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  • hoggywartyhogwarts49
    29.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Remus: *wears one of Sirius' leather jackets*

    Remus: What do you think?

    Sirius: *just grins*


    Sirius, sobbing on James' shoulder: and he looked SO damn goo-hoo-hooood

    James: it's okay, mate

    Sirius, still sobbing: I'm SO gay

    James: it's okay, mate

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  • witchyandstupid
    29.11.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Drunken Blunders (Poly! Marauders x Fem! Bi Reader) xxx fic

    A/N: What if our lovely reader, got punished by her boyfriends for drunkinly making out with none other, then Marlene Mckinnon? 

    I believe in bi reader supremacy- sorry <3.

    Warnings: Degrading, rough vaginal sex, voyeurism, neck grabbing, and all around kinky shit.

     If any of this triggers you or makes you uncomfortable in anyway, I’d advise skipping this fic :).


    You were in deep shit, and you knew it. As you scuffled through the crowded stairwell of Hogwarts, dashing like mad from your common room to the nearest safe haven, you could only think one thing.

    “Why am I such a bisexual idiot when I’m drunk?!”

    It was an honest mistake- truly it was, all it took was one too many fire whiskeys down the hatch, and you were subsided by the nearest dark corner- snogging Marlene McKinnon. It hadn’t gone above that and heavy petting, and besides, it wasn’t like that was the first time you had done such a thing with the girl in question. You and her used to hook up all the time, friends with benefits type deal, but that was before you were locked down by your ever so lovely boyfriends.

    Whom of which, were on their way to deck you currently. The night beforehand, you three had gotten into an argument. Nothing too bad, it was over something as simple as you not liking the fact that they got themselves into trouble so often, they told you to “bloody calm down” and that had royal pissed you off. That wasn’t the end all be all of your relationship, you knew that it would be resolved once you had time to cool off. What you didn’t anticipate was getting drunk at a party that same night, a party they just so happened to skip. 

    The whole night was a blur to be quite frank, you’d fallen asleep on the common area couch, woke up with a bit of a headache, and you were on your way. That was, before all memories from last night had come flooding back to you like a wave of “oh shit.”

    You’d felt guilty, and then not so much. You had an exciting sexual relationship with all three of them, that included praise, and punishment. That was consensual, you liked it. There were clear boundaries set, safe words put in place, and you knew they’d never actually hurt you. All that being said, your ass was bound to be cherry red once they’d found out about your little expedition.

    And honestly, you were fine with that. Funishment, well, it exists for a reason. Your plan, was to tell them yourself what you did at lunch. Maybe to get them all hot and bothered- but also so they’d no you weren’t trying to hide anything from them. That was your plan, before you had gone and found out that Ms. McKinnon, had already done the latter for you. She had told you herself when you saw her in herbology before lunch, and the way you froze- and she smirked, you just knew you were screwed.

    Marlene had a habit of being dramatic, making things seem worse than they were. So that, combined with how it must’ve made you seem that she told them before you did- you had no possible idea how that must've looked to them.

    What you did know, this ‘funishment’ was about to be very much not. So as soon as the lunch clock rang, you were off, you were off to hide. You dropped your things in the common room, and you just ran. You knew that with Remus’ sense of smell, let alone the literal map of everyone in the entire school they possessed, it was simply delaying the enviable. But delay, you would.

    You knocked into 7th years and 1st years alike on the way, but you ignored the yelling and curses thrown your way, you had bigger things to worry about. You ran for a good while- what must've been about 10 minutes, before you decided you couldn't anymore. You ducked into the nearest empty classroom, locked the door with a charm, and hid. You ran to the teacher’s desk and crouched under it, pressing your body into the corner in an attempt to make yourself smaller.

    Your breathing was heavy, but you tried your best to lower it. You were fully aware that they’d be gaining on you in a matter of minutes, and that made you practically shiver with a twisted sense of excitement. You hated to be in this position, but at the thought of they might do to you, you already felt yourself getting wet.

    You were deep in your thoughts, fantasizing about what they might do when they found you- when you heard footsteps by the door of the class room. They were heavy, angry- and there seemed to be multiple sets. You froze, nearly shaking- as you pushed yourself even further into the corner of the desk. You tried to fool yourself into thinking the charm would hold on the door, but considering the strength all three wizards would have combined, and how clumsily it must’ve been placed in such a hurry, you know deep down you were doomed.

    And you had those thoughts reaffirmed, when you heard a guttural muttered spell, and the lock of the door turning.

    Slowly, you heard the door push open, and even from your hiding place, you could nearly smell each boy’s anger radiating off of them in different forms. Three sets of feet walked in, slowly, menacingly. No words were spoken as each boy took their place, surrounding the desk, surrounding you. Only after one painfully slow minute, would one finally speak up. 

    “You've been a very, very, bad girl, bunny.” You knew that voice, ever disapproving and condescending, it belonged to one of your boyfriends, Remus Lupin. “That’s putting it lightly moony, she's been a right little slut, going around carelessly giving herself away to anyone dumb enough to take it.” Then spoke the voice of your second boyfriend, Sirius Black. His tone was more outwardly angry than Remus’, though you knew who would bring the hammer down hardest in the end. you didn’t speak up, you made no attempt to battle his accusation, because you knew that there was still one last voice who'd yet to make it’s presence known.

    “If you come out now, we might be a bit gentler with you.” There he was, James Potter. You didn't mistake his tone for leniency- you knew he was just baiting you. Clever little dick. Still, you allowed it to entice you, you knew that hiding was a lost cause at this point anyway. It’d only increase your punishment in the long run. So as slowly, and silently as possible- you inched your way out of your safe haven. You crawled out from under the desk, and pushed yourself up on shaky legs. You couldn’t help but stare at your feet, as you shuffled from behind the desk to the front of it. You saw from their shoes, they had you surrounded- No where to run now.

    You barley had time to flinch as Remus jerked forward, and gripped your chin. Hard. He forced you to make eye contact with him, and you nearly whimpered as you saw the heat swirling in his chocolate brown eyes. He was mad, and you could tell by the way his lip curled up, and narrowed his eyes as he spoke to you. “It seems we’ve been far too gentle with you, for you to forget your place after only a few drinks, huh?” You went to refute, but you were interrupted by his hand closing around your neck, nearly cutting off your air supply.

    “Don't say a fucking word.” He growled, he then smirked- it was mean, cruel almost. “It seem’s we need to remind you of where you stand.” You gasped as he yanked you forward by your wrist, and dragged you to the first desk in the front row of chairs. “Pads, door.” “Right.” You felt yourself shiver at the exchange, as you watched Sirius stalk to the door and lock it, eyes never leaving yours for a second.

    When Remus reached the desk, he flung you forward. You landed on the front of the desk, palms pressed against it, ass in the air. You knew where this was going, at least you had an idea. You stayed in that position as you felt Remus come up behind you, you wouldn't dare move. Still, nothing could’ve prepared you for how he suddenly flung your skirt up, and yanked your underwear down. Something akin to a squeak left your mouth, Remus noticed, and chuckled at your reaction. He leaned over your backside, and snaked his hand around your throat once again, keeping you in place. “Aww, is the little whore scared? I thought you wanted someone between your legs, at least, you seemed quite desperate for it last night.” “Remus- Please, I didn’t-” 

    You were cut off from finishing your sentence, as you felt a hand roughly cup your bare sex. Your breath hitched, and you stifled a moan. “You don’t deserve an explanation. Now ‘ere’s what’s gonna’ happen princess, I’m gonna fuck you like the little slut you are, and if you cum even once, You’re gonna get spanked while you watch Pads and Prongs get off, all without you.” You felt his hand around your throat tighten, “Understood?” Your hands gripped the desk, nearly digging into the old rotting wood. “Yes, Sir.” You could nearly hear feel his smirk.

    With that, James and Sirius took seats positioned in  front of you and Remus, nearly like students watching a lesson. They had shit eating grins etched into their faces, as they watched Remus’ hand remove itself from your cunt, and go to unbuckle his trousers. You couldn’t help but close your eyes, and as you did- you felt Remus bite down on your ear lobe. You yelped- “Keep your fucking eyes open, you asked for this, I want you to look at them while I fuck you.” You opened your eyes, and made eye contact with each boy sitting in font of you, you couldn’t focus on just one, you felt the need to alternate.

    You heard the unbuckling of a belt, and zip sound. After some rustling of fabric, you nearly moaned as you felt his cock line up with your entrance. You had expected some kind of warning but you received none as he slammed into you at full force. You moaned, all though it sounded something more like a scream. It hadn’t registered to you that you weren’t the only ones in that castle, and when it had- you nearly kicked yourself for not being able to care enough. Remus’ hand stayed gripping your neck, as he pulled out slowly only to slam back into you once more. He was big, and stretched you to the very brink. You could barley think as your mouth fell open in a silent scream, and Remus began fucking into you with no mercy. Remus was cruel, everything from the way he bit your neck, to how he fucked up into at an angle just to reach that one spot that made you go crazy. He was doing everything in his power to make you climax, and while reminding you you couldn't.

    “Fuck, so fucking tight, almost surprising given how you have no problem letting anyone fuck you.” everything he mumbled into your ear was mean, degrading, he was putting you in your place, in more ways than one. You weren’t sure how it was even possible, but his pace increased, punishing your cunt, rutting into you at full caliber. At some point, Remus’ other hand had reached forward and unbuttoned your blouse, allowing your tits to spill out. He then yanked your bra down, and you all but mewled as he pinched and tugged at your nipple. You felt yourself tearing up from shear embarrassment as you maintained eye contact with the two boys in front of you, who were now palming the tents that had formed in their pants. Their eyes were dark, and you could’ve sworn James had nearly groaned from the way your breasts knocked forward with every thrust. You couldn’t stand it, it felt so good. “Please... Please Remmy, Sir, let me come, I’ll be good... I promise.” You whined. Remus nearly cackled at your pathetic position.

    “Only good girls get to cum on my cock Princess, and you've been nothing but a useless slut.” You whimpered, and felt tears pooling down your cheeks as you watched the two boys in front of you laugh at your state. You’d jolted forward as Remus’ hand migrated down from your tits, and landed on your clit. He began circling it, and you almost sobbed from how good the rough pads of his fingers felt against your bud. “Please!” you cried, “I-I’ll be good! I swear! I’m sorry, I’ll never let anyone touch me again, I belong to you... I’ll do anything just please let me cum!” You words turned into choked sobs by the end of your plea. Remus’ hips were still snapping against your backside, never relenting, never slowing.

    Remus’s eyes flickered to his friends. “What do we think boys? Does the dumb little bunny deserve it?” The two boys leaned forward, looking at each other, hands on their chins as if they were pondering the answer to a complex equation. “Well,” Sirius rasped, “She is just a little fuck toy, what does it matter to us if she’s satisfied?” You whined once again at the sentence, you were so desperate for release, you could feel it creeping up. That knot in your core was beginning to tighten. James grinned, “You may be right Pads, but doesn’t she look so pretty when she cums?” Sirius seemed to take this into consideration, he looked back at you, and allowed his eyes to travel down your body. He hummed finally, and leaned back in his chair, “Right then, give ‘er a go Moons.”

    Remus smirked, though he wouldn’t admit it, he’d hoped they’d say that. “He leaned forward and whispered in your ear. “Cum, Darling.” and just like that, it was almost liked a damn was broken, as your eyes rolled back into your head, and you felt yourself shake as a wave of pleasure rushed through your body. You’d nearly screamed once again as you came, and with some hurried final snaps of his hips, you felt Remus’ cum too. He grunted in your ear, as he did so, and with some last final sputters of movement, it’d seemed he was satisfied. He’d pulled out, and the absence of him made you gasp, he released himself on your back. You flinched when felt his hot cum land on you. And shuddering you held yourself in that same position. As you finally allowed you head to fall, and you listen to Remus fix himself. The two boys in front of you had stood, and made their way over. Sirius wordless smirked as he cleaned you up. 

    He slid your underwear back up your legs, and with a handkerchief you guessed he must've just had in his pocket, he wiped the wetness from your thighs, and the cum from your back. James on the other hand, had begun to  move your bra back into place, and rebutton your blouse. Afterwards, he’d caressed the side of your face, and planted a soft kiss on your head. All whilst Remus sat back on the teachers desk, and observed his handy work. A sly, lazy smirk gracing his features. The boys had been done cleaning you up by the time the clock stuck for next period. And while you walked down the hall, your boys by your side, you couldn’t help but think.

    “Perhaps I should consider making them mad more often...”


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  • glowingprongs
    28.11.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Family Jewels

    tw; mentions of previous child abuse and suicide/self harm, this is for lils <3 and based on the song by MARINA

    I can’t break the cycle, am I just a fool?

    “What do you mean you’re just leaving?” Regulus yelled, he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Sirius was actually going to leave him? Sure, he had threatened it before but he never thought he would actually go through with it.

    “Yes, Reggie. I’m so sorry but I can’t do this. Them. Anymore, I just can’t, it’s too much. I’ll be safe, I have my friends to look after me now. Why do I need to be here in pain any longer? I love you so much, but I have to look after myself too,” Sirius looks at his baby brother with tears in his eyes, but Regulus hates the fact his eyes are also filled with a flicker of excitement.

    And the suitcase in Sirius’ hand and the big bruise on his face confirms Sirius really is done. Just as he turns towards the open window, Regulus speaks again. 

    “One kind family and a half-blood werewolf can’t protect you from them forever...can’t protect me..” He whispers, fresh tears trickling down his red flushed cheeks.

    Sirius frowns and he has to suck in his cheeks slightly to stop himself from crying too. He takes a step towards Regulus, and then some more. He gently wipes Regulus’ tears and kisses his brother’s forehead. “Then come with me.”

    Falling down like dominoes, hit by family jewels

    “Wh..what?” His voice is barely a whisper now.

    “Come with me! James won’t mind taking you in too. And Remus loves you too, you’d fit right in..I promise you Reggie. You don’t have to be scared of them anymore...”

    “NO! I CAN’T GO. I CAN’T JUST LEAVE EVERYTHING I KNOW?! GOS, WHY IS IT SO FUCKING EASY FOR YOU,” Regulus screeched, slapping his brother around the face. “You have no idea how hard this is for me. I’m not like you.”

    Pass it down from kid to kid, the chain will never end


    “I NEVER SAID THAT! I....” He breathed deeply, “If you leave me now..you’re practically as bad as them. You’re gonna leave me with them all alone..” His chest his heaving, rising and falling too quickly. Sirius wants nothing more than to leave with his brother.

    “I’m nothing like them! How dare you even compare me to them. After all the times I tried to fucking kill myself because of how much I hated them, for all they did to me. How can you even say that? I hurt myself over and over again because of how much I despised them.”

    ‘Less I decide to go to it, will I see the end?

    Regulus did not know what to say. It was true, Sirius had been treated so horrible whilst at home. But was it really enough for him to abandon his own brother?

    Okay, they had not had the best relationship and had had a lot of ups and downs but they had finally grown out of that and had been on good terms for over a year now. Regulus had been happier than ever knowing that he and his brother back.

    And now he was going again.

    But this time, forever.

    Ooh, don’t you find it strange

    Not even the confined walls of Grimmauld Place could at least force them to be together. Now nothing was standing in the way of Sirius, Regulus was sure if he left now they would never see each other again.

    “All the things..all the things we did here Sirius, all the things we managed to get through we did together. You absolute fucking asshole. You are just like them. You deserved everything you got. I can’t believe you’re leaving ME! After all we share..”

    Sirius was shocked. His jaw had dropped open. In the arrival of his anger, any tears that threatened to spill had dried up quickly. He sucked in his breath and looked at his brother in a way he had never looked at anyone before, before he left he spat.

    “The only thing we share is one last name.”

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    #daydreaming about the marauders #drug!dealer!remus #remuslupin#🖇 bookmarked #might write that too LOL
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    #daydreaming about the marauders #drug!dealer!remus #the first time I did this it was with this girl I worked with and she told me it was called love hooting #and so from then on that's what I always called it but so many people had no clue what I was talking about #remuslupin
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    #daydreaming about the marauders #remuslupin #drug!dealer!remus
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    #remuslupin #daydreaming about the marauders #gilli bean ♡
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  • glowingprongs
    28.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    sirius: walking away and being the better person isn't enough

    sirius: I want to hurt their feelings aggressively

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    remus: call me 1934 because I'm in the middle of a great depression

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  • glowingprongs
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    remus: when you're having a shit day but remember pitbull be there done that <3

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    28.11.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Remus: You know, atoms never touch each other

    Remus: And everything is made of atoms, including people

    Remus: So in fact, I never punched Snape



    Mcgonagall: *whispers* 5 points to Gryffindor

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    28.11.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Not so secret boyfriend

    Hello, tumblr, I am back again with a new fic, this time into the Golden era. This is slightly funny, slightly emotional, slightly everything. I hope you guys will enjoy it.

    Golden Era Sirius Black x reader

    Summary: Harry lets slip that his baby sister has a boyfriend. Sirius is not thrilled by the news.

    Warnings: none I think

    Your goddaughter wasn’t exactly hiding her relationship from Sirius, but she wasn’t eager to tell him either. He would definitely freak out about it, which she desperately wanted to avoid.

    But of course, life has its own plans.

    Or in this case, her older brother does.

    “Alice was furious when we interrupted her date –“ Harry said between fits of laughter, recalling the story to his godfather.

    But Sirius had stopped laughing, the mention of his goddaughter’s date sending a shockwave through him. No. He must’ve heard wrong.

    “Alice’s date?” he asked slowly.

    Harry stopped laughing, realizing his mistake. He gulped. He knew his sister was going to hex him into next month when she’d find out what he did.

    “Um..study date. She was studying for the N.E.W.T.s and –“

    “You are taking the N.E.W.T.s in your seventh year, Harry, and she is barely in her fifth.” Sirius was trying his best to keep calm and not go barging into his goddaughter’s room and demand answers.

    You, on the other hand, were watching the two with a bemused smile. Of course you already knew about all of this, Alice sent you a letter that very night, ranting about Harry’s bad timing and you couldn’t help but remember that their father had a similar horrible timing, walking in on you and Sirius far too many times to keep count.

    Harry looked terrified as your husband’s features hardened. You actually felt sorry for him being caught in the middle of this.

    “Sirius, my love, stop that. You’re scaring him.” you said, positioning yourself behind the armchair he was sitting on, resting a hand on his shoulder.  His own hand moved to grab yours and intertwine your fingers together before he let out a sigh.

    “I’m sorry, just…date?” he seemed a bit hurt this time “she has a boyfriend that she felt she couldn’t tell me about?” he finishes with an adorable pout.

    You aww silently and lean in to kiss his pout.

    “I don’t think it’s like that, my love. I think she was afraid for the boy’s life. It’s no secret that you’re a tad overprotective when it comes to our goddaughter” you say amused and he scoffs, but there is no mistaking the smile forming on his lips now.

    “But of course I am, she’s my baby girl and if James isn’t here to ward off her dates, I’ll step in.  And speaking of” he raised from the armchair, stretching, and kissed your forehead sweetly, before smiling and pecking your lips, much to your godson’s annoyance “I’m going to have a talk with her right now.”

    Harry was still making a face when you and your husband pulled away, and the both of you chuckled.

    “Must you do that all the time?” he asked, shaking his head thoroughly done with your antics.

    Sirius smirks and snakes an arm around your waist, bringing you closer to his chest, making you yelp in the process, before giggling and hiding your face in his jumper, breathing in his scent. You loved this man more than words could describe, but the way he always made you blush like a school girl during the most inappropriate times left you with a deep desire to smack him across the head.

    “Sirius, we are not alone” you scolded your husband with a big smile on and his only answer was a hum.

    “Harry will bolt upstairs if I start kissing you right now” he said amused.

    “Damn straight I will” mumbled the boy, already on the edge of his seat and that made you laugh and shake your head.

    “Language, Harry, please” you scolded gently.

    You know he’s almost an adult now, but you still see him as the sweet, terrified baby Sirius brought home on his flying motorcycle that dreadful night 15 years ago. You’ll never be able to forget it, the grief and relief mixing up in your heart, the tears shed for your best friends and for the two orphans that are now your responsibility, your family, your babies.

    Sirius untangled his arms from around your waist with a sigh and turned for the stairs, determined to not leave this stone unturned with your goddaughter. Harry gulped, seeing that.

    “I’m done for, aren’t I?” he asks with a wince

    You smile soft, raising a brow and tilting your head. He reminded you so much of James then, especially the moments when he upset Lily and was mentally preparing for an argument with her.

    “You remind me so much of your father, Harry. And no, you aren’t. Alice may be upset with you for a while, but you are her brother, her best friend and protector since the day she was born. And she still loves you very much, bad timing and all” you say and give him a motherly hug, sighing and ruffling his hair when you parted, much to his scowling and mumbling.


    Your husband’s voice resonated loudly from upstairs, fact that made both you and Harry jump and hurry in the direction where it came from.

    Once upstairs, you noticed a fuming Sirius Black, arms crossed against his chest, face red and ears nearly puffing with the visible anger on his face. He was looking down at Alice, stood in the doorway of her room, looking both guilty and embarrassed, clothes wrinkled, hair messed up and lips red.

    And…was that a hand?

    You frowned and came to Sirius’ side, only to be met with a very surprising sight.

    “Oh” is all that could pass your lips in that moment, taking in the scene.

    Alice was standing there as a barrier between her godfather and her boyfriend – your little brother, of all people – who saw you and his face went redder than his hair.

    You sighed and shook your head with an amused smile. This explained quite a lot, especially Alice’s hesitation about telling you her boyfriend’s name.

    “Good evening, Ronald. I didn’t know you missed me so much that you had to sneak in to visit” you tease him and his ears are just about to catch on fire at this point.

    “H-hey Y/N” he waved awkwardly, hiding behind Alice, which was quite funny, seeing how she could only reach his chin standing up.

    Sirius was still breathing heavily and trying to calm himself down enough to speak. You placed a gentle hand on his wrist and he caught it, encasing it in between his and holding it tight. You smiled sweet at the gesture.

    “Harry, you failed to mention that your baby sister is dating your best friend” he says with an even tone.

    Uh uh.

    Alice turned her head towards Harry in an instant, her guilt gone and replaced by a murderous stare.

    “You told him.”

    It wasn’t a question.

    You anticipated her desire to strangle her brother and so you caught her wrist and brought her in to a tight hug the second she moved.

    “It’s okay, love, Harry slipped. It’s okay, I promise. Your godfather still loves you just as much, I promise you nothing is changed” you coo at her and turn your head towards Sirius, who was still throwing daggers at your baby brother.

    Alice returned your hug just as tight and sighed. You smiled seeing that.

    The spitting image of an angry Lily Evans.

    Sirius must have been thinking the same thing, because the ghost of a nostalgic smile spread across his face when he turned his attention towards the two of you. He sighed, shaking off the anger for now, and came to hug you and Alice tight.

    “Of course I do, what on earth makes you think that I would ever stop loving you?” he says soft, causing Alice to tear up and shrug “but we still need to have a talk, and Ronald is NOT sleeping in your room tonight, no matter how many puppy eyes you give me.”

    You chuckled and turned your head, pulling away from the hug and stopping in front of Ron.

    “Don’t worry, he won’t murder you. But I advise you two have a chat in the morning and set this right”

    He nods solemnly, slight fear still readable in his eyes, but determination written all over his face.

    “I will” and a smile softly tugs at the corners of his lips “I’d do anything for her” he whispers, watching your goddaughter with the most lovesick smile you’ve seen since Sirius.

    Your smile couldn’t have been bigger, and you brought Ron in a big, sweet hug.


    Harry tried to sneak away to his room, only to be stopped by Alice, looking up at him with a sweet smile, yet her eyes promised hell.

    “I’m still not done with you, big brother”

    You and Sirius burst out laughing and shook your heads. The moment your eyes met, you knew that you were both thinking the same thing.

    James and Lily never really left.

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  • glowingprongs
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Shaking With The Stars

    tw: major character death, blood

    The last thing Regulus Black saw before he died was everyone he loved. Entering that cave, he was sure he would come back. He bid his friends, lover and family goodbye expecting to be home by dinner. Running home in excitement in the dark.

    He was wrong.

    The first few sips of the potion were torture. And the sounds of despair his house elf, Kreacher, was making beside him were even worse. Regulus thought he had a considerable amount of self control, but by the end he couldn't feel any part of his body and he was shaking violently.

    He gripped the basin below him so hard his palms soon began to bleed. He started at the blood in his hand and wondered to himself if the stains of it on rocks below him were all that was going to be left of him soon enough.

    He was smart. I mean, he was the first person to discover Voldemort's secret after all, and he knew he was going to meet his end soon. If somehow not here or now, just leaving his identity so deep into the castle was an ask to be found and killed.

    There was no light in the cave, no natural light. Regulus had had to use his wand to even see everything around him.

    Regulus never learnt how to swim. He regretted that now, he never thought he would need it. But I guess even the smartest people were wrong sometimes.

    His hands were pale and visibly clammy in the blue light of his wand, sweat drops could be seen rolling methodically down his fingers, knuckles, wrist and then dripping onto the floor beneath him.

    He forced himself to look up and around at the blanket of dark water that surrounded the tiny island he was perched upon. It was black with an almost green tinge to it. Gulping, he ran a shaky hand through his hair.

    He ushered the house elf whenever he tried to speak, knowing he didn't have the energy to get out of here. And he needed water.

    Approaching the lake around him, Regulus took a shaky breath. This could lead him to his last moments. If he was about to lose everything he had managed to grasp these past few years, he needed everyone to know it was HIM who discovered the thing that would unravel Voldemorts fall from power. He had planned this.

    Grabbing the note and copied Horcrux from his pocket, he hastily shoved the paper inside and replaced the locket. He allowed himself one last smile.

    He steps back. And as he raises his head, he knows he has messed up. The smile leaves his face as fast as it came.

    Their grip is cold and unwelcoming.

    The water attacks and invades his lungs.

    His breath struggles to hold on and his eyes are wide and panicked.

    He was never afraid of death, but in the end the feeling of everything closing around you is still so surprising.

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  • gxtitobxby
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago
    #daydreaming about the marauders #yeah we made him toxic #remuslupin
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  • my-life-as-a-teenage-trainwreck
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    A snippet from a Wolfstar fanfic I’m tentatively working on

    “I’M OBSESSED WITH YOU. I’VE ALWAYS BEEN OBSESED WITH YOU! and you won’t even let me meet your mom, Remus?? What kind of love is that?”

    “My mom is dead”


    “Don’t. You don’t - Don’t talk to me right now. Leave me alone.”

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  • splashofcolour23
    28.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    The undiscovered mysteries of Ndari Mawar {Sirius Black} - Chapter One: Diagon Alley (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/1158310695-the-undiscovered-mysteries-of-ndari-mawar-sirius?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_reading&wp_uname=MagicMarauder19&wp_originator=sF%2FGFcCvzftg6l6CQjWzIE2l3FutVRU0pUgIpbfN7Rl9ZfnNTgJoviTxHBrqKVhlHbKrp5YIS3AdGuNLFSgZaF4s9ByykE6y6gt%2F%2BMLnh7j6N6ZvnyQLTXhwU18Fg1az  The undiscovered mysteries of Ndari Mawar:

    Ndari Mawar has always felt the most comfortable on her own and she is happy to remain doing so going into her sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But her life takes a turn when she decides to start digging into her father's mysterious disappearance that took place when she was just a little girl. In her search for answers, Ndari has to venture outside of her comfort zone and discovers that there is more to life than she expected. Especially when her path crosses that of four boys with a knack for causing trouble.


    This is very weird for me, to put something like this on the internet, but here it is. I’m writing a Harry Potter fanfiction (*shudders* I hate that word: fanfiction. However, it’s the only word I know that could describe this.) The main character is of my own making, as is her story. It is set in the Marauders’ era. In their sixth year of Hogwarts. *** Also, the image is very grainy... I don’t like that. Maybe it’s because I shared it through a link.  That’s why I added the second image: the quality is much better.

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  • glowingprongs
    27.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Remus having to hold Sirius' hand whenever they go out because of his anxiety. Sirius knows this makes him insecure so whenever people ask he just always says that he is really clingy.

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  • glowingprongs
    27.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    One day when Remus is sick, he is really disappointed because he's just too close to finishing his new favourite book, and so Sirius returns to his bed, book in hand and grinning, "M' gonna read to you, Moons."

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  • glowingprongs
    27.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sirius randomly biting Remus to tell him he wants attention and Remus just smiling down at him softly, nuzzling his cheek and pulling him closer

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    #daydreaming about the marauders #HELPDOSJJKS #gilli bean ♡ #remuslupin #toxic!remus
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