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  • “and women like hunting witches too.” my stupid ass read this in a gay way first and when i finally realized i shook my head so hard.

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  • Mind can be your greatest liberation or your biggest mental prison

    The mind is a trick; it can trick you to your advantage or it can trick you to your downfall. It can free you from any form of fear, or it can be your biggest cage that traps you from functioning normally and freely. It can be your lather to climb up to the highest pinnacle of your desires, or it can be the the fire that burns the bridge down toward your goals. The mind can be the best place to create, or the worst place to destroy. The mind can paralyze you, or it can be your source of confidence. It can cripple you from fear, or it can liberate you from all inhibitions. It can be your biggest sabotage or it can be your greatest support system. It can be a chaotic place to be in, or it can be your best safe haven. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Are you controlled by your own mind? Or are you the one in control of it? Are you overpowered by it? Or are you the one who has power over it? Mind can be your paradise or your hell, either way, you choose what type of place to make it to be.

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  • I think i have lived my life trying to fit in, trying to make friends with everyone, trying to be friends and form a group.

    I tried hard to keep all connections. But in the end something always comes up to ruin everything and i end up being with one or two friends to share a table with, to be comfortable in the crowd with, to feel secured.

    Then i realized i was never really meant to be in big groups. I am not a social butterfly who has all the courage and energy to get along with every friendship circle in the room. It takes so much effort and energy for me to do so. I couldnt handle those superficial conversations not to mention the gossiping they do to pass time.

    I am a person who value relationships too much and i put my loyalty on every person who stays with me. I value these people i can count in one hand and that’s what is important, even when theyre not with me.

    I may look alone in a room full of people. Some may even have the wrong perception of me. But i have to realize that is alright. That is okay. I just have to do what i have to do in that room. And these judging eyes, these critical mouths, these malicious minds, are all a backdrop to the field of peace of mind i surround my self with.

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  • Okokokokokokokok. So I’m cis. I’ve thought about it, I really don’t think I experience dysphoria, cis woman. 

    *but* I use she/they. 

    I’ve thought about it for a while-”Well, am I nonbinary? I don’t think so. But why do I use she/they?” But someone finally answered it for me on Twitter.

    The tweet said:  You can still be non-binary and not use “they” pronouns, not every non-binary person’s pronouns are “they/them”

    And I asked, quote: “ Is it ok if I don’t identify as non-binary but I use she/they? “

    And the Original tweet author replied: “of course :). by naming your pronouns too it shows that no one should assume your pronouns based on your expression or presentation even if you’re cis-assumed or cisgender.”

    That hit different. I finally felt heard. But still, I wondered *why* I used she/they. And today, I realized my answer while talking with others on Discord. 

    I associate She/her with being female, and therefore, being feminine. So since I, Cordelia, am not a feminine woman in any way and dress androgynously, I feel comfortable using She and They in equal regard. It feels weird to use She all the time, even though I am a girl. And someone I was talking too said she felt the same way. Whenever I use emojis, I’ll use the gender-neutral one if there is one. And that’s ok!

    So I guess my point with this is simple:TLDR; Pronouns are gender expression. It’s ok to not be nonbinary, but still use she/they or he/they, or even she/he/they. You’re valid, and you’re also not alone. 

    Love y’all. <3

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  • isn’t it odd when people who have so much going on in their lives: work, family, friends, lack/avoidance of working on self… decide to put themselves in the dating arena ….because so often it results in them not knowing wtf they want/what they’re doing.. They find out, oh this actually takes time and effort.. Or WOW I’m super triggered and im gonna project on this person im dating cause I haven’t taken the time to healthen when the person(being dated) stands up for themselves and points out, “hey that wasn’t okay” im gonna get all in my ego and be defensive as shit. self work and healing is a must. it’s not up to anyone else to fix your shit. we all have trauma and baggage.. that needs attention..Giving to self before another is not talked about enough. how can one take part in a healthy connection if one hasn’t acknowledged and dealt with the darkness inside.

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  • For some odd reason, at only 21, my brain put together the small dots under numbers in an elevator and on the signs outside an elevator are Braille. I don’t know why it took this long.

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  • ⚠️ Seven Deadly Sins Spoilers for season 4⚠️

    So after watching season for and discovering how Elizabeth is Meliodas’ lover who keeps bending reborn and then dying in front of him, I had a nostalgic feeling to go watch the previous seasons again. So while watching the first episode I caught something that just toatally fit the background we know know that Elizabeth and Meliodas have.

    So this might not be new information but when I was watching the first episode, during the scene where it’s revealed that Elizabeth is the 3rd princess of Liones, I always thought both Hawk and Meliodas went “Princess Elizabeth!?”. But when I rewatched it I realized only Hawk said “Princess Elizabeth?!”. Meliodas instead almost whispered “Elizabeth..” and like I feel like that just fits the history and how he’s found 107 different Elizabeths.

    Also it just like fits on why Meliodas just was really nice, and protective and seemed to have a million different feelingd about Elizabeth at the very beginning of the show. Like it felt weird to me how he just did almost everything to protect her and was so so nice. Like yes, Meliodas is a nice person in general, but we haven’t seen him act that way to anyone else other than Elizabeth.

    #seven deadly sins #7 sins #7 deadly sins #melizabeth#meliodas#elizabeth #Elizabeth 7 deadly sins #meliodas 7 deadly sins #realization#random thoughts#random#rewatching #things fitting together nicely
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  • image

    [A white fortune cookie paper with black text on the front and an icon of a bee. It reads: Your short term goal will soon be realized.]

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  • Dear DIEary,

    He loved you the most and that’s a fact that I can never change but I know that he also loved me.

    For me, that’s enough and that’s what matters to me.

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  • I tried again today…

    I tried to put my heart at risk by letting it take over today. It took all the courage I had to bare my soul once more. It was worth the try. Though it’s really just not meant to be. Twin flame or soulmate as I thought it was… it’s just all in my stubborn head. He just wasn’t the one. It would be too good to be true finding my soulmate the first try. But it’s finally over now. Sadness will sooner or later be forgotten. Everything’s clear for me now so I no longer have expectations and I just have to continue healing and living for the rest of my days.

    Thankfully, this is the last I’ll ever deal with him. Tomorrow will be another beautiful blessed day for me. I’ll always fight for my better days. I know it’s worth it. I’m still grateful for today.


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  • Looking Back (Another Story)

    As we are facing a lot of trials or challenges this year, let me share with you a political speech from the past. Since the country I am residing in are stressed out right now.

    Prepared Speech by Benigno Aquino Jr.

    I have returned on my free will to join the ranks of those struggling to restore our rights and freedoms through nonviolence.

    I seek no confrontation. I only pray and will strive for a genuine national reconciliation founded on justice.

    I am prepared for the worst, and have decided against the advice of my mother, my spiritual adviser, many of my tested friends, and a few of my most valued political mentors…

    A death sentence awaits me. Two more subversion charges, both calling for death penalties, have been filed since I left three years ago and are now pending with the courts.

    I have opted to seek political asylum in America, but I feel it is my duty, as it is the duty of every Filipino, to suffer with his people especially in time of crisis. I never sought nor have I been given any assurances, or promise of leniency by the regime.

    I return voluntarily armed only with a clear conscience and fortified in the faith that in the end, justice will emerge triumphant. According to Gandhi, the willing sacrifice of the innocent is the most powerful answer to insolent tyranny that has yet been conceived by God and man…

    I return from exile and an uncertain future with only determination and faith to offer, faith in our people and faith in God.

    Three years ago when I left for an emergency heart bypass operation, I hoped and prayed that the rights and freedoms of our people would soon be restored, that living conditions would improve, and that blood - letting would stop.

    Rather than move forward we have moved backward. The killings have increased, the economy has taken a turn for the worse, and the human rights situation has deteriorated.

    During the martial law period, the Supreme Court heard petitions for habeas corpus. It is most ironic after martial law has allegedly been lifted, that the Supreme Court last April ruled it can longer entertain petitions for habeas corpus for persons detained under the Presidential Commitment Order, which covers all so - called national security cases and which under present circumstances can cover almost anything.

    The country is far advanced in her times of trouble. Economic, social, and political problems bedevil the Filipino. These problems may be surmounted if we are united. But we can be united only if all the rights and freedoms enjoyed before September 21, 1972 are fully restored.

    The Filipino asked for nothing more, but will surely accept nothing less, than all the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the 1936 constitution, the most sacred legacies from the founding fathers.

    Yes, the Filipino is patient, but there is a limit to his patience. Must we wait until that patience snaps?

    The nationwide rebellion is escalating and threatens to explode into a bloody revolution. There is a growing cadre of young Filipinos who have finally come to realize that freedom is never granted, it is taken. Must we relive the agonies and the blood - letting of the past that brought forth our republic or can we sit down as brothers and sisters and discuss our differences with reason and goodwill?

    I have often wondered how many disputes could have been settled easily had the disputants only dared to define their terms.

    So as to leave no room for misunderstanding, I shall define my terms:

    • Six years ago I was sentenced to die before a firing squad by a military tribunal whose jurisdiction I steadfastly refused to recognize. It is now time for the regime to decide. Order my immediate execution or set me free.
    • I was sentenced to die for allegedly being the leading communist leader. I am not a communist, never was, and never will be.
    • National reconciliation and unity can be achieved, but only with justice, including for our Muslim and Ifugao brothers. There can be no deal with a dictator. No compromise with dictatorship.
    • In a revolution there can really be no victors, only victims. We do not have to destroy in order to build.
    • Subversion stems from economic, social, and political causes and will not be solved by purely military solution: It can be curbed not with ever increasing repression, but with a more equitable distribution of wealth, more democracy, and more freedom.
    • For the economy to get going once again, the working man must be given his just and rightful share or his labor, and to the owners and managers must be restored the hope where there is so much uncertainty if not despair.

    On one of the long corridors of Harvard University are carved in granite the words of Aarchibald Macleish. “How shall freedom be defended? By arms when it is attacked by arms; by truth when it is attacked by lies; by democratic faith with determination and faith.”

    I return from exile and an uncertain future with only determination and faith to offer — faith in our people and faith in God.

    With the speech above, does it relate to what is happening around us? With the speech above, have you grasped a lesson that can help our society today? With the speech above, can it be helpful to who we are today as a citizen of a nation?

    I’ll be hoping that you’ve been informed, entertained, and have realized an important matter that you can use.


    (Photo not mine)

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  • I used to wonder what was wrong with me. Was it the way I talked? The way I looked? The opinions I had? The music I like? The habits I have?

    Then, I finally realized…

    The only thing that was wrong with me was the fact I thought there was something wrong in the first place.

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  • This is my realization after watching social experiment videos:

    Instead of saying that, “I hope there is more like her/him”. I should say, “I can be like that someone who helps anyone.”

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  • my quarantine realizations (lil late)

    a lot of my relationships were based on close proximity. the minute i stopped seeing certain people everyday, the connection faded. without realizing it, i completely stopped interacting with them. and it did not affect my life at all. until quarantine ended. suddenly i faced them all again. and i was at a loss for words. i had forgotten how to hang out with them. i felt incredibly distant. but of course, this would’ve happened anyways. it just happened a few months too early. but because it happened too early, so unexpectedly, it was much more difficult to deal with. i get it. people drift apart as we head to new stages of our separate lives. but at least there is some sort of closure. graduation. the longest party ever. getting a true farewell. but no. our last few months of high school were snatched away, along with all of the memorable lasts that come with them. of course there’s bigger problems to have. but it still hurt. we faced a never seen before challenge in our senior year. but we got through it. and i got so much out of it. i strengthened my relationship with my sister and her now husband. i spent a lot of time with them and it was all pretty great honestly. there’s been quite a big whole in my life since they moved, not that i can say that to them. me and feelings really don’t get along. it sounds cheesy but i also got to see who my true friends are. the ones who respond. who truly care about me. it was nice to focus on those people instead of trying so hard with the ones that just simply won’t care enough. now i really know who to turn to when my brain is spiraling away. i also got to see who i become without proper structure, which is truly just a hot mess. but i’m learning and growing in this new lifestyle. it’s also just another reminder of how incredibly fortunate i am. to have all these amazing people in my life. so much love. a secure home. and of course, just how lucky i am to be alive right now.

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  • she either looks like a milf, a baby, or someone who could kill me

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