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  • thedaddymothman
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Tender Sweet Loving

    Pairing: Reiner Braun x AFAB!Reader
    WC: 455
    CW: NSFW MINORS DNI; fingering, light orgasm control, bathtub sex, vaginal sex

    Reiner is a very tender lover, he takes pride and finds joy in caring for his lover. He loves the small intimate moments where he cares for you, his one and only lover. He takes pride in helping you get dressed in your bad days and playing nurse when you are sick. Running soft circles into your tense back when you have a stomach bug, wishing he could take it all away and carry all that ails you.

    But his favourite moments are in the bath, he has got into the habit of running you warm baths after a stressful day at your job. He’ll light candles, provide you with drinks of your choice, fill the water with bubble bath scents or bath bombs of your choosing, he’ll massage your sore muscles and play your favourite music so you can truly unwind.

    But rarely does he ever join you, so when he does join you in the bath it makes it even more special. It makes the way he runs his hands over your soft body and applies light pressure to knots and kinks in your back even more special. It makes the way he cups and gropes your breasts and holds you tight against his body even more special. It makes the way he spreads your legs and fingers your warm cunt under the cover of the warm bath water more addictive.

    Reiner takes pride in the way you push your back into his firm chest and grind your needy hips against his hardened cock. Reiner finds joy in the way you purr when his lips are pressed against your neck, who finds joy in the way your legs shake as he keeps your legs spread. He takes pride in coaxing you towards your climax, he takes pride in the way your body unwillingly reacts as he whispers to you “if you cum on my fingers, you won’t get to cum on my cock.”

    Reiner who takes pride in the way you throw your head back and squeeze your eyes shut when you get closer and closer to your release— now restraining yourself as he praises you, the tips of his strong fingers petting your clenching walls. Reiner’s cock twitches when he hears you whine at the loss of his fingers and grins at the way you go slack jawed and release a chorus of pretty moans as his cock stretches out your needy cunt.

    Reiner whose favourite kind of tender love is slowly fucking you as you unwind. Fucking all the stress and worry out of your tense body. Reducing you to a blubbering mess who is drunk off his cock and can only think about and beg for his tender sweet loving.

    #reiner braun #reiner braun x you #reiner braun x reader #reiner braun x y/n #snk x reader #aot x reader #fanfic#anime #shinjeki no kyojin #attack on titan #reiner brainrot #reiner x reader #aot reiner
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  • arminsiopaocheeks
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    excUUUSE ME but Reiner looks damn hot in the opening sequence O_O

    #attack on titan reiner #attack on titan #snk reiner#reiner#reiner braun #shingeki no kyojin #aot#snk #shingeki no kyoujin #arminsiopaocheeks#aot spoilers #tasha's random ramblings
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  • babyyweebbitch
    17.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    ⋆ 𝐀𝐭𝐭𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐨𝐧 𝐓𝐢𝐭𝐚𝐧 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 ⋆

    ⋄ headcannons ⋄

    please just stand normally — zeke, reiner, porco and Annie

    S/O with tattoos and piercings — levi and eren

    boob pillows — hange, levi and reiner

    aot characters with an s/o who was a teen mom (modern au) — part one eren, armin, hange, reiner and porco | part two (coming soon)

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  • beatotsundere
    17.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

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  • reibertjournal
    17.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    If Bertholdt had Yelena's personality....

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  • the-maniac-titan
    17.01.2022 - 3 hours ago
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  • inarimifoku
    17.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    I wish everyone to find such a person who will look at you the same way that Pieak looks at Porco

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  • mr-bang-bang
    17.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    SNYEAGERS don't stop chop & drop

    #eren yeager#eren jaeger#porco galliard#reiner braun #attack on titan eren #jaw titan#armored titan#attack titan #attack on titan #attack on titan final season #shingeki no kyojin #shingeki no kyojin final season #snk#aot#進撃の巨人
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  • sinnamon19
    17.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    more m*a*s*h x aot warriors crossovers 🙈❤

    art by cookie

    #fanart #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #pokopiku#pieck finger#porco galliard#reiner braun#zeke jaeger#m*a*s*h #this was so funnn haha
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  • wall-maria-fritz
    17.01.2022 - 9 hours ago



    1. I will only draw

    Levi Ackerman
    Erwin Smith
    Zeke Jeager
    Reiner Braun
    Eren Jeager
    Mikasa Ackerman
    Historia Reiss
    Hange Zoe
    Petra Ral
    Pieck Finger

    2. I will NOT be drawing OC's or self inserts, but I am willing to draw ships. (Such as rivetra, eruri, levihan, rivahisu and the like) EXCEPT FOR ERERI.

    If you would like me to draw your OC, don't hesitate to commission me!

    3. It is up to MY discretion, as the artist, whether or not to draw your request.

    4. I own ALL requests I fulfill and will be protected under my copyright. You may not claim ownership of or re-post my art without my express permission. I will also be signing all of my work.

    5. For SMUT asks, I will also be very selective of what I fulfill. But I will only fulfill NON-ANONYMOUS asks in order to ensure that I am not entertaining minors.

    6. For obvious reasons, I will not draw anything which involves p**dophilia, inc*st, b**stiality, d*ugs, or anything along that vein.

    7. As I am a traditional artist, I will only be drawing requests. I will ONLY be using graphite pencils on paper. I will also only be drawing in my own art style, and the complexity of the drawing will be up to my discretion.

    8. If you have any specific requests, don't hesitate to message me for a commission ✨

    That's all, go crazy, you lovelies! 🍓

    #levi ackerman x reader #erwin smith x reader #zeke jeager x reader #zeke jaeger x reader #levi ackerman x you #levi ackerman #erwin smith fanart #zeke jeager #reiner braun x reader #reiner braun#zeke yeager #zeke yeager x reader #captain levi#petra ral#historia reiss#rivahisu#rivetra#mikasa ackerman#eremika#eren jeager #eren jeager x reader #eren jaeger#pieck finger #pieck finger x reader #hanji zoe#hange zöe#hange zoe#levihan #hange zoe x reader #hanji zoe x reader
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  • reinerdarling
    17.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Eren pointing a gun: You want to die today?

    Reiner: Yeah kinda.

    Eren: Damn.

    Eren: Wanna talk about it?

    #attack on titan #reiner braun#snk#eren jeager#eren yeager #aot incorrect quotes
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  • tootsythecat
    17.01.2022 - 13 hours ago
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  • lostinthewiind
    17.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Brave Heart: Chapter Thirty-Five

    Attack on Titan

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: sexual themes, death, gore, mature themes, extreme violence, body horror, blood, weapons, major character death, age-gap relationship

    On the day of the Scout mission to retake wall Maria and recover the secrets within Eren's cellar, Vera had woken up at an absurd hour that morning, unable to sleep for a multitude of reasons; one of which being the fact that she could not, for the life of her, stop thinking about the feeling of Levi's lips on hers. Then, her heart wound begin to pound and she would begin to blush, and there was absolutely no sleeping after that.

    Vera was well aware that her internal monologue currently resembled one of a lovesick preteen, but she couldn't help it. In the sea of wrongs, she had finally found a right, and it felt so damn good.

    As Vera headed to the armoury to maintenance her ODM gear and get ready for the expedition that evening, she felt a hand settle onto her lower back and gently guide her into one of the many secluded alleys between the buildings.

    "Captain," Vera greeted with a nod, knowing that things between her and Levi needed to remain professional and inconspicuous. "Big day today."

    "Yes, big day." Levi's eyes flickered to the main road, making sure no one was passing by. "About what happened the, uh . . . the other night. I don't regret it."

    Vera smiled. "Good. Neither do I."

    "Good. And I want you to know that I meant what I said. I do want to figure things out. Just not now. You understand."

    "Yes, I do." Vera nodded. "It's a big day, after all. We have a wall to reclaim and secrets to uncover."

    Levi cocked a dark brow. "You seem to be in a good mood this morning."

    "Do I? Because I'm exhausted," Vera confessed. "Barely got a wink of sleep last night."

    "Kline," Levi warned.

    "It's your fault," Vera lowered her voice to just above a whisper. "Maybe if you hadn't kissed me so softly and held me so tightly I might have been able to sleep."

    Vera didn't miss the way the tips of Levi's ears turned a faint shade of red as he avoided eye contact.

    "I'm kidding," Vera chuckled softly. "Mostly. Anyway, is there a reason you dragged me over here? Maybe to scold me one last time before a Titan swallows me whole?"

    "Joke about death again and I'll make sure you don't leave the confines of these walls today."

    "Sorry, Sir."


    Vera tilted her head like a confused puppy. "Hmm?"

    "You can call me Levi. You know, if you want. Not around others, of course."

    "Oh, of course not . . . Levi," Vera snickered. "So, not that I don't love basking in the charged tension of our conversations, but can I go now? I have quite a few things to do before we leave tonight."

    "Not yet." Levi checked one last time to make sure the two of them were alone before he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small pin with a simple, metal yellow flower at the end of it.

    Vera's eyes lit up at the sight of the object. "What's that?"

    "For you." Levi pinned the flower to the underside of her jacket collar so that it wasn't visible to anyone else. "I know I can't give you much . . ."

    Vera giggled as she reached up to her collar and felt for the hidden pin underneath it. "Two days and I already get gifts? I should have kissed you ages ago."

    Levi frowned.

    "Kidding, again." Vera pressed a chaste kiss to his cheek. "Thank you. This is honestly a bit of a surprise. A good surprise though."

    Levi almost looked a bit embarrassed by his actions. "You and I both know how quickly things can turn for the worst. It's probably stupid but . . ."

    "No." Vera shook her head, making sure he understood how grateful she was. "It's beautiful. I love it."


    "Yeah. I like this side of you." Vera got ready to head out and prepare her supplies. "There's the Captain Levi that everyone knows, and then there's the Levi that I know. Makes me feel special."

    "You are special."

    Vera grinned as she backed away toward the main road. "Careful, or you'll give me a complex."

    "Shut up."

    Taking one final step out of the shadows of the alley and into the light of the street, Vera sighed as she felt the intimacy of the bubble between her and Levi burst. "Yes, Captain. Shutting up, Sir."

    With that, Vera spun on her heel and continued her stroll toward the armoury, fingers brushing over the underside of her collar and the small yellow flower that was pinned there. She wasn't sure what type of flower it was, exactly, or what it symbolized, but to her, it just meant that someone cared about her enough to see something and think of her, and that was more than enough.

    At sunset that evening, the troops of the Scout Regiment prepared to embark on their long-anticipated mission. After hours of lifting weapons, horses, and other supplies up and over the wall to the other side, everything was finally in place.

    As Vera stood atop the wall with her friends and fellow soldiers, she was taken aback when she actually began to hear the sounds of the citizens below cheering them on. First, it was Flagel Reeves wishing Hange good luck, and then, person by person, support was flooding in from all around.

    "You guys come back in one piece, all right?" one man shouted, his words managing to break through the jumbled cacophony of praise and support.

    "And get us our land back too!"

    Vera could still vividly remember a time when the Scout Regiment was nothing but a disappointment to the people; back when there was no hope for any sort of life outside of the walls—and in some cases, even inside the walls as well. But this . . . this was different. This was empowering.

    "Someone's got a big mouth," Levi huffed, obviously displeased with the fact that the intentions of the mission had spread to the public.

    "Yeah, well, that celebration did get a little rowdy," Hange reasoned.

    One of Hange's men shook his head. "Actually, we ordered all of that meat from the Reeves' Company, so . . ."


    While most of the Scouts atop the wall were simply smiling down at the people below and enjoying the rare enthusiasm, others were taking things a little too seriously.

    "Yeah! You can count on us!" Sasha, Jean, and Connie yelled back.

    "I wonder how long it's been since the Scouts got a send-off like this," one of the soldiers wondered aloud.

    His friend shrugged. "I don't know. I'm not sure if we ever have."

    "Well, as far as I'm aware, at least, this is a first," Erwin said before throwing his remaining arm into the air, fist clenched tight as he let out what could only be described as a war cry. The citizens responded well to this, and before long, shouting was echoing all around. "The operation to retake wall Maria begins now!" Erwin then drew his blade and pointed it toward the sky.

    With that, the Scouts descended the other side of the wall, mounted their horses, and waited for the signal from Erwin. With an eardrum-shattering, "Scouts, move out!" from the Commander, the mission had begun; and hopefully, by the time it was over, humanity would have their land back and the questions that had been plaguing the hearts and minds of many would finally be answered.

    By the time the sun had dipped completely behind the horizon, covering the sky with a thick, dark blanket of stars, the platoon had managed to reach the forest that would grant them cover while they moved through the night. Dismounting their horses, the Scouts assumed a single-file line to travel along the narrow path through the trees, continuing on with minimal noise and light.

    Dark green Scout cloak keeping her warm, Vera readjusted the hood over her head when a stray branch snagged it. Every little rustle and twig snap from the foliage had Vera flinching slightly, worried that a Titan or worse would pop out at her from the shadows. With her entire body on high alert, she was hoping the sun would rise again soon and rid her mind of the excess fear.

    For hours on end—even though it felt more like an eternity—the Scouts made their way through the trees, hoping to make it out the other side of the dense forest by the time dawn broke.

    "I'm sorry you got stuck with my horse," Eren sighed and looked over his shoulder at Mikasa.

    Mikasa, who was leading two horses through the winding, uneven path, didn't seem fazed in the least. "Don't worry about it. You should be saving your energy."

    "Yeah, I get it, but still . . ."

    "She's right, Eren," Connie interjected from behind. "We need you at your best."

    "Don't say his name, dumbass!" Jean snapped.

    Connie swallowed hard. "Oh, sorry. I forgot."

    "Act as though we're surrounded by enemies. Always," Jean reminded everyone as he came to a stop, eyes wide, and shone his light to the left to reveal a Titan sitting against a large rock. "Titan on the left! Everyone halt! Light up the area!"

    Immediately, Vera pulled out her flashlight and directed it toward the Titan. Soon, the Titan was basking in a gentle glow from the many light sources aimed at it, but thankfully, it didn't move a single muscle, even with the sudden commotion.

    "It's all right." Hange strolled over to inspect the situation. "Pretty sure he's asleep. Doesn't look like this is one of the new types that can move around at night," she chuckled and lowered her blade. "Well, isn't that a shame. Leave him be."

    On Hange's orders, everyone continued down the path, completely ignoring the docile Titan in the process.

    "I can't believe we had to get that close to notice the thing." Eren shook his head in disappointment.

    "Yeah, I'm with you on that point," Hange agreed. "But it's worth it. The moonless night is protecting us. Light from the moon is really just reflected sunlight, and from what we can tell, that minuscule amount of reflected light is all that these new Titans need to move. It's good that we're using the new moon's cover. There's no guarantee that we won't have a repeat of before. For all we know, that sleeper might have been a Moonlight Titan himself. Maybe we can capture one someday."

    Keeping her light directed in front of her, Vera used it to illuminate the ground she was walking on and avoid her or her horse tripping over any roots or loose stones. The last thing she needed was to twist her ankle or cause a ruckus and spook the horses.

    Or, more importantly, the last thing she needed was to mess up in front of Levi, who kept glancing back at her every few minutes. Vera was unsure if he was checking to make sure she was still there, or maybe he was wondering what he had gotten himself into by getting involved with the likes of her. Either way, whenever Vera looked up and spotted his grey eyes staring back at her, she felt her knees grow weak and she had to shift her focus back to the ground to avoid stumbling over her own feet.

    "Every time I look at you lately, your head seems to be a million miles away." Armin's voice grounded Vera, bringing her a sense of calm that she had been craving ever since they had stepped foot in that damn forest. "You okay?"

    "Yeah. I'm fine." Vera hoped her smile didn't look too forced or unnatural.

    Armin chuckled. "It's okay if you're scared. I'm scared too."

    "I'm not-" Vera began denying it before she had even realized that it was a perfect excuse for why she was acting so weird. "Actually, you're right. I am a little terrified. I just want everything to go as planned, but I know it probably won't."

    "Hey, there's a first time for everything, right?" Armin bumped shoulders with Vera and she felt a good portion of the weight she had been carrying with her lift away.

    Gentle laughter dying out quickly to avoid making any more noise, Vera felt her throat tighten at the sight of Levi looking back at her once more. He had probably heard her chuckles and turned around to tell her to shut up, but his lingering gaze filled her stomach with knots.

    "Is there something going on with you and the captain?" Armin asked suddenly, picking up on the signs even in the all-consuming darkness. "Did he put you back on probation again? What did you do?"

    Vera felt sweat begin to gather on her palms and the reins in her hand slip a little. "W-what makes you think that?" She wasn't sure if she was selling the ruse that she had no idea what he was talking about or not.

    "He seems to be watching you a lot, almost like he's looking for mistakes," Armin replied nonchalantly. "I first noticed it around the time Kenny and his followers came after us in the streets, but it's happening a lot more frequently now."

    Vera shrugged. "Really? I-I haven't noticed anything."

    Armin nodded, silence falling over the two before he spoke once more. "Vera, if he's being too hard on you, you can tell me. Just because he's our captain doesn't mean he can treat you like crap after a few sketchy judgement calls on your part."

    "A few sketchy-?" Vera cocked a brow before exhaling and letting the conversation drift into something more friendly and light and less worrisome. "No, Armin, I'm fine. There is nothing going on between me and Captain Levi."

    Armin hummed to himself while he thought. "Well, okay, if you say so." He finally backed down. "But you would tell me if there was, right?"

    "Of course," Vera lied—well, maybe it wasn't a complete lie. She did want to tell Armin because he had always been there for her whether she deserved his kindness or not. But as Levi had said earlier that morning, now was not the time to be trying to figure things out.

    Before Armin could ask any follow-up questions, the line of soldiers came to a slow halt and there was whispered shouting from the front. "I see the foot of the mountain! There are signs of a trail ahead!"

    "Well, looks like we're close," Eren said.

    Mikasa nodded in agreement. "I'm pretty sure I can hear the river."

    "We made it back, after all that's happened," Armin breathed out a sigh of relief.

    For the first time since the mission had begun, Vera finally grasped the fact that she was returning to the place she had lived as a child. True, she didn't remember most of her life while in Shiganisha, and even if she had, it wouldn't be much more than memories of staying inside all day, but nevertheless, there was a sickening feeling of anticipation coursing through her body.

    For thirteen years Vera had lived and grown up in Shiganshina, and now, five years later, she was returning as an adult, ready to uncover the secrets the district was hiding.

    With wall Maria and Shiganshina in the distance, and the sun beginning to rise after what felt like days on end of darkness, the soldiers exited the forest, remounted their horses, and made the final push forward.

    "There could be Titans anywhere, so keep your guard up!" Erwin instructed. "This operation has officially begun. All troops, switch to ODM gear!"

    Letting go of the reins, her horse still galloping through the overgrown streets of the village, Vera pushed herself into a standing position on her saddle before taking to the sky and propelling herself up to the top of the wall.

    From there, Erwin's plan could begin to take root. The main objective was to seal the gate to wall Maria and the one to the outside world, effectively isolating Shiganshina and allowing the Scouts to kill the Titans inside. Of course, enemy resistance was expected, but by having all one hundred soldiers keep their faces covered, they reduced the chance of Eren being targeted before assuming Titan form.

    Atop the wall, Vera stared down at her hometown; a place that she sadly recognized little of. For five whole years, it had sat abandoned, moss growing over the destroyed buildings and discarded personal items becoming one with the earth where they had been left in the chaos of the evacuation.

    "Don't stop!" Levi shouted as he ran past, his words directed at Eren, who was also taking a moment to admire the view. "You get to that outer gate!"

    As Eren took off running after Levi, Mikasa hot on his heels, Armin stopped in his tracks, eyes glued to a smudge of what looked like black embers—a telltale sign of a recent fire. Listening to his gut, Armin lifted his arm into the air, alerting Erwin to his findings.

    If this smudge was from a kicked-out fire, then it had happened recently, meaning that the enemy was closer than they had originally anticipated.

    From a distance, Vera watched as Hange shot a green flare into the sky, signalling the beginning of the attempt at plugging up the first hole in the wall. Seconds later, a flash of light and a ground-shaking explosion emanated from a small being on the other side of Shiganshina; and soon after, that small being became a large Titan.

    Thanks to the many hours Eren had put into practicing his hardening abilities, he was able to plug up the hole to the outside world in no time. In mere minutes, Mikasa had retrieved Eren from the hardened Titan shell and brought him back up to the top of the wall.

    "The enemy can strike any second!" Hange made sure everyone was still focused despite what had seemed like an unexpectedly easy victory to start off with. "Stay on the lookout!"

    By the time Vera had made her way over, Mikasa had given her cloak to Eren to protect his identity once more after he had lost his own. Despite the usual red markings around his eyes, Eren thankfully looked no worse for wear.

    As another green flare was fired, indicating the first of what was hopefully going to be many successes, the team turned their attention to blocking the second hole.

    "We pulled it off." Hange sounded almost surprised. "Eren, are you okay?"

    "Not even tired," he assured her. "All that training's paid off."

    "We shouldn't waste time then. Everyone, head for the inner gate! And keep your faces hidden!"

    Sparks of hope beginning to ignite inside of her, Vera took off running along the top of the wall, back in the direction of Erwin and Armin.

    Having sensed the rise in spirits, Levi promptly reminded everyone that the task was far from over. "We're not finished!" he snapped. "You can plug the gates all you want, but they can just break them again later. Until we've killed Reiner, Bertholdt, and whoever else may be with them, the operation to retake wall Maria won't be over."

    "Yeah, I'm well aware," Eren retorted.

    Hearing Reiner's name brought back up into conversation again made Vera's blood boil, and at the same time, it made her confidence falter. The chances of having to face him again were pretty much one hundred percent unless, for whatever reason, the enemy was just going to sit back and let the Scouts reclaim the wall and dig through the cellar. And although Vera had been bluffing when she confessed to being scared earlier, she was now actually beginning to feel the introductory sensations of fear creep into her body at the thought of having to face a part of her past that she so desperately wished she could turn her back on forever.

    While making her way to the inner gate, Vera noticed that a squad of soldiers had begun inspecting the buildings below, probably searching for any more signs of the enemy after what Armin had discovered. What was most surprising, however, was that Armin himself seemed to be leading the squad.

    It was good to see Armin's talents being recognized, especially since he often failed to see his own worth and downplayed how important he was when it came to strategic planning.

    Switching back to ODM gear for the final few yards toward the gate, Vera made eye contact with Armin and flashed a quick smile. Just like how he was there for her, she would be there for him, and that included cheering him on when it was abundantly clear by the glimmer of uncertainty in his eyes that he was doubting himself.

    In an instant, however, the glimmer of uncertainty in Armin's eyes switched to startling realization and he fired off an acoustic shot with his flare gun. In seconds, Armin's squad had regrouped atop the wall and, after presumably being given new orders, began searching the walls themselves.

    When a red flare went up, indicating that the mission had been halted, Vera and the others stopped in their tracks. "Everyone stand by on top of the wall!" Hange instructed.

    Before long, approximately half of the Scouts had begun using their ODM gear to dangle alongside the walls while tapping the surface with their blades. If Vera had guessed correctly, it seemed like they were checking for any hollow spots where someone could hide. Of course, Armin had thought of something like that. It was already known that Titans were inside the walls, so what was there to stop that from coming into play against the enemy?

    Shifting her weight from side to side, Vera nervously watched Armin slowly descend the side of the wall, tapping all the while. Then, the soldier next to Armin fired off another acoustic shot.

    "Right here! This part of the wall is hollow!"

    Before anyone even had the chance to come to the soldier's aid, a chunk of the wall was pushed out of place and Reiner emerged, thrusting his blade right through the soldier's chest.

    As the Scout's limp body slipped from the blade and fell to the ground, most likely already dead from his injury, Reiner jumped out of the wall, eyes narrowed and teeth clenched.

    Before Vera had even begun to comprehend what was happening, Levi had swooped down from above and sheathed his blade in Reiner's neck with one swift motion. Vera hadn't even noticed the captain leave their side and now, in the blink of an eye, he was breaking his blade off in Reiner's throat and stabbing his other one through Reiner's chest.

    The two began to fall in tandem, but just before hitting the ground, Levi pulled up, leaving Reiner to collide with the concrete below by himself. Blood gushed out of Reiner's wounds as his body bounced off of the ground, but it was clear that he was far from dead.

    Vera watched as Reiner writhed on the ground like a worm cut in half, and as his eyes met her's for a brief moment, he let out a scream and triggered his transformation. Vera shielded her eyes from the blinding light, and when she looked back, the Armoured Titan was lying where the boy she had once cared for had been seconds before.

    "Keep your eyes open!" Erwin rallied his troops in the face of danger. "We still need to find his allies!"

    Then, as if on cue, a series of explosions and flashing lights went off like a row of dominoes behind Erwin. There, standing between the wall and any possible route back the way they had come, a row of Titans appeared out of thin air; and crouched in the middle of them, like their leader, was a Titan that towered over the rest. With long, spindly limbs, glowing red eyes, and hair covering most of its body, there was only one thing Vera could think of when she looked at this Titan.

    It was a beast.

    Lips pulled back and sharp teeth on full display, almost like the Titan was grinning, it reached down, grabbed a rock the size of a house, and threw it into the air with ease. Even if the mere appearance alone hadn't tipped Vera off about this before, the intelligence it showed with its attack made her positive that this was yet another human controlling a Titan body.

    "Incoming boulder!" Erwin warned. "Get down!"

    The boulder didn't quite reach the wall, however, and instead, it landed perfectly in front of the inner gate and blocked it.

    "That was a well-placed shot," Erwin commented. "They blocked off the entrance. There's no riding through it now. They have us all but surrounded. They plan to target our horses, block our escape routes, and slaughter us. The enemy hopes for the same thing we do: to end this conflict once and for all." Erwin drew his blade, eyes staring back at the monstrous Titan. "It's our side or theirs now! We can let the Titans crush us or bring them crashing down!"

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  • lunaslovelyrambles
    17.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    i NEED to get some inspiration to write bc season 4 reiner has me in a chokehold

    #cami talks#reiner braun #i am in love #reiner braun x reader #attack on titan #aot
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  • oniifans
    17.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    ♥ Thank you! ♥

    I have been keeping an eye on my notes for my recent post and honestly, I was not expecting this. Thank you all for the love. I'll be working on a few more works and I'll be posting them from time to time on here. I'm slowly trying to adjust on here is all. ^^ Just to be a tease, I'll give ya two titles and a brief synopsis for both. "The Emerald Dragon" Yakuza AU with Eren Jaeger & Female Reader: You are married to Jean who is unfortunately in debt to the Jaeger Clan. The leader, Eren, decides to make a contract that includes you in it. Will you follow the rules? Or try to breach it? "Backstage" Punk Rock AU with Reiner Braun & Female Reader: After a terrific show, German punk Rockstar Reiner noticed during his performance that you were swooned over some punk in the crowd. Well...that simply won't do. He texts you, saying to meet him backstage for something. What you weren't prepared for...was a punishment.

    Please feel free to inbox me any questions you got - anonymous or not, I would love to answer them all! :3 Requests are temporarily, but currently closed. My blog is still under construction as I'm trying to set everything up to make it more accessible. Until next time! -Onii

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  • rivamika-trash
    17.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Attack on Titan The Final Season x SR-GYM Character Illustration

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  • gmtrix
    17.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    - AoT requests open -

    Hi everyone!

    Sooo I've decided to open requests for Attack on Titan, we'll see later if I'll write for other fandoms but only AOT as a start.


    - rules -

    what I do write

    imagines, headcanons, One-Shots, drabbles

    I avoid phisical descriptions (body type, race, etc.) unless specifically requested

    self-inserts (I could try to write for a ship, but depends)

    angst & fluff

    platonic!reader (siblings, friends, child/teen!reader, parental, etc.)

    readers of any gender

    homosexual relationships/pairings

    any timeperiod, I've read the manga

    I've never written for OCs but I could try

    what i don't write

    NSFW (I'm a minor)

    incest (no, not even step-cest)


    basically anything 18+

    - who I write for -

    Paradis -->

    Eren Jaeger

    Mikasa Ackerman

    Armin Arlert

    Jean Kirstein

    Sasha Braus

    Connie Springer

    Historia Reiss


    Levi Ackerman (platonic)

    Erwin Smith (platonic)

    Hange Zoe

    Kenny Ackerman (platonic)

    Marley -->

    Reiner Braun

    Zeke Jaeger (platonic)

    Porco Galliard

    Pieck Finger

    Annie Leonheart

    Gabi Braun (platonic)

    Falco Grice (platonic)

    (Falco, Gabi, Udo and Zofia all together) (platonic)


    I think that's it! This is my first time writing requests so bare with me lol, but I rlly do enjoy writin so <3

    #attack on titan #aot #aot season 4 part 2 #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan x you #aot x reader #aot x gender neutral reader #eren jeager x reader #mikasa ackerman x reader #armin arlert x reader #jean kirschtein x reader #levi ackerman x reader #eren x reader #platonic self ship #platonic!reader #gender neutral reader #reiner braun x reader #kenny ackerman x reader #hange zoe x reader #pieck finger x reader #porco galliard x reader #annie leonhardt x reader #zeke yaeger x reader #zeke jaeger x reader #requests open#aot requests#aot imagines #historia reiss x reader #sasha braus x reader #connie springer x reader
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  • the-maniac-titan
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