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  • You were the peace that I found when my world turned chaotic. But now, you are the chaos that I am trying to run away from. I am not blaming you for turning my world upside down. It is my fault—I let my heart and soul get attached with every piece of you without thinking on the first place if you have plans of catching me when I fall.

    I became too blinded by the euphoric feeling that your presence has given me that I almost forget what my past has caused me. You made my worries and fears vanished and gave me a chance to live again. Now, I am here, on the same spot where you found me. Wondering where all our happy days went. It still feels like yesterday when you first say “Hi”. It feels like yesterday when you confessed that you like me. It feels like yesterday when you told me that you wanted me to be your girlfriend.

    I wish today is yesterday. I wish everyday is yesterday.

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    Friends spittin facts. The audacity to not want me. Very confusing. 💀💀

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  • I no longer had any fear or anxiety with you, I could finally exist as myself, no more hiding, no more pretending. I didn’t care what people thought of me anymore, I could be honest with myself and with you. I could show my feelings without any fear because I knew the truth, I knew who I was and so did you, and that was enough for me.

    I remember hugging you, so tightly, so honestly, at the most random times, never fearing the thoughts of others, and you hugging me back just the same. It felt so real, so genuine. I wanted to express how much I felt for you, how much I cared, how much you meant to me. It wasn’t just done out of love but something greater, something cosmic, something infinite, something vast and unending; something stronger, something deeper, something that words have great trouble expressing, and that was how I chose to show it. I didn’t fear anymore that you would reject it, that you would reject me, because love or not, I knew that we both needed it, we both wanted it, wanted to be something more, to stop the charade that had gone on for too long and just be honest.

    And then, near the end of the dream, it was just the two of us, we were in a dark empty parking lot standing beside your family’s car. At the edge of the lot was a lone streetlamp, its light barely enough to see by. You had written a poem and wanted me to read it before I left. I knew what it said without even having to look at it, it said everything that my soul longed to say but never could. As I struggled to read the poem in the dim light you watched me patiently. My heart was racing and I knew yours was too because after this moment everything would be different, everything would be new. To some that would be a scary thing, but we didn’t fear it, we embraced it. Because we knew that together fear could no longer hold us back, together we would be free from all that had kept us silent for so long, together anything was possible.

    As I neared the end of your poem I was almost in tears, I couldn’t keep my feelings in much longer, my smile was so wide, I couldn’t help it, I was too happy. It was like a dream come true. I kept glancing up at you to see you smiling the same wide smile and I just wanted to run to you, hold you in my arms and tell you how much I loved you too. So as soon as the last, beautiful, poetic, heartfelt, word was read, I did that. I pulled you tight into my arms and whispered the first words that came to my mind. “I freaking love you.” It was a funny thing to say looking back, not very romantic, but in the moment it felt honest and was the only way I could think of expressing how much I truly loved you.

    It all felt so real, so honest, like a reflection of reality and after I awoke I found myself wishing that one day it could be true in some way, wishing that the moments we shared in that dream could also one day be shared for real too.

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  • Ok, will share another story drabble again—


    Chapter 1 – Rejection [chiyo]

    Afternoon. The quietness of the empty hallway was broke by a soft sob coming from the ladies’ restroom. Reflecting through the wide mirror stands a girl with her hands holding out her head, overflowing with tears. Thoughts came rushing through the back of her mind, reminding her of the awful event that happened hours ago at the backyard.

    “I have to go… Chiyo-chan.”

    I’m so sorry I had to blurt out my feelings to him all of a sudden. I want him to know that I like him and want him to be my boyfriend, but now he hates me because of that. And what is the meaning of those words? Is it because he did not want to be near me?

     Facing the mirror with tear-stained eyes, she asked to herself: “Am I a horrible person? Do I look ugly? Am I?” And she started to cry.

    “Izu-senpai! Izu-senpai!” called Nakazawa Chiyo to the tall 3rd year student who stood beside the drinking fountain, splashing water to his face. It was the basketball team’s recess from their practice, it shows from the sweat beads lining on his forehead and in his sweatshirt.

    Izu-senpai’s head turned to see Chiyo walking towards him, looking flustered. He noticed that she is holding a decoratively small clear bag. Inside the bag were its tasty contents, three pieces of heart-shaped butter cookies with smiling faces in front of each.

    “Izu-senpai, this is for you. I… I baked these cookies during Home Ec class, and they’re butter-flavored! Please accept them and eat. I made them from the bottom of my heart so that I can give them to the person I like.” She grinned at that last sentence. Then, she said, “Izu-senpai—“

    “Oi, Izunamiiya! Let’s go.” Somebody shouted at the gym door. “Practice is starting.”

    “I have to go… Chiyo-chan. Bye.” He began to walk back to the gym. When she took a peek at his facial expression, Chiyo saw her senpai’s irrirated face. Her heart froze.

    “Izu-senpai…?” she mumbled. The small bag gently slips through her hands and it fell on the ground, beginning to get dirty. Tears begin to escape through her dark blue eyes, and she started to sob.

    The cool and chilly June wind have blown over the large sakura trees planted adjacent to the school’s oval, making its pink leaves rustle. Chiyo walks limply towards the storage room, still holding the now crumbled bag of cookies. Her eyes were swollen from crying and tears had dried on her cheeks.

    Then she stopped short and stared at a half-open furnace filled with hot coals and fire that flickers like fireflies in the sky. Trembling, she slowly raised her hand that was holding the bag and she began to cry again. She said aloud, “I promise myself I will never confess to a guy again! I promise myself that beginning today I will despise all the boys until my last breath! And I promise to myself, I will never ever love a guy forever! Iyaaa—!!!” With that she started to hurl the bag to the half-open furnace when suddenly a hand got hold of Chiyo’s hand and snatched the bag off.

    Wha—?!” She turned around to see Watanabe Wataru untie the bag’s string and eating its crumbled contents.

    “Uh-oh… h-hey! Don’t eat it, it’s mine!” cried Chiyo. He stared at her and said with a smirk on his face, “Ah~ gomen ne, Nakazawa-san, I think I ate them all.” Then he started licking his fingers covered with cookie debris which, on the other hand, made Chiyo’s cheeks a different shade of red.

    “But… my cookies… I baked them for Izu-senpai. I made them with all my heart… then somebody just ate them all?” She fell down on her knees and tears sprang up again in her eyes. Chiyo then looked at Wataru, as if he was the one who would comfort her from this pain. “How could you be so horrible to me? How could Izu-senpai be so horrible to me…? W-why…?” she sobbed.

    Wataru mumbled sarcastically, “Hey, you… don’t compare me to that jerk that made you cry. And I hate basketball.” He fished out his handkerchief from his pocket and gave it to her. “Oy, Nakazawa-san, use this to wipe your tears and let’s go back to the classroom. It’s nearly time for Math.”

    Chiyo used it at her expense, wiping those tears from her face and discharged some snot in the process. Finished, she handed it over to Wataru, who then said that she would need it again. After one last time, he said to her: “Actually, those butter cookies… they’re really delicious.” This made Chiyo happy, and the two started heading back to their classroom before the bell rings.


    So, what do y’all guys think, before posting the second chapter in a mo? Drop a comment down below, click on the heart button, and if you can, just hit on the Reblog button. I will appeciate it from the bottom of my beating heart~

    #oneshot? #ella’s oc universe #short story#rejection #kinda angsty? #ella’s drabbles
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  • God is good all the time.

    I had a phone call with my friend and just to know that her stance is she likes the idea of religion but doesn’t trust God and so she just wants to live her life however she wants. 


    Originally posted by yridenergyridenergy

    Too many wrong guides in her life leading her down this path and I am not physically there to help her :/

    But God encouraged me with a verse before I spoke to her.

    Luke 8:12

    Those along the path are the ones who hear, and then the devil comes and takes away the word from their hearts, so that they may not believe and be saved. Those on the rocky ground are the ones who receive the word with joy when they hear it, but they have no root. They believe for a while, but in the time of testing they fall away. The seed that fell among thorns stands for those who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked by life’s worries, riches and pleasures, and they do not mature. But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.

    Its just a reminder that sharing the gospel can bring out four types of people. The word of God will still grow inside their hears as I share my faith with them. But some people will reject the word straight up, some people will listen but not hold on in times of trouble, some will decide that they don’t like the word because everything else in the world is better for them and there are some that would love the word of God and persevere in it. 

    So, it isn’t me making the word grow. I am just spreading it and see what I can get. 


    Originally posted by aetris

    Apart from that, the police came to our church event last night just because of coronavirus restrictions. The gathering was above 30 people and we had to end it earlier than expected.

    And you know it can be scary to become a criminal but I believe God is in control and he was, I came home safe and sound. 

    This scripture helped me is Luke 8:25 where Jesus calms the storm.

    “Where is your faith?” he asked his disciples.

    Having faith in God in times of testing is good. Failing tests like this would just make God question if we have faith at all. 

    But anyways, I am very encouraged with the scriptures used for my circumstances today. Also, I love seeing my mini prayers answered. :)

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  • If I’m being distant I don’t want you to give me space I want you to smother me with attention. I’m being distant because I feel like you don’t want me around. :(

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  • When you feel that warm, numbing glow after the stinging, dry pain of 7 shots of scotch, it is only then you realise that in that momen, this what what real life is, that this is actual reality.

    We are drunk on reality in order to experience the blissful ignorance of a ‘good life’ when a ‘good life’ is a meaningless distraction from the realisation that we are born to suffer and brainwashed to think this is normal. It isn’t.

    Watching TV isn’t normal, working 12 hours a day to buy shit on a plastic card isn’t normal, staring at a brick the other 11 hours with artificial life isn’t normal, and so when we decide to escape “reality” all of a sudden we’re the ones who are not normal.

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  • It occurred to me that I’m not afraid of rejection. I’m only afraid of misreading the situation, because I keep trying to look like someone who knows everything when the truth is that I know nothing and I am a fool. I keep listening and trying to be the person everyone thinks I am, but really I am lonely. I’m afraid, because if I am wrong one more time, how could I trust myself to be there for someone else if they needed me?

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  • my body can not handle happiness. like, it literally rejects it. why can’t i just hold on to the happiness for a minute before something unrelated taints it? :/

    #happiness #what is happiness? #tw depressing stuff #anxiety#ugh #i hate myself #why#rejection#tbh#vent#im sad #im sad and tired #tired #tired of life
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  • Catch me casually crying about something that happened years ago

    #because #my heart is an open wound #and no matter how hard i try #i cant close it up #its too hard #to grow a thick akin #i wouldnt know where to begin #i give my all #and all i get is #rejection#or hate
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  • Incompatible

    Revealed like sunlight between moving clouds

    definitely not synthetic or manufactured

    Accidentally kind, gentle, considerate

    Refuses to linger

    Spontaneous, charming


    Gone like the wind

    Wild; chooses when to adhere to expectations

    Unknowingly selfish, dismissive, rude

    Refuses to commit

    Follows a brief temperamental pattern that comes to a devastating, abrupt halt



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  • So I texted my eggplant supplier

    I look scrumptious & I want you so let’s get to itttt

    Nigga said

    NO. I’m tired.

    I’m so ashamed to admit this. But I broke out a

    😇 pretty please?

    And said “ I won’t even talk.” (I be talking a lot lol its one of my quirks)

    He said NO.


    Originally posted by adventurelandia

    I said, Ok daddy. You want me to leave you alone?

    I was trying to reverse psychology his ass, but he said

    Yes, Ma'am.


    Originally posted by kimberlylemon

    No puedo. I don’t understand my life anymore. I either have 12 dicks, no dicks, or 5 boyfriends.

    I just want to be able to have sex when I want, with whoever’s vibe I want to take in that day.

    Being fine isn’t all that.

    I’m telling you 😭😭😭


    Background, we be rude to each other. We squeezed in a short session yesterday but I wasn’t done with him and he’s fucking with me because he likes me to beg. Where is my self respect? It’s in the trash, next to the condoms, the extra large Magnums that he squeeze his shit inside of 😪🤤

    TL;DR I am too hot to be horny SMH

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  • My absolute rule in life.. And “what if” is the word I dislike the most 🤗❤️😊😉 #regret #whatif #rejection #lifeasweknowit #iamwendzy #dubai #fypシ #justdoit #ph (at Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

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  • “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.”

    - Jesus, John 15:18

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  • nobody listens when i open my mouth,

    do i only speak in poison?

    what other reason could there be for the ignorance?

    my words have lost all meaning,

    does a fallen tree make a sound with no one around to hear it?

    do words mean a thing when no one cares to listen?

    It hurts to be subjected to silence,

    it slices deeper than any response they could have,

    im worth so little that im not worth any reprimand,

    their silence is daunting,

    they will not reply regardless of what i do,

    so why must i continue to speak?

    why must i beg for them to listen?

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  • I have seen her repudiation of many a man; it’s rather like watching a territorial moose.

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  • “If you hate me so much why don’t you just kriffing go!” Obi-wan yelled; slamming his fist into the table like it had insulted his mother personally. His blue eyes glaring angry daggers into Anakin’s soul. 

    It wasn’t Anakin’s fault that Obi-wan was this way. He’d had his heart broken so many times it just never seemed to heal after that. Not after Qui-gon anyway, when he lost the only father he’d ever known. “Because I don’t hate you!” Anakin shouted at the top of his voice, no doubt waking Ahsoka up from whatever sleep she had gotten. 

    –Red anger made its way into Obi-wan’s face–“Then what? Then what is it, because if it not hate I don’t know what it is!” Love you fool, it’s the love of saving your ass after every battle, it’s what Anakin never showed because he was so scared it’d ruin their friendship. But alas it seemed the complication of constantly working together had them both under the stress of it all. Love or not, Anakin couldn’t keep his feelings from him any longer. 

    “It’s love you kriffing dumbass. Obi-wan, I love you!”-His voice cracked, as the shame settled into his bones. Obi-wan’s anger turning to shock that could rock even Anakin’s traumatized soul.- “I always have… And I always will love you…” How had it come to this. Glaring away from Anakin, Obi-wan bit the inside of his cheek hard, hopefully not enough to taste blood Anakin inwardly hoped. 

    “Anakin…” -His hoarse voice croaked- “I don’t feel the same.” Obi-wan sighed, crossing his arms over his chest tightly, uncomfortable with the situation he was in. “It’s nothing against you, I just- I just don’t love you like that. You’re like a brother to me.” 

    Pain sliced through the youngers heart, crossing out his name on the list of heart breakers. A heavy feeling settled down on Anakin’s lungs, almost as if there was someone sitting on his chest, as he stared glassy, teary eyed at the man before him walking towards the door muttering that he need to think. Grabbing his robe without allowing Anakin to answer, he left. 

    #heart break#obikin #obi-wan x anakin #sw #my fucking heart #ow #im (not) sorry #rejection #one sided crush #painful
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