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  • azumasoroshi
    20.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    is it even a real ship if it doesnt have a badly edited stitches amv on youtube from 2011

    #its so funny because you can have the most wholesome untoxic ship ever and there’ll still be a stitches amv of it #at least i think stitches is about a toxic relationship #or one that ended #i was obsesssd with that song in 6th grade and wrote one of the lines on my eraser #and my teacher found my eraser and she started reading it outloud #and i had to interrupt her before she exposed me further than she already had #my friends were having a field day in the fuckin corner dude they were *suffocating* #anyway#narusasu #i didnt even know who shawn mendes was or his reputation or anything i was just like ‘ayo this drumbeat bussin’ #still busses to this day #i was watching said old narusasu amv for nostalgia and it still bangs idk man #like his voice gets annoying at some point but that song is up there with ‘good time’ in that i fucking hate that i still like it #good time is only good nightcored though #only song ill ever listen to nightcored #did yall know that songs are called ‘daycore’ when they’re slowed cuz i goddamn didnt #blew my mind the first time i saw daycore #probably should’ve included this in the post instead of the tags but oh well #soro rambles
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  • chronomally
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    What drives me especially crazy is K.O. does romance(?) almost exactly like Xiao Nai

    #please feel free to ignore this #I'm watching Love O2O #Extremely stoic with one-sentence responses #It's all in the eyes #The big difference is Xiao Nai is mischievous and has a sharp wit while K.O. is just like so fucking sad oh my god #He acts like Hao Mei is his lover who has amnesia and doesn't remember him #which - considering what their relationship apparently used to be based on the spoilers I read......m
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  • 19-daze
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I might be off base but I've been thinkin' (after re-reading quite a few chapters)

    Mo Guan Shan was told that he was a bad person by others around him ever since his father was jailed. To the point that he believed it right? Which was drilled in even harder by She Li; that Mo was Infact a monster and only belonged in the cruel world he was born into.

    I think Mo was struggling to see if he could allow himself to dream of a world where he wasn't a monster. That he could do what he wanted like Tian said, that he's appreciated and worth being fussed over like Jian Yi and Zhengxi make him believe (or try to)

    That's why the confrontation with She Li was so important- Mo struggles to see himself as a good person but seeing and being hurt by She Li made MGS very aware of the person he would never be again (by proxy, he wouldn't let that cruel world take him over either)

    I don't know what will happen but it's fair to say Mo won't be the same. I really hope from here on that HT and MGS recommit to each other; not just understanding the other one better but making an effort to be understood

    (no more secrets! I can dream anyway)

    More importantly I need Jian Yi to cuss Mo out for running away from friends and for the four of them to promise to rely on each other, no matter what happens

    (bc we know some of what will happen and if the four of them just shatter and basically never speak as a group again I will cry myself into a coffin)

    #19 days#Mo GuanShan#He Tian#She Li #i could go off forever about Mo's and HT's relationship #its very complex and very frustrating #but that is what makes it such a great story to tell #watching these characters change and grow into better more well rounded adults #makes all this hurt worth it #old xian #got me by the balls here #im just along for the ride #ive only been reading for a few months so forgive if im rehashing obvious statements
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  • starlit-bri
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    this hurts 🥲

    #this poor girl #every now and then she's thinks their relationship isn't right but shoves it down #i just want justice for her and everyone who's gone through this #bri reads: grown
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  • canthelptoloveit
    20.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Fuckin hilarious when an author gets a character's last name wrong halfway through the run and it SOMEHOW makes it to print. Like guys. This is your literal JOB you write them every month or so, how can you not notice this

    #its irritating but also just so stupid #like guys this is your JOB you are getting paid for this #and the editors just letting it fly by like yeah that checks out #like thats your job too come on!!! #comics #ive only seen it twice really in the what 5 months ive really been reading comics and its both been reoccuring side characters but #it is SO GLARING #like yes ive gotten last names wrong before but thats only when i mess uo family relationships as opposed to just making a random surname #out of nowhere #and also im NOT being paid for this you are #anyways the mistakes ive seen were with the pre crisis version of lady shivas sister carolyn (whos like a total racist stereotype and #already has a made up name but at least you should be consistent with characters surnames even if again they dont make sense) #and then now helen claiborne from impulse #which i HAVE messed up in the past personally but thats just because her dad has a different last name startinf with a c and again im not #being paid here okay #love how im on the 1st goddamn page and already on tumblr instead of reading #blah
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  • tangledstarlight
    19.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    thinking about luke who’s always found home within the people around him, and how even when he was on good terms with his parents home was never a place it was wherever his family was.

    thinking about julie who’s always thought of home as a place, and it’s where she grew up and where her mum taught her to play piano, and carlos lost a tooth on the porch and where her dad would spin them around the kitchen to the radio. 

    and how after rose died home suddenly didn’t feel quite to comforting anymore, because something was missing. and then she met luke and the boys and how luke shows her that home doesn’t have to be a place, it can be people and it doesn’t have to just be one person, it can be multiple. and she’s ready to make a home with him. 

    #is there any real correlation between these paragraphs? not really but!!!! i've been thinking about the characters and homes #and how they've all got different views on it? because they've all had such drastically different home lives. and how all the boys probably #watch julie with ray and carlos and how she is at home and sort of realise 'oh. thats what we were supposed to get' but not in an envious #or a jealous way? because the boys don't really do jealous over someone having a better home life/relationship with their parents. they just #feel a little let down. but anyway just. julie and luke talking about home and how he misses his home in a way #but he misses his parents more? and julie thinks she gets it. but she doesn't at first because to julie home has always been a place #and then it's not until much later when she's having A Bad Day and missing her mum a lot that she /gets it/. because her home is still home #but it's not really Home anymore because her mum will never walk through the front door again. she'll never sing in the kitchen. never smile #at one of her dads dumb jokes again. but it's not a bad thing that home isn't Home like it was #that's what she learns from luke. that a home can be anywhere but it's the people that give it a capital H #(i am reading these tags back and i realise i've jumped around a lot in my thoughts and missed some out but can i be bothered to fix #that right niw? no no i can't 😌) anyway just. them all having different definitions of the word home and julie realising maybe she can be #at home wherever luke is. and luke already knowing that his home is wherever julie is #(this is all because i cba to finish the thing ive started writing about luke and home ghfjd)
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  • sanderdriesen
    19.09.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #easks #im lucky to have a good relationship with her and that i can show her all the shit that i love or means a lot to me #ik a lot of ppls parents arent as open so it always makes me appreciatejfkdsl #shell watch whatever truly fldsjkl if i beg enough #and she LOVES like. romance everything lmao she reads trash romance books constantly so shes always down to watch that shit too fnkldsj #hence twilight LMAO
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  • lilliafae
    19.09.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #bibliophile #love of reading #love of books #relationship
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  • mysafewordwillbewhiskey
    19.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Oh, how I miss her. My heart calls out for her in everything I do. I think about her always. I miss the smell of her hair. The way her hands fits in mine. I miss the way we used to spoon each other to sleep. I’d slip my leg between hers and we’d lock into each other. Holding each other and keeping us safe.

    I miss making her laugh. I love that laugh my than I love anything on this earth. The feeling of fulfillment I would get from seeing her crack up is without a match. Her beautiful, broad smile would reassure me every time that she still loved me.

    I miss our weekend getaways. I miss trying to surprise her with new and different things.

    I regret a lot. I regret not doing all the things she wanted to do. I regret not going to the concerts, and the events, and the parties. I regret my mistakes and I have to use them as power to make a change.

    I regret my toxic traits. I’ve had to identify these to help heal them, and I think I should list them here just to put them out in the universe so that I can let them to.

    1. I focused on her mistakes and not on my own. I wanted her to right her wrongs, but I never took the time to acknowledge and right mine.

    2. I didn’t respect her boundaries. When she said she needed time and space, I should have given her that. Having no contact would have helped her clear her head and sort out how she felt, and I took that away from her by trying to control the situation because I was afraid.

    3. I made her afraid to express her feelings. I didn’t acknowledge her feelings in a healthy manner and talk through them and problem solve with her. I pushed my own agenda because I wanted to control her.

    4. I assumed she was a mind reader. When something was bothering me, instead of being open and honest with her, I projected the emotions I was feeling on her. I know she would have accepted and talked to me if I had just been open about what was bothering me.

    5. I have a dysfunctional past. I was abused and raised to suppress emotion so I abused drugs and alcohol and self harmed. Instead of dealing with the pain I was feeling, I made her carry it.

    6. I needed her. I was not comfortable being with myself, or being alone. I could not handle my own emotions or feelings and “needed” her to drown those out. I don’t need her now, I just want her. I want to give her my life.

    I realize now that I shouldn’t have made her feel needed. I shouldn’t make her feel like I was her job. I should make her feel wanted and loved, and let her be independent and live her life. I was overbearing and controlling, which was hypocritical of me, because one of the things I love about her is how spontaneous and free she is. So I shouldn’t have tried to stamp that down when it was really something I enjoyed.

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  • upside-down-uni
    19.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    월09 일19 // I FINALLY finished another book for the challenge! God it’s been so LONG! “The Once and Future Witches” by Alix E. Harrow was a great read, I gave it 4 stars on storygraph. What I enjoyed especially about it was the word choices, the magic system and the arcs of character growth. I’ve noticed these past months that I’ve become more interested in stories about familial relationships - Once and Future Witches definitely gave me that.

    #studyblr w/knives reading challenge #mo reads #sunny side up #knife gang #there is a lesbian character with a great relationship arc and a trans character!
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  • coffeeworldsasaki
    19.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I spent most of chapter 105 to 109 crying so we're going great!

    #kaladin rlain and dabbid finding teft's body? lewshy's joys when seeing a singer had bonded a spren? #Raboniel and Navani weird an wonderful relationship or just rabonien in general tbh #kaladin everything #also the sibling saying that navani isn't worthy on bonding them hurt me as much as it's probably true #anyway back to reading and crying #the stormlight archive #cosmere
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  • proseandpinotnoir
    19.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Still making my way through The Portrait of a Mirror. It’s really not a long novel at all, barely 300 pages, but like Addie LaRue, it’s the marsh-y type of book I feel like I have to wade through, knee deep in art references and metaphor that require a level of active readership that doesn’t come as easily to me as it once did. I can’t rollercoaster my way to the finish line as I’ve recently done with several of my other reads.

    But I’m enjoying it quite a bit. This particular quote made me laugh - I feel like it’s a subtle attack on anyone who has ever romanticized a relationship or crush. Something that feels like high art when it’s there and when you’re together, something inimitable and rare and fulfilling on a soul deep level. But when, in this case, he isn’t there, you slowly and painfully come to the realization it may have never been high art. There were no soaring pillars, no genius brushstrokes, no poignant metaphor. It’s just a generic, predictable, poorly lit backstory from an episode of Law & Order: SUV.

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  • fatoujllow
    19.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Okay now more concrete thoughts about this season of Sex Education now that I have watched it all and mulled over it

    #spoilery stuff in the tags here #my apologies that i am not near my laptop to do the keep reading thing if you haven't finished it #ultimately i feel like this season had a lot of good things going on and i still really love these characters and this ensemble #but it didn't feel as emotionally satisfying as all of the arcs in s2 did. not even because there were more happy endings last season #they just kind of fell flat emotionally and didn't quite go as hard as they could have #aimee first of all. i thought it was really nice that she was still struggling with what happened to her but the ways it was dealt with... #...here never felt fully fleshed out. suddenly she has to break up with steve bc of an issue they already worked out last season? #and this was somehow the culmination of aimee's arc this season even though it was something we already saw in like one ep in season two #like they wanted to make sure her feelings about her assault weren't magically gone but they didn't know what to actually do other #with it other than what they had already done and it made them getting back together last season feel useless #the conflict with maeve too was a little :/ bc it did frame it like maeve was ultimately right about the people pleasing thing and i love.. #...maeve but she is a really flawed character too. that's part of what makes her such a good character but she is definitely wrong about... #...things in her own life too? and didn't really have to have this angle of being completely right about aimee. she's a little like otis... #...in this respect and i think it's one of the reasons maeve and otis don't ultimately work for me #like. both aimee and maeve were being unfair to each other in the fight it could have been left at that without the steve breakup. #and eric and adam... i was fully prepared to jump ship if it was messy. bc while i do really like adam and think he's grown a lot the... #past bullying is a lot to get past? for eric more than anyone else justifiably. and the way things shook out it is like why did the show... #...bother to make there be this much development for eric to end up in a romantic relationship with his bully only just to make him come... #...to a conclusion about himself he easily and realistically could have come to without pursuing adam at all #like from a general writing standpoint the emotional weight of the relationship is very imbalanced? and maybe that was part of the point #but for adam that relationship was so important to him accepting himself and exploring new parts of himself and a catalyst for trying to... #...be a better person #and for eric it was what?? not even mad at eric bc i don't think i ever fully could be bc he IS this show but just generally??? #the wedding plotline was so amazing for him up until the cheating bc there was a post in the tag i lost about how important it was for... #...him to find other people like him there but the actual kiss really cheapens that?? some ways that was gone about made me uncomfortable.. #..for eric. there were times in that whole experience that he was uncomfortable and suddenly it was enough to overthrow his relationship? #some aspects of that just really didn't work for me and made me-as much as i like them- wonder why they really bothered to put that much... #...work into making that kind of relationship for eric and adam just to messily have it disintegrate #bc also the issue of eric being more comfortable about himself and adam just not being there yet was something present in their dynamic... #the entire time. and a reason that they wouldn't work from the start. so after pursuing the relationship and still coming to that...
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  • secondlastk
    19.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    can NOT believe how correct the davekats were

    #im reading homestuck 2.. the post epilogue stuff #dont ask me why bc i couldnt explain #but im gonna just read it in one sitting and process #but oh my god..... davekat..... romance is real........ #literally the only healthy relationship???? #just a couple of knights being dudes #they have this conversation about dave being afraid #and about how karkat is mortal and daves immortal #and that daves gonna watch him get old and die and maybe hes wasting karkat finite lifespan on this mission #and karkats like how could this possibly be a waste? spending my life with the person i love? #and the setting is them waiting for the washing machine to finish and its so painfully domestic and hhh #its so fucking sweet #also their pajamas are of each others symbols which is just a cute detail whatever #and its in amongst such inane bullshit #like....... the jaderose kid... which im NOT getting into #or aradia and davebot hanging out?? which i loved but Huh #and rose and dirk talking and talking AND TALKING god.... #and whatevers going on with the vriskas and the kids which i super dont care about #it all makes the davekat convo SO touching bc its not just bullshit #secondlastlife
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  • formerlyrobin
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    BLOG ANNOUNCEMENTS. / portrayal re: titans!Dick 

    on the note of that wishlist post I just made: 
    I think while I’m loving the Titans show and I’m still gonna default to it because it has a running storyline I can follow along with and get new developements for regularly, I’m gonna tweak how I write Dick in the show version. 
    Titans!Dick is too angry for my taste based on the comics and cartoons I’ve become obsessed with reading. OG Dick (multiple versions) tries to be a happy guy. He’s funny, he’s quippy, he likes to banter in battle because it takes some of the severity out of it. He’s the lighthearted to Batman’s Ultra Seriousness. 
    I get that Titans!Dick is meant to be going through some shit as he was starting to lose his morality as Robin but damn if he just isn’t angry at everything. Especially Jason. 
    In the comics they’re brothers. Antagonistic, bickery, fighty brothers, but brothers all the same and because of that, titans!Dick’s intense hatred for Jason-as-Red-Hood is just not sitting right with me. So I’mma change it because this is my blog and I can haha 
    Generally the plotlines will be the same. Jason leaves the Titans, he’s back with Bats, he dies, he returns, he’s wreaking havoc in Gotham, etc etc The difference is going to be that Dick isn’t interested in “ending” Red Hood. He just wants to reconnect with Jason who he’d barely gotten to know but who he can relate to better than he ever tried to. 
    #announcements. / #dick grayson. / headcanons #family relationships and found family are like A HUGE THING for me #so I think that's why I'm slightly obsessed with thier relationship #and why it was bugging me so much in the show and as i read more about them
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  • blogknight
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #novels shortstories writing reading authors viral public romance YA love mature sex action fiction relationship friendship
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  • psychicreadsgirl
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #17#non anon#missroscoe#personal readings#personal asks#ask game #song describing relationship with future lover
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  • psychicreadsgirl
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago
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