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  • libellepicani
    07.12.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Should I make this an AU?

    #logan#remus sanders #sanders sides fanart
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  • allergictosoap
    07.12.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    manifesting sanders sides season two finale part one: Patton Vs Virgil

    make it ugly and make them cry

    #sanders sides#remus sanders#virgil sanders #sanders sides spoilers #logan sanders#ts spoilers#thomas sanders#sanders asides #I promise this is a joke but we all know what’s coming
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  • catalinaacosta
    07.12.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Local skirt-clad gays cause havoc in bar by breaking into impromptu musical number, more at 6 @thatsthat24​ Inspired by Anna Midnight’s Candy Store animatic! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z27s80nJgBc&list=PLJcVolJ3IUgl1mERV6hT4ZriTwZLRXznu&index=35 )

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  • edupunkn00b
    07.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    we: create until you can't anymore and then create some more

    we (Seven Poems for Seven Sides) - [ AO3 ]

    create until you can't anymore and then create some more

    I sit hunched over my desk pen in hand, the long quill tickles my hand

    The ink in the nub has gone dry so I go back and dip into the well again again again again

    Words do not come

    Creativity does not flow

    The well is not dry My heart is full and pounding in my chest

    But words do not come

    The story is due The deadline is near Everyone needs me

    to create to write to dream to build the fancy into the real to take the Imaginary and turn it into stone and flesh and earth

    but words do not come

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  • moonsys-art
    06.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #my art#drawing#art#sanders sides #sanders sides fanart #remus sanders sides #remus sanders #kid!remus #kid!janus #kid!sides #janus sanders#dukeceit#platonic dukeceit
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  • edupunkn00b
    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    we: stuck

    we (Seven Poems for Seven Sides) - [ AO3 ]


    i need to move

    i need to stand

    i need to reach

    to try

    to touch




    anything but the empty around me

    the empty air

    the empty heart

    i am empty

    i need to stand

    and warm my tea

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  • northlight14
    06.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Sander sides as things me and my friends have said:

    Virgil: a toddler just called me a spaghetti-O

    Roman: well, you are thin and empty inside


    Roman: flight is just less impressive telekinesis


    Janus, taking an online quiz: “do you have a soft heart?”

    Janus: funnily enough I’ve never felt my heart so I don’t know if it’s soft or not. So I guess I’ll go with I don’t know.


    Roman: even straight is spelled with a curly letter

    #the telekinesis one was me and I stand by it #flight is basically just the power of telekinesis accept it only works on yourself #if you are telekinetic you can make yourself fly! even if it doesn’t work on yourself you can sit/stand on something and then move that to #therefore: flight is less impressive telekinesis #sander sides #sander sides incorrect quotes #incorrect sanders sides quotes #Virgil sanders#roman sanders#janus sanders#remus sanders #also that last one was actually said by one of my few straight friends so take of that what you will
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  • sanders-sides-andmylifesometimes
    06.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Sanders Sides as things said in my groupchats pt.7

    Remus: You're all temporarily free from my cursed meme torment, my phone broke and I lost all of my memes

    Remus: You have until Wednesday

    Remus: Savour it

    #remus sanders#thomas sanders#sanders sides #incorrect sanders sides quotes #mk content#incorrect quotes #that being said I have a shitty phone for a few days and no pics
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  • jaunssanders
    06.12.2021 - 5 hours ago


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  • jaunssanders
    06.12.2021 - 6 hours ago


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  • thatweirdfander
    06.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    ✨The boys are back✨

    I missed them! I’m so excited to post this video! The House of Asmodeus song fits them so well! Ahhhh! This took forever to edit! I hope you guys like it as much as I do! 😁 Fizzarolli and Asmodeus from Helluva Boss fit their dynamic so well! I’m obsessed This was so fun to make!! Alex Brightman signed my poster today so it fits that I post this since he plays Fizz (Remus’ part in this song)


    Character(s) - Janus Sanders, Remus Sanders

    Series - SandersSides created by Thomas Sanders

    Audio - House of Asmodeus from Helluva Boss

    Tiktok - Thatweirdfander






    ~All characters belong to @thatsthat24 ~

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  • annaizscribbling
    06.12.2021 - 7 hours ago


    Forgot to post it here but a 5th chapter of Moment With Potential is up on AO3

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  • edupunkn00b
    06.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    we: reaching

    we (Seven Poems for Seven Sides) [ AO3 ]


    i cry out i reach out

    we're here

    i know where there's a door a way out

    i peer through the frosted glass fingers brushing the knob the shadows do not move on the other side

    i stay instead

    i cup my hands to hold the love to carry the love to bring them love

    that is the way the only way the only way to get through

    take the next step do the next thing wipe the next tear

    cross it off and do it again

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  • where-are-the-spooky-gays
    06.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    It has been 22 days since Dukexiety last interacted

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  • angelgrace003
    06.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Sanders Sides Theory

    howdy tumber… it’s been a minute

    i want to apologize in advance this came to me all at once in the middle of 4th period so i rambled all of this in my notes app so…. here 😭

    and i would also like to mention that this is my idea entirely and i would like credit if you use it ty <3

    also warning for mentions of religion, christianity/catholicism, and depression!


    so all the sides have their color that represents them correct? and this color is always the accent color to a grayscale color right?

    romans sash is red, the rest is white; remus’ sash is green, the rest in black; janus has yellow accents to an otherwise al black outfit; logan has a blue tie, and the rest is black; and patton… we’ll get to that in a minute

    now why would logan’s color be black if he’s a light side? not going into the orange side theories because this has been a thing since before he was introduced.

    my theory is that it’s because, out of the three “light sides” logan was the least fun for thomas. he’s logic and logic and be boring and hard to understand a lot of the time. i feel like it has less to do with logan being a light or dark side and more to do with the way thomas has viewed him. (that’s kinda the whole idea of this theory so hold on to that)

    now patton! his color is light blue right? his shirt is light blue and his cardigan is grey….

    ok ok ok hear me out here… why is patrons the only one that’s reversed? with grey as an accent color to his main color? and why grey when everyone else either has white or black?

    hear me out here: patton is morality right? so, how do you determine weather or not the tool you use to determine good and bad is good or bad? it’s…. not possible.

    so theoretically using this explanation, patton can’t be a light side or a dark side, right?

    which leads me to the main idea of this theory: perhaps weather or not the sides are light sides or dark sides have nothing to do with the sides themselves, but everything to do with how thomas views what they represent

    there’s backing to this!! let’s start with logan!

    logan is a light side bc while yeah logan is logic and that’s something that’s important to listen to (ironic isn’t it) he also represents thomas curiosity, and want to learn! those are things that most people, thomas included, view as good things. therefor logan is a light side!

    and roman? he’s thomas creativity! and his hope and dreams and goals and ambitions! all things that are typically considered good things! roman is a light side!

    on the flip side there remus. who is loud and vulgar and creative yes, but the less acceptable kind. the kind of creativity that kids are told isn’t ok! especially kids in religious family’s which we knew thomas grew up in. thomas, theoretically, was taught that everything remus represents is bad! therefore remus is a dark side!

    and on the note of religion, janus. he literally represents “deceit”. and yes he represents other things such as self preservation and self care, the main thing thomas knows him as is deceit! and what the golden rule that all kids are taught? “lying is bad” right? it’s one of the ten commandments even! "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour" i mean come on! janus is (currently) a dark side! this is also why there is such an argument to be made for janus getting a redemption arch! it would be similar to what happened with virgil.

    speaking of virgil… he started as a dark side and then got a redemption arch right? so… why the change of heat? mental illness is widely considered “fake” or “all in your head”, especially in men. men with mental illness often get told yo “man up” or that having a mental illness is “unmanly”. a the religion part fits in here too! in most older families that are christian/catholic, men are considered the “head of the homes” and the leaders. and anxiety? that doesn’t fit into being the strong, protecting, leader that fits into the religious stereotype. therefore, for years thomas was taught that having anxiety was bad and that he needed to hide it or fight it. so for years virgil was a dark side! until thomas realized that he’s not the only one who struggles with anxiety and that there’s nothing wrong with having it! nice thomas stopped trying to hide/fight his anxiety and started working with it instead of against it… virgil got a redemption arch!he became a light side!

    and last but certainly not least (trust me this one is the kicker) patton. patton is thomas morality we know that and we now know that that doesn’t play into where patton is as a light or dark side. but you know what else patton represents? thomas inner child, his feelings/emotions, and his memoirs! and all of those things are considered good things! generally… let’s talk about the feelings/emotions part. on the same not that men with mental illness are told to “man up”, men who get emotional are typically told the same thing. this would cause, say it with me: repression. if his emotions, feelings, and similar to virgil (the “two sides of the same coin” anyone?) this WOULD make patton a dark side yeah? but we’ve established that technically bc you can morally align morality, that he technically can’t be either but i digress.

    and on the same idea, being sad or angry…. aren’t typically considered good. and, say it was me bc we’re all thinking it: depression. it reasons to me that if c!thomas were to hit low point or develop depression the side that would be the most effected? his emotions. patton. and in the series so far… things are looking great for thomas as of lately…

    it seems to me that patton is a light side, only because thomas wants him to be. other then being his inner child… patton hits all the marks to be a dark side but he isn’t. odd isn’t it? maybe that’s the reason for pattons colors being flipped from everyone else’s and his color being the main color, and with his accent color being grey instead of the white it should be if he were a light side.

    untimely my theory boils down to this: the light side/dark side separation has nothing to do with the sides themselves. the reason why each of the sides are either light sides or dark sides is because that’s how thomas views what they represent.


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  • iamliteraltrash1
    06.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Money is tight and any help is appreciated

    Been out of my job for too long due to sickness and a pinched sciatic nerve. Bills are coming in and can't pay them so please pleeeease any help is appreciated. Of you can't commission please share this with a reboot or spreading the word.

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  • kielosy
    06.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Patton just crying, As Roman Walks in:

    Wh- Patton!? What happened!?

    Patton, crying: Someone stole the cake, and now it's gone!

    Logan, Overheard the Conversation, Decided to jump in: Pardon me, But... I had the same accident, A Certain Cake made a mess in my room, but now all of my books are gone.

    Virgil, Appearing out of nowhere: yo... Uhm, I'm having the same problem... There are so many... Books piling, with a Destroyed cake on top. Also, Have you seen my pins?

    Roman, Knowing exactly what is going on: ... Excuse me, My Dears, Have you seen black inks around your room? With an Awful smell?

    All of them nodded, as Roman smiled... But it wasn't a genuine one. He grabbed his sharpest sword, as he spoke: Excuse me, While I talk to my brother for a second.

    {MY ART}

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  • whobrokethisvase
    06.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Remus: To kill a vampire, you have to stab them through the heart with a wooden steak!

    Logan: I have to say that would kill just about anyone.

    #sanders sides#incorrect quotes #incorrect sander sides #incorrect sanders sides quotes #remus sanders#logan sanders#ts logan#ts remus#intrulogical #tw stabbing mention
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