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  • saccharine-darling
    24.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    kinktober 2021

    it's only June I know, but uh....I've been thinking about this for a while now and here I am, last year I did a story a day but I'm not doing that lmao so I'll just be doing the ones you can find down below 🥰

    10/01/21; Mikasa Ackerman- eating out

    10/04/21; Reiner Braun- in public

    10/08/21; Zeke Yeager- hate fucking

    10/13/21; Historia Reiss- mutual masturbation

    10/17/21; Yelena- overstimulation/dumbification

    10/21/21; Connie Springer- car sex

    10/25/21; Pieck Finger- mirror sex

    10/31/21; Annie Leonhart- pet play/hybrid au

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  • arumiee
    23.06.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #reiner braun #reiner braun x reader #reiner braun smut #sub reiner is my favorite #i wanna p*g him so bad #thank you for sending one in baby #i love you smooch #cw dumbification#cw edging#cw praise
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  • erenslittlestepsister
    23.06.2021 - 6 hours ago


    what aot boys fuck you to Lil Nas X Montero??

    #reposting because i realized i had my profile on private #armin arlert x reader #eren jaeger x reader #eren jaeger smut #armin arlet smut #armin arlet headcanons #eren jaeger headcanons #jean kirstein #jean kirstein smut #attack on titan headcanons #porco galliard smut #reiner braun smut #zeke jeager smut #attack on titan smut #connie springer smut #levi ackerman smut
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  • eristhots
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    A/N: I'm planning on releasing the girl's version either later today or tomorrow! Be warned I have some hot takes with what they'd be into especially Eren I'm sorry in advance but I can't think differently.
    Featuring: Eren, Armin, Jean, Connie, Bertholdt, Reiner, Erwin, Levi, Porco, and Zeke


    Isn't particularly picky with what he watches because he just wants to get off and be done with it. He probably has on more than one occasion gotten off from the ads displayed bordering the video than the actual video itself much to his shame. It doesn't take much for him to finish so after a while he moved on to cultivating a feed on Twitter so that he can easily find what he likes without much effort.
    Searches: MILFs, Femdom, Sex Toys, Pegging


    Has to be in a specific mood to even think of looking up anything. Gives me the vibes of enjoying those NSFW audios on Reddit so he can fully immerse himself while he starts to stroke himself off. He'd care about the treatment of those in the porn industry and thus doesn't trust bigger websites for his consumption. Would subscribe to an OnlyFans, but only a select few. In his younger years, I'm positive he read doujinshi of whatever was his favorite media at the time.
    Searches: Roleplay, Dirty Talk, Cuckold, Step-Cest


    Now hear me out - I think they'd be the type to send one another videos because they tend to gravitate towards similar types of content. They have a collab note set up so they copy and paste links to archive for one another and it's something that they do often but rarely talk about. Every once in a while Connie pastes a video on there that's off the wall just to fuck with Jean.
    Searches: Step-Cest, Stuckage, Glory Hole, Public Sex


    He isn't all that into the big production types of videos so he tends to stick with those that are homemade - perhaps follow a couple on Twitter that post together as he needs to see a genuine emotional connection to get off. He has his favorites that he's saved and doesn't stray away from them often, if not at all.
    Searches: Homemade, Couple, Romantic, Cowgirl


    Maybe it's because he's such a charitable guy, or maybe it's because he gets way too attached way too quickly to those he watches but Reiner tends to stick with OnlyFans content. Unlike Armin, he's subscribed to a lot of different people and frequently gives tips because he thinks those he watches deserve it. Sends sweet messages alongside his tips and gets butthurt whenever someone says that those he follows don't care about him.
    Searches: Pantyshots, Size Difference, Creampie, Breeding


    Enjoys a good old porn magazine more than anything else. He's aware it shows his age, but he's somewhat of a collector and thinks there's something you can't quite find in the video format that you can reading a magazine. Has been subscribed to many over the years but his favorites are Hustler, 18Eighteen, and Private.
    Views: Barely Legal, DDLG, Threesomes, Blowjobs


    Much like Erwin, he enjoys the written word over any visual stimulation. He tried magazines when he was younger but found himself enjoying erotic literature more than anything. They tend to be rather cheesy and at times he can't help but shake his head at the plot but having every touch, sound, sight described in such graphic detail gets him off more than anything else.
    Reads: Erotic Romance, Historical, Doctor/Patient, Exhibitionism/Voyeurism


    Moving back to the video format he's decently easy to please. He actually doesn't care all that much if the video is from a big company because he's not in it to see something genuine - he just wants to watch someone get fucked and that's that. His interests tend to be a little more... hardcore however so he has to go on specific sites to find what he's looking for.
    Searches: Gangbang, BDSM, Facefucking, Doggy


    Oh, Zeke. This man gets easily distracted when he's in the mood and tends to go down rabbit holes that lead him to something completely different than what he was originally looking for. I would go so far as to say that he watches it even when he's not in the mood because critiquing how phony it all is amuses him to no end. Depending on the time era (and potentially even the modern-day) I could see him buying obscure/strange VHS tapes and showing them off on his shelf. No shame with this man.
    Searches: Anything and Everything
    #aot #attack on titan #attack on titan headcanons #aot smut#eren yeager#armin arlet#jean kirstein#connie springer#bertholdt hoover#reiner braun#erwin smith#levi ackerman#porco galliard#zeke yeager #ch: eren yeager #ch: armin arlet #ch: jean kirstein #ch: connie springer #ch: bertholdt hoover #ch: reiner braun #ch: erwin smith #ch: levi ackerman #ch: porco galliard #ch: zeke yeager #not sfw#headcanons #tw: daddy kink #tw: stepcest
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  • captainmcslashypaws
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #tw noncon#tw drugging#tw yandere #reiner x reader x bertholdt #yandere reiner x reader #yandere bertholdt x reader #yandere aot#reiner smut#bertholdt smut#the queueiest
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  • jeanscowboyhat-levisteacup
    22.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Black Sheep

    (Minors DNI)

    Reiner X reader

    You remember the first time you saw him, his short blonde hair swaying gently in the wind… eyes glazed over as the frown adorning his face deepened. You have heard about Reiner, things like how hard his life was back in the city… the way he left everything he knew behind to come live with his grandfather on his farm. He was quiet, bruised, broken yet his heart was still so beautiful. He had your full undivided attention the second you laid eyes on him… you wanted, no you NEEDED to love him your heart already to far gone to turn back.

    Reiner completely isolated himself the first few months, he heard the whispers about him floating through the little town… he heard the names everyone called him. He always kept his gaze down, eyes trained to his scuffed up boots. Oh how he so desperately wished he could disappear, praying that the ground would magically open up and swallow him whole.

    The day he walked into the little convenience store you worked at your heart jumped. You were determined to talk to him, desperate to get to know the boy you had your eye on for months. You eyed him as he walked through the store your mind taking little notes of all the snacks he added to his cart. Heart pounding as he made his way up to the counter, “Hey Reiner… I hope you found everything okay.” His eyes widen as he hears your voice… the sound of another person calling his name startling him.

    “Y-Yeah I did… Thank you.” You give a gentle hum, your hands moving to place his items in the bag, “ya know Reiner you can look me in the eyes, I promise you I don’t bite.” You graze his fingertips with yours as you hand him the bag a quiet, “If ya aren’t to busy later, I was wondering if maybe you’d like to hang out?” His body stops moving head turning to face yours… and for the first time since he pulled up in that rusty little truck he makes eye contact with you. Sparks of electricity flying as his Hazel eyes shine so brightly.

    “You wanna hang out with me? Are you sure?” You give him a toothy smile, “Yeah I’m absolutely positive, I get off in 30 if you don’t mind waiting.” He nods a smile tugging at his lips, “Uhhh where should I wait?” Walking into the back room you pull out a chair placing it down behind the counter, “You can wait back here with me c’mon!” Conversation flows between the two of you like you’d know each other forever, the two of you ignoring the harsh glares from the customers as you walk out with the towns “Black Sheep” at the end of your shift.

    “So Reiner what should we do?! There are so many options I’m really just glad you agreed to hang out with me!” Giving him a bright smile, you watch as he fiddles with the bottom of his flannel. “Well I know you’re probably hungry… we could get food and go to this place I know if you don’t mind.” You give him a nod the two of you setting off for the rusty little truck he borrowed from his grandpa.

    The two of you sat in Reiner’s special spot, an old barn way in the back of his grandpas farm… long forgotten and pretty run down but the hole in the roof gave the two of you the perfect view of the sky. Taking a bite of your burger you gaze at Reiner, his deep voice taking over the comfortable silence. “Hey Y/N can I ask you something? Why did you want to hang out with me… I know you heard about me, about the rumors.”

    Giving him a gentle glance you scoot closer to him, arms touching as you mumble, “Reiner I’ve wanted to talk to you since the second you arrived… I don’t care what everyone else thinks. You are really great ya know that and I wanna get to know you better, so don’t hide from me anymore kay?” Giving you a quiet hum the two of you gaze at the night sky, hands slowly connecting as you watch the stars.


    It’s been a year since then, you slowly helping Reiner come out of his shell. He’s grown into quite a man over the past year… arms nice and buff from all the farm work, large chest adorned with a sexy six pack, sharp jaw now graced with stubble, and a personality brighter than 1000 suns. To say you have fallen completely head over heels for your best friend wouldn’t be a lie.

    Here you sat on the back of the tractor watching while Reiner rode his horse back to the stall. The way he’s adapted to the country life was more than a turn on for you… in fact it left you so bothered, half the time you would make excuses just to go home and touch yourself. The feeling of his hands on your body engraved in your mind, his deep husky voice resounding within your heart.

    You and Reiner had a relationship far from normal… everyone noticed the way the two of you pinned after one another. They didn’t even have to see the secret kisses shared late at night or the way his hand held yours in the darkness of the movie theater. They didn’t need to know about the way he would pin you down in that old barn… the creaking of the wood in time with his thrust, the sounds of your moans reaching the stars.

    It was obvious you liked each other… yet neither of you ever had the courage to confess. The way you would cover up your please of love with a whine, or the way your hands would release when the lights cut back on left you desperately longing for more. You were tired of waiting… if he wasn’t going to confess first then it was time to take matters into your own hands.

    It’s now or never you thought as you walked the short distance to where Reiner was. “Hey Rei are you free later… I have something I want to talk about.” He glances at you a pretty smile sat upon his lips, his gorgeous eyes crinkled in the corners as he utters, “Sure Y/N I’ll meet you at our spot… 7 sound good?” You give a curt nod, your heart thrumming in your ears at the thick country accent he has managed to acquire.

    “I-I’ll see you at 7 then Rei…” quickly turning around to hide your blush you make your way home on shaky legs. Your mind reeling at the possible outcomes as you toss outfit after outfit onto your bed, a frustrated groan escaping you. Looking around at the mess you sigh, how in the hell were you supposed to do this. If Reiner didn’t feel the same way as you what would happen? You couldn’t stand him not talking to you anymore all because of a few words.

    Falling into the pile of clothes you mumble, “What in the hell am I doing? Maybe this is a mistake…” Feeling the tears forming on your lash line you let out a sigh, head turning to look at yourself in the mirror… that’s when you see it. The same beige dress you wore the night Reiner took your virginity…. the one you wore when he gave you your first kiss… the one you wore when he silently grabbed your hand in the movie theater.

    You smile your mind filtering through every memory with your “Black Sheep”… he was yours, and you were determined to let him know exactly what your heart was saying. Grabbing the dress off the vanity you get ready, not a doubt in your mind about finally confessing to your long time crush. Those three little words replaying in your head over and over again.

    You were surprised to see Reiner waiting for you, the sight of him making your thighs clench. Fresh out of the shower his blonde locks were messy and unkept, his flannel shirt left unbuttoned while his body cooled off… the sight of his tight blue jeans clinging so well to his thighs left you nearly salivating. “God damn.” You whisper a tiny gasp escaping you as Reiner pulls you against him, his lips instantly attaching to your neck.

    “R-Reiner wait… as much as I would love to do this right now I really did have something to say.” Stepping back he reaches a hand up towards your face a gentle, “What’s wrong Y/N?” Filling your ears. Giving him one last look you burn his gentle smile into your mind, eyes squeezed shut as you brace yourself. “R-Reiner I… I love you. I’m so in love with you, a-and I have been since I first saw you. I understand if you don’t want this a physical relationship works fine-.”

    Dragging your body back into him Reiner kisses you hard, his rough hand tugging you by your neck to deepen the kiss. Creating purple bruises down your neck Reiner kneads your ass with his free hand, an animalistic growl leaving him as you whimper. “Y/N you think I don’t love you too? Do you really think I would take just any girl like this… your all mine you hear me, so let this “Black Sheep” make you feel good baby.”

    Sliding his flannel of his broad shoulders he lays it on the ground, his hands carefully sliding up your dress, fingers searching for your panties. “Fuck doll nothing on… you’re gonna drive me insane,” he rasps body moving to push yours up against the rickety pillar. Hiking a leg up on his waist Reiner wastes no time in sliding two fingers into your aching cunt, a loud gasp escaping you as his fingers fuck you roughly.

    “R-Reiner baby holy s-shit.” You groan your small hand gripping his wrist tightly. He gives you a shit eating smirk a cocky, “You look so good like this baby, did you know you were gonna come get this little pussy fucked? C’mon baby doll don’t be shy, tell your boyfriend the truth.” You whine at the title that slips past his lips, your hips starting to grind down on his fingers. “Y-yes wanted you to fuck me, w-wanted you to be mine first though.” Pressing a smoldering kiss to your lips he mutters, “I’ve always been yours baby doll… always.”

    Picking up his pace his fingers bruise that sweet spot inside of you, the rickety old pillar singing in unison as your body bumps into it over and over again. “Feels so good Rei, d-don’t stop.” Moving his head back to your neck he leaves sloppy open mouthed kisses all over your bare skin, minds hazy as he uses his free hand to pull the top of your dress down. Tweaking your nipples between his calloused fingers he ruts his hips into your thigh a choked out, “Baby doll I-I can’t wait to fuck you. Gonna make sure my pretty bell feels n-nice and good.”

    Moving his thumb to rub your clit, his eyes glimmer as he watches you fall apart. Your slick all over his fingers and your legs trembling as you try to stabilize yourself. “ ‘m gonna cum Rei, I wanna cum.” Pressing a kiss to your lips Reiner gives you everything he’s got, his fingers curling against your sweet spot teeth sinking into that special spot on your neck. The two of you groan in unison as you come undone, walls hugging his fingers so tightly as he fucks you through your orgasm, body convulsing against his as you hold him close.

    “Baby doll don’t think we’re done yet.” Reiner utters, teeth nipping at your earlobe. Taking both of your arms in his Reiner reaches for the old rope still tied to the pillar. “Rei baby what are you doing?” Giving you a smirk he proceeds to wrap makeshift handcuffs around your wrist, body now chained to the post behind you. “Let your cowboy take care of you, you can do that cant you doll?” Giving him a needy moan you lick your lips as you watch him begin to unbutton his jeans.

    The sight of his bulge through his grey briefs is enough to leave you breathless. Springing his cock free he hoists your legs up around his waist, his tip running through your soaked folds… a shaky moan leaving you both as you feel each other’s warmth. Locking eyes with you Reiner presses a gentle kiss against your nose, “Y/N I love you so so much… thanks for getting to know a “Black Sheep” like me. I promise I’m gonna make you feel so good okay doll… let me take care of you.”

    “Want you Reiner, I’ve always wanted you… make me feel good baby.” Sealing your lips in a loving kiss Reiner pushes into you. No matter how many times the two of you have done it, it never fails to feel brand new. The burning stretch of his tip alone is enough to leave you crying, every inch of his cock you take releasing more tears. “Is it hurting doll, c’mon baby what’s wrong?” Shaking your head you smile, “Rei I’m just so so happy you’re mine… you feel different, we feel different.”

    Giving you a tender smile Reiner leans his forehead against yours a quiet, “Yeah doll you’re right… and as much as I’d like to take this slow I really don’t think I can hold back.” “Then don’t.” That’s all it takes before Reiner begins rearranging your guts. Hands tight on your hips, his finger nails leave little crescent moons on your soft skin, his mouth coming down to latch onto one of your nipples his teeth grazing against your bud.

    Every thrust he gives leaves the rope rubbing up and down your arms, a burn setting in place but one you find all to pleasurable. Endless moans of “faster” leaving your lips as you grind your hips down to meet his. You cry at the way your clit rubs against his pelvis, everything about you was so much more sensitive and Reiner could feel it too.

    He was losing it, your walls sucking him in deeper and deeper, cunt almost far to tight for him to even move. His eyes would roll back anytime he looked at the way his cock split you in two… his mind reeling at what would have happened if he would have spoken sooner… it was to late to go back but you were with him now and you were all his. “Y-Y/N I’m not gonna last long, feel so good b-baby doll.” You can’t stop the high pitched squeal that leaves you as he angels his hips, the way he brushes against your cervix leaves you squirming.

    Wrapping his arms around you he holds you in place as he gives you everything he’s got. His hips snapping against your relentlessly, lips finding yours as your tongues dance together messily. “Rei ‘m gonna cum, ‘m right there fuck ‘m right-“ Your orgasm hits you like a truck, eyes going dark as you swear you almost faint. The twitching of Reiner’s cock lets you know he’s close, you willing your body to hold on for just a little bit longer. “I’m gonna fill you r-real g-good baby doll, hang on j-just a little longer.” Laying your head on his shoulder you let him use you as he pleases, little whines of his name slipping past your lips… tired little whispers of “cum for me” filling his ears.

    Who was he to deny is pretty girl, pulling your flush against his hips he empty’s his heavy balls into you. Each rope of cum making your body twitch in response. “D-Doll you were so good for me, I-I love you.” Reaching up he untied your hands bringing your red wrists to his lips. “ ‘m sorry about this Doll I didn’t think it would hurt you like this.” Rubbing your cheek with his thumb you smile, “Rei baby it’s fine… I just wanna hold you now okay?” Slowly pulling out you both whimper at the loss, bodies still sensitive from your highs.

    Cleaning himself up quickly Reiner makes his way to you, his hands quickly moving to cover you from the cool night air. Walking over to your little spot underneath the stars Reiner tugs you into his lap, a tender kiss on your head as he wraps his arms around you. “Hey Y/N… thanks for taking a chance on me, I’m sorry it took so long for me to let you know I loved you… but I really really do.” Turning around you press a little peck to his lips, “Rei my sweet “Black Sheep” I would chose you over and over again… I love you too so so much.”

    @fierydiamond and I had a conversation about cowboy Reiner and I had to write a fic (Although I think this might be one of the worst things I’ve ever written 😭 sorry babes)

    #attack on titan #snk#aot #aot x reader #aot imagines#snk imagines#aot guys#snk guys#aot oneshots#snk oneshot #reiner braun smut #reiner braun x reader smut #reiner braun x y/n #reiner braun x reader #reiner braun x you #reiner x reader smut #reiner x reader #reiner x you #reiner x y/n #reiner smut#aot smut#snk smut#cowboy reiner
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    22.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Ok, okay here me out right? You just told Reiner a joke and he doesn’t get it. So you start rambling trying to explain the joke and his adorable confused smile turns into this.

    #aot reiner#reiner #reiner x y/n #aot#reiner braun #reiner x you #reiner braun x reader #attack on titan x reader #snk smut#aot imagines
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    21.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    #reiner should be up tonight #I’m not waiting any longer to get this shit out of my drafts #I need cute stories next cause all I’ve posted is smut 💀 #iloveallyousweetangels#amberstedtalk#ilovetalkingtoyouall#send asks #send more asks
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  • erenslittlestepsister
    21.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    The Strawberry Fields are where you make Reiner forget about both wars, the one at hand and the one in his heart, with the shelter of your body.

    Your delicate fingers unbutton his uniform pants without having to look, eye to eye as your hands work him free with ease, these evening occurrences having become a ritual with the handsome soldier stationed outside of your village. There's no kissing today, you're both too needy, your bodies betraying you as he bucks his hips into your clothed cunt. You'd been craving him all day, as had he, the feel of you making sparring particularly difficult that day. Glancing around the empty field you cautiously lift your flimsy summer skirt as you mount him, fingers digging into his shoulders as your lips part easily swallowing him into your wet heat. With the back of your thighs finally resting on top of his and full to the brim, you both still your bodies, breathless hiccups filling the silence. His pools of rich gold peer deeply into yours as you sit there, pussy contracting around his throbbing length, begging already for his hot release. He gives you a cocky smirk and you feel yourself blush, indignantly looking away as he lifts your skirt to watch the way your lips look pressed against his navel and full of him. Reiner rhythmically grunts into your ear as you wrap your arms around him and bounce yourself on him. The lewd sounds your bodies make are dulled by the sounds of nature all around you as if it conspired with you to maintain the secrecy of such strawberry field meetings. When you're finished and the mess spills down your thighs he retrieves a clean, white rag, from one of the many pockets on his pants and cleans you up. His hand gently slides across the softness of your inner thighs as he removes the white drips before looking back up at you and giving you a more genuine smile. He leaves with both hands full, one with as many strawberries as he could and your heart in the other.

    #FLUFFY SMUT #kinda soft but still smut #reiner braun smut #reiner smut #reiner braun x reader #reiner braun brainrot #reiner braun x you #reiner braun x y/n #reiner braun headcanons #reiner braun imagine #reiner braun drabble #attack on titan smut #eren jaeger smut #eren jeager smut #eren yeager smut
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    21.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    #kings ig #y/n gonna get railed too dw #she’s just observing 🤩 #they’re gonna tag team her later <333 #gotta soak it in first #replies 💌#anon #reiner braun x reader #porco galliard x reader #gallirei#aot smut#reiner smut#porco smut #attack on titan #snk smut
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  • babieweeb
    21.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    sex headcanons for aot boys

    includes: zeke, reiner, erwin, and miche

    various boys x fem!reader

    cw: mentions size kink??? kinda, spit play, bondage, somnophilia, breeding kink, spanking, idk just general roughness cuz they’re big boys.

    a/n: ayyeee we back with more filth. uuum this took wayyy to long to finish considering it’s only four guys. speaking of that…..only four people cuz well…they are the only ones i genuinely wanna fuck. ALSO SHOUTOUT TO @blondeboyfriend for helping💕 (gooooo check her out). i might make a part 2 for different characters, but it’s not a promise. ANYWAYS ENJOY WHORES💕


    ➪ he can do foreplay ALL DAY BABY

    ➪ i’m serious….he’ll finger you until his hands are pruny

    ➪ like you’re either gonna wake up with his fingers knuckle deep inside you or he’s eating you out.

    ➪ like i said in my cock hc, he’s 6 inches so you’ll feel him all right.

    ➪ he’s not done until your cervix is bruised.

    ➪ in missionary position, he’ll grip your jaw so he can see your face when you come.

    ➪ but most of the time he’ll have you in doggy position but he’s holding you neck down so he can thrust into you harder.

    ➪ probably will slap you if you disobey him (obviously you discuss before if he can do that). also will slap your pussy when he sees his cum oozing out.

    ➪ but in every position he’s pulling your hair, so he can kiss you.

    ➪ zeke can eat the pussy like a mad man….it’s the beard y’all, the hairs would tickle your clit.

    ➪ spits in your mouth. sure it may taste like cigarettes but you better swallow it or he’ll spank you until you’re crying.

    ➪ he will literally have sex with you anywhere, the car, in his office, in an alleyway, on top of a roof, at a funeral, or in a live courtroom.

    ➪ it’s pretty wild. expect about 4-5 rounds, you’ll cum so much you have to buy a new bed.

    “ you look so gorgeous falling apart on my cock, you want more?”


    ➪ you know how i said reiner’s ariana song was positions?

    ➪ yeah i wasn’t joking when i said he can put you in a lot of positions

    ➪ like seriously if you weren’t flexible before meeting him, you are now.

    ➪ and dude is big, good luck trying to be the dom in this relationship, like sure reiner gives off subby vibes but when it comes to you, he wants to be in control.

    ➪ he prefers if you ride him, this way he’ll get deeper inside of you and he can suck on your tits.

    ➪ BREEDING KINK! i’m not sure why he gives off such dad vibes but go off king

    ➪ he’ll whisper about how pretty you’ll look with a swollen belly, while rubbing your lower abdomen.

    ➪ and he’s just laying kisses all over you, also making sure your neck is covered in hickeys.

    ➪ he probably into somnophilia (consensual ofc) because almost always has morning wood and whispers in your ear if he can fuck you.

    ➪ if he sees his cum oozing out of you… he’ll shove it back in with his fingers….and just finger fuck you through your orgasm.

    “gonna fill you up so good, and you’re gonna take it like the good girl you are”


    ➪ this mf is so authoritative in bed, yet so loving???

    ➪ and he’s like really into bondage.

    ➪ like i stated before, he’s 7.5 inches when hard……that’s gonna do some damage.

    ➪ so authority kink + bondage + 7 inch cock = pussy absolutely destroyed, like literally RIP THAT PUSSY AYEEE

    ➪ he likes any position where he can visibly see what he’s doing to your cunt, but his go-to position is missionary.

    ➪ probably the roughest dude here, it’s not because he has some underlying anger issues, he just can’t control himself.

    ➪ he’s also into somnophilia but instead he gets a wet dream about you and gets hard at like 2 am and again asks if he can dick you down.

    ➪ since he’s so strong he probably loves wall sex. even the neighbours get turned on….jk nah they’re done with how loud you both are.

    ➪ in fact erwin now has to shut you up either by putting his hand over your mouth or kissing you or else you’ll get them screaming at your door.

    “be a good girl and come on my cock”


    ➪ this dUDE IS PACKING. basically 8 inches.

    ➪ sex with him is painful, but don’t worry it gets pleasurable after a while.

    ➪ seriously you need a full 5 mins to adjust.

    ➪ not even the foreplay is not enough to get you wet for him, he either uses his spit or lube. fr having a big cock is a struggle.

    ➪ obviously miche is a BIG GUY so he’s throwing you all over the room and fucking you on every surface. and he’s almost always has you in mating press.

    ➪ he kinda has a beard……SO YOU KNOW HE’S A PUSSY EATING MASTER.

    ➪ also he’s weirdly obsessed with how you smell, especially down there, so expect to wake up with his nose in your pussy????

    ➪ i also see him loving shower sex, something about him cleaning your body after (again) destroying you makes him happy.

    ➪ now you’d think miche is a rough guy in bed, but truthfully he’s more slow and sensual.

    ➪ he probably cares way more about your pleasure instead of his because he can do some serious damage and he needs to make sure you’re okay.

    ➪ this fucker has a HUGE cum load, like even the morning after it’s still oozing out and like at different times of the day.

    “ You look so fucking pretty when i stuff your cunt”

    #aot headcanons#aot smut #aot x reader #zeke yeager#zeke jaeger #zeke x reader #zeke yeager x reader #zeke jaeger x reader #reiner braun #reiner x reader #reiner braun x reader #erwin smith #erwin x reader #erwin smith x reader #miche zacharias #miche zacharius x reader #aot#snk #attack on titan
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  • shinobushousewife
    20.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    aot masterlist

    ❀ - fluff | ♡ - nsfw | ★ - other

    ❥  eren jaeger

    ❥  armin arlert

    ❥  mikasa ackerman

    ❥  jean kirschstein

    ❥  connie springer

    ❥  reiner braun

    ❥  levi ackerman

    ❥  hange zoe

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  • espritmuse
    20.06.2021 - 3 days ago
    #reiner#reiner drabbles#reiner snk #reiner braun x reader #reiner x reader #the warriors #attack on titan #snk#aot headcanons#aot imagine #snk x reader #snk fanfiction#aot #shingeki no kyojin #reiner smut#aot smut#snk smut #aot x reader #reiner aot #reiner x y/n #reiner braun
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  • lovinyacowboy
    20.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Aot D— Heacanons

    NSFW Minors DNI

    Request for @petitepaesan

    I am so so so sorry this is really late I didn’t have a lot of time in my irl life to finish this BUT ITS DONE NOW YAY

    I’m including every main aot guy to make it up for it taking so long 👍


    Big, 7 inches. Nicely proportioned cock to ball ratio. He lets his hair grow out sometimes and then completely shaves himself hairless who knows why. His dick still looks presentable even when soft, and he doesn’t mind showing it off.


    5 inches. He is lightly hairy, its all basically peach fuzz besides his pubes. He is very sensitive and squirms at every touch. It’s very easy to overstimulate him, and he has a tendency to cum too early but he actually has good stamina and can go multiple rounds. Its a secret but he has a thing for getting his balls touched.


    7 inches. Long dick, kinda skinny, slightly veiny. His balls kinda hang lol. He is sorta hairy, his hairs are light brown and mainly on his legs, arms, and chest. He doesn’t shave ever but he is obsessed with trimming and self grooming. He is always very clean.


    5.5 inches. He has a nice girth, and his balls are pretty big and tight. The skin is a bit darker than anywhere else on his body. He isnt naturally very hairy but he shaves anyway. He is secretly insecure of what his limp dick looks like and always makes sure nobody’s looking while he’s changing.


    6 inches. Kinda thick, very pretty looking. He has beauty marks all over, including on his balls. Most of his hair is at the top of his dick leading into a small happy trail. He enjoys naked cuddles while soft.


    Massive...9.5 inches. Slightly curved. Thick dark hair all over, but most heavily on his lower half. He pretends to be embarrassed but secretly he loves showing off.


    6.5 inches. Thick cock, big balls. His body hair is blonde, he has a big happy trail, and he waxes his chest. He always thinks he can last longer than he really can.


    6.5 inches. Slim, but it looks normal with his frame. He is very into self grooming, and always shaves his legs and ass and his pubes are either shaved or trimmed shortly.


    Honestly he’s packing, 7.5 inches. Probably never shaves not even if you ask.


    6.5 inches. Thick dick, big tight balls. Trimmed pubes, shaved body hair. Its the color of his sideburns. He thinks his cock, legs, and ass are the hottest thing ever and checks himself out in the mirror constantly. He has a serious jockstrap obsession.


    6 inches. Pretty average looking but he’s confident. Curly blonde hair, unshaved, a lot around his ass and taint lol. All his friends have seen it because he has streaked drunk numerous times.


    6 inches. Kinda thin but it looks pretty balanced. Very pink at the tip. Very, very light brown hairs at the base, down his balls and up his ass. Not very hairy anywhere else.


    6.5 inches. Big balls, they hang. Hairy as fuck all over. He usually just unzips his fly instead of pulling down his pants when fucking.


    4 inches. im sorry levi fans he is not a hung 8 inch daddy monster cock you are insane? probably either shaved all his pubes off because he’s convinced it is more “clean” that way or keeps a little thick patch at the top and then shaves everything else off.


    8 inches. If there was such a thing as a “manly” looking cock this would be it. Thick, very thick. Hairy, but more like medium heavy body hair all around. His cock has slipped out of his shorts in public too many times.


    7 inches. his cock thick damn. saggy balls. salt n pepper hair all over. hes hairy as FUCK.


    7 inches. his balls are actually super nicely shaped, very round. He keeps his hair trimmed medium short and has a patch of black hair on his chest. He is also very sensitive but he likes to make it last when he’s having sex so he will usually stop every once in a while and edge himself so he doesn’t cum early.



    5.5 inches. Very stout and kinda cute. Thick curly reddish brown hair right at the top, then trimmed everywhere else. They like to shave their legs, arms, and chest.
    #aot smut #attack on titan #attack on titan smut #shingeki no kyojin #armin arlert smut #eren jeager smut #jean kirstein smut #connie springer smut #marco bodt smut #bertholdt hoover smut #reiner braun smut #floch forster smut #marlo freudenberg #porco galliard smut #colt grice#niccolo smut #zeke yaeger smut #levi ackerman smut #erwin smith smut #kenny ackerman smut #onyankopon #hanji zoe smut
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  • venenatd
    20.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    aot men + visuals;

    summary; a random collective of nsfw twitter videos i’ve saved that remind me of the attack on titan men 

    a/n; content descriptions/warnings are posted by those i feel require it but please let me know if i missed anything. (of course all of zeke’s have warnings lmfao). 

    warnings; the only thing that is probably applicable to all is unprotected sex!

    featuring; eren, armin, jean, levi, erwin, zeke, reiner

    aot men + dilfs | masterlist 

    18+ nsfw, minors dni. 


    x (photo)

    x (f. receiving oral)

    x (choking)


    x (thigh fucking) 


    x (hand job)


    x (m. receiving oral)





    x (just v soft and nice)


    x (overstimulation, ass slapping)


    x (hand job)



    x (blindfold, choking, overstimulation) 

    x (overstimulation) 

    x (anal) 


    x (car sex, anal fingering)

    x (fingering, overstimulation, one clit slap)

    x (public fingering)

    x (idek. VERY ROUGH SEX. squirting, clit slapping. A LOT)

    x (rough bj, head pushing)


    x (lots of cum. like lots.)


    #eren jaeger smut #eren yaeger smut #jean kirsten smut #jean kirschtein smut #levi ackerman smut #erwin smith smut #zeke jeager smut #zeke yaeger smut #reiner braun smut #snk smut#aot smut #honestly i needed my own reference sheet this is why i have made this #but why not share lmfao
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  • 7mmruled
    19.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    He’s so handsome it’s too much

    #snk smut #attack on titan x reader #reiner braun x reader #reiner#aot reiner#reiner braun #reiner x y/n #reiner x you
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  • killerbananas
    19.06.2021 - 4 days ago


    What: Sub HCs no one asked for, for Eren, Erwin, Jean, Levi, Miche, Reiner, Zeke.

    mdni | mlist1 | mlist2 | f!reader x ^ sub smut HCs; femdom, oral, thumb sucking, pegging, degradation humiliation tones, aftercare, switching, overstimulation, orgasm denial, anal fingering, frottage, thigh riding, rough sex, pain kink, praise, nipple play, clothed sex, come play, collars, objectification.

    🍓 Eren. Fuck this brat with long, slow strokes until he's whiny and can't stand how swollen he feels to come. His balls are tightening almost to pop and throbbing pulses without release until you let him. Pulling him apart like this is one of the few ways to get him to truly fall into a submissive state. He can run the risk of going nonverbal if you're not careful and he needs the attention. Please be sweet to this man with the right tough love he begs for by being so obstinant.

    Aftercare he prefers is you gently tickling his entire body with your fingernails while he slouches onto your boobs, until he feels like he can shrug the bonelessness from his limbs, or cock. He is going to cling and dick you down when he can't stop thinking of how you treated him and how one more orgasm has to be good for you both, especially since it's going to be yours. Can't be bothered to care if you like how much he nibbles your breasts and sighs into them as if spacing into a lazy pout.

    🍓 Erwin. Imagine gripping those sharp cheeks and shoving your thumb in his mouth, making him suckle on it, give you eyes that melt your heart to make you believe he's a good boy. You know it's not always true, but to indulge in the delusion is an addicting illusion that tempts you. His plush lips spread and contrast your skin as his tongue wraps around your digit.

    All his cotton gossamers are melting façades when you press his tongue hard enough to catalyze his gag reflex into engaging for you. His eyes flash heavy indignance when he reorients and you give him a tsk of quiet reprimand that sparks the lightest pink blush of remorse on his handsome complexion. It's a start.

    🍓 Jean. Spank this boy and play with his cute butt intimately. Imagine wearing your favorite lounge lingerie or just that hella cute baggy tee on the couch. Jean, placing his hips over your lap as he lays across your body. He wiggles his hips and eyebrows in the cheekiest manner he can muster. His shorts with no underwear underneath come off like fresh buttercream icing siding off a cupcake hot out of the oven and he's stark and just presenting his body with ego like a preening bird for you to take advantage of. Who could ignore such a pretty gift?

    Make him tell you out loud how many fingers he can take just before he comes so he realizes two important things you'll remind him of: (1) he's worked for this and you're so fuckin proud of him, and (2) that he's going to come like a needy slut getting his hole fucked by each of those plunging digits that will obliterate him as he humps your slickening thighs. The sound he makes when he comes will do magic to every erogenous zone in your being.

    🍓 Levi. Attach a collar to this man and command he eat you out until he can clear his mind when he's anxious. He finds pussy eating therapeutic and cannot deny giving up control to you soothes his weighted mind at times. It's blissful ignorance to get drunk on your ambrosia.

    🍓 Miche. Wants to see you work to physically bring him to his knees with pleasure or pain, but he needs to be moved by his partner to acknowledge their control meaning anything to him. He'll bend when he sees the fire in your eyes, panting with your exertion to get him to mind, drive him mad, whichever suits either of you first. He's weak for your voice when you whisper quiet demands in his ear and tell him how you're going to punish him; he'll curl his toes coming to being well-behaved for his little Mistress.

    🍓 Reiner. N.i.p.p.l.e. c.l.a.m.p.s. on these sensitive, responsive pecks. He's good enough to do his best for you like a sweetheart if you tell him to keep his hands in place. He'll feel even more adored and included if you wear clamps too 🥺👉👈 because when you glide your pussy along his cock like a slip n' slide, hearing the clinks when you get close enough is going to just tear him up.

    When you take them off, he'll appreciate the fuck out of your massage lotion and how your hands slip down to squeeze out a rhythmic pace along his dick as well as gently clasping, tugging his balls. Begs you to ride his flexing thigh and come with him. And it's hard not to be weak for his pleas when he hitches, mewls the last one into a baritone moan that is sinful while his cock bursts splattering globs on both your bodies and catalyzes the disharmonious stuttering of your hips that had already started grinding on their own say. His hands always cement your apex to his skin as if to meld as you writhe and flutter.

    🍓 Zeke. Will fight you for dominance roughly, tooth and nail, tit for tat brat taming and misbehaving in equal measure. The fire is nuclear between you two, kissing with teeth, pulling nipping biting sucking plucking feverishly. Like the other might disappear. But when you finally brandish whatever wears your overcome hurdles incur, you have the hardest and most pliantly detectible length to fuck yourself on. If you choose to that is. You may find better long term results making him mind his place and humping his clothed, confined cock until you come.

    He will too, because he's arguably even needier than you and he's never seen such raw sexuality dominating his dick like he wasn't even part of the equation, but he realizes he's going to bust every drop in his pants over it. He finds he also likes licking his come off your lips when you use your fingers to swipe some it from his spattered mess of a lap, you let him if he asks nicely enough and thanks you for the opportunity.

    #spicy #attack on titan #aot#snk #shingeki no kyojin #aot smut#erwin smith#fan art #aot x reader #reiner braun #eren jaeger x reader #jean kirstein smut #miche x reader smut #zeke jaeger headcanons #zeke jaeger smut #eren yeager x reader #levi ackerman x reader smut #levi ackerman smut #miche smut #miche x reader #zeke jaeger x reader #reiner smut #reiner braun x reader
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  • saccharine-darling
    19.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    because I had a stroke of creativity hit me and before I lose it I will be opening my thirsts only for; drabbles, nsfw alphabets, any type of headcanons.

    if you want any certain character(s) just add that and what type of headcanons like dating/marriage, dates, etc.

    I hope everyone is doing alright and drink some water💗

    #thirsts are open #aot #attack on titan smut #fluff is always acceptable too 🥺 #Levi#Reiner#Zeke#Eren#Armin #those are the ones I’m having current brain rot for 😩
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  • amagnolia
    18.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    ─ She said it’s her first time; I think she might have lied; feels so good, damn | 🌚 ─ Reiner Braun

    ─ 🎥;; synopsis. Take me down into your paradise; don't be scared, 'cause I'm your body type; just something that we wanna try; cause you and I; we're cool for the summer

    ·✾· Masterlist Directory ·✾·

    ↳ Updated: 06/18/21 - | 🌼 = Sfw | 🍒= Nsfw

    ˗ˏˋReiner’s works are here! Good reading and have fun with them!

    ─ 🎲;; FICS

    ˗ˏˋComing soon!

    ─ 🎲;; DRABBLES

    ˗ˏˋComing soon!

    ─ 🎲;; HEADCANONS ·✾·

    ˗ˏˋAot characters + Kinks - 🍒

    #reiner braun x reader #reiner aot#reiner snk#reiner headcanons#reiner imagine #reiner braun smut
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  • 7mmruled
    18.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    Sadly in that other post of reiner there was no sound😔 and that’s fine I can just use my imagination... and this other Clip

    #aot reiner#reiner imagine#reiner #reiner braun x reader #reiner braun #reiner x y/n #shingeki no kyojin reiner #aot#snk smut #attack on titan x reader #aot imagines
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