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  • Honey dripping skin draped around me like a destination, I have closed my eyes and prayed for her sensation. What a creation stationed inside my imagination, still. She’s the best words I’ve never written, etched into this earth by her parents. Eyes like deep, dark amber, my love settled in for lifetimes. Waiting for an archeologist to break them open and widen them. Exploring her like she’s a globe spinning all around, she wants me to feel every curve and see every sound.

    Sweet lipped whiskey slipping off pages of my brain, I long for her voice like wildfire begs for rain. What a formation of aching inside my patience, still. Burning from the inside out, drenching and stretching all across my chest is the echoing feel of her soft skin as if it was water dropping and stopping, wanting to sink in. One small tap, just settle into a crack, dig me up and take advantage of my thirst, burst open my throat and fill me up with desire. Pick a point on my atlas, lead me back to your smile.

    Lavender layered love in the shape of her name swimming through my veins, I crave her mind like seasons request change. What an impression of connection reflected against my intentions, still. Stalling, stuttering paragraphs of words from her silence breach me like poems that have yet to be sprawled and splashed against every map. If you cracked me open, you’d find my love burrowed in my bones. Change the canvas or the parchment, all roads still take me home.

    | endlessly l 1.21/9.24.20

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  • With you <3

    The story of how I was inspired by the song is this…

    On Facebook, I’ve found a funny video of Barbie dancing with this song that it’s the 6th Opening of Inuyasha (youtu.be/yHb2LXedl6U).
    The thing is that I’ve seen a episode of Inuyasha long time ago in my childhood. I searched the episode and they were the episodes 166-167. THE LAST EPISODES FROM 6TH SEASON!!
    I saw them and memories came in my mind.
    I wanted to searched the song of the ending of the episodes, but I ended finding that song!!

    Now the drawing…

    Taiga Woman was created to be Ignis’ love interest, so that means those characters were destined to be together since the beginning.
    There is a Japanese legend called “Red String of fate”. A string that bonds two people who are destined to meet by fate.

    Taiga and Ignis complement themselves.
    Taiga Woman could stay as a simple girl who is behind her love interest, but, as I like work hard with my characters, she became something more than this.

    In the drawing, they are inside something like a factory…
    Oh no! Are they going to die??

    La historia de cómo fui inspirada por la canción es esta…

    En Facebook, encontré un video gracioso de Barbie bailando con esta canción que es el 6to Opening de Inuyasha (youtu.be/yHb2LXedl6U).
    La cosa es que he visto un episodio de Inuyasha hace lago tiempo en mi infancia. Busqué el episodio y esos eran los episodios 166-167. ¡¡LOS ÚLTIMOS EPISODIOS DE LA 6TA TEMPORADA!!
    Los vi y las memorias vinieron a mi mente.
    Quería buscar la canción del ending de los episodios, pero ¡terminé encontrando otra canción!!

    Ahora el dibujo…

    Si han visto esto (Secrets of my characters 3), Taiga Woman fue creada para ser el interés amoroso de Ignis, lo que significaría que ambos personajes fueron destinados a estar juntos desde el inicio.
    Hay una legenda japonesa llamada “El hilo rojo del destino”. Un hilo que une dos personas quienes están destinadas a conocerse.

    Taiga e Ignis se complementan a sí mismos.
    Taiga Woman pudo quedarse como una simple chica quien está detrás de su interés amoroso, pero, como me gusta esforzarme mucho con mis personajes, ella se volvió más que eso.

    En el dibujo, ellos están dentro de una especie de fábrica…
    ¡Oh no! ¿Ambos van a morir?



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  • Red string of fate - a beautiful Japanese legend

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  • Y’all need to stop calling The Great Pretender gay subtext. It’s just text.

    There’s some deniability for the sunset scene. But the beach? The umbrella? The car ride? The suit shopping? Be realistic!

    #the great pretender #laurent thierry#makoto edamura #the first thing laurent did when he saw makoto was grab his ass for god’s sake what do you mean subtext? #makoto almost got all of them killed im the first arc why else would he still be here? #MAGNETISM#RED STRING #this is a romance subplot WAKE UP #all those unnecessary touches the way Laurent is MISERABLE #get you so edamame stir fry king
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  • “…There must be more than wind / that takes us away”

    #ribbytober #following a friends prompt list for today #art#my art#digital art#drawtober#october#lyrics#csh #car seat headrest #madlo #making a door less open #song lyrics#original art#csp #clip studio paint #red string#people#blood cells#indie#lo fi#rock#cshr#csh art #there must be more than blood #illustration#my illustration#person#figure#night
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  • havent said it in a while so i have to say so again but the magnus archives is a front organization for the web. the eye isnt real, jonah magnus paid robert smirke to make it up as a cover for him so he could be the Head Bitch Of Watching You Hoes Fail At Immortality thats IT send tweet

    #red string#tma #the magnus archives #jonah magnus #i stand by what im saying!!!! #the eye is just the web concept of the panopticon which controls behavior!!!!! #its spiders all the way down #season 5
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  • EPISODE ONE OUT NOW: Come see why Sammy can’t stop raving about feet, why Zev feels so passionately about Arab-occupied Spain, and why Jean hates 1930s salads. Oh, and we resurrect an old god to stop classism.

    #red string#redstringpod#rs:acp#podcast#conspiracy#video#episode snippet #hello! i (jean) run the socials and im very excited for you guys to hear this!
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  • okay hold on a minute im still on the red string train:

    ive seen theories about web!martin and about his crush on jon being engineered for some reason that will be revealed to be horrible, but how about the opposite?

    a martin who was meant to be used by the web, but derailed those plans by falling in love with jon?

    it wasnt love at first sight. they didnt get anywhere close to being together until season 4; elias transferred martin to the archives without informing jon to unbalance him, they had a Meet Bad, disliked each other, all went according to plan. And then prentiss, and jon got handed an opportunity to care about martin, and he immediately took it. and martin Caught Feelings and i think that might be where things start to change.

    before that point, martin accepted the web delivery and gave jon the lighter. he found gertrude in the tunnels on his own. the huge shit that goes down in season 2 all stemmed directly from martin’s actions. but after? after he had some Feelings for jon, things moved external.

    maybe martin was meant to be web, but love is the antithesis of fear.

    #red string #i just wanna talk about spiders #tma #the magnus archives #meta#martin blackwood#jonmartin
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  • Soulmate AU! Cupid and AC headcanons

    Can I have a soulmate au for the twins??? i don’t mind any specific au but just imagining how the whole situation would get to the two is interesting honestly.

    for this I think the basic red string of fate will do


    • Cupid is very much surprised that he himself can have a soul mate, constantly looking at the thin red string in amazement and curiosity.

    • There would be many times where he would be tempted to follow the string and one day he will and it lead him to his soulmate

    • Once found, Cupid would only stare from afar, gazing in awe as he made sure that the string was indeed going towards you, even feeling a bit embarrassed to be connected to someone he believed was an absolute beauty.

    • Never having actually talked to you the first time he quickly went back to his home to get himself prepared to meet you formally, getting dressed in his nice clothing.

    • Cupid always knew how people felt when he matched them together, however he felt like he was floating when he found you. He himself had someone to love and he would treasure you forever.


    • He is beyond confused, he doesn’t understand why a human would want to spend their life with a human let alone one that you were forced to be with by some force that he knew wasn’t Cupid.

    • There would be many times when he tried to cut the thread, the small glow of it made him sick to his stomach and would never consider the idea that someone would handle him and not give him the what he truly wanted was angering.

    • After a long time and finally convinceing himself, he would go out and follow the string to see who exactly he was attached to, not exactly planning on letting the person live for long.

    • It didn’t take long for AC to find who held the other end to the string, not thinking highly of you from the back he decided to give you the benefit of the doubt and give you a shot.

    • Looking at your face for the first time made his heart do backflips, his face to flush, and feel butterflies in his belly. The stern expression of his immediately sofened at your appearance and even knocking down his confidence. Safe to say he might keep you around longer than usual.
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  • The days whiz by and here I am, waiting.

    Waiting for that sign that you and I are meant to be.

    The truth is, I have nothing to grasp on. No rope to hang in from, no ladder to climb on, no path to walk on. All I have is this red string that I desperately hold on to.

    I secretly whisper to the wind that my greatest wish is to be by your side from the moment we meet, to our end.

    I once felt like time was all I had and now that little needle I call time is what I look for in this haystack of a world.

    I beg that this world gives me this chance. I plead that my motivation is strong enough to not let go of that little red string.

    I will admit thought, that if that little string is cut, then my best dream will end, and I will have to look for another string to cling onto.

    But my belief is strong. I will not give up until the string can last no more and until then I will believe for that dream of mine.

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    hello!! we’ve got a podcast coming out in a little over a week!! here is a highlight reel/trailer with clips from a bunch of upcoming episodes :) transcript will be in the replies.

    we’re really excited to share this with you all, and we’ll give you more information when episodes go up.

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  • I first heard about it on Tumblr - an old story of a magical red string that connects you to your soulmate, your one true love, the most important person in your life.

    According to Google and Wikipedia, this story is Chinese folklore. Red is lucky in China, and the “red thread of fate” connects those who will one day be married. These tales are usually about a man seeing a woman and being told they are tied together by that red string. But the woman is poor or ugly or an undesirable bride for some other reason, so the man tries to hurt her in some way. Years later, the man meets his bride, a rich and/or beautiful woman, and he soon learns that she’s the same woman he rejected before. The man realizes he was foolish to reject fate and they all live happily ever after.

    I’m likely missing some context, but these stories don’t seem particularly romantic to me. The very idea of a red string of fate doesn’t appeal to me, either.If there is one red string connecting you to the one most important person in your life, what happens when that red string breaks?

    Do you enter free-fall?

    Presumably the idea is that the red string will not break, because anyone who would leave you is not truly your soulmate. This implies that the relationships you have before you find “the one” are less important or inherently less permanent.

    What good does it do us to emphasize one relationship over all others? What good does it do us to insist that we focus on finding a soulmate?

    If there are magical strings, aren’t they connecting me to everyone I know, everyone who means something to me? Is there a blue string connecting me to my parents, and a green string to each of my siblings and cousins, and a yellow string to each of my best friends, and a purple string to each of my coworkers?

    I imagine myself now at the center of a great web of many colored strings, each of which I can tug on when I need to, and each of which deserve and require that I tend to them lest the strings fray and break. Relationships of any kind take effort.

    That effort is not always enjoyable or easy, even in the best and most loving relationships. Maybe that’s why we love to tell stories of finding “the one.” It’s nice to think that someday, it won’t be difficult anymore. Someday, we tell ourselves, with the right person, we won’t need to put in effort anymore. Things will finally be easy and we will have all the support we need in one place, in one person.

    But when my red string broke, I had so many other colored strings still attached to me. When my red string broke - as it has before, and as I can only assume it will again - my community caught me.

    I’m much happier to have that than any one red string.

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    4am Conversations with babe 👄

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  • #i know u explained it to me but im sitting here counting on my fingers still like #?????????????????? #red string #math floats past my face #Anonymous
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  • My girlfriend is away for military. Taylor’s new album got me in the FEELS. SO GOOD.

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    30 • older photo but it shows genuine happiness and an honest smile • I never actually thought I would make it this far. When I was younger I always thought I would die before I was 30, and in a lot of ways I have but also I should have literally in a lot of situations I’ve been in throughout life. When I was 21, I was told if I didn’t have heart surgery, I would only live til 40. So in my head, I lived my half life already. (I got the surgery) I just wanted to be happy, I didn’t see a future. I kept going, trekking. I’ve met amazing people in my life on this journey. Some I still have, some I don’t want and some I will always love. I had the privilege of finding someone who gave me the hope and thoughts of a future. Even after they left my life, the imprint they left on me has been massive. I want a future now, I envision one. I strive for one. I work for one. • the rest of this will be my open letters to the three pillars of my life. •

    Mom: the words we wish we had for each other. We know each other so well that we don’t need them. From all day Pride & Prejudice (BBC) marathons to LOTR Saturday’s, breakfast Sunday’s, late night Mexican coke runs while you work hard at your degree to Con of Thrones and exploring new cities… you have been the best adventure of my life. I love you. • Friends & family: each one of you has brought out something different in me. I love every single one of you so much. You’ve saved my writing, my emotions, my anger, my sadness. You’ve saved me. I am better because of the way you all have taken care of me over time. I don’t see you or talk to you as often as either of us would like but we try and we put our effort in even if it’s just one or two conversations from time to time. The spaces you fill in my heart will never be taken away. I love you. • you: thank you, for giving me a future. For giving me a full love for the first time. For understanding me. For taking my darkness in when it wasn’t fair to you. For taking my heart. For keeping me warm. I see my future because of you. You see me. I see you.

    mi alma encontrará la tuya nuevamente. en esta vida o en la próxima. •

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    I found it. The original red string of fate from the very first BrittanaCon.

    #fate has laid a hand #red string #red string of fate #blog things#brittana#brittanacon
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