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  • parkvcrs
    23.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Baking With the AOT Boys

    — intended exclusively for female readers.

    Eren Yeager.

    - Is no help whatsoever.

    - He is trying his best, y’all.


    - It’s the thought that matters.

    - Would most likely burn the house down if you left him to bake alone.

    - He would put the aprons to good use since he’d get ingredient splatters all over him.

    - Would angrily pout while he’s baking (example: (`⌒´メ)) because he’s concentrated, embarrassed, and frustrated.

    “Eren, why do you have flour all over you? It’s only been five minutes…”

    Armin Arlert.

    - A little confused but he’s got the spirit.

    - He will mostly likely follow you like a lost puppy around the kitchen as you make something. Poor Arminnn (´・` )♡

    - Though you do not need assistance, Armin happily squeezes himself beside you and starts to help but to an extent since he doesn’t know what he is doing.

    - You have to explain to him what to do.

    - After that, he totally understood the assignment and did amazing.

    “What’s this?”

    “That’s a whisk, Armin…”

    Levi Ackerman.

    - In the zone.

    - Concentration levels? Definitely 110 percent.

    - Catch him if you can.

    - Good luck trying to get his attention.

    - You can’t stop him once he’s already started baking.

    - He will not let you help.

    - *casually slaps your hand away when you’re trying to eat raw cookie dough.* (* ̄□ ̄*;)


    “Can’t you see I’m a little busy?”

    Reiner Braun.

    - Will do anything in his power to ask questions in an attempt to help you out.

    - Will spend most of the time he’s there just admiring you.

    - Most likely will freak out when you notice him. He’s just a shy boyo.

    - He said: (´ω`*) you caught me

    - Will just stand there like: 🧍🏼‍♂️ sooooo how’s it goin?

    - In all honesty, he’s just there for support. <33

    “You look gorgeous in that apron…”

    “Thank you (〃 ̄ω ̄〃).”

    Jean Kirstein.

    - Oh. My. Word.

    - This boy is complaining up a stormmmmm.

    - He is whining about the whole baking process taking two long and would much rather just eat some of the raw dough (cookie dough, cake, etcetera).

    - ^^ You have to be careful not to turn your back on him or else he might try and do exactly that.

    - Just bear with him for the first few minutes and then he’ll go silent for most of it… before returning halfway through to complain some more.

    - Would fiddle with your hair slightly or hold your hand just to do something because you know dannnnng well he isn’t going to help you—

    “Are the cookies done cooking yet, N/n? ( ≧Д≦)”

    “It’s been two minutes, Jean…”

    “Oh. ( •_•)”

    Connie Springer.

    - Only making jokes the entire time.

    - Since he’s just there for moral support but he’s doing a terrible job at it, you’re just staring at him like: (;¬_¬) you done?

    - Luckily, after you glare at him a few times, he catches the hint and will give you some space.

    - Not for long though (it was fun while it lasted lol). Prepare for more jokes!

    - He would totally burn the cookies since he waited too long and/or forgot about them completely. -.-

    “Hey, Connie, let’s just play the quiet game 🙂☝🏻.”

    “My mom loves that game!”

    Erwin Smith.

    - Most likely internally panicking but maintaining to calm exterior in order to impress you.

    - “I got this ¬‿¬” energy as he’s trying to bake without your help (spoiler alert: he doesn’t got this)

    - You appreciate the effort he puts in anyway (´ ꒳` )

    - Massive teddybear energy

    - If and when he manages to realize that he is hardly any help, he will back off and let you handle it. However, he will hug you from behind. :3

    “Are you sure that there’s nothing I can do for you?”

    “You’ve done enough (^-^).”


    please do not put spoilers in the comments (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ thank you!

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  • erenslittlestepsister
    23.06.2021 - 7 hours ago


    what aot boys fuck you to Lil Nas X Montero??

    #reposting because i realized i had my profile on private #armin arlert x reader #eren jaeger x reader #eren jaeger smut #armin arlet smut #armin arlet headcanons #eren jaeger headcanons #jean kirstein #jean kirstein smut #attack on titan headcanons #porco galliard smut #reiner braun smut #zeke jeager smut #attack on titan smut #connie springer smut #levi ackerman smut
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  • devilkou
    23.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    ❝Petnames the aot characters would call you.❞

    Characters; Various
    Word count; 0.6k
    Warnings; 18+ minors dni + sfw content + gn reader
    Note; There is only one gendered petname in the list so i added both versions :3 hope you enjoy <3

    ─ Babylove, Honey, and Sweetheart.

    They only ever called you these petnames in the comfort of your own home. It wasn’t that they viewed them as all that intimate but rather it was when they were slipping into a deep slumber that it escaped them. Or it was when they slid behind you at the bathroom sink, their arms loosely wrapping behind you, their face nuzzled into your shoulder, their words hushed as they all but slumped into. It wasn’t that they were shy about this sort of thing but rather worried if it was too much or if you thought it was silly. You never did; you drank up each moment and dreamt of the next because those petnames that they so rarely used made you feel special, making your heart feel fuzzy every time.
    ⪼ Armin Arlert, Bertholdt Hoover, Pieck Finger and Niccolo.

    ─ Prince/ess, Baby/babe, and Sugar.

    Petnames roll off their tongue as if it was second nature. You almost can’t recall the last time they actually called you by your name because they favour petnames. To them there is something so intimate that comes with petnames, perhaps it’s because only they have the pleasure of calling you something so sweet or maybe it’s because you always grow weak in the knees no matter how often they call you it. Either way they like it, and you certainly find it endearing, so it soon grew strange when they addressed you by your first name, so you were lucky those moments were rare. You’d always pout when they did because you were their baby, so why weren’t they calling you their baby.
    ⪼ Jean Kirstein, Porco Galliard, Hitch Dreyse, and Ymir.

    ─ (My) Love, Dear, and My Sweet.

    They aren’t one to call you anything other than your name in an affectionate tone reserved for you, but sometimes they do. It’s rare but never unwelcomed because it’s taken them a lot to open up to you in this way. Their voice is always so low that you could miss it if you don’t pay close attention, but maybe with enough teasing you can get them to say it again. They’d do anything to see you smile, even if you’ve made a certain heat dance on their cheeks because they love you and this is the only time your goading will spur them into repeating themselves.
    ⪼ Levi Ackerman, Annie Leonhart, Zeke Jaeger, Erwin Smith, and Mikasa Ackerman.

    ─ Pumpkin, Angel, and Buttercup.

    You almost couldn’t believe it when they called you these petnames for the first time. Were they really calling you such mushy petnames? You had to pinch yourself because you swore you were dreaming. But you weren’t, and they called you that again and again until one day it just stuck. You almost couldn’t believe it because they never seemed the type but they were, and they were calling you the sweetest names behind closed doors. And you were more than surprised to hear them call you such names in front of their friends. They weren’t one to be too affectionate in public, they’d leave things at keeping their hand locked with yours but now they were using that tone and name you thought was reserved for home.
    ⪼ Eren Jaeger, Reiner Braun, Historia Reiss, and Niccolo.

    ─ Lovebug, Precious, and Sweetpea.

    They use any and every petname they can think of! They’ve always called their friends silly little nicknames and petnames so when you started dating and it was time for you to be given a petname you were surprised that it was something so cute! You figured it would have been something silly, more of a joke than anything but it wasn’t. It was sweet and when they cooed it out, your cheeks squished between their hands, their nose almost touching yours. 
    ⪼ Sasha Braus, Hange Zoë, Connie Springer, and Petra Rall.

    © all content belongs to devilkou 2021. do not modify, repost, or redistribute.

    #aot x reader #snk x reader #eren jaeger x reader #armin arlert x reader #jean kirstein x reader #levi ackerman x reader #snk headcanons#aot headcanons #connie springer x reader #mikasa ackerman x reader #porco galliard x reader #reiner braun x reader
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  • eristhots
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    A/N: I'm planning on releasing the girl's version either later today or tomorrow! Be warned I have some hot takes with what they'd be into especially Eren I'm sorry in advance but I can't think differently.
    Featuring: Eren, Armin, Jean, Connie, Bertholdt, Reiner, Erwin, Levi, Porco, and Zeke


    Isn't particularly picky with what he watches because he just wants to get off and be done with it. He probably has on more than one occasion gotten off from the ads displayed bordering the video than the actual video itself much to his shame. It doesn't take much for him to finish so after a while he moved on to cultivating a feed on Twitter so that he can easily find what he likes without much effort.
    Searches: MILFs, Femdom, Sex Toys, Pegging


    Has to be in a specific mood to even think of looking up anything. Gives me the vibes of enjoying those NSFW audios on Reddit so he can fully immerse himself while he starts to stroke himself off. He'd care about the treatment of those in the porn industry and thus doesn't trust bigger websites for his consumption. Would subscribe to an OnlyFans, but only a select few. In his younger years, I'm positive he read doujinshi of whatever was his favorite media at the time.
    Searches: Roleplay, Dirty Talk, Cuckold, Step-Cest


    Now hear me out - I think they'd be the type to send one another videos because they tend to gravitate towards similar types of content. They have a collab note set up so they copy and paste links to archive for one another and it's something that they do often but rarely talk about. Every once in a while Connie pastes a video on there that's off the wall just to fuck with Jean.
    Searches: Step-Cest, Stuckage, Glory Hole, Public Sex


    He isn't all that into the big production types of videos so he tends to stick with those that are homemade - perhaps follow a couple on Twitter that post together as he needs to see a genuine emotional connection to get off. He has his favorites that he's saved and doesn't stray away from them often, if not at all.
    Searches: Homemade, Couple, Romantic, Cowgirl


    Maybe it's because he's such a charitable guy, or maybe it's because he gets way too attached way too quickly to those he watches but Reiner tends to stick with OnlyFans content. Unlike Armin, he's subscribed to a lot of different people and frequently gives tips because he thinks those he watches deserve it. Sends sweet messages alongside his tips and gets butthurt whenever someone says that those he follows don't care about him.
    Searches: Pantyshots, Size Difference, Creampie, Breeding


    Enjoys a good old porn magazine more than anything else. He's aware it shows his age, but he's somewhat of a collector and thinks there's something you can't quite find in the video format that you can reading a magazine. Has been subscribed to many over the years but his favorites are Hustler, 18Eighteen, and Private.
    Views: Barely Legal, DDLG, Threesomes, Blowjobs


    Much like Erwin, he enjoys the written word over any visual stimulation. He tried magazines when he was younger but found himself enjoying erotic literature more than anything. They tend to be rather cheesy and at times he can't help but shake his head at the plot but having every touch, sound, sight described in such graphic detail gets him off more than anything else.
    Reads: Erotic Romance, Historical, Doctor/Patient, Exhibitionism/Voyeurism


    Moving back to the video format he's decently easy to please. He actually doesn't care all that much if the video is from a big company because he's not in it to see something genuine - he just wants to watch someone get fucked and that's that. His interests tend to be a little more... hardcore however so he has to go on specific sites to find what he's looking for.
    Searches: Gangbang, BDSM, Facefucking, Doggy


    Oh, Zeke. This man gets easily distracted when he's in the mood and tends to go down rabbit holes that lead him to something completely different than what he was originally looking for. I would go so far as to say that he watches it even when he's not in the mood because critiquing how phony it all is amuses him to no end. Depending on the time era (and potentially even the modern-day) I could see him buying obscure/strange VHS tapes and showing them off on his shelf. No shame with this man.
    Searches: Anything and Everything
    #aot #attack on titan #attack on titan headcanons #aot smut#eren yeager#armin arlet#jean kirstein#connie springer#bertholdt hoover#reiner braun#erwin smith#levi ackerman#porco galliard#zeke yeager #ch: eren yeager #ch: armin arlet #ch: jean kirstein #ch: connie springer #ch: bertholdt hoover #ch: reiner braun #ch: erwin smith #ch: levi ackerman #ch: porco galliard #ch: zeke yeager #not sfw#headcanons #tw: daddy kink #tw: stepcest
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  • 12thouse
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    aot characters getting told a deez nuts joke

    • conny is the one telling the jokes. the second he learned abt them he told sasha and they laughed for like an hour

    • sasha then came up with the idea to tell as many ppl as they could

    • the first person conny got was jean. it made him really mad tho and he got yelled at for like twenty minutes— not bc he didnt like it but bc he didnt understand why it was so funny and conny wouldnt tell him anything other than “it just is”

    • tells armin next. except he was in the middle of explaining something to someone so he kinda just stopped and stared at him like 😐 before continuing what he was doing

    • reiner doesnt get it. bertholdt lets a chuckle slip like HA before he realizes reiner doesnt think its funny and shuts tfu

    • erwin fake laughs and tells him it was a good joke even tho he has no idea what it means. asks levi later. triggers his mid life crisis

    • the final person he gets is eren. followed by a flash of lightning. its the last joke conny ever makes

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  • sashabrausbrainrot
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    mechanic!reiner headcanons

    featuring: reiner braun x gn!reader

    content warnings: none

    ellie’s notes: reiner simps can thank @nightofthenoon for making me write this ✋

    okay - let me preface by saying that when you called for a mechanic to fix your car, the handsome blond man that showed up at your door was definitely not who you had been expecting.
    of course, you weren’t exactly complaining. you didn’t know a single thing about fixing cars so getting yours fixed along with a view (😳) was perfect.
    anyways, you find out his name is reiner and he gets to work almost immediately. you offer to sit out with him - you know, to take notes and definitely not admire his muscles - which he accepts eagerly. too eagerly, he thinks to himself.
    you sit on a lawn chair and watch as he slides under your car with his mechanic seat. for such a built guy the man makes this task look easy as pie. you can’t help but notice all the grease and oil stains that paint his work pants and arms.
    he’s very informative, too. tells you exactly what’s wrong and also gives you a play by play of what he’s doing and how he’s going to fix it.
    you offer to help, too, of course. and he’s more than willing to accept. “hand me that flashlight, please, darling,” “can you pass me the wrench, sweetheart? that’s it. thanks a bunch.”
    like i said, he’s very informative, which you use to your advantage. “reiner, what does this do?” “can you explain what’s wrong in more detail? you just seem to know so much.”
    you don’t even notice when he’s finished, rolling back up to face you with a few fresh grease stains on his face that make him even hotter. both of you are too engrossed in small talk and getting to know each other better. while he’s telling you stories about some of his friends, you take notice of the tattoo on his right bicep; a little creature - almost human like - covered in armor. you wonder why he picked it. maybe a reference.
    of course, before he leaves he makes sure to give you his personal phone number - you know, if another problem ever arises (totally not to ask you out - wink wonk)


    #aot x reader #attack on titan #snk x reader #aot oneshots #reiner x y/n #reiner x reader #reiner braun x reader #attack on titan reiner #snk reiner #reiner x you #warriors x reader #aot warriors #reiner braun x you #reiner braun headcanons #aot modern au
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  • vampi-eck
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    AOT (SNK) Headcanons:

    how the Paradis characters & the Marleyan warriors would wear facemasks in 2021.


    • Eren S1-3: thinks masks are stupid but Mikasa makes him wear one all the time. He takes it off to talk when Mikasa isn’t around and pulls on it because “it’s uncomfortable”.

    • Eren S4: probably stepped on the mask Mikasa gave him and put it on the trash before going out to do stuff homicide-perpetuators do.

    • Mikasa: has worn a mask since the beginning of the pandemic but doesn’t like it either. Got a box of disposable ones for her and Eren.

    • Armin: wears different cloth masks with “fun turtle, stripes, dots and ocean patterns” (in his words) that he bought to match his outfits with a disposable one underneath. Washes his masks way too often.

    • Sasha: bought a mask with a zipper so she could eat because she thought it was the smartest invention ever and keeps the zipper open most of the time.

    • Connie: wears a dirty ass stamped “dank meme”mask that he bought in the beginning of the pandemic to match with Sasha until she bought the zipper one. Connie has never washed his mask, let alone even thinking about doing that.

    • Jean: thinks he doesn’t need one because he is “that man” and only wears disposable ones when people make him but keeps it down all the time. Only pulls it up when he sees Mikasa.

    • Historia: cute DIY crotchet mask that she made for her and Ymir with a pink disposable one under it.

    • Ymir: wears the crotchet one Historia made for her but always forgets to wear a disposable one under it.

    • Erwin: has two masks: a cloth one he got from a political party candidate and other one that came with his medications with the name of the pharmaceutical. -Like don’t tell me you don’t see this man walking around with a mask that says “Abbott” lmfao💀💀-

    • Hange: bought a bubonic plague doctor mask because they thought it’d be funny, and always wears it with a disposable mask on the inside, of course.

    • Levi: has multiple three layers N95 masks with extra protection he bought off amazon and multiple face shields. Goes with a bottle full of alcohol and a sprayer everywhere to, in fact, spray everything and everyone.

    • Floch: is a fucking anti-mask i just know


    • Reiner: used to wear disposable ones but one day he just stopped wearing them because he is “so sick of the pandemic and just wants to die now”.

    • Bertholdt: masks always look too tiny on his face but he tries his best to cover his mouth and nose with them. Has been looking for bigger masks but hasn’t had any luck.

    • Annie: i swear after i saw someone say that Annie would cross the ear loops of her mask, i can’t unsee it so yeah, she would do that. She loves masks because she has an excuse to not talk to people or not reply because “she just doesn’t understand and can’t hear people well”. Also, she’d definitely get black disposable ones.

    • Pieck: for some reason, masks always end up covering her eyes but she just doesn’t seem to care, so everyone has gotten used to seeing Pieck as small walking forehead during the pandemic, but when she walks on the streets with her mask covering almost her entire face and her hair on her face as well, people get scared and move away from her. She probably remembers to change her disposable mask every month or so :’)

    • Yelena: thought masks were stupid and unnecessary but started to religiously wear them after Zeke gave her an entire lesson on “why the pandemic could be a opposite politic wing conspiracy made in order to establish a form of control over the population and weaken the system”.

    • Zeke: as I said, he has his own conspiracies and will NEVER let the enemy’s virus into his system so he takes masks very seriously but hated them in the beginning because “the enemy is also profiting off of them” so he ended up developing his own mask with his own materials.

    • Porco: another one who’s “too good for masks”. Honestly, only wears them when Pieck makes him and always rolls his eyes and takes it off 10 mins later.

    • Falco: changes his disposable masks daily and has a few cloth ones with cartoon designs. Very obedient lmao.

    • Gabi: she fucking pulls on that mf mask ALL THE TIME and breaks a minimal amount of 3 ear loops per day during her rage tantrums. The warriors and Falco always have to carry spare masks for her and make her wear them but she HATES it.

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  • cherrieflavouredheadcanons
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Wanted to write some fluff for my favorite Aot charachter. Hope you all like it!

    Comforting Reiner after he had a nightmare

    It is not rare that he has nightmares after all this poor man has a shittload of trauma and mental illnesses.

    Usually though when the two of you slept together, his nightmares got better since you made him feel safe.

    When he had them while sleeping next to you, he usually kept quiet once he was finally awake from them, as Reiner did not want to bother you.

    This night though he was moving a lot in his sleep and kicked you off the bed by doing so.

    At first you wanted to go off on him for kicking you off, but then you saw the pained expression on his face and the beads of sweat on his forehead.

    Speaking in a gentle tone while shaking him you woke Reiner up.

    As his eyes opened and he gasped for air he felt you pull him into your arms, with your hands going through his hair.

    You told him that he was safe now and everything was okay, and that whatever bad thoughts he had.

    Reiner wanted to say something but all he was able to get out were whimpers and sobs as he buried his head in your shoulder.

    You kept comforting him until he was finished with crying and you felt him relax against you.

    Before you could ask him if he was fine now, you heard light snores coming from him.

    As you looked at your boyfriend you saw that he had fallen asleep with a small smile on his face.

    Lying down and gently pulling Reiner closer, you kissed his forehead and fell asleep with him in your arms, whispering that you loved him.

    #attack on titan #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan x you #attack on titan headcanons #shingeki no kyoujin x reader #shingeki no kyojin #Reiner braun #reiner x reader #reiner braun x reader #reiner x you #reiner braun x you #reiner headcanons#reiner braun
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  • bertholtmybeloved
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Okay okay you know who would be perfect to party with? Bertholdt and Reiner. 

    Reiner is a straight up *beefcake* coupled with how tall Bert is which makes anybody wanting to creep on you instantly regret their decisions. Not that Bert is too menacing or generally hostile, but he would give the hardest death stare ever. Reiner would not hesitate to beat the shit out of someone so be it. 

    Reiners more of a beer guy, occasionally shots. If you dare him to funnel chug he will do it and hold it down like a champ. Bert doesn't really drink, but when he does its more of a pre-mix like a cruiser. 

    Dancing with Reiner would definitely be...an experience. He's not the most introverted guy so he's swinging himself all over the place to the beat of the music, grinding his hips like no tomorrow. He'd do some corny disco moves to make you laugh and it works. It'd take some convincing to make Bertholdt come down and dance, but once he's there he enjoys himself, especially seeing you dance. Taking his hand and swaying with him is a sure fire way to make him lock up and blush like crazy, but  he secretly loves it. 

    At one point Reiner would end up falling into the pool, probably from you playfully pushing him. He laughs it off and asks you to help him get out, but as he grips your wrist he pulls you in as well. It was your fault for falling for it though, how the hell were you supposed to help up a 209lbs jacked guy like him out of the pool? It all ends with both of you soaking wet and laughing your asses off, so it wasn't too bad. 

    Bertholdt at some point in the night is nowhere to be found, but you end up finding him on the roof. How the hell did he end up there? Who knows. He says he wanted to get away from all the noise for a while, and you end up laying next to each other looking at the clouds passing over the moon. He gives you his sweater because it's cold up there. You still have it the next day. 

    Bertholdt is definitely the designated driver, or if you crash at the house he'll be all over you with water and snacks to make sure you don't puke. If you do, he'll be there by your side smoothing your hair out of your face and a hand on your back. He'll help you into a spare bedroom to sleep and then sits outside the door to make sure you're okay. If Reiner sees you getting a bit too drunk, he'll straight up carry you bridal style to a spare bedroom and plonk you down on the bed. 

    All in all, they are great at parties.

    #bertolt fubar#bertholdt brainrot#bertholdt hoover#snk bertholdt#reiner braun #bertholdt hoover headcanons #bertholdt x reader #bertholdt x y/n #reiner brainrot #reiner x reader #reiner x y/n #reibert
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  • feralaot
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • ghostoriesaftersex
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Aot: When you ask them to kill a bug for you

    -Eren- war cries while crushing it with his fingers. Or he would make you do it yourself

    - Mikasa- takes off her shoe and squishes it

    - Armin- it depends on how freaked out you are. If you’re screaming bloody murder he’s going to kill it but if your chill he’ll cover it with a cup and paper and let it go

    - Sasha- she kills it but is really freaked out

    - Connie- picks it up and waves it in your face before setting it free

    - Jean- lowkey scared of the bug too but doesn’t want to show it. He kills it.

    - Reiner- he would simply do it and calm you down

    - Bertholdt- steps on it and then tries to calm you down

    - Hanji- she kicks the table

    - Levi- takes it outside then kills it. Then cleans around the house to make sure there are no more bugs

    - Erwin- he gets a napkin and kills it like he’s putting out a candle with grace

    - Shadis- tells you to do it

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  • ghost-party
    22.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    #soft headcanons #attack on titan #aot #attack on titan headcanons #aot headcanons#reiner braun #reiner x reader #reiner braun x reader #erwin smith #erwin x reader #erwin smith x reader
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  • ghost-party
    22.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    #soft headcanons #attack on titan #aot #attack on titan headcanons #aot headcanons#erwin smith #erwin x reader #erwin smith x reader #reiner braun #reiner x reader #reiner braun x reader #zeke jaeger #zeke x reader #zeke jaeger x reader #zeke yeager #zeke yeager x reader
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  • mayonnaise-and-anarchy
    21.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Living With Bertholdt in Marley

    Warning: Really Toxic like oh my god i need therapy

    A/n: I need therapy. I enjoyed writing this too much


    -The first thing that needs to be established, you guys became really close on Paradis, where you were born

    -And you both vey obviously had feelings for each other

    -And when the time came and Bertl and Reiner revealed themselves, Berthold decided he couldn’t leave you behind.

    -He f*cking kidnapped you

    -And thats how you ended up on a boat to Marley with Bertholdt, Reiner, Zeke, and Ymir

    -This is the point im starting at because you’ve never seen the ocean

    -You try so hard to sit there all sulky because you just literally got kidnapped by people who are in your eyes traitors

    -But at the same time the way the sun hits the water and the creatures you can see swimming just below the surface are so tempting to gawk at

    -Bertl is near you as much as he can be on the boat which isn’t a lot of time tbh because he and Reiner are busy filling Zeke in about what the hell happened on Paradis

    -Plus Bertholdt is trying to discuss ways that they’d let you stay in Marley because yalls see how they treat the Marley eldians, imagine how Marley will treat you

    -When he is with you he tries to talk to you because although hes quiet, he wants the affirmation that you don’t hate him

    -You do

    -You absolutely hate him and rightfully so

    -Bc not only was he the reason you had to leave your home within the outer wall but then he had the nerve to befriend you and comfort you

    -and then again he KIDNAPPED you and you had no clue what the future held in store

    -When you arrived at Marley you were put into a cell next to Ymir for a few days

    -She was taken away fairly early on though

    -Ymir didn’t come back

    -Nobody that you knew came to visit and you would have been glad if you hadn’t been in a cell and the men bringing you food didn’t treat you like a filthy dog

    -It was a long, boring, lonely few days

    -Your time in the cell ended with Bertholdt coming down and filling you in on why it took so long

    -The leaders of Marley were allowing you to stay but under circumstances

    -The first is that you tell them everything you know about Paradis, Annies possible location, Eren in general, and anything else they deem important for you to say

    -The other circumstance is that you are now the equivalent of Bertholdts possession

    -He explains because they see you as lower than the average Eldian

    -What you hear is that they’re stripping your human rights but go off ig

    -At this point you are fuming but what could happen when you say no?

    -You were afraid to say no

    -You begrudgingly agree and Bertholdt brings you back to his house

    -Idk if its his own house or his families house because hes only 16 at this point

    -You choose i dont care

    -He shows you to his room, which is now also your room

    -There are two seperate beds and he looks rather sheepish saying that he didn’t want you to be uncomfortable

    -Your mind practically implodes that now he has the audacity to pretend he cares about your comfort

    -The first night adjusting to your new life is rough

    -You wait for Bertholdt to fall alseep and sneak out the window

    -Despite that your on the second level, you use your bare feet to climb down the rough brick

    -But now what?

    -You begin to wander around, blown away by all of the strange things you see

    -Its hoenstly overwhelming

    -You turn a corner to see two Marleyans brutally beating an Eldian

    -You watch in horror and it doesn’t register that they turn to you once their first victim is dead

    -They start approaching you and you start to freak out

    -They’re sputtering about filth like you not wearing your armband

    -Before you can turn and run you feel a hand fall on your shoulder and you jump

    -You look back frantically and Bertoldt is there

    -He apologizes but you don’t really process his words

    -Why did he take you away to this terrible place?

    -You two walk back to his place in silence

    -He does not need to hold you

    -You are afraid to run

    -Once you get inside he starts panicking

    -“Dont you know what they’ll do to you if you go out like that? Dont you know the only thing that keeps them from doing that to you is me?”

    -Manipulative af but you know hes right

    -You begin to cry and he pulls you into a hug

    -You don’t fight him

    -“I just want you to be happy here”

    -You continue to cry as you realize there is no escape. This is your life now

    -As you lay in bed later that night, you wonder what horrid place this is. It may seem more advanced but at least on Paradis people had some sort of motive to kill that wasn’t just an ugly yellow armband

    -It was a sleepless night

    -The nights after that you no longer make an effort to escape

    -You sit in a chair in front of the window just looking at everything, trying to take it all in

    -Bertholdt refused to let you go outside for a few days after that incident

    -Which means that all you know of Marley so far is just cold, lonely cells

    -You found in those nights, that you cant sleep alone

    -You toss and you turn but everything is too strange

    -And every night after an internal battle of “he kidnapped you and lied and hes a stupid traitor”, you found yourself slipping into his bed with him, and you always found him wrapping his arms around you

    -However mornings were a bit more concerning with his weird sleeping positions

    -Flesh tetris

    -When he finally let you go out into public with him you found yourself anxiously keeping close to him

    -Sometimes he would hold your hand and you would let him because not only was this a strange place, it was dangerous

    -Even worse you found it so easy to trust him

    -Was this Stockholm syndrome?

    -But at the same time, in hell the nicest demon almost seems welcoming I suppose

    -Thats a funny metaphor because its the people of Paradis who are supposedly Devils

    -And even when you became more comfortable with Marley, you were never truly happy or truly safe

    -Bertholdt was the master of manipulation and even if you played right into his hands, he was still going to make comments to ensure you stay there

    -By the time the scouts show up 4 years later, he has you convinced that if you leave, if you abandon him, you will die

    -By that time hes also convinced you to date him again

    -“The world isn’t safe for a pretty thing like you. Thats why I brought you here with me, to keep you safe”

    #aot#snk #bertholdt hoover x reader #bertholdt hoover #bertholdt x reader #aot bertholdt#snk bertholdt#reiner braun#zeke jeager#ymir aot #attack on titan #shingeki no kyoujin #bertholdt headcanons#aot headcanons#snk headcanons #attack on titan headcanons #shinjeki no kyojin
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  • erenslittlestepsister
    21.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Strawberry Fields are where you make Reiner forget about both wars, the one at hand and the one in his heart, with the shelter of your body.

    Your delicate fingers unbutton his uniform pants without having to look, eye to eye as your hands work him free with ease, these evening occurrences having become a ritual with the handsome soldier stationed outside of your village. There's no kissing today, you're both too needy, your bodies betraying you as he bucks his hips into your clothed cunt. You'd been craving him all day, as had he, the feel of you making sparring particularly difficult that day. Glancing around the empty field you cautiously lift your flimsy summer skirt as you mount him, fingers digging into his shoulders as your lips part easily swallowing him into your wet heat. With the back of your thighs finally resting on top of his and full to the brim, you both still your bodies, breathless hiccups filling the silence. His pools of rich gold peer deeply into yours as you sit there, pussy contracting around his throbbing length, begging already for his hot release. He gives you a cocky smirk and you feel yourself blush, indignantly looking away as he lifts your skirt to watch the way your lips look pressed against his navel and full of him. Reiner rhythmically grunts into your ear as you wrap your arms around him and bounce yourself on him. The lewd sounds your bodies make are dulled by the sounds of nature all around you as if it conspired with you to maintain the secrecy of such strawberry field meetings. When you're finished and the mess spills down your thighs he retrieves a clean, white rag, from one of the many pockets on his pants and cleans you up. His hand gently slides across the softness of your inner thighs as he removes the white drips before looking back up at you and giving you a more genuine smile. He leaves with both hands full, one with as many strawberries as he could and your heart in the other.

    #FLUFFY SMUT #kinda soft but still smut #reiner braun smut #reiner smut #reiner braun x reader #reiner braun brainrot #reiner braun x you #reiner braun x y/n #reiner braun headcanons #reiner braun imagine #reiner braun drabble #attack on titan smut #eren jaeger smut #eren jeager smut #eren yeager smut
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  • babieweeb
    21.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    sex headcanons for aot boys

    includes: zeke, reiner, erwin, and miche

    various boys x fem!reader

    cw: mentions size kink??? kinda, spit play, bondage, somnophilia, breeding kink, spanking, idk just general roughness cuz they’re big boys.

    a/n: ayyeee we back with more filth. uuum this took wayyy to long to finish considering it’s only four guys. speaking of that…..only four people cuz well…they are the only ones i genuinely wanna fuck. ALSO SHOUTOUT TO @blondeboyfriend for helping💕 (gooooo check her out). i might make a part 2 for different characters, but it’s not a promise. ANYWAYS ENJOY WHORES💕


    ➪ he can do foreplay ALL DAY BABY

    ➪ i’m serious….he’ll finger you until his hands are pruny

    ➪ like you’re either gonna wake up with his fingers knuckle deep inside you or he’s eating you out.

    ➪ like i said in my cock hc, he’s 6 inches so you’ll feel him all right.

    ➪ he’s not done until your cervix is bruised.

    ➪ in missionary position, he’ll grip your jaw so he can see your face when you come.

    ➪ but most of the time he’ll have you in doggy position but he’s holding you neck down so he can thrust into you harder.

    ➪ probably will slap you if you disobey him (obviously you discuss before if he can do that). also will slap your pussy when he sees his cum oozing out.

    ➪ but in every position he’s pulling your hair, so he can kiss you.

    ➪ zeke can eat the pussy like a mad man….it’s the beard y’all, the hairs would tickle your clit.

    ➪ spits in your mouth. sure it may taste like cigarettes but you better swallow it or he’ll spank you until you’re crying.

    ➪ he will literally have sex with you anywhere, the car, in his office, in an alleyway, on top of a roof, at a funeral, or in a live courtroom.

    ➪ it’s pretty wild. expect about 4-5 rounds, you’ll cum so much you have to buy a new bed.

    “ you look so gorgeous falling apart on my cock, you want more?”


    ➪ you know how i said reiner’s ariana song was positions?

    ➪ yeah i wasn’t joking when i said he can put you in a lot of positions

    ➪ like seriously if you weren’t flexible before meeting him, you are now.

    ➪ and dude is big, good luck trying to be the dom in this relationship, like sure reiner gives off subby vibes but when it comes to you, he wants to be in control.

    ➪ he prefers if you ride him, this way he’ll get deeper inside of you and he can suck on your tits.

    ➪ BREEDING KINK! i’m not sure why he gives off such dad vibes but go off king

    ➪ he’ll whisper about how pretty you’ll look with a swollen belly, while rubbing your lower abdomen.

    ➪ and he’s just laying kisses all over you, also making sure your neck is covered in hickeys.

    ➪ he probably into somnophilia (consensual ofc) because almost always has morning wood and whispers in your ear if he can fuck you.

    ➪ if he sees his cum oozing out of you… he’ll shove it back in with his fingers….and just finger fuck you through your orgasm.

    “gonna fill you up so good, and you’re gonna take it like the good girl you are”


    ➪ this mf is so authoritative in bed, yet so loving???

    ➪ and he’s like really into bondage.

    ➪ like i stated before, he’s 7.5 inches when hard……that’s gonna do some damage.

    ➪ so authority kink + bondage + 7 inch cock = pussy absolutely destroyed, like literally RIP THAT PUSSY AYEEE

    ➪ he likes any position where he can visibly see what he’s doing to your cunt, but his go-to position is missionary.

    ➪ probably the roughest dude here, it’s not because he has some underlying anger issues, he just can’t control himself.

    ➪ he’s also into somnophilia but instead he gets a wet dream about you and gets hard at like 2 am and again asks if he can dick you down.

    ➪ since he’s so strong he probably loves wall sex. even the neighbours get turned on….jk nah they’re done with how loud you both are.

    ➪ in fact erwin now has to shut you up either by putting his hand over your mouth or kissing you or else you’ll get them screaming at your door.

    “be a good girl and come on my cock”


    ➪ this dUDE IS PACKING. basically 8 inches.

    ➪ sex with him is painful, but don’t worry it gets pleasurable after a while.

    ➪ seriously you need a full 5 mins to adjust.

    ➪ not even the foreplay is not enough to get you wet for him, he either uses his spit or lube. fr having a big cock is a struggle.

    ➪ obviously miche is a BIG GUY so he’s throwing you all over the room and fucking you on every surface. and he’s almost always has you in mating press.

    ➪ he kinda has a beard……SO YOU KNOW HE’S A PUSSY EATING MASTER.

    ➪ also he’s weirdly obsessed with how you smell, especially down there, so expect to wake up with his nose in your pussy????

    ➪ i also see him loving shower sex, something about him cleaning your body after (again) destroying you makes him happy.

    ➪ now you’d think miche is a rough guy in bed, but truthfully he’s more slow and sensual.

    ➪ he probably cares way more about your pleasure instead of his because he can do some serious damage and he needs to make sure you’re okay.

    ➪ this fucker has a HUGE cum load, like even the morning after it’s still oozing out and like at different times of the day.

    “ You look so fucking pretty when i stuff your cunt”

    #aot headcanons#aot smut #aot x reader #zeke yeager#zeke jaeger #zeke x reader #zeke yeager x reader #zeke jaeger x reader #reiner braun #reiner x reader #reiner braun x reader #erwin smith #erwin x reader #erwin smith x reader #miche zacharias #miche zacharius x reader #aot#snk #attack on titan
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  • ghostoriesaftersex
    21.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Aot Who lets you copy their homework headcannon

    - Connie: Eagerly let’s you but all the answers are wrong

    - Sasha: Completely forgot and starts freaking out

    - Mikasa: Is about to hand you the paper but Eren stops her and goes into a speech shaming you about responsibility and working hard for yourself, being independent from others and blah blah blah

    - Armin: let’s you but is nervous about if the teacher is watching

    - Reiner: let’s you have it but forgets to get it back so he fails because the teacher thinks he didn’t do it

    - Levi: didn’t do it. He’s too superior for homework and his test scores are enough.

    - Hanji: mistakes it for you asking for help and teaches you instead

    - Bertholdt: let’s you but it’s damp with stains for some reason

    - Annie: says no.

    - Jean: would say yes but hype himself up. Fed his ego for a week so next time you need help you know it’s not worth it

    - Historia: Would let you but Ymir is copying her work

    - Ymir: copying homework

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  • galaxysakura
    20.06.2021 - 3 days ago


    I am now taking requests for headcannons. I’m starting my writing again after a 5 year hiatus and I feel ready to make y’all hot and bothered again with some AOT headcannons to ease me back into writing. I’ll be doing fics later on, but I’m working on some Porco galliard stuff cause he’s my baby and we all know we want that Galliard D. So send some wanted headcannon requests and allow me to use this opportunity to give y’all some grade A content. Weeee hoooooooooo

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  • espritmuse
    20.06.2021 - 3 days ago
    #reiner#reiner drabbles#reiner snk #reiner braun x reader #reiner x reader #the warriors #attack on titan #snk#aot headcanons#aot imagine #snk x reader #snk fanfiction#aot #shingeki no kyojin #reiner smut#aot smut#snk smut #aot x reader #reiner aot #reiner x y/n #reiner braun
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  • ghostoriesaftersex
    20.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Aot what Instruments they play

    - Armin- banjo.

    - Connie- bucket drums. It has to home depo or he gets nervous

    - Sasha- oboe/clarinet. She scarily good.

    - Levi- accordion. I feel like he just does. use your imagination

    - Hanji- triangle but occasionally Levi gives her the cowbell. he won’t let her play a real instrument. One time he let her try the tamberine but had to take it away within the first hour because she would not stop. She stole it back but she broke it. There is now a hole in the tamberine

    - MOBLIT- Drums and he goes hard

    - Eren- can’t play anything. He tried everything but nothing sticks

    - Mikasa- can play everything(piano and xylophone especially) but doesn’t cause eren will be mad

    - HISTORIA- Can play piano a little twinkle twinkle little star type shit

    - Ymir- can play piano really well but chooses not to know because she likes it when HISTORIA “teaches her”

    - Reiner- Beat boxing

    - Bertholdt- goes hard on the kazoo

    - Hitch- flute

    - Annie- cello but hates it

    - Marlo- hard on hermonica

    - Nicolo- bass(large cello)

    - Jean- electric guitar

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