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  • classybatfam
    17.01.2022 - 44 minutes ago

    Even though Bruce loves all his kids equally, he has a soft spot for Jason. Jason was his first adopted son and they shared some of the same interests. He felt more connected with Jason and had more of bond with Jason and that bond still remains.

    As for Jason, Bruce was the only real father he had ever known and the first person (other than Alfred) who made him feel loved and wanted. Bruce will always be Jason’s dad and he worries about Bruce just as much as Bruce worries about him.

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  • adelaideybug
    17.01.2022 - 47 minutes ago

    sometimes a family is an emotionally constipated billionaire, an only-kinda-mean child-of-a-near-immortal-assassin, a sweet cat burglar, a genius dork, a charismatic acrobat, a deceptively cute not-assassin, an undead english nerd, a chaotic only-kind-of-a-dumbass, the supposedly-well-behaved-but-actually-a-troublemaker kid, a coffee-addicted nerd, and a seriously intense baby

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  • undertheknightwing
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    after I’m done with Escapism’s fifth chapter, I’m gonna finish the belated christmas gifts for @wonderbatwayne  and @not-so-mundane-after-all-97​ because I didn’t forget about them,, oh no, these stories aren’t going to waste, they’re too good and too perfect for yall

    #i went through many a fic idea but i didn't want to just settle #i really wanted to think about it and what i have planned hopefully yall will like #i'll just say.. #for rhi's red hood: *chuckles* i'm in danger #and for mundi's someone's hoodie might be involved #cods.text
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  • bambicambi
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Batman: *groans*

    Lounge: [shit- shit! Did you just get shot?]

    Batman: [i'm fine-]

    Lounge: [YOU JUST GOT SHOT.]

    Nightwing: [stand down and go back to the cave.]

    Batman: [i can still fight-]

    Nightwing: *forcefully* [the moment you became injured, i was placed in charge. And i am ordering you to go back to the cave and lick your wounds.]

    Batman: *hisses* [I'm fine.]

    Lounge: [woah, i know you guys are angry, but we're still in a tight fucking situation. So you better resolve it soon.]

    Batman: [I'm still fighting.]

    Oracle: [sending the car.]

    Batman: [oracle-]

    Oracle: [butler in tow.]

    Batman: [fuck-]

    Lounge: [you have a butler?]

    Nightwing: [and you're sending him where? There are still gunmen--]

    Red Hood: *laughs* [not anymore~]

    Lounge: [oh thank fuck, i didn't even know you were here, Hood.]

    Red Hood: [this is my territory.]

    Lounge: *scoffs* [would have been nice if you turned up to our meetings if your territory meant so much to you.]

    Red Hood: [would have been nice to get an invite.]

    Lounge: [I SENT YOU ONE!?]

    Red Hood: [WHEN??]

    Lounge: [ive always sent you one. With small little poka dots and--]

    Red Hood: [what? I thought that was junk mail--]


    Nightwing: [Lounge, volume.]

    Lounge: *whines* [he called my hardwork junk.]

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  • calstrei
    17.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Why do I keep getting so close to accidentally reblogging batfam ship posts before realizing they’re ship posts. Like I know my brain is bad at picking up things like flirting but why!

    #especially when i’m tired #my brain just goes ooo pretty art #I’m blocking tags right now so I don’t have to see them so much #batman#bruce wayne#dick grayson#jason todd#tim drake#robin#red robin#red hood#nightwing#batfam#batfamily#shipping
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  • battymommastuff
    17.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Father's Day

    BatDad x BatFamily

    Prompt: The Batkids try their best to give their dads a relaxing day on Father's day....doesn't go as planned.

    This day had to be perfect...they only had one shot a year to get this right. Father's Day, the one day a year that the children of Bruce and Y/n Wayne try to make as peaceful as possible. No fighting, explosions, injuries, fires. Completely peaceful.

    To this day...they have never been successful. Today was going to be different. Today they were going to break the bad Father's Day record. You and Bruce didn't think that would be the case. Though you were hoping that maybe you might be wrong. Your children woke you up to a lovely breakfast in bed (Alfred did all the cooking), then several wonderful gifts from each one of your children.

    It was surprising. No bickering had started since they walked into your room. It almost worried you and Bruce.

    Damian, being the sweet boy that he is wanted to surpass his siblings in gift giving this year. He always strived to be the favorite even though neither of his parents had a favorite. This year his idea was to recreate the custom wedding cake that you had at your wedding to Bruce.

    While everyone was upstairs celebrating their fathers, the cake was downstairs baking in the oven. Damian forgot to turn the oven off before they went upstairs and the cake was burning. Alfred the Cat had wandered into the kitchen and hopped up onto the stove. He didn't realize that the appliance was still hot and slipped off when his tail touched the hot burner. His paw slipped on one of the knobs turning the burner back on.

    Damian had left the cake batter on the stove and the whisk was resting across the top of the bowl. The cake batter began to drip onto the burner as the plastic bowl he used began to melt. You frowned as you looked up from one of the cards you were reading, "Do you smell burning plastic?" You asked as you looked to your husband before your children.

    Soon a loud explosion came from the kitchen and the entire family ran downstairs to see what the hell happened. Damian's eyes widened as he saw the cake in the oven burning while the plastic on the stove burned. The door on the oven barely hanging on from the explosion. Alfred looked as if he was going to faint from the mess that littered the kitchen.

    Your children groaned as they realized that once again, they failed making a peaceful father's day.

    You and Bruce were too busy trying to put out the fire in the kitchen to notice all of your children walking away with their head down in shame.

    Maybe next year...

    #damian wayne x reader #bruce wayne #bruce wayne x reader #batman#batmom#batmom imagines#dc comics#red hood#robin #jason todd x reader #dick grayson x reader #jason todd x batmom #dick grayson #tim drake x reader #dick grayson x batmom #nightwing#batdad#batfamily#batfam#batkids#alfred pennyworth #alfred the cat
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  • batfamonline
    17.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
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  • itsnothappening
    17.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    identities | lukanette

    Word Count: +1.3k

    summary: tim shot him a funny look. “tell luka about our nightly activities, obviously.”

    ao3 | wattpad | masterlist | prompts | series masterlist

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    “We should tell him,” Tim stated as soon as the family backed away from the door.

    Bruce - still on a high because Luka liked them! - said, distractedly, “Tell him what?”

    Tim shot him a funny look. “Tell Luka about our nightly activities, obviously.”

    That caught Bruce’s attention. “What? No!”

    “Why?” This time it was Dick who spoke.

    Bruce faltered for an answer. “Because…”

    Shooting him a pointed look, Dick asked again, “Why?”

    “Because he just came. It’s going to freak him out!” Bruce managed to say.

    “Freak him out?” Dick quoted. “That sounds wrong when you say it. Like really-”

    Jason shot Dick a pointed look and Dick paused. “Oh, right. So? He didn’t run away when we went all crazy on him or his friend?”

    “You mean crazier than normal.” Jason said with a grin. Damian snorted.

    Dick glared at him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “Of course, Dickie.” Jason said.

    Continuing, Dick glared at him and said to Bruce. “And even if we did hide it from him and told him, after three months, don’t you think he’s going to be mad at us for not telling him?”

    Any retort Bruce had was smothered when he heard that because, well, it was true. Luka would be pissed if they kept it a secret from him.

    And it seemed like all of his children knew that because they all shot him triumphant smiles.


    At first, Marinette didn’t understand what was going on. What being Luka’s family suddenly doing things that only a select few of superheroes could do - specifically, Batman’s team.

    It all started the next day when Marinette and Luka walked down the stairs with Tim spewing an impressive amount of information about the superheroes.

    So much that it was actually suspicious because really, superheroes didn’t go around telling people this information. And Marinette knew that being one and everything.

    “-and he totally kicked his ass. Red Robin just pushed him off the roof just like that.” Tim snapped his fingers to emphasize his point.

    Luka listened attentively, apparently not realizing that was too much information.

    There were two options, Marinette decided, one: that the Waynes were villains or at least something like it , or two: they were the Batfamily.

    And honestly, Marinette hoped it was the second one because she was likely to go on a murderous rampage if they were villains.


    Dick shot Tim a glare when he walked down with Luka and Marinette raving about himself.

    Tim just shot him a smug smirk.

    Upping his game, Dick launched himself over the counter into an acrobatic move that only Nightwing could have done.

    Tim was still talking but he soon stopped with a scowl when he realized his audience weren’t paying attention to him.

    Luka and Marinette were both gaping at him, though the latter had an odd expression on her face.

    “How did you-” Luka seemed at a loss for words. “How did you do that?”

    Dick gave Tim a smug smile as he bit into an apple, casually. “I was brought up in a circus. I learnt some stuff over the years.”

    Marinette shot him a narrowed glare - seriously, what was up with her? “And does anyone else know that?”

    “Nope,” Dick said cheerfully, unknowingly sealing Marinette’s suspicions.

    As he walked out of the door, Dick muttered to Tim, “You owe me 20.”

    Tim shot him the stink-eye.


    Over the next few days, Marinette made a careful note of everything in Luka’s family.

    When Dick said he was the only one to do that move, one thing became clear - the Waynes were the Batfamily.

    Marinette wasn’t sure how she didn’t notice it before because once she put enough thought into it, it was kind of obvious.

    Bruce was Batman, Dick was Nightwing, Jason was Red Hood, Tim was Red Robin (why was he glorifying himself so much then?) and Damian was Robin.

    Once she was aware of what she was looking for, Marinette realized that, well, they weren’t trying to hide it.

    Luka was oblivious to it, of course, he didn’t know. As far as he knew, they just had some amazing skills that varied from person to person.

    But to Marinette it was very obvious.

    And it became clear.

    So, just to mess with them, she decided to suggest a design for Tim’s wardrobe.

    As she walked down to breakfast that morning, Marinette smirked at Tim.

    “So,” she said sweetly and Luka shot her a look because he knew what that meant. After all, she had used the same look on Lila before. “I had an idea.”

    Tim looked up from his bickering with Jason about some bet about showing off. “Really?” he asked excitedly. “What?”

    “I was thinking about doing something related to Red Robin.”

    The reactions were so perfectly in sync, that Marinette almost thought they practiced it.

    Tim choked on his cup of coffee, spilling some of it on Jason.

    Jason, who was scrolling through his phone, dropped it and cursed loudly.

    Dick who was pouring some milk into his cereal, froze and the milk just continued coming through, long after the bowl was full.

    Damian threw his knives into a wall. Poor wall.

    Bruce, who was reading the newspaper, tore it in surprise.

    Alfred merely shot her a knowing look and Luka…poor Luka looked so confused.

    Recovering, Tim hastily said, “Okay!” far too perkily. “What did you have in mind?”

    His attempt at casualness failed miserably when everyone else was still trying to recover.

    Seeing everyone else’s reactions sealed it for Marinette. “I figured you out.” Blunt and straight to the point.

    Luka stared at her. “Figured out what?”

    Before she could answer, Dick, still with the bowl of overflowing milk, said, “But you’re not supposed to know! It was only for Luka - we thought he’d figure it out!”

    “Figure what out?” Luka’s voice had a hint of exasperation in it.

    Bruce folded his paper decisively. “That we’re vigilantes.”


    When Luka met his extended family, he genuinely did not expect this.

    This being the fact that they were the vigilantes of Gotham.

    “I’m sorry what?” he asked weakly.

    His father - Luka still wasn’t used to saying that - repeated himself. “We are the vigilantes of Gotham.”

    “And you knew?” He directed this question at Marinette.

    Marinette shot him a sheepish look, her eyes pleading with him to not be mad - as if he would be, he was just curious. “I had suspicions. I figured it out yesterday.”

    And as Luka ran through the last few days, it became clear- how had he not seen that before?

    Especially with all the hysterical research he had done when he figured out who his father was.

    Jason’s affinity with guns, Damian’s with knives, Tim’s with computers and…well, sticks and Dick’s with acrobatics. Bruce had no outward sign, but he should have figured the others out!

    “Of course,” Luka said distractedly. “How did I not figure it out before?”

    But why would they be so obvious about it? Anyone - except for Marinette, of course, she was Ladybug, she definitely had it figured out - from Gotham could have understood.

    “But why were you so…” Luka struggled for the right word without seeming too rude.

    “Obvious about it?” Bruce asked with a faint smile. “We wanted to tell you. But we weren’t sure how to. So-”

    “We decided to let you figure it out on your own.” Jason finished. And then he looked at Marinette. “But how did you find out?”

    Marinette shifted uncomfortably and Luka hid a smile. He knew the answer.

    But he wasn’t going to out her. She could tell them if she wanted to.

    Eventually, when her eyes flicked from one person to another, she said, “Because I’m one too?”

    It sounded more like a question than a statement.

    “How are you-” Damian asked confusedly, when Luka answered him.

    “She’s Ladybug - superhero of Paris.”

    Now it was their turn to be surprised.

    “How did you know that?” asked Marinette.

    Really, she needed to improve on her excuses - they were extremely see-through.

    “You’re not as sneaky as you think, Marinette.”

    Luka grinned smugly as the room burst out into shouts.

    Ha! Take that.

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  • dawnlovesquotes
    17.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Jason: This is me being honest!

    Bruce: No, that's you being a psychopath.

    Maybe this is a little too harsh

    #bruce wayne#batman#jason todd#red hood#dc#incorrect dcu #incorrect bruce wayne #incorrect jason todd #incorrect batfamily quotes
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  • thewritingdoll
    17.01.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #jason todd imagine #jason todd smut #jason todd x you #jason todd x reader #jason todd#robin smut #robin x you #robin x reader #Robin #red hood imagine #red hood smut #red hood x you #red hood x reader
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  • hintofelation99
    17.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Jon: What are you doing?

    Damian: Obviously I am attending to Alfred the Cat’s litter box.

    Jon: …really? Doesn’t Alfred, uh, the human, take care of that?

    Damian: Only when I am indisposed.

    Jon: Oh, cool.

    Damian: Does this surprise you?

    Jon: Honestly? Yeah…

    Damian: Well, it should not. Alfred the Cat’s care, much like the care of all my companions, is of the upmost importance. It is not a task I just dole out to any imbecile.

    Jon: Wow Dami, you’re really serious about this.

    Damian: Of course I am. Also none of my siblings are willing to help. The lazy bastards.

    Jason, poking his head in the room looking offended: Last time I tried to help you bit me!


    #batfam#batman#jason todd#mypost#red hood #incorrect batfamily quotes #damian wayne#Robin #jonathan samuel kent #jon kent#superboy
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  • bluestrawberrys
    17.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Dick: “How did you even get in here!”

    Jason: “Through the window, or as I like to call it ‘Jason’s door’,”

    Dick: “I’m locking my window,”

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  • homoamphibians
    17.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Riding Hood: If you asked the general population about Red, they would think you were talking about a color. If you asked the Commission, however, you would get wonderfully exaggerated stories about her, and perhaps have to reassure a few people that she was not around. A self-taught marksman and dangerous beast all wrapped into one adorable package made for an excellent agent. She was stationed in a big city with the sole job of taking out any threats to the apocalypse. Easy enough. Except when she meets a certain vigilante whose sole job seems to be stopping her from doing her own job. She isn't afraid of the big bad wolf inside her but Diego Hargreeves? He makes her nervous.


    Fresh blood.




    A growl formed in their throat as they lunged towards the still alive prey.

    Teeth sunk into the flesh, ripping and tearing into the prey until the whimpers stopped.

    The prey was small.

    Not much to feed off of.

    It was easily destroyed.

    A heart was thumping, drowning out the noise of blood dripping onto the usually spotless tile like rain.


    More prey.

    Still alive.

    They turned, staring at the prey with no recognition.

    That was prey, fearful prey next to angry prey.

    As they started to crouch down to lunge, a voice interrupted them.

    "Enough!" A cheery voice called out.


    The wolf whimpered, stopping the hunt.

    As the blood frenzy died down, she returned to her senses.

    Two faces stared at her.

    She blinked in recognition.


    The one held a look of murderous rage on his face. It was masked, poorly masked, but she knew that look very well. She could read War like a book. A book made for infants. He was calm, but he was certain that he would be the one to kill her.

    It was a fair response to her killing one of his own. One of his group.

    Now he was seeking revenge.

    Which was, again, absolutely a fair response.

    It wasn't going to happen though.

    She would not let him take her life. Life was her most precious belonging, besides her boys. Neither of those could be taken from her, or from them.

    Wolves were protective of what was theirs after all.

    The other one, one of her group she had been about to lunge at, had a look of terror mixed with a sprinkling of pity on his face. He was trembling and didn't make eye contact with her as he handed him a towel. Blue never looked at her after a kill.

    She took the towel from him, the rest of the wolf sinking back into her. Red wiped her hands on the dry towel, scrubbing furiously, knowing that the towel would leave different red marks than the ones it took away. But at least if her hands were rubbed raw, they wouldn't be bloodstained. She preferred the blood of her kills on her consciousness rather than her physical form.

    The consciousness hurt sometimes but it never sent her into a frenzy so she could live with that.

    She would have to.

    The nature of the job.

    The job that she had been born into and would be doing at least until she was 25. Probably longer.

    The Handler cleared her throat, a way too bright smile on her face, "A little sloppy in the execution, but I think that gets the point across. Don't you, Five?"

    At that War snapped, disappearing in a flash of blue.

    Red could feel the cold metal of a knife against her throat.


    It was unusual how cold it was though. Did he refrigerate it or was her body temperature running hot?

    The wolf snarled, threatening to appear.

    She hushed it easily, remaining perfectly still.

    There was no need for that.

    Others might consider escaping or unleashing the monster to kill him, but she knew how her value stacked up.

    War was a disobedient teenager who had no team to back him up. Well, he didn't have any team anymore at least. He was worth nothing to the Handler at the moment. Sure his skill was legendary but the attitude problem was something that no one wanted to work with.

    Red, however, felt nothing but loyalty to the Temps Commission. She had no life before the Handler had picked her up. Therefore, even though she was a worse shot than War, she was more valuable to the Handler.

    Time predictably stopped.

    Red slipped out from behind the knife, taking it for good measure and pocketing it.

    She awaited a command from the Handler.

    "Do you think he deserves to die?" The Handler questioned, an eyebrow raised as she looked at Red.

    Red shrugged, "I really do not care Ma'am. He could be useful to the commission but he does have a rebellious side that destroying his team only enhanced."

    "What could Five do for the commission, hmm?" The Handler tapped her foot impatiently.

    Why was she being asked this?

    Was this some sort of test?

    Red made eye contact with her boss, "Give him time and he'll become desperate. A desperate person will do anything to stay afloat."

    "Time? You're amusing, little wolf," the Handler laughed.

    She prepared herself to kill War.

    This was bound to happen.

    She didn't particularly want to do it, but killing someone else would mean nothing to her. She had killed two out of the Four Horsemen. Another one would mean nothing. She could provide the extinction of a whole group.

    It was in her job description after all.

    Blue covered his eyes, not wanting to see what happened. He was the most sensitive of the group, even more than Gold. It was his position in the group, the empathetic one.

    The Handler snapped her fingers, "Time it is! 40 years in the apocalypse should handle him just fine.

    "Yes Ma'am," she stepped back.

    A pause as Blue moved over to Red, stepping into place behind her.

    "Do we have a new assignment?" Red asked, raising an eyebrow, hoping for a reward not a punishment as her answer.

    For someone as structured as the Handler, her reactions were completely randomized.

    She was as the group called it...unhinged.

    There was no calculation, no equation to decide which version of the Handler would appear. It was unpredictable.

    Red was risking everything just to ask a simple question.

    A smile and a nod, "Report to Dot. All of you. She has a permanent assignment for you. Your work today was satisfactory Red."

    "Thank you ma'am," Red bowed her head before heading out of the room, Blue exactly a step behind her as she moved.

    The door slammed shut behind them.

    The two boys waiting for them turned at the noise.

    Gold sighed, "Thank the handler, I thought you were dead. It took so long."

    "War and Famine still alive?" Purple asked, glancing from the two of them before nodding slightly. He didn't show many emotions, that was the extent of showing the fact that he was happy they had survived.

    She understood him though.

    They all understood each other.

    Blue looked down, "War is. Famine's dead though or close to it."

    "I killed Famine yes. His heart stopped beating as soon as I changed targets," Red shrugged.

    Blue glanced at her, "Yeah, thanks for almost killing me by the way."

    "Anytime kid," she smirked, ignoring the eye roll she got in response.

    Gold spoke up, "Wait. You killed famine right?"

    "I swear to handler Gold, you say anything dumb and I'll cut your tongue out," Purple remarked, his voice monotone.

    Gold put his hands up, "Me? Say something dumb? I would never."

    "Just say it already," Red rolled her eyes.

    Gold grinned, "So you could say that today you solved world hunger?"

    A pause.

    Blue tried to bite back a smile, horribly failing at it though.

    "I'll hold him down," Red offered.

    Purple shrugged, "That's not necessary."

    "No! I need my tongue!" Gold took off running down the hallway.

    Purple followed quickly behind him.

    Red grinned turning to Blue, "Come on kid."

    "Fine," Blue took her hand.

    She took off running, letting loose as the two of them ran hand in hand down the hallway.

    They quickly caught up to where Gold was trapped in a vines.

    Red tackled Purple to the ground as Blue started the process of freeing Gold.

    Purple groaned, "Let me do one fucking thing."

    "You know we don't hurt each other," Red patronized him as she pinned him to the ground.

    Purple stared at her.

    She stared back.

    A moment passed.

    Purple averted his eyes, "Fine. If he makes another idiotic horseman joke, I am leaving him on a mission."

    "Agreed," Red rolled off of him, brushing off her outfit as she stood up.

    Blue nodded, "Agreed."

    "Hey!" Gold protested, crossing his arms.

    The chaos died down as they approached the office they needed to go to.

    After all, they were professional assassins first.

    Teenagers second.

    None of them got to be kids here.

    Not now, not ever.

    #red riding hood #red riding hood retelling #the umbrella academy #ongoing fic#tua#diego hargreeves #diego hargreeves x female character #cross posted on ao3 #the commission #the umbrella academy fanfic #tua fanfic#fanfic#fanfiction#homoamphibians#amphibifics#found family
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  • veronica-17-hood
    17.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    jason todd x reader <3

    - pre-established relationship

    - gender neutral reader

    - fluff, fluff, fluff

    - a/n pls be nice, this is my first post on here and it’s been a while since i have written anything but here it is <3



    my head lightly lifting from the pillow of the shared king bed, dressed in black sheets, hair lightly falling in my eyes just over my glasses. my own piercing blue eyes meeting the almost glowing green just peeking just slightly over the doorframe with furrowed brows lining them.


    his voice rang sweetly causing me to drop the book after giving the page a slight dog ear, resting the hard copied version of one of jay’s favorite books lightly on my criss crossed lap. glasses now pushed up past my scalp allowing for a few curls to fall through the cracks.

    “hmm?” i hummed back to the glowing eyes, beckoning him closer to the room he knows to be his our.

    i watched his body bounce in, proving he wanted something but i couldn’t seem to figure anything distinct seeing as my eyes were still adjusting to and from the light change and clarity of my glasses.

    “what do you say…“ my boy started, trailing off as he slowly lowering himself down so his elbows rested just to the left of my crossed legs, his knees bending so he was kneeling on the side of the bed like he was praying and of course his puppy dog eyes on display, “..we go do something after patrol tonight?”

    i turned my head now looking through my eyelashes at the boy who i so dearly loved but rarely spoke that out loud, regardless we knew. “nope.” i stated clearly, popping the ‘p’ as my neck cranes down to press a small kiss to his nose before turning my attention back to the book on my lap.

    “darling.” he spoke clearly attempting to grab my attention which of course he did, he always do. “pleaseee.”

    a small giggle escaped my lips as he dragged and dragged the ‘e’ out from the word. “puppy dog eyes and dragging our vowels won’t do you any good.”

    my words floated out of my mouth and into his ears before i could even process the fact that he lifted his body up from the floor and smushed down to the side of my body, two strong arms wrapping around me and his head burrowed into my stomach.

    his scent filled my nostrils, sending my head against the headboard and eyes fluttering lightly as his curly hair spread across the red fabric of his hoodie hat was currently encasing my body.

    “just a quick stop to bat burger.” he muffled into the hoodie, his hands pressing deep into the small of back pinching the skin lightly to get a few giggles from my lips.

    “let me guess?” i proposed, waiting patiently for his thick head of hair to turn up revealing his glowing green eyes and big pouty lips. “you want to get the red hood toy?”

    his head shot up, resting his chin on my chest just below my bust, staring deeply into my eyes before twisting his lips up in a purse and brows down in a furrow.

    “it’s an action figure.”

    his eyes looked at me with a hint of playfulness in his beautiful eyes, his head leaning into my touch as my hand came up to tussle lightly with the white patch of curly hair he learned to love, because i did.

    “it comes with a kids meal.” my voice rang softly, too mesmerized with the feeling of his curls twisting around my fingers so lightly.

    “it’s an action figure.” he stated a second time with a clearer voice and a soft swat to my back.

    “kid’s meal.”

    a sing song version of my pervious statement was repeated, keeping my eyes on the fingers twisting the locks around and around, watching as it slowly is brought up as his head lifted so his lips to reach my own.

    hot breath fanned across my lips, forehead resting on on my own, lips millimeters from my own as my hand tangled further and further into his hair, tugging ever so lightly to earn the smallest skip in his breath.

    the softness of his plump lips lightly pressed a crossed my own, his teeth lightly nipping at my bottom lip in attempts of getting me to agree, or forget and then simply say yes, he really does like the second tactic the best.

    “it’s. an. action. figure.”

    a pause of each word, the string of the sentence muffled as he pressed the smallest kiss in between. never leaving space between his and my own flesh as he spoke the next word. feeling the smile growing on my lips spurred him onward.

    his lips pressed lightly, over and over, pressing down to my lips in over to keep my lips sealed from firing back the argument of it being a kid’s toy, ones that damian collect.

    my lips slowly molded with his own, hands keeping tangled in his mop of curls. my eyes fluttering open and shut feverishly as shivers ran down my spine and small hot breaths ran out of jay’s nose as his tongue barely peeking into my mouth attempting to ask for access.

    i wove my fingers together at the nape of his curls, gripping his hair tugging him back away from my lips, breaking the sensation of pure and utter love, no a hint of lust laced in these small kisses.

    taking a few seconds to collect my thoughts as his lips resting now a few inches from my own, elbows moving up from my back and now framing the sides of my face waiting for me to speak and eyes to open.

    “jay?” i spoke to him, eyes opening slowly as he smiled drunkly at me, his hands tossing the ends of my curls as he rested in his elbows.

    “y/n?” he teased lightly back, leaning down as quick as can be to steal one more small kiss to the corner of pink lips before pulling back to further examine the express, hopefully the curvature of my lips to share a hint of a yes.

    “you promise,” i started, watching his eyes light up in pure joy, nodding like a child, feverishly and with no control. “no, no don’t start-”

    “ ‘m not starting nothing darling, just wanna get some food with my girl after we kick some ass on patrol, hmm?”

    his words cut off my own as his eyes smiled for his lips that really only curved for me and even then it was rare.

    but i knew he was happy and he knew the same for me. his fingers tangled in my hair as he lowered, waiting for the answer to be realized from my lips, already knowing what i was going to say.

    i took a final breath in, rolling my eyes with a fake face of annoyance which of course he knew it was but he let me have my small moment of thinking i was in charge of the situation. “yes.”

    he didn’t even speak to me, not thanking to me or even saying the slightest approval, rather he placed kiss after kiss across my face, each eye, across my cheeks, on my nose, and all around my lips until he landed on the up and down and up and down, sending waves of small pecks to lips as his own way thanking me for giving in.

    his body slowly lifting off my own, arching off, legs slowly slinging back over the side of the bed where he was once kneeling , still feverishly pressing kisses across my lips and face before leaving a final smack, pulling away like a suction cup from a window to prove he had coined a success in his book.

    he didn’t even look back at me, grabbing his helmet from my night stand where he had left it the night before, sprinting toward the closest in the guest room across the hall. gone from my sight but not from my hearing as i heard small strings of cuss words and grunts from bumping into our furniture in the living room.

    by the time he realized i hadn’t followed his actions of rushing out the room to get our shift if patrol that was still almost 45 minutes away, he already has his pants strapped on and his base layer of armor waiting to be buckled in my his red chest piece when he finally peeked back into the room with a wash of confusion and drunk smirk on his face.

    “c’mon baby, ready to go kick some ass?”

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