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  • 💙💛💚 loves its a new moon 💚💛💙⁣

    Happy dance time!! ❤⁣

    Main theme of this Pisces Moon is Love! (Especially in the month of Valentines and Black history month)⁣
    So during this new moon, love and money will be on our minds, as we are thinking and deciding about what we want to commit to,⁣

    However, before you make any big decisions, keep in mind that Mercury is in retrograde during this new moon, messing up our contracts, our communication, and our technology. “Before you commit, understand that Mercury is retrograde, and feelings may change as a result. So be mindful of your decisions, because your manifestation may affect others around you.⁣

    Heres your to do list. Feelings and things to look out for:⁣

    🤗 Scan your subconscious mind⁣

    ❤ what situation is causing me to feel upset?⁣

    ❤ what emotions am I experiencing about this? and what is my belief about this situation?⁣

    😊 Be open to divine guidance.⁣

    😍 Set up healthy boundaries⁣

    💡 Write out your goals, feelings, missions!!⁣
    🔥 Acknowledge self care now more than ever.⁣

    These are just some food for thought ideas. Use your intuition to guide you.⁣

    Only a few spots left for tonight’s new moon 🎇🎆✨🌚⁣

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    #newmooncircle #manifestyourlife (at RockCollage)

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  • During the RESET Group call last night we had such a powerful conversation about self care and personal growth. We talked about how personal growth, spiritual work and self care can be portrayed as getting manicures, taking bubble baths and just all things rainbows and butterflies. We feel like by doing this work we should be feeling joy all the time but that’s not the case.
    Diving in to yourself to uncover your higher self is hard work. It asks that you reevaluate your beliefs, sit with your shadow side and get to know the parts of yourself that are hurting. It requires that you hold space for all those human emotions we feel- even the hard ones. This deep inner work then requires you to take action. Stepping away from what has been comfortable for us, old habits, patterns, coping mechanisms and routines get tossed out the window and replaced. It’s hard work. It’s scary and brings up tons of fear and other emotions for us as we take these steps.
    The truth about this work is that it’s challenging. It takes courage. I’m inexplicably proud of my RESET girls for all the work they’ve been doing in this program🥰
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  • #reiki#reikihealer#reikipractitioner #healer nature photography dope  creator energytherapy
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  • image

    If anyone would like a reading tonight let me know. I’m raising money to purchase a car since I totaled my old one. Anything is appreciated.

    If you don’t want a reading, I can give a reiki healing instead. Each session comes with a crystal recommendation 💎

    I am taking donations through PayPal and Venmo

    My paypal is https://www.paypal.me/StarrMedicine

    My Venmo us under Sabrina-Starr

    If you have any questions, just ask!

    Thank you for your support 🙏💜

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  • Grief




    I have just lost someone extremely dear to me

    and i didn’t even get to say goodbye or see her as there was no showing and i was informed days after it happened

    so if you could please help me and my spirit as i struggle to cope or even see because my eyes are so itchy and puffy from crying

    A simple prayer, a simple spell, anything to ease my soul from the chunk that was just ripped out

    I will always love her she will always be a part of who i am and i will always regret waiting so long to see her :(

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  • This month’s full moon is in Taurus.  Taurus is linked to money and finances.  If you want a better relationship with money, take some time tonight to be thankful for the money and other prosperity you already have!  Like all things, money is energy.  If you want to manifest more of it, be grateful in your heart for all that already surrounds you!  Taurus is also linked to the body and purpose.  Take a walk this evening under the moon’s beautiful light and reconnect with yourself.  All the power of this celestial body to help you reconnect with your dreams, your purpose, your values and your traditions.

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  • Inner strength, also called atmabala, is the strength of the soul.  It is the core strength of a person.  When we have strong inner strength, we have access to many special gifts such as patience, self-confidence, determination, tolerance and joy.  So then, how do we go about building our inner strength?  Research has shown that people who believe in the power of positive thinking are able to do far better in life than people who have a negative attitude.  The following tips will help you change your life for the better because they help to increase your sensitivity to what your inner self already knows.

    1.  Practice meditation daily.  When you meditate you are able to listen to what your inner self is telling you.  Your inner self will never tell you lies or leave you guessing.

    2.  Give yourself positive feedback at all times.  Always say positive things to yourself.  When you begin to think and talk to yourself positively, only positive things will happen.  Negative talk will only drag you down.

    3.  Never ignore your dreams and intuition.  Our dreams and intuition are messages from the subconscious.  When you pay attention to the subconscious mind you are able to do many things you never thought possible.  You’ll begin to notice many more doors opening and your life will change for the better.

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  • Reiki Attunement Day

    So today was the long awaited Reiki Attunement Day! What an amazing process it was. I’m totally overwhelmed.

    I’ve been absolutely blessed that the friend I go to for Reiki treatments had decided to undergo her Reiki Master training, meaning she can attune others. I can think of no-one else I’d rather go through this beautiful and transformative process with!

    I will update as time goes on but for now… rest is needed!

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  • Reiki is this method to use energy developed in the 19th century by a Japanese Mikao Usui.

    The energy he spoke of, as a matter of fact, has been existing since the beginning of times. And more than a person or a culture has known how to use it without giving it a name.
    Shamans, witches, Luke Skywalker…

    Because the energy canalized through Reiki has a lot in common with the Force: it’s an energy existing everywhere, be it outside or inside us.
    Whereas you feel it or not, it’s here. And yes, you were living in a Star War dimension without knowing it!
    Reiki just offers one method to waken it up and use it.

    Its most simple use is to better your energy and the way you feel. In our stressful times, it’s always useful.

    But Reiki can also help to cure. I won’t say directly “cure” here, I am a doctor’s daughter and my reflex, as I’m often lazy, is to go straight to the emergency kit.Why bother during thirty minutes of hands imposition when you know a pill will do the job?
    I know a lot of practitioners will object that Reiki is always benevolent when medicine is known to have possibly other less agreeable effects. Onr only has to read the notice.
    But I live with my time, I bless the day the epidural was found and I appreciate that antibiotics has decimated  leprosy.
    But still, when pharmacies were all closed, in many cases, I fond out I could rely only on Reiki.
    And I had this case where the medicine didn’t work but Reiki did.

    I’ll do my Yoda master two seconds and precise that you can shower someone with Reiki, from ten inches or three thousands miles.
    I tried it more than once.I’ve been taught you can also affect the past but I’ve never wanted to try that. To me, past is past, future doesn’t exist yet and the present day is enough work as it is.

    When you pass the first Reiki level, the master explains all of this, the history of the stuff, how to do it, an ethic code (always for the good and with the person’s permission) and more importantly, he initiates you. That is to say he opens the body canals to enable you to feel the fluid.

    And I felt it all right! I spent most of the time of the next twenty one days of transition to throw up.
    I guess I had accumulated quite a few things in my live and had a lot to catch up!

    My perceptions changed after my initiation. What looked like magic to me before, has become a day to day reality. I feel the energy in the of my hands.
    And I can’t hug my kids without knowing if they’re well.

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  • My friend and reiki teacher, @markellakipreoslmt cleansing my crystal in the #jamesriver
    A gorgeous day!! Thanks for my reiki session!!

    #rva #reikihealing #energywork #reikipractitioner #jamesriver #cleansingcrystals #crystal #crystalhealing #gemstones #quartz #quartzcrystal

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  • I have morning slots and late evening slots this weekend if anyone would like a reiki healing, a reading with my cards, or some spirit work type requests. We can even rapid fire questions at my pendulum if you’d like.

    I’ve been running a $1 a card, sale, for tarot this week, but maybe we can just do donation based for the weekend, ok? You can donate any amount to me for any service. Any questions ? Shoot me an ask or a message i don’t mind.


    Originally posted by shunknee

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    Reiki has two definitions: Rei (meaning light, or god) and ki (meaning life-force energy). Reiki is a Japanese technique in which a practitioner places their hands lightly on or just above the person, transferring universal energy.


    Life force energy flows through the clients body, signalling the practitioner if and where they maybe a energy block. When an imbalance occurs our life force energy is low, and we are more likely to become ill or feel stressed. However, when we are balanced and our life force energy is high, we’re more apt to be vibrant, happy, and healthy.
    Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit and is thought to promote healing, increase relaxation, and reduce stress. While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it’s not a religion. It has no dogma, and there’s nothing you must believe to learn and use Reiki. Reiki is guided by consciousness. As such, it can never do harm. The recipient of Reiki must simply be willing to receive it.
    Reiki is a complementary therapy and a kickass relaxation technique. Reiki is adapted into yoga, meditation, massage, nutrition and so much more. Reiki can reduce stress, anxiety, pain and depression is also the pressure of difficult times such as birth or end of life, PTSD and eases discomfort from many common diseases.


    When you are receiving a Reiki treatment you are put into a state of deep relaxation, this is a time when the practitioner will perform healing techniques which you will energetically be open to and can often feel immediate results during the process.
    Reiki has been around, been passed around and adopted by many different cultures, medicine experts, and therapists. There’s a reason why the basis of Reiki is always love, touch and balance. There is a reason why Reiki channels nature and treats the whole person. Reiki is love, unity and balance for all.
    If you found this post helpful check out my profile to book a compliment session with me today!!!
    #elementalgrowth #reikimasterteacher #reikipractitioner #reikimaster🙏 #reikiinfused #reikienergy #reikimaster #reikiusui #reikilife #usuireiki #reikilove #reikiteacher

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  • Spiritual Home Cleaning
    Using the #healing #energy
    Of #reiki We are now also a #reikipractitioner.
    Let the healing and cleaning begin. How are you honoring the Moon on this Moonday?
    #domestic #thehome #Cancer #Ocean #protection #Motherhood #Darkness #Creation

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  • The third of the 7 chakras is known as the Navel Center Chakra, the Manipura meaning “City of Jewels”. This is where we find pearls of clarity, wisdom, confidence, and wellbeing. The secondary chakra is called Surya (sun) and it is located at the solar plexus. Manipura is associated with A-type personalities, self-esteem, sense of purpose, personal identity, willpower, digestion, and metabolism. This is also your core of stability “fire in the belly” your willpower which gives you the energy to change, grow, and take action, this is the spark we need to get things going. 

    Low self-esteem, difficulty making decisions/accepting help and feeling powerless

    Anger, grief and victim mentality make it difficult to move forward in life

    Conforming to social norms, fitting in instead of fitting out, afraid to shine

    Digestion issues, constipation,  irritable bowel syndrome. eating disorders, ulcers, diabetes, issues with pancreas, liver, and colon


    Eating nutrient-dense foods, creating healthy alignment

    Comfortable with your own inherent power, empowerment

    Connected with your purpose, desire to serve in a beneficial way

    Power, self-esteem, self-image, energy, responsibility, willpower

    Taking responsibility for one’s life, taking control

    Mental abilities, forming authentic opinions and beliefs

    Making decisions, setting the direction, clarity

    Balancing this energy center can provide the momentum you need to move forward and realize your full potential as a human in this world. It plays a fundamental role in the development of personal power. The key message is to trust simply your gut and take action.
    @iamelementalgrowth #solarplexus #solarplexushealing #solarplexuschakra #reikipractitioner #reikilove #reikienergy #reikihealing #solarplexuschakrahealing #thirdchakra #chakrahealing #reikiusui #reikimaster #reikihealer

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  • I. Sending out some reiki healing vibes tonight - leave your name and location below so I can include you in my meditation 🤗❣
    @iamelementalgrowth #meditationtime #meditationteacher #healingenergy #reikipractitioner #highervibes #reikimaster #positvevibes #reikihealing #healingvibrations #reikienergy #vibrationalhealing #reikihealer #reikilove

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    Originally posted by positiveupwardspiral

    As a Reiki Master, I am so grateful and appreciative to be connected to Reiki’s healing energy and pass this onto others through teaching and healing work. 

    I was taught and attuned distantly and this has been subject to snobbery and judgement. The course was enlightening, eye opening and profound for me, my teacher Lisa Powers was inspiring in her love, openness and balance. My attunements were spiritually awakening and affirmed my connection to the collective divine. I used Reiki daily on myself and felt the healing physically, emotionally and spiritually and it has had such a lasting effect on my overall health. So, why is it under scrutiny you may ask?! Well, as with all things which have a large following, people insist on polarising themselves and battling over who is “right” about said thing and who is “wrong”. There are those who like the rules and the clear Do’s and Don’ts of things and as much there is much good in this, there is also toxicity which spreads. 

    Lets talk about making a cup of tea for a minute (for reading elsewhere in the world, here in UK, this is a BIG DEAL!).

    Lets say the origins of tea making had a set of rules in which it should be made and unless every single step was adhered to, you would not be drinking a “real” cup of tea.

    Making a Cup of Tea:

    1. One must use a china tea cup only.

    2. Once kettle is boiled, the water must sit for 30 seconds before pouring.

    3. A tea bag must be already inside the tea cup. Pour the boiling water inside the cup. The tea bag must be left to sit in the water for 1-2 minutes then removed gently with a spoon.

    4. Semi skimmed cows milk must then be added, only a splash so that the colour remains dark.

    5. One sugar cube then should be added and stirred well. 

    So, anyone who does not make tea exactly in this way are not actually drinking “real” tea.

    Applying this to Reiki, I hear many many times, Reiki has to be learned face to face, the student must have intensive training and undergo fasting before attunements. In fact, different people have different sets of rules which they assert to anyone not adhering to those same guidelines.

    Reiki is divine life force healing energy which EVERYONE has the right to feel connected to and use to heal themselves and others. A planet whereby everyone is working on being centred and balanced would be the peaceful planet I would love to be a part of, which I am sure is true for you too. So, what can I do in order to help support this to happen? I look for barriers people face which may stop them from working with Reiki, whether that be disability, confidence, finances and look to combat them as these people would benefit a great deal from the empowerment of working with Reiki energy. Reiki is energy and does not exist in the boundaries of time and space as we do, therefore distance work can be a wonderful way of engaging those more vulnerable in society. Can a single mother having left an abusive partner on benefits and loosing all confidence in herself and life really turn up at a spiritual centre’s door and pay as much as £200 for a day course in Reiki Level 1? Can a young man on a zero hour contract in a rural isolated area afford to travel and pay for the course? Can someone suffering from severe anxiety, depression, pain conditions, agoraphobia or any of the many more conditions, which could be a barrier? 

    I completely reject the idea of any ideology within a spiritual practice which looks to exclude already marginalised communities and have a set of “rules” which supports that idea. Stop ripping us all further apart and conflicting over “rights” and “wrongs” in a rule book, we are asking the wrong question! Not, Is it right to train distantly? but, How can we be more accessible to many more people in the world? Let’s be the collective we always should have been, let’s build each other up and create building blocks to help those step up who can’t, let’s find joy in a healing energy which we connect to so that together we can heal the world. 

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  • 🌎Distance Reiki🌎

    Did you know reiki can be given at great distances?? It works just as it would in person and you still get the benefits of a reiki session; Which are…. lower blood pressure, more balanced sugar levels, vital signs become more level, decreased stress, lower levels of anxiety, lessens levels of depression, accelerated cell growth, and low energy.

    You may think it sounds far fetched, but there’s plenty of evidence it does no harm and helps with many different things. My cousin is a nurse and has been practicing reiki and crystal healing on her patients, with permission of course, and her records indicate better vital signs, blood pressure, heart rates, ect. ect.

    So if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, I am offering it for $20 for 30 minutes and $40 for an hour long healing session. I take payments through venmo AND paypal now. 🙂💜 Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


    Originally posted by dimensao7

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  • Thank you @kelliejeanreiki for running that trail along my broken chakra channels 🙏🙏🙏❤️🙏🙏🙏#reiki #healing #reikihealing #reikipractitioner #reikimaster #reikienergy #openmind (at Santa Monica, California)

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  • image

    Reiki All the Things

    And they will Reiki you back:

    Cat, rock, tree

    They all Reiki me.

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