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Trepidation [ Prologue]


[•A feeling of fear or agitation about something that may happen.]

TW: Blood , Mentions of starvation , Mentions of Death (Hypothermia)


(Y/N) - Your Name

[F/C] Favourite Colour

[H/C] Hair Colour

Their wings were starting to gather frost at the tips as they flew in the snow; the tips of their fingers beginning to grow numb.

12 Hours, 7 Hours of flight in the blizzard. The Raven Hybrid had been in the snow, expecting the trip across the tundra to be shorter when the blizzard had hit, leaving the corvid to continue to fly despite being in pain.

A few arrows were littered across their arm and leg as well, despite being in immense pain, they had kept the arrows in knowing if they didn’t they’d bleed out; (Y/n) wasn’t sure how much longer they could go before they either fall from the sky from exhaustion or bloodloss. Either way, they’d sure break at least something from this hight. They knew if they’d fall, they’d be prey to the cold.

Before they knew it, they had thankfully begun to descend slowly from the lack of pressure behind their wings; their talons falling to the blanket of snow first. The blood from the arrows dripping as they lean forward, gravity taking hold and bringing them to the ground. The corvid mutters out a string of curses, unsurprised yet unsatisfied with their current situation.

Their dark [F/C] cloak had done well to keep them warm, yet now it was covered in snow. The (H/C]ette had reached a shaky hand into the bag they brought with them and pulled out the lodestone compass, albeit a little to the left, they were on the right track.

They were almost home, All to see their daughter once more.


» Prologue/Pilot Is done :D

»To be fair, I will only continue this if people want me to continue it since Its a bit of a strange opening sequence.

»Reader is a Corvid!! specifically a Raven Hybrid, They have actual talons for feet instead of normal ones. They also have feathered ears (basically they have feathers instead of ear-lobes)

»Please give me comments and feedback!! It’ll help tremendously with writing, more than you think :DD

»Thank you for reading!

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