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    Sunrise for January 27, 2022 at 08:39AM! The day's High is 11F with a Low of 3F. Current conditions are Fair.

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    thinking about being insufferable and reentering my heathers phase

    #crasey.txt #alternatively i could bypass that and begin a 'mean girls' phase #but the only songs in the musical that really jive with me are regina's #whereas i really am about the entirety of heathers #listen......... i just think that fictional mean girls......... #wow
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    The Chronicles of the Dark One: Family Bonds

    Chapter 40: Concerning the Evil Queen

    The Curse of the Empty-Hearted…Regina's way of killing two birds with one stone. It perfectly fit her motivation, goals, and even the damn ingredients!

    The Curse of the Empty-Hearted could empty the victim's heart of all love, passion, and emotion, enabling it to be filled up with whatever the caster desired. The Curse was so strong it could change the victim's personality entirely if done correctly, making them completely unrecognizable. They could be overpowered by lust, adoration, vengeance…hell, one Dark One had memories of a man using it to make his wife share his love of making shoes when she wasn't happy in their marriage. He had a feeling he knew exactly how Regina was going to use a Curse like that, and it wasn't to make Henry present her with a new pair of wooden clogs.

    David was curious, asking him question after question, but he shook his head. He could waste his time explaining it to David now and then go back and do it over again with Emma or…

    He returned them to the apartment with a wave of magic. Henry wasn't in sight anymore, but Emma appeared to be cleaning up breakfast, and Mary Margaret…well, she was still folded in the bed under blankets, rolling about as if she couldn't get comfortable. He couldn't blame her; the idea of this Curse made him uncomfortable. It was Dark Magic, and he was the Dark One, but it still made him dreadfully uneasy. That said something.

    "Where's Henry?" David asked.

    "Upstairs," Emma answered. "I sent him to pack a bag. I called Neal. He can keep him for a while until we figure out this Regina thing.

    His stomach turned. Neal…otherwise known as Baelfire. His son would be with Henry when he suspected Henry was the target that Regina was after. That was exactly what he hadn't wanted to happen. He was going to have to work quickly.

    "No change?" David inquired, taking off his jacket and casting a glance at Mary Margaret.

    "Nope. Not a peep," his daughter confirmed. "Tried to get her to eat again with some toast, and she wasn't having it. How about you two? What did you learn?"

    "Regina was gone by the time we got to the mausoleum, but…we were able to figure out her plan and-"

    "Correction. I was able to figure out her plan," he stated, wanting all to hear it, including the Dark Ones in his head and the magic in the realm that bound him to Mary Margaret. He wanted all to know that he'd fulfilled David's set terms for his debt so he could get to his son. The only problem was that even as he said it, he suspected the universe didn't buy it. That was a shame.

    "Regina intends to enact an old curse using Dark Magic. It's called the Curse of the Empty-Hearted."

    "The Curse of the Empty-Hearted," Emma parroted. "What the hell does that do?"

    "In theory, it has the power to make someone love you."

    "Doesn't that break magic laws?" Emma argued. "You can't bring someone back to life. You can't force someone to love you…"

    Well…how about that…perhaps someone had purchased a copy of "Magic for Dummies." She'd probably only made it through the introduction, but she had to start somewhere, he supposed.

    "This particular spell can make someone think they love you. And if you're as desperate for love as Regina appears to be, you just might believe it."

    "She's using it on me, isn't she?" He turned at the sound coming from above and descending just over his shoulder. Henry, coming down the steps.

    "Hey buddy, why don't you go back upstairs? Let us handle this," David practically cooed, taking off to meet the boy and block his path.

    "No!" the boy shouted, pushing past David and going to Emma. "Emma, you said you were going to be honest with me. Now, why is Regina using this curse?"

    "Because it's the only way she can get everything she wants. That she can get you," he answered before Emma could decide to let him stay or go back upstairs. A foolish and pointless decision, really. The apartment had a loft, not a spare bedroom. Upstairs or not, he'd be able to hear everything. He may as well know. Knowledge was just as powerful as magic in some cases; the boy needed that defense. A week ago, he might have argued that point. Now, he didn't want to say anything that might make anyone think he would lay claim to Henry. Just because they were blood didn't mean he was ready to hold hands with them and call them all family as they all seemed so willing to do. Fortunately, neither was Henry, it seemed.

    "But if all she wants is me…"

    "Your mother is a complicated woman," he insisted before he could finish. "She wants your love, of course, but she also wants vengeance…on Mary Margaret." He glanced over his shoulder at the woman who had stilled and wasn't even trying to sleep or look like she was pretending to sleep. Her eyes were open. She was listening. He didn't know if that was a bad thing or a good sign.

    "How does the curse give her both?" David asked.

    "Because the last ingredient she needs to enact the curse is the heart of the person she hates the most."

    At this moment, and for most of them before, it was Mary Margaret. Ironically enough, if he had to pick a person it would have been before Mary Margaret, it would have been Cora. Irony was a bitch.

    "You have to stop her," Emma blanched before him.

    "Oh, I don't have to do anything," he chuckled.

    He didn't like being told what to do, especially when there were things he felt he needed to do more. If Neal intended to watch Henry during all this, then he needed to figure out some way to be with him, to protect him from Regina. He had no doubt Regina would kill to get what she wanted, and Baelfire meant nothing to her. He couldn't let her get between them. He'd fulfilled David's request; he'd figured out what she was up to and thus "helped" to stop her already. Besides, if they wanted him to "stop" Regina, right here, right now, permanently…there was only one way he could think that he'd do it, and he very much so doubted that everyone would be in agreement on his method.

    "On the contrary, I believe warning you fulfills my debt."

    "Not even close!" David roared, taking a step closer. "This is my wife's life we're talking about."

    "Not to mention your grandson's!" Emma countered.

    "Well, wars have costs," he muttered, glancing in Henry's direction, unable to meet his gaze.

    "Nice," Emma exclaimed, the word dripping with disappointment and sarcasm.

    "Well, this is a blood feud, dearie, one that goes back a long time," he pointed out. "And the only way you can end a blood feud is by the spilling of more blood. That is the only way I know to eliminate your Regina problem."

    "How, by killing her?" David correctly interpreted. The silence in the room was deafening as Emma looked between her father and him.

    "Is there no other option?" she breathed with something like astonishment in her voice, as if she couldn't believe it had come down to this. He understood the feeling. Frankly, he was shocked that she hadn't realized it would all come down to this. Hadn't she ever read fairy tales as a child? How often did the villains escape unscathed? Almost never. Such was the role they played. Heroes won. Villains were defeated.

    "I'm afraid not," he answered honestly. If he thought they had time, if he thought there was a day or two or three, he might be able to devise a plan or even carry out the one he and David had made to trap Regina in the jail cell until they had a plan. But on such short notice and desperate as they were…this was all they could do. Eliminate the problem before it eliminated-

    "Stop!" Henry yelled, stepping into the center of the triangle they formed. "Listen to yourselves! You're talking about killing my mom! You used to be heroes," he stated suddenly, turning his gaze to David and then to Emma. "What happened to you?"

    The girl was stumped. Emma stood there gaping at the question, mouth opening and closing soundlessly before Henry shook his head and then fled the apartment leaving the door ajar.

    "Henry…" Emma sighed, picking up her jacket to rush after him. "No matter how this plays out, we need to keep him as far away from it as possible," she said, glancing over her shoulder at David before she too left the apartment after her son. All things considered, it was a smart move. The Curse of the Empty-Hearted was something that had to be drunk, which meant that in order to enact it, in the end, Regina had to get her hands on Henry. He had no doubt that somewhere, Regina was lying in wait, preparing for just the right moment when the boy was capable of being snatched away. She wouldn't hurt the boy, but anyone who was with him…

    "She's right," he confirmed, looking at David, "Cora was more dangerous because she didn't have a heart. Regina is even more dangerous because she does."

    David nodded with determination. "So we stop her, whatever the cost."

    "You stop her," he corrected, heading for the door.

    "We," David stated behind him, firmly enough to make him stop in his tracks. He had to chuckle. He just wasn't getting this.

    "If you think I'm about to leave the boy Regina wants most in the hands of my son…my non-magical son whom I've just been reunited with-"

    "You haven't done much reuniting since you got back, not according to Emma."

    "And if I want to do it after today, then I've got to make sure he remains alive and well."

    "So, think of a way that we can all get what we want. Think like Regina! You know her, you know magic, and sometimes I think you know more about us than we do about ourselves! How do we do this? How do we keep Henry and Neal safe, Mary Margaret alive, and defeat Regina?!"

    He didn't give him an option. He advanced on him with such force that he could see there was no getting out of the room without providing an answer. And he meant that potentially literally. He wanted to leave, he wanted to disappear and leave all of this behind, but magic…it bound him, forced him to stay right where he was. He'd been afraid of that. As far as the magic in him was concerned, the debt that he owed Mary Margaret was not yet paid. He wouldn't be free to leave until he was released from it either by Mary Margaret or Regina's death.


    Knowing that…then he had to do precisely what David suggested. What was the quickest way to protect Mary Margaret and Henry? Kill Regina. How were they supposed to find her to do that? For that, he had to think like Regina.

    "Find her and stop her," he commanded. "She'll be keeping to the shadows, hiding from you. She won't want to cause a scene lest she draw your attention to her."

    "Drawing a scene sounds more like her style."

    He gave a slight shake of his head. "Only when she's being dramatic. She learns from her mistakes…"

    And she'll have learned from last time that if she stood any chance at defeating them, then her best bet was to avoid drama and simply get the job done. The good thing about that was that it was predictable. It meant that there would be certain situations that were safer than others. That meant this was doable. With the right people in certain places, this was very workable.

    "Tell Emma and Bae to keep Henry with them somewhere public, with lots of people until all this passes; indoors is best."

    "Emma should stay with them."

    "She may not know how to use her magic, but Regina knows she has it. She'll act as an extra deterrent for Regina." And extra protection for his son.

    "And then?"

    "I stay here to guard your wife…" he answered bleakly. It wasn't exactly what he wanted to be doing but all things considered, Mary Margaret would be the first target and the weakest point in this plan. So long as Mary Margaret was protected, there was no need to keep Henry safe. Regina would come here first. And she did learn from her past, which meant that she wouldn't dare try to cross him. "She'll need her heart at some point if she wants to create the curse."

    "And me…"

    He smirked. This was where it got interesting. He was willing to sit here and protect Mary Margaret, but it was just as he'd said earlier. It was a blood feud between two families, and he had no reason nor desire to involve himself in that, especially with his son in town and somewhere safe. Which meant it wasn't for him to step in or take care of their dirty work. That part was on him.

    "Well, you'll do what we spoke of earlier…you'll stop her," he pointed out.

    David set his face and reached into his pocket. "Why do I get the feeling that you don't mean with this?" he asked, pulling the vial he'd given him before they'd gone to the tomb free from his pocket.

    He plucked it from his hand and pocketed it. It wasn't going to help him. If anything, it would hurt him. Sure, the potion would work, Regina would be stiff as a board, but then what. Emma didn't know how to use whatever power she had. They couldn't transport her while she was like that, and the spell would wear off eventually. He didn't see David or Emma being willing to kill the Evil Queen while she was powerless like that, tempting as it might have been. He could give them the entrapment potion he had, they could get blood from her and make it work, but they'd never get her back to the jail before the other potion wore off. And they could give her the potion to weaken her magic, but even Regina's weakened magic against the pair of them would be no match. So, where magic failed, brutality would have to do.

    "What was it you said at the shop? A bullet will slow anyone down if aimed just right?"

    "You said magic was more effective than a bullet."

    "Indeed, I did. But I believe I also said 'in certain cases.' The circumstances have changed since I said that. So now, my advice is this…aim carefully, Charming."

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    Ivan Alexander jr - let make suicide rounder- do we not get a choice when WE want to leave this earth !?

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    Costumes + Once Upon A Time

    Regina Mills’ black & silver outfit in Season 03, Episode 12, 13 & 14.

    #Once Upon A Time #Once Upon A Time Universe #Regina Mills #The Evil Queen #costume drama#costumes#costumesource#Fantasy#black#silver#Enchanted Forest
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    damn this community can be so mean 😭

    #someone people need to stop using those regina george - esque affs #and stop looking up to ppl like jennifer check and maddy perez cause #we can tell
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    chapter iii. novocaine

    pairing: grunge kid!yeonjun ✗ art student/painter!fem.reader

    synopsis: you’re an out-of-place art student living in your childhood hometown, pursuing your dream of becoming a painter. one day, you were given a mysterious responsibility as you try to not get your childhood best friend killed

    genre: coming of age, college/university au, childhood best friend au, supernatural au, angst, fluff, mature content (sensitive topics and eventual smut)

    based on: video game life is strange (2013)

    word count: 7686

    taglist? right here

    warning(s): bullying, mention of bruises and blood, missing person, mention of drugs and drug abuse, mention of car accident, mention of parental figure abuse, trauma (if i forgot some, let me know)

    message from the moon: remember that this story is fiction. do be careful and read the warnings at the top as both the chapter and the series as a whole will contain serious and sensitive topics.

    thank you for the love that you give to time wave and as i promised in one of my reblogs and the series masterlist, you can now access beyond the wave and be able to interact with the characters! happy reading and hope you enjoy :D


    one week has passed since that faithful, well, determined day when you reunited with your childhood best friend choi yeonjun. you've met him one more time since that, mostly talked about what you both did in your school years and how your childhood friends are doing. but one thing is for sure that makes you curious.

    who is that other person that was with him?

    when you heard him hesitating back in his room, all you want to do was to comfort him. yet, because of your academic and introverted nature, a complete 180 difference between you and him, you haven't been there with him. receiving a few drunk texts from 'your best boy, yeonjun', even phone calls when you were trying to paint your newest creation that you're going to post to your gallery where you either heard silence or trembling of bass from his end.

    but, most of your days now have been even more interesting than the ones before, especially with your newfound power of time manipulation that you're scared to use on a bigger scale. you've trained your powers by yourself, usually with rewinding if you have painted on the wrong part of your canvas or watercolor paper. you have gained a bit of control of the power that you have. nevertheless, it's still a mystery as to why and how you gain it.

    you have been keeping it to yourself, scared that if you tell people either they called you crazy or use you in some way. the belief of yours for being a reserved kind of person is being challenged with having the power to change everything just by opening your palm and getting into a certain mindset.

    faded bustling noises came to your ears as you sober up from your thoughts, professor park's voice booming from the center of the room as the class listen to the topic for today, your favorite art movements: impressionism and post-impressionism. seeing all the painters that inspired your art on the screen as the light from the projector above you shines. monet, renoir, morisot, cassatt, van gogh, picasso, munch, the list goes on as he tells the class what is unique about the movement, which you nod at slowly.

    "i have seen a few of the students in this class that have a few impressionist tendencies in their art style." professor park said as his eyes landed on you. you quickly look away to find karin gazing at you with a blaze inside her eyes. forcing your eyes to turn away in horror to then see herin look at you, her eyebrows furrowed. the class continues. more crumpled paper coming from your left to herin as the snickers that you have recognized as karin, elle, and yizhuo continues. a few times you catch them glancing towards you as well as park and herin who looked between you and the other two. you sit there still, trying to focus on the presentation instead of their shenanigan.

    why did you suddenly show up on the three girls' radar?

    his alarm rings as everyone scrambles outside, you sat there as you collect your things back into your bag, noticing karin walking up to park and talk to him, hearing her giggle, and both walk outside the room together. herin is still in the room writing in a small notebook, seeing the crumpled paper balls scattered around her. remembering what she experienced today and the days before when you see her looking down, you approach her.

    "hi herin." you smiled warmly. herin looks up and her lips curve up a bit. "hello." she replied. "what are you doing?" you asked curiously. she looks down seeing that her notebook is still open. "oh... it's just... something i came up with."

    you see the words and structure as it resembles poetry. writings that mention family and home, describing them in beautiful words and analogies. now covered by her hand.

    you replied, "ah... do, do you want to stay here or are you leav-."

    "i'm leaving... later... i guess." her hand still covers the open book.

    "well, we can go together! if you want, i mean," you exclaimed, feeling the awkwardness in the room as you rest your hand behind you.

    "we can?" she looked surprised and you answered with a nod, giving a warm smile.

    "you don't have t-." "sure, let me clean up." your eyes widen hearing her answer quietly but excitedly.

    the two of you walk along the campus grounds to your residence hall, just now knowing she lives on another floor of your building. you see people having fun around you, some play frisbee, some just lay down and chat, walking past the alley entrance that you usually go through, the same alley that you encountered yeonjun and your power. you took a glance at herin who looks around the perimeters, looking sullen.

    "i didn't mean to peek back in class, but..." you see her head tilt towards you as she heard your words, the steps that you both took flatter yet still consistent. "your poem's nice." you continued. she raised her eyebrows and her eyes move frantically, "uh... well... thank you... i didn't mean to show it."

    "no, it's my fault. if i can erase it from my head, i will do it." you blurted out and she chuckles at hearing your almost nonsense. you feel your face warm as the words register in your brain. "s-sorry. perks from my social awkwardness." you looked to your feet and how they take the steps forward.

    "i can relate," she replied. you both continue on your way when she suddenly continues the conversation. "the poem is about me missing home." you pouted as you look at her now looking at you as well. "i've been writing poems like how others write diaries. poems, for me, convey emotions much more properly." you heard her sigh and look away, her shoulder slouched.

    "i miss my family, my friends, my dog, i just miss them, you know. i feel estranged here and i want them to comfort me." she pulls her cardigan sleeves down her wrist as a small breeze flew in the area.

    you became acquainted with herin back when you enroll as you both were in the same orientation group. even though you both aren't close, she was a bright kid back then, very friendly, very innocent, maybe too innocent. however, you felt how she exuded positivity back then and how she became the mood maker of your orientation group. then, it slowly fades away as negativity takes place.

    "i miss my family too." your answer made her look back towards you. "oh... i thought you were from haeyang." she replied, remembering that back in the orientation when you introduce yourselves and where you come from. your answer back then is haeyang as you didn't feel at home back in the city you lived in before coming here.

    "i, i used to live in haeyang in my childhood and i moved away, then i come back to haeyang for college but my family didn't come back with me. so..." you straighten it out to her. she nods and gave you a warm smile. the sight of both of your residence hall building a few meters away from where you at and you both move closer until arriving at the front.

    "we're here." she exclaimed and you replied with a smile. "you can go back in. i have something to do off-campus," you said to her. she replied with a tight smile yet gave a thumbs up, earning a chuckle from you. you both wave goodbye as she goes into the building. as you face away to go off-campus, you see karin, elle, and yizhuo on their way towards you. you stride forward, not giving any care, then you hear her whisper to you as you pass by her.

    "stay away from park." and she chuckles, the steps of their heels walking away.

    you bit your lips and furrowed your eyebrows as you paused, 'don't reply back' was what your mind said but a sudden surge of courage made you talk.

    "hey karin, i just want to say that i don't know what you're talking about."

    you heard the heels stop and turn around, karin is now facing you as she moves forward. "you really didn't know?" she stood in front of you, her arms crossed. you replied with a nod and she scoffed, "do you want to know why we do those stuff to herin?" she chuckle as you look at her with eyebrows raised. she comes closer and whispers.

    "she hooked up with park a few months ago. i saw how her score in his class rose up all of a sudden." your eyes widen as you glance at her. "i've been suspicious of you since last week and before it, if i found out that you did do him, i'll treat you how i treat herin." she then lean back to face you, a smirk forming on her lips.

    "just to let you know, he's mine." and she walked away, leaving you in a pool of confusion deeper.


    "is that all?" you look up from the box filled with an art print of your art and a few small things that you're going to send with a other similar boxes for your customers to the figure in front of you.

    "i hope that's everything done." you replied, the figure hummed and grab the box from you. "i'll send it to the post office after i closed the store." you look up and see min smirks.

    min is your other friend that you're close with. they own a small art shop inherited by their parents who were both artists: painting and photography respectively. you never see them back then as they live outside of haeyang. they're also an alumnus from your institute and you both connected with your love of art, especially cause you bought your supplies from them other than the big convenience store where most of your peers go to. a small, quaint store off-campus but not that far to downtown.

    you trusted them with your secret gallery and pseudonym as they always help you especially when you decided to sell art prints by preparing and sending them. you have been grateful for them ever since they decide to help you.

    "any interesting stories that happened from the last time you came?" min asked as they organize the boxes that they will bring and the supplies that you bought.

    you hummed and replied, "i went to the american-style diner downtown." they swiftly face you, eyes widening. "miss ahn's?" you nodded while squinting your eyes at them.

    "she's my aunt, believe it or not." now is your turn to be stunned. "you never told me." you pouted and cross your arms. "you never asked." you roll your eyes as a small smile appear after they chuckled. "you went there alone or-"

    "with my friend, yeonjun," you replied instantly, earning a gasp from them.

    "choi yeonjun?"

    "yeah, why?" you see them walking closer to you. they chuckled after seemingly recalling their memory.

    "he doesn't look like it but he's a nice kid." they then continued. "he's a regular in my aunt's diner, like an 'i-don't-even-think-he-eats-food-back-home' kind of regular." you stare at them in curiosity. they pushed the paper bag full of supplies towards you. "must be a childhood friend of yours, hm?" you respond with a nod. they look down and smile warmly.

    "recently my aunt has been talking about him with me. she said that he looked different from the past week and weeks before it. now, i realize the reason." they grab one of your hands and put it on the paper bag strap.

    "he's now in joy because of you."


    the handle of the brush caresses the back of your hand as you pouted at the canvas in front of you, the contrast of the warm tone of the paint resembling your room's color with the other cold tone from the same color rested on your palette.

    you decided to paint the vision that you get last week in your room. the horror of seeing your canvas and easel in front of the window that is filled with white and snow. but, instead of being scared by it, you cope with using it as an inspiration for your painting, relating it with the 'beauty in captivity' theme with you painting the view of your canvas, easel, and window in some kind of a replica. the canvas sketched in the canvas painted a normal view of your room and window on a day-to-day basis while the room and window behind said canvas in your work is painted with a cold tone resembling the vision that you got.

    you didn't realize it's almost midnight as you can't see the moon from your open window, almost reaching the center point of the sky. you feel the calluses starting to form on your fingers where your brush sits. your eyes observing the painted colors on the canvas then you got distracted by a frantic set of knocks and a thud. thinking that it was minjeong, you put away your brush and palette and open the door to find,


    "hi, (y/n)..."

    yeonjun in a sleeveless white ac/dc shirt with ripped jeans and chains hanging out the side. his tattoos, big and small, now more prominent, leaning against the wall beside your door. you lean in closer and whispered.

    "what are you doing here?! you're not supposed to be-"

    "let me inside and i will explain what happened." he silently replied as he looks frantically side to side at the open hallway.

    you sighed and widen the door as he limps inside, raising your worry. it rises again as you see bruises formed on both his arm and his lips busted with blood on the corner of his mouth. you quickly guide him to sit on your bed as you grab the first aid kit that you got in your room.

    "speak as slowly as you can cause i have to clean you up and treat your wounds. tell me if it hurts too much," you said calmly as you set everything up and sit beside him.

    "okay, so i was lounging at one of the houses wanting some free booze when that guy that i use to owe a stash of weed from suddenly punched me in the face." your mind immediately resolves to minhyuk as he was the only 'friend' of his you encountered who talk about drugs. you sensed the trace of his 'partying' from the nicotine scent that he gave off.

    "i said to him that i already gave his money back like a few days ago but he still insists that i still owe him, well i know he wants to scam me. so i punched him in ret- shit." he hissed and flinch his arm away.

    "sorry!" you jumped and he giggles. you gestured him to continue while you treat his bruises.

    "i punched him in return cause he punched me first but i’m not lucky cause his friends are there and they start to attack me. i got away but i forgot that i didn't bring my truck today. luckily, the party was at a house near the halls so i went here and suddenly remembers what if i go to your room and i did." he finishes and he looks towards you, who are still taking care of a few of the untreated ones.

    you sighed as you look up toward his face. you use your other hand to set his jaw still so that he faces you, you clean the lips slowly and asked, "how did you know where my room is?"

    he replied, mumbled but you still able to decipher what he said. "you have told me before last time we met but you didn't tell me the room." his nose flared.

    "fortunately, each room has a whiteboard with names on it so i just search for yours and i found it." you see him smirk crookedly from the injury as you let go of his jaw. you crouch to your mini-fridge and grab a cold bottle of water.

    "stick it to your lips to compress it. it will help to stop the swelling." you looked at him worried and he nods as you then clean up the first aid kit. but, you heard knocks on the door again and you heard the familiar voice of your across-door neighbor.

    "(y/n), do you have any tampons or pads? i ran out of them. i want to change it." she continues knocking. you and yeonjun raised your eyebrows as you quickly direct yeonjun to stand up.

    "hide underneath my bed." you quietly said.

    "you don't have any empty clo-"

    "no! hide! don't forget the bottle." you lightly pushed him as he crawls underneath your bed, a light groan coming from his injured body and he grabs the bottle to bring it to him as you stood in front of your door. softly straightening out your clothes and you open the door.

    "sorry for waiting." you replied, giving a small smile. "i'm glad that you're my bestie..." she waltzes in as she heard you chuckle and is on her way to your cabinet when you hear her sniffing.

    "(y/n), do you smoke?" she asked, hands on her waist and eyebrows lifted. you paused as you want to deny, your mind on haywire as you come up for a reasonable answer.

    "w-why do you ask???" you stood still and she sniffs again.

    "i smell nicotine." shoot! that's from yeonjun. you bit your lips as you come up with a somewhat made sense reasoning.

    "i, i, well... y-yes i smoke." she now turns to you in shock and a 'huh' coming with it.

    "i smoke when the, the weather's cold. i-if it's necessary." you chuckled awkwardly when minjeong squints her eyes. you realized that the lie that you told can be easily debunked if she asks where the cigarette or its tray is at.

    "uhuh... you don't look like a smoker to me." she said as she faced the door behind you. "but, your body is yours. so i don't have a right to complain." you let out your breath secretly. "and by the way. you're sleeping late tonight? looks like you haven't painted all of that part." she points at the canvas, you smile as you give a nod and she said her farewell as she walks out of the room. your body limps as the door closes and you heard the quiet laugh coming from the bed as you see yeonjun crawling out.

    "that was one of the funniest things i have ever fucking encountered."

    "shush." you sulked and sit beside yeonjun on the bed as you looked at the swollen lips. "bit better than before, just keep compressing it until the bot-"

    "(y/n), i forgot the pads!"

    minjeong bursts into the room, making you and yeonjun leap on the bed, her eyes landed on the figures before her. all of you in shock. you quietly stood up to grab the pads from your cabinet and give them to her.

    "boys aren't supposed to be on our floor," she whispers.

    "i know," you whispered back.

    "i definitely will be coming back after i change," she replied then she went to the bathroom. you sit awkwardly with yeonjun while he compresses his lips. both of you giggled after that situation. you heard minjeong knocks on the door first before she opens and closes the door behind her, now standing in front of you.

    "so..." she exclaimed.

    yeonjun stood up and said, "i'm yeonjun, y/n's childhood best friend." he let out his unoccupied hand.

    "minjeong, y/n's neighbor and current best friend." she shook his hand and they face you, staring you down. you feel your face warms up as you clear your throat.



    you three had a great time that night. mostly the two of them making fun of you, making you blush so hard, but you're glad that both of your friends click with each other. the painting got abandoned as you three talk while sitting on the floor. then you remind her that she got another practice later in that day, she sighed and went back to her room while yeonjun sleeps over in your bed.

    "she's a nice girl." you heard yeonjun say beside you, facing the ceiling. you hummed and let out your breath as your eyes wander on the room with the moonlight and street lamps illuminating the room from the window.

    "she's the one that you told me back in the truck right? my stepmom's student?" you face him and replied a 'yes'.

    "ahh..." he sighed and you felt him move closer to you and rest his head on your shoulder. you feel your body still and he continues

    "that's why we click. you and my stepmom."

    he then invited you to go somewhere right before falling asleep soundly.

    two days later, the day arrived as you waited in the diner, miss ahn accompanying you after serving for another customer. "i didn't know you're min's aunt." she chuckled.

    "we don't look alike but they look like their mom a lot. they're close to me especially as they see me as a mentor in doing a business. before their parents died, they never told them they identified as non-binary. so min told me and they looked glad that i support them." she looked down, a small smile decorating her face.

    you heard chimes from the bell behind you. you see miss ahn's lifted expression while giving a smile of recognition to a figure who is now standing beside you, grabbing one of your curly fries. yeonjun leans forward wearing a gray graphic tee beneath a black ensemble, black jeans pants, black long sleeves shirt, and black chuck taylors. you sneered as you continue the fries, not noticing that a quiet kitten now rested on top of the barstool beside yours and him.

    "two strawberry donuts on the go, please." yeonjun said.

    "coming," she replied from the sink. you heard a meow coming from beside you, seeing pansy sitting down nicely as she looks at you eating.

    "you brought pansy?" you almost shouted. he giggled and rubs her head. "she misses her mom, you know?"

    "aww..." you cooed as you look at her and her eyes shining as she stares at your fried. "you can't eat potato but you can eat leftover chicken. i'll ask them for you, okay?" she replied with a meow. you looked back at your cat's dad.

    "where are you kidnapping me?" you replied in suspicion before finishing the fries from your hand, you felt his hand rest around your shoulders and he brought his body closer to yours. he leans in and whispers to your ears. "somewhere special, especially to you." you grimaced from the ticklish feeling. he notices and continues blowing the side of your face, making you nudge away, and continue eating your meal.

    after grabbing the donuts and leftover chicken in their respective paper bags, all of you are seated in the truck as it rolls on the street. the lighthouse passing by as the vehicle strides forward, listening to your style of music now instead of his which he allowed, rubbing pansy who sat on top of your lap. the streets becomes familiar as you look through the window in front and beside yours.

    "are we going to your house?" you took a glance at him and sit up. he shooked his head just as the truck went by the way to his house, going a few blocks and turning an intersection, an intersection that you are familiar with.

    "no way." you cover your mouth after gasping. the truck slows down as it stills in front of a house, the house that used to be your home before you moved. you heard the truck stop and yeonjun opening his door. "what are you waiting for? let's go."

    "are you serious? we're visiting..." you looked out of the window, feeling your eyes starting to water as you felt pansy rubbing her head against your hand that rested beside her. he hums in agreement. you open your side of the door and stand up as yeonjun picks pansy up along with the paper bags. you stood at the carpool that your dad's car used to park at. the exterior color still looks the same but aged with cracks on the wall and vines covering some parts of it.

    "isn't someone living in here?" you asked hesitantly. you see yeonjun shook his head then you replied, "how would you know?" he lets pansy down and she walks to the front of the door. yeonjun fishing something out, a silver glint on his hand. a key with a mini replica of haeyang's lighthouse hanging from it.

    "i know someone who lived here."

    you stood there jaw-dropped but then you slowly follow him as he unlocks the front door. it opens as the three of you walk in, pansy leading the way as she inspects each doorway and walks to the open space at the back. you felt weird seeing the old home that you left, a few pieces of furniture still settle inside but no indication as to who lived here and how yeonjun knows the person.

    the open space that is the living room, dining room, and kitchen combined still lets out a sense of familiarity for you. it opens to the empty backyard full of grass, either an empty spot of them or a spot full of overgrown.

    "i-" you wanted to say something but paused as everything came down on you and you felt a tear running down your cheek. all the memories of your childhood when living in the house clouded your mind. you remember how you and yeonjun always play tag in between the living room and backyard with his mom and your mom reminding you both to be careful, how you used to have a dollhouse in the backyard where you and he play family with you two’s favorite plush dolls.

    yeonjun turns around and sees you sob quietly, gets to you quickly to hug you hard. "aww, (y/n) baby." he cooed making you internally roll your eyes but continue in gripping his shirt. he let you go and rub away your tears. "now, you're making me wanna cry too." you giggled and he followed.

    he guides you to the stairs and you both ascend up. seeing the room that used to be your parents' open from the doorway, a double bed settled in there with a wardrobe and cabinet. but, when you both arrived at the closed door of the room that used to be yours, you sensed that he slowed his step.

    "is something okay?" you faced him, now it is his turn to look nervous instead of you. "that room, used to be your room too, is the room of someone i know." you looked at him in worry. "you can go in first and i’ll be right behind you," he said, tucking his hands in his jeans pocket. you nodded and face the door. when you open it, you face something familiar but not just from your memories, but also from your association with yeonjun now.

    the room was colored light gray, posters of bands and sketches decorated the walls, the bed look wrinkled as if someone sleep in there last night, a bookshelf of books and vinyl discs on the side of a desk which still has littered supplies on top. when you reach an open book on it, you make up a sketch of a red poppy almost in full color. your eyes wander and landed on a notebook, a high school notebook with a name written on the cover.

    choi soobin

    the name sounds familiar to yours but you never met a choi soobin in your life. then the memory came. a memory from when you started one of your days in the institute. you remember on your way to your first class of the day, you looked at the bulletin board. an unsettling news rest at the front.


    Choi Soobin

    Age 19

    Missing From: Haeyang

    Date Missing: xxxx.xx.xx

    Characteristics: Around 180 cm or more. He has a tattoo on the inner side of his right arm of a flower and another of his left thigh resembling a soundwave

    you heard yeonjun's steps behind you walking to something rested at a small table beside the bed. you slowly walk towards him and find him looking at sketches and tattoo guns. he sighed and respectfully sit on soobin's bed. "so yeah..." he replied yet his voice sounds empty. "your room is also soobin's room." he looks at the ground empty, his hand forming into a fist. you nodded your head. now realizing the person that yeonjun is with when you left. but the weights get heavier as you realize the other person is gone too, even worse as yeonjun himself doesn't know where soobin went.

    "i've seen his missing poster before. i didn't know he was someone significant to you," you replied as you stood there. yeonjun letting his hands play with his shirt ends and sleeves. your eyes still remember how your room used to look before it became soobin's, the position of your bed, your desk, your wardrobe. you gently turn your body so you face him.

    "do you want to introduce him to me?" you see yeonjun's head lifted from viewing his lap as you gaze at him, the emptiness in his eyes now has a tiny spark in it. "well... soobin is one of my greatest friends, a high school best friend of mine." he said as he shows a small smile. "well, hello soobin aka yeonjun's high school best friend. i'm (y/n), yeonjun's childhood best friend." your reply got a chuckle from him. he continues introducing soobin to you.

    soobin lived in your old home with his uncle and aunt after his parents died in a drunk driving incident where all of the people involved become casualties. soobin lived with his uncle until he graduates middle school and attend high school in haeyang, where he met choi yeonjun. the two became best friends as they were there for each other. soobin is there for yeonjun after he got scolded for unknown reason, or plural, by his stepmom. yeonjun is there for soobin during the times at home when his uncle and aunt both become more abusive towards him from their alcohol and drug abuse. his uncle died from a solo accident where he is driving under an influence. his aunt died from an overdose of drugs. leaving soobin alone again.

    "soobin was also like you." yeonjun said. "he likes arts but instead of painting, he likes making tattoos." you see him gesturing to the supplies. "he starts thinking about tattoo as an artform after looking at all of our favorite bands and thinking that since they also wear tattoos, he wants them too." you see a printed photo of what appears to be yeonjun and soobin behind the supplies. yeonjun has a mullet with pink hair while soobin has silvery-blue hair.

    "so he started to learn how to tattoo, at first he tattoo himself on his left thigh. then i allowed him to tattoo me. all of the tattoos on my body are of his making." you looked back at him and give a sullen smile. you can never imagine the level of pain that each of them has, but you were glad that they have each other through those trying times.

    "then he disappears a few months after graduating." he added as the pitch in his voice flattens down. "i tried contacting him but realized that he left his phone here. the house was unlocked as i saw a paper with my name and the key beside it, so i searched for him here and there, and found nobody. i never been here since he disappears until now." he nods his head. you kneel down in front of him, something that you've done hundreds of times before, a gesture that you did to herin last week after your first rewind, and reached your hand for him which he complies.

    "people said i don't have fear. well, i do but i become numb to it. being left alone by people who actually cared for you multiple times. i was thinking 'maybe i deserved it.'" yeonjun said gently as he looked down, you rubbed his hand as you hear him sob. you lean forward to brush his tears away, slowly moving his head up so he can see you.

    "hey, i'm back." your words make him form a smile. "i, i felt so guilty when i have to leave you behind back then especially as i recognized my role as your support system. i'm glad that soobin was there to take my place. for now, i'm not going anywhere." you patted his hands while giving a warm smile.

    "i was so devastated. people who i cherished in life were gone from my life. that was why i was so happy when i found you." he added. you pouted at him, remembering what min said to you about yeonjun. "if soobin's here, he would 100% like you too as i do." the words making you flatter.

    "i would've probably liked him too." you lean closer and hug him, you felt tears wetting your shoulder but you don't care, you've finally have taken part in your role in his life. being his shoulder to cry on while he also is yours.

    the heaviness of the tension makes you want to burst some secrets of your own, you know you can trust him. and you slowly collect the courage to let it out.

    "i also want to share something." it perks yeonjun as he moves back to look at you. you licked your dry lips, "i post my arts on the internet anonymously." you quickly said. he raised his brows and giggle. "why??" he raised his pitch.

    "i just wanted to post about my art and made my own gallery then it got some attractions so i made a business in selling art prints of my art. don't tell anyone it's me though, only two people know before you." you summarized it quickly as he dried his own cheek with his sleeves. "you have a pen name or something?" he leans closer, curious eyes looking at you, making you smile shyly.


    "that sounds so elegant." you both chuckled. you stood up to then sit beside him. he notice that you were frowning again.

    "i also have one more to share with you." you face him seriously, with him following suit a few seconds behind. "and i want you to promise not to tell this one to anyone. it rests with us, okay?" you let out your pinky to him which he instantly answered and you do the pinky promise.

    "this is such a high stake secret..." you sighed before you said it to him. even though you didn't control it yourself, you couldn't do so anyway, you felt time stop as you let it out.

    "i can control time."

    the room becomes quiet as the needle drops down with a bang. "you're fucking kidding me." you heard yeonjun loudly react, face in shock. you quickly reply that you're not kidding. he looks mixed, giddy, confused, surprised, all at the same time.

    "what kind of time control?" he sat up and folded his legs on the bed. "rewind time." you looked anywhere other than him. you tilt your head as he grabbed your shoulders. "then, prove it now. i want to know that my best friend here has a superpower." you rolled your eyes and a random game came into your mind. you stood up to grabbed three of soobin's notebooks and a coin from your purse to give to yeonjun.

    "since, since you want proof, i want you to quiz me on the positions of the coin. put one in one of the notebooks and i have to guess." you slowly explained as he smirks. "i have three attempts. if i get all of them correct then that is your proof. be creative if you want." you put your thumbs up which yeonjun replied with the same gesture.

    you turn away as yeonjun sets up the game.

    you waited while yeonjun entertains you for the placement of the first one. "you can look now." you hummed as you think where the coin is.

    "the middle one?"

    yeonjun voiced out a buzzer noise as he opens the book on your right. "ahhh..." you covered your face. "okay, you got it wrong so you can do your power thingy."

    you let your palm out, pressing into the power, and you felt you get sucked and arrived at the moment when you turn away for the first time.

    you waited while yeonjun entertains you for the placement of the first one. "you can look now." you hummed as you think where the coin is.

    "the one on my right. the left one for you"

    yeonjun's eyes widen as he opens the book on your right. "that's just probability playing, okay, second round!"

    you turn away again, you heard yeonjun hummed a part of soundgarden's song. "you can guess." you looked at the book.

    "the one on my left, your right?"

    yeonjun voiced out a buzzer noise as he picks it from behind him. "what the-" you groaned. "you said to be creative." you nodded after hearing his reasoning. "okay, that was smart." which he replied with a chuckle.

    you let your palm out, pressing into the power, and you felt you get sucked and arrived at the moment when you turn away for the first time.

    you waited while yeonjun entertains you for the placement of the first one. "you can look now." you hummed as you think where the coin is.

    you open the book on your right and see the coin

    yeonjun's eyes widen. "that's just probability playing, okay, second round!"

    you turn away again, you heard yeonjun hummed a part of soundgarden's song. "you can guess." you looked at the book then at yeonjun's eyes.

    "i have a guess that is out of this world. is it behind you?"

    yeonjun mouth forms an 'o' as he picks the coin behind. "how?!" you squiggle your hand and say. "time control powers." yeonjun laughs as he told you to turn away for the last time. you heard rustling, a book open from behind you, then you felt a tap on your shoulder and you turn back to face him.

    "i heard you open a book but i don't think you put it in the book after what you did the previous round." he raised his eyebrows. "i guess your shirt pocket."

    yeonjun scrunches his nose as he let out the saliva-covered coin from his mouth. "that's smart but disgusting, how the hell did you think about that." yeonjun leans closer. "anything to outsmart you, baby. okay, last chance for you to control the passage of time."

    you let your palm out, pressing into the power, and you felt you get sucked and arrived at the moment when you turn away for the first time.

    you waited while yeonjun entertains you for the placement of the first one. "you can look now."

    "right one, next."

    yeonjun's eyes widen as he let out the coin. "that's just probability playing, okay, second round!"

    you turn away again, you heard yeonjun hummed a part of soundgarden's song. "you can guess." you looked at the book then at yeonjun's eyes.

    you grabbed the coin from behind him.

    yeonjun mouth forms an 'o' as he picks the coin behind. "how?!" you squiggle your hand and say. "time control powers." yeonjun laughs as he told you to turn away for the last time. you heard rustling, a book open from behind you, then you felt a tap on your shoulder and you turn back to face him.

    "hmm..." you give him a smirk. "first of all that's disgusting but i know it's in your mouth."

    yeonjun expresses his surprise with his movement and he spits out the coin to then hug you as tight as he can. "what the fuck? how the fuck?" yeonjun looks silly and you enjoy the happiness that he evokes. "see?" yeonjun playfully bows to you. "how the fuck did that happen?" you squiggle your fingers at him as you both laugh.

    "but seriously, how did you get the power?" you thought about the vision of the blizzard that you've gotten, it still haunts you to this day knowing that the vision might be a future that can happen. a responsibility of yours to not let the vision that you've gotten to happen in the future is with the power that you possess.

    "i don't know how it happen but i've gotten visions before i possess this power." yeonjun rested his chin to your shoulder, "what do you mean by that?" you look at the outside world from soobin's window, a flash of the snow shows up for a few seconds as your eyebrows furrowed. "i got this vision of a blizzard." you voice out.

    "i was alone there and i almost died from the coldness. then i realized it was a dream, well no it wasn't. it was a vision i realize." you ramble out. yeonjun humming and small steps heard from the floor and he looks down to find pansy arriving and resting on your feet.

    "it was very real and i'm scared that it might be real. after i came to reality, i realized that i can control, well rewind, time." you continue, adding that the canvas that he saw back in your room was a glimpse of the vision that you've seen. "i have a feeling that this power of mine can stop it from happening but i don't know how." you see the sky has turned to orange outside as yeonjun stood up and open his hand to you, to which you receive and you both, including pansy, walks downstairs and rested on the patio to the backyard. he brought the paper bag and give the leftover chicken to pansy.

    the backyard shined by the sun that is facing you as it slowly settles down the horizon. you see a view of the lighthouse from the house. something that you've never seen before as your backyard back then was full of plants and a tall tree used to stand at the place at which you can the lighthouse. you felt yeonjun placing a strawberry donut on your open palm.

    you slowly eat it as you heard yeonjun mumbles, "maybe, i can help you." you peek at him, squinting your eyes. "we can be partners in crime in time like marty and doc from back to the future." you scoffed after finishing a bite and you tease, "you'll just going to exploit me in some way."

    "hey, i promise i won't." he said after finishing another bite. "as you said, we have to find what is the cause of the blizzard that you've been seeing." you continue eating slowly as he continues. "maybe something strange happened to you back when you gain it." he voiced out. you nodded and let your mind wander away from it as the silence heightened the whole ambience of the moment.

    you sighed as you look at the sunset, yeonjun's eyes wandering to the house behind you both and he leans closer to you. "this might be a good place to stay, for us." your eyes returning to yeonjun.

    "what, what do you mean?" you looked at him confused. "you know, living together. i can get out of my dad and stepmom's grasp since soobin left me the key." he replied, nonchalantly.

    "what about the house deed?"

    "that was the paper i told you. technically, this house is mine since the deed said it is a gift from him to me." you flutter your eyes at him.

    "oh wow, that's-" your words got cut off by your phone vibrating. you picked it up to see someone unknown texting you a video. your curiosity got you as you open it, chills running down your spine.

    you see herin making out with people at some sort of a party, her movement sways as he kissed multiple people that surrounds her, including the brown-haired guy that you recognized as minhyuk.

    yeonjun looks at you as you looked up in fear. now, holding your phone as he sees the video playing. "you know her?" you nodded. "she is not that kind of girl. she's..." you trailed off and he continues watching the video.

    "that son of a bitch..." he remarked, probably looking at minhyuk's presence. "we have to do something." you quickly replied, taking a glance at him. he dropped your phone and holds your shoulder so you face him. "we can help, you remember back then when we used to play detectives?"

    "you want us to do it for real?" you squinted your eyes.

    "maybe your powers might help," he added.

    the reminder he give about your ability made you think again.

    strangely, you're now in the center of attention in a conflict that you never wanted to insert into. you're confused as to why karin made baseless accusations between you and professor park, confused about what she said a few days ago that herin is also involved with professor park, and how she warns you about treating you the same as herin if you do something similar.

    you don't know what you have gotten yourself into but you want answers, you want the truth, and yeonjun has already voiced out that he wanted to help.

    "let's do it."

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    "Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul"

    “Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul”

    It is easy to be charmed by “Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul,” a very funny satirical comedy about the disgraced pastor of a megachurch (Sterling K. Brown) and his loyal and proud first lady (Regina Hall). Filmed in a faux documentary style, writer-director Adamma Ebo makes her feature film debut in an adaptation of her short film of the same name. Normally when shorts are stretched to full…

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    Fluff = 🌼 Smut = 🌹 Angst = 🥀 🌑 = Dark 🃏 = Humor

    Past Mistakes & Present Doubts 🌼🥀

    You’re about to be married and may have some doubts. And to make things worse, you have a wedding crasher. Your ex, Queen Regina.
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    Nollywood Actress Regina Chukwu suffers heartbreak

    Nollywood Actress Regina Chukwu suffers heartbreak

    Nollywood Actress Regina Chukwu suffers heartbreak Regina Chukwu, a Nollywood actress, has broken up with her boyfriend and promised to never post another man on her social media profile. Regina Chukwu urged her fans and followers to report her Instagram page whenever she posts a photo of a man with a long caption saying he’s her word. Actress Regina Chukwu In a subsequent post, Regina…

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    y'all did regina so wrong

    she loses Daniel then loses him again in an equally traumatic way

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    Lightning in a Bottle

    Also on Fanfiction.net and A03

    Chapter 48: Estimated Time of Departure, Pt 2

    Regina sighed, as she looked over the autopsy report that had just come in. She needed to go and talk to her family, for it turned out that she was right. Griffin had drowned, on dry land, no less. It was bizarre, but then him coming back was as well.

    "Excuse me…Dr. Mills?" a voice asked, as another doctor peered in.

    "Yes?" she asked.

    "I'm Dr. Whale…and I've been looking over some of these lab reports. The hospital is having me review all the labs for the patients in your study," he replied.

    "Why?" she asked sharply. He put his hands up.

    "It's nothing that you've done wrong…they're just hoping to track results and eventually apply it to a larger age group," he replied.

    "Oh…okay, is there something wrong?" she asked.

    "I'm not sure…I just noticed an anomaly in one of your patients. Henry Nolan," he replied. A slither of dread slid down Regina's spine, as he opened the file.

    "There is this odd blood marker that I can't seem to make any sense of. Have you noticed it?" he asked. She forced a polite smile.

    "Yes…and I'm still looking into it. I don't think it's anything to be concerned about though. Henry is in remission and a remarkable case," she said, as she stood up.

    "If you'll excuse me, I have an appointment to keep," she said, as she snatched the file and grabbed her bag, before quickly hurrying out, leaving Whale bewildered by her behavior.


    Neal hurried away with the gun concealed in his pocket and rounded the corner, only to see his father there.

    "Oh…hey Dad," he said, as nonchalantly as possible.

    "What do you think you were going to do?" Gold questioned. He shrugged.

    "Doesn't matter now…looks like the Callings took care of Griffin for us," he said.

    "And if they didn't…you were going to do it yourself?" Gold questioned.

    "He was going to ruin Emma's life and her family!" he exclaimed.

    "So you were going to sacrifice yourself," Gold responded. Neal sighed.

    "Yeah…I was. I care about them and I've screwed up my life, a lot of it being my own fault. I couldn't let their lives be destroyed too," he replied.

    "It's very noble…I'm not sure I could have the courage to do the same," Gold mentioned, as he walked with him. Neal side eyed him and shrugged again.

    "Have you ever been in love?" Neal asked his father curiously.

    "Yes…I was in love with Cora, very much so. Sadly, it wasn't reciprocated or if it was…then our love wasn't enough for her," he replied.

    "She sounds like a real piece of work," he mentioned.

    "She wasn't always like that. She just grew up very poor…we both did. I suppose it left a mark on us both," he said.

    "No offense Dad, but a lot of people grow up dirt poor. They don't do the things that she has done," Neal replied.

    "And that I have done?" Gold asked. Neal sighed.

    "Look…you know I've never agreed with all the deals and crap you've made or your methods of getting people to pay. But you seem to have helped Emma's family for years. I still don't know why…but it obviously comes from a good place, because if you were just using them, you would have gotten what you wanted from them by now," ne replied.

    "After Cora left, I was very bitter. My love for you kept me from going completely insane, but I was determined to not be poor any longer. Cora was too apparently and her quest for power got her to the top of Wall Street. I never wanted any part of that, but I worked too much when you were growing up. I know that now," he said.

    "As for the Nolans…there is something unique about them and always has been. I guess I saw an opportunity to do some good, hoping that it would show you that I have good in me," Gold replied.

    "It did," Neal admitted, as they arrived at his shop and saw a young woman outside it. She was beautiful and her hair fell around her in long brown waves.

    "Can I help you?" Gold asked.

    "Oh…I was hoping to apply for the job you have posted," she said in a beautiful accent, as she handed him a resume.

    "Clerical experience and bookkeeping," Gold observed.

    "But it seems you haven't worked in almost six years," he added.

    "Uh yeah…I was on that plane that disappeared and came back," she said. Neal's eyes widened.

    "You were on flight 828?" he asked. She nodded.

    "And as you can imagine, the job offers aren't really rolling in for many passengers," she added.

    "Yeah I know…we have friends that were on the plane. They're great people, but my friend's brother can't get a call back from any schools. He's a professor…or was," Neal mentioned.

    "You have friends that were on the plane?" she asked in surprise.

    "We do and it seems you're qualified for the position," Gold replied. Her eyes widened in surprise.

    "When can you start?" Gold asked. Her mouth opened in surprise.

    "Uh…right away," she replied.

    "Good…usually my record keeping is impeccable, but I've fallen a bit behind lately," he said, as he unlocked the shop.

    "Dad has been helping our friends out a lot. Being a returning passenger is challenging," he said.

    "You have no idea," she muttered.

    "Yeah…the voices are a little creepy sometimes," he said. Her eyes widened and she looked at him.

    "How did you know?" she asked, afraid that his father had heard.

    "My friends get them too and they help other passengers understand them. And don't worry…Dad gets it too. We call them Callings," Neal replied. She smiled gently.

    "I'm Belle French," she said.

    "Neal Cassidy," he replied.

    "And you?" she asked, as her eyes locked with the older man.

    "Roman Gold," he answered, as there was a long pause between them.

    "I'll let you two work…and I'm gonna go see how Emma is," Neal replied, as he left the shop.


    There was a knock at their door and David answered it, letting Regina in.

    "Hey…that was fast," he said, as she handed him a copy of the autopsy report.

    "Yeah…with a death like his, they put a serious rush on it. But we were right…he died by drowning," Regina said, as Olive and Margaret came up to greet her with hugs, which she returned. David looked over the information and his analytical brain was starting to run the numbers. Margaret knew that look and knew her husband would be in the garage in front of his white boards that evening.

    "I have to get back…but there's something else," she said.

    "Something bad?" Margaret asked. She nodded.

    "Another doctor ran across the blood marker in Henry and is asking about it. I tried to make out like it was nothing, but I'm not sure he's going to drop it," Regina replied.

    "Do you think he'll think it has something to do with the plane?" David asked.

    "I'm not sure, but the hospital put Whale in charge of tracking all the patients in my study, supposedly to eventually make it viable to larger age groups," Regina replied.

    "Oh my God…it has to be Whale, doesn't it?" Margaret lamented.

    "The doctor you went on that horrible date with and that drinks like a fish?" Olive asked. They all smiled at that.

    "Yes, the one and the slimy," Margaret replied.

    "Yeah…the hospital should have fired him long ago. He used to be a surgeon, but they took him off rotation because of the drinking. Supposedly, he's in a program, but the only thing I ever see him do is flirt with the nurses," Regina said.

    "Oh yeah…sounds like this guy needs a punch in the face and to get fired," David replied.

    "Worst case scenario, I'll threaten to report him if he doesn't back off. Catching him drinking or flirting won't be that hard. I'd rather not do that though, because he's the type to get even," Regina said.

    "Don't put yourself in danger over that idiot. If he starts asking questions about our son, I'll be the one having a chat with him," David replied. Regina smirked.

    "Oh, I hope I'm there to see that," she joked, as she grabbed her bag.

    "I'd love to stay, but I need to get back," she said, as she hugged them again.

    "Thanks for the report and be careful," Margaret said.

    "Well, I'll order the pizza and then we can get back to research," Olive said, as she went to the kitchen. David smiled and kissed Margaret tenderly, as he glanced at the numbers again. He turned his head and saw something.

    "Uh…" he started to say. She smiled.

    "Go…go do math," she urged, as she sent him off to the garage.


    Emma sighed, as she looked up from the report. Griffin had drowned, but nothing about it or the report made sense. By now, her brother assuredly had a copy and she hoped he could make more sense of it than her.

    "Emma…we need to talk," Killian said, as he approached. She sighed.

    "If it's about Neal…no we don't," she refuted.

    "Emma…Officer Rivers saw him buying something in an alley. I'm telling you that he's using again," Killian replied.

    "No…he's not and stop using department resources to follow him. He's not the bad guy in this," Emma said.

    "Emma…you're not thinking clearly on this. You haven't been yourself since…" he said, but then stopped short, as she looked up at him with fire in her eyes.

    "Since what? Since the plane came back?" she challenged him. He opened his mouth again, but then closed it, further infuriating her, and she stormed off.

    "Emma…" he called.

    "Just face it, Killian…you don't trust me or my judgment anymore or you wouldn't be freaking out about this guy and I'm sick of it," she said.

    "I can't be partners with someone who doesn't trust me and acts like a jealous wreck every time I talk to another guy," she added, before storming off. But Killian just couldn't let it go. He knew something was off with Neal and so he set out to prove it.


    Margaret ran the sink water, as she was unfortunately vomiting, hoping that neither her husband or daughter heard her. She flushed the toilet and splashed some water on her face, before brushing her teeth, while looking at her reflection. She was a bundle of nerves, as she knew what this was and she knew the timing could be better. David would be overjoyed, of course, and she was too. But they had a lot on their plates these days. She came out of the bathroom when she was done and smiled slightly at the sight of David and Olive going over the math on his board, as well as a drawing of a peacock.

    "So you think there's a connection between these figures and the peacock from mythology?" he asked.

    "It makes sense…I mean, we have six here, which is Juno. The peacock is a symbol of Juno, but I need to keep plugging these other numbers to figure out what it means," Olive said. David nodded and was about to continue when he looked up at her. He removed his glasses and went to her, sensing that she needed him at that moment.

    "I didn't mean to interrupt," she said. He smiled and kissed her forehead.

    "You are never interrupting…what's wrong?" she asked, as she pulled him into the kitchen and out of earshot.

    "I have to tell you something…" she replied, as she looked up at him.

    "Is everything okay? Is that reporter following you again?" he asked protectively and she smiled.

    "No…it's not bad. It's really good…even if the timing might not be," she replied. He smiled.

    "Well…don't keep me in suspense," he said.

    "I'm pregnant…" she revealed and bit her bottom lip, as she watched the expressive emotions wash over his handsome features.

    "Really?" he asked, with a whisper of hope in his voice. She nodded and he smiled brightly, as he picked her up and spun her around.

    "Another baby…" he said, as happy tears filled both of their eyes.

    "And there will never be bad timing for our baby," he added, as she kissed him passionately.

    "Let's tell Ollie," he said, as he took her hand and led her into the kitchen. He saw what she had on the board and it looked like a date. That's when he saw it and a chill slid down his spine.

    "David?" Margaret asked, as she watched the color drain from his face.

    "Dad?" Olive asked, as he went to the board and began scribbling figures down furiously. When he was finished, he stood back and then turned to Margaret with tears in his eyes.

    "Baby…you're scaring me," she said. He swallowed thickly.

    "Griffin was in the water for a little more than three days," he said, as he showed them the numbers.

    "Exactly eighty-two hours and eight minutes," he added.

    "Yeah…828. We knew that already," Olive replied. But he shook his head.

    "Griffin was alive again for exactly eighty-two hours and eight minutes before he…expired," he said, as he saw the number that Olive had come up with and he realized it was a date.

    "We were gone five and half years and five and half years from the day we came back is…" he said.

    "June 24, 2024," Olive finished.

    "It's a death date…" he realized.

    "No…no that can't be!" Margaret exclaimed, as he took her in his arms.

    "That can't be true…I can't lose you again," she said, as she broke down sobbing in his arms. He cried with her, as he held her and then gently put his hand on her belly, which made her cry harder. Olive approached and he brought her into their hug.

    "Don't tell Henry…" she cried, as she looked up at her father with tear-filled eyes.

    "I already know," Henry said, as he came downstairs and ran to them.

    "I…I just didn't know how to tell you," he cried, as they huddled together and cried as a family.



    Emma walked along the beach in Jamaica, looking at the ocean. It was their last day there and they had to head for the airport soon. She was sad, because that meant going back to reality and facing her life, both the mistakes she had made that led to Lily's death and giving Killian an answer about his proposal.

    "Not anxious to go back?" Margaret asked. Emma smiled.

    "Not even a little, you?" she asked.

    "Me either…it's been nice to get away from the hospital, doctors, and cancer talk. Going back to reality means the cancer is back," she replied sadly. Emma put her arm around her sister-in-law's shoulder and leaned her head against hers.

    "Say yes to his proposal, Em…" Margaret said.

    "MM…" Emma started to protest.

    "No…don't wait. Your brother and I never waited and true love has been worth all the risks. Even now…when we might lose our son," Margaret implored.

    "Killian and I are not you and David," Emma protested.

    "It doesn't matter…if you love him, then marry him. I know he loves you…nothing will ever be perfect," Margaret said, as she looked at her husband, who was helping their twins build a sandcastle. He must have sensed her gaze, because he looked up and smiled at her. They just had that kind of connection and even in this time of despair, their love was solid and an ever bright beacon of hope. It was something Emma had always admired and envied. Could she have the same or something even close to that kind of happiness? She supposed she would find out when her plane landed in New York.


    But things had obviously not gone the way any of them thought and impossible things had happened. She still loved Killian, but lately, he had been acting so jealous and no longer seemed to trust her. And she just couldn't be with someone that was second guessing her every move.

    "Stop him!" she heard again. She was still hearing the same voice so it obviously wasn't Griffin. It kept getting more insistent and she was at her wits end. She sighed and made her way up to her apartment and upon hearing a ruckus inside, she pulled her gun.

    "Stop him!"


    David and Margaret held each other close, as they watched their kids cuddle together on the couch.

    "This can't be…" Margaret sniffed. He gently cupped her face in his hands and looked into her eyes.

    "I am not leaving you again…I am going to do everything I can to figure out the Callings and we're going to beat this," he said with determination.

    "So you think we can change it?" Olive asked. He took a deep breath.

    "I don't know…but we're certainly going to try and maybe following the Callings is key. Griffin was going to expose them…maybe that determined that he wasn't worthy of saving," David suggested. Margaret kissed him tenderly.

    "Then I know you will certainly prove that you are worthy, my love," she said. He smiled gently and looked at her still flat stomach.

    "I love you…I refuse to ever leave you again. We'll find a way…we always do," he said, as they hugged again and huddled with their kids, until his phone rang.

    "Hello?" he questioned and his face went ashen.

    "What?" he asked in alarm, before hanging up and feeling numb.

    "David…what is it?" she asked.

    "We…we need to go to the hospital…" he managed to say.


    Killian pounded on Emma's apartment door and Neal finally answered, as he had fallen asleep for a bit.

    "What the hell…Emma's not here," Neal said, as Killian barged into the apartment and started searching it.

    "What the hell are you doing?" Neal asked.

    "You're lying to Emma about being sober…and I'm going to prove it," he hissed.

    "I'm not using," Neal refuted.

    "Really? Then what did you buy in that alleyway?" he questioned. Neal shook his head.

    "You were following me?" he questioned.

    "Because I know you're up to something and I can't allow Emma to get hurt!" Killian growled.

    "I'm not going to hurt Emma…you seem to be doing enough of that for both of us!" Neal hissed back, which earned him a shove from Killian, who proceeded to search the place. He then found an unopened bottle of vodka stuffed into the sofa cushions and pulled it out.

    "I haven't drank a drop…I'll even do a blood test for you," Neal replied.

    "Or maybe we can just take a trip down to the station," Killian said. Neal chuckled.

    "Yeah…I'm not going anywhere with you. For all I know, I'll have an accident and find my way into the river," he said.

    "I want you to get your stuff and get out of Emma's life," Killian said.

    "I'll leave if Emma tells me to leave…but you don't run her life," Neal replied.

    "Emma and I are meant to be," Killian insisted.

    "Maybe you're not," Neal challenged, as this devolved into a fist fight. Killian, being the seasoned detective, quickly gained the upper hand and pummeled Neal. The latter scrambled away and pulled the gun on him.

    "Stay back…" he warned, as his nose and mouth gushed blood.

    "Put the gun down…you're under arrest," Killian said.

    "You attacked me! You came into the place I'm staying and started searching without a warrant!" Neal replied.

    "Or maybe you're an unstable addict that bought a gun illegally on the street…that was what was in the bag, wasn't it?" he questioned, but Neal didn't answer. Killian lunged for the weapon and they wrestled for control. Suddenly, the gun went off just as Emma barged into her apartment…

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    David: It appears what we have is a classic whodunnit!

    Regina: The phrase "whodunnit" is a grammatical abomination. Please, use the proper term, a "who has done this."

    David: I will not.

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    Not her though. She’s a rancid puddle of garbage.

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    I'm looking for this fic a very long time

    Does anyone knows the fic where henry tries to take regina's heart after being manipulated by Gold and it breaks Regina's heart.

    I think she adopts a new kid as well? It's been a really long time

    If anyone knows the name or if that fic is real and not part of my imagination would be wonderful

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