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  • Haitian Papaya Smoothie/Juice (Jus Papaye) Recipe

    A refreshing drink perfect for the summer or just a quick snack!


    • Frozen Papayas
    • Evaporated Milk
    • Honey or Brown Sugar
    • Cinnamon

    Step by Step Recipe:

    1. I like my papayas to have a thicker consistency so I freeze them in a sandwich bag. You can also just add ice for the same effect.

    2. Put your frozen papayas in a blender.

    3. Add a can of evaporated milk to the blender.

    4. Add cinnamon and either honey or brown sugar to your liking to the blender.

    5. Blend your ingredients to a consistency of your liking and enjoy!

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  • Like a lot of people who might stumble upon this post, I am in lock down mode.

    Prior to this whole situation I had kicked off a ‘healthy living’ lifestyle change. I wanted to make myself feel happier about myself - that was my goal.

    It is important that I reiterate that, my goal was not to lose weight, become a specific size or anything like that - it was to feel happy within myself. And as it turned out, the knock on effect of doing things to make me feel happy has seen an improvement in my health and fitness.

    So while I don’t want to get too bogged down in this becoming a weight loss thing I will note that I have dropped 2 stone of excess weight from my frame and am at a much healthier weight for my height.

    But more importantly than that I am energized, positive, focused and strong! Being strong is my favourite part of the entire thing. It isn’t about being skinny and I’m far from a twig but feeling those muscles say “Hello” each day is a great feeling.

    When my gym closed as a result of the virus I was a bit raging, I had barely even kicked off that whole routine, having focused on home workouts and Pilates up to then, but life must go on!

    I didn’t want this post to delve too far down the above rabbit hole as I really wanted to use it to share some cheap and delicious snacks and meals I’ve been creating while in lockdown but it is no harm to give some context.

    If anyone reading this would like more info around my general health and fitness journey, how I went from being full blown depressed and anxiety ridden to being much stronger mentally and physically comment below and I’ll do that.

    But now, FEED ME!!

    I’ve been trying to do my best to focus on getting as much healthy shit into my body as possible and today’s snack has proven to be an absolute winner for me.

    So if you fancy a cheap, handy and healthy snack idea here is my first of maybe many! 

    Please note, I am not a nutritionist or a chef so I’ll be loosely sharing anything I do!

    Greek Yoghurt Snack Pot

    This hit the spot today like you wouldn’t believe!

    I’ll admit, it’s not rocket science! But as I constantly Google ideas on what to add to my food routine, I find either overly complicated recipes that require a mass of ingredients or things that involve a lot of faffing about!

    I like to have an 11am snack to top up my energy pre-lunch and post breakfast. I typically want something quick, easy, CHEAP and delicious. 

    What you need:

    • Greek Yoghurt
    • Favourite Fruits
    • Honey
    • Chia Seeds
    • Sunflower Seeds

    For this snack I got a big old tub of Natural Greek Yoghurt and popped a few spoons into a little jar I have. Then I threw in some blueberries, kiwi and chia seeds. 

    I sealed up the jar and left it in the fridge over night.

    Around 11am I took this bad boy out, threw in a handful of Sunflower Seeds, drizzle of honey and my god - delicious! The lovely cold yoghurt was so refreshing, the burst of fruits provided just enough sweet for someone who isn’t the biggest sweet tooth BUT the Sunflower Seeds took this snack to the next level for me.

    I love crunch, stick a bag of Doritos in front of my and I am done. 

    Trying to find healthy replacements for those textures is really important to me because I don’t want to miss out on everything I love about food for the sake of being health

    There you go, healthy snack idea and first food post so far. 

    Like I said, hardly rocket science but if you think there is a benefit from getting general food ideas from a random who is figuring it out like you might be, let me know. 

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