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    24.06.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #🍬morgan’s inbox#Reiner Braun#Reiner thirst #this is so true #I want him to [redact] me until next week
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    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #reiner thirst#mutuals #nemo bb #boston’s bedtime stories
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    22.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    #reiner thirst #boston’s bedtime stories
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  • saccharine-darling
    19.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    because I had a stroke of creativity hit me and before I lose it I will be opening my thirsts only for; drabbles, nsfw alphabets, any type of headcanons.

    if you want any certain character(s) just add that and what type of headcanons like dating/marriage, dates, etc.

    I hope everyone is doing alright and drink some water💗

    #thirsts are open #aot #attack on titan smut #fluff is always acceptable too 🥺 #Levi#Reiner#Zeke#Eren#Armin #those are the ones I’m having current brain rot for 😩
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  • sukunasfourtheye
    18.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    [AOT s3 spoilers]

    Anyone wanna explain to me why my 🐱 jumped when Levi stabbed tf outta Reiner when they find him hiding in the wall? No? Aight bet lemme stfu

    #i just started this show 2 weeks ago and im already on s3 save me please #levi ackerman#levi #levi ackerman x reader #levi smut#aot smut#aot s3#aot levi#levi squad#levi thirst#levi aot #attack on titan levi #attack on titan #aot#carl reiner
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  • saccharine-darling
    14.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    it’s Father’s Day next week and I just want to help Reiner out with his breeding kink so he can celebrate it 😫

    #tw; breeding#Reiner thirst #had a Mother’s Day fic so now I need a Father’s Day fic
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  • theepisceswriter
    12.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #I know I used ‘I’ at the beginning and then kind of transitioned to reader so I’m sorry abt that awkward perspective switch #this turned more into a breeding kink then dilf Reiner LMAO I’m sorry anon #Thirsts. #Asks. #Spicy. #Reiner Braun.
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  • hinajiki
    12.06.2021 - 1 week ago


    #omfg pleaseeee #he has my heart and soul #he could crush me and i would thank him #no cap#phew #excuse my thirst #I THINK IT'S THE BEARD TBH #reiner brainrot#snk reiner#reiner braun #reiner x you #reiner imagine#reiner smut#reiner fluff #snk season 4 #aot reiner #reiner x reader #reiner x y/n #reiner hcs#aot hcs #aot x y/n #aot #aot x reader #aot imagines
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  • fandomness--randomness
    12.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Not so Hard Run Ins {Reiner Braun x Reader}

    Warnings: none, just fluff and embarrassing stuff lol

    Word Count: 1.7k

    Summary: You just wanted to return a shirt Marco had lended you, instead you found yourself face to face with your longtime crush.... or rather face to chest.

    inspired by this tiktok
    Anyways - I love Reiner and his hella mommy milkers (I've loved this hoe since season 1, I am the ultimate Reiner simp)

    Sasha let out a long groan as she stretched her arms high above her head. Her joints cracked and popped as she did so. “Gah! I’m so hungry!” She whined.

    “Please - you’re hungry all the time.” You chuckled softly, landing a light punch across Sasha’s arm. The girl overreacted, splayed herself across the porch banister and placed the back of her hand across her forehead like some kind of damsel in distress.

    “Oh woe is me! I have been slain!” She cried out.

    Connie, who was walking from the training field with Jean and Marco, quickly joined in on the antics. He laid himself across the banister next to Sasha in a similar fashion and began to lament of their shared demise. Something about how if Sasha, his partner in crime and fellow prankster, died - he too would die of heartbreak and boredom.

    Rolling your eyes, you walk into the cafeteria with Marco as Jean attempts to pull them out of their improve scene.

    “When those two start acting up, I can’t help but feel old.” You muttered as you snatched a plate of whatever mediocre slop they had been feeding the training corps the last three years and some stale bread.

    Marco chuckled. “Come on (Y/N), don’t say that. You’re only a few years older than us. It’s not like you’re some old lady who can barely walk.” He sat down on the bench gently while you plopped down without a care.

    Rolling your shoulder, you scoffed. “I sure feel like it with all this hand to hand combat lately. I just want to get back to ODM training already.”

    Two more, much taller figures than you and Marco sat down across from you with their own meals.

    “Well now, if you’re an old lady does that make Bertholdt and I old men?” Reiner joked before taking a bite of his bread. “We’re the same age after all.” He added, sending you a soft smile.

    Clenching your fist under the table, you turned your gaze to your dinner and fought back the oncoming heat to your cheeks. You’re not sure when it happened - but along the path of tough,constant training and awkward teenage development, you found yourself in love with the muscular blond. You didn’t think much of him at first, thinking he was just like the other stupid boys from your village that showed off their muscles in an attempt to woo girls like you and your friends.

    But that idea began to crumble when his brotherly nature was revealed and he offered a helping hand to the other cadets when they needed it. The misconception was practically destroyed the day he offered to carry you back to camp after you had rammed right into a tree while using ODM gear. You had originally wanted to curse out Eren for being overly cocky and nearly crashing into you, which caused you to overcorrect and smash into the tree - but the feeling of Reiner’s muscular back against your chest was just too distracting. That night you practically ran to bed in an embarrassed mess.

    Tonight would no doubt be the same if Reiner continued to joke around with you.

    Shoveling some food into your mouth, you leaned onto the table with your elbows and pointed the old spoon at Reiner. “I’m - what - 3 months older than you? I’ve practically got years of wisdom on you.”

    Reiner laughed at your remark just as the rest of your friends joined the table - Sasha and Connie sporting reddened ears and Jean nearly having a vein in his forehead pop.

    Smiling at your fellow cadets, you let yourself fall into the flow of conversation. And although you loved and appreciated all your friends, you couldn’t help but let your eyes wander over to Reiner every once in a while.

    Thankfully, there was no after dinner training - so the cadets had a few hours of freetime until the lights went out. This gave you the chance to finally get around to cleaning your laundry and refreshing your ODM gear.

    While others found doing laundry to be a pain Sasha, you found the rhythmic pattern to be soothing and comfortable. Because of this, more than often, you would do laundry for yourself and few of your friends.

    Popping your head into the giant dorm room, you called out to the rest of the girls. “Hey, does anyone need their laundry done? I want to get it done before it gets dark so give it to me now if you want.” Most of the girls shook their head, thanking you for the offer, but some of the others handed off small baskets of clothes and bedsheets.

    “Thank you so much (Y/N)!” Christa exclaimed.

    You smiled back at her. “It’s no problem. This way they'll be able to dry overnight if need be.”

    Walking back outside with a few more baskets of laundry, you set to work. It was the height of summer and the sun was still beating down on the poor training corps. Thankfully, it hadn’t rained in some time so there was no lingering humidity that would prolong the drying process.

    It was so hot and dry that your first round of laundry was done drying by the time you finished washing the entire load. Pulling the dry laundry off of the pins, you brought them inside and to their appropriate owners before going to the equipment building to clean and polish your ODM gear.

    By the time you returned to the hanging clothes, the sun was starting to set.

    You smiled in victory at the realization that all of the laundry had dried. Setting everything in the appropriate baskets, you lugged the now clean clothes and bedsheets inside. The girls who had taken up your offer thanked you again as they readied themselves for bed.

    Taking your own basket to your bed (thank god for having the bottom bunk) you began to unload and fold the laundry. All was normal until you came across a large navy blue shirt. It was certainly too big to be yours and you didn’t own anything like this.

    Then you remembered. Slapping a hand across your forehead, you let out a long sigh.

    The week prior, Sasha had knocked you right into the mud during some after dinner training. Thankfully Marco and Jean were watching the two of you, so being the kind soul he was, Marco rushed into his dorm and grabbed an extra shirt for you to change into quickly.

    Biting the inside of your cheek, you glanced out the window. The sun had set, but the torches outside and lights inside the other buildings were still lit.

    Turning to Mikasa, you asked, “do you think I have enough time to return this shirt to Marco? Before lights out?”

    The ravenette glanced at you, the shirt, outside the window, and then back to you. She nodded lightly. “Yeah, I think it’s safe. The sun set only a few minutes ago. Lights shouldn’t be called for another 30 minutes.”

    Letting out a breath of relief, you jogged out the door and called out a thanks to Mikasa for her stable judgment.

    It wasn’t uncommon for cadets to go back and forth between the dorms despite their gender. You and Sasha were often found invading Jean and Connie’s space to beg them to play cards with you two and Marco. Eren and Armin always seemed to be calling for Mikasa to come hang out with them too. But that was when the sun was out.

    Going to the others’ dormitory building when the sun had already set was sort of...taboo among cadets, even if it was technically allowed.

    No one just wanted to walk into the dorms when the chance of walking into the other cadets changing or even bathing were at its peak. But this was just a quick trip in and out. You’d be fine.

    Slipping into the boys dormitory hall, you started the familiar trek to the dorm room Marco was in. It was practically ingrained into your head at this point (not to mention that the dorm buildings’ layouts were the exact same). You expected to run in and run out - no issues.

    That was until you turned a corner and came face first with a wall. At least that’s what you would’ve thought if the wall didn’t let out a surprised grunt.

    Horror flooded through your veins as you realized your cheek was pressed right against someone’s bare chest, the heat of their skin radiating across your face. Glancing up, that horror doubled - no, tripled - in size.

    You hadn’t just ran into some random boy. No - you had just ran right into Reiner Braun, who was only clad in a towel around his waist with skin still damp from his shower.

    The red blush you had pushed back at dinner came back full force. The two of you stared at each other for a moment in surprise. Reiner’s own blush spread across his cheeks and ears.

    “He’s really warm.” You thought. “And a lot more muscular than I thought. Yet his chest is so soft. I feel like I could fall asleep on it.” You stared at his deep hazel eyes. “I really want to run my hands across his chest. Does he have abs too? Oh what I would do to be able to let my hands wander down furth-”

    A droplet of water from Reiner’s hair dripped onto your nose.

    “THIS IS FOR MARCO PLEASE GIVE IT TO HIM!” You screamed, shoving the now wrinkled shirt into Reiner’s chest.

    Not waiting for a response, you turned onto your heel and ran out of the dorm practically screaming - a high pitched whine and curses following your wake. You didn’t stop until you had your face planted into the mattress and body huddled in blankets.

    Your entire body was on fire as your friends questioned what had happened. Some were more worried, like Christa; while others immediately thought the worst may have happened like Mikasa and Sasha. Eventually, when you kept shaking your head and refused to come out of your blankets, your friend retired to their beds. All except Sasha, who sat next to you, swinging her legs back and forth as she waited.

    Peeking out of the blanket, you looked up at her.

    “I did something so embarrassing, Sash.”

    #reiner braun x reader #reiner braun #reiner braun imagine #aot oneshots #attack on titan #attack​ on titan imagine #reiner braun and mommy milkers #I love this man so much #I just wanna hold his hand so badly #and ride his d!ck even more #{​🥵 - thirsting}
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    11.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #for jennie from anon #aot drabbles #aot x y/n #aot x reader #aot smut#aot headcanons#aot imagines#aot thirsts#reiner drabbles #reiner x reader #reiner thirsts#reiner smut #reiner x y/n #reiner x you #reiner headcanons#snk drabbles#snk headcanons #snk x reader #snk thirsts#snk smut #attack on titan drabbles #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan smut #attack on titan thirsts #reiner braun x reader #reiner braun smut #reiner braun drabbles #shingeki no kyoujin smut #snk imagines
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  • yeagerslut
    25.05.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    cw!! petplay, hybrids, overstimulation

    big ol' dogboy reiner who's all pretty and golden and eager to please 🥺 who's still a little rowdy even after you've tried so hard to train him 🥺who still grapples for your face to pepper it with kisses n licks whenever you come back home despite you telling him that it's gross even though you secretly love it 🥺 who tugs you into his lap to play with (read: nibble on) your fingers, mindful of his sharp incisors 🥺 who's so gentle with you even when he bonks his head against your shoulder whenever he's feeling needy or wants you to scratch behind his ears 🥺 who only reminds you of his strength when he's feelin' needy n need to stick his weeping cock into one of your holes 🥺 who pins you face-down into the mattress n fucks you til your legs give out n your poor pussy has become too swollen for him to remain in you any longer 🥺 who laps apologetically at your cunt with soft whines and ''m sorry's muffled against your reddened flesh 🥺

    #reiner thirst #reiner braun x reader #he's such a good boy 🥺🥺 #tw pet play #hybrids tw#tw overstimulation#not sfw#ch: reiner#mine#mine: aot #mine: aot; thirsts
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  • pleasured-ambrosia
    22.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    NSFW (18+): AOT Boys + Streaming

    Keeps you under his desk when you’ve been particularly difficult. From the moment the stream starts to when it ends, he expects you to have your mouth wrapped around his cock. When a game gets particularly difficult, he takes a break to grasp the sides of your head and take out his frustrations on your poor throat. During these instances, his chat gets particularly rowdy: Eren Yeager, Porco Galliard, Floch Forster

    Keeps you under his desk regardless of how you’ve behaved throughout the day. He likes to play more relaxing games, usually single-player, so you get to just suckle on his cock in peace. Occasionally he’ll run his fingers through your hair. He’s so unfazed that his chat only knows about you because he talks to you on stream: Levi Ackerman, Erwin Smith, Willy Tybur

    Wants everyone to see you. He’ll have you come out from under his desk to greet the chat, or he’ll call you in to sit on his lap and warm his cock while he plays. Sometimes he likes to make YOU play the games while he teases you. Usually sends you out of the room by grinning at his chat as he smacks your ass and asks, “Aren’t they amazing?”: Zeke Yeager, Connie Springer, Reiner Braun, Jean Kirstein

    Didn’t realize he was already streaming when he fucked you. He will never be able to live it down, but at least his chat says he’s a legend: Armin Arlert, Marco Bodt, Bertolt Hoover

    #some of these are a little cursed to imagine as streamers #I don’t even like Floch sob #AoT boys #AoT x reader #Erwin smith x reader #Eren Yeager x reader #Zeke yeager x reader #AoT smut#AoT headcanons#reader insert #levi ackerman x reader #armin arlert x reader #porco galliard#bertolt hoover#Reiner Braun#mimi thirsts#mimi writes#gn reader #gn!reader
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    21.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #reiner x reader #reiner braun#aot #attack on titan #reiner x reader smut #snk #shingenki no kyojin #aot smut#snk smut#smut #[ 🏩 – chatting ] #[ 💋📞– thirsts ]
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  • syntheticseratonin
    19.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Stay With Me

    Part one



    This is kind of an angsty-romance blurb I've been writing for a while.

    Summary: This readerxReiner two part fic takes place during the Clash of the Titans arc. In this story you're a scout who's dating Reiner, and after he reveals himself to be *spoiler ahead* the Armored Titan he kidnaps you instead of Eren.

    You were shocked and heartbroken. The man you loved with all your heart had just revealed his true nature. He was the Armored Titan. A ruthless killing monster. And he was your boyfriend.

    As you stood on Wall Rose and watched him transform, all you could do was stare. Your swords dropped to your sides as lighting flashed in front of your eyes and he transformed into the giant titan.

    You were frozen in shock as a giant yellow and red armored hand came swooping down, lightly enveloping you between its' fingers. You screamed and tried to escape but to no avail.

    You look down below and saw your comrades scream for you and try to fight the titan. It was no use. His armor was too thick, and their gear couldn't penetrate the tough skin. You felt yourself being lifted off the ground and brought closer to the titan's menacing face.

    He glared back at you with bright yellow orbs. Your throat went dry as you tried to come to terms that you were about to die by the hands of your lover. All the moments you spent together, dreaming about your futures, sharing your deepest woes, sleepless nights and brutal training. It was all for naught. He was a traitor and a killer.

    A useless fight ensued and he and Bertoldt escaped with you and another captive you recognized as Ymir.

    You were on the verge of blacking out as you jumped up and down wildly between the titan's enourmous hand.

    Soon enough you were brought deep into the woods. Reiner carefully placed you and a knocked out Ymir on a tree branch high above the ground. Before he began to transform back to his normal self you felt Bertoldt grab you from behind and bound your arms with rope behind your back.

    "Hey! Let me go!" You struggled to free yourself but he had a stronger grip.

    "Hey, be careful with her!" You heard Reiner boom from below. He was dressed in his casual dress shirt and pants as he used his stolen ODM gear to climb up to you.

    He looked sorrowful as he walked towards you. You tried to back away but lost your balance. He quickly caught you in his arms.

    "Let go of me! You traitor!" There was no point trying to fight. Your strength was that of a mere child compared to the two titan shifters.

    "Just relax. It's gonna be okay," he tried to console you and stood you back up.

    "Untie me now, Reiner. This isn't funny."

    "Baby just wait. Let me explain."

    "Oh you mean explain why you killed countless civilians and my fellow comrades? I trusted you, Reiner."

    "I had no choice," he mumbled, staring at the ground.

    "I don't care. Let me go. Please." Your voice broke and you began to cry. You knew you were close to your end, but you still tried to find an escape, to try and make some miraculous deal with the devil.

    "Baby, please I'm begging you. I'll explain everything when we get back to Marley. You're gonna meet my mom and everything. I told her all about you." His eyes were full of pleading.

    "Your mom?" You asked incredulously.

    His eyes sparkled. "Yeah. I told her how beautiful and brave you are. How you can stare death in the face and not bat an eyelash." He gave a small smile.

    "Death that you've brought upon me."

    He sighed and clenched his fists, visibly frustrated. "Please. Just come with me. It will all make sense." He looked in your eyes, which were tearing up.

    "You know I can't do that. You lied to me, and you put me in danger multiple times. I told you my dreams, my hopes, and my darkest secrets and I believed that you cared. But it was all a facade."

    He stayed silent as you spoke. "I trusted you. I... loved you." He blinked hard, noticing you used the word in past tense.

    Suddenly Bertoldt came up from below, with fear in his eyes. "We have to go. The scouts are coming for her and Ymir."

    He continued staring at you with a look of hurt. "Please," he asked one last time, reaching out his hand.

    You stood your ground and held in a sob. Your heart was broken but you had no choice. "I can't. You've done too much damage. I can never trust you again."

    "Come on Reiner, we gotta go. Leave her here and take Ymir instead."

    He came closer to untie you and moved his arm towards your waist but you flinched. He sighed, visibly upset. "I told you I was forced to do it." His other hand lingered on yours before dropping them to your sides. He turned to leave.

    "I will win you back one day," he said with pain in his voice. By the time you turned around, he was already gone into the night.

    The sound of yelling and hooves rang through the forest as you saw the scouts riding towards you. You didn't have your 3DM gear so someone had to fly up to grab you.

    Thankfully it was Hanji. Her eyes were full of concern and fear as she swooped you up.

    "Are you okay? Did he hurt you?" She frantically turned you around and examined you.

    You brushed it off. "I'm fine, but they ran off with Ymir."

    She brought you back down onto the ground with the other soldiers.

    "There's nothing we can do about Ymir right now. We don't have enough manpower at the moment. We'll need to regroup at the capital and get our troops recharged," called Commander Erwin. He was heavily wounded along with most of the troops. Everyone proceeded to climb back on their horses. Armin handed you a horse and you climbed on, silently riding back.

    Back at the capital, the Scouts and the royal comitee decided to leave Reiner and Bertoldt alone. If they weren't planning anything malicious or dangerous there was nothing to worry about for the moment.

    Inevitably you were brought in for questioning because of your relationship with Reiner. You sat in a dull lit room on a chair across from a military police. Two more stood at the door with crossed arms.

    "So you were Reiner's...partner?" The man searched for the right word.

    You rolled your eyes. You hated how everyone was treating you like they were walking on cracked ice. Your heart was broken, but he was a traitor. The ache in your soul was nothing compared to all the pain he'd caused.

    "Yes we were dating. I also had no idea he was a titan. Turns out I didn't know anything." You bit your lip, frustrated that you felt upset. You clenched your fist.

    The man sighed and shrugged. "Apparently none of us do. If you think of anything, like something he could've said that has any use to us, let me know immediately." He stood up and led you to the door.

    You didn't feel like socializing, so you went to your bunk. Thankfully everyone was out in the dining hall, moping around and drinking to their lost friends.

    Things seemed to start getting back to normal. During the seemingly peaceful moment of time, you trained and practiced your skills. Less titans were appearing and civilization began to thrive. You'd almost forgotten about Reiner.

    One year later, you see him again on the return to Shiganshina.

    Part Two


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  • kirsteiiins
    18.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #Kirsteiiins angels🏹#bun<3 #Reiner thirsts written by Naya
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  • yeagerslut
    16.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    cw!! stepcest, noncon/dubcon

    stepbro armin who coos in your ear about how you better keep your filthy little mouth shut about how he sneaks into your room every night to stuff your pussy full with his fingers or else everyone's gonna tease you for being a disgusting brother fucker :( oh, you can blame him all you want but no one's gonna believe that sweet, blushing armin would ever take advantage of his sister like that

    stepbro reiner who says he's only helping to break you in for your new boyfriend, that your first time isn't gonna hurt as much once your big brother is done stretching you out on his thick cock. no silly, this doesn't count as your first time! he's just showing you the ropes like a good big brother should

    stepbro marco who makes you give him a sloppy kiss every time you ask him for help with your homework and who sweetly tells you that you're gonna have to suck him off if you want him to help with your exam prep. of course, you can always just try to study on your own but you know that you'll never be able to pass on your own :( you're too much of an airhead to pull it off

    stepbro bertholdt who can't stop apologising as he fucks you brainless into the plushness of his mattress, swears that he's gonna make you feel good too but that you need to stay nice and still for him, okay? he knows it hurts but he's been waiting so long for this moment to finally come that he can't help but to be a little overexcited

    #armin arlert x reader #reiner braun x reader #marco bodt x reader #bertholdt hoover x reader #armin thirst#reiner thirst #marco bodt thirst #bertholdt thirst#stepcest tw#noncon tw#dubcon tw#ch: armin#ch: reiner#ch: marco#ch: bertholdt #i tried posting this once already and tumblr glitched out #so fingers crossed this works #mine#mine: aot #mine: aot; thirsts
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  • cxssiopeiia
    15.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    gentle (m)

    cw ;; soft sex, praise, reader has female genitalia, & cute stuff because reiner <3

    minors & ageless blogs dni.

    reiner is gentle, despite his big, well built appearance.

    he's gentle in the way his pinkie laces with yours.

    he's gentle in the way he peppers your face with kisses when you wake up & go to bed.

    he's gentle in the way he touches you, holds you, & cares for you.

    but so is his sex.

    he's gentle in how he undresses you, taking his sweet time so he can praise you & admire your nude self.

    he's gentle in how he settles you down on the bed, making sure you're all warm & snug before slipping his cock inside you ever so slowly as he holds your hands.

    he's gentle in his thrusts, double checking that they don't hurt & that you're okay.

    he's gentle in the way he lets you cum first, getting you cleaned up soon after.

    all in all, reiner is gentle.


    #reiner smut#aot smut#snk smut #reiner x reader smut #aot x reader smut #snk x reader smut #reiner thirst#aot thirsts#snk thirst #tw.mature
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    #reiner x reader #reiner braun#aot #attack on titan #aot x reader #snk #shingenki no kyojin #[ 🏩 – chatting ] #[ 💋📞– thirsts ] #[ 🚨 – tw: pet play ] #[ 🚨 – tw: impact play ] #[ 🚨– tw: overstimulation ]
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