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  • msmovingforward
    17.04.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Pride Versus Envy: RHONJ S11 E8

    We open with shots of the women getting ready at both Melissa and Dolores’s Shore houses. Marge Sr. texts Margaret, informing her that she just got a laser treatment on her face, and she sends along a picture of her looking like Freddy Krueger. Joe Gorga slaps Melissa on her ass, as Melissa asks if Joe thinks dinner will be peaceful that night.

    Back at Dolores’s house, Jen says that if Margaret starts with her, she’ll start with Margaret. Honestly, what is it with women named Jen on Bravo? I don’t like them. Jen Shah is going out in a blaze of fire on RHOSLC, and I would love to see something similar happen with Jennifer Aydin because she’s boring and annoying to me. There. I said it! OK? Sorry!

    Back at the Gorgas’, the men are pregaming dinner in order to numb the trauma that is inevitably about to befall them when their wives start fighting. Melissa asks Margaret if she’s ready for a peaceful dinner.

    In a confessional, Margaret says that if Jen starts with her, she will finish it. I love to see it.

    The two parties arrive in separate vans at La Mondina restaurant and sit at separate tables. Men at one, women at the other. I just noticed that the vans have plastic wrap separating the passengers from the drivers, and I can’t help but wonder if this has always been the case to keep the drivers from crashing due to the imminent danger of stilettoes, hoop earrings, and pinot grigio cracking the windshield or if this is a coronavirus precaution. 

    Everyone at the women’s table orders a pear crusher martini, while the men considerately place their entire order at once. Because you know, it’s the HEIGHT of COVID when they’re filming, and this restaurant has probably just re-opened for the first time in two months, and most normal people are still horrified of the virus. These women are just scared of their botulinum toxin migrating. The men cheers with tequila shots to a “no bull shit guys night!”

    Teresa wonders aloud how the celebration for Nonno will go, saying that he always wanted her and her brother to get along. We’re shown a flashback of Joe Gorga screaming at Teresa the previous night and slamming his engorged fists on the table. Apparently, there was no fracture, by the way. If Nonno is sober enough in whatever afterlife God saw fit to place him to witness that fiasco, I’m sure he’s beaming with pride.

    Over dinner, Joe Gorga again brings up the prank phone call Teresa made in Lake George, informing him that Melissa had been cheating on him with a server. Joe claims that the joke must have some sort of “life.” In confessional, Teresa wonders why Joe keeps bringing it up, wondering if something really is going on in their marriage.

    The food comes out and several people had ordered octopus, so everyone jokes about “octopussy” for what seems like an eternity. Remember Octomom from 2009? She had an octopussy! Melissa starts giving Teresa dating advice, saying to remember what it’s like to have a man around, passive aggressively saying loudly enough so Joe can hear that he sucks because he thinks she’s too independent. Yes, Teresa, the secret to a happy relationship is to take advice from the passive aggressive woman who’s currently miscommunicating with her husband right before your eyes! And the thing she’s telling you is that she’s basically unhappy and feels like a kept woman. Sound advice, sooouuund advice. Dolores tells Teresa to pay attention to red flags. Like living and spending all your time with your ex husband and not your current boyfriend, Dolores? I’d be surprised if Teresa knows what the term red flag means. Jen gives the advice not to let a man curse at her, and we get my favorite sonic boom sound effect because this is not actually dating advice at all, but in fact shade towards Margaret because she yelled at Joe Benigno the previous night. 

    Marge says, “So do you think Joe should leave me because I yelled at him last night?” We are shown a flashback to Margaret screaming, “Did you ever hear it from anybody in town? Tell me right now!” Honestly, it wasn’t really that bad. Jen’s a bitch. Get her and her sixteen bathrooms out of this franchise. Please!

    Jen responds to Margaret, saying, “Yeah that is a red flag. I don't talk derogatory to my husband. I was shocked.” Teresa is probably getting excited at this point that they’re going to see the running of the bulls because her brain can’t handle the idea of a symbolic red flag. Also, it’s a red flag what you told us last week about how you sat, scantily clad in a Turkish cafe while your mother told you to shut your mouth because men don’t like women who talk too much, Jen. It’s a red flag that you slut shamed Margaret after she shared that she’d been coerced into sleeping with her boss when she was 20 years old. READ A FUCKIN’ BOOK, JEN. IT’S 2021.

    Over at the men’s table, Joe B explains that he and Margaret fight, but it’s always over in ten minutes. Joe G responds, “Yeah. You wear the G-string. She wears the pants.” OK, Gorga, enough! Where do you buy your underwear? The roided out kids’ section? They must have that in New Jersey right? It’s in every strip mall next to the breakfast place that sells pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwiches.

    Jen tells Marge that she is “no stranger to meannness...” (followed by another BOOM!), “to say that my husband is my meal ticket.” Can it be mean if it’s true though, Jen? Like tell me, what exactly are your SKILLS? In what labor market would you be able to support yourself? 

    Marge retorts that Jen’s only “aspiration is to live the way off your husband.” Jen responds that her only focus is her family, and Jackie says in confessional that sometimes having a career was easier for her than raising children. Marge says it was wrong of Jen to bring up what she told the women in confidence on camera about how she has slept with her bosses in the past. Jen claims that Marge never said it was a me too thing and that Marge made it seem like she was intentionally sexing it up for her bosses as a young woman. Marge accuses Jen of victim blaming, and says that Jen has a perception problem. Melissa chimes in, pointing out that using this against Margaret now is a huge violation of girl code. Jen questions if it’s such a big deal why Marge is going to put it in a book for the world to read. Marge advises Jen to read the book, or better yet listen to the audio, because Jen is an idiot and lazy and probably can’t read.

    In the vans on the way home, Melissa and Joe Gorga get in the following stupid fight:

    Joe G: Melissa, you gonna wait for your husband? Mel: NO! Joe: Holy shit. You don't wait for me? Mel: Why am I waitin' for you? You're right here, bro. Chill!

    JOE slams van door. There is another boom sound effect.

    Mel: What are you mad about? Joe G: I'm not mad about nothin'. Mel: Did I do something wrong? Joe: No. Mel: Tell me if I did. Joe: I would just like my wife to wait for me. I mean you just walk away like you don't even have a husband. Mel: Wait. Wait. Joe: Cause when my wife takes off-- Mel: I'm sorry I took off. I'm the host. That's like crazy. Joe: Alright from now on you just go by yourself while I just walk in the back.

    Joe clearly doesn’t like all this independence Melissa has now with Envy. (Seriously, does this store really make any money though? Not for nothing, Joe, but I think your crooked house flipping business is still a more solid source of income). Melissa says Joe is spoiled and that she’s sick of kissing his ass. Joe says to be careful what Melissa says or she’ll never see him again. (What a great little narcissist he is!) The two separate ways, as they arrive back at the Gorgas’ Shore house.

    Teresa has a very boring conversation with Audriana on the phone during the van ride back to Dolores’s.

    Joe Benigno tries to therapize Joe Gorga Jersey-style, along with Evan back at the Gorgas’. I have to say Joe Benigno seems like such a genuinely great guy, and I’m so happy for him and Margaret. He may not be able to pull together a funhouse-themed living room for his wife over four seasons, but damn if he’s not patient, kind, and empathetic. Joe Gorga shares that the change in their marriage bothers him.

    Meanwhile upstairs, Jackie and Margaret check on Melissa, who asks what she’s doing wrong. They both assure her that if she were doing something wrong, they would tell her. If there’s one thing you can always count on a Housewife for, it’s to point out others’ flaws. Margaret explains that “[Joe Gorga] is very sensitive. He took you walking in front of him to another level.”

    Back downstairs, Joe G’s narcissism is showing again. He tells Joe B, “ You know I wanna be loved. Is that a problem? OK If it is a problem, Whatever!” UGH YES JOE YOUR ONLY FLAW IS YOU WANT TO BE LOVED. IT WASN’T TOTALLY CRAZY THE SHIT YOU JUST PULLED IN THE VAN AT ALL!

    This is juxtaposed with Melissa saying to Marge and Jackie, “ He's a very old school mentality. Like, when we started our marriage, I was 24 years old. I did whatever Joe told me to do. He was someone who was jealous. He was someone who was saying, 'Don't move. Stand right here,' and I thought that that was amazing.” We are then given a confessional of Melissa saying, “ Growing up, there was cheating rumors out there about my dad. I watched my mother cry plenty of tears, so the fact that Joe was all about family and wanted to be together all the time was like oh my god. You're everything I've been looking for.” This is truly sad and hits home for me because I can definitely relate to being trapped in a narcissistic relationship that I thought was right at one time, and eventually I saw the light. My heart breaks for Melissa, but it blossoms for her storyline. Thank God! Finally! Melissa continues to tell Marge and Jackie that Joe makes her feel guilty for having a business.

    Joe G continues his psychoanalysis with Joe B, saying that his father shaped him to be the man he is. NOW we’re getting somewhere. Nonno could barely mold Play-do, let alone a human child, but honestly, that’s not Melissa’s problem. He says that now that Melissa is famous and successful she’s forgotten who she is, and he dismisses Joe B and Evan. Again, we need to take Jen’s advice from earlier, ironically. PAY ATTENTION TO THESE RED FLAGS, MELISSA! Don’t raise more Joe and Teresa Giudices!

    Jackie tells Melissa that Joe G got used to Melissa being his “little bitch,” and now Melissa is not old school anymore. I’m beginning to like Jackie. Joe walks in to talk to Melissa, and Jackie and Margaret excuse themselves, as Melissa starts yelling. Joe says it’s over (but he’s a narcissist, so it’s not), and Melissa sticks to her guns, saying she’s the best version of herself that he’s going to get.

    The next morning Joe B and Evan do some manly stretching outside, and Melissa confesses that she hasn’t spoken to Joe since the previous night. She also tells us that it’s very therapeutic for her to ride a giant yellow bicycle at the Jersey Shore. She leaves, and cameras do not follow. Ugh it’s always two steps forward and one step back for this one. Bill weirdly tells Frank that Bill wants Frank’s physique, so he orders a scooped out bagel for breakfast over at Dolores’s. Frank flexes his roided out biceps. Ick. Back at the Gorgas’, Joe G gives a terrible blanket apology, saying that he’s sorry if he ruined anybody’s night last night. OK, but how about your marriage? How about you knew you were being an asshole, Joey? Melissa finally backs down, and she takes everything on herself once again, essentially saying it would be her fault if Joe G ruins the memorial that night because Melissa forced the issue. Melissa confesses that she doesn’t feel good about leaving things unresolved, but the weekend is about Nonno.

    Back at Dolores’s everyone is putting on white for Nonno’s memorial party, which I thought was odd because generally black is the funeral color, but this is far from the oddest choice I’ve ever seen made on a reality show set in New Jersey. Teresa is serving Beyonce’s Lemonade realness in a lemon-print dress. She says dimly, “Maybe someone will wanna suck my lemons?” There’s a ding sound effect.

    Everyone gets on boats and rides to a restaurant for a luncheon. Joe G says he and Melissa had sex. Ugh. Sex fixes everything, doesn’t it?

    At the restaurant Marge orders unsweetened iced tea and not iced coffee. Joe Benigno is wearing a pineapple print shirt. C’mon, Teresa, lemons are sooo 2016! Pineapples are all the rage now! Teresa says that her lemons are a shoutout to the Capri region of Italy, and I’m reminded fondly of Dorit Kemsley’s Capri room at Bucca Di Beppo. Melissa tells Teresa about her and Joe’s fight. Teresa says that Melissa needs to give Joe a lot of attention. She confesses that Melissa needs to be more grateful because it’s hard to find a man who actually loves you. Yikes this family is fucked up! Teresa’s honest opinion is that it’s a big bonus if your husband actually loves you.

    Melissa begins noticing a lot of phone calls coming from a woman named “Realtor Giselle” on Joe G’s phone. It turns out to be a hilarious prank that Joe Gorga is playing to get back at his wife for having Teresa call and say Melissa was cheating on him in Lake George. What fuckin’ timing. At least frickin’ love bomb Melissa, you engorged, blood-sucking tick! Melissa says that if Joe ever cheated on her she would, “Throw [him] in the fuckin’ bay and leave [him] there.” 

    Joe Gorga confesses that he’s glad Melissa is jealous enough to call Giselle back. I think I’m gonna hurl. GET HELP, JOE. YOU NEED HELP!

    Nonno’s party looks beautiful, minus a half-finished collage of photos on a half-assed step and repeat. Someone brings Joe Gorga some spray paint art of Nonno smoking a cigar with his shirt open. Gross, but accurate. Johnnie Walker either sponsored this party or Nonno’s whole life. Along with another canvas painting of Nonno, BIll Aydin gives Joe G a bottle of Johnnie Walker.

    Dolores says her uterus hurts, as Frankie arrives, looking like a melting Ken Doll. 

    Two swans swim by in the bay, and everyone claims they’re Nonno and Nonna.

    Margaret is impressed with the charcuterie board.

    Teresa gives a tearful speech, saying that her father was very affectionate, and that’s where she and Joe G get it from. No he wasn’t. He was a weird slurry drunk. No you two are not affectionate... Moving on!

    Gia reads a speech from her phone, calling Nonno the “glue” that held the family together. If by glue she meant the kind you sniff, then yes. Everyone throws white flowers into the bay. We’re shown a confessional of Teresa crying about how close they were juxtaposed by a flashback of Teresa asking Nonno how much he’s had to drink during season 8′s Easter episode. Joe says that Nonno always told Joe to take care of Teresa, and everyone does a shot of Johnnie Walker Blue.

    I spoke ill of the deceased in this post. I just don’t buy what they’re selling about Nonno for one damn second. Joe and Teresa are great TV and terrible people. Terrible siblings usually tend to be raised by terrible parents. These opinions are mine, and I’m entitled to them.

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  • puregold-no
    17.04.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    True happiness is when we are happy with our selves.

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  • jeffreyrobertpalinjr
    17.04.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Logic relies on the premises. “The premises” = “What is evident/provided”

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  • alielarie
    17.04.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Changing your perspective can make a huge difference.

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  • jeffreyrobertpalinjr
    17.04.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    What is the truth about logic? What is the truth about science?

    Our understanding of logic is based on natural sciences, whether we’re articulate enough to explain the logic or not. Natural sciences are only based on formal logic.

    Can science be considered science if said science isn’t logical when said science comes to the topic of formal logic?

    No. The scientific method is essentially the assertion of a hypothesis and then attempting to use observations to find a contradiction and disprove or support the hypothesis. In formal logic, we start with known premises (evidence) to get to a conclusion. If the premises contradict the conclusion, then we know with certainty that the conclusion is false. If the premises can derive the conclusion, then we know with certainty that the conclusion is correct. (We might also not be able to prove something from a given set of premises and then we need to add more).

    Science lacks this certainty because premises are never fully known, but a similar method is used. It is Popper's idea (which is not entirely uncontested) that (within empirical inquiry) something is science if it is falsifiable. In other words, all science needs to be actable on by the model I described. "Science" which doesn't do this isn't science.

    Science and logic are co-dependant, if one changes, then the other automatically changes. That’s why everyone is able to know who is being logical and who isn’t being logical. Science and logic remain the same for everyone.

    The written expression/representation of science can change, but the foundation (formal logic) remains the same. Which means that the model that science is based on never changes.

    Beliefs matter in logic because, for example, if a person believes that 2+2=87247, then that person is being illogical. Being illogical is unhealthy.

    (Consider this: you are alone in a void. Since you have very little else to do, let's say you assert that a proposition "A" is true. It does not matter what "A" is, just that it is true. Then, assert that "If A is true, then B is too!" and "If B is true, then C is true as well!". Note two things: these are arbitrary propositions and it doesn't matter what they are called or what is in them. Secondly, they do not rely on anything physical or empirical. You are in the void and have no idea about these notions.

    From this assertion that "A" is true, you deduce "B" and "C". You are able to do this because you are a cognitive being. But notice: no science was necessary! Hence, logic cannot be codependent on science, because we just did logic without it!

    Let's now try and do science without logic. Consider you have landed on a new planet and wish to assert whether all the rocks are purple. When you land you find a green rock. Without logic, you will not see the contradiction (that all rocks being purple and there exists a green (non-purple) rock and incompatible). Your observations are meaningless because you lack a framework.)

    Even when considering that, that logic is not based on confirmation and is therefore an assumption. Which means it probably isn’t logic at all. Also, if there is a green rock, if his senses are able to see the difference, then it is illogical to think that there is no color difference. Logic doesn’t exist without being able to confirm something.

    (So this is the root of the disagreement. It does exist without being able to confirm something. All logic does (and this is quite powerful, but limited) is say "If these things are true, then those things are true." This is what logic is, essentially. No need to confirm "these things" when we talk about logic.

    (We say someone is illogical if they assert "2+2 = 3" but rigorously, this is incorrect. The argument If "2+2 = 3" then "2 = 1" is perfectly logical. The premise is just wrong. We say the argument is not sound (sound is valid and true).

    The fact is: we don’t say someone is logical if they say 2+2=3. Math is pure logic, trying to say that incorrect math is logical is illogical. 2 never equals 1. It is very obviously evident.

    (The argument If "2+2 = 3" then "2=1" is logical. And in fact, we can prove it is logical simply by using the law of the contrapositive. We know 2!=1. By this law, If 2!=1 then 2+2!=4.

    In English, if (for some odd reason) 2+2 = 3, then 2 = 1. But since we know certainly 2 does not equal 1, we also know 2+2 does not equal 3.

    So in summary, using the premises If "2+2 = 3" then "2=1" and 2!=1, we derived 2+2!=4 using the law of the contrapositive! All of this is perfectly logical.)

    That is logic based on what is not evident and doesn’t apply to understanding the world. If the world provides what is evident, then the logic that was provided in the argument obviously isn’t valid in physical reality. English is based on what is evident.

    Systems of formal logic are empirical. That’s why the word “theory” exists when it comes to unconfirmed things derived from formal logic systems.

    The observable world matters tremendously. When you hold two apples, it is clearly illogical and not valid to call two apples one apple.

    Numbers are observable in the form of counting.

    (The observable world does not matter in the domain of logic. That's not logic's "thing".

    Validity: when the conclusion can be derived from the premises. The truthfulness of the premises doesn't matter.

    Logical: is valid; illogical is not valid!)

    If the premises are “what is being taken into consideration”, such as “what is already provided to work with (evident), in your example you provided that 2+2=3, therefore you gave a logical answer based on the premises provided (aka what you made evident). If validity is derived from the premises, the observable world is the premises (it is evident and provided).

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  • whatnowhaya
    17.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    you solve one problem to be faced with another... it's like your life is just a series of them.


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  • daspill
    17.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Harsh Comments By Reality Show Judges

    Harsh Comments By Reality Show Judges

    Whoever named it Hell’s Kitchen really meant it. 1. When a Top Chef contestant’s pasta reminded Anthony Bourdain of literal roadkill. 2. When this chef-testant did such a bad job of butchering that Tom Colicchio kicked him out of the competition before he had the chance to actually cook anything. 3. When Toby Young tried out some political humor. 4. When Heidi Klum said that this Project…

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  • jeffreyrobertpalinjr
    17.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Is our understanding of logic not science, whether we’re articulate enough to explain the logic or not?

    Do we not derive logical ideas only from our observation of the world?

    Philosophy is science that hasn’t been confirmed.

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  • jadismael
    17.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Yes, i know all of my good characteristics. But, i want to be loved and liked for my flaws as well. Which i dont try to hide at all.

    As a society We are taught to be perfect. To maintain a plastic fake image and life. As a result we often connect with the wrong people and miss having a genuine connection.

    As a gender, we are taught that toxic masculinity is the key. That we should not have feelings or express them.

    I can go on... but u got the point. Almost Everyone is forced to fake their perfection or else they’re gonna risk rejection and social suicide.

    I say be ur self. Those who matter wont judge, and those who judge dont matter.

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  • astratv
    17.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    MasterChef 5 spoiler 17/4: Οι δύο παίκτες που επιστρέφουν στο reality μαγειρικής [vid]

    MasterChef 5 spoiler 17/4: Οι δύο παίκτες που επιστρέφουν στο reality μαγειρικής [vid]

    Για ακόμη μία Παρασκευή το MasterChef έκανε πλάκα στη Φάρμα και στο House of Fame στην τηλεθέαση, με τον έρωτα αλήτη Σταύρο Βαρθαλίτη να εκτοξεύει τα νούμερα για το Star. Δύο παλιοί νικητές του MasterChef, ο Λάμπρος Βακιάρος και ο Μανώλης Σαρρής έχουν ετοιμάσει δύο πιάτα για να αντιγράψουν η Κωνσταντίνα και ο Αλέξανδρος και ο Νίκος με τον Αντώνη. Φαίνεται πως και στο αποψινό επεισόδιο θα έχουμε…

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  • emratafshionstyle
    17.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    April 8, 2021 - Out in New York City.

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  • emratafshionstyle
    17.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    April 8, 2021 - Out in New York City.

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  • emratafshionstyle
    17.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    April 8, 2021 - Out in New York City.

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  • emratafshionstyle
    17.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    April 5, 2021 - Out in New York City.

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  • whogogo
    17.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Bir şeyler yapıyorum, yürüyorum, konuşuyorum, yemek yiyorum yani her zaman yaptığım işleri sürdürüyorum ama nasıl anlatsam, bir boşluk duygusu içinde. Sanki içimde derin bir hiçlik var.

    | Zülfü livaneli

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  • plussohailmomin
    17.04.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I'll choose darkness for sure.

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  • my-daily-random-thoughts
    17.04.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Difficult challenges are what make life more interesting.

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  • onlytopost
    17.04.2021 - 11 hours ago

    La realtà non è mai all'altezza della fantasia, è sempre molto meglio... sia nel bene che nel male.

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