forgetting to breathe. air deliciously spreads his lungs when his motor senses kick in and he almost chokes. he covers it up with a couple of coughs, trying to look away but his eyes wouldn’t let him. he drinks in the image of someone so beautiful doing something so mundane as buying coffee. thanking the cashier with that gorgeous smile, stepping to the side and patiently waiting.

    it wasn’t until the signal of a freshly brewed coffee is ready and the turning of heels that grants fred to meet eyes with... you.

    your eyes that flicker between familiarity and unknown; something that tells fred it’s not the first time he’s seen you. like a faint memory in the back of his mind... huh, it’s like he recognizes you from somewhere yet he can’t put together where he’s seen you. the way you smile at him makes him think he might be right.

    then it was you approaching him, pointing to the seat opposite him and asking if the seat is taken despite his coat there. he shakes his head, tempted to get up and pull the seat for you but you do just fine on your own. telling him that you always sit here and for some reason fred feels like it’s fate that he chose to sit here, and now you with him.

    fred can’t help but stare, even though he knows it comes across as impolite. it’s the only thing he knows what to do, along with breathing; his lungs never quite full as it is before. somehow functioning when he has no idea where his mind is.

    other than one small thought that pops up when you clink your coffee cup with his.

    cheers to you, the most beautiful thing fred’s ever seen.

    #fred weasley fanfics #fred weasley x reader #fred weasley #fred weasley fic #fred weasley imagines #fred weasley fanfiction #hp fanfics#hp fanfiction#hp scenarios#hp stories#harry potter #harry potter fanfics #harry potter stories #harry potter scenarios #a part of me kinda wonders what this was LMAO #but here it is??? #>:)
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    Madison Montgomery Masterlist

    Brighter Than Any Star

    request: madison is a difficult puzzle but luckily, you enjoy challenges
    #madison montgomery #madison montgomery x reader #ahs coven #ahs coven imagine #ahs x reader #ahs imagine #american horror story #american horror story coven
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    #ahs#ahs imagine #ahs x reader #american horror story #american horror story imagine #american horror story x reader #american horror story coven #american horror story coven imagine #ahs coven #ahs coven x reader #ahs coven imagine #madison montgomery x reader #madison montgomery #madison montgomery imagine
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    You can’t tell exactly what’s in front of you but the first thing you come to realize is that it has eyes. And a mouth. It’s staring at you and you’re staring back, captivated by those big, round, sugary orbs.

    “We like how your mouth looks,” it says.

    We? You glance around the backyard but nothing else comes into sight beyond the fencing. This “we” doesn’t add up, you think.

    Before you can ask a question, the little creature steps closer to you. It was no larger than you, nowhere near your height at all. It was just above your knees; you would have to kneel to come face-to-face with it. Not that you really considered doing so in the first place.

    When it comes closer, noises ring out. Little voices pierce the awkward silence and from behind the singular creature, even more emerge. One after the other, climbing from the ground, hopping the fence, tumbling out of the windows of the other homes near yours.

    You really can’t tell if they’re all slabs of cardboard or clay. It never once came to mind that they might be living versions of your favorite cereal, did you?

    The crowd of cereal mascots gather around you and start breathing on your leg. You feel the warmth on your skin, your senses tingling uneasily. If you weren’t so confused, you might have felt the three tongues that graced your shins just a moment ago.

    “Eat us,” the first one says.

    “Munch us up,” the second one says.

    “Savor our taste,” the third says.

    For the next few moments all you can hear are the pleads of “eat us” coming from each of them, just being said in different ways. You snap out of your trance when you’re knocked to the ground and the creatures gather around your face. You can smell them so, so clearly now.

    Sweet. Invigorating. Quaint and inviting. The smell of sugar and cinnamon glazing their skin—if it could be called skin.

    “Eat us, eat us, eat us, eat us.”

    You feel something enter your mouth. You focus your eyes and they lock onto the creature that is now halfway inside. It went in lying on its back so you can feel its little eyeballs rolling on the roof of your mouth.

    “Eat us, eat us, eat us, eat us.”

    You shut your eyes. Your mouth is being stretched beyond repair, the rough corners of the creature scratch at your lips and create little shreds in your skin that are quickly filled in by the thing’s bodily sugar. It stings.

    “Eat me, eat me, eat me now!”

    You gasp once and then take a bite.

    Your mouth is filled with their sweet, delectable skin.

    #fiction #it makes me uncomfy #creepy#short story #cereal mascot x reader
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    #rere's stories #elijah mikaelson imagine #elijah mikaelson smut #elijah mikaelson x reader
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  • thegingerwriter
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    #original story #bucky barnes x reader #bucky x reader #bucky fluff
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  • yandere-sins
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    The Fox Wedding - Stay dead [True End]

    Summary: You escaped.

    Characters: Kitsune!Suna Rintarou, Reader

    Rating: Explicit  

    Warnings for this chapter: Happy Ending

    Death was as calm as you would expect it. Your body - or rather, your soul - felt like it was floating on water, but no wave dared to disturb you. There was no up or down, just the floating, and that was all there was for a while. As if you were in a room painted in black, nothing to see, to hear, to feel. All you knew was that it wasn’t uncomfortable.

    The place you were in now wasn’t plagued with the horrors of life. Pain and suffering, fear and anger. There was no regret and no desire for revenge, but even without any feelings at all, it wasn’t boring. Perhaps this was what made death so unique, the absolute nothingness. You couldn’t even feel if you moved a limb or not, and thus, you concluded that this was it. Even after all that happened, without being able to feel anything, it became meaningless.

    You were ready.

    Who knew where your soul would go now, but you were ready to move on.

    It almost felt like you were ascending from the water, ready to leave. Limbo. Going like this wasn’t bad, and your judgment of the situation was meaningless and thus easy for you. But perhaps you actually liked it! What was there not to like about it?

    “Death is permanent, Human,” a sudden voice rung out. You didn’t know this was possible in this space. Was that God? Was it true after all, did such an entity exist? “So… come back.”

    And at once, it was over.

    Grabbed by what felt like fabric on your back, you were pulled backwards into the water, completely engulfed by the wet. You felt it glide over your skin, wet your hair, and try to fill your nostrils and mouth, and your body instinctively knew not to accept it inside of you. You opened your mouth to let it out, but it only filled more, and then, suddenly, you were pulled out of the water.

    “Shhh, shhh,” a voice tried to calm you as your body shook violently in a cough. A stranger’s hand helped you to wipe away the water on your eyelids, and he held you up, so it was easier to free your lungs of the water. Even though you blinked a few times, you couldn’t get accustomed to the brightness all around you, but one by one, your senses reappeared.

    You could feel the pressures on your body and pinch yourself again, birds chirped all around you. The taste on your mouth was unpleasant as if you had eaten something foul, but luckily it disappeared as time passed. Finally, your eyes started to focus again, the blur disappearing together with your sensitivity to light. You looked up at the tree crowns, rays of sunshine bursting through them as a breeze got caught in the leaves.

    “W-Where--” you croaked, only causing you to cough more. Was this heaven? It almost seemed like it since you couldn’t hear anguished screams or the crackling of fire. So it wasn’t hell. Looking down at yourself, you seemed too old to be reincarnated, and you soon enough found yourself out of options of where you were.

    “The forest,” the unfamiliar voice explained for you. Finally, you looked up towards the person sitting beside you, blinking a few times as you tried to remember where you had seen him before. His dark brown hair was shining in the sun, and from it, two very peculiar ears seemed to stick out. All of a sudden, you were hit by a flashback.

    Gasping loudly, you touched your shoulder, tearing at the white kimono you were wearing and which you had never seen before. But no matter how much you searched, you couldn’t find the wounds that were inflicted on your body. It almost seemed pristine, but you knew it wasn’t.

    “There are still some marks,” the stranger said, and you couldn’t help but flinch. Instinctively, you pushed yourself away from him, sliding off his hold and onto the ground, noticing you had been sitting in a spring. It wasn’t deep, but you noticed the bubbling nearby where it continuously flowed out of a crack in a stonewall. You felt too weak to actually move further, but now that you looked around, this part of the forest was even more unfamiliar than any other.

    “Where am I?” you asked daunted, a big part of you returning to a state of fear and panic. The stranger sighed as he got up and walked over, seizing you by the armpits and pulling you up. Putting your arm around his neck and steading you with one hand around your hip, he moved forward, urging you to move even though you struggled. The first few steps were a hurdle, but with every continuous one, it got better.

    “Why… But I…”

    “Yes,” he said. “I won’t deny what happened, but I’m one of the few that knew about this magical spring water. It healed your wounds - almost perfectly even. But I don’t think there’s much more I can do for you.”

    “Where are we… going?” you questioned as he led you on a small path through the forest. Everything seemed so… normal. As if it was trying to undermine the cruelty that happened the night before. “You wanted to go home, didn’t you?”

    Peeking up at this, you gave the stranger another look over, all the memories slowly coming back. “I remember you,” you mumbled. “You were with Kita when he came to look after me! Why… why would you help me?”

    Catching him as he looked away as if he was caught in a lie, there was no immediate answer. Instead, the pace quickened, and you did your best to keep up with his lead. “Not everyone liked the idea of marriage,” he finally spoke up. In the distance, you could see the trees clearing up. The end was finally near.

    “Kita is a good leader. We all like him. But he’s been too obsessed with the idea of marrying you ever since he was still only an aspirant for the leader. Many tried to oppose him, coming to the clan to spy, like the twins, but it’s not easy to go against someone so calculated and strong as Kita is.”

    He took a deep breath, collecting himself. “I’ve been by his side for a long time, and I don’t regret it. But I couldn’t watch this happening again.”

    Again? you thought, but the moment you two finally left the last tree behind, you came to a halt, your attention quickly diverted. You recognized the road that spread out before you, a mere ten minutes walk from your home. Slowly, the fox let go of you, waiting for you to steady yourself on your feet, but it was easy now. “What should I do now? I- I can’t go back to the house! They’ll find me again…”

    Your voice was still so fragile, cracking under the pressure of emotions that tried to regain their place in your body. It wasn’t as hard to stand, breathe, or all of it at the same time as it was to get used to feeling again. It was overwhelming, but you knew better than to get lost in emotions this time. After all, you’ve been through much worse before.

    “No, they won’t.”

    Looking up at the fox, you had noticed him back away into the shadows of the trees as he seemed ready to leave again. It was only a few steps, but it felt like he had made the separation between your worlds clear again. “The clan moved on as Kita couldn’t stay anymore after losing you. I have to go back to them now, but they won’t come looking for you. You are dead to them.”

    Nodding slowly, you took a step forward towards him again, his body language showing that he was wary as you approached. “What’s your name?” you asked out of the blue. What a stupid sentiment, but you felt like after what he did, coming all the way back to save you, remembering his name was the least you could do. He looked surprised before his expression grew nervous and hesitant, but eventually, he decided to tell you softly. “Suna. Just… Suna.”

    Reaching for his hands, you crossed the barrier between worlds one last time, squeezing them. “Then, thank you, Suna.”

    Time was of the essence, and you felt it was running out for you two. When you thanked him, managing to smile softly, it was almost like a stone fell off your heart, freeing you off so many things. He gave a slight nod in your direction before pulling away, and you knew it was time to go. “Farewell,” you sighed, relief spreading through you, and you turned to leave. It would be hard to go back now, remembering all that happened. Certainly, you couldn’t stay in that house for much longer, even if Suna said it was safe now. Too much had happened. Too much that you wanted to forget forever.

    Way down the road, you turned around, seeing the silhouette of a small fox sitting on the curb, watching you. As you noticed it, the fox sprang up and disappeared into the woods, and you couldn’t help but be thankful, knowing he had watched over you just in case. Somehow, you’d be alright. It would be hard to manage without anyone who’d ever believe what you’ve been through, but Suna had managed to restore some of your faith in the world. Just marriage. You’d postpone that… for a long while. You definitely had enough of marrying, and maybe you’d move to the city now, just in case.

    But as you looked up at the blue sky with the morning sun rising ever so slowly, you felt grateful for this chance you were given. The experience aside, you definitely felt like you had grown from it. Gained some insight into the worth of life.

    You were given this second chance, and you were not going to waste it, no matter how hard it would be.

    This time, you’d do better.

    “You’re such a goody two-shoes,” Atsumu taunted as he approached Suna. The latter only looked back over his shoulder calmly, seeing the twins’ faces slowly creeping up to him. “It’s a shame. I really wanted her for myself.”

    Giving Atsumu a nudge with his elbow, Osamu reminded his brother, “She was dead until a few minutes ago. There was nothing for you to get there but worms.”

    “And now she isn’t, I wonder how!”

    The bickering between the two continued while Suna turned forward again. From the hill he was standing on, he could see you disappear inside your house, locking the doors behind you. You were such a good girl, careful but kind until the end. You didn’t need to thank him, but you did, smiling at him before you left. He, too, had always appreciated the kindness of humans, even if he always had warned Kita to not interact with humans back when the two of them were still small cubs. But no matter how weak, humans could still be kind, a fascinating fact in his eyes.

    There was so much you didn’t know, and perhaps, it was better that his world would no longer be part of yours. The intrigues, foul words, magic - that wasn’t for a good human like you. An eternity bound to a being like a Kitsune wasn’t what would make you happy, even if…

    “Suna~ What are ya thinking about so hard? Aren’t ya coming with us? Don’t tell me you changed yer mind?” Slinging one arm around Suna’s shoulders, Suna’s train of thought was interrupted, and he sighed deeply. “Idiot,” Osamu grumbled, kicking his brother in the shin. “Have some tact and let the guy make sure she gets home safely. They’re family.”

    Atsumu rolled his eyes but let go of Suna, the two walking a few steps ahead as they gave him the time to say goodbye. But they were right; there was no use lingering. Maybe Suna should have told you why you were so interesting for the kitsune. You were a rare sight as a human ancestor, after all. Knowing that you and he shared the same family tree - even if there were hundreds of years and what felt like a couple dozens of generations between you two - he couldn’t have let you die like one of the other darling wives Kita had found over the centuries. Suna had seen it too many times how he ended up hurting them as they hurt him by escaping or angering him, though arguably, the emotional wounds Kita suffered weren’t as bad as the deadly ones he inflicted. Then again, thanks to that, it gave Suna a new reason to live. No more clans or loyalty. He had something much more important now.


    “Do ya think she’ll go to the city? Think I could become a city boy?” Atsumu mused, and Osamu let out a loud snort while Suna turned around to follow the two. “Only thing you’re good for would be a fur coat,” Osamu snarked, and it even brought a chuckle to Suna’s lips as Atsumu gasped loudly. They turned their attention to Suna, slowing down their steps to match him and lowering their voices as they spoke between themselves.

    “Are you sure Kita won’t notice? You stole her right from under his nose, after all. He didn’t even bury her yet - luckily,” Atsumu asked, and Suna shrugged. “You don’t know it because you’re young, but the older and stronger a kitsune gets, the more they begin to forget. I’m sure he is very busy looking for a new replacement right now. He never got over this first wife of his. She truly was perfect. Kind, loyal, and loved him.”

    Silent glances were exchanged between the twins as Suna revealed some of the past that he witnessed. “Her only fault was her mortality, and I guess that’s why he keeps searching.”

    “Ya think he’ll ever find someone?” Osamu asked after a moment of silence. Suna shrugged again. Even he didn’t have the answers to everything.

    “Who knows,” he sighed, and those were his final words on the matter. Rubbing his hands gently, he remembered the warmth of your touch, relieved that your life had been spared. All of your lives would go on, even for the younger kitsune. Their life was too long to ponder about the past. All that mattered was the future.

    And Suna was glad that the past didn’t take away your future either.

    Want a different ending?

    ➤   Go back to the prologue to change your fate

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    File 13_Subject: Agent Whiskey’s behavior at the gun range

    Declassified HR Files Series Masterlist - a collaboration between @driedgreentomatoes and @just-here-for-the-moment

    @halalinstreetsharaminsheets - we got the details on that gun range rumor you alerted us about!

    Summary: Jack gets handsy with a trainee Warnings: There's a tattle-tale in their midst --- From: marvin@statesman.training To: champ@statesman.internal Date: March 25, 2011 11:12 AM Subject: Agent Whiskey’s behavior at the gun range

    Hi Champ,

    We have had two separate issues with Agent Whiskey this week. I am sorry to be the one to have to bring it up. I was going to keep my nose out of it but with them coming one right after another it seems like you may want to have a chat with him. I thought he had finished his sexual harassment training?

    Yesterday morning were the individual trainee evaluations at the indoor range. Jack seemed to be very hands-on with one of the young lady trainees and there was some awfully flirty language going on when I walked by.

    Then at the outdoor range this morning, there was a second incident where the trainees were doing “sniper crawl” training. I saw Whiskey leaning over the same trainee with his hands on her hips. She moaned a noise that was not appropriate outside of her sleeping quarters, and said, “Oh Jack!”

    He also repeatedly told another trainee “good girl,” which seems like it skirts the line of professionalism.

    Thanks, Marv -------------------- From: champ@statesman.internal To: whiskey@statesman.internal Date: March 25, 2011 11:15 AM Fwd: Agent Whiskey’s behavior at the gun range


    None of this sounds good, son. You wanna offer an explanation or should I just assume the worst?

    //Champ -------------------- From: champ@statesman.internal To: whiskey@statesman.internal Date: March 25, 2011 2:19 PM Fwd: Agent Whiskey’s behavior at the gun range


    Respond now, please. We’ve talked about you taking too long to get back to me on urgent emails.

    //Champ -------------------- From: whiskey@statesman.internal To: champ@statesman.internal Date: March 25, 2011 2:46 PM Re: Fwd: Agent Whiskey’s behavior at the gun range

    First, this is all a misunderstanding, and second, I took so long to email back because I am fit to be tied! The fact that Marv would accuse me of messing around with a trainee really sticks in my craw.

    At yesterday’s individual evaluations at the indoor range, the little blonde lady (Trainee 6) was sticking her butt out instead of bending her knees for stability. I put my hands on the outside of her hips once to push her back into place, same as I would do for any other recruit. Unfortunately when I said “Tuck your butt under” she said “I’d rather you tuck it in for me.”

    And did Marv tell you MY response? Or is he only reporting the dirty talk this girl subjected me to? Because I told her straight up that sauciness wasn’t going to help her pass the shooting test and that she needed to get herself back in line before she loses her shot at the program.

    Today’s sniper crawl training was the same mess. Blondie kept sticking her butt up out of the mud and if you do that in the field you’re liable to get your ass shot clean off.

    I bent over exactly once to push her hips back down so she wouldn’t get barbed wire injuries to her rear end while crawling under the obstacle course. And yes, her response was extremely inappropriate. When she moaned, “Oh, Jack!” I told her, “It’s Agent Whiskey to you.”

    And the “good girl” (Trainee 14) really IS the only good one out of the whole class. If it were up to me, we’d dismiss the rest of them today and just keep her on board. She’s efficient and twice as deadly in target practice as the rest of them.

    Might be a real fine asset for Statesman, especially if we don’t have to waste time training the rest of these duds. And Marv needs to mind his own business - he’d find something to gripe about even if he had a ham under each arm.

    JACK -------------------- From: champ@statesman.internal To: whiskey@statesman.internal Date: March 25, 2011 2:54 PM Re: Fwd: Agent Whiskey’s behavior at the gun range

    I see. I think we will dismiss Trainee 6 this afternoon. It sounds like her mind’s not on her work. And I’ll take a closer look at Trainee 14’s records to see if there’s anything there.

    I’m sorry I assumed the worst. Thank you for filling me in on the information that was missing from Marv’s view of things.

    //Champ -------------------- From: whiskey@statesman.internal To: champ@statesman.internal Date: March 25, 2011 3:01 PM Re: Fwd: Agent Whiskey’s behavior at the gun range

    Thank you Champ, I appreciate it. I hope you know I wouldn’t ever mess up a trainee’s chances with that kind of foolishness.

    JACK -------------------- -------------------- From: champ@statesman.internal To: marvin@statesman.training Date: March 25, 2011 3:19 PM Subject: Gun range concerns

    Hi Marv,

    Thank you for letting me know your concerns. Apparently there was quite a bit more to the story and it seems you may have only witnessed part of the picture.

    As far as Agent Whiskey is concerned, his behavior was up to Statesman standards, and I’m not worried about these incidents.

    //Champ -------------------- From: marvin@statesman.training To: champ@statesman.internal Date: March 25, 2011 3:38 PM Re: Gun range concerns

    Hi Champ,

    That’s good to know. Sorry I alarmed you.

    Enjoy your evening,

    Marv ---

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    "In a world where death holds no meaning how else am I supposed to raise the stakes"

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