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  • bisexualreginaldpeters
    19.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    by most counts reggie peters considers himself a lucky person. he’s in a rocking band doing what he loves with the people he loves, he got play the biggest gig of his dreams, even dying and becoming a ghost didn’t end up being the worst thing for him. so yeah, reggie thinks he’s a pretty lucky guy expect for one thing. he has a very big, very alex mercer shaped problem and typically it’s not that big of a deal, he’s manged five years of his life content in silent longing and he’s managed another 25 years of his afterlife of it too (granted he wasn’t really aware of anything besides blind panic for those years but he’s still counting it). honestly he figured he had the rest of forever as a ghost to get over it, but then again he thought he had the rest of high school to get over it and now he’s soul bounded to his crush so that complicates things by a lot. but who could blame him? alex is a lot of things. funny and witty and handsome and caring and understanding and absolutely killer on the drums. honestly the only thing reggie loves as much as he loves alex is his bass. oh and alex’s new ghost boyfriend who has turned the whole thing into a double problem because reggie shouldn’t be in love with his best friend and he definitely should not be in love with his best friend’s boyfriend. that goes against like several different bro code rules and usually reggie could just distance his feelings with terrible flirting towards strangers expect he can’t now because the whole ghost thing kinda puts a halt on his lame pick up lines. unless he wants flirt with luke who probably wouldn’t even notice cause luke has chemistry with everyone and doesn’t even realize it. (then again if luke proving he has chemistry with everyone taught reggie anything it’s he really shouldn’t test fate by adding fuel to the fire that is his friend dynamic. really there’s only one thing reggie can do and that’s distract himself with his bass, that is, if he can stop zoning out and day dreaming so much because the idea of alexandwillie becoming alexandwillieandreggie is even more unbelievable than coming back as a ghost.

    #an excerpt from a fic i might or might not ever write #but wanted post this bit anyways #yes im still on my reggie alex willie ship kick its cute and heals my heart okay i need it rn #pry ralex from my cold dead hands etc #julie and the phantoms #jatp#reggie peters#alex mercer#willie jatp#ralex jatp
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  • fairylightsandrainydays
    19.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Hands Up If You Can See: A JaTP SMAU

    Bonus Part Eight!

    by @sunsetphantom and @fairylightsandrainydays

    Masterlist here!

    Taglist (ask to be added/removed) under the cut!

    @c-a-s-t-i-e-l @malecacidd @radio-silences @sunshine-stars @sapphossidechick @pineappletheatrekid @julieandthequeers @cucumbers-and-olives @homeinabookshelf @adhd-disaster-willie @angelwiththeblue-box @sunsetcurve123 @understandably-odd @demon-babies @cinnamonstickrayofsunlight @on-irratia @kybee1497 @angela-feelstoomuch @octopipeline @its-raining-frogs @endless-navigator @themongosianhorse @caspianjames @ddepressedbookworm @michelangelinda @nimbus713 @k-padfoot39 @willex-molina @boggie-brainrot @annabelle-grisha-goddess @angelofarts @deelizcious @lupinblacktheone

    #jatp#netflixwewantjatp2 #julie and the phantoms #willex #fics for a rainy day #willie nolastname #willie wilbur williamson #alex mercer#julie molina#luke patterson #bobby bobbert bobberlicious the third #bobby wilson #bisexual reggie peters #boggie#flarrie#flynn jatp#flynn flynnigan
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  • wr0temyway0ut
    19.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    The Spotlight's Your Hiding Place - a JatP SMAU

    Part Twenty-Two: We Are The Champions - Queen

    I've taken my bows And my curtain calls You brought me fame and fortune And everything that goes with it I thank you all But it's been no bed of roses No pleasure cruise I consider it a challenge before The human race And I ain't gonna lose
    We are the champions, my friends



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  • hey-there-juliet
    19.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    (Moodboard by @flynn-taylor)

    • JATP Sci-Fi Week - Day Two: Futuristic Dystopian @jatp-sci-fi-week

    Notes: Again, thank you so much for the absolutely amazing moodboard, Anna! It's simply so beautiful and I love it so much! I'd also like to thank @the-sunshine-queen and @kybee1497 for helping me name the HGC cult, you guys rock! And thank you so much @hufflebibin for checking this over for me! 💚 Now, this is inspired by what happened on the ground after the first Nuclear Apocalypse in The 100. For those of you who know, that's awesome! But if those who don't know, want to, just shoot me an ask and I'll answer to the best of my ability!
    TW: mention of blood, death, and some of the effects of radiation on the human body.

    • hope is in your smile •

    Luke hadn't meant to join a cult. 

    He really hadn't, but the world was falling at the seams, people were running, pushing, and screaming. Someone had grabbed his arm and hauled him towards a bunker before he could even figure out what was going on.

    In short, Los Angeles - and the world - had gone to hell, and for some reason the Hollywood Ground Collective (aka the cult he accidentally joined) had not only known about it, but prepared for it.

    He tried not to think about the fact that his parents had been out there, somewhere, probably fruitlessly searching for him. He'd seen the missing posters, but he tried not to think about that either. 

    Instead, he did what he'd always done: he turned to music. Thank God he had his guitar and journal with him when everything went down. For two years, Luke tried to keep everyone's spirits up. He wrote, sang, and played. He had even made friends who had also accidentally joined the cult, Alex and Reggie (and, in Reggie's defense, the "Hollywood Ground Collective" did sound like a nature explorer group).

    Unfortunately, after two years of being stuck in a bunker, things were bound to start going south. The food supply was running out, the medicine was almost nonexistent, tempers were growing short, and worse: people were starting to give up.

    At last, Covington, the cult's leader, decided it was time to go outside. Much to Reggie and Alex's distress, Luke agreed to join him, along with a few others. He wasn't prone to standing still and, after two years of being stuck in one place, he really needed to get out; even if it could be the last thing he ever did.

    He hugged his friends goodbye, just in case, and put on one of the hazmat suits the HGC had had the forethought of storing.

    The ground outside was… wow. A bad wow. The surface was still brimming with radiation, the weather was absolutely insane, and the sky… Well, needless to say he didn't think it should be that color. Most of the buildings around them were destroyed; some looked like they had been ripped straight off the ground. Right in front of them, the rubble was piled up so high, he could barely see the other side.

    Outside the building that held the cult's bunker, a few of the letters hadn't survived:

    Ho ly     Ground Collective

    Covington's voice came through the comms then, "Let's move, everyone."

    "What are we looking for, exactly?" Lessa, one of the women who'd accompanied them, asked.

    "Guess we'll know it when we see it?" Luke shrugged, following Caleb and the others as they started to climb the mountain of rubble before them.

    Once he reached the top, Luke's heart plummeted down to his stomach. Everything he'd been trying so hard to ignore about the end of the world was staring him right in the face as people - actual, alive people - crawled and stumbled in front of him. They looked dazed and confused, covered in soot, ashes, and bruises. Some were bleeding from horrifying blisters on their skin, skin that at times looked like it had melted right off their bones. 

    It took everything he had not to throw up.

    And then, out of the ashes like a Phoenix, there was her.

    She wasn't wearing a hazmat suit, her clothes were dirty and ragged like most of the others, but her brown skin was clear of blisters. Her eyes were kind and focused as she walked amongst the others, directing them to what looked like a space shuttle to the far right.

    Luke didn't know what was going on. That had been the story of his life for the last two years and it seemed like it was going to continue like that for a while longer. 

    There was a buzz in his ears, the others discussing what to do next, but he couldn't bring himself to pay attention, his eyes fixed on her. He noticed the moment she'd spotted them, standing on top of all that rubble in their blue hazmat suits. Her eyes widened in surprise, and then she smiled. A bright, blinding smile that had no place at the end of the world. She waved, beckoning them closer, and Luke didn't need any more incentive to stumble his way down to her.

    Yeah, the world had gone to shit. All around him, people were dying; who knew how many more had died in the last couple of years. He would probably never see his parents again, and everything he'd ever known had disappeared. 

    He came to a stop before her and, with a smile, she offered him a hand.


    He just stood there for a moment, unable to look away from this miracle girl in front of him, standing perfectly fine even as everything else fell to pieces around them. His heart skipped a beat and something stirred inside of him; a feeling that had grown dull during his time in the bunker. It took him a minute, but as he reached a gloved hand to accept hers, he finally recognized it.



    tag list: @williexmercer @sunsetcurbed @angelofarts @emeraldrain55 @burntchromas @itsthebooks @flynn-taylor @kybee1497 @jatpfs

    #jatp sci fi week #jatp sci fi week futuristic dystopian #jatp #julie and the phantoms #jatp au#fanfic#mine#julie molina#juke#luke patterson#reggie peters#alex mercer#caleb Covington#HGC
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  • trafficlightsaysidk
    19.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Reggie: So I said to myself: Kyle-

    Julie: Wait, Kyle?

    Reggie: That's what I call myself.

    #jatp #jatp incorrect quotes #reggie peters#julie molina #source: boy meets world
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  • angelofarts
    19.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Dear Future Husband I Just Want You to Dance With Me Tonight

    “It is KARAOKE DAY,” Flynn announced in lieu of a greeting when Julie closed her locker. Julie snorted and picked up her backpack.

    “Hi, Flynn, and how are you today?” she said wryly, looping her arm through Carrie’s. Carrie snorted and continued to type on her phone.

    Part of the ongoing effort to update everyone on my recent fics - read it here. Tag list under the cut - ask to be added or removed. 

    @kybee1497 @futurearchaeologyprof @flynn-taylor @valiantlyweepingdreamer @fairylightsandrainydays @willexmagic @leafygween @hey-there-juliet @fireflyingaway @sunsetphantom @kennysbirthday @cucumbers-and-olives @williexmercer @michelangelindraws @sunsetcurbed  @waiting-for-my-hogwarts-letter @sapphossidechick​ @fandomscraziness22​ 

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  • bisexualreginaldpeters
    19.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    my favorite ship is alex/reggie and alex/willie/reggie and i really doomed myself with that cause they have so little fanfare. like i rarely see much for them at most it seems majority are just in neutral agreement that it’s cute and move on. cause?? where are the fanarts??? the fics???? the headcanons?????where are they hiding!!!!! like y’all i need context please i’m begging !!!

    #like someone please show me where it is at cause im searching and not finding much #maybe im not looking in right spots. anyone wanna help me out here #:// #my posts on them get the least amount of notes #which wont stop me from mentioning them i enjoy the ships too much #but like... #wish i saw more for them #its no biggie tho #sometimes you gotta make the content you wanna see #jatp#alex mercer#reggie peters
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  • tylerprendergast
    19.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    I Live Freely In Shadows - JATP SMAU (Love, Simon AU) Profiles 1

    This is my first smau, so I'm a little nervous, but here we go.

    If you want a fully fleshed out version, you can check out the summary I did here. It's possible not every plot point from there will make it into this au, but it's a good base.

    Important things to note:

    Alex is not publically out in this au

    Possible triggers for this au: homophobia, internalized homophobia, conversations and mentions of abusive parents, mentions of being outted

    Reggie is apart of the Molina household

    Juke, Flarrie, and Boggie are all established. Willex is endgame

    If you would like to be tagged, let me know.

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  • justxfolio
    19.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    JATP is trending on Netflix in multiples countries including:





    •New Zealand

    •Czech Republic

    •Costa Rica




    •Dominican Republic

    Credits to: adultsandthephantoms (on IG)

    Good job, phantoms! Keep Streaming<3

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  • justxfolio
    19.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Jatp is trending on Netflix!!🤧

    Credits to: authorheathernovak (on IG)

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  • hey-there-juliet
    19.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    (Moodboard by @flynn-taylor)

    • JATP Sci-Fi Week - Day One: Futuristic @jatp-sci-fi-week

    Notes: Thank you so much Anna for the absolutely gorgeous moodboard, I love it so much!! And thank you @the-sunshine-queen for helping me come up with the stuff's names, lol. Also thanks to all the scientists and tech nerds I bothered with this, as well as @cucumbers-and-olives for checking this over for me! 💜 Btw, this is just the concept of a story I'll probably never write.

    • i think there's a flaw in my code •

    While recovering from the consequences of humanity's carelessness, and after barely avoiding destroying their planet's environment, the world is in desperate need for a change.

    Seizing the opportunity, renowned scientist Dr. Caleb Covington presents his solution: Mechalives. A fusion of genetic engineering and nanotechnology, along with the most advanced artificial intelligence ever seen, that promises to not only extend human lives, but to better them and the world.

    The process was supposed to be simple: on their twenty-fifth birthday, everyone goes through The Transfer. The human consciousness is transferred to an identical-looking, genetically engineered robot-clone. The flesh body is discarded, and the person goes on to live a normal, if extended and illness-free, life.

    And for the first thirteen years, it worked. Nature was once more thriving; pollution and human waste had lessened significantly, and the environment was on its way to a full recovery. Plans were even set in motion to spread humanity throughout the galaxy in order to avoid overpopulation. Everything was going smoothly, much to Dr. Covington's delight. 

    Until it wasn't.

    Throughout the years, the Mecha artificial intelligence technology advanced more than anyone thought possible. A few Mechalives started developing certain abilities, something in the combination between human consciousness and technology that allowed them powers never seen before: flying, telekinesis, control over the elements, among others.

    The people panicked, torn between demanding equal powers and fear of the new life form amongst them. From then on, the newly named Mecha-Advanced Living Intelligence (M-A.L.I.) were to be registered and their powers cataloged into ten different levels of danger categories.

    As a Level 8 M-ALI, Julie spent her whole mecha-life being watched. She was used to keeping her head down and not going out of her way to bring attention to herself. She'd been lucky enough that the scientists in charge of her case had deemed her peaceful enough to be released back into society after her powers had manifested. Others, she knew, weren't so lucky.

    And so Julie had no plans of doing anything that might send her back to the Mecha Detention Center. She also had no plans of finding three Level 10 M-ALIs escapees hiding out in her garage, but her luck was bound to run out at some point.


    tag list: @williexmercer @sunsetcurbed @angelofarts @emeraldrain55 @burntchromas @itsthebooks @flynn-taylor @kybee1497 @jatpfs

    #jatp sci fi week #jatp sci fi week futuristic #jatp #julie and the Phantoms #jatp fic au #fanfic#julie molina#luke patterson#juke#mine#prompt #i guess? #idk where this is going #reggie peters#alex mercer#sunset curve#jatpscifiweek
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  • latinposeidon
    19.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Reggie has restless legs syndrome and no I’m not projecting in the slightest

    #no comments allowed from the beesteas >:((( /lh /j #yeah I just spent the last like half hour researching rls instead of sleeping #I very much thought it was normal for your legs to be in a constant state of discomfort and/or pain when you’re trying to sleep 🧍🏼 #if not normal I just went ‘oh it’s probably adhd’ #then I researched it and I’m /not wrong/ coz apparently people with rls are twice as likely to have adhd #and that my anxiety medication is used to help the symptoms so uhhh that’s convenient #so that was my fun crisis of the morning hopefully I won’t have any more because my sleep has been shit recently and I don’t like it #I also realised that the paracetamol I bought is the big circles you break in half so I’m gonna be switching them out for my mum’s stash #it’s the advantage of having a mum with a lot of health issues - you have a lot of paracetamol #very very thin silver linings #especially since I’m not going home until friday #so yeah that’s another late night personal problems tag rant - health edition #julie and the phantoms #jatp#reggie peters
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  • psyduckappears
    19.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    A Shadow Passed

    All things he ever lived are left behind All the fears that ever flickered through his mind All the sadness that he'd come to own
    Emily will never forget the day life froze because she will never leave it.
    or: the Pattersons bury their son (and two other kids because their parents are shit)

    read on ao3

    #i have no regrets #angst no happy ending #emily patterson#luke patterson#jatp fic#my fic#jatp #julie and the phantoms #reggie peters#alex mercer
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  • readyrogueone
    18.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    I bought them both (for myself) and my 9-year old promptly swiped them to read so I guess that’s still a win right??

    #julie and the phantoms #the edge of great #whatever happens#julie molina#luke patterson#reggie peters#alex mercer #Netflix is the worst
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  • latinposeidon
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I literally can’t stop thinking about YGNTL. Everything Caleb promised the boys before they went onstage didn’t happen. He told Alex that Willie would be there, but we don’t get so much as a reaction shot from them. He told Reggie they could be together, but it’s the first time in the show where they appear one by one instead of all together.

    And he told Luke that the crowd knew they were ghosts and loved them for it. Then he made him indistinguishable from a lifer. Reggie and Alex got the unmistakably magical entrance, but Luke just walked onstage. The crowd’s only there to see ghosts, they wouldn’t care about some random guy.

    He’s dangling the things they want in front of them but refusing to follow through on them. He’s showing them that their ability to get what they want completely depends on him. If they take the deal, they can get what he promised. Alex can be with Willie, the band can genuinely stay together, and the crowd can love Luke. But they haven’t taken it yet. He shows them what they don’t have to make them want it that much more.

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  • dragcnbreak
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    girl help i imagined ray finding out reggie can’t do his own laundry so he teaches him how and reggie is so proud of himself when he does it by himself for the first time

    #image#mine#meme#reggie peters#jeremy shada #reggie is soooo adhd #my dearly beloved #julie and the phantoms #jatp #netflix original series #netflix#non-binary#nonbinary#bisexual#adhd#neurodivergent#neurodiversity#headcanon #but also real in MY brain #religion mention#ray molina #reggie is a molina in my brain also
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  • theartfulv
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    It’s JATP SCI-FI WEEK!!!!

    Here’s what I made for today’s prompt: Futuristic! Ahhhh I had so much fun drawing this and creating concepts for each of the prompts! I’m super exited to share them!


    Edit: Tumblr really said “Quality? No ❤️”

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  • thunder-at-dawn
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    #WHAT #reggie peters actor in cookie run what will he do #random stuff from dawn
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  • jatp-fandom-hub
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    JATP Fandom Current Events - Oct. 18 to 24, 2021

    Here’s a quick list of what’s happening in the JATP fandom this week!

    JATP Sci-Fi Week (October 18th to 24th)

    The JATP Fantom Awards are accepting nominations until October 30th!

    Phantomtober (October 1st to 31st)

    Coming soon:

    Willex Week 2: Electric Boogaloo (October 25th to October 31st)

    The JATP Angstravaganza (November 7th to 13th)

    JATP Citrus Fest (November 7th to 14th)

    JATP Craft Week (November 15th to 21st)

    For a full list of upcoming events, check out the JATP Fandom Hub (navigation page here, calendar here). You can submit new events/projects or updates about existing events at any time, and if you have any questions, check our FAQ!

    Please signal boost to spread the word!

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  • im-swimming
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sometimes I just think about how they all just? Care so much about eachother and it hurts?

    Like the boys know eachother so well they’re able to joke about serious topics and push eachother around all the time knowing it won’t seriously get to them. They know it’s a joke. Yet when not paling around, Luke would go to war for the boys and Julie, Reggie can tell within seconds what’s going on with Alex just by his look alone, Alex is there to give a word of logic if anyone is freaking out to much. Julie? We really need to talk about Julie and the boys more because for all they did for her, she did SO much for them in return that all started with letting them stay in the studio, Alex really meant it when he told her she’s the best thing that’s happened since they became ghosts and just the hug and I’m

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