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  • atu-and-zuni
    20.04.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    ok my phones about 2 die and also im about 2 pass out (so so sleepy) but check out th elf alien thing versian of jambala i scroobled and alsp his fu ked up hand

    i cant have warcraft trolls in my own stuff but that wont stop me from giving my ocs very very long ears

    #used my own hand for reference for that second one which means i glanced at my hand 3 times and guessed <3 #atu says stuff #his name wouldnt be jambala in my universe despite me loving that name so uhh hh who knows #atu draws stuff #oc: jambala #i guess! #question does it still have his Vibes bc thats the most most imporatnt thing #also not th final design but i like this one a lot better than th first time i tried!! #1% kings #dear god please click for quality #also am i just tired or is he kinda
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  • alovelikesims
    20.04.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    What if I, after like 4 years, start posting sims screenshots on this blog again? Could you imagine?

    Too bad I no longer have access to photoshop, I probably won't end up posting anything lol

    #I downloaded ts4 so I could build houses to use as reference for art #and ended up downloading a bunch of unnecessary CC because of course I did lmao #I don't own any of the downloadable content so I probably won't be playing the game seriously #I'm obsessed with all the TS4 maxis match CC I find so it makes me want to play again. #wish I stuck with the sims and started playing TS4 ages ago haha
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  • libraliverpool
    20.04.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    *breaks Corona rules* *gets sick* who could have predicted that !!1!

    #not me. for reference. im not an idiot and am not inclined to put myself and others in danger for no conceivable reason
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  • superbellsubways
    20.04.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    the world belongs to Zote the Mighty!

    he is having a good dream this time..

    #i rlly wanted to draw this man just having a nice lil nap for once #comforble#hollow knight#hk #zote the mighty #doodle#digital art #whether this is a reference to vocaloid is up to interpretation
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  • certified-ultimate-simp
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    //So this is another song inspired post. This time it was inspired by the cover Reinaeiry did on youtube of the song Leaves From the Vine from Avatar: the Last Airbender. One of my OC's has an older brother who was like her saviour since her family was...very strict. Like Riddle's mom strict. But he was called to fight in the war, leaving her alone and when they got news that he had fallen on the front lines...she was devestated and her parents got worse than before. But before he left he gave her a locket that doubles as a music box so whenever she remembers him and gets upset, she looks at the picture and sings the lyrics to the music. In this, it's the day they got the news of his passing and everyone noticed a change in Ebony (my OC) but her boyfriend, Riddle, is the one to find and comfort her after she runs away due to questioning and stress. Anyways, I obviously don't own the song or the cover so credits to the respective owners. Enjoy!//

    /By the way here's the song, please don't play it until I say so, thanks!/

    3rd Person P.O.V

    It was a normal day in Night's Raven College. The students were tired and some unhappy due to it being a Monday, classes had started and everyone was ready to learn more about magic and hopefully even practice it. All in all, it was a pretty normal day. Or...at least it seemed to be. But for one specific student, this day was anything but normal.

    Ebony Akiyama woke up on this day, not knowing if she'd be able to make it through without crying at least once, as she usually does. You see, four years ago today, her family had recieved news that her elder brother Shiro Akiyama had joined the ranks of the dead amongst the casualties of a war he was called to fight in. When she had been quiet all throughout the morning and staring out the window during classes, her friends and boyfriend immediately knew something was wrong, though Riddle and Trey had an idea as to what it might be.

    When the bell rang for lunch, the group headed there as usual but before they could enter Ace, Deuce, and Grim ushered Ebony into a secluded corner with Trey, Riddle, and Cater watching from a safe distance away, but close enough so they could hear the conversation. Turning to the one-braincell trio, Ebony raised an eyebrow in question of their actions but continues to stay silent. The trio shared a look and Ace was the one to speak up first. "All right, supervisor! You've been acting weird all day, what's that about?" He asked. Deuce nodded.

    "Yeah, he's right, as much as it hurts to say. You've been quiet all day, and you keep fiddeling with your locket. Usually you would've scolded Ace and Grim by now for arguing, and even now you refuse to talk to us," he told her. Grim piped up next.

    "Come on henchmen, talk to us! I'm not used to you being this quiet, you're usually putting your input in conversations, answering questions in class, and stopping mine and Ace's fights! I'll admit, I'm a little worried. So what the hell has gotten into you?!" He asked loudly, drawing some nearby attention for a moment. Ebony, who had been staying quiet during the questioning had her head down and hair casting a shadow over her eyes.

    "It's none of your business. Lunch will be over soon, we should go," she muttered and tried to move past them into the cafeteria but Ace grabbed her arm.

    "Not until you tell us what the hell is going on with you, ya hear me?! You're all quiet and mopey all of a sudden!! You're acting like somebody died-" he started but was interuppted when Ebony ripped her arm away and lifted her head, showing that she had tears in her eyes, shocking all of them as they had never seen her cry, minus Riddle and Trey.

    "SOMEBODY DID DIE, ACE!! MY OLDER BROTHER!!" She shouted and turned, running away back down the hall, Riddle immediately running after her. The trio made to go after them but Trey stopped them, silently shaking his head and leading them into the cafeteria.

    1st Person P.O.V

    I ran. I ran until I made it outside and even then I did not stop running. I didn't stop until I tripped and fell but I got back up as if it was nothing, finding myself in the botanical garden. I had tripped on the root of a large tree, and I decided that it was a good enough place to stay at until I've calmed down.

    Hearing footsteps behind me as I sat back down and leaned against the tree, I looked in that direction to see my boyfriend of two months, Riddle, hunched over and breathing heavily. It took him a few moments, but he eventually walked over and sat beside me, immediately wrapping his arm around my shoulder pulling me into his embrace. We stayed there for a few moments as I fiddeled with my locket once more.

    "Go ahead, Bunny. Do what you have to," he told me, resting his head on top of mine. I nodded, opening the locket and letting the musicbox start as I stared at the pictures of my brother and I.

    /You can start the video now/

    Looking at the pictures brought back so much nostalgia and I felt another batch of tears well up in my eyes because I knew that I couldn't go back to that no matter how much I wanted to. It hurt to think about, but the truth hurts, no matter how you say it.

    "Leaves from the vine,

    Falling so slow,

    Like fragile, tiny shells,

    Drifting in the foam.

    Little soldier boy,

    ComeL marching home,

    Brave soldier boy,

    Come marching home."

    The memories, as they always did, came flooding back as I started to sing I always did when he left to fight. I always sang it, and I still sing it now in memory of him.

    "Ash in the snow,

    Falling so slow,

    Like fragile, broken hearts,

    With no place to go.

    Little soldier boy,

    Taken from home,

    Forced to fight a war,

    That was not his own.

    Little soldier boy,

    Cold and alone,

    Brave soldier boy,

    Never made it home."

    The tears started rolling down my cheeks and my voice started shaking during those last four lines. I added them and the rest of the song after we recieved news of his death. Riddle hugged me to him, gently stroking my head as I remembered all the things we used to do. The time we snuck out while mom and dad were at work and we went to play at the nearby park. The time he picked me up from school and we went to get ice cream. The times we went swimming as a reward for living up to mom and dad's expectations. All of that replayed in my head on loop.

    "Leaves from the vine,

    Changing so slow,

    Like empty, fallen souls,

    Looking for a home.

    Little soldier boy,

    Thought he could soar,

    Brave soldier boy,

    Fallen in the war.

    My little soldier boy,

    I need you home,

    Brave soldier boy,

    Come marching home."

    Once the music stopped, I closed the locket and buried my face in Riddle's chest, sobbing. "Why did he have to go, Riddle? Why was he even called, he never signed up! My stupid father must have done it, I hate my parents! They caused him to die!! It's not fair, Riddle, I hate it!!" I cried, hitting his chest with my fist but not hard enough to hurt him. He just pulled me closer, running his fingers through my hair as I poured my emotions out.

    "Shhh, I know Bunny, I know, it's ok, shhh~ You're okay, bunny, you're okay. I hate it too, I know. I'm sure he's watching over you right now, okay? And I'm sure he wouldn't want you to mourn over him forever. Let it out, bunny, that's it. You're okay," he whispered, kissing my hair. I nodded, my sobs turning to sniffles and then to silent tears, which he wiped away as he lifted my head, giving me a soft smile he usually doesn't let anyone else see. "Feel better now?" He asked. I nodded, wiping another tear just as it fell. "Do you want to get up?" He asked again, and I immediately shook my head, leaning against him. He chuckled softly, kissing my forehead and holding me once more. "Alright, we'll stay a little longer, just for you, bunny," he told me and I smiled, leaning up to give him a kiss before snuggling back into his chest.

    3rd Person P.O.V (again, yes)

    By the time the two got back to the others, lunch was nearly over. As soon as Trey saw them enter the cafeteria he stood up, drawing the attention of the others as well as other students and ran towards them, giving Ebony a big, comforting hug which she gladly returned. From their table, the braincell-trio could see that her eyes were red and puffy, a sign that she'd been crying, and that Riddle was giving her a sad, but loving smile. They all shared a look before smiling, just glad that she was ok. Not that Grim would ever admit it.

    //And that's the end of that! I actually headcannon that Trey gives the best bear hugs, minus Jack of course. Then again, I would take a hug from any of the boys as long as they didn't try anything *Cough* Floyd *Cough*. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you want, you can always drop an ask or a question and I will gladly do the resquest or answer to the best of my ability. Have a good day/night lovelies and I will see you when I do another post!//

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  • septic-dr-schneep
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I’ve always thought this art challenge was interesting and I finally gave it a shot with the Host! “No Eyes” Host kinda embodies my state of mind, actually XD

    Please don’t repost my art; like or reblog instead.

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  • fashtel
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Pinned post! 🎀⭐️

    this blog is tagged by characters!

    main: @smilesfps

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  • wolvesintestines
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    This is the worst chat message I've ever seen on a pathologic stream

    #Jojo fans be like So is anyone going to make a jojo reference
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  • andersonjmsj717
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

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  • frick-yes-dragons
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    So if Steve had America’s ass, and sam has America’s tits, does that mean Bucky has America’s dick?

    #yes this is a direct reference to the irondick post #marvel#mcu #marvel cinematic universe #captain America#Steve Rogers#sam Wilson#the falcon#Bucky Barnes #the winter soldier #memes#marvel memes#mcu memes #the falcon and the winter soldier #tfawtws#tfaws#shitpost#iron man#marvel comics
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  • adreamisall
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    remember when going outside and existing and participating in society wasn’t a lethal hazard to everyone’s health. remember when hanging out with your friends regularly wasn’t irresponsible and dangerous. remember when there was blissful ignorance and hope that life will continue on as it does until something just blows up and we all die without noticing.

    #i’m over a month post vaccine and i still feel like this will never end #a year in isolation a year without seeing people #i was already so depressed right before shit hit the fan so everytime i think about life before it’s all i can think about and it makes #me more sad #bc my point of reference for life pre covid is drinking alone in my apartment every other night and crying #i can’t let myself think too far ahead or get too hopeful bc every time there’s just some new piece of news to crash my ass back to reality #p#delete later
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  • id-rather-be-in-middle-earth
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Not gonna lie, I have very impure thoughts off this gif alone. 😛😛

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  • benevolent-savage
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    kinda opinionated blurb but its just. very weird that wiz isnt even in my top 10 fave games, yet its the game ive sunk the most time (and money) into. why have i played this game for so long. what in the hell compelled me to max out seven characters in a game you can complete in 42 hours if you are speedrunning. its not the combat, its not the questing, and i only enjoy the story at certain parts of the game (arc 2 overall is a slog you can @ me on it) like what is the formula. how did they make this game into virtual nicotine. why did i make an entire sideblog dedicated to it.

    #for me it’s probably arc 3 big surprise i know #im really into games particularly indie ones so stuff like this is honestly fascinating to me #for reference my all time favorite games are journey and subnautica #shut up sam #delete later
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  • polymusepotion
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago


    rules: google/search your name + your favorite color + the word ‘aesthetic’. take the first four (non collage) photos and viola you have your aesthetic moodboard! then tag your friends and moots to join.

    tagged by: @forloveofthestory

    tagging: just do the thing and lemme see your aesthetics!

    #•| have you tried turning it off and back on || ooc |• #•| do you think i reference dinosaurs too much when i write || literally ash |•
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  • crossroadsdimension
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ...I’m gonna have to go back and edit all the chapters I’ve written, but haven’t posted yet. That’s...gonna be fun.

    Especially since the current chapter I’m working on is going up in December. I’m 34 chapters ahead.

    That’s a lot of chapters to edit. >.<

    #cross' rambling#ffvii #mental link au #I'm trying to get through the Midgar arc as fast as possible #and I know I'm going to want to cinch things up to make sure the plot isn't wonky #but right now? I want to get done with this remake video that I'm using for a reference #I don't want to keep this 15-hr video open any longer than I've had to already...
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  • don-dake
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Titan Comics’ “The Phantom of the Opera”, based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical version. Original story by Gaston Leroux.

    Due out: Oct 2021, ISBN: 9781787731905, Source: Titan Comics

    #Cool! The art looks good too #For future reference #The Phantom of the Opera #ALW's Phantom of the Opera #POTO#Books
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  • twilightvolt
    20.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Since he's gotten pretty popular lately among my friends, i decided now would be a good time to update Yagami's reference sheet! it’s about 2 years old at this point, so it was high time i revamped it.

    More outfits, more style, more advanced!

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  • saeraas
    20.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Arc System why does Eustace have three white skin palettes

    #gbf#gbvs#granblue versus#granblue fantasy #fighting games fighting the urge to give their darker skin characters white skins and failing #i know it's a zeta bea and cass reference but they look so bad on him #im bullying all zeta bea and cass eustaces
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  • kaisarasted
    20.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Updated design: https://tarmesto.tumblr.com/post/188088371338/date-of-creation-04-05122015

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  • vermeilies
    20.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    . . .I wrote a drabble recently about touya-nii taking lil sis on an outing recently right? or am I losing my mind.

    #(I swear I wrote something like this but I can't find it) #(I know I purged some stuff recently but I didn't think I deleted that piece) #(guh I kinda needed it for reference because once again I can't write touya without him driving a super posh car ;w;) #malted musings 🍰
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