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  • Hello hi, here is a reference sheet I’m working on okay bye

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  • Reddit is so unorganized. How is it popular in any way?

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  • List 1: Whump Things

    1. Strangulation
    2. Smothering
    3. Gagging on tubular objects
    4. Face Slap/Backhand
    5. Somnophilia
    6. Humiliation - of any kind
    7. Gagged
    8. Black Eye (intended by whumper or accidental. OR caused or inflicted by another whumpee) 
    9. Self Infliction (intended or accidental by themselves, or forced by the whumper) 
    10. Self-Sacrifice (whumpee volunteers to take the pain/punishment for another whumpee)
    11. Begging 
    12. Bruising 
    13. Bite! 
    14. Manhandling 
    15. Dance (suggest: whumper gives whumpee a lovely day that ends in dancing?) 
    16. Branding 
    17. Burns
    18. Dacryphilia
    19. Posture (made to wear a posture collar/corset)

    List Two: Plot Ideas

    1. “When I’m through with you, none of them will even want you back.” Wright to *cough*
    2. “Those boys are not your friends.” Wright to *coughcough*
    3. “Every time they get hurt, it’s on your account. Think back. You know I’m right,” Wright to *coughcoughcough*
    4. Dark room with Trent
    5. Finding out about daddy with *coughcoughcough* through betrayal
    6. Listening reveal + gag, with *undecided*
    7. Jealous *cough*
    8. Cody’s first arrival
    9. Adrian’s first arrival
    10. Trent’s first arrival
    11. Rebranding
    12. Very bad hurt by Wright of the ‘other’ to scare the ‘one’ from 13, comes before 13 in chronology
    13. One made to hurt the other in a specific manner. I’ve decided who, but withholding names cause spoilers.
    14. Cori asking his Wright questions from fans’ submissions. And his own. (while Wright’s in prison years ago)
    15. Wright asks Cori for a favor. 
    16. Trent and Henry reunited after first captivity.

    Accepting: any and all prompts from here! If you want, ya’ll can combine list 1 and 2, or multiples from list 1 (but not multi from list 2 cause plot points). I’m just gonna ask for preferred character with the list 1 stuff. XD
    Also accepting: ideas not from these lists and with specific characters in mind…and the list 1 prompts that are already finished. Cause why not do it again?

    Currently in the works

    Trent patching up Cody, the two talking. Does Wright go in to talk to Adrian now that the guy’s solo? Haven’t decided yet.
    Trent’s branding. It’s developed into a larger story than I anticipated, so it will take a bit. >.> 

    #reference#spiffywrites #i havent written so much forever
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  • Megatron sppreciation post!

    #transformers robots in disguise #megatron#caps#reference
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  • This is how I do my arts.

    What’s your method? Share your opinions in the comments.

    Also, I’ll be making reference sheets for my OCs, “The Helsing’s household.” So, just some head’s up.

    Art by @animpolwade44

    Enjoy my demonstrations:

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  • Lord Horatio Nelson’s four orders in his full dress coat: Knight of the Bath, Order of the Crescent, Order of Ferdinand and of Merit and Order of St Joachim.

    #horatio nelson#lord nelson #british royal navy #royal navy#uniform #knight of the bath #order of the crescent #order of ferdinand #order of st joachim #dress coat#history#reference #age of sail
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  • Top 10 Favourite Flowers

    1. Carnations

    2. Roses (ombre/two-tone)

    3. Hydrangea

    4. Dahlias

    5. Sunflowers

    6. Peony

    7. Marigolds

    8. English Lavender

    9. Forget Me Not

    10. Larkspur

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  • Reference sheet time. =]

    –the stuff not on the picture–

    Name- Magi(pronounced Mage-e)  

    Nicknames- Jazz(irl name), Mage, Maggi, Trevor(inside joke lol)

    Quick Info on Her Magic–

    -her wings aren’t real but instead made of energy that is produced constantly as long as she eats enough sweets (that’s why they are detached from her body)

    -if she doesn’t eat enough, then the magic will dissipate and she will pass out from exhaustion

    -she is a dessert demon, meaning that she can only sweets(desserts are basically healthy for her)

    -since she is a demon, she can float/hover off the ground

    -produces any type of dessert, any time

    -has the power to change the style and length of her hair anytime

    –Let me know if you can’t read my handwriting and I will clarify it for you. I have a bad rep for bad handwriting. I call it chicken scratch cuz of how tiny I can really write.

    When you draw her, you can put her in literally any outfit or hairstyle you want. (as long as it’s not sexual please). I also encourage that you draw her, I’ve never gotten fanart b4, so let’s see how this goes lol. I will probably add more to this in the future, but for now, this is how it will stay. =] 

    (o ye, go ahead and send asks about her if you have questions ^^ it’ll gimme something to do when  I want to take breaks from drawing the prologue for my Ask-Free-Jevil blog)

    oh ye b4 i forget @jroxs12pone-pegamom and @alisych

    #reference#reference sheet#persona #me on the inside #who i wanna b #but im not her #but i also dont mind lol #dem#dessert #do they go together #well idk and idc
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  • Basic canon for Hastur/Ligur prefall things.

    I give full credit to @thatfallenarchangel for helping me..

    Tarfiel (future Hastur) was born a Tephros basically lowest rank possible, they’re the ones who are disabled or neuro divergent.

    Michael sees potential in him and brings him to Heaven after he sets his home on fire (to purify him of his Tephros taint). Tarfiel manages to save one thing - a Phoenix brush that was his mother’s.

    He tries to adjust to First Heaven but is severely bullied and overwhelmed. He is sent to the hospital for plucking his feathers and is kept there for 150 years.

    Raphae knows nothing of this, and though Harviel is suppose to care for him. He gives up on him after 50 years. It’s also around then that his parents die. So he is all alone, at least with them around he was getting noticed.

    Raphael is leading Raziel around the hospital trying to show him how much priviledge he has. Raziel finds Tarfiel and they strike up a conversation.

    Raziel admits he doesn’t know who he really is besides being the son of an archangel and Tarfiel admits he doesn’t know how to be not anxious and despondent. Raziel vows to help him.

    He does, he is taken in by Azazel and Raphael and slowly bonds with their family and helps them- we haven’t gotten past that yet. Yeee.

    Things I’d love to try in other prefall threads with Hastur.

    • Azazel and Raphael adopt Tarfiel into the family, which is wonderful and great. But it means technically that Raziel and he are siblings which makes everything 1000% more awkward.
    • Sneaking around when they begin dating and trying to keep their hands off each other.
    • Eloping together when everyone says their too young and naive to know what they feel or want.
    • Falling together and then dealing with after math.
    • Rising through Hell’s ranks together.



    Again, a huge thank you and love to @thatfallenarchangel for helping me and continuing to help me with Tarfiel!! 💖💖

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  • #reference #sjnsjsjsjd i do that when people warn me not to
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  • #reference #it's a pretty slapping song honestly #Anonymous
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