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  • Everyone’s definition and experience with twinflames can vary. And although the experience was a negative one for me, I learned so much about the tactics that Satan uses to inspire a belief system of past life identity and trauma. And although the Universe was showing me proof of past life and reincarnation, I just couldn’t fully understand why Christians believe otherwise. That there is no such thing as reincarnation. I also learned about clones. Well not really clones, but genetic equals. Genetic equals who also seemed to be experiencing connection with my so called twinflame. Because we all as humans are made by the Divine one, share DNA and replicate through many generations, the “enlightened” one or Lucifer has learned how to manipulate our DNA codes in such a way, that we begin to operate on a reversed system of reality when sin or blocked healing is occuring. He has managed to even use our ancestral codes within our DNA to also deceive us is into thinking that the memories and visions we experience are our own from a past life. And I must admit, that to a certain degree we do own them. But they will always remain separate from the individual codes that we are experiencing through our current being and existence. Only God alone knows how to tap into them for true healing of our lineage. Backwards and forwards God alone can heal the timelines connected to our eternal now. But Lucifer or reversed forces of sin use our codes for the opposite effects. Most usually to decieve and condemn. When Jesus came to us and defeated hell, he also defeated the timelines associated with us. Through time and space, he defeated hell throughout every dimension. We don’t even have to become super conscious of it. Only conscious of our own current path and healing. I also learned that synchronicity is a sign or warning that Lucifer is largely at play with our system of healing. But if you experience it, do not worry, simply begin to pray in confidence that God is there to heal you and will show you the correct path out of reversed systems in our realm.

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  • Part 6-Naruto’s ninja way (2)-TNJ

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    “Talk-no-jutsu ” - the strongest jutsu Naruto" - this is not a joke. It’s true.

    As I said, the “ninja way” of Naruto (that is, his ideology)- this is the ideology of Ashura. Ashura believed that peace could be achieved through connections and understanding. Naruto feels the same way-for example,in the finale,he said that he wants all the Shinobi to work together.So Naruto talks to his opponents. Achieving peace through the Path of Love is one of the main points of the main conflict,and it is expressed through tnd.This is the basis of his ideology,what distinguishes him from others. Everyone in Konoha,for example, offered to just kill Nagato and did not understand Naruto’s desire to talk to him.

    The absence of revenge, that is, the absence of a “vicious circle of hatred” (this was also mentioned by Jiraiya)-also part of Ashura’s ideology. For example, everyone in Konoha just wanted Nagato dead for obvious reasons. But Naruto heard him and understood that nothing would change at all from his death,that Nagato was a “product” of the Shinobi system. You can just kill people like him, of course, but it will lead to nothing-only to more victims. Hashirama would have killed Nagato in his place, because his priority is Konoha. In Konoha, he sees salvation and the future,he will not allow anyone to attempt on her. This,firstly, shows that he is leaning more towards the Path of Indra; secondly, that he was quite blind, seeing nothing but Konoha-his dream.

    But not only that.

    “Elite Shinobi and Fists” are first mentioned by Sasuke at the end of the first part. Then this “method” is used by Naruto and Sasuke,it is used by Killer Bee, etc. In general, this is Ninshu, the idea of Hagoromo-connecting people through the chakra, reading thoughts and hearts. Ninshu is an addition to Naruto’s “Talk-no-jutsu”. Thanks to this,for example,he sees Obito’s memories and finds a way to his heart, which changed him.

    The way of Naruto,his “strongest weapon” - conversations and understanding, as well as Ninshu.

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  • If you have any understanding of the vedic karmic teachings, you will be aware that you are bound to this Earth with a series of lessons to endure and overcome. The only way to stop this cycle of reincarnation is to stop building the next ‘house’ for your soul.

    Each brick for this 'house’ is created with every strong emotional response. (These responses are wired deeply into your physiology, through the 'matrix’ programming you to react strongly to absolutely everything) sometimes you wont even be aware why you reacted like that. These are often called trauma responses. A lot of these are passed down generationally (this is why healing your bloodline / ancestors starts with you) Each blind reaction with no awareness = more bricks for your next house (reincarnation). Awareness is step 1 to your escape route.

    #just read something along these lines and it put everything together so neatly #reincarnation#meditation#spirituality#astrology#healing#matrix#transcend#trauma#inner child
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  • The Villianess who lived


    Chapter one

    “ And for the crimes of trying to harm another noble not only in public but in the vicinity of the royal family I summon you to death Y/n Villarreal.” The executioner’s voice boomed through the crowd of people gather in town square.

    The one accused of the Horrendous crime was nothing more than a young girl, but not just any girl the daughter of Duke Villarreal who had just been beheaded this moment in an attempt to save his beloved daughter. Though she was vain and jealous of the baron’s daughter for managing to steal her love the first prince, poisoning tea wasn’t her thing. Speaking of her beloved first prince, Tooru Oikawa was the one who sentenced her to this harsh death. He loved Maryanne Barlowe and not y/n, only being engaged to her for political advantage to be the crowned prince. He watched from his seat a daunting smirk on his face, his hatred for the girl ran deep to the point where the announcement of her death made him chuckle.

    Next to him stood his best friend and personal knight Hajime Iwaizumi wearing his usual poker face. Though she was annoying with her unexplained love for the one he served and her cruel attitude towards women, the knight didn’t believe she deserved this punishment.

    And on his other side sat Maryanne Barlowe the eighth and youngest child of the Baron, known as the sunflower of high society thanks to her friendly attitude she used to social climb. No one saw her as a threat due to her title, but now she would be the future empress. Soon she would reveal her true self as this was all an act for her, from pretending to be nice and weak to poisoning her own drink at a tea party Y/n hosted.

    Y/n’s eyes shook with rage, hatred soared. Everything was taken from her, she was an accused villainess whose only real crime was falling for the wrong man who thought of her as a disposable object. “Any last words Lady Villarreal?” Tooru said standing from his seat, making sure he could get a good view of her in her last moments.

    “ I hope that in my next life, I’ll be the one to place your head on a stick and parade it around the capital.” She still held her head high as if she wasn’t who just defamed the future self-proclaimed king.

    He let out a loud chuckle that would send chills down anyone’s spine, “ Those who have sinned don’t get a next life, I hope the heavens forgive you my dear.” To think the only time he called her my dear was in a sinister setting. He nodded his head as cue for the executioner to do his job, “ May your damned soul find peace in the after life.” He whispered before swinging the sword down.

    Her throat felt cold and burned as she shot up in her bed holding her throat letting out a scream of terror. “ My Lady are you okay?” Her personal maid Olivia burst through the double doors of her room. Y/n looked around horrified, she was back in her room. And Olivia was alive and well? This couldn’t be, the maid had died after taking the fall saying she had poured the tea thinking it would save her master.

    “ I-I’m fine, how old am I?” It all felt too real to be a dream, was she given a second chance? Or was this the peacefulness of the afterlife being with the ones she loves? “ You’re about to turn 17 in a week, are you sure that you’re okay? You look pale and sweaty my lady.” The maid worried checking her head for fever or any signs of one. She was interrupted when Y/n pulled her down into a hug.

    “ I’m fine Liv, I’m just happy to see you that’s all.” The young girl was never this gentle on any subject but that prince. Ah, that bastard who dared to cross her after devoting her life and body to him. She had a year until her death so she hadn’t done anything stupid yet. But to change her fate she had to change the future. “ What’s my schedule for today?” She hummed, if they wanted a villainess she would play the part but for her own benefit.

    Olivia looked at y/n like she had lost her mind, “ You’re having tea with the first prince, you had to wait a whole month to get him to agree since he said he was busy.” Ah, that was right Tooru did all he could do to ignore and shun his betrothed. What a cowardly man, she thought getting out of bed.

    “ I want to wear a light orange dress today, the more innocent the better. I’ve got a crow to catch.” She smiled to herself as sat in front of her vanity. Her maid was distraught by the sudden change of dress. “ But my lady! You’ve had that revealing aqua dress you were planning to wear since it’s Prince Tooru’s favorite color.” Maybe her mistress had finally lost her mind.

    Y/n couldn’t help but laugh, love was such a blind curse. “ Throw it out, and anything else that color it makes me was to puke. Now pick me out something simple for breakfast so I can have breakfast with father. The maid nodded and quickly got her ready.

    “ Father!” Y/n hugged the stern Duke, his face automatically softening. She hadn’t clung to him like this since he told her that he got the king to accept her engagement to Prince Tooru. “well hello to you too sweetheart, what did I do to deserve this?” He was curious, he hadn’t brought her anything over the past few days due to him being gone.

    She couldn’t believe that her father was standing before her alive and well. “ Nothing I’m just glad to see you, now let’s have breakfast together before I have to go to the palace. “ she clung to his arm as they walked to the table together, she was going to make sure her father didn’t die in vain this time.

    “ And we’re finished, you look gorgeous Lady Y/n. No Lady’s beautiful rivals yours, the prince will definitely fall in love with you this time.” Olivia gushed at her handy work, as y/n stared at herself in the mirror astonished at her reflection. “ Olivia I will reward you when I come back home, now I must go I don’t want to be late.” She smiled making her way to her carriage, it didn’t matter if she was late or not because the prince would always arrive an hour late just to show the true distance between them. In this hour of free time she would set her plan into action.

    “ Lady Villarreal.” Her knight Wakatoshi Ushijima said, holding out his hand to help her on to the carriage. “ Toshi I told you not to be so formal when no one is around, I get enough of that already.” She giggled at him taking his hand and getting on. Not only was he the best knight of the Duke but also her childhood friend.

    “ My apologies lad- y/n, I’m used to you always having one of the noble ladies with you.” Those ladies weren’t here friends only using her for her high status, in the past, she was just too dumb to see but now it was clear as day.

    The second she arrived at the palace she told wakatoshi to wait for her, as she wanted her alone time with the prince. Aha if only they knew which prince she was talking about. Y/n was headed to the crow garden, where the second prince Tobio Kageyama would be since it was a garden dedicated to his late mother. Once aprincess from another kingdom before becoming the empress while Tooru’s mother was only a queen. Sadly Tobio’s mother died at a young age, this palace was deadly yet somehow he was still alive. She was taking a real gamble coming here trying to meet him, it could even cost her life but whether she dies now or a year later made no difference.

    The garden was filled with orange and black flowers that seemed almost otherworldly, the girl looked like she was a part of the garden with her dress blending into the flowers. No sign of the second prince at all, maybe her plan was going all to waste. The girl crouched down gently touching a flower. Just then she felt a cold sword on her shoulders threatening to cut her neck. “ Your highness prince Tobio has forbidden anyone from picking the flowers. Stand up slowly and turn to state your name.” Y/n gulped as she followed instructions meeting eyes with Shoyo Hinata, the orange-headed prince’s guard. He usually wore a playful smile but when ordered to can become deadly in seconds.

    “ Lower your sword, I’m very aware of who she is. Though I have no idea why you’d show your face in this part of the palace.” A low voice ordered from behind Shoyo. prince Tobio finally came into the picture, but he didn’t look too happy.

    Y/n bowed after the sudden shock, “ Glory to you your highness, may you prosper.” She spoke humbly, he was almost taken aback that she was bowing in his stead. Yes, she was in a lower position than him, but rumor had it that the duke’s daughter thought of herself as a prince who would only bow below the king and her beloved. “ You may rise, Lady Villarreal, why have you come here?”

    He was itching to find out why she was here of all places, was she sent by his brother to kill him? Tobio had never formally met Y/n only the rumors that she was an evil being. There was no evil being that stood before him just a lovely woman who looked innocent. “ I’m sorry that I’ve intruded, I’ve heard about this garden since I was little but was never able to come. Also I heard that you would be here.” She tucked her hair behind her ear, with Knight Hinata still here she couldn’t reveal her true plan yet.

    She came here for him? What business did she have him with anyway? Maybe he had done something to offend her, Shoyo often told him that his face was scary and made ladies cry. “ Why would I be interesting enough for the lady to come all the way here just to see me? Does my brother know that you are here?” He and everyone else knew Tooru didn’t love Y/n but if he knew one thing about his brother is that he is possessive. Just knowing that his fiancé came to see him would drive him crazy.

    “ Ah I can’t say, your guard is scaring me.” She lied straight through her teeth, Tobio took the bait nodded his head to dismiss his knight. “ Now you may speak freely.” This whole encounter was strange for him and what she was about to say was even stranger.

    She took a deep breath, worse comes to worse she would be sent to jail for offending royalty. “ I’m going to cancel the engagement with the first prince.” She looked up to meet his eyes that just went wide with concern and confusion.

    “ Why would you do that? And why would you be telling me this as if it mattered to me?” He questioned as his eyes narrowed with suspicion, maybe she wasn’t as weak as he had thought when he saw her.

    Y/n smiled as she had just won a prize, he was asking questions which was a good sign. “ Well, it’s clear that Prince Tooru doesn’t love me, and is only with me for ties to the Villarreal Dukedom. Without me lowers his chances of being king, being with Maryanne Barlowe who can’t give him a status raise will be his downfall.”

    “ You know speaking of a future king while the current one is still alive is a crime right, yet you refuse to bite your tongue. Go on and continue, I’ll decide by the end of this if you’ll end up in the dungeon or not.” Tobio advised causing her to gulp, she must not falter to his empty threats. 

    “ My birthday ball Tooru will bring lady Maryanne instead of escorting me, excuse me but that bastard is going to embarrass me for that woman publicly. I do not wish to stay by his side, I do not wish to love anymore. So please be my escort to my birthday, I will back you and make you king. Just don’t let me die.” Her eyes began to water and gloss over which she didn’t intend to happen, the thought of repeating the past scared her.

    Tobio was taken back by the sudden emotions she held, she was shaking like her life was in danger. How was her fiancé being unfaithful going to end in death? His brain swirled with theories and answers but nothing made sense. This offer was too good for him to decline also too risky in the same sense. “ Keep your word that you’re going to cancel the engagement, then I’ll send you a message on what my answer will be.” This was the only acceptable answer he could give fearing this could all be a trap, something in her eyes was crying for him to help. If Tooru did become king he was as good as dead since he had hate for Tobio. With that he left without another word, he couldn’t take in any more information at the moment.

    Y/n sat in the indoor garden sipping on her tea, she had been here for two hours, her fiancé was running extra late today not that she minded. It gave her time to practice speaking calmly instead of jumping over the table and brutally murder him for the trauma he had caused from her death. When the door opened Tooru arrived with Hajime, this tea was informal as ever how did y/n of the past look forward to meeting this rude man.

    “ Sorry for being late, I had some stuff to take care of. “ he sat down expecting her to whine about how she had waited so long to see him. “ I didn’t mind, I was enjoying being in my own company. I’m starting to prefer spending time with myself instead.” She said calmly not even bothering to look up from her tea.

    He smirked at her attitude, he wished she was always like this instead of drooling all over him. “ Your birthday is next week, I’m guessing you’re here to ask me to escort you? I’ll be wearing blue so you have to match me.” He loved toying with her emotions and getting her hopes up, yes he would agree to go but not with her.

    Y/n hated the way he was so cocky and sure of himself, “ You don’t have to worry about us matching, I’m not wearing blue at all.” She simply stated finally meeting eyes with him. “ Is this your way of telling me that you want us to wear a different color? How rude you know I love blue.” If she wanted to wear a different color he would comply since it wasn’t his party but usually she agreed with whatever he said.

    “ No not us, I will be wearing a different color since you won’t be escorting me.” She dropped the bomb on him even making his knight flinch at her harsh words. Tooru most definitely thought she was playing hard to get now. “ Why wouldn’t I be? I’m your loving fiancé aren’t I?” He wore a playful smirk on his face, she was going to cave in if he played the part of a lover.

    She chuckled at his ignorance, he just wasn’t getting it was he? “ Prince Tooru we both know you don’t love me, and I’ve decided to stop loving you now. So why don’t we do each other a favor, and stop this? I y/n Villarreal am annulling this engagement.” She stood up from her seat shucking the prince who could only grind his teeth. Lowering herself she got close to his ear, “ Why don’t you ask Maryanne Barlowe to be your betrothed, or you might be better off marrying a commoner.” Y/n stood up straight as she made her way to the door.

    Tooru could barely react in time, “ If you leave right now Y/n, I will never take you back no matter how much you or your father beg me.” He stood up quickly making his chair topple over with a slam, their was no way this weak-minded girl changed overnight.

    “ Your highness please refer to me as Lady Villarreal in public from now on, I don’t want people to get weird ideas.” She smiled politely before exiting, leaving the prince to flip over the tea table in anger. Though she had escaped from that death doesn’t mean she escaped from death completely.

    A/n: it took me awhile to place the characters! Thank you to everyone who submitted stuff, I’m sorry if I didn’t get to use the character you wanted but I’ll be making some headcannons for the ones y’all sent. P.s I don’t hate Oikawa at all but you can’t tell me he doesn’t play his part well lmaooo. See you next time <3

    #haikyu x reader #haikyuu headcanons #haikyuu!! #iwaizumi hajime #aoba josai x reader #oikawa tooru#oikawa headcanons#kageyama#kegayama tobio#karusuno#reincarnation #kegayama x reader #revenge #the villainess who lived
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  • image

    The sounds of more unsheathing swords fill the silence, the bright glow of spiritual energy running through the blades in shades of Jiang purple and Wen red.

    “How high is the gate?!” Jiang Yanli shouts back, her own drawn sword flaring a brilliant lavender, illuminating her worried face in the darkness.

    “Waist height!” Comes the strangled reply - who from, he doesn’t know.

    “Move!” Jiang Yanli shouts, directing the disciples towards the gate with an outstretched arm. The sword, she keeps held towards the Nightlands and the encroaching threat, defensive and unwavering. “Go! Get under the gate!”

    The gate may not close in time, Wei Wuxian knows, but it is easier to defend a smaller space than a larger one.

    Another Yanli design for my fic, All The Dark Places, from the fight scene in Chapter One: Welcome to the City.

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  • The Weekend past life and past life birthmarks!

    With Past Life Psychic Medium Vera and Angel Artist Christina

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  • Everyone’s favorite weakest villainess is back, this time in print! Will Elle be able to escape death at the hands of the manga heroine and secure her freedom? Experience Elle’s cute antics again in print for $14.99! Or buy the digital version for $7.99!

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  • OH HUMAN CHILD by FantasyDeath

    The Sharingans Tsukuyomi is a powerful tool, able to reach the very soul. When Sasuke wakes up the day after his brother killed his entire family, it is with the memories of another life in his head.

    (Saitama is reborn as Uchiha Sasuke, making the world a very different place.)

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  • Penny Dreadful- Season 4 - L.A. 1947, Ethan & Vanessa Ives new meeting

     Starring- Eva Green & Josh Hartnett 

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  • I really want to do a villainess reincarnation haikyuu fic but I have no idea who I want the male leads to be. I also am going to do Haikyuu boys reincarnation trope headcannon! Feel free to leave your idea babes <3

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  • Everyone is talking about Spade Kingdom arc, but I want to remind you an arc, which made me love Black Clover more than I already did


    The 10th arc, “The Reincarnation”, will always be my no 1 most favorite arc, not only of Black Clover, but of all anime!

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  • image

    In 1926, Nikola Tesla was asked to share his views on a debate which happened between Luther Burbank, an American botanist and horticulturist, and Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, who both shared their beliefs on life after death. Burbank refused to accept the notion that human life continues after death, while Ford firmly believed in reincarnation. Tesla was born into a very religious family, and it was intended that he follow his father in theology and become a priest. It wasn’t until he survived cholera that his father allowed him to study science. Tesla maintained his belief in certain principals contained in the Bible, but on the theological side, and to the concept of immortality, he developed his own beliefs. Tesla gave a brief summary about these beliefs on the subject, and seemed to lean more towards Burbank’s stance. Tesla’s logic was the reasoning of a practical man of science who has not only given numerous laboratory experiments, but has said to have spent a lifetime of deep mental reflection on the question of life after death. 

    “Since time immemorial the most profound thinkers have tried to lift the veil that hides the beyond. I have read thousands of volumes of literature and thought for years in the hope that I might get some kind of evidence to show that death is not the end. But all in vain. To me the universe is simply a marvelous mechanism, and the most complex forms of human life, as human beings, are nothing else but automatic engines, controlled by external influence. Through incessant observation I have so convinced myself of the truth of this that I cannot perform any act or even conceive a thought without locating at once the external stimulus that prompted it.

    “A forceful argument in support of the existence of a creative agent is made of the law, order and harmony perceptible everywhere. But it must not be forgotten that Kant’s reasoning and conclusion in this respect are irrefutable. According to this philosopher, the conception of fitness has been created in the speculative mind of men, which thus admires a miracle wrought by itself.

    “Granted a planetary system, it is absolutely inevitable that in the course of eons such organized beings as we are will evolve. The cooling of the hot masses results in a precipitation of water, and under the influence of the sun’s rays heliotropic action takes place and life is started. Through chemical and other agents and continuous adjustment complex mechanisms come into being, and these ultimately develop into structures of marvelous complexity with capacities of response to the faintest stimulae from the environment.

    “When we realize this as a fact we begin to grasp the great idea of Buddha–that self is an illusion. Indeed, we are nothing but waves in space and time which when dissolved exist no more.

    “There is this to be said, however, that science without hope is not satisfactory, and unless one has some ideals he cannot achieve happiness. The religious is the most lofty ideal, and it seems that the great reformers who, ages ago, laid down rules of conduct were right in their conclusions that a peaceful existence and a continued onward march of man on this globe is essentially dependent on the conception of a God.

    “I have read Mr. Burbank’s statement in which he expresses an opinion shared by most natural philosophers, but one must not be too rash in contradicting the conclusions reached by countless men of genius who spent their lives in endeavors to ascertain the destiny of the human race. A single individual, however well informed and capable, may be partially unaware of if not utterly blind to evidences of a certain kind, which might be quite sufficient for others. This is the reason why I am distrustful of my own findings. Possibly Mr. Ford, who I understand is accepting old traditions, may be closer to the truth than such men as Burbank and myself.

    “I have searched during many years for some process or means to test the possibility of future existence by scientific experiment, and I have devised one, which, to my great disappointment, has failed. But perhaps some more skillful experimenter might succeed if I suggest to him the course. To put it briefly, it is this:

    “Our bodies are composed of molecules of various elements, harmoniously united. Do these molecules retain any after-effect when the body is dissolved? To ascertain this take, say, two molecules of hydrogen from the body of an individual and also one molecule of oxygen. Furthermore, provide another molecule of oxygen taken from some other body. Now place the two molecules of hydrogen so they can combine with the oxygen, and if they prefer that molecule of oxygen with which they were previously united, then reincarnation is proved. For, though it may take ages and ages, ultimately the molecules which constituted that body will get together again, just as in a vast city individuals from a distant land finally meet and establish close contact.”

    –Nikola Tesla

    “After Death — WHAT?” By Ross Duff Whytock. Lima News, Lima, Ohio, March 14, 1926.

    #nikola tesla#science#history#religion #life and death #philosophy #life after death #reincarnation#quotes #ahead of his time #ahead of our time
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  • !!!TW// death


    I’ve been matching loads of videos on YouTube about children that were reincarnated (belief in this isn’t my point please bare with me)

    and I picked up on one small detail, every one of these toddlers said that death felt like falling. Some even went as far as to say that they fell through a hole at the age they died (28,61 etc) and then woke up in this life, as a new baby.

    BUT I WAS THINKING … you know them dreams you have when your trying to fall asleep, the ones where you fall from something and jolt yourself awake… what if that is near death? I mean you never hit the floor do you? You’re always awake before then so what if we are literally preventing death right there? What if I did hit the floor, would my body never wake up??

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  • #tgcf#beefleaf#hualian#shi qingxuan#he xuan#hua cheng#xie lian #heaven's official blessing #nonbinary shi qingxuan #genderfluid he xuan #modern au sort of but not really they just lived till modern day #reincarnation#post canon #fix it of sorts #huaxuan besties shut up #hua cheng is he xuan's therapist #i never said he was a good one #beefleaf is one of the few tragic couples i like #i dont think they could get together in canon but post canon? #thats a whole different story #yes there was a hint of yushipei #yes yushi huang is aroace in all my fics no matter what
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