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  • 🙏🏻 for all my brothers that just want to be a good man and find a good woman to treat like a dream, like a queen 👑. It will happen, keep working on you, get rid of those bad habits, understand who you are and accept you ain’t perfect. You will find that woman that has her shit together to and even if she doesn’t completely you will know what to do to help raise her into the light with respect and honor. You will know who that is and when it happens, like a bolt from your storm into the calm of your morning. DT #believeinyourself #patience #itsnotweaktolovesomeone #relationshipgoals #give #God #faith #prayer #az_gun_guy 😇 (at Dolan Springs, Arizona)

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  • His and Hers 😍🔥 #relationshipgoals
    📷 @jackk
    #audir8 #r8 #audir8v10 #performancecars #loudexhaust #tuned #audiquattro #twinturbo #supercar #germancar #audilover #audia8 #a8 #audigramm #audi_official #audilove #audigirls

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  • #Repost via: @watlowbaby239
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    My girlfriend vs my Ex Girlfriend Challenge @luxx_srz #couplegoals❤ #blacklove #familygoals #smiles #cutecouple #worldstar #shaderoom #bourgiebabies #bourgiemoms #bourgiedads #lovequotes #youtubers #relationshipgoals #blackcouples #teenshaderoom #explorepage #couplevideos #baegoals #wshh #funnyvids #youtuber #love

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  • Trust Me

    “I have a surprise for you” she said suddenly as they lay in bed one night. Love making had ended and she couldn’t help but factualize:  they were getting predictable and he was getting bored. She could tell by the bond they shared as friends. Little signs given when the lights would go down. She hated when he got bored. Made her feel boring. Something she was definitely not.

    But hard to remember: what with the kids, the socials, the businesses, the travelling. All that included- they fucked when they could. But it wasn’t even fucking anymore.

    He was wary of surprises. He didnt like them. But he listened to her plan brows furrowed til the end. “You will hear yes. But you wont speak. Not a sound…if u can. Deal?”

    He didn’t answer then but the way his eyes lit up let her know, how much he still appreciated her. And that was enough.

    A couple nights later with no touching each other he rested at the house, in the closet as instructed. It was going on 1 am and to be honest his nerves near bout cracked. Until he heard the front door. And all the giggling.


    His mate led the unsuspecting female to their bed. She was an interesting pick. The complete opposite of his chosen- this female was taller and more slender with small curves. She was dark and her hair hidden in an interesting light blue wig. The color contrast was enough to make his dick jump and then his mate pushed the female onto the bed roughly and he saw that her eyes were gray.

    He was up in a kneeling position now. Still hidden as he watched her yank the female’s short dress up with a passion he felt a bit jealous of. The female’s response completed that jealousy. She moaned. And panted as his mate pressed kisses and bites along her inner thighs.

    He wish he could get a closer look but instead he inched his hand down towards his growing erection as sounds of wetness filled the air suddenly when his mate found her prize, slurping the instant orgasm from the female and pumping her small fingers in and out of that snatch with some authority.

    She always joked about how they were small but mighty. He saw that now as the female wailed underneath the onslaught and mumbled in some gibberish he couldn’t hear.

    His mate laughed a little and kissed her way up the female’s body. They tongue tied for a couple seconds and he watched her pull the front of female’s dress down with no problem, insecurity or hesitation. Her roughness with this girl was clearly getting everyone off in the room.

    She nibbled her way down to the female’s nipples and he thought that he heard “i bet u missed this” from her but it was suddenly  drowned by gasps and cries from the arching female beneath her.

    He saw his mate push the girl’s abdomen down where she rose trying to get away from those. destructive fingers. The action was sexy enough for him to really start pumping his dick before he suddenly heard her voice in his head, snickering “Hold out kid. Keep watching.”

    So he did..and saw that his mate had them turned around now. What had he missed??

    The female was lowering herself on a pretty impressive blue penis? That suddenly had emerged from his mate’s groin.

    A strap.


    He stared now as the female fully landed and began to ride his mate. She started slow and like a nigga, his mate put her arms behind her head and watched.

    He would ask about that later.

    But now she was bout the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. The intense way she stared up at this girl talkin shit with intent. And the female’s replies were hot too and rooted with breathy moans

    Oh shit.

    His mate had the female by the waist now. And was grinding up into her. He recognized that move and felt a swell of pride. His mate was still such a teacherstudent learning from him.

    The female’s response was another shuddering explosive orgasm. It landed her forward so their breasts rubbed against one another.

    He had to bite back a moan of his own.

    The female pressed kisses into his mate’s lips like she owned her and surprisingly he felt that unfamiliar surge of jealousy again. Then he heard the question. “Do you trust me?”

    The female’s answer was a breathless ‘yes’.

    His mate’s eyes went past the female to the mirror on the dresser where their eyes met and her eyebrow arched up.

    Wordlessly she began fucking the female again keeping their bodies pressed together.

    He emerged silently and placed one knee on the bed behind the girls noting how his mate’s pace didnt change even tho the female tensed a little.

    His mate soothed her by wrapping her arms around the females neck. Holding them close.

    “Be a good girl for me babes. You can do it.” His mate whispered in the female’s ear. Loud enough for him to hear it.

    He spat on his hand and slathered his dick with it -even tho the combined wetness of the females should have been enough lubrication- he didn’t want to leave an inconsiderate impression.

    The female mumbled something only she could hear and his mate chuckled. “Bite me when it hurts. No breaks.”

    Some secret message between them.

    Her movement paused enough for him to press his head against the female’s asshole. She stilled completely as he pressed his way in.

    Keeping his eyes on his mate’s, they were glazing over with either pleasure or pain (most likely both) from the way female’s teeth embedded themselves in her throat.

    His mate kept whispering praise and motivation into the female’s ear until he bottomed out.

    Feeling the girl shudder around him relaxed him enough to know that she wasn’t rejecting this idea. His mate had proven before to be a little too spontaneous at times.

    “Good girl,” said his mate and was his permission to move as the female released the grip her teeth had and dropped her head with a satisfied groan.

    He allowed himself full pleasure from this point while staring at the bite mark left on his mate’s throat. A little blood where the skin did break. He swelled with more than pride and started off his his strokes as such. Had to make his girl proud-make her pain worth it.

    The female’s moans had become cries and pleas now as they both rocked into her. He felt the protrusion between a thin layer of flesh and almost bust each time he brushed against it. Clearly it was getting to be too much for the female tho as his mate ceased moving all together, instead kissing and sucking the female’s skin wherever she could reach.

    His hands slipped around the female’s waist to cup her breasts. They were smaller than his mate’s and more firm. He pinched her hardened nipples and strengthened his stroke in both depth and intensity. Keeping care to make his grunts animalistic as he pounded her asshole and revered how well her tiny body took him. How her ass suctioned around his dick he could see the pucker stretch with each thrust.

    Her cries were something he’d never hear or allow from his mate. It was a different feeling. Caused a restlessness that required his immediate attention and release. One hand slipped past her nipples to where their pelvises would have  touched- had the female not been embedded on the solid toy. Soaked between the two. His fingers flicked each clitoris earning a muffled moan from his mate and the female pushing back against him in response.

    Interesting. He rubbed his mate’s swollen clit for a couple seconds noting her hitched breathing and the way her nails dug into the female’s back. The female felt that and the renewed vigor of his thrusts and began to shake right on time as his mate bit back her own low pitched whine as he witnessed wetness seep from her neglected pussy.

    He’d reward her good later.

    For now the female slumped forward from her own orgasm. He was…..extremely satisfied as he humped into her a couple more times before feeling the first spurts of his cum douse her insides.

    He pulled out slowly gripping the base of his dick to slow the cumflood from him. She fell against his mate who wrapped around her immediately almost protectively.

    He didn’t wait for instruction but backed out the room headed to the shower his brain barely comprehending what just happened.

    A couple hours later after she had taken the female home and come back, he rested balls deep inside of his mate. Sweat from their silent intense coupling had the sheets wet again as orgasm after orgasm rippled through them both. He finally sated his desire, grinding slowly into her. Foreheads pressed together.

    “My turn to say thank you….” He whispered.

    She giggled against his lips to shield a breathless 'ah’ as his rough pubic hair brushed her sensitive clit.

    “My pleasure babes,”

    Her legs went from his shoulders to wrap around his waist as he flooded her pussy for the second time since her return and she relaxed comfortable with his weight on her. They were closer than ever and had added yet another layer to their awesome relationcake.

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    Texting can create and keep a man’s interest or crush it! And emojis can help or hurt you 😉 

    Find out why, and how to use emojis to your advantage in Part 2 of MY FIVE-Rs OF TEXTING.  

    Learn the Five-Rs of Texting AND USE EMOJIs TO YOUR ADVANTAGE, so you’re ready to crush your dating and relating in a way that gets - and keeps - him hooked! 


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