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  • heartunsettledsoul
    24.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    *to the tune of working for the weekend* just living for nancy drew 3x04

    #i am in vax booster recovery mode and just Thinking About Things #~~what was your dream about #end me#nancy drew
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  • mayhemmary
    24.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    i'm doing really as far my recovery comes - i'm working full time basically, i've started step work, i have a new therapist appointment coming up on monday, i go to meetings everyday (i have to do 90 in 90, courtesy of my halfway rules)... i'm doing everything i need to do and more. and yet again i'm starting to catch myself putting people before myself. i am such a fucking pleaser no matter how hard i try not to be. with that being said......

    DEV UPDATE: so the last time i talked to her, she had left the dude's house who she left treatment with, found someone to hangout with, was trying to sell weed that she somehow accumulated in her travels so she could get some money for drugs. THEN she told me she was gonna go to detox like 5 times. and like i know this entire time i cannot put all of my effort and soul into this because she'll get me high before i get her sober, but she's all i fucking have. this morning i heard someone share at a meeting "if you're going to pray for someone, you better be ready to walk next to them while you help them get sober/clean" and that really fucking made sense. so like i'm not gonna give up on her but what the fuck. i wanna just say fuck it but i know the best thing i can do for her right now is to just wait and be there for her when she's ready. and not too long ago, i was right there with her rippin and runnin. fuuuuuuckkkkk.
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  • leatafanfiction
    24.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Chapter Four of Seasonal Healing is ready for your viewing pleasure. Thank you again for @sdktrs12 for making an great Fall/Halloween prompt list that inspired this whole angsty series.

    Chapter Four: Movie Night, Rated M on my Ao3. See Summary below the cut.

    Summary: After spending their last date in the kitchen of the bunker, Gabriel avoids Sam and turns down Sam's every invitation. Dean discovers why one night when the bunker was supposed to be completely empty
    #writer update#new story #read on ao3 #sabriel#sabriel fanfiction#dean winchester#archangel gabriel#fall prompts#the feels #dean and gabe should be friends #Post-Episode: s13e18 Bring 'em Back Alive #their bad at talking #its a bromance #recovery fic#established sabriel#established destiel
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  • renaultdan
    24.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    marta :((( get well soon <3

    #marta garcia#w series #wishing her a speedy recovery
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  • borderline-bpd-baby
    24.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    8 simple ways to start positivity changing your life:

    Easy list of things to stop doing & begin to change your life for the better -

    Stop fearing the unknown

    Stop killing your own vibe

    Stop worrying about the future

    Stop getting tangled up with anxiety 

    Stop letting others drain your energy

    Stop forgetting how truely strong & powerful you are

    Stop poisoning your thoughts & listening to intrusive thoughts

    Start smiling & stop caring!

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  • lilleputtu
    24.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Simler90’s Disease Mod, now with Trait Support!

    How do you make download posts? I don’t know and I just learned BHAV modding so I am not learning another new thing today that’s for sure.

    Inspired by this post I set out to make @sunmoon-starfactory​ ‘s “Weak Constitution” trait a little more functional - making it so sims with the trait are a little more sickly. And here is the result!

    It’s 97% the Regular Version of simler90′s Disease Mod, but with one fun addition: A BCON tuneable recovery penalty for sims with the Weak Constitution trait, meaning you’ll have to take better care of them in comparison to sims without the trait while they are sick if you want them to recover.

    Here, have a preview of the current “default tuning”, based on my personal preferences because I am nothing if not lazy:

    Those values can be changed to be more in line with “Realistic Sickness” from over at MATY, if you prefer that setup.

    Required: Weak Constitution Trait by @sunmoon-starfactory​ , pretty sure I didn’t use Easy Inventory Check, but that’s good stuff anyways so you should grab it anyways just to be sure?

    Conflicts: Obviously, simler90′s Disease Mod, but also Realistic Sickness, because all of these mods change how a sims’ recovery is calculated.

    Credit where credit is due: Lots of thanks to @hexagonal-bipyramid​ for the lovely Trait Project and the existing trait mods I looked at to figure out what the heck I am doing and of course simler90, because I just added a few lines to their mod to make this

    DOWNLOAD (sfs)

    #sims 2 #sims 2 cc #the sims 2 #ts2 #honestly writing this post my brain went okay but should fairies be immune to sickness #and what other traits should affect recovery #sims 2 download #s2cc: mod #is this how you post sims 2 downloads? unsure but here i am #please ask me for clarification on anything because i feel like everything is gibberish now #thats what i get for my incredibly niche sudden fixations: confusion #also i wish i could make it so sims with the trait could become sick more often but this is babies first sims 2 mod #so that'll have to wait for the future when i maybe know a bit more #i feel like disease usually comes from work/school so maybe it's somewhere in there #am i done talking in the tags now? signs point to maybe
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  • svd-v1b3zz
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #You are enough #mental health support #generalized anxiety disorder #gad#mental health#mental support#mental recovery#mental disorder#mental illness
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  • justmydarklifesblog
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Binging is my passion

    #tw ed mention #tw ed content #tw ed stuff #tw ed#ed #tw ed thoughts #tw eating disorder #eating disoder recovery #eating problems#eating disorder #tw eating things #bulimiz#bulimilk#bulimic#bulimua#bulimik#anamia#anarex1c#ana#anarecca#skinnnny#skinysp0#buliimix#bulimiii #i will be skiny #i wanna be skiny #getting skiny#skiny girl#bulimyc#sadgirl
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  • mygirlbuildscoffins
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    increasingly more and more suspicious of antidepressants like why do i feel better when i only take my stimulants and mood stabilizers…..

    #yes make it impossible for the girl in ed recovery to lose weight this is going 2 go stellar #ed mention#drug mention
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  • fairycosmos
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i feel like my whole life has been me screaming in panic and rage and agony right in peoples faces and them being like Hey do you hear something?

    #i screamed ab my sister weeks before she died nothing happened i screamed about being abused nothing happened i screamed about having an ed #nothing happened nobody listens to me and if they had becca woukd still be here maybe #nobody ever helps even when i tell them nobody ever ever ever helps how im completely past the point of recovery or hope. i am
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  • thelasthundredmiles
    20.04.1981 - 40 years ago

    April 20th, 1981

    "This is the baffling feature of alcoholism as we know it-- this utter inability to leave it (alcohol) alone, no matter how great the necessity or the wish."

    "...certain nonalcoholic people who, though drinking foolishly and heavily... are able to stop or moderate, because their brains and bodies have not been damaged as ours were. But the actual or potential alcoholic, with hardly an exception, will be absolutely unable to stop drinking on the basis of self-knowledge.

    "Then we have a certain type of hard drinker. He may have the habit badly enough to gradually impair him physically and mentally. It may cause him to die a few years before his time. If a sufficiently strong reason-- ill health, falling in love, change of environment, or the warning of a doctor-- becomes operative, this man can also stop or moderate, although he may find it difficult and troublesome and may even need medical attention."

    -The Big Book

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  • cool-girl-is-hot
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    There's nothing wrong with you if you've never had a long term relationship. Short term relationships are no less valid than something long term. You're not a freak, or broken, or unworthy. (Relationships are more like jobs/careers than people care to admit. If you can have tenure in school/college/a job, that's a commitment. The fact that can stick that out in the long run means you can also do it in a relationship).

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  • lil-fluffy-yoongles
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    lmao okay so how do i process what just went the fuck down

    #im gonna need at least a one month recovery period
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  • aardvaark
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    having various mental health issues is like

    do i not relate to my body because of dysmorphia from my ED, or am i really trans? or is it because of severe dissociation? wait, am i dissociating right now? how come i don’t know how my body looks and it seems to change hour to hour? that must be dysmorphia. but why do i see myself differently in my head and it changes a lot? or maybe my personality is unstable for some other reason... do i have a system/alters, from all the trauma? is that why i forget everything? or is it because i show so many symptoms of adhd? do i have adhd? should i ask my therapist if i might have adhd?.... wait, what was i questioning to begin with- 

    #to be clear i dont believe transness is a disorder!! the joke is that im questioning my gender identity in this post and it leads to #all this other random stuff that has nothing to do with gender at all #do i want to be flat bc i want to be thinner or because i dont want my chest to have the flesh sacks cause gender #tw ed mention #dissociation#questioning#trauma#adhd#osdd #dissociative identity disorder #body dysmorphia#dysphoria#ed recovery#mental health#mental illness #mental health memes #depression #all i know i have is depression (diagnosed) and had some kind of eating dis0rd3r #lets just put all the rest in a little box and pretend it doesnt exist :) #ptsd#cptsd#wren speaks#vent tw #<- just in case
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  • bpdrotten
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Credit to @the_depression_chronicles11 on instagram (reposted with permission)!

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  • the-recovery-diaries
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    24th October 2021

    Sometimes I just have a day of completely normalised eating. From the moment I wake up until late into the evening I am, by all accounts, a normal, functioning human. Then I tell myself, I am “anorexic”. I should be starving myself, not feeding myself adequately. No wonder I am being denied more intensive treatment options. One week in an inpatient setting and I would lose all control and binge on the entire contents of their kitchen. 

    So hence the question: am I unwell? When I have days like this my head feels like it is trapped in a multiple choice questionnaire. Is it: a) I never had an eating disorder; b) I have an eating disorder, but it is not that bad; c) I have an eating disorder, but I lack the self control to maintain it; d) all of the above in whatever warped way all of those thoughts can subsist in one mind. 

     My mind exhausts me. It is a very complicated place to be existing right now. 

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  • drsimonemd
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
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