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  • erenslittlestepsister
    21.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Strawberry Fields are where you make Reiner forget about both wars, the one at hand and the one in his heart, with the shelter of your body.

    Your delicate fingers unbutton his uniform pants without having to look, eye to eye as your hands work him free with ease, these evening occurrences having become a ritual with the handsome soldier stationed outside of your village. There's no kissing today, you're both too needy, your bodies betraying you as he bucks his hips into your clothed cunt. You'd been craving him all day, as had he, the feel of you making sparring particularly difficult that day. Glancing around the empty field you cautiously lift your flimsy summer skirt as you mount him, fingers digging into his shoulders as your lips part easily swallowing him into your wet heat. With the back of your thighs finally resting on top of his and full to the brim, you both still your bodies, breathless hiccups filling the silence. His pools of rich gold peer deeply into yours as you sit there, pussy contracting around his throbbing length, begging already for his hot release. He gives you a cocky smirk and you feel yourself blush, indignantly looking away as he lifts your skirt to watch the way your lips look pressed against his navel and full of him. Reiner rhythmically grunts into your ear as you wrap your arms around him and bounce yourself on him. The lewd sounds your bodies make are dulled by the sounds of nature all around you as if it conspired with you to maintain the secrecy of such strawberry field meetings. When you're finished and the mess spills down your thighs he retrieves a clean, white rag, from one of the many pockets on his pants and cleans you up. His hand gently slides across the softness of your inner thighs as he removes the white drips before looking back up at you and giving you a more genuine smile. He leaves with both hands full, one with as many strawberries as he could and your heart in the other.

    #FLUFFY SMUT #kinda soft but still smut #reiner braun smut #reiner smut #reiner braun x reader #reiner braun brainrot #reiner braun x you #reiner braun x y/n #reiner braun headcanons #reiner braun imagine #reiner braun drabble #attack on titan smut #eren jaeger smut #eren jeager smut #eren yeager smut
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  • espritmuse
    20.06.2021 - 3 days ago
    #reiner#reiner drabbles#reiner snk #reiner braun x reader #reiner x reader #the warriors #attack on titan #snk#aot headcanons#aot imagine #snk x reader #snk fanfiction#aot #shingeki no kyojin #reiner smut#aot smut#snk smut #aot x reader #reiner aot #reiner x y/n #reiner braun
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  • marleyterians
    11.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #for jennie from anon #aot drabbles #aot x y/n #aot x reader #aot smut#aot headcanons#aot imagines#aot thirsts#reiner drabbles #reiner x reader #reiner thirsts#reiner smut #reiner x y/n #reiner x you #reiner headcanons#snk drabbles#snk headcanons #snk x reader #snk thirsts#snk smut #attack on titan drabbles #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan smut #attack on titan thirsts #reiner braun x reader #reiner braun smut #reiner braun drabbles #shingeki no kyoujin smut #snk imagines
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  • love-amihan
    08.06.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    amihan's note: fuck it i'm doing other aot charas too 😀 this will have many parts grrr i enjoyed imagining their different reactions, so here you go. happy reading!

    β‡₯ sΙ΄α΄‹ ᴍʟΙͺsα΄›.

    β€· sα΄œΚ€α΄ α΄‡Κ α΄„α΄Κ€α΄˜s ᴄᴍᴅ ᴠᴇʀ. | β€· ᴀᴏᴛ Ι’ΙͺΚ€ΚŸs ᴠᴇʀ.

    mentioned charas; eren jaeger, jean kirstein, connie springer, porco galliard, reiner braun

    -eren jaeger

    you stepped in your shared bedroom without saying a word, not that he noticed anyway. he was busy with his workout, music blaring from his pocket-sized speakers. you stopped beside him, making your presence known, bending down you push the power off button on his speakers.
    just as he’s about to complain, your phone starts blasting it’s own music. the countdown is already done as you set the phone on the table, fixing it to fit him in frame. he stands up, sweat running down his torso. you look at him with all seriousness in your face, your eyes trailing up and down his body before giving a thumbs up, β€œnice” you quickly commented.
    eren smirked proudly, β€œi know” you then started clapping making him confused. β€œdance for me baby” that was all it took for eren to move. this boy got moves, no doubt about it. i feel like he will probably try to copy the clips he saw, prepare for some hot moves. oh he definitely will do the dolphin dive/floor grind.

    -jean kirstein

    jean was laying down on the couch with his eyes closed, arm covering them while you were laying on top of him, his other hand lazily draped over your frame. you're scrolling on your phone tiktok opened, you stopped on a particular video wherein they hype their significant other to dance to the song.
    you took interest in the video and wonder what jean would do, you glance up at him seeing he's still half asleep. you poke his cheek trying to see if he'll wake up, he just grunts as a response not really giving you attention. this made you pout and stood up, his arm falling to his side.
    you set up the phone by the television and saw that it captured both of you perfectly, once the timer runs out. you pulled him up which, surprisingly, he obliged without complaining. he looked at you in confusion, rubbing his eyes.
    you stand aside putting him in the center of the frame. you begin hyping him up, trying to make him dance. it took a few seconds for him to process and start showing his moves.
    i swear this fucker he started hip thrusting and grinding the floor the moment he realized, you actually posted the video and it garnered a lot of views. you bet there's lots of 'how to be air' and 'how to be a floor' comments.

    -connie springer

    you were currently out on a date, a picnic date that turned out to be disastrous.. well i expect nothing more from connie but hey! you are having fun and that’s all that matters, the day was filled with laughter. you leaned on his shoulder, the two of you sitting down already done with the food he packed.
    you were scrolling through your phone while he watched beside you, cheek resting against the top of your head. suddenly you come across a video where their partner hype the other and see what they would do. like reading your mind, connie chuckles β€œalright, let’s do this” he gently pushed you aside, confidently standing up.
    he offered you a hand and off you went setting up your phone, the countdown was down to three and you turned around facing him making sure you’re not blocking the frame. connie bops his head to the beat, big smile on his face. he looks at you for a moment before pointing at the camera.
    he then busted out his moves, he shamelessly threw it back in public please people were staring when i say threw it back, i really meant it. "get it babe!!" you called out to him, encouraging him to continue. having his antics rubbed on you gave you confidence to come running behind him and catch his movements. he definitely exaggerated the movements and did more slutty moves once you did.

    -porco galliard

    you rushed to your shared room, the countdown already starting. you set your phone on the table, the countdown already in five seconds. through all your rushed actions, porco just sat there with a very confused expression.
    as porco was about to ask what you were doing, you dragged him up and made him stand in the middle of the frame. you peaked from behind him and see that the countdown is done, his eyes following your every movement.
    you went out of frame shaking your hips a little, β€œcome on show me your moves, love” porco blushed a little, β€œi’m shy” he whispered to you, slowly coming closer to you. you shake your index finger at him, β€œuh uh baby, you gotta show me what those hips do” you giggle while pointing at his hips.
    your hand found its way on his hips swaying them side to side, in which he complied. β€œsee~ you got this” you remove your hands from him and wink, β€œfine” he rolls his eyes, his lips forming a smile. β€œyou better watch closely” he then turned and saw that the video’s coming to an end.
    his moves went hard, like he gave his all to it. it was mesmerizing to watch, your mouth hanging open. after snapping out of it, you complained to him how it didn't fit the video in time, β€œi can do it again,” he wrapped his arms around you, leaning to whisper in your ear, β€œbut i want no cameras involved.”

    -reiner braun

    you've already set up your phone on top of the table when you came up to him and took both of his hands. he looked up to you and raised a brow, "anything i can help you with, angel?" you didn't answer his question, tugging his hands signalling him to stand up.
    as soon as he did, you dragged him to where your phone was, you pushed the button to start recording. reiner, like the good boyfriend he is, stood where you left him. he innocently followed every movement you made, looking like a lost puppy.
    when you heard the music from your phone, you smiled at him before hyping him up. "dance for me darling" you playfully gave him a lil' dancy dance to encourage him. now, don't get reiner wrong, he's usually the hypeman for his friends but he doesn't know how to react when it's done to him.
    with small, shy, and timid movements, he did just as you wanted. his face red in embarrassment, you can't help but giggle joining on dancing with him to comfort him. he buried his face on the crook of your neck mumbling against your skin, "i don't know how to dance" he shyly admitted, you stroke his hair, "it's okay, i'm sorry for making you do so" you leave a kiss on his temple, temporarily forgetting about your phone that was still recording for the rest of its seconds.

    gen taglist; @tendo-sxtori

    click here! to be part of the taglist.

    Β© love-amihan, 2021. characters are not mine but the plots are created by me. don’t plagiarize people!! how do you sleep at night if you do? >:( also reblogs are welcome and highly appreciated! <33

    #i dunno might be ooc #but! #there will be girl ver too 😌 #i've tried posting #this so many times #sigh tumblr #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan drabbles #attack on titan scenarios #attack on titan imagine #aot x reader #aot fluff#aot imagines#aot drabbles #eren x reader #jean x reader #connie x reader #porco x reader #reiner x reader
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  • shingekinomyfeelings
    02.06.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    wave-worn (sfw)

    characters: Reiner, reader

    genre: drabble, angst

    warnings: depictions of depression/PTSD I guess

    other notes: quiet observations of a broken man's eyes

    When he catches you staring, you can’t help but glance away.

    The weight of his mere glance is crushing. Not the intensity, but the hollowness you find there when he thinks no one is watching.

    His eyes aren’t blue, but you think β€˜ocean’ all the same; an empty seashell, a ghost ship, a vessel wave-worn and adrift at sea – but there was life there once.

    Those eyes can bore right through you, like you were nothing but a pane of glass, fixed on sorrows and demons only he can see.

    Does he even see you?

    Now his gaze is cast down again, and you speak his name softly.


    Though gentle, almost a whisper, your voice cuts through the silence like a gunshot, shattering his reverie. The way he flinches…

    β€œAre you okay?” It’s not your place to ask, you know, but you’ll risk reprimand to break him from the spell.

    He returns your stare for just a moment, as if unsure where he is or who you are, then something seems to return to his eyes – his sense of duty, perhaps, or is it that he knows he can’t show weakness?

    β€œI’m fine,” is the response, and he resumes sifting through stacks of papers, his voice an indication that you shouldn’t inquire further.

    It’s a scene that replays itself day after day, sometimes hour by hour, and you know it won’t be long until the far-off look overtakes his eyes once more, as surely as the tide coming in. When it does, you’ll whisper his name again, just a subordinate concerned for her commanding officer, should he or anyone ask.

    You’ll wake him up, as many times as need be, till the ship is moored in safe harbor, till the ghosts have fled, till the shell is warm with life again.

    #Reiner Braun #reiner x reader #attack on titan #shingeki no kyoujin #fanfic#writing#angst#drabble
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  • faerienextdoor
    30.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #fluff#angst#reiner braun#reiner #reiner braun x you #reiner braun x reader #reiner aot#aot#snk#snk drabbles#drabble#aot hcs #attack on titan #headcanons
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  • espritmuse
    27.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #bbyndoll bedtime stories πŸΉπŸ’Œ #reiner drabbles #reiner x reader #reiner brainrot#reiner braun #reiner x reader smut #reiner smut#aot smut#snk smut #snk x reader #aot x reader smut #aot imagine#snk fanfiction
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  • marleyterians
    27.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #for jennie from anon #jennie's games#ask games#aot drabbles#aot fluff #aot x reader #reiner fluff#reiner drabbles #reiner x reader #reiner angst#snk drabbles#snk fluff#snk angst #snk x reader #attack on titan angst #attack on titan fluff #attack on titan drabbles #attack on titan x reader
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  • fierydiamond
    22.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    You know what’s in my head?

    College AU Reiner who plays in the championship game and their team wins. You were sitting by the bleachers and couldn’t help but feel your heart swelling with love and pride when you see him celebrating with his teammates. You wanted to remember the moment, so you took your phone out to record the entire thing.

    However, while recording, you noticed Reiner wasn’t with his team anymore. Instead, he was making his way towards you. Before you could ask or say anything, he swept you up in his arms and kissed you deeply. You couldn’t hear everyone cheering β€” only focusing on being with Reiner at that exact moment.

    #reiner braun #reiner x reader #reiner x you #reiner braun x reader #reiner braun x you #dory writes#drabble#college au #my best friend and i have this au with the aot characters #andΒ  it's just so fun i wish it were real :(
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  • beewritings
    16.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    thinkin’ of οΏΌfootball player himbo reiner <3 before one of his games you lure him into the locker room and he’s thinking oh i wonder why im here haha and when you get on your knees to suck him off, he’s still confused did she drop something? you pull his pants down and his briefs and that’s when he realizes oh she’s- oh. and when he’s about to cum he doesn’t know if he should blow his load in your mouth or pull out because he’s so nervous, he’s shaking and so he grabs your head to pull your mouth off of him and he grips his dick and nuts on your face <3 and some gets on your shirt but you don’t care. when you stand up to leave, he’s all like so what was that for? and you just respond it’s a good luck to win the game :) and walk away and he goes oh okay and just rolls with it.

    his team won <3

    #reiner braun #reiner x reader #reiner braun x reader #reiner drabbles #reiner braun drabble #reiner smut #reiner braun smut #jus thinkin#buzzwrites
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  • pupsea
    16.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    WITH. Pieck Finger, Porco Galliard, Reiner Braun and Zeke Jaeger.

    CONTENT WARNING. modern!au, and headcanons with pictures.

    REQUEST. anonymous 𓂐 headcanons for the marleyan warriors and their fits!

    A/N. hello, lovely! thank you for requesting. i enjoyed writing this so much!

    𝐑𝐔𝐋𝐄𝐒 ππ„π…πŽπ‘π„ π‘π„ππ”π„π’π“πˆππ† | 𝐑𝐄𝐐𝐔𝐄𝐒𝐓 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄


    Pieck’s fits are always combined with neutral to earth tones.

    She wears cardigans and loose top because those clothes are the most comfortable, she believed.

    There are 3 kinds of outfit that Pieck absolutely loves, even if it is the same fit.

    First, a ribbed cropped top, she will partner it with a flowy men button-up top that is almost reaches her knees because of how small she is, and a small bag for his phone and wallet. For her bottom, she likes it to be flowy and her skin will still have a breathe of air so she chooses a black wide-legged slacks that touches the ground. For her shoes, any will do as long she can walk with it.

    Second, a nice oversized black or white tee and will top it with any sweater she has and will match it with a simple cargo pants.

    Lastly, her favorite, the fit she always choose. A white tee that fits her perfectly, a cardigan that she knitted for herself and a sweat pants for her bottom.


    Porco knows fashion and he is a fashion himself.

    He takes time to choose from his wardrobe, raking pile of his clothes, and taking a minute or a hour for him to decide what he will wear to... the grocery store because his stocks are now gone.

    He always have 3 choices when he is going somewhere: first, an oversize fit that looks comfy, swaggy, and also, cool for school; second, a nice striped-gray, ranges from only white to black blazer and a skinny jean; and for his last choice, it will be an oversized sweater that he will only wear if it’s earth or neutral tone colored, under it will either be black or white or gray oversized tee and he will partnered it with a cargo shorts.

    Of course, the main course for his fit is his shoes but he will choose any shoewear in his collection because it depends with his mood.


    Reiner is a practical person. He will wear what he sees first and what is available in his wardrobe as long as he will not be naked when he go out.

    He has dozens of either white or black tee or a polo that molds his perfectly shaped body that he worked for days, and even months.

    He will partner his tees and polos with a slim or loose feet pants that only ranges from black to brown, nothing more that will attract everyone around him because that is the least he wants to experience.

    During summer and spring, where the days are its peak and humid, he will wear a white tank top that once again mold his body, especially his pectoral muscles and his... nipplesβ€”that is why he will wear his button-up blouse or a cardigan to hide those.

    He might look like it but Reiner is fond of jewelry especially necklaces. You will see him wear a 14-inch to 16-inch silver or gold chain that sitting prettily in his neck and accentuates his clavicle.


    Zeke, same as Porco, is the fashion himself.

    He dress not to impress everyone that surrounds him but to feel good about himself. His confidence level and the way he present himself to everyone is based on the way he dress.

    He only has an all-time favorite in all fits he wore and it is when he wears a long-sleeved button-up shirt that hugs his body impeccably. His bottom will be a simple ironed black or slate gray slacks.

    He also loves to wear coordinate suits, no matter color it is. Whether it is orange or neon green that will look like he is a walking Stabilo highlighter , as long as he likes itβ€”he will definitely wear it.

    Same as Reiner, Zeke loves jewelrys but for him, he adores rings that perfectly adorned his long pretty fingers and well-manicured nails.

    π€πŽπ“ π“π€π†π‹πˆπ’π“ | π…πŽπ‘πŒ

    @odmlevis, @inumakizone, @namrekcaivel, @mik4sas, @lazyezstudy, @onyxoverride, @killerbananas, @marleyterians...

    Β© 2021 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED β€” MALLANG. Do not modify, repost, and claim my work as yours. Do not share any of my work on any form of social media without my consent. Do not plagiarize.

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  • ghost-party
    13.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #ghost-party’s date drabbles πŸ’– #attack on titan #aot#reiner braun #reiner x reader #reiner braun x reader
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  • erebusoul
    09.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    soft dom reiner who's really gentle with his baby and fucks you at such a slow pace. you start begging for him to go faster but he doesn't wanna hurt you with his thick cock :(( he just tells you to keep being patient & he'll give you what you need eventually

    soft dom reiner who loves seeing you cry when his cock stretches out your little cunny. he feels kinda guilty so he coo's at you and rubbing your tummy while kissing yer tears away

    soft dom reiner who doesn't like for his pretty baby to do anything so he'll guide you through everything & do everything for you, praising you for practically nothing. all you have to do is be good for him n he'll give you the world

    soft dom reiner who gives your chest and thighs hickeys, licking at the flesh before marking what's his and complimenting you shamelessly about how pretty they look on you throughout the rest of the day

    soft dom reiner who patiently sits and let you play with his cock, even after he came so so many times. you rub his red and sore cock head against your lips, both of your substances smearing on your lips and you kiss the tip, smiling against it as he tries to not buck his hips

    soft dom reiner who doesn't have playtime with slutty brats so he quickly puts you in yer place. he fucks you hard n deep with his hand putting some pressure on your neck, whispering and grunting in your ear about how naughty you've been n how bad girls don't get what they want <33

    #im cramping horribly help #and its 5:30am #but i cant stop thinking about him :(( #nocturnal.emissions πŸŒ™ #dream.reiner #aot smut #attack on titan smut #reiner drabbles#reiner smut #reiner x reader #reiner x y/n #reiner x reader smut #attack on titan #cw punishment #cw breath play #kinda?? #its hinted at so i'll put it #uhh im so braindead help #cw dacryphilia
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  • marleyterians
    06.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    𝐎𝐍 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐄𝐃𝐆𝐄 | π‘π„πˆππ„π‘ 𝐁𝐑𝐀𝐔𝐍

    β€’ event : 100 followers special.

    the prompt for this drabble was edging.

    β€’ pairing : reiner braun x female bodied!reader

    β€’ content warnings : nsfw, subby!reiner, orgasm denial, edging

    β€’ word count : 772 words

    β€’ a note from jennie : this is dedicated to @lazyezstudy. thank you so much for joining in the celebration ΛΆα΅”α΄—α΅”ΛΆ


    The sound is sweet coming from Reiner's swollen lips, tinted a shade of pink that matches the flush decking his cheeks. His eyes are glassy as he gazes up at you like you've hung the moon and stars in the sky.

    He's nestled in your cunt, his girth stretching you out deliciously and leaving his mind spinning each time you purposely clench around him just to hear the muted little whines he lets out. You've been toying with him like this for what feels like hours, bringing him right to the edge of the release he craved so bad just to rip it all away from him.

    Yet Reiner couldn't find it in himself to complain. He let you have your fun, he let the burn of pleasure rush through him, he let you ride his cock just like you deserved.

    Sensitivity aches between his legs when yΓ³ur glinstening cunt rolls backwards and forwards in lazy circles of your hips as you grind down against him, relishing in the way his fingertips seem to tighten around your waist with the movements.

    "Please," he whispers again, but this time the sound is far more desperate than before, his voice cracking slightly. Tears sit pretty on his lashline, his gaze pleading. He can barely hold onto the last few coherent thoughts in his mind when you're like this, riding him, disregarding his pleasure and using him as you pleased. There's no other place he'd rather be than beneath you. "Please let me cum."

    There's something about the tearful expression he wears, eyes fucked out and filled with desperation, that sends tingles of warmth down your spine, churning in your stomach. Sweat beads at his temples, his entire body flushed and heated, throwing his head back when you begin moving again, every sway and grind of your hips sending jolts of pleasure through him. His cock, thick and girthy that stretches you out in the best ways possible, throbs inside of you, nearly nudging right up against your cervix.

    He's always loved watching fucking your pretty little cunt like he was in a trance.

    "It's alright," you coo when you note the tension in his jaw that he keeps tightening, rolling your hips and swaying them in a circle, knowing exactly how to move to draw out the most sensitive parts of him. "Gonna make you feel good, don't worry, baby."

    Reiner could've sobbed from relief when you started bouncing on top of him, clutching your hips with white knuckles, admiring the way your tits bounced with each rise and sink on his cock with a dazed expression. There's something building in his stomach again, abdominal muscles clenching and releasing tightly with the strain as he bucks his hips up and into yours, indulging himself in the melodic mewls you let out through your pants.

    "Shit... 'M close," he warns, his voice gruff and pinched, an octave lower than what you're use to. There's a cinch between his brows, his expression pulled into one of a scowl of focus. He's so close he can nearly taste his orgasm, nearly feel your walls clamping down on him, nearly feel himself stuffing you to the brim with his cum. "I'm so so close, please let me cum."

    He was so close. That is until you pull off him, leaving his cock to slap up against his abdomen painfully, twitching when your fist wraps around it to squeeze it tightly, prohibiting him from finally releasing. The whine of protest he lets out is high pitched and strained, hands fisting the sheets and squirming. Frustrated tears build behind his eyes as he looks towards you again, finding no remorse in your lustful gaze.

    "You thought you could cum?" you coo, your voice tinted with something teasing, enjoying the game of cat and mouse you're playing with him. Your thumb runs across his slit where precum oozes in thick and heavy amounts, staining your fingers. "Aw, Reiner, surely you can hold out for longer than that."

    He tries. He truly does. He lets you have your way, teasing and toying him to no end for hours upon hours without complaints, perhaps a few glimmering tears here and there. And when you do let him cum eventually he doesn't seem to stop, pressing his hips up into yours, trying to pull you impossibly closer, his cum creamy and thick as it dribbles out of you, even after he's filled you up, staining his thighs, yours and the sheets. But it's worth it because Reiner lets out the prettiest sounds you've heard, a content and relieved smile to his swollen lips.

    π‚π‹πˆπ‚πŠ 𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄 π“πŽ π‰πŽπˆπ 𝐓𝐇𝐄 π“π€π†π‹πˆπ’π“ !

    @mxhi @fiaficsxo @lazyezstudy @nevcrmxre @glittrkink @alchemill-a @yuedama

    #πŸ₯‚ β€” louvre’s angels #hanimehub#ultraviolet#aot#snk #attack on titan #shingeki no kyoujin #reiner braun #reiner x reader #reiner x you #reiner x y/n #reiner drabbles#reiner smut #reiner braun x reader #reiner braun smut #reiner imagines#reiner headcanons #aot x reader #aot smut#aot thirsts#aot drabbles#aot imagines#aot headcanons #aot x you #aot x y/n #attack on titan drabbles #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan smut #attack on titan x you #snk smut
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    06.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #reiner braun #reiner braun drabble #reiner braun scenario #attack on titan #attack on titan drabble #attack on titan scenario #800 followers celebration πŸ’•
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    WE'LL TALK ABOUT IT LATER (Bertolt Hoover/Reader)

    TITLE: WE'LL TALK ABOUT IT LATER PAIRING: bertolt hoover/reader, light choking(?) TAGS: semi-public sex, female-bodied reader TRIGGER WARNINGS?: kind of mean and unhealthy y/n interactions (very light) w baby bertolt but on god it's part of the plot, very slight dubcon? idk if it can be interpreted that way but it's tagged for safety AU: idk modern au b/c i fuck hard with those DECSRIPTION: yes i believe in bottom bertolt supremacy but one of my friends gave me this idea like okay hear me out, y/n has been straight up blue-balling her boyfriend for quite some time, and it's getting frustrating, so he swallows his nervousness and, per suggestion of his good friend eren, decides to make even in the middle of the movie theater. by the way i am TIRED of everyone having eren hating on bertolt they would be GOOD FRIENDS in a modern au. WORD COUNT: 2,233

    "Hey, Eren . . . I have a question" Bertolt looked like he was going to crawl out of his skin as he sat on the opposite end of the couch in the basement, his hands resting on his knees as he fiddled with his fingers.

    "Shoot" Said Eren Yeager, pulling his hair back into a messy bun - his fingers expertly tying a small scrunchie into his hair. Jean had teased him about using scrunchies relentlessly - but Eren would die on the hill that using them was better for your hair; the last thing he wanted was for his hair to fall out.

    "I, uh . . ." Bertolt's face was turning red, his nose scrunched as he stared at his knees, trying to figure out how to breach the subject. "So you know that y/n and I have been . . . you know, dating for quite some time . . ."

    "Yeah . . .?" Eren drawled lazily, leaning his elbows on his knees as he played lazily on his phone, his thumbs typing away. For the most part, he seemed uninterested. "Where are you going with this?"

    "Well, you know with dating comes . . . s-" Bertolt paused, now pressing his knuckles together tightly.


    "Yeah, that"

    "Well, we've been having it a lot lately . . ."

    "Are you just sitting me down to brag about your sex life . . .?" Eren inquired, raising an eyebrow - not that Eren was one to judge as he was often guilty of spilling his guts about his sexual escapades. But with Bertolt? . . . Well, it felt weird and out of place.

    "N-No!" was Bertolt's immediately response. "It's not that. It's just lately, well . . ."

    "Lately what? Spit it out. I don't have all day." Eren responded, looking down at his phone that was currently blowing up. He had a date coming up soon and he was relatively excited for it.

    "Well . . . usually, y/n is, you know, on top . . . you know, more assertive -"

    "I mean you didn't have to tell me that" Eren interrupted, "We all knew that -"

    "- anyways" Bertolt's face was turning hot at the comment. He didn't have the time to really address Eren's comment. "I like it! I do! But lately, I've been thinking well, I'd like to take control . . ."

    "Oh?" Eren's ears perked up and he was wriggling his way closer to Bertolt. "So you took control and they didn't like it, and now you're asking me for help?"

    "No . . . not exactly."

    "Then what happened?"

    "Well, I asked them if they'd be willing to you know . . . switch it up and -"

    "Jesus fuck, Bert. You can't just ask you have to just do -"

    ". . . and well, they laughed in my face, pat my cheek, and said no. I asked Reiner what to do and Reiner said to tell them I wasn't going to have sex until they gave me what I want. I thought it was a bad idea, but I went with it anyways and . . . well, they told me that two could play at that game and it's been . . ."

    "How long has it been?"

    "Uh . . ." Bertolt squirmed a bit in his place, "Two weeks. . ."

    "Two weeks!" Eren exclaimed incredulously, in sheer disbelief. "That's insane! And you've just let them get away with it for this long?"

    "Uh . . ." Bertolt scratched the back of his neck nervously, "What do you mean by get away with it? I mean . . . yeah . . .? What else am I supposed to do?"

    "Well firstly," Eren said, picking up his phone, "Never ask Reiner for advice again. That was your first mistake. Secondly, let me cancel my date tonight -"

    "Oh, no - you don't have to do that!" Bertolt responded quickly, "Just a few pieces of advice would be sufficient . . ."

    Eren tapped away tirelessly at his phone before turning it face-down on the coffee table, now turning towards Bertolt - a rather determined look in his eyes.

    "No -" Eren held up a hand, "I want to help. Besides, I'm going to tell you exactly what to do and we're going to run over it a few times, then - I'm going to make sure you don't pussy out. Knowing you, this is going to take a while. Consider it my early birthday present to you"

    "My birthday was a month ago . . ."

    "That's not the point. Anyways," Eren placed a very serious hand on his friend's shoulder, pulling Bertolt closer, "You're going to want to take her to the most popular movie in theaters on a Saturday night -"

    "Where are you going with this?"


    Seeing how packed the movie theater was, Bertolt was definitely thinking about backing out of it. While his partner was in the restroom, presumably washing their hands, he fiddled with his phone in his hands.


    To: Eren Yeager

    From: Bertolt Hoover

    - I don't know if this is a good idea . . .

    Read: 9:45 pm


    From: Eren Yeager

    To: Bertolt Hoover

    - If you don't go through with this I'll never forgive you. I canceled a date to prep you on this. Don't make me have canceled my date in vain. I dedicated my heart to this cause.

    Read: 9:47 pm


    To: Eren Yeager

    From: Bertolt Hoover

    - I guess . . .

    Read: 9:48 pm


    To: Bertolt Hoover

    From: Eren Yeager

    - I'm putting my upmost faith and trust in you. Don't fuck this up.


    "Here -" Bertolt extended his arms out to you as you came back from the restroom and concessions, a bag of candy in your hands, "I brought this for you."

    His smile was innocent enough and the gesture was kind.

    "Thank you." Was your tart response as you leaned over to pat the side of his face and press a kiss to his forehead before sitting down. "So have you changed your mind about what you asked for?" You inquired, taking his hand in your own as you opened your bag of candy and set it between the two of you as you linked your fingers in his own. Perhaps you shouldn't have brought up that topic of conversation here, on a movie date, but you couldn't help it - the way his big eyes looked up at you when he handed you the blanket drove you crazy. It made you want to lower yourself on him right then and there. It was just a damn shame that he had to be so persistent. The first week was easy enough but as you rounded out the second week of this no-sex stalemate . . . well, it was getting more difficult.

    He openly frowned.

    "Is that a no?"

    "Do we have to have this conversation here? Let's just try to have a good night . . ."

    You felt a bit guilty but were never the type who was keen on saying sorry.

    "We'll talk about it later, then . . ." You responded dryly, clearly unhappy with the response.


    To be honest, when Bertolt had suggested watching one of the like, seven hundred Quentin Tarentino movies produced, you were slightly surprised. He was never one for big action movies - especially loud ones; loud noises were often too intense for him. As well as that, neither of you were into mindless action movies. However, this - whatever the hell this was - was actually quite enjoyable.

    Halfway through the movie, you found yourself sucked into a particularly loud action scene.

    You hadn't really noticed, or particularly cared, when Bertolt had slipped his hand underneath the blanket - resting his palm on your knee. It was kind of comforting.

    You hadn't really noticed when he slipped his hand from the top of your knee to the inside of your knee, either.

    Or when he inched it up halfway up your thigh.

    However, you had noticed when his hand was slipping up your skirt, resting on the upmost part of your thigh where the muscle met the pelvis. For a second, you wondered if he was really trying to pull moves right here, in a movie theater, underneath this blanket - but when you looked over, noticing how tense and uncomfortable he was, you figured if he was, he wasn't going to go through with it - but settled on the notion that he probably wasn't even thinking about it.

    A few moments passed by before you felt the tip of his finger press against your panties. There was a moment of tense surprise as your head snapped to look at your boyfriend, your expression narrowing - almost as though you were daring him to push further. You couldn't tell if he was embarrassed or not, but by the way he looked directly at the screen - you could tell he was at the very least a bit flustered.

    If that was this case, this pathetic excuse for a mutiny would be over soon.

    He drug the pad of his finger around your clothed clitoris gently, teasing it. You felt your abdomen jerk and dropped your hands onto his over the blanket, trying to hold them in place.

    Bertolt's thin finger continued to tease around your clit before sliding downwards, continuing to rub over the fabric of your panties before pushing them slightly to the side. His face was hot with nervousness but the adrenaline of the entire situation was rushing to his head.

    He continued to train his eyes on the screen in front of him, pretending to be invested in seeing the seventh car crash of the night. While his eyes were on the screen, his finger was sliding up and down your slit, slick from how wet you were. Bertolt wondered - what expression were you making right now? Was your face twisting up in confusion and frustration? Was your mouth forming into a little O?

    You pressed your thighs together, your hands now squeezing at the armrests of the chair, squirming. Your heart raced and you pressed your head back into the chair, biting down on your lip as his finger slid its way back up to your clit, gently rubbing at it. Bertolt couldn't hear anything over the sound of cars crashing into each other, but he could certainly imagine how lewd you sounded - it only made sense, considering the fact that you were simply dripping.

    Without much warning, Bertolt slipped his finger into you.

    Head swimming, you let out a very small moan.

    Finally, he turned his head to you.

    "Are you okay?" He whispered. The question seemed innocent enough, but given that he was currently one knuckle deep into your cunt, his finger sliding in and out of you and curling, thumb pressing against your clit, you couldn't help but feel irritated with the question.

    "Ber-" You let your head loll over to face him, face flushed red and and mouth slightly agape, though found yourself incapable of finishing the sentence as he slipped in a second finger.

    The sight of your eyes half-lidded and your tongue poking out between your lips, which were parted gently, and the overall look of pathetic helplessness you gave him was almost too much. If the two of you weren't in a packed theater, he would have rolled you underneath him, torn off your panties, and fucked you underneath your skirt then and there. But for now, he'd have to settle for sliding his fingers back and forth against the inside of your gummy walls, which were tightening against him.

    "Shh." He placed a finger to your lips. "The movie is still going. Try to keep quiet." His finger muffled the small gasps and groans you were breathing out. "Here - try this" He slipped a piece of candy in your mouth. "Good, no?"

    He refrained from sliding his fingers into your mouth then and there.

    As his fingers rocked in and out of you, you bit down on the candy to stifle the moans and gasps. For a second, you thought you were going to choke - but managed to swallow just fine.

    Bertolt looked away, once more training his eyes on the movie. Pleasure pooled at the bottom of your stomach and very gently and discreetly, you began to grind your hips into his fingers.

    "That's different." He mumbled to himself.

    The second time he turned to look over at you, he could see tears forming at the corner of your eyes as you struggled to discreetly grind your hips against his fingers, seeking out an orgasm, but couldn't quite find the pace your body needed without being blatantly obvious.

    The only thing you could do was close your eyes and tilted your head back as Bertolt curled his fingers in you - the pace quickening.

    Your heartrate grew faster and you could feel his lips press at the shell of your ear.

    What was it that Eren said to add? he thought, that's right -

    Breath hot on your ear, he rasped out a simple question.

    "Tell me, do you deserve it?" Truthfully, he felt awkward saying it - as though the words didn't quite come out of his mouth. You must have disagreed though, because the only thing you could mutter out in response was -


    You were starting to reach the edge of your orgasm, your head pressed against his own, back arching gently, as he pressed his face into your neck. Legs shaking, you sucked in a deep breath and -

    His fingers slipped out of you and he took a moment to wipe them off on the insides of the blanket before linking his fingers in your own, leaving you a rattled, shaking, frustrated mess - completely unraveled before him as you tried to catch your breath.

    "I don't think you do. We'll talk about it later."

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