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  • I’m not

    proud of

    who I’ve


    but shit


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  • You ever have regrets of not talking to someone? Like you’re just chilling and all of a sudden you see a picture of a girl in a happy relationship and you’re like “damn”. Because she most likely liked you in school. And you didn’t make a move cause you were to nervous.

    May not apply to all, but it definitely applies to me. Shit sucks man.

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  • And I’ll never regret the love and kindness I gave you.

    I think you needed it.

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  • I was 9 years old..

    When my grandfather passed away I was 9 years old. My parents, older brother and I went to the funeral. A mix of people were in and out the house- family members I knew and family members that were strangers.

    I remember sleeping on my grandmothers bedroom floor. I slept on her floor because I wasn’t very close to her, but I still loved her. I was just 9 years old and very confused about everything. I didn’t get much sleep that week in Alabama- and the reason why haunts me now that my grandmother just passed away on Monday.

    I would wake up to the sound of my grandmothers sobs each night- the most heartbreaking sobs I’ve ever heard. She was in pain, pain because her husband just passed away. She cried each night, and all I did was lay on her floor- frozen. I didn’t know what to say, nor did I know what to do. I pretended to be asleep.

    Now that my grandmother is gone I regret not getting up and comforting her. I am 20 years old now, and my grandmother and I have not talked in years. She’s gone now, and I wish she wasn’t. I wish that I would have held her and let her know that I loved her and I was by her side.

    I’m sorry that I didn’t comfort you. I wish I could go back in time and have that moment with you. I should have stayed up every damn night and stayed by your side. Now that you are gone, I regret it. I never even said goodbye to you and I regret that even more.

    Rest In Peace, I love you always. I’m sorry.

    #sad #rest in peace #rest in paradise #grandma#rip#story#story time#my past#past #should i start writing again #write#writer#sorry #im so sorry #sadness#regret #i am sorry #emotional#rant
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  •          єνєʀуᴛнιɴg ωє'νє ∂σɴє …
                    has made us
    ᴀ ʟ ʟ that we have been  and we’ve become 

                                  𝓸𝓱, we are not αℓσɴє
                                                єνєʀуσɴє ιѕ gσɴє and now we are without a home 

    #source: les friction #song: this is a call #fancy text - everything we've done // all // oh // alone // everyone is gone #rp musings#angst#loss#guilt#regret
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  • When the majority of your life is built on trying to find an ideal spouse to heal from all the pain of failed love and regret, hidden expectations are built and it’s a catalyst for bitterness which makes it all the more difficult to know what real love is like if God blesses you with it.

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  • Chit că tristețea își ține mâinile pe umerii mei și mă trage cu putere în jos, mă mulțumesc cu faptul că el zâmbește. Îi văd de mână și le pot auzi chicotelile, iar iubirea lor se împrăștie în aer cu repeziciune. Inima mea se strânge puțin, iar o lacrima încearcă să iasă la iveală, dar zâmbetul lui îmi amintește de ce sunt aici și mă eliberează de fiecare regret. Totul a fost cu un scop, totul a fost pentru acel zâmbet.

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  • Here’s to growth. The price of discipline is always less than the pain of regret.

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  • Imma always be hurt inside.

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  • Everything ‘Atonement’ does, it does incredibly well, including depicting characters of varying ages and temperaments and showing the intensity of early romantic love and connection and the very different intensity of haunting regret. By Curtis Sittenfeld

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  • I know I can be overbearing, jealous, overprotective. I let my emotions and my anxiety control my actions and do things I shouldn’t, stuck my stupid nose into business that isnt my own and break what trust I’ve regained with you. It’s hard to stay in my own lane when so much is happening that breaks me down and hurts me and rests so heavily on my shoulders. I feel disrespected, ignored, like my thoughts and feelings dont matter. Like I’m not taken seriously and when I get hurt, or I get upset, or I’m unhappy about something, that I’m not allowed to feel that way and to an extent I understand and I probably shouldnt be allowed to because it leads me to say and do things I know I shouldnt. I can help myself, I feel so strongly about certain things that my better judgement moves aside and lets my emotion take control.

    I cant make excuses for myself, they cannot and will not ever be valid and they don’t justify my behavior. I only hope you can see through my actions and see what’s happening behind the curtain, and that you can see my effort and my pain, and what I’m putting myself through to be better for myself and for you. Maybe it’s all for nothing though, my efforts are in vain and you don’t think so highly of me anymore, though you would never tell me the truth in that regard. Maybe I should just give up. Let go of hope and watch you move forward to a happier life with better people than I, while I fall back into the place I’m trying to desperately to climb out of.

    I think I should just give up entirely. I had heard that you can actually die by giving up on your will to live. It’s worth a shot at least. May you be happy in your life and your future without me, wherever it leads.

    -your friend

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  • Damien

    #digital art#literature #I ain't that good a Writing #he has wings but you can't see them at this angel #Damien#Lost Spirit #i'm sorry it's not that good #i hope yall like it #i hope its good #regret#death mention#anger#frustration #feelings of betrayal #friends to enemies #its up to you if he's evil or not #slight angst #original story characters #Pine #i'm writing a story but i wanna introduce the characters first #button eye
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  • i need noise in my head

    noise to express my regret of this last decade, id erase it all in a heartbeat


    Originally posted by slk-t

    #noise in my head #regret
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  • it’s 3am again

    the room is spinning, nostalgia’s creeping in

    or maybe it’s the weed and gin

    i can’t tell anymore, it all feels the same

    your silence is the deadliest game we’ve played.

    at least for me, anyway

    my mind is in a daze

    i’m pulled three different ways

    if i stay here i’ll never survive

    the whispers of trees call my name

    the oceans are roaring with my purpose.

    but they are drowned out by you.

    i only hear you,

    like lightning in the mountains, echoing longer than it should.

    i am deafened by the sound of your voice calling my name

    my purpose spilling from your lips like hot honey

    in your brown orbs i find the home i was looking for. but my grey-blues did not return the favor.

    you swam so deep in them you thought you’d drown

    and all i did was drag you deeper.

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  • 11-12-19

    i regret not being kinder while we still had time. i wish i had told him he was worth the universe and that i loved him. i wish i had reminded him of it every day and night. that’s the thing; you always forget to remind people when you think you’ll have them forever.

    #im gone#regret #i miss you #i love you #come back#im sorry#relationship#broken#lust#break up#heartbreaj#dead#depressed #excerpt from a story i'll never write #excerpts from my life #youll never see this #poem#poetry
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  • Life… we only get one. One opportunity, one try, once chance.
    How can we possible know what choices to take?
    A single moment can change your whole trajectory - and so
    I sit, thinking of my past, longing with regret… I go
    through the motions of life, thinking of what I could have
    done differently. Now, not looking forward, what makes
    me any better than ants?

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  • You know what? F**K THOSE “GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE“ QUOTES! Let them stay there. They feel safe, protected and loved there. Why to even drive out of the town on the highway to get to an unknown city if you can cruise slowly with 30 mph through your hometown, through the good, old streets, facing all the people, who’ve known you longer than you’ve them. Who know how to manipulate you so that you won’t notice it, even nastier, you’ll even like it.  Who needs the wind of change? Humanity has already achieved everything. What more needs to be done? Why to risk? You’ll vainly try to convince them.

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  • 10-12-19

    nobody hurt you like I hurt you, but nobody needs you like I do.
    i know that there are others that deserve you but I am still in love with you.

    #i miss you #come back#please #i love you #im sorry #i hate myself #regret#11:11#wish#relationship#breakup#broken#poem #excerpts from my life #excerpt from a story i'll never write #youll never see this #love me#lyrics#hurt#pain#depressed
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  • This week my wife and I discussed sending a message to one of our good friends, we were up late so we didn’t send anything.  We discussed how our social anxiety keeps us from even sending simple text messages to friends, even when we truly do want to see them. Two days later we got news from the son that the friend said he was in the hospital. He suffered from cardiac arrest and they ended up putting him into a medical coma to attempt to give them time to find out what was going on because he started seizing. Today we found out from the son that the doctors believe he has catastrophic brain damage and they’re going to take him off life support tomorrow.  This reminded me of my post about remembering people this season because they might be having a hard time. I am about to lose a close friend in the holiday season and the son is in his early 20s (also very close family friend). I have watched this kid grow up for years and spent a few St. Patrick’s day’s over at their apartment having corn beef and cabbage.  This will hit him so hard and there’s not much I can do about it and as a friend, there’s not much that makes me feel more helpless than having no way of cushioning him as he falls. They started to spread apart because of the son’s illnesses, and he started spending more time over at his mother’s home than his dads. That feeling of regret of not spending time with your loved ones as much as you should will sit with him the rest of his life. If I can tell you one thing from my recent experience, don’t take for granted someone being there. The time they are taken might come faster than anyone expects. I thought, “oh, we’ll get a hold of him soon” and now I likely will never get the chance again. Regrets, we all have them. It is best that we learn from them, especially in a case like this, any moment someone you care about can be taken or seriously injured and never be able to connect with them again. Don’t let your social anxiety or your temporary belief you always have tomorrow get in the way, you may never get the chance again.

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