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    The Path to You 

    A series of moments over the course of Sirius’ and Remus’ relationship told non-linearly.

    Written for @swottypotter’s 10 Days of Healing: Wolfstar Comfort Mini-Fest 2020.

    day one (9/19): an anniversary

    December 18th, 1981. Remus comes home to find Sirius preparing a romantic anniversary dinner for the two of them, except it’s not for the anniversary he expects.

    day two (9/20): honesty

    December 18th, 1976. James and Peter both have dates for Hogsmeade, leaving Remus and Sirius on their own for a snowy date in the village.

    day three (9/21): self-discovery

    September 24th, 1972. Sirius is the first of the marauders to confront Remus about his monthly trips to the hospital wing.

    day four (9/22): recovery

    May 15th, 1976. After the third super moon in a row, Sirius stays with Remus to help recover and rebuild their still fractured friendship.

    day five (9/23): an apology

    February 16th, 1976. Sirius feels awful about the prank he pulled on Snape, so he writes a letter—or a series of them.

    day six (9/24): forgiveness

    March 3rd, 1976. After several weeks of Sirius giving Remus space in the aftermath of The Prank, Remus decides that they finally need talk to things out.

    day seven (9/25): returning

    September 1st, 1975. When the Marauders return from summer holiday for their fifth year, Remus has gone from short, gangly, and quiet, to tall, fit, and—well, still quiet, but Sirius starts to see him in a new light.

    day eight (9/26): solitude

    August 28th, 1976. After running away to the Potter’s after his family try to set him up with an arranged marriage, Sirius locks himself in his new room until he gets a letter from Remus.

    day nine (9/27): gratitude

    June 30th, 1978. On their last night at Hogwarts, Sirius and Remus reminisce on the last seven years of their lives.

    day ten (9/28): new beginnings

    September 3rd, 1971. When Sirius gets a letter from home about the sorting ceremony, Remus comforts him the best way he knows how for his new friend.

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  • Animalia by gyzym

    Pairings: James Potter/Sirius Black, Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, James Potter/Lily Evans

    Rating: Teen and Up || Warnings: Creator Chose to not Use Archive Warnings || Word count: 6,809

    Summary: Everyone assumed that Sirius and James got on so well because they were exactly alike and they were all wrong; everyone assumed Sirius and James got on so well because they were both crazy and that was true.

    Why I rec this: This fic has by far my absolute favourite characterization of Sirius, and the other Marauders as well. Sirius in particular is written very differently from what fandom widely agrees on, and to me, it’s so, so perfect. The whole fic is brimming with arrogance, madness, and ‘top of the world.’ The relationships are a bit messed up, a bit unhealthy, and so very intense that it’s still like a hit around the head on the second or third read.

    I’m personally not into wolfstar, and this might be the only fic I actually read them in. It’s not happy, it’s not fluffy, but it’s exactly how I’d picture it if it were to happen. On top of that, Peter’s not any more likeable here than any other time, but he’s human, which I love. Last but not least, the prose is something to behold and some of the lines still stick with me.

    Quote: I can’t possibly only pick one (yes, that’s how much I love it,) so I tried to narrow it down to these instead of quoting half the fic back at you.

    As a general rule, Sirius did not like people.

    It was, perhaps, one of those unalterable character traits bred by his family; Orion didn’t like stupid people, and Regulus didn’t like overbearing people, and Walburga didn’t like…well, living people, really. Thus, it made sense that Sirius, on the whole, possessed the firm wish that everyone would just sod off, thank you very much.

    “Sirius,” James said, watching him move about late one night in the Astronomy Tower. It was the kind of thing he liked to do, when they were alone; say Sirius’ name and mean it mostly just as an affirmation, proof that they were both still there. He didn’t know what was so comforting about the mmm noise he got in response, didn’t know why he liked everything so much better with a bit of distance and space from everyone else, but it was and he did and so he said “Sirius,” again.

    It was also maddening the way James was—just—everywhere, pushing all of Sirius’ buttons, the weirdest mixture of leader and accomplice imaginable, and people acted like he was the self-important one. Not to say he wasn’t; James’ ego was as real as its reputation and Lily Evans was quite right about his head needing its own orbit. It was just that Sirius oozed arrogance, Sirius had been bred for arrogance, and the fact that Remus knew he was scared and strong and sad under all that blood wasn’t enough sometimes.

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  • if James and Regulus were ever on a date, I honestly have no clue how Sirius would act? Would he be supported? Confused? Or try to say it’s a bad idea? Or fucking panicked?

    Remus: Tell me again why we’re spying on them?

    Sirius: I don’t know! I don’t know whether to root for James or tell him to stop holding Regulus’ hand. Or if I should tell Regulus to stop corrupting James!

    Remus: Wow, you… really don’t know what to do, huh?

    Sirius: It’s like asking what would you rather do: punch a slimy Slytherin or flip my mother off?! I’d do both in a heartbeat!

    Remus: Sirius, no.

    Sirius: Hold me, Moony. I love them both so much.

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  • Hey Loves!

    If any of yall know of any good Harry Potter/Marauders discord servers please DM me!

    Girl is in need of some good discord chats. :)

    #harry potter#marauders fanfiction #sirius x remus #wolfstar#wolfstar angst#wolfstar fluff #harry potter marauders #james & peter & remus & sirius #james potter#remus lupin #sirius orion black
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  • Summary: After Draco is found guilty of an attempted murder, he is  sentenced to the Lupin’s house with hopes he’ll finally understand what  it means to have a family. Only problem? Draco doesn’t want it.      

    A/N: Hey Y’all! Here’s part 19 to To Have a Home! I’m super excited that the story has gotten this far! Sorry for the infrequent posting; this school year is a lot, and there’s so much going on, but I didn’t want to leave the story hanging, so here we are. As always, I hope you all enjoy!


    “Abigail, are you keeping an eye on the cake?” Remus called from the living room, his eyes skimming through that week’s copy of The Daily Prophet. 

    “No, are you?” She called from the bedroom, where she was currently putting two braids in her hair. 

    “No, but it does smell like it’s burning…”

    Abigail shot out of the bedroom, her long light blue sundress billowing out around her. “Then why aren’t you doing anything about it? Remus!” She pulled her wand out from the front pocket of her dress, spelling the oven door open and sending the chocolate cake to a cooling tray. “You could’ve helped.”

    “But I knew you had it under control,” he mused, not looking up from his newspaper.

    “You’d better be careful, Remus, or you’re not going to get any of it. Draco and I will eat all of it right in front of you and you can just watch.” She smirked. “We’ll see if you like it when I’m in control.”

    “You really don’t have to bake me a cake,” Draco mumbled, pushing his face further into his plush wolf. “It’s not that important.” 

    “Oh, but it is!” said Abigail, getting to work on frosting the cake. She piped the light green mint frosting onto the top, making a swirling pattern. “You’re finally getting that boot off and we’re going to celebrate it!” 

    “Now we know that jumping out of windows is not the best thing to do, right?” Remus looked over the top of the newspaper, a smile forming across his face. 

    Draco rolled his eyes. “Sure, whatever.” 

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  • Sirius: Why the hell are people named James? You’re only ONE Jame!

    James (crying): I don’t know!

    #hogwarts#sirius black #noble and most ancient house of black #james potter#wolfstar#remus lupin#padfoot#jily #incorrect marauders quotes #harry potter#lily evans #sirius orion black #mischief managed #remus john lupin #james fleamont potter #peter pettigrew#marauders #james & peter & remus & sirius #prongs#young marauders#moony
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  • Sirius: Someone please give my brother a job, I’m tired of him asking me for money.

    Remus: What industry does he like?

    Sirius: Criminal justice but Wendy’s will do.

    James: wendys.com/careers

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  • Words: 2,111


    Chapter 27


    Originally posted by genterie

    What was left of the Christmas holidays was pretty quiet; by a miracle, my parents agreed to let me spend a few days with Apollo, Jane and Atlas and I couldn’t be happier when I finally met my nephew. His beautiful blue eyes mesmerized me at once and he too seemed excited to see me.

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  • Sirius’ diary

    Part 1? 👀

    Today I woke up and he was there. In his bed. Sleeping. He’s just so cute. I couldn’t help but look at him and smile. Damn, love drives me crazy, doesn’t it? Full moon’s in a few days. So he’s tired. I bought some chocolate and I’m gonna give it to Remus today. I hope to Bright up his day.

    I remember that today I was talking with him and I made a joke and he laughed so loudly. He’s got a beautiful laugh. That brighten up my day.

    And then I tell James to forget about lily and stop beeing pathetic, look at me, writing about my stupid love for Remus lupin, that damn nerd.

    #oh look at me #in love with a girl and writing about it as if i were Sirius black so i don't look like a nerd #but then I look worseeeee ✨ #Sirius Black#Remus lupin#wolfstar #Sirius black fanfic #Padfoot#Moony #moony x padfoot #padfoot x moony #jily#wolfstar fic#marauders era#marauders #harry potter marauders #sirius black#remus lupin#modern marauders#young wolfstar#young marauders #idk how to tag lol #my writing
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  • We all remember Harry Potter, its tales and lovely adventures

    Our childhood and teenage sing songs of its stories and characters

    Its like our souls are carved with its love and affection all together.

    The story that I tell today,

    Is before the Boy who lived,

    Its characters as beautiful to make our soul rived.

    There were once four friends,

    Whose stories never actually met an end?

    For they stay in our hearts forever if I had to comprehend.

    They were completely different from each other,

    But they pledged to never let go one another,

    They would do everything together even if it meant that they’d lose themselves forever.

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    #the marauders #the marauders era #Moony#Wormtail#Padfoot#Prongs#James Potter#Sirius Black#Remus Lupin#peter pettigrew#harry potter #harry potter series #the marauders poem #epic adventures#HP #harry potter fandom #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs #animagus#jk rowling#Marauders#fan work #the marauders map #the maruders fanfic #fandom#poem
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  • James, answering his shoe like a phone: Oh, sorry, I can’t hear you. Let me put you on sneaker.

    Sirius: *laughing his ass off*

    Remus: I’m BEGGING you to stop.

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  • Summary: You wake up the morning of your eleventh birthday with a timer on your wrist. That does not come as a shock to you. What does confuse you is the fact that you have three timers, not too far off from one another.

    Series Masterlist


    Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

    Chapter 5

    The next day it was time to go home. James’ parents had invited Sirius to stay with them since his situation at home wasn’t the best. Lily would come to stay with me after a week. Our parents had become very accepting of our relationship. They still were a bit shocked, especially after we had written to them that we were now dating. I just hoped it had settled until we arrived. At least Remus wasn’t allowed to leave. His parents were always very concerned about him so they didn’t let him leave much. We would see him at Diagon Alley towards the end of summer break. We also weren’t allowed to be with boys during the night so my parents wouldn’t let me stay at James’ or vice versa.

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    #lily evans x reader #remus lupin x reader #james potter #james potter x reader #lily evans#remus lupin#harry potter#marauders#soulmate au#soulmates#polyamory
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  • Always werewolf but never how’s the wolf.

    - Remus Lupin or something

    #remus john lupin #james & peter & remus & sirius #remus x sirius #remus lupin #moony x padfoot #moony #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs #padfoot and moony #sirius x lupin #professor lupin#marauders au#marauders era#hp marauders #incorrect marauders quotes #marauders#harry potter #incorrect harry potter quotes #sirius orion black #padfoot #harry potter headcanons #harry potter marauders #incorrect hp quotes #hp fandom#hp
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    • remus: seriously beat meat means masturbate?
    • remus: how tame
    #marauders as weird ass things my friends have said #incorrect marauders quotes #Remus Lupin#Sirius Black#james potter#peter pettigrew#Lily Evans#mwpp
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  • quirky remus lupin things:

    • learned to play the harp when he was young, and learns sirius’ favorite songs on it instead of classical music.
    • volunteers at the public library over the summer
    • actually not very organized, his school books are stashed with various parchments and lesson notes
    • oscar wilde poetry.
    • convinced lily to dress up as a doe for halloween their sixth year, causing james to nearly faint
    • defense against the dark arts and care of magical creatures were his subjects
    • he’d befriend any animal he ever saw. every owl, every cat, and every other creature
    • hagrid found out about his condition very early on but didn’t mention it to remus, only invited him to go and help him with other creatures
    • can’t control a broom for the life of him. he’d prefer to stay on the ground, thank you.
    • when he went back to teach at hogwarts, he decided to base his entire aesthetic off of dead poet’s society
    • prefers 60s music over 70s, as it reminds him of his childhood
    • can’t skate at all. tried going both roller skating and ice skating with the marauders, and falls flat on his face every time he tries going by himself.
    • he has to hold on to sirius’ arm, and sirius is okay with that
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    ❝𝑅𝑒𝑚𝑢𝑠 𝑥 𝑆𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑢𝑠❞

    Harry Potter Moodboards

    #wolfstar fanfiction#wolfstar#wolfstar moodboard#harry potter #harry potter moodboard #sirius black moodboard #sirius black #remus lupin moodboard #remus lupin#marauders era #harry potter aesthetic #sirius black aesthetic #remus lupin aesthetic #wolfstar aesthetic
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  • remus: so apparently the “bad vibes” i’ve been feeling are actually “severe psychological distress”

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